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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Side by Side

Oh my.
You would have thought the world was coming to an end.
God I'm sick of this shit.
I really am.

Some pap or something in Vancouver
came across Rob and Kristen out and about.
And when she was shut down by John with taking pics...
She manages to run in front of them and grabs some grainy video
with her camera.

And do you have ANY idea how much this shit
has been blown up and analyzed?
It's mind boggling.
So fucking what?
Rob and Kristen were out together.
I wish people would just leave them be
when they aren't working.

And this picture?
Yeah, it looks like Rob and Kristen.
And having bodyguard John there
running interference
is a good indicator.

But honestly?
I don't need to see this stuff.
No one does.
And now both sides of the fandom are losing
whats left of their minds
asking inane questions about
If that is really them...
Are you sure this isn't part of some conspiracy??
This HAS to be old... has to be!
and oh my sweet God...
Because THAT is what is so damn important.
Our very existence is riding on this!
Good Fucking Grief.

In the grand scheme of things...
this matters LITTLE.

Ahh... Chris Weitz got himself a Twitter.
And he's a talkative little bugger.
As in...
He actually takes the time to answer fan questions.
Kinda nice of him... yes?

I've seen some of the questions.
I shuddered at 95% of them.
He's a brave man to take on this fandom.
So very very brave.
I wonder when it happens that he will say...
Enough of this fuckery?
And the Twi-world will have shot itself in the foot once more.

CW is actually answering questions about Rob and Kristen.
Not as in 'are they together'
He did say he wouldn't talk about their personal lives.
Good for him.
But he has been extremely kind about Rob
and extraordinarily kind about Kristen.
So nice to see good things.
He's a great guy for taking this on...
I just hope the fandom doesn't embarrass itself.
Oh wait.

Good Luck, Chris Weitz!
You have incredible courage!

Thomas Sweet Thomas.

No, this picture isn't (too) recent...
But apparently he was out again with his pal, Sienna.
And apparently they kissed.
Or something like that.
Oh dear boy.
Sienna has said that she is SINGLE.
It seems to me that she is spending a lot of time
up close and personal
with Mr. Sturridge.
NOT that I blame her.

Tom gives good face.

Good Luck with all that, Mr. Sturridge!

*wink wink nudge nudge*

This post is brought to you by the letter *G*


All the fluttering and flailing over one video.

I'm not sure why it just makes me shrug...
Maybe because its nothing NEW.
Rob and Kristen are together.
We get it.

Enough already.
It's exhausting... isn't it?

Bye for now


30 said...

Rose I actually tweeted Chris Weitz last night on twitter. (and I never tweet) but I got a bit maternal for him like I do for Rob and Kristen.LOL I dont want him too be taken advantage of buy Twi fans. Because he was being taken advantage of IMHO with most being ridiculous questions by fanatics.

So I nicely tweeted" C u r such a nice guy 2 answer Twi fans, but some (not me) r very "passionate"... as u know, B careful out in twitter world. LOL

Anyway, he is SO sweet, but the problem is it will never be enough for some.. the questions... NEVER will end. So again I say Chris. Be careful on twitter PLEASE :)

The video up top, the pics, the fucken "enlarged pics!" I cant take it. The stupidity of some. I am embarrassed for people I really am.

Anyway, WFE premiere was confirmed for NY on April 17! Who is going? :)

Sierra said...

second pic gosh rob actually looks good in that all black tailor made suit!

Kay said...

I just have to say - Chris Weitz is an incredibly patient and kind man..wonder how much more of the lunacy he will put up with?

The rest of it? Of course Rob and Kristen were together....why do these people continue to be surprised by completely normal behavior?

Hope you all have an awesome day....even if it is a Monday. :)

Penny Lane said...

Hi 30,

I've been reading CW on twitter also. Such a nice man. I think he's a little like a kid with a new toy right now, and has gotten addicted to twitter. Let's see how long he lasts.

jen said...

bwahahhaha, people are so dumb.

I don't understand the need to analyze every little thing either. They were out. I don't care if they were holding hands or not. No, nonnies, these aren't "stock" photos taken from 2009 for pr purposes. Stop trying to be frustrated Nancy Drews with your crazy theories!

And good god people, use some sense when addressing the too-kind Chris Weitz. I hope people return the favor and go see his new movie "A Better Life"--he's earned it with all the tweeting!

30 said...

Hi PL! :))

I agree, at some point he will get aggravated at the insane, over the top questions IMO. He is so sweet, and it irritates me the line of questions he was getting from most. The Sparking dick one was most "interesting"...

