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Friday, March 18, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Life is Good!

Don't you DARE talk about anything except WFE if you know whats good for you!!

There's a kinda mob mentality about Rob interviews.
Rob pictures.
Rob movies.
Rob everything.
Rob. Period.

People feel justified in demanding he talk...
or not talk about certain topics.
So there is great trepidation about his MTV interview tonight.
(8:56pm ET on MTV.com)
Most of it comes from the fact that Josh Horowitz
makes it pretty well known that he likes Rob AND Kristen.
And it seems pretty clear that Rob is comfortable talking to him.
It only stands to reason that some people are worried that
Robert will talk in glowing terms about Kristen.
Or that Josh will ask some personal questions that 
people are afraid to hear the answers to.
I'm not sure what to think.
I think Rob has become quite adept at deflection
with strange humor and odd remarks.
That's what he does.
"Kristen is pregnant" comes to mind.
Since it IS a live show...
Rob could let any number of things slip.
Fascinating thought... yes?
But personally...
I think he will continue with the double entendre...
and let both sides of the fandom interpret his words 
the way they want to.

What am I talking about?
and it would still be twisted and bent.
But I doubt that he will say anything revealing.
And did you see some of the LAME questions that have been asked?
How fucking embarrassing.
I would hope most of the discussion focuses on WFE...
but lets face it... 
They are working on Breaking Dawn at the moment
and Edward Cullen is the role he is most known for...
So I'm sure discussion will vary from subject to subject.
And that's OK...
That's what happens in interviews.

I'm sure Rob won't let us down.
He never does.

You already know what I think about this picture...

And lets not forget that Rob is on Leno tonight!

3 times a charm...

Although we won't get rumpled, scruffy,tousled Robert...
(and Lord how I miss him)
You looking at me? Do I amuse you??
We will get polished, shiny, sexy Robert.
And that's just fine with me.

I don't think there is much worry about Kristen talk on Leno...
Jay tends to stay away from that sort of thing
although I wouldn't be shocked if he tried to get something in.

Isn't this all TOO exciting????
Rob doing WFE Promo!!!
Lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't get enough !!!!! to show how I feel about this.
WFE is going to be OUTSTANDING.
Rob is already getting good comments about it
and the movie is considered a 'must see'.
And he going to promote it all over the world
and we will get to see premiere Rob!!
More !!!!!!!!!

I love when there is lots of Rob interviews and pictures.
It tides me over for the next Rob drought.
(Which do seem to happen with more frequency lately)

I've heard Rob is already in L.A.
(Can Kristen be far behind? *heh*)
Oh yes.
This will be a FUN weekend!
Lots of Robert!
Lots of !!!!!!
And maybe a sneaky peek of Kristen too...

I hope we see this again 

What? Who says Kristen is the only awkward one?

Definitely hope Robert goes to NYC and does Fallon
I still can't think of anything more adorable than Rob up a tree.
How fucking cute IS he?
Don't even try to answer that...
It's beyond words.

All this Robert.
My intoxication level is rising...

I'm not sure what the legal limit for Robert Intoxication is...

Robert Pattinson Intoxication

But I'm in the red zone.

Warning! Warning!

Rob Alert is now code RED!

Beware of strange erratic behavior!
Stumbling around in a daze.
Mumbling incoherently.
Fumbling to make sense.
Bumbling and bouncing off of walls
needing that next Robert fix!


Can you imagine what will happen to me when
I actually get to see WFE?

Off the fucking charts.

Prepare the bunker.
I might need to go underground.

Are those really alarms I hear?
Or is this just a symptom of my intoxication?
Or am I just hung over from too much green beer?
Hard to say.
Do you think his beard is... soft?

Just Because.

This post is brought to you by the letter *W*

W for

W for
Robert WALKING onto Leno's stage!!

W for
Rob's on MTV and LENO tonight!!

Life is fucking good, isn't it?
Yes it is.

Bye for now


Jess said...

So u mean the double talk that keeps his other women happy? i.e. I just want to go on a date. Have to make them think he's still available right?

Yeah he'll sell Kristen out to sell a movie again. No doubt.

Kay said...

Life is good, Rose - woo hoo! :D

Have a fantastic weekend, Roseland!

DixieAnn said...

I refuse to read the hate/foam, so look forward to seeing Robert and all his beauty tonight.:)

dano328 said...

