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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rob and Kristen- With Acceptance Comes TWIRLING!

I honestly don't think Rob has ever looked better...

Random Thoughts

1) A different WFE trailer was released.
Can I just say...
Forgive me for thinking that my intoxication would ever lessen
Because it is more than obvious that all I need to see 
are some pictures of you and an elephant...
to remind me why I became intoxicated in the first place.
This movie looks incredible.
Everything about it draws me in
His face.
His voice.
(Yeah, I did that on purpose)
This movie looks gorgeous.

I. Can't. Wait.

I Love You.

2) I watched Twilight the other day.
I think its my favorite of the three.
And it's not because it is better than 
New Moon or Eclipse..
It's because when I watch it
it still makes my stomach do flip-flops.
Edward walking into the cafeteria.
Edward telling Bella that he
"can't stay away from" her.
Edward kissing Bella on her bed
and being thrown into the wall.
(I love his face there...
Who am I kidding? I always love his face)
You get the point I am making.
Twilight reminds me of all the good things I used to feel.
It will always be where I got to see Edward come to life.
It will always be where I knew that I would fall hard
for Robert Pattinson.

I'm gonna kiss you and hug you...

3) So I was flipping through the channels a couple of night ago...
and what did my twitchy finger rest upon?
The MTV Movie Awards!
And guess what...
I watched them.
Well... OK... I was kinda doing other stuff at the same time
But I was keeping my eyes on the screen
on the lookout for Rob and Kristen.
It was interesting that now I can watch them...
and really concentrate on Rob and Kristen.
Rob's beaming face when Kristen got her award.
He was so proud of her!
And the Awkward Kiss?
And this is scary to admit...
but I will
Cuz... what the hell I've come this far... right?
I watched it in slow motion.
I did.
And I know that Rob and Kristen tried to be awkward...
But watching Rob's face was priceless.
(and always rewarding.)
Kristen was totally NOT expecting him to go in for the real kiss.
And the look of satisfied glee on his face afterward?
He is so damn adorable.
He shows his every emotion on his beautiful face.
And lastly...
When Rob got his awards...
When he thanked Kristen...
He looked like he was trying to find a way to say
what he wanted to...
watch it in slow motion.
It shows a lot.

Oh and...
The kiss was real.
Rob really wanted to kiss her.
And he did.

"Thanks Catherine for everything I have... Especially for Kristen."

4) This is where I do my *heavy sigh*
Because the absolute bullshit I read online everyday
is so damn pathetic.

Is Kristen in London?
Yes, I believe she is.

How do you know that? There haven't been any pictures?
There haven't been any pictures of her since Rio.
Does that mean she is still there?

Kristen is only there for PR!!!
She is doing press for something... right?
Oh wait... she's there for the Baftas!
Can't you just fucking accept that Kristen wants to 
be with her boyfriend for the holidays?
She just got done working on BD and is on holiday...
Do you REALLY think she would be doing press?
And for what exactly?
Kristen is in London because that's where Rob wants her to be.
2 years in a row...
and all you got is PR?
How far gone can you be if you are still clinging to that?
It makes no sense whatsoever.
Not that sense has ever played any role in your
foam induced delusions before.


And come on...
Aren't they ALWAYS together?
Yes they are.

Now please go get a towel and wipe your mouth...
The bitter foam is making a disgusting mess.

Just because.

5) Ninja Robsten 
Ninja TomStu

And I'm still glad that there aren't any pictures of them.
I don't need 'PROOF'.
Everyone knows where Kristen is.
Everyone knows where Rob is.
They are with each other.
As always.


This post is brought to you by the letters *P* and *R*

Pathetic Rants

Pretty Ridiculous

Pitiful Rhetoric

With Acceptance...
Comes Twirling.
And it's LOTS more fun than Foaming.

Bye for now



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Addicted to Robsten said...

I cannot wait for that WFE movie to come out! He looks so gorgeous in that (as usual).
I never tire of watching the MTV Awards and seeing Roberts face as he watched Kristen receiving his award and then him actually going in for a real kiss to Kristen's surprise! LOL! Priceless!
I hope they are enjoying their Holiday TOGETHER in London because unless you are a foamer we know that is where they are!

Eclipsed said...

LOVE the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. I've got an idea for their next "Best Movie Kiss" acceptance speech...They both walk up to the podium and just go in for the kiss as Kristen starts unbuttoning his shirt. If she wants to make it funny she can say something like "Let's see some of that chest hair" before she starts unbuttoning it. LOL.

Freddie said...

Hi Rose,

Nice post.

“Oh and...
The kiss was real.
Rob really wanted to kiss her.
And he did.

That made me sigh. Hope they are enjoying their time together.

Oh, and I agree, Rob does look incredible in the pictures we’ve seen so far from WFE.

Have a good day Roseland.


Honey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freddie said...

Katy - I just saw your note in the last post about your close call with the falling tree while you were driving.

Glad it missed you and hope you are feeling a little less shaken now.


Sydney said...

Oh God. Press? The guy who wrote that all those people were in Britain for press doesn't seem to realize that they are all BRITISH. Aside from Kristen, who is there with her BRITISH boyfriend. What the hell press do ANY of those people have to do right now? None. They are in Britain because it's Christmas. Oh and yeah, they're BRITISH.

If they are there doing press, then SURELY there will be pictures of said press conference. I will wait for the Hyenas to post these pictures. You don't do press without hundreds of pictures. Any minute now...any minute now. It will be real easy to prove nonstens...or is 'Press' now as convoluted, secretive, private and illogical as 'PR' now? Because in a normal real world, PR and Press are all about pictures and staging.

You say it's PR and Press, and you're really smart, sooooo...SURELY pictures are forthcoming. Surely pap pics up the wazoo and interviews and quotes are milliseconds away. Surely. I will wait for proof of this so called press. Funny how they REFUSED to believe she was in London. But the word press got involved so now they're positive. With or without proof. Such a joke.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

angelica1 said...

Honey - I'm sending you some new batteries for your Edward vibrator,now run along and stop boring everyone!!

Sydney said...