Brenda said...

Chris is a sweetheart. Too sweet for the crazy fandom. And to continue the posts from yesterday...as a Canadian I say you guys can have Celine Dion. Please. LOL

word verification: hotrobir - hotrob and then ir. I kid you not.

dottie said...

I sort of started feeling sorry for CW after I saw the questions he was getting.

30-I totally get why you felt compelled to tweet some encouragement his way.

As for the picture, I continue to be surprised by how little it takes to get people stirred up. And by the fact that there are some who are still surprised &/or outraged when R&K are seen out and about together. Like this hasn't been happening for years now.

Happy Monday everyone! And happy birthday week to Liza!!! ;)

deb said...

ho Rose just another day same shit I do hope when BD is over with then they can have some peace. DEB.

Groovie said...

Still love that banner. The page loads and I just want to stare a good, long while!

Happy sucky Monday everyone!

The extremes on both sides always let their nutty sides come out when there is "unclear" pix/vids of Rob & Kris, and I agree, who cares? Doesn't change the fact they are very much together & happy.
Happy that they haven't been bothered too much up in VanCity. Seems like they just went about their business & enjoyed their night regardless of a brief pap intrusion.

Chris Weitz has been nothing but a sweetheart on twitter. Genuinely funny, nice guy! Love hearing all his insights into his craft & experiences. Unfortunately lots of 2nd hand embarrassment from some of the questions he was asked. Nothing new there!

Hope u all have a good day, heading into yet another meeting!

Melinda said...

So Rob and Kristen were out with friends on Saturday night. So was I. Lucky for me I didn't have a pap chasing me around making a video of me walking (because you know walking is SOOO exciting).

I just hope Rob and Kristen shrugged it off and enjoyed whatever was left of their evening.

CW on twitter. You gotta love the stupidity shown in the questions. Yes 30, that "sparkle peen" question made me shake my head. I did however like his comeback.

Kudos for him for not talking personal stuff about R/K and for calling out the haters. Alas we shall see how long it lasts.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Enjoy your day.

BTW- 30 I keep meaning to say this. Your dog is so cute and I LOVE his name.

(for once I get an actual word for verification and it is "undies"- well okay then)

30 said...

Thanks Melinda for the nice comments on Sigmund. :)

I actually have him wrapped up in a blanket right now as I am writing. His hair is so short now and he is shaking from being cold I assume.


Roseland, please go and like this page, add 5 stars also "want too see it" :))


Birdie said...

How many years has this been going on? Yes, I'm still here but I'm just enjoying the ride(careers, premieres...)and witty Rose. The FACT that Robert and Kristen are together is icing on the cake and it is just a pleasure to see that they have each other in all this crazy.
Kay, you are right. This is just NORMAL behavior for two people that care about each other. Man, I am so glad this shit doesn't disturb me. How long can these over invested crazy people last?
It must be awful to be so tightly wound about someone else's lives. I reserve that for my children and as they get older, I am learning to back off. Put it into perspective people!

Hope said...

Hi Everyone...
Just read what Lee Pace (BD) said about Kristen in the NY Post today.
"Kristen Stewart looks like a proper movie star. Not like a teen sensation. She walks on set and it's pure movie star-ness. And you don't see that very often."

Yay...love you Lee!!

Kenzz said...

Rose, you and your sense of humor are going to be the death of me, I swear!

Your best line ever, hands down, has to be "and oh my sweet God...Are they HOLDING HANDS???" when describing the crazies' reaction to that video!

Truly, I cannot stop laughing... :)

Well, this just made my whole Monday.

Note to Chris Weitz: plase get out while you can from the cesspool that this "fandom" has deteriorated into...You seem like a lovely, earnest, and very funny man...I feel the need to apologize on behalf of all the sane fans out there for the completely assinine questions you are getting on Twitter.

katy said...

Hi, Rose!!

I also don't understand why some people feel the need to analize every single pic or whatever that comes out of Robert and Kristen...yes, they were out together, nothing new about that, it has been happening for years. I don't need to see things like that to prove to me that they are together and do normal stuff has others couples do.

As for Chris Weitz, I think is funny and has been to kind...some of the question people have been asking him are a little embarrassing...seriously asking him for 'sparkling glitter dicks'...I was like...have some respect for the man.

Hi, everyone!! Hope you are all having a great day

Hugs and take care

angelica1 said...

OMG!Couples holding hands in public, single people apparently kissing each other.Our whole society is doomed!!

Penny Lane said...

Angelica, you are so right. Society is doomed.

As Dr. Peter Venkman would say:
"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!"

