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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rob and Kristen and a Dog Named Bear

I know... I know...

Leno One

Leno Two

Leno THREE!!!!
What do I fucking say here?
Look at Robert...
All glidey and smooth
Strolling out on stage with Jay Leno.

Damn it to hell.
Leno One still wins.
Hands fucking Down.
I'm sure the wrinkled, unpolished Rob just appeals to me more...
And let's face it... the smirk on his face?
That is ALL kinds of sexy.

 Rob was all kinds of adorable on Leno...
Although he seemed a bit uncomfy with the suit.
And didn't the brown shirt look familiar?
I'm sure we've seen all of this before...
And I realized that makes me sounds all obsessive and stuff
But it's hard not to notice what Rob wears 
because he has a habit of wearing the same clothes
again and again.
And again.
And again.

"I knew I should have left when I was done..."

Rob did great.
He was funny and charming...
and the only time I think he was truly uncomfortable
was when that lady who keep yelling about VAMPIRES
came out and was screeching at him about being
sparkly and bullshit like that.
I was thinking
And you DO realize he's not REALLY Edward Cullen... Right?

This is more like it...
The MTV interview was wonderful.
I loved it.

Rob admitted that he was misquoted in the VF article.
Seems like that happens a lot in the print interviews
(Stay away from the print, Rob... Don't go into the print!)

Nothing too revealing of course.
He was giggly and adorkable and witty.
The Rob we have all come to love.
He was obviously much more comfortable in this setting
With Josh Horowitz
in his regular clothes...
No big shockers.
He did take a road trip from L.A. to New Orleans.
But well...
We already knew he did that... didn't we?
Oh and he did adopt a shelter puppy.
So sweet.
He calls it "Bear"
So I guess that was all true too.
"They" did adopt a puppy.
I'm not sure what the regulations are about transporting dogs
across the Canadian border...
But I'm guessing the dog is somewhere in L.A. right now
Maybe keeping a certain cat company...

Shabby Perfection.

 Kristen was only briefly mentioned in this interview
and only in the capacity that they 'act' together
That seems to be the safest way for Rob to discuss her...
But of course people are dissecting his facial expressions
and the fact he cracked his knuckles
(Something that Kristen is known to do as well)
as some sort of sigh that he hates Kristen.

I find all the over analyzing and dissection tedious.
Give it a rest already.

Rob was funny and cute and wonderful...
and he seems so proud of WFE
He looked incredible in the clip they showed
and LOVE LOVE LOVE the accent.
He did a phenomenal job with it.

I really don't like giving interviews...

So what do we take away from yesterday's overflowing Robness?

1. Rob is still funny and charming and witty
and gorgeous and wonderful and everything good.

2. Rob did get a shelter dog.
I guess the sightings in L.A. 
with him and Kristen at the vet...
and Nikki's oopsie about 'their' dog...
Well...you can fill in the blanks.

3. Rob looks absolutely BRILLIANT
in WFE and he's so proud and happy 
and lights up when he talks about
Tai the elephant.

4. Rob/Tom/Sam did take a road trip to New Orleans.
Where Kristen just happened to be working...
And while they were in an Apt
I mean HOTEL room... that's right...
They acted like monkeys and ate orange (?) chicken wings.

5. Rob does so much better...
in live interviews.
I know his words will still be twisted
and there will be intense scrutiny of his every move...
But it was wonderful to see him talk and laugh
and just be Rob
(and lets not forget the walk...
NEVER forget the walk)

6. No declarations of love.
No non denial denials.
(that's a lot of no's)
Just Rob talking about stuff.
Being all cute and adorable while doing it.

7. I love Robert Pattinson.

Just because.
8. Did you hear someone yell out "TOM STURRIDGE"
during the Leno interview when Rob was talking about the 
road trip and said something about one of his 'friends'
being recognized as in 
"Hey aren't you friends with Robert Pattinson?"

I mean it's cute and all that...
But Tom should be recognized for more than being
Robert's best friend.
Not that its a bad thing to be...
Oh no.
I would LOVE to have that role...
But Tom is probably way better at it than I would be...
Cuz I would be all starry-eyed and shit...
and Rob would be like...
"Rose! Why do you keep asking me to walk across the room??"
Tom is a good choice.

He really is.

This post is brought to you by the letter *R*

R for

The INTOXICATION level is still

Bye for now


Freddie said...

Hi folks,

Perfect timing. I’m just popping in quickly before heading out for the night. I really enjoyed the interview with Josh Horowitz (the Leno one was good, but too short). I thought Rob did a great job – being charming, funny, smart, smiley – everything we could have wanted. As others have commented, I only wish the questions had been better and they hadn’t wanted to cover as much ground as they did. Rob is a really intelligent, thoughtful man, and I would have liked to hear more exploration of his thoughts. But I guess you don’t get than on MTV.

Rose, glad you have a new “walking” picture to add to your files. I hope it made you feel a little bit “twirly”. Better not drive or operate heavy equipment today given your intoxication level.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

dottie said...

We all thought the same thing when we saw the pic of Rob walking onto the Tonight Show stage.... "ROSE!" haha

I like happy, fun days so much better than the yucky, foam days. Oh, I know it's out there, but yesterday was just so full of good stuff I can't hear or see the foam right now. ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their week end!

Groovie said...

Great summation of the awesomeness that was yesterday!
MTV interview was great, Rob did really well considering it was live, that had to be a tad nerve racking! He was cute talking about Bear & Tai.
WFE is going to be so huge for him and I was happy to see how happy he is with the experiences he had on it.

Oh and I loved the story about he & Kris paying mackenize when they cuss, that was funny!

Overall, great day of Rob goodies!
And as far as "the 3 Lenos" I gotta say Leno #2 wins for me, love the suit & hair.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
Same goes for Rob & Kristen (and Bear!) :)

Hope said...

Rob and Kristen and a Dog Named Bear...and a Cat Named Jella!!
Ahh...one big happy family.

30 minutes of LIVE, uninterrupted Rob was the best...the Josh and Rob Show...win, win!!

Hey Freddie, Dottie, Groovie

Hi Rhonda...missed you earlier.

Freddie...have fun tonight.

Frances said...

Yes Rose! Rob's walk is an original, it's his trademark! (Sort of like John Wayne's characteristic walk.) Those three photos of Rob walking made me laugh out loud! Rose you are so clever.

30 said...

I actually thought of Rose when Rob "strutted" "swayed" out on the MTV interview. He kind of a flowed... I was like YEAH. He knows his Rose is watching.That was just for her. LOL

And Robs LOVES too say New Jersey! ya all know I had a HUGE smile on my face when he said that one. :P I bet he and Kris would have a good time down here at the Jersey Shore!