Honey- How was your Christmas? Santa didn't leave you a brain again this year, did he? Ah well, there's always next year.

If he had, maybe you'd realize the Baftas are in FEBRUARY. Good God, do you EVER tire of being so embarrassingly wrong all the time?

If Kristen is there for Press I will wait patiently for you to:

A) Tell me what the hell she's promoting or doing press for.

B) Post the pictures and interviews from this press event.

Go on...I'm waiting.

Honey will delete her post in 3...2...1...

Kay said...

Happy Wednesday Roseland!

Katy - so glad to hear that you are okay!

Nice post Rose :)

jentoo said...

Good Morning Everyone!

Loved, loved, loved those two parts of that award show! His face when she won, and especially his face after he went in for that kiss! People would seriously have to be blind to not see the emotion on his face!

Also love that they're getting to enjoy their break without being bothered, apparently! Yay them!!!:)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and has a great day!

Teeth said...

Wtf? Honey is still around?

Like He/she actually still has steam?

Top of the Morning to ya Roseland!

30 said...


Angelica! EPIC comment!


Penny Lane said...

Intoxicating post, Rose.

WFE does look very good especially in the extended trailer.


I hope you finally got some sleep last night.

MLH414 said...


Great post! Thank you for writing your blog everyday...I always look forward to reading it! :)

Love the pics and I can't wait for WFE! Looks awesome!!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and that the ninja's have a pap-free and peaceful day!! :)


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having an awesome day!!


LOL!! Too Funny!!

angelica1 said...

Morning 30 :D

Penny - I finally fell asleep about 4.30 then was woken at 7.00 by a labrador bouncing on my back !! WFE does look great.

angelica1 said...

Hi Manjen :)

Anonymous said...

So Honey bunny.. you're telling us that Kristen is in London to do press and the Bafta awards.. (which aren't actually until Feb. 13th, I believe)

Oh Honey bunny.. I do lurve you something fierce. You make me LOL. Which isn't something I'm doing a lot these days!! So thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Angelica - Loved your comment...

Honey- you are entitled to your opinion but please keep them to yourself! What you're saying just doesn't make sense...

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! Lovely post

'With Acceptance...
Comes Twirling.
And it's LOTS more fun than Foam'

I agree WFE looks incredible and Rob is absolutely gorgeous!

Hi, Freddie, Kay! I am ok and calmer now. Thanks

Honey, whatever...I am in NO mood for you! You do realize how stupid you sound!?!?

Kami said...

Katy I too just read your comments about the tree...I'm soo glad you're ok!

Honey, get a fucking clue already. Whether you like it or not Kristen is with Rob, she loves him...he loves her, just because the voices in your head do not like them together, doesn't make it any less true.

Kami said...

Oops forgot to say..Great post Rose

Kami said...

HONEY QUIT posting and deleting..it's fucking irritating.

Angelica loved your battery comment

Anonymous said...

Kami.. it's cause I told her I lurved her. She doesn't know how to handle such powerful stuff!!

Secretly, I think she lurves us too, but is afraid to admit it and is having an internal struggle about whether or not to continue this campaign of negativity, or embrace the fellowship of the Decoder Ring.

It's precious.

angelica1 said...

Tracy - Do we think she's one of the Nazgul? It would explain a lot!

Hope said...

Katy...OMG....thank goodness you are safe!!!

Rose...really like your caption..."thank you Catherine...for Kristen.". Ahhhh....

Hope everyone is having a happy day.

Freddie..wish you lived near Dallas..would love to pay you to paint my guest bathroom... You sound like you are a professional!!

Sierra said...

OMG i totally watched Twilight like 2am this morning!(the baby was up)

and I have to say NEW MOON is my favorite, but when I saw Twilight it was my first time falling in love with the idea them two falling in love. I love the storyline of Twilight.

but you know what though, my daughter's father and I went out last night and left her with the babysitter. It's funny because the babysitter told us when she hears robert pattinson's voice, his music, she stops crying and I just thinks it's cute.
So she downloaded the songs to my laptop and I played them when she started crying. I laid her down and and sat in the room with her and read a book and low and behold if she didn't fall asleep i was happy. so I know what to do now lol
So i think we have ourselves an early fan of Robert Pattinson over here.

As for that kiss on the MTV Awards, I totally thought it was too cute, because they weren't even prepared for anything, and then he just gave her the big one! OMG it was too funny and I love how she tried to act like she didnt wana kiss him, but when you see the pics he hand is cuffed pretty nice around the back of his neck.


Cote de Texas said...

Twilight is by far the best of the three. In every way -script, direction, cinematography, acting, romance, angst, kissing.

Most interesting is that rp steals every scene he is in, You can't take your eyes off him, Stupid lamb scene is a personal favorite, his hand on her chest. The scene where he bites her to save her. I don't sleep. Ever? That look in his bedroom!!!! The baseball hat scene where he puts her hair behind her ear, jumping onto her truck. Spider monkey. Dancing in the bedroom and the prom. Walking into the prom while lifting Bella up. To get to the other side of the road. So many great rob scenes. Colliding with Emmett in mid air during baseball-a particularly darling smile. Say it. Outloud. Matriculate. Mind if I check???? Like I said.

I hope u are right about London. If they ever truly breakup, that will be such a sad day. On par with the realization that Charles and dianas marriage was a sham way back during the 8os!!!!!

Penny Lane said...


I'm assuming a Nazgul is from Lord of the Rings? I'm not a fan, but my superior powers of deduction just figured that out.


That is a cute story. I'm sure it can't hurt to gain a new fan no matter what their age. The younger the better I would guess for longevity.

Anonymous said...

Angelica.. it would explain so much wouldn't it? Neither positive nor negative.. she desires above all else power.. and searches endlessly for the decoder ring. Drawn to it.. wants it...

She will never stop hunting it!!

No man can stop her ;)

But then.. we aren't men, are we?!


angelica1 said...

No "Eowyn", we certainly are not men!

Yes, Penny they are and The Fellowship would be lucky to have you :)

deb said...

SO TRUE Rose they are together and WHY THE FUCK NOT . DEB

Melinda said...

