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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kristen and Rob (Pattinson, Kristen's Boyfriend)

I'm Falling in Love for the Last Time...

It has still been pretty quiet on the Rob/Kristen front.
We really haven't seen them together or separately in quite some time.
I don't even remember the last time I saw Kristen...
I miss her.

When it's quiet like this...
I can usually go to my email/DMs without much trepidation
I mean...
Outside of the little dramas here and there
Not much is going on.

So color me surprised at the amount of email I received
about Reese Witherspoon!
I know I covered an interview she gave in yesterday's post
But this...
Oh this is too good to pass up.

Let's open up my mailbox... shall we?

Remember names have been changed to protect the stupid.
Spelling has been corrected as well.... to protect us from the stupid.
The idiocy remains the same.

Oh... and I know this is all GRINCHY of me
for this time of year...
So put on your sarcasm glasses...
or stop reading right here.

Email #1

HAHAHAHAHA Stupid Sheep! Eat shit and choke on what Reese Witherspoon said in her E interview! She is totally making fun of you sheep! She brings up Brazil and being pregnant!  HAHAHAHAHAHA! Reese is a NONSENSE! She hates you! Reese is so much better than Stewl and you know it!
No Love - Nonsense and PROUD of it!

Email #2

Who's twirling now, Bitch? Reese Witherspoon put all you pathetic Sheep in their place! It's pretty obvious that Rob and Reese have talked about all the crazy he has to deal with, so Reese decided to stick up for him and call out the sheep! Too bad you won't see it for what it really is. Reese is a NONSENSE! Suck it.
- Pointing and Laughing

Email #3

Hi Rose! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! I find it hilarious that you call out all those crazy foamers on a daily basis. Me and the girls at work always make a point of reading your blog on our break and we love how you always seem to know how we feel! Thanks so much for being in the direct line of foam for us. We love you!
- Honorary Roselanders

(Come on... I have to put in a good one, too!)
You So Crazy!

Oh my.
I'm not sure when it became a competition between Reese and Kristen?
I happen to like Reese a lot.
I thought her interview with E was pretty amusing.
So her making fun of the hoopla around Rob somehow 
equates to her bashing people who believe in Rob/Kristen?
And it somehow means that Reese 'knows' that
there is no real romance between Rob and Kristen?
How does that work again?
Oh right.
It doesn't.
Unless you have rabies.
Which I don't.
That would be the ones foaming at the mouth over... 
I'm not sure what.

You Believe... What???

Somehow the foamers lost what was left of their minds
when the interview with Reese where she said

"Kristen (Stewart, Pattinson's Girlfriend) is really sweet, too."

Of course it was ALL LIES.
Because not only would that mean Reese thought Kristen was sweet...
But it also meant...
and this one breaks their foamy hearts...
that Kristen was indeed on the WFE set.

So let's take the completely innocuous "E" interview
where Reese Witherspoon is joking about the
frenzy that surrounds her co-star 
and twist it into some sort of 'sheep' attack.
Because I'm SURE Robert confided in his co-star
about his personal life and decided to share
his feelings with her in hopes that she would come out
and defend him in future interviews.
That makes perfect sense.
You're right.


My thoughts?
That's what I do here after all.

1. USA TODAY is a respected Newspaper.
It's not a gossip rag.
No, they didn't throw in the
"Kristen is very sweet" line
because they are on Summits and/or Kristen's payroll.
Believe it or not...
People who have actually MET Kristen
have only nice things to say about her.
That includes Ms. Witherspoon.
Who met Kristen.
On the set of WFE.
You can interpret her 'E' interview any way you want to...
But her saying that Kristen is very sweet
doesn't need deciphering.
Pretty straightforward.

2. Reese, Rob and Tom are all members of NONSENSE now.
Does believing that somehow make the foam...
less bitter?
Somewhere out there 
are a handful of lunatics
who actually believe that people read their rants
because they have any significance whatsoever.
As fucking if.
It would be because...
Crazy people are funny.
Crazy foaming is hilarious.
And watching the upcoming
will be entertaining as hell.
And believe me...
That will be some funny shit.

So by all means...


They. Actually. Think. Their. NONSENSE. Matters!

 "I'll Be Tome For Christmas"

This post was brought to you by the letters *B* and *F*

B for 


I can't help it...
Sometimes it's just too easy to laugh
at other people's stupidity.


F for FOAM (of course)
They keep trying to keep it contained.
But the foam is oozing out of all the cracks...
And there are a LOT of cracks.
A Lot.
It's gonna be messy!

Bye for now


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Scott said...

NGL sometimes I wonder why Kristen stays with him bc of all the stuff she has to deal with.

I mean exgf & costars running their mouthes, in a way that Kristen's co stars and exs haven't (fyi).

Dont know that any man even Rob is worth this.

SueBee said...

At this point, I think it's just a given that these two are a couple.

For those who refuse to believe it, no amount of proof (video, picture, audio clip, video clip, or sworn testimony) is going to be enough proof for them.

You can't engage in a battle of wits when the other side comes unarmed.

~J~ said...

I love you madly, my darling Rose. Little B does too ;)


30 said...


Stop emailing and harassing Rose you fuck nut.

Sydney said...

Rose, wow, really? That's what you get in your inbox? Holy shit that's just madness. I love it when you post those, though. They are too hilarious to keep to yourself. I knew they would have to dip deep into insanity to spin the Reese comments, but it is still always so shocking how stupid they allow themselves to look.

Scott: so, saying Rob is wonderful, would make a wonderful father, and that he is very, very handsome is somwhow running the mouth? How so, pray tell.

SueBee said...


Thank you so much for the blanket! I love it!
I can FINALLY be warm this winter.

*Snoopy Dance*

(MUCH LOVE, HUGS, KISSES, and SMILES) sent your way!

Hello, my friends!

Tackle hugs all around!

Autumngal said...

Wow...they really are insane beyond help there, it's obvious that they are in total denial if they are trying to spin an interview into something that translates Reese is indeed a member of nonsense. Unbelievable then again it's the nonsense we're talking about...it shouldn't surprise me.

Scott said...

1. Imagine if that had been Kristen's ex or as people in this fandom so respectfully refer to him as Oregeno. But b/c it's R's ex. It's as if she was whispering sweet nothings.

2. Those were just two examples. Rob has an army of women who make me question Kristen.

30 said...

Well Scott,

That is not your decision correct? Who Kristen decides to be with? Nor is it anyone's decision who Rob decides to be with. Are opinions mean nothing. Remember that. And to add my opinion, from what I have seen those two make a great team on screen and off.

Kay said...

Happy Tuesday Roseland!

Love the post Rose....thank you for sharing the idiocy with us....the laughs are appreciated.

I've always loved that quote Susan. :D

Have a great day everyone! :)

Sydney said...

Scott: I'm still confused about what negative things his ex said. She said he will be a great writer and would make a wonderful father. Uh, I'm lost. How is that in any way, shape or form a bad thing or running off at the the mouth???????

Who else is in this army, Scott? And how is it Rob's fault if people have wonderful things to say about him? I can start listing a million quotes Kristen's co-stars have said about her. Does she have an army too?

Penny Lane said...


I've always wondered, do you answer these emails?

Counting down to 12pm EST on 10.12.10

Toni said...

It is quite funny how people get so worked up over a few comments.

Thanks for the smiles this afternoon Rose!

