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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fan or Fanatic?

:::sigh::: He's so beautiful, isn't he? Another of my favorite pictures of "Edward/Rob". But enough swooning for the moment.
I'm worried about Robert Pattinson.
There were disturbing videos of him arriving in Mexico. The poor boy. People clamoring around him so that he couldn't move...screeching "Rob" over and over again. He was trying to be kind and patient...you could see him smile (although, there was fear in his beautiful eyes). The most painful part of the video was at the end. Rob saw freedom, and made a run for it. Run, Rob, RUN! (Stay, Rob, Stay).
I can say with much satisfaction that I am not THAT kind of fan. Yes, I adore him. Yes, I find him attractive beyond measure. But would I screech at him and push a camera in his face? No. I honestly believe that Robert is finding this sudden and overpowering fandom...bewildering. Before "Twilight" made any kind of headlines...he was just that guy who was in one of the Harry Potter movies. Ok, he was that dreamy guy in the Harry Potter movie. But nonetheless. The fact that Robert Pattinson is effin' GORGEOUS has been in the public eye since "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" was released. That was a HUGE movie, was it not? Robert's role was quite noticeable...yes? So why now is there so much 'hoopla' surrounding him?Simple. It's because he is now EDWARD. Stephenie Meyers has written a character so perfect, so beautiful, so easily obsessed over...that all of the love, adoration and lust...has been put onto Robert. Not that he doesn't deserve recognition. Not that I'm not thrilled for him and his soon to be bustling career. But Edward to Robert is what Jack to Leo DiCaprio was. GIGANTIC. LIFE CHANGING. Look at Leo now. LOOK. He's one of the most sought after and watched celebrities. He has his pick of movie roles and models (something I'm sure Robert already has...lol). Leo was positively DREAMY in "Titanic". Robert is positively DREAMY in "Twilight.
Robert now will never be the same after "Twilight" is released. He is about to be catapulted into the universe. I doubt he will be able to be so down to earth and acessible as he is now. People like the 'fans' in Mexico won't let him.
Robert needs to be protected. I don't want to watch him look scared and annoyed as people who don't know how to behave with another human being, chase him through airports.
I love Robert from afar. I know that is all it will ever be. That's good enough.
As for the "fan"atics? Take a deep breath and THINK about what you are doing.
Robert isn't really unbreakable, or strong and fast like a superhero.
He's human.
What if you're the bad guy?

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