I'm twirling, albeit slowly. I had a cup of hot chocolate with Baileys mixed in. I'm a happy clam right now.

I loved the fact that Rob just "went for it" at the MTV movie awards. His facial expression afterwards and her sweet smile were too cute!

In Twilight one of my favorite things was when Rob actually flipped Kellan the bird during their "crash" at the baseball scene and it appears the editors didn't catch it.

Katy- Glad to hear that you are okay. That sounded scary.

Honey- Seriously you need a boyfriend. I bet we could find you one in no time.

Sierra- That's a sweet story. No doubt you have a Rob fan in the making!

Hey to all my fellow happy as clams people. Hope you are all doing well.

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Loved the post as always :) It is funny how the haters said there was no way Kristen was in London until PR was brought up!! Give me a break! The PR ship has sailed the world over and still they don't get it. Rose always says with acceptance comes peace but how will we ever get them to accept it??

Hi Angelica, Penny, Tracy, Kami, Melinda and anyone else I missed..

Angelica- Sorry about your sleepless night :(

Hi Freddie- Hope you had a good day :)

Freddie said...

Hope – I’m not so sure you would want me to paint your bathroom. At the moment, I look like the village idiot with frosted blue hair from having hit my head on the ceiling while painting on the ladder and blue blotches on my backside from backing up into the freshly painted wall - LOL. Oh well, I think I’m done and reasonably satisfied with the outcome.

I actually don’t mind painting. It’s nice to be doing something a little more active than sitting at my PC or in a meeting all day like at work. I wish I was closer to Texas as well. It has to be warmer and more scenic than up here in Canuckland at the moment.

Hi Melinda, Angelica, Tracy, Kami, Penny, Katy, Kay, Sydney, 30, Manjen and everyone else I may have missed.

Freddie said...

Hey Rhonda,

Sorry I missed you. We must have been posting at the same time. Hope you had a great day. Are you working this week?

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie,

I'm working this weekend..so no celebrating for me :(
I'm glad your painting is all done and I bet it looks great..even if it got a little messy..lol..
Hey I wanted to clarify something from our conversation yesterday regarding 'sweet' tea. It is not at ALL hard to make. It's just boiling water poured over tea bags and sweetened with suger. The secret is putting the sugar in while the tea is still warm and then adding cold water. That's how my grandmother taught us to make it. I didn't want you to think it was difficult in any way.

Rhonda said...

That should be sugar...

Freddie said...

Rhonda - thanks for the clarification about the sweet tea. I was going to ask more, but didn't want you to give up any a family secret recipe (if there was one).

Sorry about the working part. I'll be back to work towards the end of next week and play time will be over for me for a while.

Melinda said...


Since you are on the subject of sweet tea and how to make it I thought I'd share this with you.

I have a friend who is from NC and she literally takes a specific pot whenever she goes to other family members/friends houses to boil her tea bags in to make her sweet tea. This one pot is only to be used to make tea in. She is serious about her tea!

Hi Freddie- the village idiot already has a name- bet you can guess who it is! Ha,ha.

But you must have been a sight! Can we just call you Smurfette now? :)
I hate painting. I try to get out of it if I can.

Rhonda said...

Freddie- No big secrets :) It's just all in the way you sweeten it.
I'm glad your getting this time off..that's great! Isn't it always so hard to go back to your routine after time off like that? It usually takes me a week to recover.

Will you be celebrating the New Year?

Kami said...

Melinda,can I answer the village idiot question..please..please...pleasssssssssssssssssssssse!!!

The Village idiot's name is: Nik....I mean HONEY!!

Rhonda said...

Melinda- Yes indeed..we are quite serious about our tea here. My grandmother also had a glass tea pitcher and that's the only one she would use.

Rhonda said...

Kami..that's funny!!

Melinda..I love the smurfs!

Freddie said...

Melinda - LOL. Glad to know that the title of village idiot has already been taken. I'll gladly relinquish that title to the sticky one. Yeah - smurfette, that was me - Ha ha.

Freddie said...

Kami - you got that one right. LOL.

Rhonda - yes, it's going to be hard to get back into work. I've never been good at establishing a work/life balance, and right now, my head is definitely not into work. So next week will be interesting.

As for New Years, this is going to sound pathetic, but I'm not a big fan of New Years, so all going well, it will be quiet. I may just grab a late dinner with a friend.

DreamerKind said...

No More Lonely Nights
(song starts at 1:05)

Paul McCartney/Tea & Love:

I can wait another day until I call you
You've only got my heart on a string and everything a flutter
But another lonely night (and another,
and another)
Might take forever(and another, and another)

We've only got each other
to blame
It's all the same to me love
'cause I know what I feel to be right

No more lonely nights
No more lonely nights
You're my guiding light
Day or night I'm always there

May I never miss the thrill of being
near you
And if it takes a couple of years
To turn your tears to laughter
I will do what I feel to be right

No more lonely nights
Never be another
No more lonely nights
You're my guiding light

Day or night I'm always there
And I won't go away until you tell me so
No I'll never go away

Thank you/Ramblexaudio

Melinda said...

Kami- I see you being sneaky there. I have another name for her but since I am a lady I shall refrain.

Freddie- loved the Smurfs to. Can't wait till the movie comes out.

Rhonda- there is nothing like southern sweet tea and you have to know how to make it right.

Rhonda said...

No, It doen't sound pathetic at all. The quiet ones are sometimes the best.

Melinda said...

Oops I thought Freddie said she loves the Smurfs. Rhonda...I love the smurfs.

Hello DK- I see you are spinning some tunes. Enjoy your evening.

Gotta jet for awhile.

Rhonda said...

Can't spell today. That should be doesn't.
Thanks Melinda..we try..

Freddie said...


How about you? Do you have plans for ringing in the New Year?

Rhonda said...

Hi DK- Hope your having a good day

Freddie said...

Hey DK - hope you are well. We're talking New Years - do you have plans?

Rhonda said...

Freddie- No, since I'm working there won't be time. I'm a nurse and we work 12 hr shifts. Usually on the days I work it's just a hot shower,a bite of dinner and off to bed. Pretty boring huh?

