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Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight Premiere

So. It was the premiere of "Twilight" tonight.
Lovely pictures, yes? Rob probably coulda done a little something with his hair...like maybe wash it. Or something. I dunno. It's not like I'm all about his hair or anything (although I will admit it is incredibly sexy) but this premiere is a HUGE deal. A little shampoo...maybe a comb through it once or twice. I dunno. NOT that he still isn't sexy as all get out. (what exactly does 'all get out' really mean?). He's sexy as living hell. Not sure what that means, either. Sheesh. Words are failing me big time. ANYWAY. I tried to watch the live stream of the red carpet of the premiere. Not fun. Choppy, loud...and of course...the screeching banshees were there in full force. Someone needed to hose them down. Kristen looked great. Didn't see the BF there...I was hoping she came with Rob. Seriously KS, why fucking fight it? Rob will win in the end. Give in now. I'm not sure why I love the two of them together. I think maybe I like the fact that she is strong and smart...and wouldn't let Rob get away with anything. I think he needs someone like her.
Back to the red carpet fiasco. So anyway...shitty picture. Shitty audio. and very little Rob. And like I said before screaming banshees chanting "Rob" over and over inbetween the screams.
Lovely. And what I did get to see...poor Rob was being pushed and pulled every which way. Damn, and they say being a 'movie star' is all fame and glory? Robert's nervous system has to be in shock. I only saw the screaming online...with the volume turned way down...but day after day of that kind of vocal attack has to wreak havoc on you in some way. I hope he gets a few weeks off after the movie comes out. Go home to London, Rob...get away from the loud Americans. Take Kristen with you. Heh.
OK. Not much else to say. Love the guy. He always amazes me with his grace and good humor walking head on into the madness. Hugs Robert Pattinson!

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