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Friday, November 28, 2008

Casting Twilight

Here I am again. I guess my Robert Ramblings just never go away, do they? Um...no.
Rob is on his 3rd cover of EW this week. Amazing. This is why I subscribed to the magazine a few months ago. For some bizarre reason, EW isn't that readily available around here. But anyway, this post is about the cast of "Twilight".
For the most part, I think the cast is well done. Well, even though Kellen had to dye his blond hair black for Emmett. And Nikki Reed had to dye her brown hair blond for Rosalie...etc. I thought the Cullens were well played. The only cast member I seem to have issue with is Taylor Lautner...who portrays Jacob Black. Don't get me wrong. I think Taylor is PERFECT for Jacob in "Twilight". I really do. I mean, Jacob is 16, outgoing and friendly...a buddy for Bella. Taylor fits that bill wonderfully.
BUT. I don't think he can pull off the hot, sexy, HUGE wolfman that appears in "New Moon" and the following books/movies. Jacob in the next movie has to be enough to make Bella...stop in her tracks...and wonder if she has a future with him. OK, I know her one true and ultimate love is Edward...but she DOES fall in love with Jacob. She does actually picture her future with him. For anyone to have any chance in hell of Bella even pondering for one second, a life outside of Edward...he has to be fucking AWESOME. I mean...steamy, sexy...powerful. Sorry, but that's not Taylor. Taylor is cute and charming...but steamy sexy? No. I dunno. Taylor cannot come close to competing with Robert. I mean...in "Eclipse", Bella is basically torn between two lovers for a bit...and honestly, who in their right mind would believe that of Taylor? He's just too much of a boy to be thrown in with Robert...who is...OBVIOUSLY...all man. Jacob Black is a very important character in the Twilight series. The 3rd side of the triangle. You gotta get it right or it just won't work. Maybe I'm underestimating Taylor...but he will have to grow a few inches...and...um...get sexy hot in a few months. I don't see that happening, folks. Sorry.
Oh yeah. I'm kinda going through a "Twilight" withdrawal. I've seen the movie 2 times so far. And my goal is at least 5 times...but maybe more. And because of this holiday weekend (damn Thanksgiving!) I am going to have to wait until Monday, to see the movie again. For now I am partially satisfied with the Robert interviews and all the movie clips that I have on my computer.
But...Monday Monday...hurry up and get here.

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