Jess. As a Kristen fan I despise Rob haters as much as I do the Nonstens. You think he says those things to give these women hope? No. He says oddball off the wall stuff because that's his personality. It's not his fault how crazies twist his words. And do you have such little respect for Kristen to think she would tolerate being thrown under the bus. She isn't bothered by what he says, so why should you be?

Hi Rose. It's been awhile.

Penny Lane said...

Spring is in the air...finally!

Lovely post today, Rose

angelica1 said...

Hi Penny, spring is definitely in the air:)

I'm sure there will be lots of Rob goodies this weekend!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Great post today! So much to look forward to, I will be joing you in the Red Zone, lol!

Hi Kay,DixieAnn,dano and Penny

Happy Friday!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Angelica :)

Rhonda said...

Oops, that should say 'joining' :)

Hope said...

Rob will be great tonight!!
Good Luck Rob!!

Hi Kay, Rhonda, Angelica, PL, dano and everyone yet to come later today.

IB...did you have a good week at school?

katy said...

Hi, Rose!! Awesome post

Nobody is going to ruin my day...so Jess...Am IGNORING you.

I'm on the red zone level too today. Can not wait for all the Rob goodies...WHOOHOO

And I hope we can have 'sneaky' peek' of the girl with green eyes as wide as the moon too :)

HI, everyone!! Hope you are all having a fabulous day.

Hugs to all and be happy

beaculen said...

Just a few more hours, I can't wait to see the new WFE clip, and I'm hopeing Rob got to pick some of the good questions lmao. I wonder if people really think he wants to answer some of the stupid questions they posted. Oh well good entertainment anyway, great post Rose, Yeahhh, it's Rob-day!

Sydney said...

Hate on Haters...it's a Rob weekend and his goofy, adorable self will say goofy, adorable, beautiful things and most of us will love every second of it.

But hey, when you're so bitter and angry you feel the need to spread hate where it isn't wanted, you're unlikely to see the good in anything.

And nobody cares...cause we're all happy and twirly.

I am so tired after yesterday it's going to take my all to stay up for Jay Leno. But of course, I will.

CANNOT wait to see hot Rob walking.

Melinda said...

Woo-hoo for Fridays! And today is even better with all the Rob goodness we will be getting!

Hope Rob and Kristen have a wonderfully relaxing weekend in LA IF that's where they will be.

To the rest of you, have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Life is indeed good!!!

Groovie said...

Excellent post!
All the !!!!! got me even more pumped for tonight! Lol
Good, fun times indeed!
Both interviews should be good, Joshua is excellent with Rob & I do hope he limits the fan questions to only a few because the majority of ones I read were exceedingly lame or cringe-worthy.

Hope u all have a great night, and why wouldn't u? We get Rob interviews tonight!

Even though he has work to do this weekend, hope Rob enjoys himself & gets a little time to relax; and Kristen too, wherever she may be :)

Freddie said...

Hi Groovie, Melinda, Sydney, Beaculen, Katy, Hope, Rhonda, Angelica, Penny, dano, Kay, Dixie Ann, and anyone else I have missed or is yet to post.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Rob. I'm glad he's getting to talk about a project he is so excited about. It should be good.

I hope you are all having a good day.

angelica1 said...

Hi Everyone, if I do names I can guarantee someone will post while I'm typing :)

lulu said...

Top of the morning to ya Rose and Roselanders...
Rose will there be links posted here to show Robert's interviews?
You know for us mixed up down unders who may not see it live, like those of you up above us [meaning those in the US] lol
I hope so....

Jane said...

That first picture of Rob walking out on stage of the first Jay Leno interview....I swear, Rob is just sex on two long legs. This picture will also be one of my favorites.

Hope said...

Hi Freddie! Ready for the weekend??

jen said...

I'm way excited to see him! There will be little to no Kristen talk. How much can the kid say about her anymore at this point? People want dirty details, he will never give them. For a variety of reasons, that both fanatical shippers and nonstens can't grasp.

For his personal life, it does him NO favors to share personal details. The more you open up the door to strangers, the harder it is to close that door, the harder it is to say "I want to get off now, I don't want to talk about this or that."

For his professional life, it does him NO favors to share personal details either. He's promoting a movie right now, why would he bring up his love life as a selling point? that's tacky. Why bring up anything twilight either, when he's trying to forge something beyond it?

Kristen and Rob are in a tricky situation. They are romantic leads who are overxposed in an overexposed franchise who are dating in real life. For their own personal and professional welfare, the less they say about one another the better.

Of coruse, that's too logical for the crazies to understand though.

Becca said...


WoW! You must be psychic as the interview hasnt happened yet so pretty sure you dont know how much talk there will be concerning Kristen.

1. Kristen is not only his girlfriend she is his costar. Reese was asked about Rob when she was promoting How Do You Know? What did he have to do with that movie? Nothing.

2. Kristen/Rob have and will continue to be asked about Twilight in every interview they do until it is over with. It is what they are most known for. So best prepare yourself for that too.

Guarenteed he will be asked about both things tonight so again. Best to prepare yourself. This is not going to be a 30 minute WFE question only interview as I have never seen any interview that just deals with what the people are presently promoting.

dottie said...

Hello everyone!

You know it's going to be a good day when ROSE pulls out the old RP Intoxication chart. Can't wait to see the new WFE clip & Rob's interviews. You can always count on him to be funny & charming.

It would be nice to get a "sneaky peek" of lovely Miss K, but that will only happen if she allows it. She's just too good at being invisible!

Great comment, DANO!

dottie said...

I just noticed I forgot to change my avi from St Patty's Day. How embarrassing! LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Rose...GREAT POST and I am just as excited...WOOHOO..I ditto that!

I dont care to ARGUE over what he might or might not say..WTF..I mean REALLY...Why cant we just ENJOY the moment!?????????????

We are entering A TIME OF GREAT IMPORTANCE for Robs career..His true fans are not worried about what he might or might not say..We KNOW he is F-ING ADORABLE..heh..HE WILL BE HIS SAME FUNNY SWEET SELF..I CANT WAIT!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post today Rose. I think the next couple of months will be wonderful, and hopefully we will see a little of Kris also. Have a good weekend everyone.

gwen said...

LOL Rose you are giddy tonight! Lovely post. Yes its Rob day today and everyone is excited to see him again.

*I*Believe* said...

Oh my goodness!!! How cute was Rob? I just watched the MTV interview and he had me craking up.

Just love his witty personality.
Kristen is a very lucky girl:)

Teeth said...

I just saw the interview--

it was so funny, and Josh Harowitz did such a good job!

*I*Believe* said...

Teeth I agree Josh did do a great job!

Hi Hope~Made it through the school week. Everyone was dragging because of the time change. Hope you are feeling well!

Teeth said...

Yeah, I think he has good chemistry with Rob.

My favorite part was when he was saying something about how Kristen goes 'How can you not get it, it's OBVIOUS' Lol, so cute.

Freddie said...

Hi IB, Teeth - glad it was good. I'll have to catch up with it later, when it hits one of the blogs or You Tube. The majority of links wouldn't work for Canada. Very frustrating. How are you?

Hope, Annie - hope you are both feeling better.

Teeth said...

It didn't work on MTV.com?
They are replaying it right now too.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie!! So nice to see you!

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~I am sure it will be posted at Robstenation. Rob is so funny and quick witted!

Rhonda said...


It was a great interview. I really like Josh, he's respectful and seems to genuinely care about Rob and Kristen :)

*I*Believe* said...


30 said...

Hello Ladies!

I also just saw the interview. I wasn't missing that.:) Can I just say, Rob says New Jersey like a pro!Kind of we do actually, but with his English accent in there. It's like this:

New Jerssay! kind of hard online.lol

He was hilarious, and COULD so do Saturday night live IMHO.

Cant wait for WFE! :))

Dear Rose,
That first pic, with the pitch forks. High fucken five! LMAO

*I*Believe* said...

30!! Love your kiss my a** leprechaun!

30 said...

Thanks "I"

But I just changed it. It was Sigmunds loving time again.:) This was his "belly rub" pic.

Also, I am with Rob, The newer rap sucks. Mid 90's,now that is rap besides for Eminem. I can listen too his newer stuff but the rest... ugh. I will take Wutang, The Gravediggers and NateDog (RIP) anytime.

Freddie said...

Hi Rhonda and 30 - Sigmund's picture is much nicer. Rhonda - by the way, how is Thomas?

I'm trying to watch the MTV videos, but my PC is conspiring against me, at a time when my patience is thin...It could find itself colliding with the wall if it doesn't behave...

30 said...

Freddie try this link.


Fingers crossed for you! :)

Rhonda said...

Hi 30 and IB :)

Freddie- Thomas is out doing his usual, running the neighborhood :)

*I*Believe* said...

Rhonda~I love your avi....they remind me of what Bella wore to the prom. Why did you pick that avi?

Wania said...

"This post is brought to you by the letter *W*" I'm confortable with this letter, my letter, Wania, Wâ, WATER for elephants, Rob WALKING,WOOOHOOO!!!Rob tWice tonight, Rob WONDERFUL! W is a good letter! YOUR POST LEAVE ME HAPPY! Rob leave me happy,I'm in the red zone too, Rose. RP intoxication!But I like this, very much! LIFE IS GOOD!

Rhonda said...

IB- I have those exact shoes :)

*I*Believe* said...

Very cool! Are they Cons.?

Rhonda said...

IB- Yes, they are ;)

*I*Believe* said...

When my first son, who is going to be 15 on Monday, was 3 years old, he had a pair of red high-top Converse. He was so darn cute in them....ah, the good old days:)

Jane said...

Rose, I thought about you when Rob walked out with Josh with a little swagger in those new, great fitting jeans. I thought, "Rose is going to like that, so hurry and get it on here. Great MTV interview. I could just eat this man up and keep him inside me forever.

Love said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*I*Believe* said...


gwen said...

Just saw the pics of Rob on Robstenation. He is gorgeous as always and man gotta give it to him looking so H.O.T. I will watch the video later at home, hope the links work.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

It's really great reading your post. I see i've missed much.
Been kind of pre occupied since my brother is in the middle east (and you know how things are over there..so that's why i've been re miss..

Anyway, I had to catch up on your post..

it's really great seeing Rob's pics. I missed Rob & Kristen..

As for the interview, i couldn't agree with you more.. It's actually kind of fun reading between the lines..i bet it's going to be hilarious,,

I'm just going to enjoy it and not worry about people's comments.

Have a wonderful weekend to all


dottie said...

*I* you took the words right out of my mouth!



Rob was adorable on Leno & MTV. WFE is going to be fantastic!

Teeth said...

Umm, okaaay?

Sometimes Roseland gets a little weird if you know what I mean.

kristinson60 said...

So I start reading the comments today and low & behold the very first one has to be a hater, nonsten, anti-Kristen spewing out all her negative shit. WTF is it with these ppl, can they not just go & make their own little nonsten blogs & just talk back & forth with all the other no-brainers & leave those of us who are fans, & believers alone i'm sick of them already.
But in spite of the bullshit your blog was great as usual Rose. Iespecially love your intoxication meter i'd be in trouble if I were out driving & had a cop pull me over right now. Robs MTV interview was great & he was great on Leno, that man is gorgeous in anything. I can't wait for WFE to open in theaters i'm counting the days it is going to be fanominal!!!

stewart_panthers said...

What a great *Twirling* Friday Night! I have *twirled* so much I'm now in the Red Zone! :) Thanx Rose for a Awesome Blog as always(Everyday) Love the blog,and love you Rose:)I follow you everyday on Twitter just to see whatcha going to say next. You Totally Rock! :) <3Robsten Love<3

stewart_panthers said...

Rose I just posted on your blog and I seen where my e-mail name come up so heres my real name Salena and I go by Salena05 on twitter. I'm telling you my real name so you can see I'm not a hater,posing to be a supporter. I have seen alot of mean hateful people coming to your blog to talk shit to you! It pisses me the f**k off! cause no one is forcing thier asses to come here and read the great things you say about our favorite couple, and it's too damn bad they can't see what any sane person can! that Robert and Kristen are crazy about each other,and have been for a long time!and when the Twilight movies are finish,Robert and Kristen will be as strong as ever,Love like that doesn't fade just because a movie is finish. It's not the movie that is holding them together.It's LOVE!!! I hope the foaming haters come to your comments and reads this! I kinda got carried away, but it's the truth and I'm sick of the haters coming on here and spewing shit! Rose you don't deserve it! I know in my heart you are a great person and speaks the truth daily, Love ya Rose, have a *Twirling* Weekend <3Robsten Love<3

Birdie said...

Rose and Roselanders,
It was a bit quiet in here last night, but I guess we know where everyone was glued. I'll be gone all day,so will look forward to all the fun comments and Rose's blog later.
Well,Robert did not disappoint! What a delicious,darling, delightful man!I would assume Kristen is very proud. He was all kinds of charming yesterday. I think Josh did a fantastic job and he is one smart man. He continues to keep his interviews real,fun and has a connection with these two that ensures him many more interviews. No bullshit!!!! Hooray!
Jay did a nice job and stayed away from the sensationalism,too.
Hope you all have a fun day! Rose, I hope you have come back down to earth and look forward to plenty of gushing today!

LJ said...

Good morning all!

Just watched Robs Leno and MTV interviews...hes so funny. Enjoyed the MTV one, Josh Horowitz seems like a nice guy.

I'm looking forward to WFE...loved the book and the film looks like it will be wonderful.

Still really want to see WTTR it hasn't been released here, I will have to see if I can buy it on dvd from anywhere.

Sending my love and best wishes to Smitty, Gruff and Syd <3

Much love to you all,


Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

Oh.....The morning after! Can I just say again just how much I love Josh Horowitz's interviews with both Rob and Kristen.

Note to MTV........Josh Horowitz is a keeper.

Leno is Leno but Mr. Pattinson was worth the "meh" of the Leno show.
I wish Rob great success with WFE.....So looking forward to seeing it in the cinema.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday and weekend.

Rhonda said...

Good Morning Roseland!

I agree with all the comments from Rob's MTV/Leno interviews, he did great!

I can't wait for WFE! It's going to be spectacular!

Liza- you will love WTTR. Kristen gives an amazing performance in that movie :)

Happy Saturday!

katy said...

Hi, Roseland!! Happy Saturday

Stayed up until late, but it was worth it. I LOVED the interviews, especialy the one with Josh. Rob was funny and adorable as always.

So, Rob does have a dog, his name is Bear...HOW sweet. :)

Love the new clip...SWOON...Can not wait for Water for Elephants!!!

Hugs to all

Freddie said...

Hi Ladies,

I'm sorry to have disappeared last night. I went to see Rob's MTV video - thanks 30 for posting it for me - and it did not disappoint, as everyone else said. Rob really was his charming, funny self. Good to see.

Hey Annie, Birdie, Rhonda, Liza and anyone else out there lurking.

I may or may not get to talk to you later, as I'm off to see the stage production of South Pacific in Toronto tonight. So have a good day everyone just in case.

olivia said...

Good morning dear Rose and Roseland,

Still smiling, clapping and yelling "Bravo" after the Rob and Josh show. Thank you Josh for the wonderful, respectful, intelligent and friendship filled interview. Thank you Rob for your genuineness, intelligence, kindness, dedication, humor, individuality and uniqueness.

And Rose, thanks for bringing out the intoxication chart. It definitely is Code Red time. Another dashing entrance on the Leno show. So handsome as he walks in and takes center stage. Yes, life is good and getting better as WFE premiere time approaches.

Bear, Yogi Bear.......love it!

Dear Kristen, you are an amazing young woman who is most fortunate to have this wonderful man, Rob, in your life. I am so happy for both of you.

Hugs for y'all sweet Roselanders.

katy said...

Hi, sweet Olivia!! Agree :)

I have to add that Rob is also most fortunate to have Kristen in his life, I think they are very lucky to have found each other. They are two very beautiful, special and wonderful people.

Hugs and Take care

DixieAnn said...

Rob was looking extra adorable last night. Loved that his favorite city is Houston.:) Have a great weekend Roseland!

Hope said...

Olivia...Leave it to you to wrap up Rob's interviews so perfectly!!

Wasn't it cool that Rob's favorite U.S. city is in Texas??!! Yay!!

Hi Katy

Super RN Gas Passer said...

OLIVIA..I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY with your exceptionally well said comments! You stated everything PERFECTLY.


Heh...I love the way Rob "talks"...like the way he says certain words and phrases like "Obviously" and "Its Weird" and he laughs alot..HE IS SO ADORABLE...sigh..

Hello to Smitty and Gruff. ((HUGS))! LIFE IS GOOD!

Rhonda said...

Olivia- I know I've said this before, but I love reading your comments. You write beautifully :)

I'm in complete agreement..

Rhonda said...

Almost forgot..Katy, ditto to what you said as well :)

Hi Hope,Freddie and Super..

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day. We are blessed and have many reasons to be happy :)