DreamerKind said...

Hello, Lovelies!

@Freddie & Rhonda

I am well, and getting ready for a NYE with my bff and sister, with us having dinner and then hitting some local Chicago bars.

My wish is for us all to be kissed at midnight, by a very strange man, lol.

Wonder if the FGM, will get her wish fulfilled? Tee, hee.

I loved the Smurfs, too.

Rhonda said...

DK- I think you should sprinkle some of your magic fairy dust and send a handsome man my way :)

LJ said...


Hope your all having a good day!


DreamerKind said...

Cello Song

Nick Drake/Five Leaves Left Album:

Strange face, with your eyes
So pale and sincere.
Underneath you know well
You have nothing to fear.

For the dreams that came to you when so young
Told of a life
Where spring is sprung.

You would seem so frail
In the cold of the night
When the armies of emotion
Go out to fight.

But while the earth sinks to its grave
You sail to the sky
On the crest of a wave.

So forget this cruel world
Where I belong
I'll just sit and wait
And sing my song.

And if one day you should see me in the crowd
Lend a hand and lift me
To your place in the cloud.

Thank you/geithuus

angelica1 said...

Freddie - I usually end up with more paint on me than the walls too.

DreamerKind said...

I will, Darlin'!

Give me your specific traits for the man you dream of, and it is enough.


DreamerKind said...

CB, so nice to see you at this time of the day.

So, you had a very good time drinking old lady drinks, and with the afterglow, too!

Life is better appreciated when the fog clears from that experience, lol.

Rhonda said...

DK- I think that's one reason I love Edward so much in the books..he's pretty close to perfect..

What do you all think the perfect man would be like?

DreamerKind said...

I'll running off for a few hours, to get that Mexicano food I've been hankering for so much.

Best of days/nights to everyone. Join the "nightshift" anytime.


Rhonda said...

Bye DK..Enjoy:)

LJ said...

Hi DK!

Great to 'see' you! yes the fog has cleared now thanks.....I'm actually quite partial to an old lady drink...ha ha.

Glad to see you had a nice Christmas.

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - My perfect man would be someone who insists on doing all of the ironing :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Liza- Yes that sounds good. And maybe the mopping too..I hate to mop.

Anonymous said...

loveeeeeee this post!!!!i'm sure RK are enjoying their holiday together:)

Rhonda said...

Oh sorry..I meant Angelica

LJ said...

Oh well...Hi Rhonda anyway! lol

Rhonda said...

LOL..that came out all wrong! I meant to say Hi Liza and comment to Angelica..Wow I'm a train wreck today!

Freddie said...

Angelica - LOL. I'm glad I'm not the only one fated to wear more paint than what's on the wall.

Liza - hope you are well. I laughed at your post early this morning. Glad no one ended up getting hit by a dart.

Rhonda - after a 12 hour shift, that sounds about right to me. Not boring at all.

DK- enjoy your dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we've ordered Chinese and it should be here soon, so I'll sign off for now.

Rhonda said...

Have a good dinner Freddie:)

DreamerKind said...

I had my Mr. Darcy and Edward, all rolled up into one man.

Above all, he was kind and gentle. I didn't realize how rare those two qualities are, but now I do.

Then, adoration of each other as you are, is everything.

Add in, the supporting of even the seemingly silly/crazy dreams of one another and you have it all.


Pieces Of April
(Song starts at 1:05)

Dave Loggins/Composer:

April gave us springtime and the promise of the flowers
And the feeling that we both shared and the love that we called ours

We knew no time for sadness, that's a road we each had crossed
We were living a time meant for us, and even when it would rain
we would laugh it off.

I've got pieces of April, I keep them in a memory bouquet
I've got pieces of April, it's a morning in May

We stood on the crest of summer, beneath an oak that blossomed green
Feeling as I did in April, not really knowing what it means

But it must be then that you stand beside me now to make me feel this way
Just as I did in April, but it's a morning in May.

I've got pieces of April, I keep them in a memory bouquet
I've got pieces of April, but it's a morning in May

Thank you/MusicMike2

angelica1 said...

Liza - I did once hit my cousin in the backside with a dart

DreamerKind said...

Dreamer is truly off now, in more ways than one, cha, cha, cha.

Rhonda said...

DK- That was beautiful, thanks

Liza- Hope all is forgiven :)

LJ said...

Hiya Freddie!

Enjoy your Chinese :-D

LJ said...

Yes of course Rhonda! I was only kidding :-D

Angelica lol! my brother used to have a darts board in his bedroom and we used to play when we lived at home, so I used to be quite good. Haven't played for ages though and I was completely crap last night!

Rhonda said...

Time to eat so, got to check out for a bit. Hopefully will be back later :)

Bye All..

beaculen said...

There's another WFE trailer? I'm off to find it. Your right Rose he looks reallly good in that movie. I seriously can't wait,the book was great! Thanks again Rose, and thanks for the asshole cartoon, that's great!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Liza :)

*I*Believe* said...

Dang, I missed Honey again:( You all know how I love her drive-bys as they are always good for a laugh!

DK-Have a tortilla or two for me!

Hey everyone else!!

angelica1 said...

IB - She was still flogging yesterday's sead horse :)

*I*Believe* said...

She is always good for a laugh, though...maybe I should invest in a "Honey Alert System"~that way I would never miss out

Fantina said...

Rose, I love your blog!
Have a nice day.


Fantina (from Brazil)

Penny Lane said...


I saw your post about the perfect man ironing. My husband does all his own ironing and sometimes mine. He's quite the perfectionist so has always done it.


You really want me to rent him out now don't you?

angelica1 said...

Penny - How much an hour do you charge to rent him out?

Penny Lane said...


Somedays I might give him to you for free. I'm sure somedays he would go willingly too.

Kami said...

Penny, LOL

Penny Lane said...


I think this week I'd pay someone to take him.

Not really, but...

Kami said...

Penny, I felt that way earlier this week about Heith too...now well he just made me dinner, cleaned the house...I think I'll keep him

Penny Lane said...


I think I'd take the cooking over the ironing. Of course, I'd just take everything to the cleaners if it was my responsibility.

