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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, February 9, 2009

Let me repeat myself...

déjà vu.
I'm feeling it.
Big time.
OK, I know I reacted a bit strongly to those pap pics.
I know it. I can admit it.
Fuck if I would go onto another blog...
and fucking attack someone
for posting those pics.
"Bear" with me
(get it? Care-Bear? OK, it's lame)
but when someone starts ranting and raving
about what Rob 'feels', and what Rob 'thinks'
When someone appoints themselves as
Rob's guardian angel and savior...
It just reeks of hypocrisy.
It "Bears" repeating...
(yeah, I know, I'm overdoing it...sue me)
The only people you should be angry with
are the people who are in fact hounding and stalking
poor, sweet Robert.
Get mad at the paparazzi.
Get pissy with whoever buys those pics,
and puts them all the fuck over the internet.
Don't waste your anger on people who are fans of Robs...
and just want to see what he's doing...
How he's looking.
What he's wearing...
Who the fuck he is with
(oh man, let's NOT even go there right now)
Sweet, dear people like Goz and Dani...
who run a fantastic blog...
full of people who adore Robert Pattinson.
No one trashes him there.
And they don't post intrusive pictures...
You and people like you
are more invasive and scary
than some silly pictures of Rob walking on the street.
You are exactly the type of fan
that he talks about in interviews...
the kind that are completely CLUELESS
to how fucking frightening they really are.
Leave Rob alone.
Leave the Robkats alone.
And one more thing.
He's STILL Not Yours.
Silly Bitch.
Bye for now


Tenneil said...

You go girl!!!

Ellie said...

AMEN, Rose!

ForeverEB said...

You rock.

Tess said...

You have my support (and love, but you knew that)

robsessed2themax said...

LMAO! CARE BEAR!!! I <3 you! That nickname hit me too. We should totally use that for the next idiots who try to bash Robsessed.