I like you Grinchy!

Scott said...

Her comment wasn't the issue the hypocrisy that it inspired in this fandom was. But it's not shocking it's always there in respect to Rob and Kristen.

Also watch the OTR promo if Garrett went on about how beautiful Kristen is or how he got married to her and had a baby.

But you're right he cant control who his fans are. Meaning he cant protect her.

jen said...

Wow. a sure sign people are losing their mother effing brains is when they imagine stars are communicating to their online "enemies" in their defense. lol My god, they've officially passed the line of crazy and are sliding into "disturbing." That's what literally schizophrenic people do - they watch people on tv and think those people are LITERALLY communicating with them.

Break out the lithium, cause the hyenas are in a bad way! lol

Tracy said...

So, Summit has a lot of people on it's payroll these days!! I bet they could single handedly solve the US's unemployment problem. Want a paycheck? It's pretty easy.. just be a sane, rational person who supports two people who are obviously in love with each other. Done.

pssstt.. I'm on Summit's payroll.. don't tell anyone.

OH man.. seriously? It's no one's job, or right, to question why Rob or Kristen make any of the decisions they make. It's nobody's business, but theirs, how they conduct themselves in their private lives. They're not waiting with bated breath to get a complete stranger's approval on their choices.

So not in the mood for this today.

TONI!! *HUGS* Hey there girlie! Haven't talked to you in forever!! Hope things are well :)

jen said...

Rob's "ex" said negative things like "he'd make a good dad someday."

GOD, the nerve of her! How dare she say something nice about a guy she had a long term relationship!

Rob's "costars" say nice, diplomatic things about him, when the press ask them questions about their costar.

God, the nerve of them! To actually ANSWER a question posed to them!

Man, Rob and his "army" of harlots. How can Kristen stand it?

Maybe cause she's not crazy and she's not 12. Just a guess. lol

Sydney said...

Well exactly Scott...if Garrett does say something like that, the other half of the fandom will go apeshit. Are you gonna blame Kristen for not being able to protect Rob??? Does that mean Kristen isn't worth it to Rob?

For once, can we not have a competition between whose fans or crazier or meaner? THEY BOTH GET SHIT. These two people have clearly decided the other is worth it, regardless of your or my or anyone's opinion.

I think I caught the grinchiness.

Scott said...

Fans like to pretend Kristen would be totally comfortable with everything said. The rumors. The discussing about her bfs body. Basically that she's another fangirl so she would totally get it.

Whatever gets you though the night I guess.

jen said...

ps: I'm not the biggest fan of Reese movies to be honest, but one thing about this girl? She's professional as they come, she does NOT have to showmance in any capacity and she always draws a line between work and real life.

Read her comments IN CONTEXT. She calls him very handsome. No brainer. She also then follows up what a great guy he is to his family and HIS GIRL. She also says that doing romantic things with hunky actors is fine BECAUSE SHE KNOWS THEIR GIRLFRIENDS.

Her comments are saying very implicity: "Rob's a cute guy, but he's just my coworker. I'm taken, so is he. This is work, i don't blur the two."

Reading comprehension -it's a beautiful thing.

Sydney said...

Fans like to pretend Rob would be totally comfortable with everything said. The rumors. The discussing about his gfs body. Basically that he's another fanboy so he would totally get it.

Whatever gets you though the night I guess.

See how that works????? Both ways, God, give it a fucking rest.

jen said...

One last thing, Scott:

If you think Kristen hasn't developed a THICK skin being in this industry since she was a kid, you'd be wrong.

This industry eats up little girls like her for before lunch even arrives.

Her boyfriend before Rob was an actor. She is an actor. She's been doing sexually provocative roles since she was freaking 15.

What her tolerance levels are for others objectifying her bf are not what your tolerance levels are. She did not date Robert BEFORE he became a wanted man- she dated him AFTER that. She saw what she was getting into. She's not some little lamb in the woods who doesn't realize the pros and cons of dating a wanted dude.

lilian said...

Oh Rose.. WHY? Don't do this please.. Who cares what nonnies think? They did it on purpose because they love attention.
I know, some rob's nonsten fans out there, but you can NOT deny, that there are Obsessed Kristen fans also, who attack him relentlessly..
her imdb,her lj's etc. I'm a part of R/K fansites and I have seen the crazy on both sides.
It is important for crazies to called out on both sides. because there are so people like '@Scott' in this fandom and they're blaming Rob for everything..

Toni said...

Hello Tracy!

I am well how are you? It does seem like it has been forever. Busy, busy time of year!

Hi *Waving* everyone else!

I am going to dive into my mountain of laundry.

Much love to everyone!

Scott said...

Rob has been linked to every female costar he's had. Kristen hasn't. See how that works.

They both get hate but fans acting like it's equal is the funniest.

deb said...

Rose some well never be leave And to me I dont give a fuck they are only SMALL PEOPLE WITH SMALL MINDS and never has been in love OR has any one loved them SO HO WELL life gos on we live we learn we love ( SOME OF US DO ). DEB

Sierra said...

love the blog..well u alreadty kno that..I havent been up here in a few weeks..I just had my baby girl Ahlana (ah-lane-nah) Carlie..and she is such a quiet baby!

it's wierd I have to often check on her kuz she duznt cry as much..she smiles alot tho..and loves her dad so much he's from vietnam & we're taking Ahlana to meet her grandma in a few weeks but i'm back..I had my baby at the right time because classes are finished for the semester.

but about this blog, wow is the only word i really have for that. You are funny when you are "bitchy" and i love it. but the things that some people say...man smh

be blessed everyone

Sydney said...

Really Scott??? Who? Who has he been linked to besides Kristen, EVER??? Oh I see...you believe the tabloids when it's about Rob, but not Kristen. I get it.

You are so part of the problem and you don't even realize it.

jen said...

Kristen is not a hearthrob. She plays an everygirl in Twilight. Her fanbase is largely female. She does not do FHM covers and she dresses modestly to the point of tomboyish. She's not attempting to be a hollywood vixen.

Robert is a hearthrob. He plays the ultimate guy in twilight. His fanbase is largely female. He regularly gets featured in "sexiest" lists-because he plays the ultimate guy. His role alone makes him a hollywood hearthrob.

Which means he will always be linked to any girl who is within 10 feet of him. You attempting to compare them is fruitless, cause they are not int he same position celebrity wise.

Scott said...

I meant the tabs Sydney. I'm not saying I believe it. I'm saying she deals with it more than he does.

Yes Kristen has been in the bus. Yes she knew what she was getting into at 19. But fans like to pretend she's superhuman and this doesn't get to her for their own peace of mind.

Leigh said...

Must everything always be a competition?? Really?? Same shit different day.

It gets so old. I would imaging that Rob and Kristen don't see their life as such so why must everyone else? Give it a rest already.

On another note...Hi Roseland :)

Rose--you are made of stronger stuff than I. My answer would be to tell all of them to STFU!!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Sydney said...

So, what's your point, Scott? That it's difficult for Kristen? I agree. I also think it's difficult for Rob. And Jen is right, to compare the two is impossible. There's a double standard between men and women and it's not fair whatsoever. But to blame Rob for it is absurd and unfair.

Scott said...


Well that makes a lot of sense. Krisen is the average girl who should feel lucky she's with the hot guy and just deal rt?

If you think Kristen hasn't been offered classy shoots like Details? Please. She wants to be a serious actress not a pretty face.

