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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fan or Fanatic?

OK. Well. Loving this picture. I'm really into Rob's sideburns. Pretty hot stuff. And his eyes. His hair. You know the drill.
I wanted to talk about Robert's fans. I count myself among that group, but there is a line that I feel many cross. From FAN to FANATIC. I'm not going to repeat myself (at least not on this topic...today) on how rude and annoying the screaming fan is. This is about the KNOW-IT-ALL Robert fan. You know the ones.
They claim 'insider' knowledge on all the intimate details of Rob's life. They know who he is dating, who his friends are and where he hangs out. Yeah...RIGHT. These fans are also the first to proclaim just how long they have been Rob's fans. "I've loved him longer than you!" Oh brother. I find that kinda talk so tedious. Let's face it, Rob's career isn't that long. And while many of us noticed him in Harry Potter, unless you live in England where many of his TV movies or other projects were aired...you just didn't get a chance to follow his career that closely. Spare me the "I'm his number one fan" bullshit, OK? That's almost a stalker/psycho mentality.
So this morning, Rob and Kristen were on the TODAY show. Same shit...different day. Of course it's always wonderful to see Rob, but how he can possibly stomach the same boring questions day after day (and with a smile, no less) is beyond me. Kristen doesn't look as thrilled. In fact, I realize that she is only 18...but she really needs to smile more. I would tell her just to look at Rob...that would make her smile. Now don't get me wrong, I adore her. I'm all for her hooking up with Robert...but come on, girl...smile just a little smile. So Meredith Viera asked the same lame questions, and then proceeded to drag Rob and Kristen outside to the screaming throngs. WHY? Haven't they had enough of that bullshit? Ok, I will grant you that this group of girls wasn't TOO bad...but it makes me cringe. And btw? It makes Robert cringe too. He's not Edward Cullen. Edward doesn't exist. I mean, I love that character...but you have to be able to separate Robert Pattinson from Edward Cullen. I think he is perfect for the role...but offscreen, he's just Robert. And honestly...THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Robert is perfection all on his own.

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