*I*Believe* said...

LOL Mine is cooking now....his own patty melt...they are too greasy for me so I made my own salad.

*I*Believe* said...

PS He said he would clean up the mess...yea right...guess who will end up cleaning~not Halfway Bill...me!

Penny Lane said...


If we could clone your halfway and my fullway and put them together we'd have the perfect man.

angelica1 said...

Mine just throws stuff in a pan,sees what comes out and then gives it a name

Rhonda said...

Hi Everyone..

IB- I like the 'Honey alert System' idea. Maybe we could use it along with our Decoder rings.

Penny- I'm going to the book store tomorrow..hopefully will find the book you suggested.

Penny Lane said...


I got it out of the library. It wasn't something I was going to refer to often so I figured that was the best way for me.

Rhonda said...

Penny- We have a great used book store here so I'm going that route :)
Does the administrator work all the holidays?

*I*Believe* said...


Your halfway and fullway reference has me laughing Mr. Halfway just asked what I was laughing at.

I love that one!

Our warning system could have a voice like the robot on "Lost in Space".....warning Will Robinson, warning....lol

Rhonda said...

IB- I love it!!

Penny Lane said...


He doesn't work any holidays. At a different hospital they used to rotate Administrator on Call and they he would be on call over the holidays if it rotated that way. He's just reluctant to take time off right now.

Rhonda said...

Penny- Most of admin where I work take the holiday and a good portion of the days following the holiday. He seems dedicated to his work :) But I know you wish he would take more time off.

*I*Believe* said...

What's with that???? I am watching TLC and there is a lady who eats toilet paper?!?!?! What's up with that?

Penny Lane said...


It's a mixed feeling. I think he shouldn't work so much but he drives me crazy when he's home.

I need to go now. Talk to you all later.

Rhonda said...

IB- Is it Pica?

Rhonda said...

Bye Penny

*I*Believe* said...

Bye Penny!

Show hasn't started just saw the ad but there is another girl who eats laundry detergent...yuck

Rhonda said...

IB- that sounds like Pica. They have cravings for all kinds of stuff.

*I*Believe* said...

Another girl is addicted to eating chalk.

Monica said...

Yeah, the 2010 MTV Movie Awards is EPIC!~ Throughout the show, there is full of evidence that they are so in love. I really love that Rob found a way to thank Kristen. BB girl deserved it. I'm glad she has found such a good and caring bf.

Monica from Asia

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post as usual. I loved Twilight, and always will, because this movie brought Rob to my attention, and Kristen too of course. The MTV movie awards was wonderful---Rob and Kris looked like they were having the best time and I enjoyed watching them so much. I do miss them, but I know they are enjoying their holiday together in peace. I also believe WFE is going to be a great movie and can't wait to see it. I am off to bed, so good night all Roselanders.

DreamerKind said...

For My Dear Bren:

Cinderelly, Cinderelly Song

Disney Cartoon-Bare Necessities:

Every time she'd find a minute
That's the time that they begin it
Cinderelly, Cinderelly

Cinderelly, Cinderelly
Night and day it's Cinderelly
Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Wash the dishes, do the mopping

And the sweeping and the dusting
They always keep her hopping

She goes around in circles
Till she's very, very dizzy
Still they holler

Keep a-busy Cinderelly!
We can do it, we can do it
We can help our Cinderelly

We can make her dress so pretty
There's nothing to it, really
We'll tie a sash around it
Put a ribbon through it

When dancing at the ball
She'll be more beautiful than all
In the lovely dress we'll make for Cinderelly

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry
Gonna help our Cinderelly
Got no time to dilly-dally
We gotta get a-goin'

I'll cut with these scissors!
And I can do the sewing!

Leave the sewing to the women
You go get some trimmin'
And we'll make a lovely dress for

We'll make a lovely dress for

Thank you/film017forever

DreamerKind said...

Sorry to have missed you, and to say goodnight to you!

Word verf."nonis" so cute, as they really don't know that they don't exist those Nonsten "nonis".

Bren said...

Cinderelly, Cinderelly....

Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie...crazy woman...

How was your dinner...

DreamerKind said...

I'm Easy

Keith Carradine:

It's not my way to love you just when no one's looking
It's not my way to take your hand if I'm not sure

It's not my way to let you see what's going on inside of me
When it's a love you won't be needing, you're not free

Please stop pulling at my sleeve if you're just playing
If you won't take the things you make me want to give

I never cared too much for games and this one's driving me insane
You're not half as free to wander as you claim

But I'm easy
I'm easy
Give the word and I'll play your game
So that's how it ought to be
Because I'm easy

I'm easy
Take my hand and pull me down
I won't put up any fight
Because I'm easy

Don't do me favors, let me watch you from a distance
'Cause when you're near, I find it hard to keep my head

And when your eyes throw light at mine
It's enough to change my mind

Make me leave my cautious words and ways behind
That's why I'm easy

Ya, I'm easy
Say you want me, I'll come running
Without taking time to think
Because I'm easy
Ya, I'm easy

Thank you/bze2niz4

DreamerKind said...

My dinner, wasn't...

Bren said...

You didn't eat dinner or you did not go out to dinner?

DreamerKind said...

Now, I'm thinking that I am easy:

Easy as in nice to know you.
Easy as in nice to meet you.
Easy as in okay, no dinner that's all right,
Easy as in, okay, I'll make hash browns and garlic bread and forget all about my Mexicano dinner out.

And so I did, make it easy.

Bren said...

I'm sorry, after you were craving the Mexican food...

I felt like something light for din, R did too, I ended up making a couple of chef salads...I should be starving in a couple of hours.LOL

DreamerKind said...

You are talking chef salads filled with meats, cheeses, and maybe even nuts, plus dressing? It should hold you for hours and hours. Better drink some hot tea.

Bren said...

OK, maybe I should of said "small" chef salads...with a little ham,cheese,dressing...no nuts...does that make a difference?...

We were not bursting at the seams after we ate..

DreamerKind said...

See, I have a dear friend that didn't know I was leaving for my Mexicano dinner, and she called and we talked about the holidays.