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday..
And Hi Rose,
Oh my gosh, those emails had me rolling, my stomach hurts.
They are so nutty that you have to laugh, what else can you do, cry.
I'd really like to know how old some of these women are that write these crazy emails.
Either they are 12 yrs old or they are writing them from the "Funny Farm".

Rose, I hand it to you to put up with this BS on a daily basis.
Put up with these women that should be in a straight jacket.
I think any day now, the guys in the white jackets will be picking them up. I only wish I knew where they lived, so they can get picked up sooner..lol.

Great Post Rose, you made my day.
And again, love the pics and the commentaries, you are so clever.
Enjoy your day and just laugh, that's all you can do.
Either that or save them all and send them to a Psychology Class so they can make a study out of them.
I'm sure even the students will get a big laugh out them.

Sydney said...

I don't think Rob asked for any of this either.

And if you're hear to whine about Kristen hate, you're preaching to the fucking choir, man. We here at Roseland are some of her staunchest defenders. Why don't you go attack nonsten or the other 20 different Kristen hate sites.

But you don't have to defend Kristen by attacking Rob.

Leigh said...

*imagine* I'm so irritated that I can't type today ;p

Scott said...

I'm not attacking Rob. My original point is I dont know why she puts up with it.

Her life would be so much easier with out him. But we all like a headache in our early twenties. Eventually we learn.

Leigh said...


Umm, maybe that's not any of our business??

Just sayin'

Penny Lane said...


I'm really not understanding the point of your comments. Are you presuming to tell Kristen who she should date?

Tracy said...

I don't know about you Sydney, but I don't have any problems getting through the night? Do you? I'm pretty content with my belief that Rob and Kristen love each other, and take care of each other. Pretty simple stuff.

See, Scott.. we're not the ones fretting here. We're not the ones questioning someone's choices, or lives, or the way they live it. We don't worry about what exes or co-stars say or don't say. It's really irrelevant. They both get it.. They both deal with it.. and too many people out there focus on all the tabloid stuff more than they should. Tabloids are only out to make money. Rumors sell money.

It's like you being concerned because your nosey neighbor told her neighbor who told her cousin who told her friend that you had a "guest" at your house. Do you lose sleep over that?

Most of us here? We've been known to be a sane, rational bunch. I know it's probably a shock to some people, but we do exist.

SueBee said...


Work with me here--I know it's a stretch--but guess what?

The who, what, and why of Kristen's relationship is absolutely none of our business.

Why speculate on the personal life of someone you don't know, much less, met?

She's a grown up and is perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! this is one of those times when I think stupidity should be painful.

Sydney said...

I'm thinking her life is much easier with him. As his is with her. That's what love does. In your twenties, thirties and beyond.

Do you people never realize the disservice you do to Kristen (or Rob) when you constantly belittle and question their choices? You worry so much about her reading things...do you not think this would upset her? Or can you not see past your own jealous fanboy crap?

Annie said...

It seems to me that both Rob and Kristen have made up their minds on whom they want to be with......It's with each other!

The End!

Scott said...

I'm sorry but that is so funny you think her life is easier with him? Compared to what dating Prince William?!

Kristen has made a decision and if she thinks its the best thing for her rt now fine. But fans coming up with every reason how they both get hate, Rob's a heartthrob what do you expect, she knew what she was getting into, they don't care, etc. They are all excuses to make it seem easier than what it probably is.

Maybe she gets a lot to be with him but she gives up a lot as well. That is my point.

kstewrocks said...

Scott, I agree it's unfair. They both get hate though. There's no point in arguing over who gets the most. Believe me, I've been there. It doesn't get you anywhere. If you want to believe Kristen gets the most, fine. Try and leave it out though if you visit here in future.

No one is trying to instantly attack you. This happens all the time to anyone who wants to compare the levels of hate. If anyone starts, it begins the drama up.

I didn't particularly love the comment from Nina. I find ex's need to stay in the past. I mean honestly, just look at all the shit that happens. Tabloids will probably print how Nina and Rob are having an affair from one comment which is a completely different comment, but still. Tabloids are bizarre like that. There probably would be a double standard, and if there is; direct them to the links where there is the double standard. But you know what? Treat it probably like I do, if people are cool with seeing images of Nina and Rob, and are cool over Nina complimenting Rob; then you are free to be cool over Kristen and Michael. Just, on a Kristen community, I saw an image of Kristen and Michael. I thought, if people can be cool over Nina, I can be cool too over Michael being dragged back up.

Sydney said...

It's a pretty poor 'point' Scott. What, in life, is worth if it isn't difficult?

All you had to do was say you've never been in love and it would have been easier to understand your posts.

Once again, this is not a Kristen hate site. So go take your 'point' over there.

Annie said...


Hope said...

Sydney...I like what you said...
I believe their lives a lot easier too because they have EACH OTHER.

It is abundantly clear that they BOTH adore, respect, support and love one other.

Now...tis the season to be jolly!!!

kstewrocks said...

Scott, I agree too. It's like lessening the blow. Oh well. What can you do? Argue and get removed from the site, or let it go.

I as a Kristen fan, when I hear these comments from people shouting how her hair is greasy, or that she's a bitch; probably in connection to Rob (I don't know though); I have wondered why would you put up with that - with him.
But he defends her. I'm sure if a reporter/interviewer asked him what he thought about Kristen hate he'd probably unleash his fury. And that, if I ever get the chance to interview him AND Kristen, will be a question I'll put to them. How do they feel when they hear horrible comments said about each other?

katy said...

Scott, Why do you speculate on something that you know nothing about?!?

Scott said...

Really? b/c pointing out she's the average girl and he's the heartthrob seemed so pro kristen.

But you're right I'm done return to your Rob is a catch and Kristen is a lucky lucky co fan girl world

kstewrocks said...

How about everyone believing they are both lucky to be with each other? Rob is a guy. A cute guy, sweet, a good actor and a lot more. Kristen is beautiful, funny, a good actress and a whole lot more.

Kristen's lucky. And Rob is. You only have to look at the images of Rob looking at Kristen the way he does, to see how much he cares. To see how much in awe he is. He's hit the jackpot too.

Sydney said...

KStewrocks and Scott:

If you two are aware of the super secret fan hate measurement system and have scientifically concluded which gets more hate, Rob or Kristen, please, post it. I'd love to see it. (Sorry kstewrocks...I like you but this shit gets OLD)

Otherwise, just deal with it. They both get hate. Scott, why don't you go hate on Rob some more to even it up??

I love Kristen. I love Kristen almost more than I love Rob. I have never, would never say anything bad about her. And I like Kristen enough to respect her choices, Rob being one of them or not.

Annie said...

I think Robert Pattinson would say he's the lucky one..........Kristen Stewart let him in.

kstewrocks said...

Off topic...I've only just realised they're playing Slade. That Christmas song! =D

kstewrocks said...

Sydney you have completely misunderstood me. I was saying to Scott, how he shouldn't go there with the hate. You need to read through my comments again, as you probably talked to Scott, you were saying don't go there. Why can't I, like you, and the others who tell him not to go there not be attacked? Jesus Christ. That shit kind of gets old too fast.

Sydney said...

Because kstewrocks: you often bring up the supposed inequality of hate. I'm not trying to start a fight with you. But until someone can prove to me scientifically who gets more hate, there's no fucking point in discussing it.

