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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Twirling Time is Here!

Keep 'em coming...

Good Fucking Grief.

After reading the major FUCKERY that has gone down the last
couple of days... a beer would be good.
Did I say "A" beer?
Maybe more than just one.

I cannot even tell you how many damn emails I have
gotten from people sending me comments from 
Ted's forum.
I don't want to read that shit.
I don't.
There's a reason I don't go there.
Stop it.

But it's like so horrifically delusional I can't turn away...
I've seen a few random sane comments.
But honestly...
It's obviously the same one or two people
typing the same lame bullshit trying to create drama.
And people believe this shit?
Did I say Good Fucking Grief already?

So lets say a couple of Hatesten decided to go
on the AT boards and try and rile up the masses.
They type all these hate filled comments about Rob...
And then turn around and say
"The Sheep are losing their minds over the EW article!"
Because truly...
NO ONE I know was upset by the EW article at all.
No one.
No sheep. No ducks. No bunnies.
(oh my)

No fluffy animals were harmed 
in the reading of this interview.

There was nothing new in the EW interview.

You can twist and turn every word you want
to be whichever way you want.
Doesn't matter.

Rob could say...
"I love Kristen Stewart"
in an interview tomorrow...
And it would be twisted.
And bent.
And fucked up.
Doesn't matter.

Print interviews are always more open to
misinterpretations because you can't see the emotion
behind the words.
You can't know how the words are taken out of context
or the meaning behind what he is saying.

And EVERY TIME there is a print interview with Robert...
Hatesten is all aglow in the belief that Rob is sending
super secret 'non denial denials' just to them!
Oh yes.
Robert Pattinson is now a "Nonst*en".

THAT is some funny shit!

That anyone could believe for one second...
That Rob would have anything but complete disgust
for anyone who continually attacks and hates on Kristen.
Come the fuck on.
Even if you didn't believe that Rob and Kristen are together...
Even if you just thought they were friends at the very least...
You can't POSSIBLY believe that Rob would be OK with anyone
who was ripping apart someone he obviously cares about.

Fuck You. You got that?
My head actually hurts from reading this shit.
Like a fucking headache.

THIS is why I don't go to these forums.
It worries me that there are people out there...
Believing this bullshit.
Eating it.
Enjoying it.

Make up your own mind.
Agree or Disagree.
But don't let anyone tell you what to think.
And for God's sake...
Don't buy into the hyped up bullshit hysteria.
Only the lunatic fringe do that.
It's all self inflicted drama.
There aren't hordes of people out there
losing their minds over anything.
It's just the same sorry assholes
Who will go to great lengths to make you believe
in their complete and utter delusion.
And that's on both sides of the fence.

Rose! We've been waiting for you! I already ordered your drink...

What else?

Yeah... there are some more 'print' interview with Rob.
Some have to be translated.
Some are kinda weird and skewed.
I don't know.

I'm definitely not going to over analyze every word.
Fuck that.
I got an interesting email from PRPRO 
(Thanks again!)
someone who in fact... works IN Public Relations.
Imagine that!
Anyway... in regards to the recent spate of interviews..
She had this to say:

Totally doesn’t sound like Rob, right?  And the reason is that there’s a 99.9 percent chance that this was all taken from the answers he gave at the WFE press day.  Once again, a writer constructed it to make it sound like an interview, linking various comments together to make it sound like a one on one conversation. However the idiomatic nuances between English and Italian are glaring in the translation, as is the attempt to transport answers across contexts to make it appear that these are original questions.

As I’ve said before, very common practice. For the record, just about anything you read outside of the top tier US publications _Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, etc --  is compiled this way. If Rob gave a personal interview to all of the magazines all over the world that put him on the cover he would never do anything but give interviews!

But there isn't a better interview than seeing/hearing
Robert talk with his own words...
Hearing him laugh and giggle at things that are meant to be funny...
Seeing him pull his fingers through his hair or crack his knuckles
when it is something he might take a bit more seriously.
Seeing. Hearing. Robert.
Does it get any better?

Right. THIS is an outtake?

And Twitter.
Rob and Kristen hell.
But always amusing.
Always interesting.

So Chris Weitz is quite the chatty devil.
I mean...
He really takes the time to answer peoples questions.
And I can't even begin to know just how many
(and how fucked up)
questions he gets asked in just 5 minutes time.
I give the guy tons of credit for dealing with the crazy.

Here was a recent one I found rather interesting...

@chrisweitz are rob and kristen actually together in real life 
or are you not allowed to say because it will damage the films profits?

His response?
There's no financial conspiracy,
I just think what R and K each do with their private lives is their own business.
It's all up for your interpretation.


Am I done now?
I think so...
Did I cover most of the bullshit?
I doubt it.
There's always SO much.

OK... the boy looks hungry. Or hungover. Or both.

1. Wastwater rehearsal pics.
Sweet dear Tom.
He likes 'jumpers' doesn't he?
Maybe it is cold in the theater.
So cute.
So completely cute.
And not like a bunny is cute.
Like adorably cute.
Just because.

2. Robert and Kristen are 
abso-fucking-lutely fine.
Finer than fine.
And even when BD is done filming...
Only the movie will be over.
You will still see them together.
Here. There. Everywhere.
Rob may be done with the Twilight lunacy
(and who could blame him?)
but that has nothing to do with his relationship with Kristen.
A 24 year old man who talks about leading a quiet life
and having children is a man who knows what he wants...
and knows who he wants to have it with.
He's not looking for someone to share his life with...
He already has found her.

3. I don't really have a 3...
more like a 2 1/2
I keep wondering if Kristen will show up 
in NYC for the WFE premiere.
I suppose it all depends on how convincing Rob can be...
How much he wants her there.
You know she doesn't enjoy that sort of thing...
But I'm sure he wants to share this with Kristen.
Of course he does.
And her birthday isn't too far away...
So many fascinating thoughts.
So many possibilities.

So get ready for some major twirling!
Set Visits

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*
(Man, T always seems to bring these posts)

T for TWIRL!
Let's Twirl again
Like we did last summer...
Let's Twirl again
Like we did last year!
Do you remember when, 
things were really hummin',
Come on, let's Twirl again,
Twirlin' time is here!

Bye for now


Kay said...

Great post, Rose. :)

Boy, I could really use a twirly weekend...hope everyone in Roseland has one, too!

Penny Lane said...

Another good post Rose.

Isn't it amazing how a group of people can read the same article and each person can come away with a different interpretation depending on what they want it to say?

Rob is a Nonsten, that is a creative interpretation, I think.

Freddie said...

Wow, Rose. You’re on a roll – setting the rumors up and knocking them down. Way to go.

