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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Rose

1. I was 'away' from all that is Rob for a couple of days. And it was actually kinda nice to not think about him. Well, I did think about him. Of course. I mean..I am still the same obsessed lunatic I was a few day before. But I did go for extended periods of time without actually thinking about Rob. And of course we know that in my fucked up world...extended periods of time is anything over 5 minutes. But hey...I'm trying...OK?
B. I realized that my obsession has largely focused on Edward lately. I'm pretty sure it has to do with all the god damn fanfic that I've been reading lately. I can't fucking get enough of Edward. And theres so many versions of Edward out there. Your typical Vamp Edward (did I just fucking say typical in connection to Edward?), Dom Edward, Dark Edward, Spoiled Rich kid Edward, Deaf Edward, Sweet Edward, 3 way Edward...and the list goes on and on. Is there any question as to why my fucking dreams are always about Edward???
3. Hahahahahaha. Here I am trying to be all proud of myself for not thinking about Rob for a few minutes of my day...and instead seemed to have spiraled into Edward obsession. I tell ya, I fucking can't win for losing.
4. It seems that Rob's vacation is about to be over. You gotta take the bitter...with the sweet. I fear for his sanity if/when he goes to Japan...but if he is going with Kristen and Taylor...that will be good for him. Also...will Kristen and/or Rob be presenting at the Academy Awards? I honestly think there is a good chance that will happen. Presenting at the AA is PR heaven...especially in terms of "New Moon". They might as well get the publicity started...and what better place than the Academy Awards? Can you just picture Rob in a Tux? Do you think he would? At least a suit...and we all know what he looks like in a fucking suit....
5. Would you believe that I spend so much time on my Rob/Edward obsession...that I am letting other things in my life fall to the (no fucking shit) wayside? I have so many fucking shows on the DVR to watch...but I can't seem to fucking close my laptop...even for an hour. What the hell? And let's not even get into what else I am ignoring lately...
And that brings us back to my mantra for my life.
6. Can't fucking win for losing.
That is so me..
That's it.
That's me.
Over and out.
Bye for now


Ellie said...

Hey, Sweet Rose!

I can't tell you how many things are falling to the wayside here, with me, also. Life just keeps getting in the way of Rob and me. It just sucks.

Love you lots,

Tess said...

I love this picture of him.

Obsessing over Rob is not a waste of time, repeat after me..


Tess said...
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