Happy Holidays!

Scott said...


You seriously think it's equal? Sorry but show me the websites devouted to picking apart Rob. Show me the magazines that link Kristen with every costar? They dress the same. And she gets called names. She doesn't smile enough, talk the right way, act happy enough about having a "heartthrob" as her bf.

I get Rob gets hate. Contrary to what you think I don't hate him. But what I do dislike is hypocrisy and the burning desire in this fandom for everything to be equal. There doesn't need to be a test it's just common sense.

30 said...


You are so off base here, I want to laugh your comments they are so absurd. I agree with a above post though. I feel your affection and defending of Kristen needs to go to a haters site, there are sadley many. We here at Roses blog, defend, have shed blood and many many bruises defending are lovely girl,

So yeah... Thanks for stopping by.

kstewrocks said...

Well still that doesn't explain your misunderstanding.

Again, here is the key sentences in my comment
"They both get hate though. There's no point in arguing over who gets the most.It doesn't get you anywhere. If you want to believe Kristen gets the most, fine. Try and leave it out though if you visit here in future.

No one is trying to instantly attack you. This happens all the time to anyone who wants to compare the levels of hate. If anyone starts, it begins the drama up."

So I don't understand your comment. If you typed that irrelevant comment to me, because of my past comments, well you need to stop looking into my past ones and look at my present one. They don't equal the same message. If I said "yeah Scott, she gets double the hate" I'd understand your comment. But I didn't at all. Your imagining I did. Please don't. As someone who learnt that lesson a long time ago, I thought I could shed the light. And help in warning them off.

amara said...

Rose, another brilliant post!!

Looking forward to: THE FOAM EXPLOSION. Hahahahaha! Just too funny. For some reason to me it sounds either like a great title for a movie or some toilet cleaning stuff. Sorry, just being silly.

Hello to all the lovely people of Roseland, wishing you a lovely day.


katy said...

Why?? Does it have to be a competition, on who gets the more hate, they both get it and its WRONG

karen said...

Not surprised..
unfortunelty, there are so many people like scott in kris fanbase.
IDK Kristen is an adult. She can make her own choices as to who to date. If you agree she has chosen Rob then you need to respect that if you claim to be her fan. There are a lot of her fans that don't seem to respect it. just like crazy nonstens..
Anyway.. I myself feel the best thing I can do is support Rob and Kristen. Together or separately.

Tabloids? Seriously?? Stop creating a drama when there is none..

'I find ex's need to stay in the past.' Yes and please go say this some kris's lj mods..
I dont see any Rob site picspam Rob with his ex (thank God, It would be very disturbing) but kristen Lj's always doing with Oregano.
Kstewfans LJ.. Their picture of the day is Oregano & Kristen handholding pic. (the mods are huge Oregano fans) and everyone is fangirling.. over 80 comments.. how they miss them together, how they were adorable etc. This is getting annoying.
ehh whatever..
Everyone needs to respect Rob and Kristen's choice. Period.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SCOTT(AKA honey)...ROB IS WORTH IT...KRISTEN IS WORTH IT..They are going through this unique experience together and the bond is unbreakable...what is your IQ by the way?

ROSE...I think the COLOR of the foam today is GREEN...(envy)...

HI SUE BEE and ROSELANDERS...wishing you all a pleasant day

I BELIEVE... Yes grew up with lots of pecan trees! Sorry I missed you last night...stay warm..21 degrees here this morning..we usually dont see weather this cold until February...

angelica1 said...

Scott - Hypocrisy,really?? You're outright insulting Kristen by suggesting Rob isn't worth her time and effort and she's somehow so stupid and naive that she doesn't recognise that. I think what everyone is trying to point out is that their relationship is their business, they obviously each consider the other "worth it" and ultimately, I'm pretty sure neither gives a flying f**k what ANY of us think.

30 said...


Lovely Roseland, on my day off I wanted to spend some time here with you but sadly, people love to dredge up drama and pointless BS to get a rise from us. Time for me to go.

Have a great day my SANE friends here at Roseland. Get those cookie recipes ready! :)


Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
angelica1 said...

Hi all you lovely sane ladies,by the way :)

shoegal2547 said...

First, have to say BRAVO on the banner! Always has been, always will be my fav of the two! Thank you...now I'll read your post...

kstewrocks said...

Mentioning how tabloids write and find particular stories, isn't creating drama. It's common sense, it's adding to the topic too.
...God, has everyone gone batshit crazy since I've been away? Usually I'd be like in every comment, "why are you attacking my comment and picking this and that out". But I just find it funny this evening.
After all this time. I must still speak like a robot.
My gosh, someone give me a script to read from quick. I'm not joking either. Script now please? So I don't say the wrong thing, or talk to the wrong people.
Where is my cue?

rolange said...

Ah, jeez, Rose. I feel bad for all the Nonsense you have to put with. I used to try to excuse their bad behaviour...but it's just crazy.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

I thank you for this blog.

I thank you for the wonderful things you say about Robert and Kristen.

I thank you for the beautiful pictures you post of Robert and Kristen.

I thank you for not foaming off at the handle with every little vile, puerile stuff the idiot and (I seriously think crazy) nonstens send your way.

I thank you for the twirling 'cause even when my own day has gone bad, it's nice to twirl.

Thank you!

Sydney said...

Kstewrocks, I'm not getting into this with you. You have made it quite clear in the past (and it counts) where you stand. By saying "Scott, I agree" (twice) you have once again made your position known. Warning him not to state said opinion because you know first hand the reception that argument gets here doesn't change anything. I love your defending of Kristen, but beating the hate horse gets old.

NO ONE here wants to rehash that shit. There is nothing we can do about it except to not engage in the hate or the arguing of it. Everyone here defends the shit out of both Rob and Kristen, so if people have a problem with either or, they need to take it elsewhere.

Tracy said...

OMGOSH! I'm about to lose it. Seriously.

Sydney, I'm with you.. this is crazy.. Rob and Kristen love each other. They make their own choices. They don't require everyone's approval (let alone a stranger's approval) They deal with what's out there, on both sides. Obviously they've figured out how to deal with it, or else they wouldn't be together at all. So why would you fret and worry about something that A) you personally know absolutely nothing about and B) have absolutely no control over?

I can't make up my mind about which recipes I want to use. Got SO SO many. I even own... omgosh.. I own a cookie bible! It was a Christmas gift a few years ago. Choices choices.. decisions decisions...

Sydney said...

Anjelica: Ugh, thank you! That's what I was trying to say only I was way more hostile and wordy about it.

"You're outright insulting Kristen by suggesting Rob isn't worth her time and effort and she's somehow so stupid and naive that she doesn't recognise that."

With fans like that, who needs enemies??

Ren Ten Jen said...

New poster here, but I am a faithful reader of Rose every day! Rose your humorous sarcasm about nonstens is wonderful. You should definitely continue to post their idiotic comments. This thing where the most pathetic go down last is an oddity. I am particularly fond of your RL pitiful faced hyenas. But I will feel no pity for the last remaining nonstens in the end. How is that "E" key by the way? LOL! I bet you will have trouble with another key before long. Things come in pairs. Love you!

SueBee said...

Hi Super :o)

Scott said...

Seriously? Read what you want, but I didn't say he wasnt' worth her time. I said she believes he is rt now and is willing to deal with it.