Soleil Anne said...

Thanks for changing the background color to blue.
It better for the middle-age eyes,I think.
Great pic of R from WFE.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE..I MAY be wrong and often I am but it seems to me that the "pic" scenario is about as close to"assault and battery" as you can get without actual PHYSICAL contact....At the very least it is HARASSMENT...but what can be done? Obviously NOTHING unless R$K want to live in a "Bubble" and never do anything outside of a movie set..kinda like being IMPRISONED. Damnation..I hate that they are stalked like THAT!

Now, I am SURE CW will probably get his fill of the FUCKDOM on Twitter VERY SOON, but I have enjoyed his responses..he has a great sense of humor..Good for him, he will need it! lol

OMG, they were "holding hands"!?!? Nooooooo...it JUST cant beeeeee...MUST BE A MANIP...(EYEROLL)x100!


Super RN Gas Passer said...

PL..even my CATS dont get along with eachother..lol..I think we are all doomed! How was the Grand Canyon? Is it stil a really big hole?

Hey to 30, Kenzz, Katy, Angelica, Brenda love the word verif,Melinda, Birdie , Hope, Kay, Jen, Groovie(sorry about the boring meeting..I had to sit through one at 7 am) and anybody else I may have missed ((((HUGS))))
word verif spinooto

Anonymous said...


That was my face ^ after realising Tom is no longer with his ex - Nettie. And is in a new relationship. To me this is good news. There was rumors she wasn't too nice regarding the first trip for Kristen in IOW.

And wow, this is quite interesting news. I follow way too much of Rob and Kristen, that it's nice to hear about someone else really. More celeb gossip.

I'm a sucker for gossip.

I was kind of hoping for Chris Weitz to have no problems with lunatics. But in the first 24 hours he's having to deal with the lunatics. :(

Chris Weitz though I'm so happy he's on twitter. His tweets are hilarious, and I love how he defends Kristen to the haters.

Hope said...

Hi Super...glad to hear the baby shower yesterday was so much fun. Happy for you and yours.

Angelica...yeah, what is this world coming to?? Holding hands!! doomed...LOL...

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HOPE..Hi ..Thanks..Got Chili in the crock pot and doing some ironing..Fun...heh..Hope your day is going well.

Freddie said...

Hi Ladies,

I'm really sorry that Rob and Kristen were essentially stalked the other evening so that person could score her picture and video. It's unfortunate they couldn't be left alone.

I must admit, though, that I'm kind of amused at the thought of all the CSI-wannabees out there with their magnifying glasses pouring over the pictures and getting all in a tizzy at the prospect of Rob and Kristen holding hands. It kind of makes me chuckle.

I hope everyone is having a really good day. The sun is shining here (and it is even light out at 5:00 pm in the afternoon) so it is a good day. Stay well all.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Well, I see CHARLIE SHEEN has been fired today from his show...I hope he gets the help he needs. What a shame...such a good actor

DreamerKind said...

Good Evening, All!

Will be out to b-day dinner and celebrating for the daw tonight, so later, and then even later.

Vangie said...

what i have notice,1 the person, who took the video of R & K,IT'S NOT AQ PAPS. IT A YOUNG GIRL USING HER CAMERA phone, [video] on twitter mostly they are teenagers, they always have a exam or school, i even, read about how much they love justin b, so they do not think about,what harm, they are bringing, they might never hold each other hands again, because, you never know, who could be looking, but just me R & K, DO YOUR THIMG

MySoCalledLife said...

I'm always late to the party, but finally got around to watching the international WFE trailer last night and it looks craaaazy good. I didn't realize until it was over that I was holding my breath the entire time (didn't know I could hold it for that long!). So excited for this!

As for the photo, I'm so tired of the b.s., I won't even comment. Anything these 2 do will be disected to death and they know it. They are smart to keep things private. I only wish others would respect their wishes.

The jury is out on Tom & Sienna. If he's having fun, then I'm happy for him. I'm curious how she would fit in as the 4th to the R/K/T trio? ;)

Chris Weitz is hilarious and seems really sweet. I just visited his twitter and it looks like he updated his bio to state he'll only answer Twilight questions on Tuesdays and possibly weekends. Smart move. He'll need a break if he wants to keep up with these crazy ass fans. LOL!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great night. TGMO (Thank Goodness Monday's Over)!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose and Roseland!

Of course Rob and Kristen were together. Where else would they be? I just wish people would put away the cameras and the cell phones and just let them be in peace. Enough already!

