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Monday, November 10, 2008

Worried for Rob.

OK. So, they had to cancel an appearance by Rob in San Francisco. Why you ask? Because they were expecting only 500+ to show up and they got over 3000 people. WTF? Do these people not have any idea what is going on with Twilight, and specifically Robert Pattinson? So, they didn't have enough security and police to handle all the people. PLUS, there are always going to be the lame ass fans who feel ENTITLED to push and shove and scream, no matter what anyone says. Honestly? I'm glad they cancelled it. Better disappointed fans than a hurt Robert. Some of these so called fans are fucking scary. Rob has said in countless interviews that its just one screaming mob to the next. Does that sound like he enjoys it? He does it as part of his job, but that doesn't mean he has to like it. Get a grip, people. I wouldn't blame Rob one bit if he cancelled the whole mall thing. It's just chaos anyway. One continuous scream. It doesn't matter what he does...what he says...it will all be just screams and screeching...
CREEPY AS HELL, OK? Don't forget Rob isn't a vampire. He's human, and he's only 22 years old. Yes, I said ONLY 22. Cause that's young. And to be thrust into this madness...is scary. I just want him to be protected and taken care of. (((HUGS))) to Robert.
Another thing. The movie is less than 2 weeks away. The onslaught of interviews and movie clips (God, I love the movie clips) is overwhelming at times. I know I use the word "overwhelming" a lot...but it's so apt for describing what I feel. I cannot get enough of Robert...and Kristen...and the movie...but there is so much going on, that I get discombobulated trying to keep up. *sigh*
But its a good thing. I love all the interviews with Rob. He's just so down to earth, so humble, so thoughtful. It's odd how soft spoken he is. I have to turn up my volume just to hear him sometimes. And dammit...he's so sexy. Ok, then.
Robert? Please, PLEASE take care of yourself. Don't let anyone put you in a situation that you are not comfortable with. Stay safe.

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