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Friday, November 7, 2008

Hidden Rob Devotion

Good Morning. Why do I persist in talking to myself? Not sure. "I dunno", as Rob always says. Well, he's right...I dunno.

Not sure how I feel today. This whole Rob thing is just so damn overwhelming. So...confusing. I took a huge step today, and mentioned "Twilight" to a non-Rob obsessed, non Twilight fan. My BEST friend. You could ask how she could be my best friend and not know about Rob? Well, I realize that 'most' people aren't all wrapped up in a book/movie and its stars. I was going to say most NORMAL people (unless you're a tweenager) just don't get so damn involved in this kinda stuff. My friend had NEVER heard of Twilight. Although when I told her the premise of the movie, she was agreeable to go and see it. I kinda told her that I thought the lead actor was pretty damn gorgeous...but I stopped myself from gushing over him. She wouldn't understand. Well, I know that *I* sure as hell don't understand, how could I expect anyone else to? But at least I get one showing of "Twilight" out of the whole thing. Oh, don't for a moment think that I will only see the movie once. HA! I will be there...alone, if need be...at least 5 times. That's my goal. 5 times. More if it is more than I can stand and I must see it as much as possible. Which is scaring me, because I'm pretty sure, even now, that seeing Rob in all his Edward glory on this huge screen...will be more than I can stand. I'm thinking that I should probably go and see the movie by myself first...to get all the pent up emotion out before I share the theater with someone who knows me. How ridiculously strange I am. We have some theaters nearby that have an ULTRA screen... let me quote the theater site...

The UltraScreens®, with razor sharp three-story tall picture, crystal clear digital sound and comfortable stadium seats are Marcus movie magic at its best.The UltraView® auditoriums, boast a screen 75 feet wide by 32 feet tall.*The UltraScreens® take moviegoing to a totally a new level of excitement that can never be experienced at home. The UltraScreens® are more than 500 times bigger than a typical 19”television screen.

Um...Can you imagine Rob 75 feet wide and 32 feet tall??? *Gulp*. It boggles the mind. And honestly, it boggles a few other things as well!! But anyway, I digress. Local theaters around here are selling tickets for the midnight showing of Twilight, but as much as I would love to see Rob as soon as possible...I truly think there will be so much damn screaming that the movie will lose something. I'm so NOT into screaming, screeching...especially when I am trying to hear Rob's voice. I would hate to have to punch some girl in the mouth for screaming in my ear...just as Rob says "GET IN THE CAR"...or "You ARE My Life Now". Oh, I'm not a violent person at all...but don't effin mess with me and Rob, OK??? So where was I before I lost myself in my latest Rob Rant. I dunno. Heh. Oh yeah, the movie. 5 times. Punching little girls. You know, the usual. (oh God...HELP ME!)

Well, It's about time for me to go off on another magazine hunt. Didn't I tell you? Yeah, I'm collecting every magazine with Robert/Twilight on the cover...or with some layout inside...because I just want to hold the mans face in my grubby paws. Did I mention that I am incurably ill and should probably be locked up for the rest of my life? Well, just another secret that I have to learn to deal with on my own...

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