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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pulp Fiction

There is a lot
of toxic talk
about some of the women
in Rob's life.
Is it deserved?
Is it jealousy?
No doubt.
First picture...
Camilla Belle.
I want to be her
in this picture.
I want Rob to
look at me...
and make me laugh.
And we can just
hang out...
go out to lunch...
talk on the phone.
Be good friends.
But Camilla gets
a lot of shit from
women...blah blah blah
She talks shit about Twilight.
Why is she hanging out with Rob...
Wouldn't you fucking hang out with Rob
I love how their relationship
makes Rob so god damn happy.
Every time you see a picture
of them together...
Rob has a goofy smile on his face.
That's a good thing.
He's so comfortable with her.
I'm glad she is in his life.

And here we go.
Kristen Stewart.
The girl has a bit
of a potty mouth.
That's a point
in her fucking favor
in my oh so humble
and fucked up opinion.
So she's not
the most media-savvy
chicklet out there.
She doesn't always
say and do
the right thing.
She is still
for some godforsaken
Going out with
And now she is getting
all kinds of shit
for comments
Her fucking father made...
I'm not sure that's exactly fair.
I'm also not quite sure why I like her...
and why I feel the need to defend her.
She did a good job as Bella...
but she's not irreplaceable...
She did get Robert the job of Edward.
Big points in my book.
Robert quite obviously adores her.
She quite obviously adores him.
She can't be ALL bad,
can she?
She's young...
She's determined...
And she speaks her mind.
Not bad qualities.
She will learn how to handle the media...
because she has to...
but people have to stop
comparing her to Rob.
Yes, he is easy going...
humble...and witty...
and he is a good interview.
She's not.
And sometimes...
being next to him...
must make her feel
so inadequate...
Yanno what I mean?
Shes fucking 18 years old.
Cut her some slack.
If you think about how much
she has accomplished already....
and what kind of career she has had...
She's done OK.
She will figure it out.
And you know what else?
I still like the thought of them together.
I've discussed this at length...
And it could be because
I've already wanted them together
in Twilight....
that having them together
in real life...is just an extension of that...
I doe no. (That's for Trix)
But I think they would balance each other out
quite nicely.
OK. I've rambled enough, haven't I?
And not really said anything.
Typical Rose.
And now I'm talking about myself
in the third person.
That's never a good thing.
Bye for now


Tess said...

Hey sweetness! Happy Birthday to YOU.. Happy Birthday to YOU.. Happy Birthday dear Rose, Happy Birthdaaaayyyyy.. toooo YOOUUUU!

You post was great. I'm rolling it around my head.. yeah yeah yeah... I still think Robert Fucking T Pattinson (ooh he's in trouble now) needs to fucking get with the program.. Call one of us (and we know who we are) so I (we) could give him a fucking happily ever after... (yeah, that's my new mission in life) and that's all I have to say about it..

squeeeee you to pieces..

Trixie said...
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Trixie said...

HappY BirthdaY, Rosie!!!!

Great post - needed to be said. And you KNOW that I agree 100% (as per usual - haha).

I doe no what to do with all of THIS. I like Tess's idea... let's track him down and give him the HEA!!!

<3 you big fat time!
xoxo Trix