I hope everyone in Roseland has a wonderful day. All going well, I hope to chat with some of you later.

dottie said...

Great job, ROSE.

Hello to Kay, PL, Freddie, & anyone else who may have slipped in.

Have a twirly good weekend!

Lisa said...

Another great post! I will add that even top US mags like Vanity Fair get it wrong. In Rob's MTV live interview with Josh.. Josh asked him something that was in the magazine article Rob said "Yeah, I don't know where that came from. There were a lot of miss quotes in there actually" That kinda made me sad because I subscribe to VF because of him.. Same with EW. Which I still haven't got! :(

I didn't even know what the AT boards were until I learn it here about a year ago. I went once, that was more then enough. YUCK The hate is crazy..

Berry said...

Great post Rose, was glad to read what your PRPRO had to say. I knew after reading the translated interview that it couldn't have been 100% Robert. Keep them coming! Have a great weekend.

katy said...

Hi, Rose!!! Most excellent post, you've said everything so perfectly.

I also keep wondering if Kristen will go to the WFE premiere...lets hope Rob is good at convincing :)

'T for TWIRL!

'Let's Twirl again
Like we did last summer...
Let's Twirl again
Like we did last year!
Do you remember when,
things were really hummin',
Come on, let's Twirl again,
Twirlin' time is here!'

Happy Twirly Weekend to everyone

much love and HUGS to all

katy said...

Ohh, and Thank you to PR PRO for her insightful commets !!


Groovie said...

Excellent, excellent post!
True, wise words indeed! :)
Never saw that pic of rob flipping off the camera, love it! Lol

And that harpers bazaar pic is my fave from the entire shoot I think.

I couldn't sleep last night and ventured over to the AT board to see what the drama hoopla was about. Never again! A few of the same Crazy fuckers posting insane shit over & over again. Its a small group, but they try to be "loud" and repetitive so it spreads & seems bigger than it is. Ridiculous!

Hope u are all having a great day, I really enjoyed today's post Rose, it was perfect!

katy said...

Ohh, and Rob looks damn GORGEOUS in that EW outtake...DROLlING

dottie said...

Oops! I forgot to add a thank you to PRPRO for sharing your knowledge.

Hope said...

Fantastic post today!!! I am ready to start twirling again with a f**king beer in my hand!!! It is long overdue...let the fun begin!!

deb said...

Right ON Rose you go girl You know there going to say SHIT beaus BD will be done soon and they WON'T have shit to say after its over So you got the SICK Assess out there who just want HITS and don't have a life of there own. ROBS HAPPY KRISTENS HAPPY they are in love with each other SO I'm HAPPY Let them say what they wan't ROB/Kris don't give a shit who the hell cares NOT ME Thanks again Rose You put a smile on my face once again.:) DEB.

Birdie said...

Now that was all kinds of fun! I think the twirling may have set a few heads spinning. I cannot understand the level of seriousness people put into the interpretation of these articles. These are ENTERTAINMENT magazines for crying out loud. I, for one was thoroughly entertained and loved the pictures. Rose,your pictures and captions were great today,also.
I think 2011 is going to continue to be a very ENTERTAINING year. I hope this is a very happy and fulfilling time for Rob and Kristen,as his movie comes out and they inch away from the Twilight craziness.

angelica1 said...

It just perplexes me that there is this small group of what appear to be tantrum-throwing,psychotic toddlers who have time to focus their entire life on digging up,dissecting and twisting every word,picture or expression of Rob or about him.What do these people live on since they clearly never leave their computers?

beaculen said...

Rose, you are always so timely...I just read an "interview" that was some translated thing. I kept thinking this just doesn't sound like how Rob usually is in an interview. Thanks for the post from PrPro, that cleared up alot! I am like you, I really hope Kristen goes to the WFE premiere, although that will definately give the haters more to bitch about. Nothing stops some people from hateing, it's like it's their hobby or something geez! Thanks Rose.

cj said...

Thanks for the great post, Rose! I almost never go to Ted's site, but I did yesterday, and BOY was I sorry!!! I cannot believe the hate those people have for Rob! It has to be jealousy, and I agree it totally sounds like the same few people over and over! It sounds as if they are talking about a completely dif person! Any sane person with eyes and ears knows Rob is nothing like the way they see him!!!

kristenlover8 said...

Um. I will never get the hate. I love Kristen and respect Rob a lot. That said, no one can see the future. It pisses me off when the haters goes like they know for sure "it's PR" "they are going to break up in two days, just wait" so I won't assure they're going to have children together or even be together after BD. Common sense tells me they look happy and in love now, that's all I know, and I do believe that's all most of us know for sure. Don't like to play dangerous games.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE and ROSELANDERS..Excellent post..equally excellent comments! I dont have much to add....I guess the final day of filming BD will be bitter and sweet..So much positive..but fame comes at a price..there are people IN and OUT of the Inner Circle that they have to be mindful of..I hope after the filming and the WFE premiere(s) that they will have sufficient "down time".

I look forward to what I hope will be mny years of celebrating their "successes" On Screen and Off!

Real PR...Fascinating info! Thanks.

SueBee said...

After all of this time, I find it incredible that there are still people who won't believe that they are a couple.

The fact that they are willing to argue hatefully about it is another conundrum.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ANGELICA..heh.."Tantrum throwing Psychotic Toddlers" EXACTLY!

SueBee said...

Remember that guy on YouTube who was crying and screaming "Leave Brittany alone!!!!" ?

I want to do that too, just with Rob and Kristen and not crying or acting crazy.

Enough is enough already!

I know that didn't make sense.


Penny Lane said...


I'm going to be kinder and call them tantrum throwing teenagers. I've been a teenage girl and have raised teenage girls so I know how they analyze to death when something isn't going their way.

The scary thing is these are adult women with children. Why do they care so much to create a twitter account to find someone who thinks as they do?

SueBee said...

On second thought, I don't want to get involved in that insanity.

Penny Lane said...

Smart move, Susan.

angelica1 said...

Penny - That's what I don't get,at all!

Susan - I do actually know what you mean :)

SueBee said...


I have my moments! LOL


wig4usc said...

Seems like articles where the writer or publication themselves didn't interview the subject should disclose that. I can't imagine how frustrated it must be to see your own words hacked an mutilated! Thanks, PR Pro!

I grow weary of what I call "verbal bullies". Those are people who speak in a way as to intimidate others, either by the volume they use, how aggressive they are, all to quiet any opposition. I'm done with it!

Have a great weekend, Roseland!

Tulip said...

Hi all.
I torture myself and read and post over at Ted's board, and believe me, NO ONE believes all of that psychobabble over there. That's just one or two crazies posting over and over and agreeing with themselves.

