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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why does this song keep playing in my head??

Here you come again

Just when I've begun to get myself together

You waltz right in the door

Just like you done before

And wrap my heart 'round your little finger

Here you come again

Just when I'm about to make it work without you

You look into my eyes

And lie those pretty lies

And pretty soon I'm wonderin'

How I came to doubt you

All you gotta do

Is smile that smile

And there go all my defenses

Just leave it up to you

And in a little while

You're messin' up my mind

And fillin' up my senses

Here you come again

Lookin' better than a body

Has a right to

And shakin' me up so

That all I really know

Is here you come again

And here I go...

(Thanks to Dolly Parton)

Bye for now


Trixie said...


Tess said...

I just watched Cilla's video, read the last three of your posts that I've missed because of my fucking real life (which keeps intruding on my loving Rob life) and Now I have Dolly in my head..

Now I need prozac for reals...

♥ Tess

Ellie said...

So sweet.

haha, and I just thought of how Rob would smile if he got up close and personal with Dolly's, you know, girls...lol