But I knew, as I always do, that after a while, she will drop the bomb into the convo and she did.

It is not as bad as it could be, only deep skin cancer and she will have her scoop, peel, dug out and replaced surgery soon.

This woman has had enough in my mind, but I do not rule the world, as I wish I did. Call me difficult and unruly, and you might have the right of it.

DreamerKind said...

Call Me Irresponsible

Dinah Washington speaks for me:

Call me irresponsible
Call me unreliable
Throw in undependable, too

Do my foolish alibis bore you?
Well, I'm not too clever,
I just adore you

So, call me unpredictable
Tell me I'm impractical
Rainbows, I'm inclined to pursue

Call me irresponsible
Yes, I'm unreliable
But it's undeniably true
That I'm irresponsibly mad for you

Do my foolish alibis bore you?
Girl, I'm not too clever,
I just adore you

Call me unpredictable
Tell me that I'm so impractical
Rainbows, I'm inclined to pursue

Go ahead call me irresponsible
Yes, I'm unreliable
But it's undeniably true
I'm irresponsibly mad for you

You know it's true
Oh, baby it's true

Thank you/nickladey

Bren said...

Talk to the lurkers, a little bit.

On the phone..

Bren said...

Yoo-hoo, I'm back..

You know you could of talked to Gin....

DreamerKind said...

Lurkers, it is my pleasure to talk with or to or at you, because I like you, too.

You see, I was a lurker myself, a cast adrift cougar aged woman, who didn't understand what drew her to Twilight Saga books and the young stars of the films.

I'm not that much for questioning my actions, been doing them for long enough that they are safe for me.

So, what brought me here, to Rose's blog? Happenstance, dear ones, happenstance.

I don't believe so much in accidents of fate, as I believe in the infinite order in chaos, a place where love makes total sense.

When I find love, for myself or in others, I follow its path, only to make sense of it, you understand.

The gifts I receive from my quest of love and its concerns, are neverending.


When I Need You

Leo Sayer says it all/listen:

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you
and all that I so want to give you
It's only a heartbeat away

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
keeping me warm night and day

Miles and miles of empty space in between us
the telephone can't take the place of your smile

But you know I won't be traveling' forever
it's cold out, but hold out, and do like I do

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you
and all that I so wanna give you babe
it's only a heartbeat away

It's not easy when the road is your driver
honey that's a heavy load that we bear

But you know I won't be traveling a lifetime
it's cold out but hold out and do like I do
oh, I need you

When I need you
I just close my eyes
and you're right here by my side
keeping me warm night and day

I just hold out my hands
I just hold out my hand
and I'm with you darling'

Yes, I'm with you darling'
all I wanna give you
it's only a heartbeat away
oh I need you darling

Thank you/OrchidsNights

DreamerKind said...

Gin, doesn't talk back at this time, Bren and might not care to be singled out like we've been doing, and of course, will not stoop doing, cause you are like that, Brennie, girl, Cinderella, Fair one, and chosen to do it.

DreamerKind said...

Where are you, love, at work? Bren is back and forth, and up and down, ailly and serious, and so I prefer your dangerous ideas and self to that kind of neglect. Please don't think that I am as you say complaining, I only speak the truth about you both and you know it, dammit!

DreamerKind said...

Ailly is silly, and you are silly not to have known that silly mistake I made, sillybilly.

DreamerKind said...

@Bren & Gwen (in order of the oldest to the youngest, so I address you two)

Lots of talk today, was made about painting rooms, by Roselanders.

It brought back memories of my one summer of professional painting work.

I lived in Tacoma, WA and needed a job. Went to a temp agency that got me a job with an independent painting contractor which consisted of two very kind and lovely thirty-something women.

It was a good match, cause I had no experience except for decorative painting and I was a very amenable worker, and they needed just that.

They would tell me what to do, and I would do it. Made me a valuable commodity in temp work and that is what desperation to work makes of you. Willing to do anything, that needed doing.

We painted a trellis overhang for a famous novelist in Seattle, and she served us cold lemonade and cakes.

It took weeks to finish as she changed her mind daily. I thought it was great fun for I was very indifferent to the job.

Well, lo and behold, I actually learned more about loving than I had known. These ladies, my employers, had left their husbands, took their children and moved in with each other.

They were deeply in love with each other but did not act any different than any man/woman coupling I had seen.

I told them that I had thought same sex love might be greater than the norm, but they had shown me that all love was fraught with the same challenges.

Had a great summer painting with them but I just couldn't face re-doing the famous novelist's trellis one more time, and she did want us back just for that.

Methinks, it is lonely at the top, and she needed the company of painters, that summer, on the Puget Sound.

Did I have some point to make to you, Bren & Gwen? I wonder if you got it?

Bren said...

I'm back, again...

Came back, you were gone, got another call...

I'm glad you talked to the lurkers, sorry, Gin didn't answer..

DreamerKind said...

Lurkers, where is Bren?

I twiddle my thumbs in wonderment about that girl! Or in just plain not knowing what to do about that girl.

There is no end to subjects that may be of interest to someone, somewhere, someplace and somehow, don't you think?

Better tell me what you want to hear, for I am about to digress..

DreamerKind said...

Oh, there is a negative answer from Gin, in that she didn't answer. Why would she, you are forcing her out of the Twilight, I am in denial, closet, you know.

I am out full boar, and if you read my comments you would know that family is the very dickens on this subject, that's how powerful it is to love a piece of art, called a film noir, or indie. Oh, yea.

Bren said...

Ya, where is Gwen?

She never had a problem being at work, and on the board....How dare she think her job is more important..

DreamerKind said...

I don't think she feels her job is more important but is biding her time to save and make another way.

Our Gwen is responsible. Responsible in the family, but deadly on the vacation scene.

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

OK, did I miss something out in cyberspace having to deal with world peace or world war?

If it is not world peace, but pics of R/K, well then, they must be the bomb and that makes us all happy, right, kiddo?

Bren said...

Exactly, lady...

Hey you are getting pretty damn good...who said your lightbulb doesn't go on?

Did you see the new trailer?

DreamerKind said...

I did see it, where is the bomb you mentioned?

Bren said...

Forgot to mention...Rick and fam. got home safe, that was him on the phone earlier.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, glad to hear that, did he mention me, Dreamer, to you, Bren?

Bren said...

Spoiler alert....

There are two scenes where I think Rob will outdo himself...

Where he's jumping from boxcar to boxcar with the knife in his mouth...and the stampede...

I still believe Reese looks too old for him..sorry.

DreamerKind said...

Look, I watched the Finnish version of WFE and perhaps it added another dimension of excitement, similar to an Atomic Bomb, more so than the English version might have.

It is really very invigorating to listen to commentree with Finnish excitement laced into it, kind of like a bitter taste in your mouth that you long for when you are parched. Know what I mean?

Bren said...

First words out of his mouth..

Where is that red-hot mama?

Are you going out for dinner tomorrow?

DreamerKind said...

That Reese is too old for Rob, which is really Marlena is too old for Jacob in the story, is getting too old for me to tolerate, Bren.

Lest we forget that you have an intolerance for age differences between men/women, you are stuck with imagining someone else with the main character, and her name starts with a K., doesn't it?

Me,too, Bren, I am guilty.

DreamerKind said...

I've figured out how Summit can make billions upon trillions of secure dollars/euros/kroner/etc. over the next few years....

They will pay R/K or K/R zillions of bucks to make movies only with each other, and we will flock to them. There will be no more sex scenes or kisses with other actresses or actors since we have not had enough of that from R/K as a couple (not admitted, true) and never will.

I will invest my usual hundo to see that those films are made by R/K for at least the next 10 years. Nonstens will be Robstens, as well they should when film #10 is completed.

What do you think, Bren?

Bren said...

Not true, Emilie DeRavin is like 29, but she looks young, therefore she was believable as a college student...

If Marlena was suppose to be 34 in the book, it wouldn't bother me..or if Reese looked 21, it wouldn't bother me...get it...

I thought maybe it was her hairdo, because women back then, always looked older than they were...but when I see her in the trailer its her face that looks older...maybe, just maybe I will feel differently when I see the movie...

And it's not because I want him to only make movies with Kristen, that's stupid...he is an actor and I'm sure he will make many, many more movies and with young actresses...

Maybe reading the book first, was the problem.

DreamerKind said...

Oops, you asked about dinner tomorrow which is already today?

If no one calls and breaks my heart, although that breaking doesn't do any good for anyone, I will go out to dinner by myself and say HNY (Happy New Year) to my bartender friend, friend of the $10000 winner.

Then I'll over the next 24 hours, get ready for the long 1-1/2 drive to the bff for NYE with the sister and we'd better take taxis, although they don't want to, cause no one will be able to drive, drunk as we will be.

We'll be the ridiculous oldsters, who will be kissed at midnight by a very strange man, I guarantee.

DreamerKind said...

Are you calling me stupid? I love the idea of R only making movies with K. I thought that you agreed.

Now for reals, I truly don't care about Emilie looking younger than 29 or Reese looking older, because I won't be looking at either, only Rob and how good he looks with them or without them.

He draws the eye and makes them seem desirable, and they are lucky. Maybe he would consider a film with me, and I could make him look even younger, if that was in the plot. It is a reflected glory kind of thing that is required so you can "suspend belief or such rot".

Bren, I cannot be trusted with such a weighty subject tonight (read getting drunk) and so let's talk about Tom, he is goal and safe, right?

Annie said...

Good morning DK and Bren.
May I join you in conversation?

Bren said...

A taxi is an excellent idea...

Did I ever tell you that R's sister was killed 10 years ago by a drunk driver?...R hasn't touched liquor since that happened.

She left a husband, a 2 yr old little boy and six week old little girl...so tragic. She was only 26 ..

DreamerKind said...

Please do, for Bren is always abandoning me to her family and phone calls and some other things.

Enter, if you dare, darling girl.

DreamerKind said...

I make this vow, to not drive in any way limited, in honor or R's sister, this NYE.

Bren said...

Hey Annie,

Have you thawed out yet?

We're suppose to have 2-4" of snow overnight. It was raining earlier...

We're just BSing about everything...just jump in..

Bren said...


Now I get it....you get mad when I tell you Reese looks too old for Rob, because if she does, you do too...right...and you don't want that....uh,huh...

Boy, you are a hot mama, after all...it all makes sense now..COUGAR...LOL

Annie said...

I'm entering.........Thank you. :)

I think WFE looks look it will be a brilliant film but I do agree with Bren (I did read the book as well) that Reese does seems too mature for the part of Marlena as written in the book. In the movie trailer she looks stunning so maybe we should all wait until the movie comes out before we judge her casting too harshly.

I think casting Hal Holbrook as old Jacob was a casting coup....The man is brilliant in every role. Did you watch Into The Wild?

Bren said...

Thank-you, but that saying is so true..."The life you save, maybe your own".

Thanks, for Leo Sayer earlier...love that song, gonna go back and hear it again..

DreamerKind said...

Speak for yourself, Cinderelly, I do not BS, I finesse!

What did Dreamer tell you about lots of snow in NM? She also has a magic snow ball that predicts weather.

Talk with Annie while I make tea or coffee which Dr. Oz says is essential for good health.

Annie said...

Thawing out is right and residents of this fair city and it's outer boroughs are still pisssed off by the city's seemingly slow response to the clean up.

It'll be in the low 40's for New Years!

Bren said...


I totally agree, Hal Holbrook is excellent in everything he does...

I did see "Into The Wild"--funny that he worked with K, when she was so young.

Birdie said...

Hello ladies!
I have not read all comments yet, except the Hal Holbrook comment. I completely agree with you,Annie and he broke my heart in "Into The Wild"

Annie said...

I was thinking the same about the Kristen/Holbrook connection.

I hope Kristen attends the WFE premiere with Rob....I would love to see her with Mr. Holbrook too.

Bren said...


I saw that on CNN today, where people were actually cleaning their own streets with snow shovels because the city has been too slow in getting out the snow plows...what a mess.


So us getting snow, was your idea, eh?

Annie said...

