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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight~ The Movie part 2

I went to see "Twilight" again.
Yes. Two days in a row. This time I went to see it on an "ULTRA SCREEN" which just means it was a massive screen. Excellent.
Guess what? I still love the movie. I still couldn't take my eyes off of Robert. I still love him.
A couple of things came to mind...
1. Why is Victoria at the prom? Wouldn't Edward 'smell' her there? I get that they want to carry her vengeance into the next movie...but at least make it realistic. And why is she there...but not Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett? Wouldn't it have been just a bit more fun to see the Cullens all dressed up? I don't understand that omission at all, unless it was just budget related.
2. The picture seemed 'dark' to me. Not dark like scary...but dark like...not bright. A lot of the scenes were so dark, it was hard to see clearly. WTF is that about? Trying to carry through a theme? I wish I could have seen some of the scenes more clearly. I doe know. (as Rob always says)
3. Oh yeah, I love the movie. And I probably will go see it again next week, after Thanksgiving and all the kids go back to school. When I went today, I bet there was maybe 6 people in this massively huge theater. Awesome. BUT. For some strange reason half of the people there were like...OLD men? Seriously. One guy came in by himself, had to be in his 60s...and then 2 more came in later...together...and in their 60s as well. I mean. WTF? Old men watching "Twilight"? Who da thunk? Kinda creepy to be honest. Like they were there hoping to stake out the tweenies or something.
4. I love everything about Robert Pattinson. You know the drill. His looks are only part of it. His personality, his wit, his modesty...his charm. He smokes, and that's not a good thing (for him) but at least it lets me know he isn't perfect. Although he is damn close.
5. I love "Twilight". I love Robert.

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