But I'm not naive enough to think she wont get tired of his fangirls.

kstewrocks said...

You can agree or disagree.
But just don't continue the conversation further. Which is what I did with that comment to Scott.

And you know, I didn't sign a written confirmation that I would agree with you all that so and so has...yeah, not gonna go there. You can probably take the hint. But I agreed I'd stop comparing levels of hate if there are levels. Which on my side of the bargain I have kept.

So yeah, still not getting your point.

Annie said...

You do realize that you are attempting to speak for Kristen Stewart.
Just asking here but what gives you that right?

Scott said...

omg. I'm stating an opinion and that I don't fully get it. Simply bc it is not the excepted opinion of Rob is worth walking through fire for doesn't mean I'm speaking for Kristen. Just questioning.

Toni said...

Oh SueBee (if you are still here)-

I made your choc. chip cookies last weekend. So good! Like a little bit of heaven in my mouth.

I am all over the epic cookieness (is that a word???) that is coming!

Annie said...

No, what you saying isn't questioning at all. Go back and re- read what you've stated.

Sydney said...

Scott: that's exactly what you said. I understand if your having difficulty figuring out your point. We all are. So here:

"Dont know that any man even Rob is worth this."

I thought you said you were done here.

SueBee said...


Thanks, sweetie. I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe!


(I'm still here--just waiting for the great opinion debate to wane)

kat said...

and that is exactly why Rob hate krisbians.

I love Rob.. I love Kristen.. I love them together or apart. That is all.

Tracy said...

Toni, you can wordify anything :) Cookieness sounds epic.

I think we're starting on 12pm central standard time on Friday, right? That's the date and time I've got written down.

Sydney said...

Kristen isn't walking through fire, Scott. She's a hollywood actress in a popular franchise dating her costar.

Jesus...a little perspective, please.

Toni said...


Milk chocolate vs. Dark chocolate? Oh wait that's just my great debate! ;}

Scott said...


That is MY opinion. That is not the opinion of Kristen. That would be me questioning. But again I get that bc I do not except the premise that Rob is worth being called every name in the book you feel the need to be rude. Fair enough.

Annie said...

This is what happens when certain people's BS has been shot to smithereens...........How dare Rob and Kristen be together.

Well screw it! They are!

SueBee said...


I prefer milk chocolate but I love just about any kind of chocolate--except white chocolate

Which brings up a good question

Just what the hell is white chocolate made of?

amara said...

I am looking forward to the yumminess of the EPIC cookie day...most of all to trying out the recipies, and of course eating the delicious cookies.

Toni said...


I'm excited! I'll be there! Or here! Well you know what I mean.

Sydney said...

Question away Scott. Have at it. Just don't presume to know what is best for Kristen. We don't do that here. We don't judge their choices. There are plenty of other places for that. I don't know how many different ways we can say it.

I am a cooker, not a baker. I so wish I had good recipes to share, but I just don't. I'll just have to look forward to them and passing them onto my baking friends.

Scott said...

Nope you guys just say she's an average girl (not a Maxim girl) who dresses tomboyish and he's a heartthrob. Got it. :)

Toni said...

I don't get white chocolate either. It's kind of like decaffeinated coffee to me. I just don't see the point.

angelica1 said...

Scott - There is nothing "average" about Kristen Stewart

Tracy said...

Oooh.. Sydney.. I have a no bake chocolate oatmeal cookie recipe!! No baking required!! So it meets the requirements of a cookie recipe, but you won't have to bake :)

And did you guys know that white chocolate isn't really techincally chocolate?

Rose said...

People are allowed to have different opinions, as long as they don't attack Robert or Kristen.
I actually don't like censorship or having to police the comments.

Scott is just giving his point of view. He's allowed.
If he has ulterior motives... it will be become clear soon enough.
It always does.

angelica1 said...

Toni, SueBee - I think it's just made from cocoa butter.That's probably why it's so sickly - I don't even count it as real chocolate :)

kstewrocks said...

Ohmygod! Will I be the only one who likes white chocolate on here? Because I love white chocolate the best! I find dark chocolate the most inedible as it's so rich.

amara said...

@ SueBee - white chocolate is made of cocoa butter.

I love anything with chocolate, one of my friends has a recipe for tripple chocolate cookies. Really sinful.... but she will not share the ingredients with anyone, aparently there is a secret ingredient.

Sydney said...


I LOVE oatmeal raisin cookies. They're my favorite and one and only "sweets" weakness.

Penny Lane said...

Oh my goodness,

This back and forth is giving me whiplash.


It's 12 pm EST just because I said it earlier so we better keep in the same timezone.

Now can anyone tell me why when I have to have the rice cold when I make fried rice? It is so hard to fry it when it's in a clump like that.

Tracy said...

Sydney.... I lurve oatmeal raisin cookies too!! They're one of my faves!

The no bake ones are good.. chocolate is involved :) And you could probably put raisins in it too. My mother does and my dad swears that they're better with raisins.

Kami said...

Uh do we have another "His fans are worse than her's..her's are worse than his" argument? PLEASE! All I know is that if Kristen loves Robert and she does...face it Honey...she does...and if Robert loves Kristen..which he does...he really does..the I think that is all that matters to them and not the outside nutty, crazy, fan stuff...I'm pretty sure they know where they stand with each other and that's all that matters...

Annie said...

White chocolate, Gummi Bears and Oatmeal raisin cookies = LOVE!

kstewrocks said...

Hi Kami, well this time you'll be glad to know I wasn't involved. :) Except some user thought I was, which was annoying. Love your icon.

Kami said...

One quick question...please someone answer...WHEN do we EVER allow anyone to freely bash Rob OR Kristen? NEVER...so why bring the his fans vs her fans shit here?

Kristen and Rob's relationship is THEIR business not our and we have NO say so whatsoever in their relationship anymore than they have in ours...

Tracy said...


Ooooh.. cold rice. It's strange, isn't it?

The cold, or left over rice is best because it's given the grain time to firm up and get rid of the excess moisture... otherwise you're going to have fried mush.

And add lots of colorful veggies. That's what my friend's mom says makes it taste better ;) Presentation is key. You feast with your eyes before you eat with your mouth.. she says.

*making a note about the time for the cookie epicness* Don't want to prematurely post, or miss it entirely!

Toni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kat said...


'I find ex's need to stay in the past'
since you are kristen fan please start by cleaning up in ks communitys. So sick of their endless Oregano/Kristen spams..

Sydney said...

Oooh, Annie...forgot about Gummi Bears. I do also love those.

Yes Kami, another one of those arguments we all love so much. With all the usual suspects too!

Penny Lane said...


Thanks for the cooking lesson :)

As far as premature posting, I don't think there's a pill or ointment for that. I have heard that ginseng lotion is good for other kinds of premature "problems".

Annie said...

How could one ever forget Gummi Bears! :)
A friend of mine only eats red ones. Me, not that picky!

Sydney said...

I can make a mean cheesecake. Does the recipe exchange only call for cookies?

Kami said...

Hey kstew...thank you I like my Icon too..

Sydney...so sad that those arguments are popping up.there should be a law against arguing at Christmas.and so close to our epic day too...oh well..

kstewrocks said...

kat, I'm not the moderator of that community. I can have an opinion but I can't go and change everything. For example, with Nina and Rob I can't boss people around and say "stop dragging up them". I bite my tongue. Like I bite my tongue with Kristen/Michael stuff.
If people can accept Nina and Rob, then I guess people can accept Kristen and Michael. That was my point. I don't like it, ex's mentioned. But huh oh well. I'll accept both.

