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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's see...it's all about Rob.

Love this picture. Of course. But I love how Rob so easily turns on his "Edward" in this picture. Look at his face. How can you NOT look at his face?
I think I decided not to watch the film clip from Rome. You know the one...scenes from the movie...the screams in the audience...it end with Rob playing the piano.
I cry everytime the lullaby starts playing. I mean...it gets so bad that I get a headache from trying NOT to cry.
What's that about? Any idea? WTF?????
Why am I so infatuated with Robert Pattinson? HELP ME, DAMMIT.
He's sweet. He's funny. He's British (and thats a biggie). He's beautiful. He's humble. He has no idea the effect he has on women (well, he probably does now...but I still think he is overwhelmed by it all). He says weird funny things all the time. He's quirky. He's doesn't seem to care if his hair is combed, or clean...or if his clothes look good. He doesn't try to look gorgeous. But he does. And that makes him even more gorgeous. He's tall. He's thin (maybe a bit too thin...but still OK). He's a good actor. His emotions, his acting...he shows you everything on his wonderful face. He's not afraid to take risks in movie roles. He has an incredibly luminous, earth shattering smile. His eyes are truly the window to his soul. He's gorgeous. He's beautiful. He's kind. He's thoughtful. He doesn't take himself too seriously. He looks great with facial hair. He looks great without it. He's BEAUTIFUL.
Got that? Good.

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