The only reason why myself and others hang out there is because we call them out on their BS just in case innocent lurkers are coming by and don't know any better. But lately, their lies have become so ridiculous, that I don't think anyone could fall for it.

dottie said...

TULIP I don't even think those few who are posting that junk on AT really believe it anymore. They are miserable people and want everyone else to be miserable as well. You are a brave soul to be able to stomach it!

SUSAN I'll keep an eye on youtube for your "Leave Rob & Kristen Alone" video plea. LOL

Kenzz said...

Susan: can't wait for your vid! haha

Rose: I love the pic of Rob and sweet Tom waiting for you at the bar...and ordering a drink for you while they wait, those British boys were raised right~ Seriously, your captions simply crack me up!!

SueBee said...


Can you just imagine?? LOL


Melinda said...

TGIF!!! Work week is over and onto the weekend!

Great post as always. I was thinking about what Rob said in recent interviews. The words to a song called "My Girls" by Animal Collective popped in my head.

There isn't much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
With a little girl, and by my spouse
I only want a proper house

I don't care for fancy things
Or to take part in the vicious race
But to provide for mine who ask
I will, with heart, on my father's grave

I don't mean to seem like I care about material things
Like our social stats
I just want four walls and adobe slats for my girls.

Not pretending I know how he thinks and feels but I just thought those words are great.

I know we are all psyched about WFE but seeing Rob in a tailored suit makes me all kinds of excited for Cosmopolis. I so do like the clean cut very polished look on him!

Tom-since he seems to like sweaters (jumpers) I wonder where that duck and tulip sweater is? Gotta love a man who is comfortable wearing something such as that. ;)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

dottie said...

SUSAN -- Be sure to wear lots of mascara for when those tears start to flow! LOL

Crazy4RK said...

I agree that everyone reads these articles and come to some weird conclusions. I for one think its crazy. I never go over and read anything from Ted. Its just not worth it. I guess not matter what the haters are going to continue to hate and there is not much we can do about. Keep up the good work and knocking all those rumors down. Love ya.

gigi9598 said...

Thanks for todays post Rose, I really needed it!

30 said...

Gotta Love when Rose put on her steal tip boots and kicks ass!

I know I do. :) I wonder if the "Hatestens" can feel Roses kick in there ass? Its gotta hurt.lol

Melinda said...


I had no idea what video you were talking about so I went on you tube to find it. 3 things:

1. How did I miss this?

2. Is he for real????

3. I'm with the rest...will be looking for your video one of these days. LOL!

luckyirishtart said...

Thank you for the Twirling. I cruise by every day to look at and read the pretty.

Unfortunately today I took a cruise through the AT board to see what the hooplah was since I had sworn off of it for awhile. What a mistake! Why do these people have venom for someone they don't even know. I'm done with AT.

Thank you for your posts. They make my day.

DreamerKind said...

Twirling my way back to Roseland for just a bit..and saying Rose topped herself again with this post.

How far is the top? How deep is the ocean, how wide is the sky? Rose keeps aiming and hits it in the eye!

We are so lucky to have Rose, and we know why!

Margarita is calling me, and I don't mean a woman with that name.

Bye for now, Roselanders. Happy Friday and stop by late nights, if it be your will.


P.S. You can't see me, but I am in that photo with Rob and Tom, just off to the the right, out of sight.
I recall this, because my Peroni beer was right in front of me, too.
A great time was had by all.
Am I a credible source on this, with my translation to my kind of English, or what do you think?

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post. I stay as far from those awful websites as I can get. In the beginning I went to all those places and actually believed what they said. Than I found you Rose, and now I know they love each other, I know they live together, and I know they would never hurt the other person. Also, I know Rob hates the awful things that his "fans" say about Kris, the woman he loves. Wouldn't you hate it if someone was saying nasty things about the person you love. These people are NOT fans, because if they were they would want Rob to be happy, no matter who he was with. I am sorry for rambling on and on. So thank you Rose for saving me a lot of heartache. Have a good weekend.

DreamerKind said...

If It Be Your Will

Leonard Cohen:

If it be your will
That I speak no more
And my voice be still
As it was before

I will speak no more
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I am spoken for
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If it be your will

If it be your will.

Thank you/FriedEggsandChips

Barbara Fenwick said...

Oh, I nearly forgot, I like to be twirling again...I plan to twirl all weekend.

gigi9598 said...

I have to say I just did a scary thing, I went to the "T" post....first time. Gosh the hate that spews out of that site is unbelievable. Did see Tulip there and a mention of Rose or two. My curiosity got the better of me and I went to the dark side. never again. whew

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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Rhonda said...

"He's not looking for someone to share his life with...He already has found her"

That says it all for me. Awesome post, Rose :)

I hope Kristen goes to the WFE premiere. I miss seeing her, and she has every right to be there :)

Susan- I'm anxiously awaiting your youtube video, Lol!

gwen said...

great post Rose! Oh you forgot 'T' for TomStu! As you say, just because lol. Wishing Kristen in advance a HAPPY HAPPY birthday. We know for sure she'll have and it is just weeks away, yay!

Hello ladies!

olivia said...

Bravo Rose,

Loved the post. Gorgeous new banner.
Remember Me is an unbelievably awesome film. I regret that it was not marketed as well as it could have been. Rob made his character, Tyler, reach out and touch your heart forever. It is among my all time favorite films. I took away a bittersweet feeling of love, strength, remembrance, hope and healing from the film. From what I have read, it continues to slowly but steadily gain new devoted viewers through word of mouth.

I am twirling for the wonderful happy that surrounds Rob and Kristen. This is a fun and interesting vid of "Dancing Matt". Imagine a twirl or two tossed in as Matt and friends all over the world do happy dances that unite us all.

These happy dances are dedicated to
Rose, Rob and Kristen and all of y'all!


Enjoy and hugs!
Oh, EW gets the blue ribbon! Liked it better than the VF spread.

DreamerKind said...

Loved the dancing all over the world video, so thanks, dear.

Glad you were entertained last night. Goals accomplished.

Have a good trip/competition in Boston.

@Bren & Gwen
I'll be in and out of here, so make some noise for me, or dance.

emmasweden14 said...

I am not sure if kristen will be able to go to the wfe premier, maybe she has work on breaking dawn( heard they were doing interviews after the are over shooting) or she doesnt want to go because of the threats( death) and harassment from the so called " robs" fans, heard something about a list, that some had done, and people had sign saying they dont want her to come, there are people on different forum saying they dont want her there there, they just want be with rob alone. This is really crazy, what have this sweet little person done to deserve this. HATE theme, and i know rob do to..
I hope she will go, but i would understand if she dident, and i think she and rob saw the special screening together in la for a couple weeks ago, so she has supported him..

despoina said...

hi Rose :)gorgeous post!!!
i just want to say ONE thing:how can a man like ROB be alone,i mean not having a girlfriend,for such a looonnnggggg period????I really don't care what the haters say and i think it's not worthwhile to pay attention....i love rob,like one million girls on the planet do,and i believe that HE IS HAPPY WITH KRISTEN AND THEY WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER.If you hate rob and twilight so why you keep writing f****** bullshit about him???