Toni said...

Stupid itouch.

That was supposed to say: I love oatmeal rasin cookies, especially warm.

Scott said...

So the respect thing doesn't go to exs? Oregeno? So what's Nina's endearing nickname? Weird chick? "Model" (I use quotes bc I've never seen her in anything).

real pr pro said...

From: USA Today Editor in Chief
TO: Reporting Staff
RE: Suggested Fake Quotes for Upcoming Stories

Team -- despite my initiatl discomfort with violating every professional ethic that guides responsible journalism and ruining our repuation as a legitimate award winning newspaper -- not to mention breaking the law and opening ourselves up to millions of dollars in lawsuits -- I have to admit that I am becoming a big fan of throwing in fake quotes about the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sham romance in our stories.

After all it is a tough economy, and Summit is paying us a lot of money to help them perpetrate a massive hoax on an unsuspecting public. I mean, revenue is revenue, right?

Even so I had my doubts -- until I saw all the buzz generated yesterday by fabricating that comment about Kriten Stewart for the Reese Witherspoon interview!

You should have seen the responses we got --okay, some were death threats, and I did get this weird stuffed sheep that was covered in twinkie crumbs and foam, but hey there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

And even though Reese did try to screw us over by blinking her eyelids to spell out "I support Nonsense" in morse code during the interview, we still deliverd the goods for Summit.

Soooo -- since we are under an iron clad contract to mention Robertstew or Robkris or whatever the hell it is they call those two fakers at least three times a week between now and 2012, I think we're going to have to branch out from the standard celebrity interviews and work them into our political, business and health coverage as well.

So here are some suggestions for upcoming stories and spokespersons. Not to pat myself on the back, but these are so good even I couldnt tell which part is real and which is fake.

President Obama -- "we are going ahead with the tax increase on married couples, which I think will include Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the very near future."

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange -- "people have a right to know about what their goverment is doing, jsut like they have a right to know that Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart are dating."

FDA Chairman John Kelly -- "Smoking is the number one health risk -- but even I have to admit that picture of Robert Pattison sharing his ciggy with girlfriend Kristen Stewart was pretty hot."

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake -- "the economy is still struggling,much like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart struggle to find alone time."

Are they great or what? Damn, I wish they gave a Pulitzer for best fake reporting -- we'd totally have a lock on it.

So you all know what to do -- now let's get this conspiracy on the road.

Sydney said...

Real PR Pro: I love you.

Annie: I used to get a giant bag of gummi bears before classes in college and eat only that all day. The red ones are highly nutritious. People get popcorn at movie theaters. I get Gummi Bears.

Scott: Turn the page.

kstewrocks said...

Lol. Everyone near enough calls Michael Oregano. Most of us find it easier than his actual surname. Even Kristen fans call Michael Oregano. Even Rob fans who are fans of both guys, call him Oregano.

angelica1 said...

Real PR Pro - :D

Kami said...

LOL Great Job PR Pro!

Annie said...

Real Pr Pro: You are brilliant! :)

Did the same thing. :)
I don't know if you are in NYC but if you aren't and plan to visit, go here......Every Gummi bear flavor imaginable:


Scott said...

Fine. Well I hope the "model" is right and Rob is a writer and a great father someday.

I can only hope Kristen's ex speaks of her as kindly in a future interview and fans respond with the same respect. Though I wont hold my breathe.

Tracy said...

Oh, PR pro..

Thanks.. I was afraid I missed the memo of when the great conspiracy was to start.

I must earn my Summit paycheck..

· - · - - - - · · ·
· - · · - - - · · · - · · · ·
- · - · - · · · · · · - · - ·
· - · · - - - · · · - · · · ·
· - · - - - - · · ·


katy said...

Hi, Real PRO!! lol, Like I said yesterday I like when you break your silence, you should do this more often!

Rose said...

Real pr pro- You made my day! Thank you for the SANE RATIONAL laugh!


Penny Lane said...

Real PR,

If you ever decide to write your own blog I'm pretty sure we'd all read it. And again, you've educated some with the names alone.

real pr pro said...

Katy -- I would if I didnt have such a hard time decoding the damn verification word. Its like trying to read on acid.

kat said...

oh Scott

Oregano is always with us, believe me some of her fans never let him go.. there is no interview maybe but kissing pics,hand-holding pics.. I feel like 2008-2009 all over again.. *wink*

Melinda said...

Rose- thanks for letting us in on some of the crazy emails you get daily. Love that people are really choking on the foam!

RealPRpro- that was priceless, for everything else there is the Robsten decoder ring....

I love that Rob and Kristen met at an audition and it grew to something bigger and better. Period. They have probably had to deal with a lot more than we have as fans realize and still find each other worthy to be each other's best friend and lover. Kudos to them for loving each other "no matter what".

Have to go orientate the newbies at work. Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Ta-ta for now...

Scott said...

Reread and rethought:

My only issue is with Jen the rest of the comments I actually agree with.

But Jen is the one who played down Kristen's looks, said she knew what she was getting into, Kristen isn't this naive little lamb even though she is just 20.

But I do agree Kristen isn't the same as Rob in celebrity just as according to critics he isn't the same as her with raw talent.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great blog Rose, as usual. Reese Witherspoon has nothing to gain or lose by her statements. She has a great boyfriend of her own, so why would she make up anything about Rob and Kris. People need to accept the fact that Rob and Kris are deeply in love with each other and have been for a long time. Accept it, believe it...it makes me extremely happy. Happy Holidays.

Cate said...

Psst….Real Pr Pro

Tell the people at USA Today I can’t get them the FDA chairman, but I can definitely get them an “off the record on the record” with Margaret Hamburg, M.D. FDA Commissioner.

Of course Summit’s going to have to shell out some more cash. These people aren’t bought on chips and salsa. Plus, that statement would sound so much more convincing coming from a woman don’t you think?

Good thing those movies are making so much dough. This PR campaign alone has to be costing millions!

Tracy, I knew you were good but now you get bank too?!

Rose, hope you’re getting your cut!

Guess I should call Maggie on my way home just in case. She’ll be thrilled to lie for a film studio. Integrity died with chivalry right?


kate said...

blah blah blah.. fuck off Scott seriously.. go back to play your little krisbian friends.


jentoo said...

Hey Everyone!

I'm just so tickled right now!

First, Rose...I just love it when you share your emails. It makes me feel like the smartest, sanest person ever! I love you when you're Grinchy!

Also, I just can't help but laugh when people who don't want certain things drug up out of the past are the only ones who keep dragging them out of the past!.....sigh....just...LOL!

I hope everyone has had a good couple of days! A quick question...is the epic event only for cookies, or can certain homemade candies be involved also? Just curious.

jentoo said...

Oh, and real pr pro....thank you for that! You are amazing!:)

amara said...

@Real PR Pro, you are just brilliant.

Glad I was not drinking my morning coffee when I read your comments.

Bobby said...

IA. Fine then the need to say Rob's celebrity is more than Kristen's served what pt?

If it's fine to point that out than it should be just as fine to point out major critics like Ebert and A.O. Scott love Kristen. Not a competition. Just another difference.

Penny Lane said...


