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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday with Robert Pattinson.

Again, I have nothing to say except my continued ramblings about Robert. Again, I just wanted to post this picture. OhMyFuckingGod.
I just watched another newsclip about Robs 'mobbing' in NY. It truly makes me ill. I know I have ranted about this before, but it is beyond ridiculous, isn't it? OK, let's wait in line for 36 hours, in the cold and rain...let's not get the wristband to meet him for 2 seconds, but at least we get to go to the Q&A afterwards. Let's stand there and scream at anything that moves. THERE HE IS! Let's scream and scream and scream! Rob is covering his ears and looking like he's in pain...LET'S SCREAM SOME MORE! Robert is trying to talk...SCREAM! And let's not just SCREAM...let's throw hard, sharp objects at him in hopes he will pick up our crude way of getting him our phone number (you just KNOW he will call!). Rob looks a bit scared, but what the hell...LET'S SCREAM!!!!! Oh well, because of all the screaming and the fact that no one can hear a word that Rob is trying to say...he is leaving after putting up with 5 minutes of lunatic screaming. So LET'S SCREAM!!!!
Seriously people. GET A FUCKING GRIP. I hope these Hot Topic mobbings are over with now, it gives me a headache just watching them. Poor Robert. I wonder if he thinks its as silly as I do? Probably not, because he is so polite and so much a gentleman...he would never tell how he really feels, would he? I just want to say "Back the fuck off." Sorry if this post is a bit...vulgar. But it irritates the living hell out of me...

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