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

There is nothing that pisses me off more than so called fans feeling they have some right to tell actors who they should love. As fans the only thing we should expect is an enjoyable performance in whatever artistic project they choose to be a part of.
Thinking we have any say in their personal lives and choices is delusional and reading the lengths some of these supposed fans are taking is beyond embarrassing for those of us who can't fathom it.............Has the definition of
fan changed? Is it now more of a stalking, threatening. delusional. completely out of your mind lunatic?
Are these people seriously spending the majority of their lives scheming and hating? What about their own lives? Is it so empty that they feel threatened by Pattinson and Stewart? Are they so threatened by the love we see eminating from those two?

I hope Kristen Stewart joins her boyfriend at the WFE premiere here in NYC...........I don't know if she'll walk the
red carpet with him ( maybe not) but possibly one picture together on the red carpet with them holding hands and that is something we've seen before (them holding hands) That's how it started........... It's a simple act and for me it's always the simple things that speaks volumes.

I don't have any say in the decisions they
make regarding their relationship but I can wish for her to go to the WFE premiere...............

Kristen, please go.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am giving you a STANDING OVATION...Well said...Good Morning to you...In honor of you, I am going to go downstairs and make some Oatmeal. You are fanf...ingtastic!

su said...

Thanks Rose, beautiful post and beautiful banner. Annie, I agree with you, 100%. I hope Kristen will go to premiere whith Rob, and I sure Rob wants this whith all his heart.

angelica1 said...

Annie - Well said!!

DreamerKind said...

Happy Saturday everyone, and I hope you are off somewhere, enjoying something!

Oh, what a lovely Midwestern day we're having in Chicago! Although snow is predicted, I believe Spring has sprung forth.

Springing forth myself, I'll return soon.

No hat pics today, as bulbous zits have not gone away.


Super RN Gas Passer said...


Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK and ROSELAND..I am having trouble with my laptop AGAIN..It has been raining ALL DAY..I managed to be home AND to attend a wedding nonetheless...

ROSE..your new banner "inspired" me to watch "Remember Me" again!!

ROB..just on the offchance that you might read my post...I would just like to say I am so PROUD of YOU...."Remember Me" was great and WFE..well..I cant wait to see it. BD may kill me!..but what a way to die.. heh.. You have touched a special place in my heart..Kris as well...THANK YOU..for being YOU..handsome, kind, funny, and REAL...I hope you are having a great weekend. Take care of yourself...millions of us women are counting on it!

Kristi said...

Rose, Love your blog as usual. Thank you again or doing the blog.

I go to the AT board, but it is to read the posts by the regular posters who support both Rob & Kristen. I pass over the crap that is on there by the delusional haters. I think there are fewer than seems as it is the same few people posting the hate under different names.

I like discussing R/K roles etc with the regulars. Tulip who commented here is awesome, has the facts to back up what she says, she is e best. a lot of other nice people on their too.

I cannot wait for WFE. I think it is going to be great. So proud of Rob.

Love Rob & Kristen both

Kenzz said...

Super: You have to get your laptop fixed!! :)

I guess I'm too early to enjoy DK's fabulous music & profound ramblings on life...

I never go to any other board...I have enough in my life to worry about!! haha Seriously, Rose has brought together a community of like-minded individuals...

DK's comment last night touched me when she said, "Roseland is a real place, a place that matters to many..." Never have I, or would I have imagined, that I'd "meet" such a group of ladies (and the occasional fellow i.e. Syd, Gruff, and Dani)with whom I connect in such a "random" way!

Cheers to such positive, loving, fearless folks!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose and Roseland!

Annie- Well stated!

Sydney- Have fun on your ski trip :)

IB- Good luck at the cheer competition :)

Rose- I love the new banner..:)

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda and Kenzz - I hope all is well.

I'm just popping in quickly to say hello. I'm watching the end of New Moon on the Movie Channel and am gearing up for Eclipse which is up next.

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Rhonda said...

Kenzz and DK- Roseland is a special place :)

Hi Freddie!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Kenzz said...

Hi Rhonda & Freddie!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

I was talking to my cinemaphile 14yr old daughter about who might replace Viggo Mortenson as the Huntsman in Kristen's upcoming Snow White & the Huntsman...we are at a loss as to who could be outwardly menacing, with the ability to find emotion under his layers...

You two could probably come up with a few names...awaiting your suggestions so the daw & I can debate their merits!!! Anyone else is invited to chime in with their input, as well..

Penny Lane said...

Hi Kenzz, Freddie and Rhonda,

Kenzz, I just started the Three Weissmans and I'm really enjoying it, but I dislike the old man already.

Kami started reading it too and she wanted you to know she's never read a book like it but can't put it down, so thanks for the recommendation.

I'm taking a break from spreadsheet hell but should get back to it.

Freddie said...

Kenzz - nice to catch up with you.

In terms of replacements for Viggo Mortenson I'm really at a loss - sorry to let down the home team (i.e. Northeastern Roseland chapter). I saw someone else suggest Hugh Jackman, but I don't really know the role well enough myself to comment on the fit.

Hi Penny - I hope you are well and surviving spreadsheet hell. It sounds charming. Please say hello to Kami for me and let her know that she is missed.

Kenzz said...

PennyLane...Isn't Josie a jerk!? There'e quite a twist near the end...several members of my book club felt it was a bit slow in the middle, so I hope you soldier on through to the end!

BTW, I haven't heard from Kami in ages...if you're in touch, please send along my best wishes to her and her family!

Penny Lane said...


I haven't read far but I really don't like him. Just proves that no matter how old, men are susceptible to a younger woman's praise. In his case, he's thinking with a flacid dick - I'm guessing because he is 78.

Kenzz said...

PL...you are too funny!

When you've finished, let me know how you liked it...remember, what goes around, comes around!

Kenzz said...

Since it's 9:30 pm and "dinnah" time in this Boston home, I wil bid you all a fond "adieu"...

Freddie said...

Good night Kenzz - have a good one.

Rhonda said...

Kenzz- I've been thinking about who would replace Viggo as well, so far no one comes to mind :(

Penny- "flacid dick" LMAO!!

DreamerKind said...

Gotta run out for a bit and will be back...

Based on Red Riding Hood and the Twi Saga, I say (drumrolls)!

"Billy Burke" for the Huntsman!!