I can't believe how many people are getting excited about this little event. Anyway, since it started out as a virtual cookie exchange why don't we have the first say 5 days just cookie recipes, then after that post cookies or other Christmas related recipes.

Does that sound reasonable?

jentoo said...

Penny Lane....yes! That sounds perfectly reasonable! Thanks for answering:)

Roger said...

The biggest trouble with mentioning exes is that it leads to the inevitable comparison between Rob and Michael. Rob is a pretty boy with his entire career based entirely on his conventionally good looks. Michael has built a solid reputation in the industry by taking on roles that are both challenging and more character driven. If you need a guy to stand there and/or strut in slow motion to a camera than Rob is your guy but if you actually need an actor or someone to carry a film you need to hire Michael. Rob will win things like sexiest man alive in the future whereas Michael will win an Oscar or two I am sure. Rob is just window-dressing and Michael is actually an artist who takes his craft very seriously. It does not help Rob's credibility that he is with her either of course. Her drug problems and inability to be in any non-twilight related film that actually earns money is going to drag her down and she'll take Robert with her if he continues to attach himself to her. Of course, given the amount of other women that he "dates" (I'll be polite and use that term-haha) I am sure the little dalliance he is having with Kristen will end soon. She will probably go running back to Michael at that point, although by now I believe he has moved on and would prefer a more serious person who is not into drugs and random sex.

Kat said...

I really hate it when Kristen gets hate. But I also hate it when some fans turn on Rob as a result.

Scott, I don't know you but I see your game. FYI it is not Rob's fault that Kristen gets hate. He didn't start it.

And it isn't nice either to put Rob down over his acting so that Kristen looks better. Whether Kristen is a better actor than Rob or not, she still choose him and clearly loves him.

angelica1 said...

Roger - Bored with the flowers are we?

Roger said...

I agree with Kat about Scott's flawed thinking on this topic. Neither Kristen nor Robert has any acting ability at all unless you think Kristen's huffing and exhaling is talent. If you go to youtube there is actually a video where they have spliced together all of the scenes in every movie in which she exhales and snuffs and snorts her way through each part. It is pretty funny. At least Robert seems to get the joke and does not pretend to be a "serious actor" but just the latest pretty boy flavor of the month. Saying either of them can be considered a "real" actor is simply ludicrous. They are two lucky people who landed in a franchise that is successful despite horrible acting and, in some cases, ridiculous scripts and directing.

katy said...

Angelica, Ignore 'it'

angelica1 said...

Hi Katy - Of course :)

Bobby said...

So if it's not ok to bring up a diff in their acting why is it ok to bring up a diff in their celebrity?

Why is it ok to drive up Rob's looks by pushing down Kristens?

Rose said...

Wow 'Roger'... Pretty harsh on Rob there. So Oregano will be winning all sorts of oscars and is such a serious actor? Really? So tell me... What has he done lately? Is he still a working actor? I haven't heard shit about him.
And let's be honest... This bullshit sounds so familiar.
Blah blah blah. Don't you ever get tired of being petty and jealous? Surely there are other things you could be doing with your time? Or not....

LJ said...

Hi Rose, loved the post :-)

Well...after a long day just thought I would peek in and say hello and looks like we have a debate going on!

Hello and big hugs to all my friends.

Oh JFC troll, your calling yourself 'Roger' now???? is that because it's your favourite past time?...when you can find someone who will actually come anywhere near you!! Call yourself what you like love, you are as transparent as glass and no-one gives a fuck what you think here.

Ok I'm going because I know I should be ignoring but I'm not sure I can tonight.

Smitty----------> ❤

Lots of love to everyone (apart from the troll),


real pr pro said...

There's a great line from the play The Subject Was Roses that I think applies to the debate about a certain journeyman actor's Oscar potential. When the mother insists that her son is destined for greatness, the father says, "He's 23 years old. Dont you think if he were going to be famous we'd have seen some evidence of it by now?"

angelica1 said...

Hi Liza - Favourite pastime indeed!! Had a lovely 2 hour "rest" in a traffic jam in Manchester this afternnon :)

MLH414 said...


I can't believe the e-mail you get! It's messed up on soo many levels! Well, I hope that the good ones outweigh the fucked-up ones!! I do love the pics of Rob that you posted...they went very well with the email! ;)

@Sierra...congrats on the baby!!

@pr pro...great post!!

I hope that everyone (well, most everyone..heh) has a great evening! It's been snowing nonstop here. My son has been off school for two days now, driving me crazy lol. :)


Roger said...

Wow Blowsy....I didn't think I was harsh on Rob at all. I have no idea who oregano is unless you have sunk to an all time low of making fun of Michael's last name? You know that is very childish and just what I would expect from the head sheep. I'm not petty or jealous, just expressing an opinion. And for your FYI, Michael is involved in many projects, all of which depend on his talent and not just his amazingly good looks.

jentoo said...

Sierra...I also meant to say Congrats earlier! How lucky for you to have a quiet, smiley baby!:)

angelica1 said...

Talk about "damning with faint praise"....

Sydney said...

He didn't win an Oscar with Sky High? Well color me shocked.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I hope you're having a great day..

You're right..people will beleive what they want..even if there's proof.

I see the hyeans are foaming again..LOL..They're really pathetic!! nobody is forcing them to believe and yet they're exerting so much effort trying to convince otherwise & contradict what is so blatantly obvious..

I think there's some nutcase loose here and trying to create some trouble. Just dont mind those "trolls"
they think they can come here and pull crap..They've got it wrong..

Lovely Rose..i hope you kick their "ass" out of here..

Let's keep this place free of trash


To all you Ladies..Have a wonderful day

Bobby said...

See here it is. This is the same thing. There is no need to make fun of MA career.

Just like there was no need to drive down Kristen's look and call her a tomboy, everygirl, not FHM hot to elevate Rob.

As the same is applied to Rob vs. Kristen's talent.

It should apply to all.

Rose said...

Wow that was easier than I thought.
You're not fooling anyone... So why bother?
Thanks for letting me know how easy it is to push your buttons... So very easy. Not really any kind of challenge at all...
By all means keep coming to my blog to leave your comments.
I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!
And we all know there will be another one...
Because you can't seem to stay away!


Sydney said...

Same old shouting at the rain.

Can't this be made to go away...back to obscurity?

beaculen said...

Best post EVER! love it Rose, thanks

su said...


Rose said...

The power of the last word.

Here's mine.

You need some new material.... Yours is out of date and useless. Kinda like... You.
I would say come back when you get it... But it's pretty obvious you never leave!

Buh bye now.

June said...


You like exactly like the typical desesperate hater trying to stir the pot. Keep on like this if you feel happy..

Vangie said...

scott, i so agree with Sydney

Birdie said...

I love how you handle the shit on here! This person is absolutely crass. You on the other hand are a class act!

sheath1 said...

Why on earth are you all going off at Scott...It is said in an honest and respectful manner..and Scott I agree with You..

Rose said...

Awwwww... Someone is all mad :'(
Poor wittle (really really wittle) baby who isn't close to being relevant unless they attach themselves to Rob and/or Kristen.
Have another temper tantrum for me!


Rose said...

Sheath? I'm not referring to Scott...

Freddie said...

Hi all,

I see it’s mens day at the blog. I’ve heard of Larry, Curly and Moe, but ….Scott, Bobby and Roger????