What I also learned about Rob was he has VERY good taste in music. Mid 90's rap, YUP he does. :)

Speaking of Rap and the 90's I was on u tube and came across a rap song, (old fav of mine.) But it kind of reminded me a few of are resident crazies! Fits them well. No offense too The Gravediggazs meant.

Diary of a madman:

Kay said...

Happy Saturday Roseland!

Yesterday was great...all kinds of win. The interview with Josh was my favorite....comfortable, relaxed, funny, smiley and happy Rob. Good stuff. :)

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

30 said...

Hi Hope! :) I agree, Josh and Rob = Win Win! I was LMAO the hole 30 minutes. :) I agree with Rose. Rob and written interviews are not the way too go. Live is so much better for himself and his real fans. lol

deb said...

Rose what can I say LOVE the WALK and LOVE the SMILE THATS OUR ROB HE LOOKED GOOD LAST night Yep Kristens doing a good job KEEPING HIM HAPPY.Can't wait to see WFE. DEB.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penny Lane said...

Hello Roseland,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Tonight is supposed to be a Super Full Moon. The biggest and bestest in 20 years.

Does that mean the biggest weirdos will be out tonight too? Beware!

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! Awesome post

What a night, the the LiveStreams didn't work and I was starting to get a little upset but I didn’t budge an inch from my computer until someone posted the the interviews. Rob interview with Josh was wonderful. I loved seeing him in such a good mood and relaxed...He was just to funny and adorable and don't you just love the sound of Robert's laugh. Rob on Leno was great too!! and he looked SO gorgoeus!!

Awww, and I love the name Bear…Yogi Bear...SO cute. Wonder if Bear and Jella get along :)

I thought it was funny Mckenzie getting paid each time both of them curse.

The part where Rob was Imitating
Kristen when she is like "… its just obvious!" is funny too…I can totally see her saying that :)

It was all GOOD stuff...I loved every single minute.

Hi, everyone!! Hope you are having a great day.

Hugs to all

Hope said...

Hi 30 !!

I know...wasn't it the best??
LIVE and Uncensored Rob.

So...perhaps "LIVE With Kristen and Josh" will be the next installment.

LoriJ said...

Oh Rose!!
I swear we have the same brain!! I sat last night on my mini..with my top of the line earbuds in (so I could hear that sweet sexy ass voice)listen to his every word! I love Josh's interviews! And I think Rob and Kristen are most comfortable with him. They are buds!
Leno was good too ..but you are right.alittle stiff in the suit! That lady...ahhhh..drove me nuts! I was like.lady come on catch a freakin grip..he's not a vamp!!
Any way..I love your blogs!!

and p.s. TOM...not much to say on that matter..I think we all feel the same!! <3!! :)


Anonymous said...

Loved both interviews but yes the MTV one with Josh was the best. Rob was just so relaxed and Josh just has a great way of getting Rob to talk. I loved all the Kristen comments and him mimicking how they "discuss" their approaches to acting. That was such couple behavior, precious and priceless. Love the name Bear for the dog, wish we knew what it looked like.

Rob interviews are always best on video or audio since print is easier to edit to the writer's agenda.

DreamerKind said...

Happy Saturday dear Rose & Roselanders!

Many thanks for the fun and uplifting post for OBVIOUS reasons. Sure do appreciate you!
As many others have commented, I also enjoyed the Josh interview best and was then very happy to have more of everything that Rob is, on Leno, too.

And today the sun is shining! Imagine that...

@Penny Lane
Super Moon? Well, that will be something to see, too. Why it may be almost as wonderfully bright and as interesting, as Rob being himself.

I am definitely staying home tonight and will be playing here on Roseland. Hopefully, some others will join me.


katy said...


Ohh, and I also meant to say that I agree with you Rose, 'Tom should be recognized for more than being just Robert's best friend'...He is also and actor and good one.
That being said, I also think that Rob couldn't ask for far more loyal and sweet friend.

And, now I am laughing a this picture in my mind of you Rose asking numerous of things to Rob just to see him walk across the room :)

bye, hugs

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

I had a feeling your next post would include 'walking' Rob, and this one was all kinds of good, thanks :)

Jella and Bear..how cute is that? I hope they are good playmates :)

Katy- I thought it was adorable when Rob said Mackenzie was making money off the curse words, lol :)

Freddie- Enjoy your evening!

Hi Everyone!

gigi9598 said...

I really enjoyed the MTV interview with Rob better than Leno, Rob more relaxed in comfy clothes, laughing and at ease.

Rhonda said...

Penny- Lol, I just read your comment. I guess I better stay inside tonight, hehehe :)

DreamerKind said...

Stay inside and play on here with me. We can toast to the Super Moon and Rob, and .... stuff.

DreamerKind said...


Shirley Bassey:
Play it here:

Till the moon deserts the sky
Till the all the seas run dry
Till then I'll worship you

Till the tropic sun turns cold
Till this young world grows old
My darling, I'll adore you

You are my reason to live
All I own I would give
Just to have you adore me, oh, oh, oh

Till the rivers flow upstream
Till lovers cease to dream
Till then I'm yours, be mine

You are my reason to live
All I own I would give
Just to have you adore me

Till the rivers flow upstream
Till lovers cease to dream
Till then I'm yours, be mine

Thank you/nascentnero

DreamerKind said...

Turn Around Look At Me

The Vogues:

There is someone walking behind you,
turn around, look at me.

There is someone watching your footsteps,
turn around, look at me

There is someone who really needs you,
here's my heart in my hand.

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(look at me,) understand,understand,

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And there's someone who'll love and guide you.
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I've waited, but I'll wait forever for you to come to me.

Look at someone (look at someone) who really loves you,

Yeah, really loves you.
Turn around, look at me.

Thank you/boswell69

Penny Lane said...

Speaking of Supermoons, I was at the store today and there was an overweight man of maybe 30 leaning over the counter. If he had exposed any more of his butt crack that would have been a supermoon for sure.

Hi DK,

You're starting early tonight. I'm just passing through.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post. When I saw Rob walking, I automatically thought of how happy you would be. I agree the MTV interview was great, Rob was relaxed and happy and looked great. I prefer casual Rob. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Rhonda said...

Hi DK- I will meet you back here a little later and we will toast a few. I have a request: Gravity by Sara Bareilles :)

Hi Barbara :)

DreamerKind said...

@Penny Lane
Yes, I have begun the beguine. Celebrating has no time frame.

Lovely, I'll see you whenever you arrive.

DreamerKind said...

When Love Begins

Don McLean:
Copy here and play it:

In someone's hand there is a land, where I must surely go, where she is
To learn what she must know, when she gives all her love away.

To him that seems as in her dreams, unbroken by the storm on the sea
But quiet deep and warm ever free, To give his love away

And when these two have found the land, the world is not the same
For though it spins when love begins
The world is not the same

This is one change I always have longed for
I always belonged more to you than to anyone
And in your hand the stars the sand,
The rain and wind are new, as we live

And learn what love can do, when we give all our love away
And now we too have found the land, the world is not the same

For though it spins when love begins, the world is not.... the.... same.

Thank you/homelessbrother

DreamerKind said...

Butt cracks are, big or small, long or short, rather fascinating, I think.

After all, we couldn't walk our special kind of ways, and get to appreciate those who have a special way of walking, that we are fascinated to watch, without them!

beaculen said...

I thought the MTV interview was all kinds of awesome, and Leno was pretty good too. I loved it that he said he asked his dad for material for Leno. He's too stinkin cute. He seems almost as excited about WFE as we all are, the new clip was great! When he told the story about the elephant farting in Reese's I almost died laughing. Your right Rose, he's sooo much better on video rather than print. thanks agian.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good Evening Roseland from Bethune SC..I am in the middle of the woods with my husband and some of his friends at his Observatory. We have just finished eating steak and drinking margaritas..there is just one slight problem...It is cloudy so we cant really "observe" the moon or anything else for the time being..heh..Oh well!

PL..Google "Walmartians" and you will see butt cracks and many other "astounding" people who regularly visit Walmart. ALSO, there is a Walmart in China..they have all kinds of "meat" laid out on tables in there...alligator, turtles and ALL kinds of exotic "dead" animals to purchase...yum....(eye roll) Diversity...makes the world go round!

Hello DK and RHONDA when you return.

DreamerKind said...

The Very Thought Of You

Don McLean sings an oldie @ :48:

The very thought of you
And I forget to do
The little ordinary things
That everyone ought to do

I'm living in a kind of daydream
I'm happy as a king
And foolish though it may seem
To me that's everything

The mere idea of you
The longing here for you
You'll never know how slow
The moments go till
I'm near to you

I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love

Thank you/josephj2o

DreamerKind said...

Walk Like A Man

The Four Seasons:

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Walk like a man my son
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I'll tell the world "forget about it, girl"
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Thank you/Fatensiddique

DreamerKind said...

You know how envious I am about you being at the observatory without me!

And, yes, I have no margaritas either, but still I'll wave the magic wand so the clouds will move on, and you all can see the Super Moon. Better do it here for myself, since it's cloudy, too.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

I would like to propose a toast Ladies...Happy Saturday night..raise your glasses..


ROBERT PATTINSON..here, here....may your new movie ,WFE, EXCEED all expectations at the box office and may it place you in the top five of highly respected actors, where you obviously BELONG!

KRISTEN STEWART...here,here...may you continue to be the excellent actress that you are!May you "stun us" and I think you will..with your performance of Bella the Vampire in BD Part One and Two..(not sure IF we will have to wait for Part 2 to see you as a Vampire)..heh..Cant wait! and THEN "captivate us" with your portrayal of Snow White...(cant wait for that either).! AND...(Im almost finished)..may you never forget how much your fans at Roseland love you and hold you in such high esteem that we will never allow a few sick TROLLS to EVER touch you!

Here, here..To ALL Sane and Compassionate Roselanders...You have "stayed the course" through thick and thin, you have been "SLOW to ANGER", "QUICK TO FORGIVE OTHERS" even if they wont apologize for "THEIR" malice, if you have been "misunderstood" you have quickly acted to attempt to set things "right"! You are the "exception" in a diverse and often frightening FANDOM.

OK..If anyone else would like to carry forward another round, by all means go ahead!

DreamerKind said...

Moon Over Miami

Paul Roby/The Platters:

Moon over Miami
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So we can stroll beside the roll
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Offer thunderous applause
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Moon over Miami
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A little kiss
On Miami Shore

Thank you/tripeo47

Wildhart007 said...

Evening Roseland!!

Still can't post from my laptop.

Enjoying the Super Moon here. Seen Louisa posted yesterday.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

DK enjoyed the Barney Google song.

Thought of Rose as soon as I seen Rob walk out on Leno. I believe Olivia said everything about yesterday beautifully.


Lol my Veri word is refrump!

DreamerKind said...


Here's to Rob!

Here's to Kristen!

Here's To Sane and Compassionate Roselanders!

Here's to Super and her toasts!

Here's to the Super Moon!

Here's to the Japanese and their bravery and calm!

Here's to New Zealand and its people!

Here's to Australia!

Here's to the world and every being upon it!

Here's to LOVE! Long may it reign!

cj said...

Oh YES!!! Rob has THE best walk/strut!!! I don't think he even realises it!!! I'm with you, Rose!!!

DreamerKind said...

Linda, how strange about the laptop. Glad you can use your phone instead.

Olivia always says it all, so well, that I need not say more.

Roseland has good talkers, walkers, lookers, cookers, the best of the lot, says I.

Wildhart007 said...

Wow! What awesome toasts! May have to go get my sparkling grape juice.(lol, as that is all I have on hand at the moment )

Now veri is ariests. Might I get arrested going for a better drink.

gwen said...

Love it all Rose, the pics (especially the pics), the post and the Rob. I love his interviews, he is so funny and witty and umm... need i say more? LOL. I think hearing him laughing is enough for me. He laugh like a 5 y.o kid and it is soo cute and contagious. I got it bad i say ;)

Hi DK, Wild, Super, PL and everyone else!

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Gwen! Glad you are okay!

DreamerKind said...

Hey, bambina, you got it bad for Rob, and we got that, too!

Kenzz said...

Oh Roseland, how I've missed you! (Although 5 days in San Diego/Coronado was a nice alternative!)

Just caught Rob on Leno last nite...sooo polished, but the comedienne next to him...please!!

Walking Rob...how many of us think, "OOOOHH, Rose wil flove that walk!"

@Super...great toast...cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two (ooops, three, counting sweet Thomas!)...

Very glad to be back and hope my blog friends have a woderful rest to your weekend!

hugs to Smitty, Gruff, and Syd!

Wildhart007 said...

What an awesome way to finish this awful time change week with Rob interviews and another trailer from WFE.

Super How are you? It's been forever.

DK hope your daw is doing much better.

DreamerKind said...

Was thinking about you and wondering when you were coming home and back to Roseland. Nice to see you.

Daw is much better.

gwen said...

Wildhart- im good, just being lazy and all ;)

DK- i miss you last night. Where do you off to? Is Cass okay now?

Super- hear, hear let's have a toast for them and us!

Kenzz said...

Hi DK! You can't believe how I've missed your wonderful playlists!
Hope all is well with you, and I haven't missed any of your greatly amusing stories!

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Kenzz! San Diego sounds wonderful. Good to see you back.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KENZZ..I am so glad to see you tonight!

LINDA..I have MISSED you too!

I am fixing to switch from Margaritaville to Wineville..Wish me luck..Be back in a few..

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Oh, GWEN..Welcome to the Saturday night party at Roseland..How are things over in the Phillipines today?

Melinda said...

Just a quick drop by as my day was busy (which I'm sure I'm not the only one who had a busy day).

Loved the Josh and Rob show last night! I think Rob (and Kristen) should always do live interviews. This way no one can edit what they say to slant it they way they want.

Leno was good as well. Pretty short but that was to be expected. That Whitney chick was a little much. Why the loud voice?? Someone should have slipped something in her "green room" drink to chill her out.

I have seen some tweets being sent to Summit asking them to allow Josh H. to interview Rob and Kristen for some BD promo. He is game he said.

A BD joint interview with Rob, Kristen and Josh??? That would be fantastic!

Freddie- Hope you enjoyed your evening. A production of South Pacific is coming to a larger city near me for the 2011-12 season. I'm super excited as I have wanted to see it on Broadway forever but it has never played until now.

PL- Just say no to crack and all that! Sorry you had to bleach your eyes. :)

I hope that what is left of the weekend is wonderful for all.

Kenzz said...

hey Super & Wildheart!

Ssan Diego was heavenly...is it possible to fall in love with a city?

Super, speaking of Marguerita's, being so close to the border, I had the opportunity this week to sample some fabulous and quite authentic margueritas...the best (as I remember!) was a "skinny marguerita", where the bartender squeezed 3 fresh limes and added agave syrup to reduce the sugar content...yummy!

Kenzz said...

OMG Melinda...since I have neither the time nor the inclination to go back over an entire week's worth of blog comments, PLEASE tell me why Pennylane had to bleach her eyes!!! Eeewww

Wildhart007 said...

Okay I have the sparkling grape juice out :) and am toasting Rose, Smitty, Gruff, Syd, and all the wonderful people in Roseland:)


Kenzz said...

Linda, from this part-Irish gal, Happy belated St. Patrick's Day cheers to you , as well!

Melinda said...


She saw a man bending over at the store today. Said something like it was a really big crack too. Not something you want to see for sure.

Glad you had a nice mini-vacay. San Diego is a really pretty town from what I have heard. Also great weather all year round as well.

Rhonda said...


Kenzz- Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful time :)

Hi Linda, Super, Gwen and Melinda:)

DK- What's your poison tonight?

Melinda said...

Hi Rhonda...just passing though...haven't gotten a good night's sleep all week for whatever reason and am about to pass out so I'm out for the night.

Hope you have had a great day today!

Kenzz said...

Melinda :
I'm sorry I asked!! haha

& Yes, San Diego was exquisite...great city yet a really aid back beachy vibe...I'm thinking I need to get a job as a travel writer! lol

Hi Rhonda! Hope your weather has improved as much as our's has in New England...

gwen said...

Wildhart- you've said it, what a way ending a bad week. Just seeing him makes it all good for me.

Super- its the start of summer and its scorching hot!

DK- glad Cass is alright.

Hi Kenzz and Melinda!
Im having a hard time posting, damn internet ugh

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Melinda! Glad you are here.

Kenzz that description of the Marguerita was heavenly.

Gwen you are always doing and working too much to be lazy:)

Super hope the clouds clear for you.

Hi! Rhonda how is it going?

DreamerKind said...

Awww, you're sweet to miss them, and no, nothing amusing has oozed out of me lately. Maybe tonight.

I am well, no longer hungover and crabby but delightfully silly and happy.

Rhonda said...

Melinda- I did have a great day, thanks for asking. You get some sleep and I'll catch you later :)

Kenzz- Yes, the weather has been great!

Rhonda said...

Linda- I'm good, sorry about all your laptop problems :(

Super RN Gas Passer said...

MELINda...Drink a glass of milk and you will sleep good..trypotphan..it works better than anything else I have ever tried.

Kenzz said...

DK, you are NEVER crabby, but always entertaining, and sometimes tittilating! Looking forward to your next adventure.. I had a rather embarrassing evening out with a lady friend at my hubby's business mtg this week, so I'm the first to "forgive & forget" those of us who have an "interesting" nite out!!

Rhonda, Gwen, Linda, Melinda, & Super...glad to hear from all of you...

Wildhart007 said...

DK delightfully silly and happy is good.

Watched Marmaduke after work today. Reminded me of my great Dane so much.

I'm so slow on this phone aghhh:(

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LINDA...I am good..Just finished a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon...

Hi RHONDA..How are you?

DK..What can we toast to now? It is still cloudy here.

GWEN..I was just talking to a guy who lived in South Africa for 21 years and it is Fall there now he says.

gwen said...

Wild- lol maybe it is time to be lazy a bit huh.

It is good that almost all the regs are here. Its been awhile since its quiet here in Roseland w/ everybody is busy w/ their thing.

Rhonda said...

Hi Super- I'm really good :) The Observatory sounds cool!

Kenzz said...

SUPER, I'll join you in a glass of Cab (since my body time is all mixed up...I feel like it's almost 8pm, not almost 11!)

Are you still emjoying the full moon?

Wildhart007 said...

Super okay I'll trade your drink for mine.

Gwen it has been quiet. RL has been hectic recently. One day this week 3 people crossed the double yellow and tried to run me off the road.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

GUYS..the moon is hidden behind the clouds still...It is nice out here anyway..there is a light cool breeze..it was 81 degrees here today..very nice..only problem is the pollen is coming out in full force..the cars are covered in green.. I have had a good day just the same.. hope you all have as well.

ROSE..If you are around, come and join in with us. What are you up to this evening???

Kenzz said...

Linda, stay SAFE!

Goodnite, Roseland...I'm having trouble convincing my body it should feel like it's 3 hours earlier than what the east coast is telling me!

Sleep tight, Roselanders; and Smitty & those whom
you love!

gwen said...

Time to exit here now guys, gotta go grab some lunch. It is good talking to you all. Until next time. Have a lovely weekend!

Wildhart007 said...

Night Kenzz and Gwen

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Guys..My husband has informed me he needs to shut down the internet so I bid you all a fond farewell...hopefully I will see you soon. Good night and sleep well.

DreamerKind said...

Sorry, I had to talk to a friend for a while and skipped out.

I am drinking Cab Zin and it is delish.

The wind is up now and blowing, so the clouds may move early am, as you know they do. I whispered to the wind, that your hubs. needs a clear view for photos.

It is nice to have the regs here and you!

By the way, anyone who wants to see the cranky, crabby part of me, just send me an email, and one day, I'll answer you like that, you can bank on it. Depends on the life surprises and copious amounts of whatever.

Did I tell you all, how many people I kissed on St. Pats?

I can't even remember but sure feel foolish now having done it, but couldn't help myself, for we all needed them.

The FGM was the designated kisser!

DreamerKind said...

Ok, let's take inventory. Who's left here with me?

Goodnight, sweet Others who have left.

Word verf: loss band lossband
I feel loss for my lost band but the band played on and Casey waltzed with the Strawberry Blonde, like I am.

Kenzz said...

FGM (aka DK)...I am finishing up my cab that I was sharing with Super, so perhaps YOU & I can end the dregs together

BTW Who were the most memorable kisses that you imbibed upon during Thursday? Spill, won't you?

DreamerKind said...

Sure wished you weren't so logical, going to bed and adjusting your sleep schedule.

Instead you would stay and share the story about your "interesting" time at hubby's business mtg. Maybe next time, you'll dish.

Wildhart007 said...

Night Super

DK glad you got kisses for St Paddy 's day.
You can include me in the we:)

Redownloaded (is that a word?) Java again, no help on laptop problem

Wildhart007 said...

Yes both of you dish

Kisses and embarrassing behavior sounds fun!

DreamerKind said...

Where to begin?

The most memorable time was when Carmen, who told me he was Italian, said, "Give me a kiss!" and so I said, "Yes, after all it is St. Paddy's Day!", so I did.

There was a 52 year old man, who I kissed on the cheek, that had a romance story to share, but he lost my attention when he said he thought I was only 45, younger than he, and not happy that I'm not.

Silly men, with agendas-are too silly for me.

DreamerKind said...

Truly, I didn't get, as good as I gave, and that is the real gift, the giving.

My son, did tell me how wonderful he has discovered that I am, since his friends are constantly saying so, and he didn't believe it before.
He gave me lots of hugs and kisses, too. Such a thrill, when your grown kids, suddenly SEE you.

His friends were generous with their hugs and I tried to get myself invited to one of their weddings in May, but don't think they bought it. I promised to wave the wand for a fair day and give a nice gift.

We'll see. I love weddings as much as Rob loves babies, I think.

Hanging out with us, can be tittilating, watch out.

Kenzz said...

DK, against my better judgement ( & bcuz I changed my avi from my real pic to a more ambiguous photo), I will share my moment of shame with you..of course, I assume the rest of you will pass over my words of humiliation, for only DK can pass judgement!!

The Hub (et all) had a dinner mtg, allowing another unfortunate soul ("unsupervised wifey") to our own devices...we proceeded to enjoy the abundance of free flowing vino to the point where we forgot to eat dinner...however, wonderful conversation ensured, so we're told..

The friend's hub became quite embarrassed near the end of the evening, where upon she began using untoward language which began with the ltr "f"...(of course, my hubs was completely nonplussed at these words!! lol)

There was no naked table dancing, so I feel it was an acceptable evening!! Although, drunk wives at a business function evidently causes a bit of drama...to paraphrasde SYD, fuck that! lol

Wildhart007 said...

DK kissed by an Italian (molto calda )

Your son needed to wake up (glad he sees the real you )

Never been to a big wedding. Not even my own.lol

Okay waiting for titillation :)


Kenzz said...

DK: You must watch out for those Italians...charmers (& heartbreakers, one and all!)

Your comments re:your son and his feelings towards you brought a tear to my eayes...I am reading the The Weismanns of Westport (or something close to that title), and your reflections upon another (younger) generation reminded me of that book... SWEET

I wish I could share more embarrassing anecdotes about my evening, but most embarrassingly, I can't remember!

Suffice it to say, DK, that as I was checking out of the hotel @ 4am, the fellow delivering papers said, "I work Security at night and let you into your room a couple of nights ago...did the new key I made you give you any problems?"

Wildhart007 said...

Kenzz your avi pic of yourself is beautiful

Sounds to me like a good time was had just hope the hangover that usually accompanies such times was not to harsh on you.

DreamerKind said...

Did the friends hubs. make the ultimate error in telling the wifey she was embarrassing him?

For it that was so, surely fucks could and would have been flying in every direction. Syd would have heartily endorsed that response. He is all for free, and colorful speech, you know.

What was the wonderful convo that you and she shared to amuse and amaze the whole table, eh, chicka?

DreamerKind said...

I do believe that you don't remember, oh, very well, that place in the mind, I know, very well.

Usually, there are observers, who are only too happy to relate to you, exactly what you did and said, for it is their duty to play that role.

Did you get lucky and avoid that, for sometimes, even your own hubs. feels obligated to describe every nuance, unless he was later nuanced himself into a contented, silence of sorts & snors?

DreamerKind said...

@Wild & Kenzz
Molto calda! I'll be watching for more Italians to kiss on demand. It may be my destiny.

Le Son had a few toots, too, but I'll take his words to my heart forever. He did say that he had a change of heart, and that's where it begins.

Oh, remember the man who was going to be auctioned off for New Years Eve, and I think he was but I wasn't there? We hugged and kissed and discussed the what ifs, but truly we kidded ourselves, for there aren't any, and they can't be manufactured based on the whats.

I kissed the owners of Jokers Bar, cause one just ended a romance and the other isn't in one, so no woman was going to clock my lights for doing so. Get them when you can...kisses that is, shameless, but careful hussy that I seem to be.

DreamerKind said...

Thinking dear Lurkers, that I am talking to myself as usual. That's okay for I know you are listening in your deep silence.

Come out and play!

Kenzz said...

Oh DK, the wife of the hubs was told she embarrased both of them...but I truly don't remember anything to feel guilty over, as there was no dancing naked upon the bar tables, nor skinny-dipping in the resort pool....

My hubs is smart enough to NEVER indicate any sort of displeasure as to my behavior (as to wit, it is MY behavior, not anyone else's to accout for). However, I can attest, as to my rememberance, that nothing untowards occurred, except for foul language, on occasion, and a memory of locking myself out of my room!

DreamerKind said...

Thank You Stars

Katie Melua:

Some call it faith, some call it love
Some call it guidance from above
You are the reason we found ours
So thank you stars

Some people think it's far away
Some know it's with them everyday
You are the reason we found ours
So thank you stars

There are no winds that can blow it away on the air
When they try to blow it away
Is when you know it will always be there

To some it's the strength to be apart
To some it's a feeling in the heart
And when you're out there on your own
It's the way back home

There are no winds that can blow it away on the air
When they try to blow it away is When you know it will always be there

Some call it faith, some call it love
Some call it guidance from above

You are the reason we found ours
So thank you stars
Thank you stars

Thank you/Isauria

Kenzz said...

I've tried to stay up with DK, but I bow to your supreme wherewithal...finally retiring to bed..my daw is making her Cofirmation tomorrow, so lots of meal prep to do for the family dinner!

Really, goodnite!

Wildhart007 said...

DK you made me laugh so hard with the observers who are only too happy to relate exactly what you did and said. They dutifully fill that role with a passion not previously observed before. Lol

A shameless but careful hussy. You are full of metaphors.

Wildhart007 said...

Nite Kenzz

Still trying to fix laptop (why I'm so slow to respond )

DreamerKind said...

You are absolved and annointed for absolutely being you, that is everything. And I extend the same to the other wifey.

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight, dearie. Have a good confirmation day, which is a special day for a family.

It's true, no one can keep up with me on late night staying up, it's my forte.

I am certainly full of something!

DreamerKind said...

Can you come into RPI from some other source, like off of google or yahoo?

Here's a link to Robsten Angels where if you check a few pages, you can find the Rose's blog link and use it.


Oage 164 or thereabouts for the Rose's blog link.

Wildhart007 said...

DK haha

I'm starting to nod out. Will succumb to your staying up all night superiority and live another day to battle with the puter.

Enjoy the Super Moon evening!


Wildhart007 said...

Okay on. RA L

Wildhart007 said...


DreamerKind said...

All You Need Is Love

The Beatles:

Thank you/ParadiseCityPictures

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight! I have to clean my computer for a virus tried to get me. Good time to part for a while.

See you soon.



Wania said...

MTV interview, The Best! Josh Horowitz is a good guy! Rob is calm, intelligent, brilliant, lovely and funny! This is Rob.
When Josh talk about romantic scenes with your co-stars, Rob says about the scenes with Kristen are funny and easy and he looks shy, look down, to own legs...so cute, so lovely and romantic. I loved this part!
Rose, thank you for Robert Pattinson's three moments in Jay Leno. Really, the first, certainly win . But, I love Robert Pattinson anyway, so...
Have a nice weekend, kisses,

Wania said...

E...Rose, sorry my english...
Wâ, the brazilian fan

30 said...

For a quick Roseland Laugh! LOL

Revenge Is Sweet

There once was an old couple who had been married for thirty years.

Every morning the old boy would wake up and give off an enormous fart, much to his long suffering wife's annoyance.

"You'll fart your guts out one of these days," she always complained.

After a particularly bad week the wife decided to have her revenge and got up early, placing some turkey giblets in the bed next to the old boy's arse.

While making breakfast downstairs she heard his usual morning fart reverberate through the floorboards followed by a scream.

Twenty minutes later a rather shaken man came downstairs.

"You was right all along Missus," the old man says, "I finally did fart my guts out, but by the grace of God, and these two fingers, I managed to push 'em back in!"

jwales123 said...

Hello everyone;

Long-time lurker, first time poster. This is (obviously) OT, but I am looking for more great dinner recipes to feed the starving masses here at home. The chicken with celery/water chestnuts casserole was a HUGE HIT--thanks to whoever contributed that one and the apple dumplings were inhaled before dinner even began....

Got to thinking about "bear"; could it be that Burmese mountain dog (I think that's what it was)that K was nuzzling when they first arrived in BR? Just wondering.

Wild weather here in Chicago this evening-it's hailing golf balls right now. Laters.

ambidala82886 said...

Rose -

Yep definitely still code red!!! I just saw some pics from a photo shoot I think for WFE, and then I popped over here and seen your new pic at the top of the page....JFC!!! I'll continue to melt down the rest of the day now, thanks!

DreamerKind said...

Happy Sunday All!

You're killing me with laughter! Thanks for those funny jokes, and today's especially.

Didn't get back on here last night after the earlier funfest. Folks are on to me and now call during my nightowl hours, the stinkers.

What kind of recipes do you want? I have copied most of them. Beef, chicken, pork, casseroles, crockpot?

I don't have the hail out here in the Chicagoland area I live in, yet. Hope all is well with you, and welcome to Roseland.

Rose posts the best of Rob, that's true. Have a good day!

Birdie said...

Welcome ambidala and jwales.

Hi DK,
I can only stop in for a moment. I am going to my daughter's choir concert. I'll check in when I get home.

DreamerKind said...

Enjoy the choir concert and you come back when you can.
Miss ya, and the FGM wants to kiss ya.

jwales123 said...

Okay, I'm going to try this again. Hopefully the fourth time is the charm.

Thanks for the kind welcome. I really enjoy this blog, particularly when a troll smack-down ensues--you all have such clever sharp tongues; and I mean that in a most complementary way!

As for recipes, we eat lots of chicken and I love using my crock pot. If you'd rather me email you (DK) with this so as to not clog the blog with my culimary requests, I'd be happy to do so. Thanks.

DreamerKind said...

Good idea! Do that..and I'll pick a few out to send to you.

Trolls are not welcomed here, that's for sure.

We like to twirl, twiggle and have joke-a-thons, and sing-a-longs, and get the backs of dear Rose and our Trio. We're simple folks at heart.

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Hi DK! Glad I could make you smile with my (icky) joke. LOL We should have like "joke day" once in a while. Whats better than a few filthy jokes too keep us laughing right? :)

OK so Roseland, I caved and took my daughter too see Little Red Riding Hood today. And here is my small review.

Photography was beautiful, defiantly has a Twilight feel too it. I will give CH that much. She is great with those type of shots. I also think the casting was good for the leads. Amanda is a gorges girl and IMO her and whats his name? lol had good chemistry.Though he is no Edward his hair and Edwards had MAJOR similarity's.

As did many many other details, the wolfs for example; The eye's looking into others with the reflection. (though that was a NM rip off)plus that odd... mid evil dance. I have NO idea WTF that was about. Kind of had a SAW feel too it. Anyhow IMHO I could have waited for Netflix and would have been OK with saving a few bucks. So if you haven't seen it think about doing that.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

JWALES123...I posted the Chicken Casserole..Glad your family enjoyed it..Welcome to the blog!

Hi DK..I made it back home...

DreamerKind said...

Glad you got home from outer space, safely. How's the head?

DreamerKind said...

What A Fool Believes

The Doobies:

He came from somewhere back in her long ago
The sentimental fool don't see

Tryin' hard to recreate
What had yet to be created once in her life

She musters a smile
For his nostalgic tale
Never coming near what he wanted to say

Only to realize
It never really was

She had a place in his life
He never made her think twice

As she rises to her apology
Anybody else would surely know
He's watching her go

But what a fool believes he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away

What seems to be
Is always better than nothing
And nothing at all keeps sending him...

Somewhere back in her long ago
Where he can still believe there's a place in her life

Someday, somewhere, she will return

She had a place in his life
He never made her think twice

As she rises to her apology
Anybody else would surely know
He's watching her go

But what a fool believes he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away

What seems to be
Is always better than nothing

There's nothing at all
But what a fool believes he sees...

Thank you/Dontfakethefunkk

Kenzz said...

Rose: beautiful banner!

PS: Thanks for disinfecting...

Hi Super & DK ((hugs))

DreamerKind said...

We Got To Live Together

Buddy Miles:

Do do do do do do...

We got to live together
We got to live together
Everybody, sing it
We got to live together
Yeah, yeah
We got to live together

Now let me tell you about it

Folks running around
Talking a lot of jive
Fussing and a fighting
Might lose their lives

You better raise your head up high
Or else you might be dead
You run around, jiving
But don't you be afraid, 'cause

We got to live together
I say, we got to live together
Whoa, oh

Running around late at night
Don't you worry
You might have to fuss and fight
It's all right, 'cause
Yes, we know everything

There ain't no kind of time or place
Where you can walk away, it's all right
Whoa, yeah, it's all right
Ho, now it's all right
Yeah, yeah, I say you
Don't have to fight, 'cause

We got to live together
Y'all know what I mean
We got to live together
Everybody, sing
We got to live together, yeah
We got to live together

Now let me tell you about
Those folks just running round
Talking all that jive
Fussing and a fighting
They might lose their lives

You better raise your heads up high
Or else you might be dead
You run around, jiving
But don't you be afraid, 'cause

We got to live together
Say, we got to live together
Everybody, sing it

Running around
Talking a lot of jive
Don't you worry
You don't have to fuss and fight
Oh, yeah, I say it's all right, oh

There ain't no kind
Of time or place now
Where you can walk away
All night, it's all right

Hey, baby, don't you
Don't you know that, uh
Oh, darling, it's all right

Thank you/stewdbaker001

Rhonda said...

Hi Kenzz- I was thinking the same thing. The new banner is 'jawline' at it's best :)

Kenzz said...

Hi Rhonda!

"Jawline" all the way, baby! :

DreamerKind said...

Hugs back at ya!

Old tunes, say it in the coolest way, healing the world, one mind at a time, working wonders, in the world and minds.

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda - nice to catch up with you here (too!)

Hi Kenzz - great that you are back. It sounds like you had a exciting time in San Diego. I've never been, but only hear great things about the city.

How was your daughter's confirmation ceremony?

Rhonda said...

Hi DK- I'm sorry I bailed on you last night :(

Kenzz said...

What's that saying...? Repeating the same action and expecting different results is the definition of insanity...Just sayin'

Poor Rose has been a busy administrator this evening...sorry that she has to waste her time :(

Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie!

Freddie said...

Hi DK - thanks for keeping the music spinning. Good choice in the Doobey Brothers.

Rhonda said...

Kenzz- I know, Rose keeps having to take out the trash

Kenzz said...

Hi Freddie!

Confirmation went smoothly, but glad all the company has finally gone home! lol

San Diego was spectacular, but now back to the real world...no more being treated like "the rich & famous!" :(

But I'm happy to be back here with all the lovelies in Roseland!

How's life in your neck of the woods?

Rhonda said...

Kenzz- How was the weather out there?

Kenzz said...

Rhonda, the weather was great...a bit cool, but I was able to hang out by the pool for 2 afternoons...

It was certainly a welcome relief after our winter!!

DreamerKind said...

Put Your Lights On

Everlast & Santana:

Hey now, all you sinners
Put your lights on, put your lights on

Hey now, all you lovers
Put your lights on, put your lights on

Hey now, all you killers
Put your lights on, put your lights on

Hey now, all you children
Leave your lights on, you better leave your lights on

Cause there's a monster living under my bed
Whispering in my ear

There's an angel, with a hand on my head
She say I've got nothing to fear

There's a darkness living deep in my soul
I still got a purpose to serve

So let your light shine, deep into my home
God, don't let me lose my nerve
Lose my nerve

Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
Wo oh hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now

Hey now, all you sinners
Put your lights on, put your lights on

Hey now, all you children
Leave your lights on, you better leave your lights on

Because there's a monster living under my bed
Whispering in my ear

There's an angel, with a hand on my head
She say's I've got nothing to fear

La illaha illa Allah
We all shine like stars
La illaha illa Allah

We all shine like stars
Then we fade away

Thank you/23pokrzywa

Rhonda said...

Kenzz- That sounds really nice :)

DreamerKind said...

@Rhonda & Freddie
Hello! Such a sweet thing, is a Sunday night coming down..with Roseland Lovelies.

Freddie said...

Kenzz - being treated like the "rich and famous" sounds wonderful (for a time, minus the papparazzi and other crazies).

Life is pretty much same old, same old. I can't complain. I had a nice evening out last night with friends. We had a great dinner, took in South Pacific on stage and then stayed downtown so we could enjoy ourselves....which we did. My head and stomach still aren't talking to me.

Glad the trip to SD was wonderful.

Kenzz said...

Freddie, that sounds like a fabulous night out with friends!!

Nothing better than a musical and dinner & drinks downtown...

Freddie said...

DK - what's all this about kissing an Italian gentleman??

DreamerKind said...

"There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt."
— Erma Bombeck

Rhonda said...

Freddie- Did you like South Pacific?

DreamerKind said...

He demanded a kiss, and it was St. Pat's Day!

I was on a kissing blitz, and as the FGM is obligated to spread the LOVE, I do my best.

Great quote I read:
“Do or do not... there is no try.”
Yoda-Star Wars

Freddie said...

Rhonda - it was really good. I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. It's funny...we performed South Pacific when I was back in high school, so it brought back a lot of good memories and I was suprised at how many of the lyrics I remembered. I think I appreciated the story, and not only the the music, this time.

Our next plan is to see Billy Elliot - all going well.

Freddie said...

DK - it sounds like a very fun St. Pat's day. And yes, as FGM, you couldn't say no....LOL.

DreamerKind said...

For Freddie and Me:

I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair

Mitzi Gaynor/South Pacific Complete/starts at 1:08:
Play it here

I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
And send him on his way.

I'm gonna wave that man right outa my arms,

Nellie and Girls:
I'm gonna wave that man right outa my arms,
And send him on his way.
Don't try to patch it up

Tear it up, tear it up!

Wash him out, dry him out,

Push him out, fly him out,

Cancel him and let him go!

Yea, sister!

I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
And send him on his way.

If a man don't understand you,
If you fly on separate beams,
Waste no time, make a change,
Ride that man right off your range.
Rub him out of the roll call
And drum him out of your dreams.

Oho! If you laugh at different comics,
If you root for different teams,
Waste no time, weep no more,
Show him what the door is for.
Rub him out of the roll call
And drum him out of your dreams.

You can't light a fire when the woods are wet,


You can't make a butterfly strong,

Hmm, hmm!

You can't fix an egg when it ain't quite good,

And you can't fix a man when he's wrong!

You can't put back a petal when it falls from a flower,
Or sweeten up a fellow when he starts turnin' sour

Oh no! Oh no!

Nellie and Girls:
If his eyes get dull and fishy,
When you look for glints and gleams,
Waste no time,
Make a switch,
Drop him in the nearest ditch!
Rub him out of the roll call,
And drum him out of your dreams
Oho! Oho!

I went to wash that man right outa my hair,
And sent him on his way.

She went to washed that man right outa her hair,

Nellie and Girls:
And sent him on his way!

Thank you/lostvocals4

DreamerKind said...

Back later, gots a telly ringing..


Rhonda said...

Freddie- I'm glad you had a nice time :)

Freddie said...

Thanks DK - that's a fun one.

And the lyrics at the end of "Some Enchanted Evening" seemed appropriate for Rob: "Once you have found her, never let her go. Once you have found her, never let her go!"

Freddie said...

Rhonda, DK, Kenzz - Since I have to be up in the morning for work, I think I better pack it in for the night. I hope you ladies have a wonderful evening.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Everyone!

We have had a busy birthday weekend here. My little baby girl is 10 years old today! I can't believe it. I posted a picture of her so you could all see her. She is wearing one of her many cheer bows and holding her new stuffed llama:)

Kenzz~Glad the Confirmation went smoothly. Our competition in Springfield this weekend was cancelled but we are heading to Boston next weekend.

Shouting out to Smitty~Where are you girlfriend?

dottie said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl, *I*-she's in the double digits now!

Nice banner, ROSE. I love B&W pix.

I am a "jawline" gal as well & want to just say a big THANK YOU to our vigilant mod.

DreamerKind said...

Thanks Leno & Josh-We're Living On RP Time:

Big Spender

Shirley Bassey:

The minute you walked in the joint
I could see you were a man of distinction
A real big spender

Good looking, so refined
Say, wouldn't you like to know
What's going on in my mind?

So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every man I see.
Hey! big spender
Spend a little time with me.

Wouldn´t you like to have fun? How's about a few laughs?
I can show you a good time
Let me show you a good time.

So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every man I see.

Hey! big spender
Spend a little time with me

Thank you/IoannkaPapa

Wania said...

Rose rocked!
New picture of Robert in the blog is breathtaking! Certain death!

DreamerKind said...

Certain death, yet we are still here having fun! What a way not to go.



DreamerKind said...

Newsflash: Smitty & Gruff Are MIA!

Where Are You Little Star?


Where are you, little star?
(Where are you?)

Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too
Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are

Wish I may, wish I might
Make this wish come true tonight

Searched all over for a love
You're the one I'm thinkin' of

Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too
Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are

High above the clouds somehwere
Send me down a love to share

Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too
Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh there you are, high above
Oh dear God, send me a love

Oh there you are,
You're lighting up the sky

I need a love,
Oh, me, oh, me, oh my.

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are

Wish I may, wish I might
Make this wish come true tonight

Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too
Oh oh oh oh ra da ta da ta da too

Oh (da da da) wo wo oh
There you are, little star

Thank you/SirBasildeBrush

Super RN Gas Passer said...

GOOD MORNING ROSELAND...Woke up a little early..busy day ahead..Daughter not feeling well yesterday so Ive been tending to her..baby due in 3 weeks...

IB..daughters pic is beautiful! 11 is a great age....enjoy..I dont want to tell you what 13-16 will be like, but once they get past "that" life becomes bearable again..lol

KENZZ..Glad you enjoyed your trip to SanDiego..My husband has been several times..says its beautiful..

DK..if you are out there..Hi! Sitting here and watching some of "Eclipse" heh...Dont be too hard on me. I promise I havent watched it in a while...hmmmm...a few weeks!

30 said...


•••••♥ Happy Birthday too your beautiful girl!•••••♥

Too bad ya all are so far from me. My daughter and yours would most likely have a blast together. :)

Have a good day all!

30 said...

Oh god Super! :)

I still have those lovely "puberty" years also too look forward too with my daughter.:0

Rhonda said...

Good Morning Roseland!

Just another manic Monday...

IB- Your daughter is beautiful. I hope she had a lovely birthday :)

deb said...

well here we go again a new article came out and it is an interview with Rob. haha. talking about not being able to swim and not going under water yet we nave seen pictures of him in water and with Kristen and ocean no less, Why do people put all there faith in this articles when most if the stuff is misquoted even he says it. And then it always causes drama when we just saw a picture of them at the movies before he went to LA to do stuff for WFE obviously spending time together before he leaves but people seem to forget this stuff it is just the fact that he went to LA without Kristen. OMG. must mean the end. haha. I've come to really believe Kristen must love Rob alot to put up with all these girls who want him and hate her for being with him. And I can see why he loves her like he does she is strong and deals with all he goes through with his fans and still stays with him. people don't give him much credit when they talk bad about Kristen how she has no emotions and never laughs or smiles do they really think he would be with someone who is like that. NO. Rose please help me to understand why there has to be so much drama I am a married women who loves her husband and we don't always spend every minute together but does that mean we are not gonna stay together?? I beleive in Rob and Kristen and that they have been together for a very long time and hopefully will stay together for a long time I think yes cause all they have been through and they have lasted this long there is a good chance. Maybe once BD is done they won't have to hide so much of there love but whatever they are doing it works for them so I give them credit.I just wish the Drama would stop!!!

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

*IB*: Happy 11th Birthday to your daughter!
Tell her I love the nail polish! :)

@ Freddie:
So glad you enjoyed your evening and the performance of South Pacific. I saw it here. It played at Lincoln Center.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
It's raining here today.
Welcome to Monday!