Kenzz said...

DK: welcome back this evening!

I love Billy Burke (oh, so handsome), but as the Woodsman, not happening for me! Not menacing enough...

Is Colin Farrell too old?

Kenzz said...

K, when are we doing the hat pics?!!!

Kenzz said...

meant DK

Wania said...

I do not understand the guilty pleasure that some people have to turn something good into bad only to affirm that they are right. It is cruel to say that is a fan but not cares about the feelings of this person. When not accept the love of Rob and Kristen, are flouting Rob. Did not realize it?
Nice post Rose, you are sensible and patient so much. Good job. I love Rob's pictures!
Great weekend for all!
Wâ - Brazil

Wania said...

For all, a love song...


When You Love Someone
Bryan Adams

When you love someone you'll do anything
You'll do all the crazy things
That you can't explain
You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun
When you love someone

You'll deny the truth, believe a lie
There'll be times that you'll believe
That you can really fly
But your lonely nights have just begun
When you love someone

When you love someone, you'll feel it deep inside
And nothing else can ever change your mind
When you want someone
When you need someone
When you love someone...

When you love someone you'll sacrifice
You'd give it everything you got
And you won't think twice
You'd risk it all, no matter what may come
When you love someone
You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun
When you love someone

DreamerKind said...

@Bren & Gwen
Well, I am finally settled for the night, late night that is.

Where are my pals?

No hats yet, until my zits are gone.
I do profoundly ramble and those should be taken with a huge shaker of salt, those rambles, that I ramble about when rambling.

Bren said...

Yo Mama,

In honor of your hat....I give you

The Cat In The Hat Song


DreamerKind said...

Thanks for the song, and I will play it as soon as I get off of the phone with my sister, about 10 mins.

DreamerKind said...

You Gotta Have Heart

Movie-Damn Yankees:
Watch & Listen here:

See boys, that's what I'm talking about.
Baseball is only one half skill,
The other half is something else.....something bigger!

You've gotta have....Heart!
All you really need is heart!

When the odds are sayin' you'll never win,
That's when the grin should start!

You've gotta have hope!
Mustn't sit around and mope. Nuthin's half as bad as it may appear,
Wait'll next year and hope.

When your luck is battin' zero,
Get your chin up off the floor. Mister, you can be a hero.
You can open any door.

There's nothin' to it
But to do it.

You've gotta have heart!
Miles and miles and miles of heart!

Oh, it's fine to be a genius of course!
But keep that ol' horse before the cart!
First you've got to have heart!

A great pitcher, we haven't got!
A great slugger, we haven't got!
What've we got? We've got heart!

We've got hope!
We don't sit around and mope!

Not a solitary sob do we heave, mister
'cause we've got hope.
We're so happy, that we're hummin'.

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm
That's the heart-y thing to do.
'Cause we know our ship will come in!

Hmm, hmm, hmm
So it's ten years over due!
Hoo, hoo, hoo. We've got heart! Miles and miles and miles of heart!

Oh it's
fine to be a genius of course,
But keep that old horse before the cart!

So what the heck's the use of cryin'?
Why should we curse?
We've got to get better......
....'cause we can't get worse!

And to add to it; we've got heart! We've got heart! We've got Heart!

Thank you/cybersnob1

Bren said...

Are you still on the phone?

DreamerKind said...

I watched the Cat in the Hat video and amazingly, last night at the Mexican restaurant, I saw four sombreros like the ones in the video.

Suddenly, it came to me that I might wear one for a quick picture, for Rose's blog, but again, the zits stopped it.

Healing of zits takes time, especially when you keep agitating the zits, and that's not fine, but more time is then required.

See what I mean and why?

DreamerKind said...

I am off of the phone now.

Don't know what to do about all of these late night calls I've been getting lately!

Jeez, it's too late for peeps to be up, except for us and the other special ones.

Soon, I'll give them the what for and then heave ho.

However, sometimes they are special needs calls, and since I don't know which ones those are, I almost have to answer them all.

Bren said...

Congrats to Reese Witherspoon, I heard she tied the knot...

People magazine said Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson attended the wedding ....interesting.

DreamerKind said...

I was wondering about Reese and Jim, so congrats to them for sure!

Sean and Scarlett are an interesting pair, aren't they? Beatuy and the genius, I'd say.

DreamerKind said...

Maybe I'd even say 'beauty", if I could have, I would have.

Bren said...

It used to freak me out for the phone to ring late, but anymore I'm like you cuz I work late, friends call me at all hours...

El gato en el sombrero....that was funny....

DreamerKind said...

Lovely song, thanks for posting it.

DreamerKind said...

For the Huntsman, have any ideas?

DreamerKind said...

Besides, Billy Burke, who has a dark side in some portrayals, I could see Liam Neeson (so tall, so diverse, maybe too old) or Downey Jr. (who always blows me away).

Bren said...

Nicole got home from work exhausted, and now she's bowling on the Wii to unwind....

As for me, I'm sitting here eating Crunch and Munch....the gym for sure on Monday....

Bren said...

I never read the script...how old is Viggio....I will google him. brb

Bren said...

He was born in 1958, but he doesn't look 53, right?

I love Robert Downing Jr. in anything, period.

Nicholas Cage might look rugged enough.

Let me think of others...

DreamerKind said...

Or Keanu. Or Colin Firth!!!!

DreamerKind said...

Or either Fiennes. For grins, Hugh Grant, who could pull it off, I think, tongue in cheek.

I haven't read the script either, just choosing those I like.

DreamerKind said...

Going Brit, Richard Armitage from North & South, and Robin Hood, he's got the goods, and got them good.

Bren said...

I thought of Keanu, but we don't want Snow White to get turned on by the huntsman.....or do we?

Bren said...

Michael Sheen can probably pull it off...N says he was great in Underworld, where he played a werewolf, and of course he's a great vamp...

DreamerKind said...

There is an element of attraction between the two I understand.

Sheen, oh yes, he'd be very good.

Bren said...

Colin always seems too fragile for heavy duty work...

What part did that Richard play in North and South?

Bren said...

Attraction? really?

Hell, I say give her our boy Keanu, best attraction on soooo many levels....

word v...tonicku....uh,huh

DreamerKind said...

It was the North of England, as in Manchester, during the Industrial Revolution. He played the owner of a cotton mill who had worked his way up from poverty. Outstanding series, and great romance.

Bren said...

I thought you were talking about North and South, the mini-series about the Civil War....with Patrick Swayze....

DreamerKind said...

No, I mixed them up when I got them, too, but it is a different series.

Have we run out of leading men as the huntsman? I have.

Gwen must be out shopping, you think?

Bren said...

Did you read the Snow White script?

Did you ever read that fan-fic about Edward being frozen..lol, I probably said that totally wrong.

DreamerKind said...

No, I have the script for SWATH but have not read it, only reviews and opinions of those who have.

Yes, I read "Defrosting Edward" and it wasn't too lemony, although he did get defrosted with Bella's hotness.

Bren said...


I am totally drawing a blank on actors....can't think of anyone...

How is the huntsman described?

DreamerKind said...

Something like strong, capable, a loner, who teaches SW how to survive and fight.

There's an attraction but he convinces her to wait for her prince charming, saying he is the right man for her.

To me, the huntsman sounds like someone who can't commit. Of course, she is of a different class, so he was perhaps is aware of the limitations and taboos.

Maybe I'm looking too deeply into it. Sure could see Downey Jr. in that role, by golly.

Bren said...

Bellas hotness---so funny.

Kristen is such a knock out with her green eyes, it's too bad Stephanie wrote Bella with brown , because I think the green are so becoming on her.

Can't wait to see how the red look ...lol

DreamerKind said...

She's a smashing wench for sure. Brown, red or green eyes, she is our Twilight Queen!

What are we doing, we're so dull, for we are actually discussing something instead of being silly. Are we well?

I am getting tired, truth to tell.

Bren said...

If they didn't like Viggio's price tag, they are certainly not going to like RDJ's either....

DreamerKind said...

If salary is the issue, the fans could cover the rest.

I'd be willing to donate for RDJ. We could get him $20 million easily, if we all chip in say $20 each.

I say, give the fans the choice and let them pay for who they want, a new concept, untried but very intriguing.

Are you game?

Bren said...

I am exhausted myself, want to give it up for tonight?....

You made me think too much, I believe....all the lurkers are probably snoring...LOUD.

Bren said...

I'm game...

Hey, I saw you got mad cuz I made a fast exit, the other night..lol

Super did it, so I did too!

DreamerKind said...

I agree, thinking is too much work at this time of the day. Funny, I do believe that I hear some snoring and it must be the lurkers.

In order not to bore any more, let's say goodbye and see you soon, and all of that rot. And we'll mean it, too.

Let's let today begin, and we'll finish it later, as we wish.

Bye, Lady B.

Bren said...

Good night, little lady...

Much Later.

DreamerKind said...

Well, I didn't think I'd be home tonight to be on here either.

Super didn't have a deal with us, and you had one with me.

Say going to go and then wait for response, and then go, that's the deal.

Me mad? Mad as a hatter but not at you.

DreamerKind said...

Good night Lady Bren and Roselanders!



Birdie said...

Bummer! I just missed you two. Have a good sleep DK and Bren. Maybe another day...

tittiswan said...

Very Gooooood post !!!

30 said...

Rob in a Wutang sweatshirt. He is fucken hilarious! LMAO oh and I want that sweatshirt!


olivia said...

Good Morning Rose and Roseland,

Here is my recommendation for the part of the huntsman in RRH. I have included a vid for those who are not familiar with this British actor. (Unfortunately it does not contain pics from the last few years. But, you will see he would make a mature, handsome, rough and rugged huntsman. Plus, another Brit for Kristen to work with! )

Rufus Sewell


Have a wonderful Sunday.

olivia said...

Thanks 30! That fan pic with Rob in his WuTang hoodie is absofreakinglutely adorable!

(word verif is "resew"
Reminds me of the Stoli shirt! : )

Birdie said...

I do not know this actors work, but very nice,very nice indeed! I am disappointed that Viggo is not doing it, but such is life...

Rhonda said...

Olivia- Oh, he would be a good choice! I liked him in 'Tristan and Isolde', he's very handsome too :)

30- I saw the WuTang hoodie pic, very cute..:)

Hugs to All

Super RN Gas Passer said...

RHONDA..BIRDIE...and OLIVIA...Good Morning Ladies! Raining here...I have been on Skype with one of my sisters and thought I would see whats happening on here before I finish cooking lunch..I had to go to work for one short case this morning...All I want to do is just chill and stay inside. It is cold and raining... I saw the fan pic...cute! I vote for Keanu...by the way...lol

Kristi said...


I was discussing with someone else that Rufus Sewell would be great for the role of the Huntsman. I have loved him in everything I have seen him in.

Melinda said...

Olivia- Great choice for the huntsman. I could see him as he has played someone from that time period.

Saw "The Fighter" last night. Really great movie. I see why Melissa Leo and Christian Bale won what they did during awards season. If you haven't seen it yet, do. I will warn you that is has A LOT of cussing in it if that stuff bothers you.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday.

Lisa said...

Hello Roselanders. *waves*
It's been awhile that I've written, but do you mind if I throw my suggestion hat in the ring about SWATH?
Keanu...mmm, yes, I agree with that suggestion.
But what about Daniel Day Lewis? Makks Mickelson (King Arthur) or Eric Bana? There's been a suggestion of Hugh Jackman, and that'd be great too, but that man is lined up w/film after film. Oh! What about Oded Fehr (Ardeth Bay)?

Freddie said...

Another thought for the Huntsman....Sean Bean. Rugged. Good looking. Great voice.

Just another thought.

Lisa - I like your idea of Eric Bana or Daniel Day Lewis as well.

Lisa said...

Freddie: Sean Bean! Yes! Sacrilege that I forgot about that fine, Brit actor.
ps..was watching DDL's Last of the Mohicans earlier. *le sigh*

~ Lisa aka Thimbles

Hope said...

Hey Melinda, Freddie and all....

Melinda...The OTHER Snow White movie stole our Prince...Armie Hammer is signed on with Julia Roberts movie...she must be reading Rose's blog with our comments....RATS!!

Melinda said...


I read that the other day about Armie. I kinda was thinking the other day that he looks more like a "Disney" prince so probably wouldn't work for this version of SW.

So I'll go back to Ben Whishaw. He works for me.

Sean Bean reminds me a little of Viggo so that could work.

Okay all this being said I'm pretty sure casting agents don't troll blogs/twitter/cyberspace to get casting ideas. But you never know. Ha,ha!

Eclipsed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eclipsed said...

I hope you don't mind if I go a little off topic Rose but real life has been crazy busy and I don't always get to jump in to the conversation.

I am so, so, so excited to see Water for Elephants! I can not wait to see this movie! I love the book and I'm really interested to see whether or not the movie makes me feel the same way that I did at the end of the book. It's a great story all the way around but what affected me the most was the way that older Jacob was portrayed in the book. It was heart breaking. Unfortunately we still live in a society where elderly people are kind of pushed to the side when they get to a certain age and/or start to have health problems. We send them off to the old folks home and kind of forget about them and it's so sad because they've lived life and they have some of the greatest stories and we miss out! I cried when Jacob's son blew him off and didn't take him to the circus. And I cried again when the movie came full circle and older Jacob once again escaped to the circus.

I loved Robert's recent interviews especially the one with Josh Horowitz. Josh has a really nice interviewing style. I hope when the Breaking Dawn press starts that he gets the chance to interview Robert & Kristen together. In fact, I'm really hoping for a lot of joint live and print interviews for Breaking Dawn 1 and 2. And hopefully a lot of joint premiere and award show appearances too!

Eclipsed said...

Sorry all. That was my delete right above my post. My profile pic of Rob didn't show up the first time.

DreamerKind said...

Give A Little Bit

Roger Hodgson (Acoustic):

Give a little bit
Of your love to me

I'll give a little bit
Give a little bit
Of my love to you

There's so much that
We need to share
So send a smile
And show you care

Give a little bit
I'll give a little bit
Of my life for you

So give a little bit
Give a little bit
Of your time to me

See the man with the lonely eyes
Oh take his hand
You'll be so surprised

Give a little bit
Of your love to me

I'll give a little bit
Of my life for you

Now's the time that
We need to share
So find yourself
We're on our way back home

Oh we're going home
Don't you need
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Oh yeah we're going back

We got to get a feeling
Got to get a feeling
Get a feeling right now

We've come a long way
Oh what a long ride
We've come a long way

Oh can we sing it tonight

Thank you/beatlesholic

DreamerKind said...

It's Sunday Swingtime with Dreamer!

My best wishes to you all!

I've enjoyed the lively discussions, on suggesting the most perfect actor for the Huntsman and about WFE.

Soon, the wine will be flowing my way, and then yours, with my rambling, rocking and rolling ways.

Fella/fellow rockers are invited, as usual, to join in.

DreamerKind said...

Count On Me

Bruno Mars:

If you ever find yourself
Stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you

If you ever find yourself
Lost in the dark
And you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you

Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it

I can count on you like four, three, too
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

If you toss and you turn
And you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song beside you

And if you ever forget how much
You really mean to me
Everyday I will remind you

Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry
I'll never let go, never say goodbye

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it

I can count on you like four, three, too
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

You can count on me 'cause I can count on you

Thank you/mOcO5o0o0

DreamerKind said...

In The Mood

Robert Plant:

I'm in the mood for a melody
I'm in the mood

I can make you dance
I can make you sing
If you want me to

Any little song
That you want to sing
Little songs that
You want to sing

Any song will do
Any little song
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Little songs that
You want to sing
It's up to you
You're blue

I'm in the mood
I'm in the mood
I'm in the mood

I can write it on the door
I can put it on the floor

I can do anything
That you want me for
If you want me to

I can do it right
I can do it wrong

'Cause a matter of fact
It'll turn out to be strong
If you want me to

Thank you/xxmusicheadxx

DreamerKind said...

Hullo, wherever you are..and I suspect it twas you who got Syd to peek into Roseland recently. So thanks!

Time to dedicate some funny lyrics to you for your efforts, when I find just the right ones.

Nevertheless, you and the Duosters are always in my thoughts, and song selections, along with Rose and the Twirling Madly Roselanders!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...Hello...I am at work...finishing up a case...How r u this fine Sunday evening??

DreamerKind said...

For Smitty:


The Geezinslaws:

Just a small-town girl
Till you learned to twirl
Then you set the world on fire

Like a drive-in Cinderella
In a Chevy named Desire

So leave your teddy-bear
At the county fair
Honey, Hollywood's on the phone,

For a small-town girl
From a small-town world
You're a long, long way from home

They say that dreams
Come true in Indiana
That Momma loves you
Up in Abilene

And if you wish upon
A star in Texarkana
Some day you may be
A twirling queen

Just a small-town girl
Till you learned to twirl
Then you set the world on fire

Then you turned around
And yesterday was over
Childhood's like
Some long lost lullabye

Way back when all the pearls
Were in the ocean
Way back when all the stars
Were in the sky

Just a small-town girl
Till you learned to twirl
Then you set the world on fire

For a small-town girl
From a small-town world
You're a long, long way from home

Thank you/katson6 &
Kinky Friedman/composer

DreamerKind said...

Was just thinking of you and going to post a comment or some such thing.

Working? Yikes!

I am diddling, as usual, and middling, too.

DreamerKind said...

We narrowly missed each other earlier this am, as you know. I tooled around other-worldly places, and fell back to Earth and into my dreamstate. Maybe we'll converge later!

DreamerKind said...

Did you get the laptop in line and ready to roll?

Man, your sleep time will be messed up after tonight. Be careful driving home, too.

DreamerKind said...

Linda, you are making me wonder again. Where are you little star?

DreamerKind said...

Is There Another Way Out?


Is there another way out
Of this mess
(That I once started
But now I can't seem to stop it)?

And now when I look back
Everyone is still around

It never turns out the way you planned
That's something
I will never understand

Is there another way out
Of this mess
That I once started
But now I can't seem to stop it

Then suddenly...
It seems so clear to me...

And who of you just standing there
Is the one to step forward?
And come clean?

Thank you/PhoenixFlamesRising

DreamerKind said...

Tiny break for beverages and minor adjustments for chores.

Hoot and holler, when you're ready to!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK..I always liked Robert Plant in that song and video...lots of good stuff from the eighties I remember..we used to watch alot of MTV..We went to Europe around that time...Boy George and Culture Club were big then...we stayed in London in a bed and b'fast house...there were all these people..they were called Punks, and they were everywhere..That was a fun trip..we stayed over there 2 weeks...

DreamerKind said...

How lucky you were to be in London during that time, to see the sites and sights.

Robert Plant is coming to Chicago this summer and I was thinking about going to see him.

You've had an interesting life, and still do, IMO.

kristinson60 said...

Well I missed something again damit, I didn't see the EW article so I missed what was said and the hoopla surrounding it but it must have been a dozie cause it has gotten your dander up Rose.
I am assuming that questions and answers were all cut to hell and put back in an order to make Rob look like he said a lot of things he really didn't say, especially about Kristen. Oh when will all the haters learn, they just waste so much of their time and brain power coming up with the bullshit they come up with, it's exhausting.
You are totally right that Rob knows what & who he wants and when he wants it, and how he wants it and nothing, absolutely nothing is going to stand in his way. The poor man fought long and hard to get Kristen and would not give up for anything. If anyone thinks he is going to give up when he's gotten this far and is this happy they are out of their minds.
BTW I love that picture of Rob shooting the bird, hilarous; I've never, ever seen him do that before even when he's mad or upset. Gee I wonder where he got that idea, maybe from that girl he supposedly doesn't love.

DreamerKind said...