Love Chris Weitz on twitter. How cool is he? So funny and honest. I bet Rob and Kristen really enjoyed working with him :)

30- I saw that tweet about the 'sparkle penis' LMAO! Who would ask this?!

Hope everyone had a good day!

Hugs to all :)

wig4usc said...

When I saw the blog header, it made me catch my breath! Gorgeous! And as soon as I saw that grainy dark video, I knew it was on. People would be screaming from both sides...good grief!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Everyone!

The hoopla about the picture is par for the course. I am just happy that Rob and Kristen are together and happy!

Another snow day here and I spent most of it making raffle tickets for daw's cheer team...we are trying to raise money to go to nationals in Ocean City, Maryland.

Hope everyone is well.

30~WFE premiere is still up in the air for me...are you going to go? I talked to Annie about it a while ago and she said premieres are a zoo.

beaculen said...

I saw a blurb about someone seeing Rob and Kristen walking and holding hands, and apparently the fan tried to take a pic and was asked not to by the bodyguard. Honestly I thought that was cool, if that was what actually happened, she stopped when asked to. Then today I see the grainy video, another copy of it "enhanced". And I thought how much it must suck to not be able to walk down the street and hold your girlfriends hand without your privacy being constantly stepped on. That's not a fan, that's a stalker, and I hope she enjoys her 15 mins of non-fame. I don't know why but it really bothered me. Thanks Rose for being the ray of sanity in this sometimes insane fandom.

gwen said...

Hello all! Great post as usual Rose. So R/K were out last night, so what?! Every normal couple do that and why are those peeps asking for any PDA anyway as if relationship can be based on that. Seriously, do they want R/K to lock themselves up. Sheesh, they need to grow up. Love CW by the way, i have read his tweets, he's such a cutie.

Hello DK, Bren and Birdie. See ya later

Birdie said...

Good morning Roseland!
Gwen,how nice to see you! Hope everything is going OK in your world.
Hello Bren, wherever you are!

DK, where are you tonight. Did you celebrate C.'s bithday in style? Are you STILL celebrating her B-day? Hope you both had a great time.
I'll check back in case any of you nightowls are roaming around in the night.

sue said...

Omfg "they are holding hands" how fucking shocking. Yes people they are together, they love each other so get over it. Please don't tell me there are still ignorant idiots who don't acknowledge this, I mean how blind are you people? I love them, how they try to manage living a 'normal' life and it's nobody's business what they do or say to protect their love. Sometimes I am astonished of the crap and 'the analyzing eveything they do' these two have to go true, just unfuckingbelievable. No wonder they are downhearted (interviews) sometimes.

Wildhart007 said...

Morning Roseland!

I see people are in an uproar over nothing as usual.

Really enjoyed the WFE trailer. It looks so good!

Kristen as SW is exciting! I know she will bring intensity to the role.

DK loved Beautiful Day by U2. I'm going to see them in July. Hope you had a good time last night .


olivia said...

Good morning Rose,

I do believe that one of my favorite pics by famed photographer A.L. may be the Vanity Fair extra/out-take where Rob is playing with members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. What a wonderful experience for Rob. So happy that he received the opportunity to enjoy the music.


Hope you had a lovely birthday celebration with your daughter, DK.

Hi Linda, have an excellent day.

Hugs to y'all, sweet Roselanders.
Hugs to Smitty, Gruff, and Syd too!

Melinda said...

Happy Tuesday morning everyone!

Linda- Love U2! Have a feeling you are going to have a lot of fun at their concert.

Olivia- Thanks for sharing that outtake. It's a great picture. I love the mini story that went with it. How cool is that?!

One other thing. I haven't seen the video or the pics of R/K from last Sat. night. I assumed a pap was involved. Now I read it was a fan that was asked not too but still did. I wish there was a way to knock some sense into these so called "fans" sometimes. Oh well enough grumbling.

angelica1 said...

Melinda - She's not a fan, she calls herself a "journalist", she runs Twitours in VC.She sold her video to People

ADD said...

Happy International Women's Day to everyone.

Daniel Craig in drag for International Women's Day.

He's my favorite 007.

Wildhart007 said...

Hi Roseland!

Lunch break quickie!

Olivia I tried to post the other day that I hoped you enjoyed your day off going to the estate sale. (My laptop showed I posted but when checked my phone it wasn't there.) Anyway, I always enjoy reading your comments. Can't wait to get home and check the pic out!

Melinda glad to find another U2 fan. Last time I seen them live was the Joshua Tree tour. (Been awhile lol) Hope you are doing well seems we are never here at the same time.

ADD My favorite Bond was Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan.