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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Trauma Report

You're right... that is SO Rob.

As usual, I have lots of thoughts.
But I was discussing things with a friend of mine
who has a very unique way of looking at this whole Twilight thing.
She made a lot of good points.
Excellent points.
Pointy points.

She gave me good advice.
I will try to follow it.
If I can.

1. Do I really need to dissect the VF interview?
It's been torn apart and pieced back together
more times than I can count.
Twisted and bent to fit agendas.
But the part that resonated with me the most?

“Are you asking me if I’m really a vampire?,” Pattinson says, laughing, when I join the nosy chorus, asking if his on-screen love mirrors his relationship in real life. As I wait for an answer, Pattinson literally starts squirming. “Yes. Um. No, not really,” he says. “It’s pretty hard to … It’s just very traumatic,” he says cryptically.

“I mean, are you very intense about each other?,” I ask.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he says finally. “She’s cool. Even before I knew her I thought she was a really good actress. Like, I saw Into the Wild, and I thought she was really good in that. I still think there are very few girls in her class that are as good as she is. It’s funny that she’s the one doing this huge—thing.” That is, Twilight.

“When this is over,” says Pattinson, meaning the seemingly unstoppable Twilight entertainment machine, “the media will lose interest” in their alleged affair. He hopes. “There’ll be nothing to say. It won’t fit into a headline anymore. It won’t fit into a template.”

Does his onscreen love mirror his relationship in real life?
"YES. Um. No, not really.
It's pretty hard to... its just very traumatic."
He says 'cryptically'

So what does this mean?
His first response was YES.
Because he does love her in real life?
Then he stopped himself.
Does he not want their relationship mirrored with Edward/Bella?
No. Not really.
Who would?

It's very traumatic.
Do you think he really meant the relationship is traumatic?
Come on now.  Really?
Or do you think all the bullshit drama
surrounding it... attacking it...
stalking it... 
Is what he finds so traumatic?
You tell me.

If Robert really found being with Kristen so traumatizing...
Surely he would stop hanging out with her?
No one was holding a gun to his head on New Years Eve
when he kissed her at midnight.
No one forced him to show up in Montreal
and snuggle and kiss her.
No one forces them to travel together...
Live together
Vacation together
Celebrate holidays in each other's homes.
Do they?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

He's not looking too traumatized here...

I mean... are you very intense about each other?

"Oh I don't know.... she's cool. 
Even before I knew her I thought she was a really good actress."

Robert does this in EVERY interview.
People keep expecting him to declare his undying love
to a stranger for a magazine interview.
It's not going to happen.
What do you want him to say?
So what does he do?
Starts discussing a safe topic...
His admiration for Kristen's acting ability.
He's said it many times before...
but it's a nice change of topic.
Well done.

Nope... No Trauma here.

“When this is over,” says Pattinson, meaning the seemingly unstoppable Twilight entertainment machine, “the media will lose interest” in their alleged affair. He hopes. “There’ll be nothing to say. It won’t fit into a headline anymore. It won’t fit into a template.”

And here is the crux of what Robert truly wants.
The media to lose interest in his relationship with Kristen.
No more headlines. No more stalking.
No more harassing.
That he can just have a relationship with the woman he loves
On his own terms...
In his own way.

I hope he's right.
I hope that after BD is done filming...
That the fervor dies down.
But I'm afraid it might take a while.
Longer than he thinks.
But I hope he gets what he wants.
I know he already has Kristen...
Now I hope they can find the peace they deserve.
The peace they have earned.

Rob's thigh looks traumatized!

Bottom line.

I'm sure it matters little to Rob or Kristen
what anyone thinks about their relationship.
In fact...
It's come down to this for me.
I only speak for myself.
My opinion.
I'm not hiding behind an anonymous screenname
I'm not crashing other forums/blogs shoving my thoughts 
down their throats.
I don't follow anyone around the internet
trying to PROVE that Rob and Kristen are together.
It doesn't matter to me if you believe it or not.
My words are all right here.
And I own every one of them.
And if you are reading these words.
Then you came HERE to do so.
I didn't come to you.
Remember that.

I believe that Rob and Kristen are in a committed relationship.
I think they have been for quite some time.
I not only believe they are together
But we'd be surprised at just how much together they truly are...

I write about Rob and/or Kristen on a daily basis.
I've been doing this for over 2 years now...
And I don't see it stopping in the foreseeable future.
As long as I have fun with it... I will keep writing.
That's all there is to it.
Don't like it?
You know the drill.

Sharing shirts is traumatizing!

Get Off My Dick.

And while you're at it...
Get off Rob and Kristen's as well.


I want to see Rob smile like this... SOON.

I want to focus on the good Rob/Kristen stuff.


It comes out in less than 2 months.
Rob will be doing press and TV
and we will be able to see and hear him talk
(and maybe... walk?)
Maybe comb his fingers through that glorious mop of hair...
And be all shy and witty and wonderful
And smile.
I want to see Robert smile.
So much.
It's not walking...
But it's a close second.

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for Traumatizing.
I've never seen so many do so little
with one word.

T for Think.
Did you really THINK Robert would discuss 
his relationship in an interview?
Do you really think that Robert would
admit to his true living arrangements in an interview?
Do you really think that Robert
wants to be with anyone but Kristen?

T for Tom

OK, Tom kinda traumatizes me... in a good way.
Just because.

Bye for now


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Sydney said...

Rose, I apologize for this in advance in case it's a source of irritation for you (though I imagine just amusement), but I recently discovered a very entertaining place that I had not previously explored...your @'s on twitter.

WOW. So, um, you have some crazy bitches that STALK you and your every word on twitter. I knew people emailed you, but I didn't realize they wrote to you on twitter on a daily basis as well. Hmmmm...makes you wonder why they want to stop you.

This is for the nonnies that tweet Rose NONSTOP: If Rob and Kristen are not together, it will come out. Stalking and harassing and tweeting everyone on twitter on your 14 fake accounts will not change that. What do you hope to gain? Screeching at people on twitter in broken English and misspelled words doesn't prove a thing, nor does it worry any of us...no matter how many 'LOL's' you add at the end.

Good things to come! Can't wait to see Water for Elephants...and in the meantime...I wish peace and quiet for the lovely couple.

dottie said...

Rob's thigh is traumatized? hahaha!!! One minute you have me awwwwing and the next I am cracking up.

IMO people will always be fascinated by Rob and Kristen, but hopefully alot of the crazy fanaticism will die down once the saga is behind them.

I'm constantly amazed by how well they handle all of it. I'd probably be rocking back and forth in a corner by now.

Lisa said...

=0) Spot on, Rose & rational pal, spot on. P.S. hmmm...love, love, love, your Tom closing pics..he traumatizes me too. =0) *Tom for Gale Hawthorne in THG*

Groovie said...

Spot on as usual!
If only everyone could see the logic & reason in these words here.

Love all the pix, and "Rob's thigh looks traumatized" LOL!

Just saw Rob is scheduled for Leno on Friday March 18th! He was great on his last appearance there. Excited for WFE promo to kick into high gear, always enjoy Rob's interviews.

Happy Hump Day, hope everyone is having a good one!

Hope said...

Rose...Love the captions today...
"Rob's thigh looks traumatized" LOL!!

Yes...Let's focus on the GOOD!!

30 said...

Sydney it's funny you mentioned that. Not that I stalk your twitter Rose.I swear I really hate twitter for the most part. I just have been off work the last few days and went on more than usual different times. And I am not going too lie, I was curious too see how the "fans" would take too the VF interview. And I also noticed the tweets that come at you. It's like a sick, twisted game for some. They try too bait you into whatever they can. These people ARE mental.

As far as the VF interview, I still stand by my feelings on what I said yesterday.

Water For Elephants! :) Brings a BIG smile for me, cant wait. :)

angelica1 said...

I think anyone with a grain of common sense understood exactly what point Rob was trying to make in that interview.I think as time passes,he will get his wish.I think their film choices will gain them both a more mature audience who will focus on their work rather than obsessing about their private lives. Once it becomes usual to see them together without Twilight for people to latch onto as an excuse,it'll cease to be newsworthy and they'll get the peace they crave.

Sydney - Rose's @;s are indeed a treat. YHou have to hope they're either 11 yr olds or tweeting from a secure facility!

30 said...

Oh Sigmund got a haircut all! <------- notice my avi. LOL He looks like a bald rat now.

Angelica! I hope you are feeling better today! ♥ Thinking of you!

Kay said...

Nice post, Rose. This is why I come here to read your words.......I enjoy what you have to say. :)

Happy hump day, Roseland!

jentoo said...

Hey Everyone! Hope you guys are well!:)

Rose, I really just love this post...so much!

Vangie said...

i am a member of robsessed, but i do not write as often, as i used to, sometimes, i cried maybe thing come across wrong at times, but i mean no harm, once i said it bothered me how rob smokes, and i was made to understand, i am just a fan, and it was not of my business! another time one said something about my creditably, i cried everytime i though of it, never haveifantasies,in anyway about rob,

Sydney said...

Angelica and 30: it would be SO entertaining to actually tweet these nutties back, but I just love that Rose ignores their existence entirely.

I mean, one was like "HAHAHAHAHAHA Rob just proved every shipper theory wrong." Really? How so? It's so FREAK-ASS what these people see.

I know there are some nutjobs on our side too that tweet everyone and their dog. And I'm embarrassed for them for sure...but the nonnies...they stalk and tweet nonstop Rose and various other infamous "ring leaders." And for what?

Go on screaming that the earth is flat...tweet everyone your nonsense. It doesn't change anything and we know the truth.

Birdie said...

Good afteroon, ladies.
As always there must be alot of BS flying right now and again why do I come here? You make me smile. I thought the VF article was very touching in many ways, now that's that. Done.
I loved the "trauma" captions. I am getting very excited for WFE. I have a feeling this will be a beautiful film.
Angelica, totally agree with you. I hope this film is the beginning of the end(the tween factor)and think OTR will be for Kristen also.

RKsoumates913 said...

Do you know what is really TRAUMATIC??? Losers DISSECTING ROB's interviews ONLY where KRISTEN is mentioned, they overanalyze it over and over again.The haters are NOT interested in what Rob REALLY wants to talk about(HIS JOB/CAREER), they want to judge/dissect/mislead/misunderstand/overreact about what he says about KRISTEN, because this is what they do best: hate on Kris.(This is what Rob said that 'people' think they know him better that Rob himself)
I mean the interview had a lot of content, content about his new movie WFE,and the only thing that really matters is: 'to prove that Rob hates Kristen and they are not together'.What they don't realize is WE REAL FANS have eyes and we CAN see RK are A COUPLE! EVEN STEVIE WONDER CAN SEE THAT RK ARE TOGETHER IN A BEAUTIFUL COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP. ;)

It's TRAUMATIC that ROB and KRISTEN are HARDWORKING PEOPLE and they are doing their best and when they are promoting their movies what they have to answer is: you are or you aren't together!!!????

As I said EVEN a blind man can see what RK have,and it's beautiful and real and PRIVATE.

What makes me angry is those interviewers that ask "THE QUESTION" bc they KNOW how RK protect what they have, but they want their money, bc if they they ask and RK answer it they will be known 'the reporter/interviewer' who got "the answer". UGHHHH!!!

Rose I loved your post, as always your words touched me!

SOrry about my long post and my poor English(It's difficult to express in another language-LOL)

XO from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Nobody could it bring better to the point. Bravo Rose.

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Hi, Rose!! I couldn't agree more, so much truth and logic in your words...I love you, love Robert, Kristen, Tom and I can not wait for Water for Elephants, I have a feeling that it's going to be fabulous. (and I want to see happy smily Rob too)

Hi, everyone!! Hope you are all having a great day.

Hugs to all

30 said...

I wish there was an edit button.

Yup Sydney! Us sane nut jobs tweet everyone and THERE dog! :)I swear I am sane, just posted my doggie though. :)

<------ My new pic of Sigmund :)

Who wants too be nasty, ugly and hurtful as a mission in life? And it seems they think Rob is "OK" with there behavior, like they are telling the truth and Rose and all of us who love and support R and K are the delusional ones. Go figure, they always say crazy can never see THERE crazy.

dottie said...

You all made me curious so I went & looked at Rose's @s.... YIKES!

She deserves a BIG hug, a gold star, a pat on the back, and a cookie!!!

BTW did you know we are "young" and "weak minded"? bahahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sydney, I have to agree with you. These people who tweet Rose constantly and harass her are unbelievable. Thank you for pointing it out. Rose takes a lot of shit. If you don't agree with her, fine. But what on earth does one gain from harassment? It just proves how unstable some "fans" are out there.

Rose, great post.

RKsoumates913 said...

Gosh he is so TRAUMATIZED...

when he can't touch her in public



Rob Hates he can't show the world he is with bbgirl! :) ;) LOL (Rob is always leaning on Kristen-lol!


Sydney said...

When you're lumped into the same category as Honey (who I saw went on a small rampage on twitter after the VF interview) you know you've hit rock bottom.

Such second-hand embarassment for these people. Just let it be. Like we do. They are the ones that sought Rose. There's a reason why we don't go trolling and write every nonnie on twitter. WE DON'T HAVE TO. We're not the ones with anything to prove. It's all just right there.

Anyway, enough dwelling on nonsensical shit. I have such spring fever. It's impossible to sit in my office. Must do happy hour.

Anonymous said...

The hoodie is back!


Rob & Kristen Fan said...

The critics of Kristen clearly don't pay attention to Rob. He is uncomfortable with interviews and alone with a journalist is not good territory for Rob to be in. Anyone thinking he doesn't ADORE Kristen is blind, stupid and not worth the precious minutes it takes to dispute them.
However, it is completely adorable hearing Rob fret over their dog. I can already see that Kristen will be the disciplinarian - Rob will give the kids whatever they want, whenever they want... so cute.
Love 'em both. Adorable couple.

beaculen said...

Great post Rose, I personally feel traumatized everytime I read the hateful bullshit that some people feel the need to keep pushing. Rob and Kristen seem really happy together, well with Tom too lol, good for them. Thanks Rose

imloco2 said...

I don't comment much, but I just wanted to say that I read whenever you post and the I totally enjoy your thoughts. Mostly because you have the one quality I look for in a blogger/writer. Sanity. Sometimes that's hard to find these days.

I, personally, loved the VF cover, the article was a little bittersweet since I loved hearing Rob's thoughts even though it wasn't precisely what I wanted to hear. I 'wanted' to hear that he was coping much better and having the time of his life. But that's my PP not his. I love it when he speaks his mind and I hope he never quits.

I feel like the hyena's have a friend in the tabloids which in turn gives them too much power over Rob and Kris. They keep trying to find ways to trap them in saying things they don't want to. So far R&K have held strong, but how much longer can they hold out? Forever I hope.

Anonymous said...

So, let's just take a little poll.

You can just respond by voting "Jawline" or "Emphasis on disgustingly negative bullshit spewed by haters who need to be medicated"

If you vote "Jawline" it indicates that as a reader of Rose's blog you would continue to read and be perfectly happy if she never mentions that bullshit that she sees from nonstens and other idiots on twitter or anywhere else. This means that basically she would just write her creative and amazing words based on interviews, legitimate news (not bullshit on twitter) and other facts regarding Twilight, WFE, or other Rob projects.

If you vote "Emphasis on disgustingly negative bullshit spewed by haters who need to be medicated" this means that you will only continue to read Rose's blog. Vote this way if you want Rose to continue to address every bitter, vile, hateful thing that nonstens say about Rob and whoever he chooses to spend time with now and in the future. Vote this way if you want to continue to fuel their fire by giving them the attention that they crave.
Oh and if you vote this way you are a complete idiot, but its your life.

One little thing. I don't think Rose gives a rat's ass about the results of this poll. HAHA--she's gonna write what she wants. Its just PURELY for my entertainment and future arguments, um, I mean, discussions with her.

Okay start voting NOW----

Sydney said...


Ooohhh...I just went back and saw what you're talking about. The chick who called us 'weak minded' also wrote "you damm well know it to." Kills me every time. When you go to make fun of someone for being stupid or 'weak minded', try to make sure that your post isn't FULL of embarrassing errors.

Aleksandra said...

hahahahaah so adding to that chick seeing Rob on a plane back to Vancity ON FRIDAY, we have this dude

Omg I just met kristen stewart is at American Vintage on ventura. :D 11:02 PM Feb 26th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

rob wasn't there. haha
26 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to ddmddmddmddm

watch it being totally ignored though, doesn't go with the latest supposed Robsten sighting after all....

Sydney said...


*I*Believe* said...

@Smitty~Things that make you go hmmm

angelica1 said...

Smitty - Neither, I'm voting "adorable grin"

Carla said...

In many ways, I think exactly like you. But I fear that you and Robert may be mistaken. I'm not sure that the harassment will end, even after BD... :(

Annie said...


*I*Believe* said...

Hi Annie!!!

How are your sniffles?

30 said...

Can I vote 90% Jawline and 10% Emphasis?


Freddie said...

Hey everyone,


Angelica – you are right on the mark with you comments. Hope you are feeling better.

And you too Annie - hope you are on the mend.

Have a good day everyone.

Annie said...

Hi IB:
No better, no worse.......I'm still standing (and sniffling.) :)

How are you?

Annie said...

Hi to you too Freddie. :)

Lindsey said...

Jawline (this makes me laugh)

But I would have to say that if I was Rose it would be pretty hard to ignore all the noisy stupid people emailing and tweeting her...i would probably want to vent every once in a while too. But I always enjoy happy Rose the most:)

Teeth said...

Okay, "jawline" gets me thinking about all different kinds of things...

But yeah, I guess i vote that way!:)

Kenzz said...

Hi Smitty! ((big wave))

Just my opinion (for what little that's worth!), but I remember some of Rose's earlier postings (before a lot of this shitstorm became so loud). Her "intoxication" with R was so hilarious because it was sooo over the top, and often tongue-in-cheek.

Her admiration for him reflected what many of us happily-married-but-not-dead-yet ladies felt. Her steadfast devotion and loyalty to certain friends who shall remain nameless (you know who you are!haha)has changed the tone of some of her blog entries to defending her special friends.

As you said, Rose will surely write what she wants, and we'll all continue to enjoy her humor and insight. But if I HAD to vote, it would most definitely be for Jawline. But as my Nana Kenzz (who is no Nana Rose!) says, "That and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee!"

Hugs sent to you, Gruff & Syd as well. Hang in there, and stay safe...

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Freddie!

Well Annie, I am a little worried about how this whole "no to seniority" thing is going to go for teachers in NY.

Groovie said...

Hey everyone!
Stuck at work for another hour and a half, currently "babysitting" a pain in the ass lol! Why can't people just do their job?

And SMITTY- that's an easy one, jawline of course! Lol love the "poll"

shoegal2547 said...

Good post Rose, and that pic is so Rob (thanks for posting)!

No, he does not believe the relationship is traumatic...he loves this woman, but believes the surrounding circus is.

Also, he can wish for a more serene lifestyle after BD, but I wouldn't count on it. People are interested in his relationship (like or not)...I hope he's not too disappointed. I believe Brad and Angelina thought the fervor surrounding them would relax after a while, but we're looking at 6 years now. Don't really know what the fascination is with celebrity couples, but R/K evoke more reactions than most.

I wish them well. "His thigh looks traumatic" LOL - you crack me up Rose with your captions!

From Santa Monica, California, I trust everyone will have a pleasant day! ;0

LJ said...

LOL Smitty!

Nice post Rose.

Much love to everyone,


angelica1 said...

Hi Liza! :)

Annie said...

I don't understand it either but our Mayor is adamant about it and it's causing a lot of dissent here. A LOT of discussion.

Does it affect you as well?

*I*Believe* said...

LJ!!! So nice to see you!!

jentoo~I was wondering about you the other day! Nice to see you too!

Annie~Yes, it would impact me. I have 22 years of service in my school district.

dottie said...

SMITTY - I have to agree that the funny, love filled (jawline) posts are my faves, too. (Or should I write "to"? Wouldn't want to confuse anyone! lol)

But as you well know, every ROSE has its thorns! ;)

Take care!

Annie said...

The city wants to cut capital spending but there has to be a better way than having to fire close to 5,000 teachers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to those that are voting.

The voting is NOT voluntary. If you don't vote, your ability to comment will be suspended. *

Any split vote or non-vote(cough cough Angelica, IB, 30-cough) will count as a vote for JAWLINE.

To those of you posting shit you find on Twitter--it is just that--total bullshit. I could go on there and post, oh I don't know, that Rose is having triplets and a whole buncha people will believe me and start knitting booties. STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THESE ASSHOLES for the love of god. Its like choking out a fire by cutting off the oxygen. They LOVE to come on and go "oh look--somebody commented about the bullshit I put on twitter" If you stop reading, commenting, freaking out about it they will stop. Fill your life and your mind and your heart with positive stuff, not their hate.

Remember vote JAWLINE early and often.

*This is complete bullshit but maybe it will scare someone into voting. :)

Anonymous said...

Liza---All votes from people of British descent count as 10 votes. You've got my back on this right?

Annie said...

Ladies I will be back later........A burger from Shake Shack has my name on it! :)

@Smitty: Agreed! :)

angelica1 said...

Smitty - I have no objection to "jawline" butreally, those lovely,squidgy cheeks....

That should count as 30 votes - British descent + epic arse-licking = triple score!! Liza? Is that fair? (Even though Smitty is being bloody bolshy!! LOL)

Sydney said...

Yes, but it's so fun to read their shit on twitter. It makes me feel so superior in intellect, and well, everything else!!

Okay for reals this time going to HH. Cheers to all.

dottie said...

I get the feeling MISS SMITTY knows how to get her way! LOL

ROSE may have met her match :D

Anonymous said...


Kay said...

Not scared, Smitty. ;) I'll vote jawline via Angelica's method of chosing adorable grin instead.......I like snarky Rose, and I think she is going to need an outlet once the triplets get here.

*I*Believe* said...

Smiity~ I'm Switzerland :)

LJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LJ said...

Here you go Smitty darling...(you're gonna love this...LOL)


Theres 2 beautiful jawlines for you because I also love it when Rose writes about Kristen....so 20 votes.


LJ said...

Hi Angelica :)

Birdie said...

You are right though,Rose will write what she wants and of course, we will continue to read. I like your analogy of cutting off the oxygen. Don't give them there 15 seconds of fame!

angelica1 said...

Awww Liza, pouty lips and soulful looks. I bet Smitty's all warm and glowy inside now :)

Birdie said...

Love the picture.Perfect!

olivia said...

My vote goes to "jawline," both clean shaven and scruffy, however, I do enjoy a bit of thorny sarcasm.

Triple "yay" for the gray hoodie pic.

Hugs for Rose, Smitty, Gruff, and Syd,
and of course, to y'all, dear Roselanders

Birdie said...

Oh and IB, clever answer!

Anonymous said...

Rose will do what she wants to do, as we all know. I voted to support Smitty, and to say, ending the madness and the bs isn't such a bad idea. I support Rose anis her views, as well as Smitty in her very funny efforts.

I don't post often, but do enjoy reading Rose's blog and the comments here. It makes me smile.


deb said...

AMEN to you ROSE I want the best for our 2 too I hope they well get what they both want and that is SOME PEACE FOR ONCE. DEB.

ana said...

It's so funny how people can get different things from an interview...for me, anyone who is a fan of Rob knew exactly what he was saying. We've all seen enough interviews to know how he talks and goes around certain subjects (Kristen) You just said everything so Perfect Rose :)

Freddie said...

Hi IB, Kenzz, Annie, Teeth, Lindsey, Smitty, Groovie, Birdie, Olivia, Angelica, Liza and everyone else in Roseland that I missed.

I stepped out to grab a bite but wanted to come back to see how the vote was going. Smitty, you are quite the politician. It looks like a landslide victory.

angelica1 said...

Hi Freddie :)

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~How was your meal? Did you have anything good?

Teeth said...

I think Rose should spend like a week Just writing about Kristen!

Yes? yes??

Brewski said...


Smitty Jawline, Jawline, Jawline! BTW, thank you for filling out my ballot. Lord knows we don't need the potential for hanging chads. LOL

My fellow Roselanders, nonstens are so not worth any of our valuable time or effort. Cheers!

Freddie said...

Hi IB - I just grabbed some pineapple chicken from one of the local teriyaki fast food places. It's tasty. How are you? What's this stuff about cutting jobs and not consideriing seniority?

Hey Angelica - how are you doing?

May said...

Dear Rose,

thank you for being a beacon of common sense on this journey.Please,never change. Because, as much as half of this fandom scares me shitless sometimes, reading one of your fabulous posts brings it all home for me.
If I was a better person,I would perhaps say that I feel sorry for all the haters and nonnies, because being heartless vultures that they are, who seem to be living&mentally counting down the days, weeks, months & years, desperately hoping R&K would break up...
But tbqh,I dont feel sorry for them.

Who I feel sorry for are their families, who have to live with them.I feel sorry for the people they hang out with, for people they work with.

Can you imagine the rising frustration of those people around them, who are NOT delusional? JS ;p

shoegal2547 said...


katy said...



Anonymous said...

I love your poll Smitty and I vote JAWLINE! =)

I know Rob and Kris have batshit crazy haters and they love the attn. I likewise love not giving them any. Feed it and it will build a house in your backyard. Take away what it thrives on and it will shrivel up and die.

As always, Rose is free to do as she pleases so this is not me saying what others should do. I'm just voicing that I want to personally cut off the haters food supply.

*wicked laugh while rubbing hands together*

wig4usc said...


And, no, Rose, I never expected him to come out in this interview with proclamations of undying love, hell no!

And, clearly there are people completely unable to understand sarcasm, hyperbole, and other subtlties of language and behavior. To take everything Rob says at face value is someone who clearly isn't a fan. How many times in interviews does he say something jokingly or sarcastically???

And, I too have taken a peek at those who bother Rose on Twitter. Residents of Crazy Town!

ADD said...

My vote is Jawline. But I'll read and most likely love anything that Rose posts.

MySoCalledLife said...

"Jawline" I suppose - since I don't see any other alternative and Smitty is damn persuasive.

But so is Rose, so we'll see how this ends up ;)

As long as Rose continues to be rational, witty and awesome and the best fan Rob & Kristen can ask for, I'll always read this blog.

My word verification is "hymens" - LOL! WTF!!

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~Your dinner sounds yummy!

Yes, NY is trying to put in this law that basically says when there are layoffs "last in should not be first out." In other words, seniority should NOT be a consideration.

Marjorie1211 said...

Jawline, Smitty is very hard to resist.

Frances said...

Rob's good friend Bobby Long has a new CD out: "A Winter Tale". It's so cool. If anyone is interested copies can be purchased at www.musicbobbylong.com.

olivia said...

This little parable appeared in a recent newsletter of a professional organization. I enjoyed reading it and then reflecting on it.

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

"My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil - it is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is Good - It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith."

The grandson thought about this for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Carol said...

Rose, What a great blog...You have such a gift with words. Isn't it amazing how so many people can dissect one little interview. Rob is so awesome and who wouldn't want him to be happy. Kristen is so awesome and who wouldn't want her to be happy. All we as fans need to do is respect them. They give us a wonderful performance on all their films that's all that we need. Their private life is theirs and only theirs. They owe us nothing. I hope Rob and Kristen know that there are lots of sane and loving fans who would never stalk or yell or demand photos or attention from them.
This is great to have such a positive place about Rob and Kristen and Tom. Your blog is where sane and loving fans can come and have fun. Plus the bonus is Rob singing.
Been reading comments about Smitty’s poll and I have to say “Jawline” No to twitter and definitely no to nonstens

Freddie said...

IB - I hope things work out okay. Maybe the law won't get passed. We can hope. Are thing still busy with your kids activities?

Olivia - nice parable, and so appropriate for some of the people in this fandom. Thanks for posting it.

Kenzz - have you been watching Boston Rob??

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~This weekend is a cheer weekend so we will be busy~

Kenzz~How are things your way?

Kenzz said...

IB & Freddie:

Hi to my chapter mates! Things are great here...you know how I love my Boston Rob on Survivor...:)

IB (aka Switzerland!): best of luck with the cheer competition....

Freddie: your dinner sounds delish! How are things in your area?

@Frances: Although I don't think we've "met," I've just "discovered" Bobby Long..he is awesome!! He has a certain soulful quality to his tone.

angelica & liza....no fair on the 10times vote...we know you support Smitty whatever crazy scheme she comes up with!!!!

Freddie said...

Kenzz - things are good here, aside from getting annoyingly cold again. My patience with winter is wearing thin.

I didn't see the whole episode last week, but from what I gathered Boston Rob played the game masterfully. I was surprised to see the outcome tonight (I won't say who got voted off so I don't spoil things for our west coast friends). But it was surprising, although the Redemption island angle could change it all up. We'll see.

IB - yes, good luck with the competition - although it sounds like your daughter's teams have been doing very well.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ROSE..Spot ON..as usual

ROB..SMART..as usual

SMITTY...FIERCE PROTECTOR..as usual... Oh, and I vote Jawline..ALWAYS THE JAWLINE! It should be a CRIME for him to allow a beard to cover "the Jawline"!!!!!

IB..You are quite the "diplomat" tonight!

Kenzz said...

Freddie: we were up in ski country last week, so missed Survivor. We watched it tonite before the current episode, and then had what looked like a United Nations negotiation as to whether we would all watch tonite's Survivor episode (my daw) or switch to Idol (my hubs)...I try to remain neutral!

I'm with you on the re-instigation of the cold...tomorrow is supposed to be frighteningly CHILLY here.

*I*Believe* said...

Freddie~Thanks for the good wishes...they are always welcome:)

Kenzz~Anything happening with teachers in MA?

Shouting out to DK~I am thinking about you...hope you are doing ok~

*I*Believe* said...

Hey Super!

I am not being diplomatic I am just trying to keep Smitty AND Rose happy....I would never want to come between them....basically I'm a whimp:)

Hope all is well in SC...going to be 4 degrees tonight and the wind is blowing like crazy!

Kenzz said...

Hi Super!!

IB: we've had one demonstration at the Capitol, but remember, MA is a really, really liberal state...We tend to vote in favor of unions.

I have a son in special ed., and friends/educators outside our state call us (MA) the Cadillac of Spec. Ed. I must admit, I've not followed stuff outside of what I see on CNN/Fox re: Wisconsin.

*I*Believe* said...

OK Kenzz...I may be moving to MA...LOL

Kenzz said...

IB: You'd be very very welcome here!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rose,

Great post today. 'Get off my Dick'..Loved it!!


I vote Jawline. I've only been dabbling with twitter for about a week now and I already hate it! What a clusterfuck of chaos! I've read some crazy-assed shit on there :)

Hello Everyone!

Is clusterfuck a word??

Freddie said...

Kenzz - LOL - that's what mothers have to do....be neutral. I know my mother always was.

IB & Kenzz - it sounds like we're all getting the cold. I guess we, the Northeast chapter members, are made of stern stuff to stick it out in these temperatures.

Hi Super - how are you tonight?

Freddie said...

Hey Rhonda - how are you tonight? It sounds like you took the plunge on Twitter. I'm impressed.

Kenzz said...

to Northeast chapter Roselanders... we are a hardy bunch, indeed!

Beter to ward off the Twitter trolls!!

Smitty, although you clearly cheated, what was the end result of your poll? :0) I'm sure you got your way, as any Rose-proclaimed brat does! lol

DreamerKind said...

Good Evening Everyone!

Thanks for your kind remarks, and I am better than yesterday.


Rhonda said...

Hi Freddie-

I'm good, thanks. Hope you are as well. Twitter..hmmm...not sure about that mess yet :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

IB..4 degrees..geez!


FREDDIE..I am very well..but as you all know, this is past my bedtime so I will soon be off to Neverneverland

RHONDA..You are brave to venture in to the world of twitter, I am NOT as brave as you! "clusterfuck" now THAT is an interesting word!

Rhonda said...

Kenzz- Am I still in charge of food and alcohol..I mean beverage :)

Birdie said...

Hello everyone!
I love the word clusterfuck, it is a word where I grew up.
What criteria would they use to lay people off if not by seniority?
Does your son like teaching special ed.? I have a senior that may choose that as a major.
DK, Glad to see you and hope you are feeling better. Not easy to lose those you care about.

Birdie said...

I'm with you and have to work in the morning, so won't last long.

Rhonda said...

Super- I have no idea what I'm doing on there. I'm just waiting to commit some twitter faux pas that i don't know about and be kicked out :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

BIRDIE..Hi. I am so used to you being on early in the am with DK, and here you are! Have a good evening..I am officially going to lurker status. Good night All

word verif bless ... how bout that DK? I got a nice one for a change!

Rhonda said...

Hi Birdie :)

cutiestar said...


Seriously, I'm a lover not a fighter. I choose happiness over misery anyday. Who cares what the crackheaded delusional side of this fandom think. Their thoughts mean nothing to me.

Love you Rose whatever you do. I've been reading this site for over a year and I will continue to read it until you decide you've figured out your intoxication issues. But, I'm voting with Smitty in capital letters:

JAWLINE!!!!!! and more of the hoodie pics too :)

Freddie said...

Hey DK - I'm glad you are feeling better. You have a wonderfully optimistic and positive outlook on life. It's one of the special things that make you, you.

Super - have a good evening.

Rhonda - I'm glad things are good... except for Twitter. LOL.

Hi Birdie - hope you are well.

Ladies, I'm going to head off to have a nice soak in the tub, then head off to bed early. I hope you all have a good night's rest.

Rhonda said...

Cutiestar- Well said..I couldn't agree more.

I'm out. Goodnight Roseland :)

DK- ((Hugs))

Birdie said...

Hi Rhonda,
Did you work today?
Loved the parable. So very true.
For all you teachers,
They are talking about teachers on the "Ed Show" on MSNBC.

Birdie said...

Good night Super, Rhonda and Freddie,
One of these nights I will try to get on at the right time to talk.

*I*Believe* said...

Good Night Rhonda!

Freddie~Enjoy your soak!

Birdie~Not seniority, you will be axed based on effectiveness, in other words, if the principal likes you or not

*I*Believe* said...

Night Super!

Birdie said...

Aren't you union?

*I*Believe* said...

Yes, we are but a law would over rule seniority...who knows how long unions will last in this climate....

Kenzz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birdie said...

I think Gov. Walker is playing with fire.In this climate of unemployment and a flat-lined middle class, he may have bit off more than he can chew. I think the "little people" of the world are feeling more empowered.
We aren't union, but seniority doesn't seem to mean alot where I work either. They seem to chip away at the few perks we do receive.

*I*Believe* said...

Birdie~I am a regular ed teacher and I LOVE my job! I LOVE my students! I LOVE how their faces light up when they are learning new things but...politics and bureaucracy make teaching a drag:(

Birdie said...

Sorry about the mix-up. I hope she goes in that direction also. I think it would be very fulfilling.

Birdie said...

I hear you. Our hospital has become a "business" in order to survive and some of the hoops we have to jump through are ridiculous. Don't get me going!

*I*Believe* said...

Birdie~are you admin or a nurse?

LaurieO76 said...

Well, Smitty, since my only option was between Jawline and foaming haters, I definitely pick Jawline. But I think a more accurate poll would be between Jawline, Eyes, Fingers ... Well you get the idea. For instance, that picture of Rob in the classic car in the Vanity Fair article? *THUD* And there are just no words for Piano Rob. We could just focus on a different picture each day and post comments on our appreciation for the pretty. But, I'm here for whatever Rose posts. She's brilliant.

Birdie said...

A staff nurse, but things have changed so drastically since I started. While I know change is good and we need regulations, I really need things to be logical. They are really over-regulating and make it more difficult to just do your job.

dd. said...

Hi, first time posting, but as a long time reader of Rose's blog I want to participate in this poll, lol.

Smitty, I'm not sure I can vote "jawline" (lol)... Sometimes it's just necessary to address the bullshit, if everyone stop doing it I'm afraid things would be much worse... Opinions and rumors are quickly assumed as facts, especially if nobody refutes them, so, I hope Rose (and others) keep doing it when things go out of control. Maybe a good balance btw happy and snarky Rose...?

"Rob's thigh looks traumatized!"
Brilliant Rose, lol...

Kenzz said...

Birdie: no worries....those like your daw are soooo incredibly meaningful to moms like me!

Smitty: i believe the overwhelming caucus was in your favor!

nite to all my cyber-friends.... this gal has an appt tomorrow in Boston and needs to be at my best!!

*I*Believe* said...

Smitty (I mistyped your name earlier)~I am quite impressed by your little poll....it has made a lot of people come out of the woodwork :)

*I*Believe* said...

Nite Kenzz!

Birdie~God bless all nurses, especially you and Super! I totally hear you and understand where you are coming from.

Time for me tun out the lights and get some shut eye...I have 21 second graders spend tomorrow with:)

*I*Believe* said...

*to spend tomorrow with:)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I agree with everything you said. I haven't seen the magazine yet, but Rob would never admit to loving Kris. My hope for them is peace. I hope all the paps and all the haters will leave them alone and let them live in peace. I don't think that is too much to wish for. Have a good night everyone.

Birdie said...

Goodnight IB and Kenzz,
I am really up past my bedtime and won't wake early to say good morning to DK.

Luv London said...

Smitty, As they say here in Chicago - Vote Early and Vote Often!


I hate the crazies and I would prefer to pretend they don't exist. And you gotta love that jawline ......so yes, Jawline!

W.Kuhn said...

First time commented but long-time reader as well. I love coming here to read Rose's blog; she's crazy witty and honest.

Smitty, my vote is jawline. I'd be thrilled to never see another word written by the nonstens, hatestens...whatever you want to call them! Though I will admit to enjoying Rose calling them out for their crap:) on a side note, wanted to tell you that my family tried the white choc rasp cookies...yum!!!

Beat wishes to all and especially wishes of peace to the two lovelies who are a big reason we are on this blog, Rob and Kristen

DreamerKind said...

I'm hanging around now.

So glad you've returned from your vacay and are in one piece! Stop by when you can, as you promised, please.

DreamerKind said...

Peace On Earth


Heaven on Earth, we need it now
I'm sick of all of this hanging around

Sick of sorrow, sick of the pain
I'm sick of hearing again and again
That there's gonna be peace on Earth

Where I grew up
There weren't many trees
Where there was, we'd tear them down
And use them on our enemies

They say that what you mock
Will surely overtake you
And you become a monster
So the monster will not break you

And it's already gone too far
Who said that if you go in hard, you won't get hurt?

Jesus, can you take the time
To throw a drowning man a line?
Peace on Earth

Tell the ones who hear no sound
Whose sons are living in the ground
Peace on Earth

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No one cries, like a mother cries
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She never got to say goodbye
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Now he's in the dirt
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All the folks, the rest of us won't get to know

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Jesus, can you take the time
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Peace on Earth

To tell the ones who hear no sound
Whose sons are living in the ground
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Jesus, sing the song you wrote
The words are sticking in my throat
Peace on Earth

Hear it every Christmas time
But hope and history won't rhyme
So, what's it worth?
This peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Thank you/awesomenessk

Bren said...

Hey Mama Mia,

Glad you are hanging...

Did you hear from Bells?

DreamerKind said...

Yes, she posted on my Facebook!

Bren said...

Did she do her jump, zipline, chair over cliff, whatever....in other words did she do something crazy?

DreamerKind said...

All she said was that she was back and very busy (a lame excuse she admits) but would come on here to chat with us soon. No news about what they did. There are some pics on FB, that I haven't had a chance to look at yet.

Bren said...


Let's find Bells another job, a better job...where she has time to post on the board....and definitely a better bathroom, what do you say?

word v..preper....is this like proper?

DreamerKind said...

Ha, ha, haven't we been encouraging her to go to pastry chef school? Then, she wouldn't have any time to be with us at all.

Preper sounds like proper with a British stiff upper lip intonation.

DreamerKind said...

@Luv London
Loved the Chicago tagline about voting, and know it to be so true as I am a Chicagoan, like you!

Bren said...

If she does become a pastry chef, think of the possibilities for us...the goodies...of course she would have to come work near us.

Smitty wants us to vote...did you vote?, I didn't read all the comments...

DreamerKind said...

Thanks Kenzz, Birdie, Freddie, *IB*, Rhonda, Super, Olivia and all of those who've been thinking about me.

I also wish those feeling under the weather a speedy recovery.

I vote you my spokesperson, for our thoughts are so aligned. Thanks for speaking them so well. :)

DreamerKind said...

No, I haven't voted yet and you know how I so love to vote on

I'm a Jawline voter.

Bren said...


I was going to comment on this a couple of days ago....that blog on March 1, that's you in the picture with Rob, huh?....yup, the one getting the bear hug, that's how you know he gives good hugs...

DreamerKind said...

Wow! You think that's Rose? It is a lovely redhead, so does our Rose have red hair? Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!

Bren said...


I vote jawline as well....enough with all the drama.....

DreamerKind said...

In any case, that was a very expressive hug and I found it hard not to envy the "fan" who received it, didn't you?

Hugs are the best, aren't they?

Bren said...


Actually that is what got me about the picture, Rob doesn't usually hug like that...He barely touches anyone when he hugs...(except Kristen,of course)...he loves that Rose loves Kristen...

word v....chest....now we are getting somewhere...

DreamerKind said...

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Mel Carter:

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(Hold me, thrill me)
Never, never, never let me go
(Never, never, never let me go)

Thank you/Nocaro

Bren said...

Have you started looking for a new place yet....when are you planning on moving?

DreamerKind said...

Well, if it is so, then it's great for them all!

Make new friends,
But keep the old,
One is silver,
And the other's gold...

DreamerKind said...

Plans go astray, as we all are aware but I'd like to move on down the road in May. May is the lusty month you know (Camelot)!

Bren said...

May has always been my favorite month...it's always been lucky for me, for some reason...Nicole was born in May, as well.

Are you familiar with the song "Cotton Eyed Joe"?

DreamerKind said...

The Lusty Month Of May

Julie Andrews (Broadway Camelot):

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The birds and bees with all of their vast amorous past
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Those dreary vows that everyone takes, everyone breaks
Everyone makes divine mistakes, the lusty month of May

Thank you/catiaadao

DreamerKind said...

I don't know, want me to look it up and play it?

Bren said...


No, that was the song playing when I got attacked by the cowboy boots, and I told you Charlie Daniels...no biggie, I got it wrong, and it wasn't even the night I had all the margaritas...lol

DreamerKind said...

Oh, yes, I am listening to a modern version of it by Rednex, and it's a cool old song, made fresh.

Cotton Eyed Joe


If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe
I'd been married long time ago
Where did you come from where did you go
Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe

He brought a disaster wherever he went
The hearts of the girls watching out from down south.

They all ran away so nobody would know
and left only men 'cause of Cotton-Eyed Joe


If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe
I'd been married long time ago
Where did you come from where did you go
where did you come from Cotton-eyed Joe

Thank you/haoshop

DreamerKind said...

There is a very long set of lyrics in old southern style english on wikipedia, so I'll link it here:

Very fascinating glimpse of another time, another place, and a chance for love is lost.


DreamerKind said...

Attacked by cowboy boots? That's a very apt way to put it. Care to refresh my memory and tell the tale?

DreamerKind said...

Doesn't the new WFE trailer come out today? Can't decide if I will watch it, as April isn't that far away and I don't like to scoop myself.

However, I hardly have any power to resist peeking at it, and wouldn't stop once I did.

So call me a liar now, why don't you?

DreamerKind said...

Oops, sorry, I posted it before I saw your comment saying, no!

Bren said...


When I was in the middle of the stampede on the dance floor...remember the 2 step?

Nevermind, let's, move on...

DreamerKind said...

Friends To Go

Paul McCartney:

I've been waitin on the other side,
For your friends to leave
So I don't have to hide,

I prefer they didnt know
So I've been waiting on the other side,
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I've been climbing up a slowly burning rope,

But the flame is getting low
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I'll be waiting on the other side, For your friends to go

I've been waiting on the other side
I've been waiting on the other side,
For your friends to go

Thank you/msradx

DreamerKind said...

Didn't you get your foot stomped on?

Move on to what?

Bren said...

Are you the type to run out to the theatre the first day to watch it?

I hope Reese starts acting like a 35 yr old professional before the press junkets...instead of a DIH...

DreamerKind said...

I am rather dull tonight, so maybe you're waiting for me to go, friend? (Like the song)

Had a massage today, and it was very good for the bod and mind, but not so good for forming sentences ever since.

DreamerKind said...

Do I plan much of anything? If I am near a theater, I'd hardly be able to resist going in to watch it.

Then again, if the "fans" will be out in droves (which of course I wish it to succeed), screaming and yelling, I'd skip the first few days or go very late at night.

DreamerKind said...

Not gonna comment on DIH, no way, no how, little mama.

I will say that WFE is at least a three times a must to watch, don't you think. And then, when out on dvd, must buy!

Have to say that I was very disappointed that Waiting for Forever had such a limited release and I couldn't catch it. Will buy that one, too.

DreamerKind said...

Man, am I behind on the times, for I need to see WTTR, too. Out I'll go to the Borders or BN and get that dvd. Dang tootin'!

DreamerKind said...

Your turn to comment or respond to one of mine. I'll take a minute to get a refreshing beverage and when I come back, you'll have, too.
(Fingers crossed XX)

Bren said...

Bingo---was his name-o...you're too smart, or you know me too well....

I just care about Rob's performance in WFE, I want his reviews to be out of the ballpark.

Another blog posted the run time for the movie at 1:37, kinda short huh?

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bren said...

A massage is a good thing, I love to pamper myself...

I'm trying to cheer you up, but if you want to nappy, that is fine with me....

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

I guess that is short for a film, if it is good, and you don't want it to end.

A few days ago, I watched Eclipse again, and I truly felt that it was too short, when it ended.

Hadn't felt that before, so I was amazed. There were more scenes I would like to have seen!

Not action ones either, well, maybe a different kind of action, like with the lips/hips sort of thing.

Although in the commentary, Rob thought there was entirely too much kissing in the movie, and I vehemently disagree with him, this time, tee hee.

Bren said...

LOL, ok time for me to go to sleep...

Thanks you, mama san....mucho hot water.

DreamerKind said...

Hot water is goood!

I'll be heading out soon, too. Massage usually kicks butt and it did mine.

Sleepytime, awaits.

Not looking like I'm going meet up with you tonight. You know I lie about leaving, so holler at me, if you come on here soon.

Bren said...

Rob is totally wrong, never enough kissing.....

Hold on, I need something to munch on...

DreamerKind said...

You have cheered me up, little bird, thanks.

Munch on, so we're still chatting?

Word verf: "aringl"
I'll buy you a ring l, lingo, lingo.

Bren said...

Nicole got home, and I grabbed some milano cookies...I recorded American Idol, and I guess I'll hang around a little bit with her...

Sweet Dreams...


Oh, and hi to Birdie, maybe we can touch base one of these morns'.

DreamerKind said...

It is C's bff birthday today and hers on Sunday, so they went to some swanky hotel near the city, to celebrate in grand style. They might be gone for two days!

Since I'm staying put for the time being, I'll be able to celebrate C's b-day, if her father doesn't glom the day from me, like every other year.

It is share the day or pull her apart, limb by limb, so compromise is the name of that tune.

DreamerKind said...

That's also the name of your tune, so go watch AI with N, and I'll try to leave here again.

Lurkers, feel free to comment on anything I have shared tonight, but please, don't tweet it to the world. I can't handle the fame.

It's enough being the Fairy Godmother and Roseland's Musical Genius XO.

Word verf: "moohup" moo hup
You can tweet that, since it is so cute. I'll moohup now.

Rhonda said...

Good(early)Morning Roseland!

Sorry for my little twitter rant last night. I'm sure it's not all bad. I guess as someone new to twitter I was just more than a little shocked by some of the nonsten stuff I read. Some of it really pushes the buttons of sanity :)

Have a great day loves :)

angelica1 said...

Rhonda - For all I love teasing Smitty, she is absolutely right. Twitter is full of wackjobs because basically anyone can open an account and say anything and it's made worse by people retweeting it and thereby giving them attention.My advice is to just not look at it.

Wildhart007 said...

Morning Roseland!

Of course jawline(but I'm eyes ) also love snarky Rose.

Have a good day!


Cate said...

JAWLINE…but Liza’s way!

Heaven help those jawline genes should they ever get thrown together for a genetic hoedown.

Ones just as beautiful as the other.

Happy Friday Eve!


TGIT as Kay likes to say (Just never misread without the G :)

30 said...

Oh Jimmy Fallon! I fucken love this guy!


Melinda said...

Rob in that hoodie with that expression is just...I love it.

My vote will always be jawline. It's perfect (and drama free is a lovely thought).

Hope everyone has a rockin Thursday! It's almost the weekend!

katy said...

Hello, Roseland!! Happy Thursday

Rob's interview with Ryan Seacrest, in less than one hour...here the link, if you want to listen to it.


Hugs to all

Anonymous said...


Exit polls taken yesterday were confirmed after the board of elections announced the overwhelming winner is JAWLINE! Thank you to everyone who voted and everyone who didn't vote since your non-vote was counted for JAWLINE. As for anyone who voted the other way, well, a psychiatrist will be contacting you for you obviously need attention immediately.

Okay, seriously, thanks for playing along. Rose will keep writing whatever the hell she wants but at least she can't say that nobody will read her blog if all she writes about are legitimate and positive things.

In other news....

Liza--cute--behave please! hahaha

DK--I hope you are okay. I missed something and am not sure what was wrong but thanks as always for the music and be well.

Kenzz--your comments were making me laugh. Thanks for the help.

Angelica--keep us posted on the surgery. Sucks you have to go thru it...

Everyone else-take care!

angelica1 said...

Smitty - Honestly, it was a one horse race!

MySoCalledLife said...

Morning Glories!
It's freezing here today, but the sun is shining and I'm in a good mood.

Rhonda - don't feel bad about your frustrations w. Twitter. I've gone down that road before (reading some of the nasty things that are said and the smugness that the Crazies feel knowing they are 'right'). After a while, I realized it's better to just ignore it. That's why I like it here. The people are lovely and sane.

On that note, I hope everyone has a lovely (& sane) day :)

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