Keeping A Good Perspective Is All

I've Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)

Sara Gazarek:

The poets say that all who love are blind,
But I'm in love, and I know what time it is.

The good book says, "Go seek and ye shall find."
Well, I have sought, and my, what a climb it is.

My life is like the weather, it changes with the hours;
When he's near, I'm fair and warmer -

When he's gone, I'm cloudy with showers.
In emotion, like the ocean, it's either sink or swim,
When a woman loves a man like I love him.

Never treats me sweet and gentle the way he should -
I got it bad and that ain't good.

My poor heart is sentimental,
Not made of wood
I got it bad and that ain't good.

But when the weekend's over and Monday rolls around,
I end up like I start out, just cryin' my heart out.

He don't love me like I love him nobody could -
I've got it bad and that ain't good.

I got it bad and that ain't good.

Thank you/jazgasm

Claudia said...

hello Roses is a long time since I will follow you and I must tell you that both you and Delaney, Tulip and others to admire the courage to always say what you think ..... I wanted to ask you a question and I do not know if you are able to respond . I apologize if my English is not understandable, but I write based on what I remember from school. I'm Italian! I have read various comments on the board of Ted Casablanca, and between the various falsehoods written as always there is one girl says Rob Dova in LA, I do not remember when, Kris has betrayed and that there are photos compromettenti.Termina writing "Roses to ask." Do you know anything? And if it is not true to deny this, do not ask you anything, but I'm really tired of reading things like pesanmti I wish people would stop making up stories, but I think this will never happen! Thank you for listening and thanks in advance if you answer a kiss! Claudia

30 said...

OMG I never realized how may dedicated "Ted" followers lurk here.

I am scared. LOL

Hello my wonderful SANE ladies of Roseland! I hope all is well. Miss Smitty you need too check in so we know you are OK too. :) Have a wonderful sunny day all.

angelica1 said...

Morning 30 - I know, I can't believe anyone still gives any credence to Ted and the loons who post there.

Yes Miss Smitty, it is time you let us know you're OK !!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Morning ROSELAND..ROSE, SMITTY,GRUFF, and SYD...Well..heh..Abercrombie and Fitch are selling swimsuits for little girls with padded "pushup" bras..Ted Casablanca is ALLOWED to spread rumors about Rob that ARE not TRUE...just another day in LOONEYVILLE...Its a good thing that the MAJORITY of "people" are intellegent and have a more honest way to make a living...It is a form of "prostitution"...isnt it..in this case they are selling their soul to make a dime...

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

Ted Casablanca and others like him should just stop with their asinine articles because they know by now that Rob and Kristen will not respond to it ( I think he and others are writing shit hoping for a response) ............Not happening!
Is Casablanca even relevant or just barely hanging on to his job and hoping R/K gossip (no matter how ridiculous and untrue) will keep him employed?

@Super: You made me smile with your Fan...ingstatic response to my comment. Thanks.
I hope you enjoyed your oatmeal. :)

I hope everyone has a great Monday. :)

30 said...

Hi Annie! And I agree. :) Angelica, Super, Hello my sane friends.

I am not trying too sound mean. ( I swear) lol

But really people who post and read "Teds" ses pool of a blog are not in a community of fans. It's a community of never ending Bull Shit, rumors. Wanna be "insiders" And are just as bad, they are FEEDING that insanity. Plus why would any respectable fan of Robs and Kristen give Ted any hits on a regular basis is beyond my understanding.

Annie said...

Hi 30:
From what I understand they are some sane and articulate fans who brave it through Casablanca's bullshit and do a great job of kicking the delusional, including Casablanca to the curb. God bless them and their bravery!

I think Casablanca is in desperate shit. Apparently his partner (Taryn is leaving) It seems to me that Casablanca is stuck, everyone who started at E with him or after him has moved on to better things, whether at E or elsewhere and he just seems to be spewing the same shit in the
same style and getting no where.
The people who seem to be hanging on his every word seem as desperate as him.

Forgot to say hello to Angelica: I hope you are getting some relief from your back pain.

angelica1 said...

Hi Annie - I think you're absolutely right about Casablanca, Rob and Kristen have been his meal ticket for the past 3 years and the gravy train is about to run out.

My back is under control at the moment,thank you :)

30 said...

Oh wow I didn't know Taryn was leaving. So he really needs hits now more than ever. Actually too be 100% honest. Ted's actual posts do not bother me,though he loves too rial his crazies up on both sides at times.I blame Ted and E more for not moderating the people that comment.

Especially when death threats, disgusting posts etc... are right in front of them. BUT again it's all about hits = money. The crazies want too see what the other crazies are writing so that = E hits. They have no problem having the reputation they do and its all because the low life "fans" get away with anything and everything they want too write there with no consequences.

katy said...
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katy said...

Hello, Roseland!! Happy Monday

Claudia, do not believe in anything that is said by those IDIOTS hatters that post at TedcoughASSHOLE board, it's like Rose said it's just the same one ot two people typing the same BULLSHIT over and over again to create drama. My advice to you is to STOP going there.

Annie, I completly agree with you!

HI, Angelica and 30!!

Smitty, you probably won't see this, but I agree with 30 and Angelica, you need to check in and tell us how is everything...you, and Gruff and SYD are missed by all of us.

Hugs and take care everyone

SueBee said...

I have to say that ignorance is bliss because I avoid all of the hatred and snarkiness.

It's not worth my time and makes me so much happier!

angelica1 said...

Hi Katy and Susan :)

SueBee said...

Hi angelica

Kenzz said...

HI to Susan, angelica, 30, Annie, Katy, Super, and anyone else who has checked in this morning...

Hope everyone had a fun weekend...

Please stay away from all those hate-filled boards and blogs...not worth your time!

angelica1 said...

Hi Kenzz - Personally,I normally do but curiosity got the better of me.Never again

SueBee said...

Hi kennzz

Thanks. Had a great weekend. Still recovering!

Kids are home for spring break. Not even a day and they are already arguing!

Hugs to all of my friends

Kenzz said...

angelica, "live & learn!"

Hey, how's your back? Do you have a definite date for the surgery scheduled yet?

Kenzz said...

Susan it sounds like you're going to have a loooonnnnggg week! :)

angelica1 said...

Kenzz - It's not too bad at themoment, I don't have a date yet,it probably won't be for a while

Claudia said...

Katy hello! I occasionally got on the board of Ted just because something, in the midst of all the garbage goes out every so often, such as wedding photos or other. And unfortunately I happen to read these cose.Premetto I've never believed in anything but sometimes even contradict some news is good, if only to show that we are here, the positive part of fans.Per the rest through tutte.e thank Roses in part he said in the post, now I'm going to commentare.Buona day or goodnight