Please don’t confuse me with any of the other “gentlemen”. We are not of the same mind.

Have a great day everyone.


Rose said...

Roger.... I wouldn't delete your comments if you didn't attack Kristen and Rob and call them vile names.
But you can't seem to control your temper... And I control the comments. Heh.
Behave and I won't delete.

sheath1 said...


Roger said...

Okay STOP! Rose just a sec...I'll address your shit in a minute.

Is there seriously a dude on here named Sheath????

Can we all just pause and wonder what the fuck his life must be life having to introduce himself as a rubber??? What are your siblings named? Condom and IUD??


Karen said...

Hey Rose, you've once again come up with a great post. I can't believe, however, that we're in in midst of another "who gets the most hate" competition.

Why can't some people just be happy for two sweet talented people who have found each other and are in love? Is that really too much to ask?

I see another Karen has joined the board. Welcome!

Ren Ten Jen said...

I know I'm a newby, but have been reading Rose a long time. I can tell that Roger is an idiot because Kristen Stewart has high artistic acclaim in HW. She does Indie, not BO, and if you look at someone like Ryan Gosling, you will see a similar pattern, and he has had BO busts too. Anyway, most people are going to believe Sean Penn, numerous directors, including David Fincher, regarding Kristen's talent instead of our poster Roger.

Now as far as Rob verses MA talent wise, well MA is very talented, and has proven that, and has received critical acclaim. He does have projects in the works. But you can't compare Rob to him because Rob doesn't have enough creds yet. That is a fact. Sorry, and I adore Rob.

I also think you guys were a little hard on Scott. As Rose said, time will tell if Scott has an inappropriate agenda, but I see how people praise Rob in a way that is God like, and at times a comment is made about Kristen almost as an after thought. Of course this segment that praises him are women, and it is natural for women to gravitate to the hot actor. However, Scott was right. Rob has the celebrity and Kristen has the HW creds, and admiration of her HW peers.

I do think Kristen gets hated on more than Rob, and think it was a major decision to be with him. If you girls think it would be easy living with a man that women try to hit on, and call you a bitch for being with him then you are a better person than I am. Rob wasn't beat up on by Kristen fans badly until Details came out, and some of them just won't let that go, which they need to. Personally I wish he hadn't done HB if he was going to do Details, but what is done is done, and it is obvious they love each other. If they can survive all the s hit that has come their way and still be strong, then that says something major about their committment to each other, which Scott I hope you can see. I'm out guys.

Karen said...

Oops! That should be in the midst...

Roger said...

Come on Rose...admit that you think a dude named Cock Sock isn't a little funny???

Rose said...


Roger said...

Yea yea...Rose thinks its funny. It would fucking kill her to agree with me but there you go with that little face thing. You know you are laughing Rose. See we aren't so different right? You might think footface is a god but we can both laugh at some dude going thru life with penis hat for a name? What did his parents nickname him?? Weiner wrapper??

sheath1 said...

Roger..I have no words...and that is Sir Sheath to you....

sheath1 said...

Always come protected....Lol!

Roger said...

I salute you Sir Sheath. Anyone who can live with that name has to be a guy I would drink with!

Thanks for having a sense of humor penis hat!

Bobby said...

Ren Ten Jen

Finally a voice of reason. IA with everything you said.

Kami said...

Roger...troll..whoever you are...I hate you to the very core of your being...but I'll take my hat off to you on the Penis hat comment...it gave me a really good chuckle...I still hate you but it did make me laugh

Sheath you do have a good sense of humor...

Ok I'm going to go and break all my fingers and pour bleach in my brain for laughing at the troll's comments..ewwwwwwww

nycalways82 said...

Nice post Rose. I see we have the Kris fandom version of a nonsten visiting the board. Foam sure is flowing. lol

Vangie said...

Well hello rose and you wonderful ladies, it was allot of comments, to read through them all, well scott, since i do not come to this site everyday, i have no idea if you are male or female! but i am a rob fan 100% and i am totally proud of it, i like kristen and respects her, to me she is a very go actress, and i dislike when ladies say how luck she is to have vrob.I always though, rob got more hate, and maybe it's because i am a rob fan,but the two kristen fans, it'[s not our buisness about there love life.I ALWAYS THOUGH this was one sided but kristen goes where rob is more times, but they are in love with each other and i am happy for them, now the kristen hate site scott have a look, they called me a sheep for beliving in there love, go to twitter sinicalbitch, and you will see what , i mean.AND what about the krisbians who always prayig for rob's death! so there are hate on both sides.

Bobby said...


Sorry are you saying Kristen goes where Rob is more? Based off what? Last time I checked LA is her homebase not the other way around. JS.

No one says there isn't hate on both sides. But read Ren Ten Jen she says it perfectly.

Teeth said...

You know, I came on here thinking I'm probably gonna get distracted from all the work I have to do by reading the comments. But after reading all the shit from the "men" I think I'll just come by later.

Kami said...

Teeth...sorry...troll shit smell is strong today...really strong..

Sydney said...

There is a difference between the way Ren Ten Jen expressed her opinion and the way Scott did. That is the point. Scott didn't so much want to defend Kristen as he wanted to attack Rob. Every comment carried a dig and insult. It is possible to defend one, or speak of inequalities without insulting the other. If he, or any of you on the inequality rampage were solely concerned with defending her, where were you when 'Roger' was slinging his vile shit about her? Cause trust, we go to town on this bitch when she insults Kristen.

And what is the point anyway? You want us to say Kristen gets more shit? And if we say that, then what? It's all miraculously fixed? This is the point we've been trying to make. The debate is fruitless. If you want to do something about it take it to the actual hate sites and rebuke them for their actions. But hate breeds hate, and hating on one to defend the other is part of the problem.

Bobby said...

Was that not also hate? Kristen is a tomboy. Kristen is the everygirl. She's not a hearthrob or a Hwood vixen. Rob is. So we can't compare how fans react.

Dont look now Sydney by that is the hate you were talking about.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE...Just reading over the posts...sounds like "SEVEN SHADES OF IKKY" to me.

DreamerKind said...

World Full Of Hate

Dropkick Murphys resolve/listen:

A feeling inside in the back of my head
Like a song you still know from so long ago

And I wouldn't change a thing
like a car driving by
triggers something in my mind
Am I retrieving my direction or just charging forward blind

Am I everything that you wanted me to be
Have I lost that condition a connection I couldn't see

Till the end like a friend stands by you again
and I wouldn't change a thing
Toe to toe, friend or foe
It's all that I know
and I wouldn't change a thing

As the years pass us by
will I still make the grade
Can I really offer anything
and will my soul be saved

Can you cleanse me of...
drive out the swine
Am I only falling farther
Can you keep me safe from harm

The memories you build in that house on the hill
Would you really change a thing

Corrected mistakes in a world full of hate,
never changes anything.

Till the end like a friend stands by you again
and I wouldn't change a thing
Toe to toe, friend or foe
it's all that I know
and I wouldn't change a thing

Thank you/aeceis

DreamerKind said...


Here you are and there you were, and it's nice to see you everywhere!


Penny Lane said...

I'm really confused. No one here criticizes Rob or Kristen. In fact, most of the comments have nothing to do with them. So why are we getting barraged with these comparisons today from Bobby, Scott and whoever else wants to jump in? Do you follow each other around and do your vaudeville act or are we just lucky today get all these multiple personalities today?

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