DK.......It seems like Mr. Holbrook will break our hearts again with WFE.

DreamerKind said...

@Bren & Annie
I say wait, wait until we see them in the film. That's it. Endless discussion of our impressions of Reese from a trailer or still, are not very interesting to me.

Gary Cooper or Clark Gable were too old for their co-stars (like Scarlett in GWTW and Grace Kelly in High Noon) but they
pulled it off, give a benefit of a doubt.

What me angry, no, not me. Fools rush in, in my stead.

Bren said...

Hey Birdie!

Up early-going to work soon?


Are you going to work, as well?

Annie said...

It was a mess and I think the Mayor and the sanitation department here are making excuses. We have had major snowstorms before and NEVER have the response to clean up been this slow and in many cases absent.

DreamerKind said...

@Bren, My dear Birdie & sweet Annie:

Hal is my Pal! Am amazed that he can continue to be so excellent after losing Dixie Carter last year?

Then again, excellence is known to be present in all things, especially great, enduring, eternal love..

Annie said...

No work for me........So why you ask am I up so early? I'm asking myself the same question. :)

Annie said...

Good morning too Birdie.......I'm sorry I missed your comment earlier.

Bren said...

Gary Cooper was too freaking old for Grace Kelly...now Clark was a different story...he was 12 yrs older than Vivien Leigh, but sure did not look it....oh Rhett

Birdie said...

I remember Hal doing a recurring guest role with Dixie on Designing Women. I think this movie is going to be wonderful.

Annie said...

The images we are getting so far are just wonderful. I hope they do justice to the book.

Bren said...

I loved Dixie Carter in Designing Women...that is where she met Hal..

Did you guys ever see Hal Holbrook portraying Mark Twain? I believe he won an Emmy for this.

word verif..promen----is that something you do DK? PROMENADE

Birdie said...

I always felt that Marlena seemed a bit older than Jacob in the book. Maybe because she was married and had been on the road with the circus. All I know is that Rob looks amazing in the trailers and stills. He is one beautiful man.

DreamerKind said...

I just lost complete household power three times in the past five minutes, for no reason that I can tell.

Yet, I now have my trusty lighted candle with cinnamon scent to guide me.

What did you say?

Birdie said...

Iknew they were married,but didn't know they met on DW. Wasn't he her boyfriend and they had a funny resort episode? I have heard he was wonderful as Mark Twain,I should put that on my netflix.

DreamerKind said...

And yet, Grace Kelly admitted in her bio that she loved Gary Cooper and did indeed have an affair with him, to the point where he almost left the legal wife for Grace, before Rainier.

What about that?

Birdie said...

DK, we are supposed to get freezing rain and snow in the midwest, maybe you have ice on your power lines. Nothing has started here.

Bren said...


I am a hungry bear...I'm munching on pumpkin seeds...

Now that I said bear...someone at work told me that in the Eclipse commentary Kristen says something about her feeding the bear marshmallows, and that was on the WFE set..

Did you guys catch when Rob talks about the bear in Vancouver, and Kristen says the bear was eating blueburries..(blueberries, with a British accent--so cute)

Birdie said...

I did not know that about Grace and Gary. I used to watch old movies when I was a teenager. I saw Mr. Deeds Goes To Town and fell in love with Gary Cooper. I don't always think he was a great actor, but that began my love affair with tall, lanky handsome men. I was Christmas shopping and B&N has all sorts of old movies. I also bought "It Happened One Night" with Clark Gable. Have any of you seen it?

Bren said...


I just googled Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain and you can watch him there... several to choose from.


I guess Grace liked "oldies, but goodies"..Wasn't Rainier quite a bit older as well?

I think Gary Cooper was nasty, and not in a good way...

DreamerKind said...

It is foggy out again, which means it is too warm and moisture is floating up.

Although I hate to think it, it's usually a car accident with a pole involved. I pray not.

Birdie said...

I have only had the chance to listen to the commentary once and missed the bear and blueberries. I'm waiting for the girls to go back to school,so I have solitude and can watch uninterrupted.

Bren said...


I saw "It Happened One Night" a long time ago...

What happened to Annie?

DreamerKind said...

I have seen the Mark Twain show on Great Performances I think. Hal is my Pal, I said and I meant it, in that he is great and I see that.

Yes, I saw It Happened One Night, so many times, that the walls of Jericho did coming tumbling down the night I was married the first time.

Bren only loves sweet young guys, like Tom and Rob and Garrett and Taylor and Jackson and Kellan and Charlie, Bella's dad.

Verf=brag me, and I do, often, don't I Bren?

Annie said...

I'm still here.
Deciding on coffee or tea. :)

Bren said...

Yes, you do....and yes, I do...

You are too funny, I am still laughing about the cinnamon scent candle...

Bren said...


What is your coffee preference?

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birdie said...

Where did Annie go?
I am leaving on pet patrol, I love them but they are so annoying sometimes. We have so much snow that my hound,Scout is now going over the fence and running. He was a stray and loves to run,although he always comes back in an hour. Drives me crazy.

Birdie said...

Oh, there she is!

Annie said...

When it comes to coffee I'm not big on the flavoured varieties. Just a good French roast or colombian with cream/Half and half and no sugar. Very simple.

Annie said...

I grew up drinking tea and it's still my beverage of choice but every now and then I feel the need for a cup of coffee.

Here's a funny thing ............Most of us associate the British as mainly tea drinkers but I know so many British people who drink coffee. Somehow it seems so wrong! :)

DreamerKind said...

I'm with you, no sugar, but plenty of cream or 1/2 & 1/2 but I have had wine tonight (so good, Frontera Chile) and would like a little nap, if the scented candle will not start a fire and kill us all while I nap?

I'll blow it out and come back in 15 mins. if no one is here, I'll post a song or not.

Annie said...

See you in 15.
I'm going to make that cup of coffee.

DreamerKind said...

Coffee is very delicious, no matter what country serves it, and those Brits aren't keen on another country besting them when it comes to beverages.

Think how many fine liqueurs come from Scotland, Wales, England, etc. They just will not accept defeat in some areas, I believe.

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