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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I fucking HATE these pictures.
Why you ask?
First...you see Rob being hounded by the paparazzi...
Second...you see Rob surrounded by some incredibly hideous women.
I mean...
Surely, if Rob is going to be 'out and about' with some broads...
He could at least find someone who is ATTRACTIVE?
UGH. The two "hags" (yes, I went there) who are following him around, in their fur coats...cackling and trying to block the cameras (yeah, bitches...like anyone wants your fucking picture!), with hair that Rob must be sooo proud of...all greasy and unkempt.
What. The. Fuck. Rob?????
They need your beanie more than you do!
I sincerely hope (Ok, maybe I don't hope) these are old, dear friends of yours...
cuz they are fucking annoying the living hell out of me.
And doesn't Robert looked absolutely THRILLED to be photographed?
Rob? Go back into hiding, Baby...Please.
Now you are wearing the shirt that TomStu was wearing the other night.
When was the last time that beanie saw any soap?
Why is that one chick touching you????
And you all might just say I'm being all jealous. JealousY.
But it's so much more than that...
Because even though my heart might break some day
My mind knows that Rob will find someone and fall in love...
And I do want him to be happy...I really do...
Just not with these HORRIBLE women!!!

All kinds of wrong, my friends.
Bye for now

pssst...Rob looks fucking awesome in the last pic...doesn't he?



Tenneil said...

Rose.... I am angry...sad...happy to see him... but at the same time just not happy with him or anyone around him... your words I feel express what we are all feeling... sorry ...lets just hope this is a laps of judgement... he cant be perfect...right???


robsessed2themax said...

Rose.. I share your pain.. I really do.

& my heart stuttered a little bit at the last pic too. <3

Trixie said...

Rosie!! Okay, I sent you a FB message before I checked out this posting.

NOW, I know why these pictures made me sad! Thank you so much for putting my feelings into words!

Thank god I found you, my TWIN!

<3 you, BFT!!!!

Ellie said...

Rose, I hate them, too.
Kisses to you!

Tess said...

I don't hate them..

Who know who they are....

I just don't like the fact that he looks so defeated..

I agree with you... He needs to go back into hiding and how fucking sad is that?

Love you babe,