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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Believe Me... They Do


I'm sure most of you have read/listened to the commentary by now.
Rob and Kristen.
I personally haven't listened...
and I have only read a couple of snippets.
It's not that I don't want to be 'spoiled'
It's just that I really want to watch and listen at the same time.
From what I have seen
Robert and Kristen are goofy and charming...
Teasing each other and laughing at 'inside' jokes.
It probably wasn't that easy to do from separate locations.

And of course there was D-R-A-M-A.
Of course.

Well... that was only to be expected.
People take from it what they want.
But the biggest bullshit seemed to be over the use 
of the word 'dude'.
Yeah. Really.
I guess at the end...
Rob says something like "Thanks, Dude"
and Kristen responds with "Thanks, Dude"
And for some reason that signifies that Rob and Kristen
are merely friends, if even that.
Because Rob saying 'Dude' to Kristen...
Who always says 'Dude'...
Was in no way, shape or form...
A tease about her use of the word.
No way.
OBVIOUSLY if Rob and Kristen were in a REAL relationship
They would have ended the commentary with
"Goodbye my love... until the morrow!"
"Yes darling! I love you!"

We won't take into consideration ANYthing 
we have learned about Rob and Kristen thus far...
We will ignore the playfulness, the teasing, the laughing
throughout the commentary...
And we will just focus on the word...

I guess when you are clinging for dear life...
You will grab onto anything you can.

There were a few screencaps with dialog like this...
But I decided to only add a couple...
Like this one.

I love how Kristen is teasing Rob here...
And Rob...
"Shut up"

Do you remember the quote from an interview with Rob
when asked about this scene with Bella/Jacob?

"It’s weird. Not only do they do the kissing scenes—they never do it when I am even on the set. I have the day off. You genuinely feel like someone’s cheating on you. Then you come back to the set. And almost always, it’s after one of their scenes where I suspect them of doing something. It just so happened every single time—I would come into work being like, “So how was it?”


And this.
I'm sure it depends on who the vampire is...

Not much else to talk about today.
Although I will say this...
The bitterness against Kristen has been amped up
Big Time.
Kinda Pathetic.

When will people learn that it doesn't matter
If you approve of Rob and Kristen being together?
You can slam her for the smallest detail
(And believe me... they do)
You can dedicate blogs/forums to hating on her.
(And believe me... they do)
You can waste your time believing whatever
it is you want to believe
(And believe me... they do)
But the fact remains
It isn't up to you.
Rob and Kristen don't give a shit what anyone 
thinks when it comes to them being together.
So hating her doesn't accomplish anything...
Except make you look desperate and bitter.
(And believe me... You do)

Couple of thoughts...

1. I just love these pictures.
Both Robert and Kristen look so beautiful.
So perfect.
For each other.

2. Heard a 'rumor' that there are reshoots for WFE in L.A.
Robert going back to L.A.?
In time for Thanksgiving?
Kristen does make a helluva pumpkin pie...
And we all know how Rob feels about her pies.

I will just leave that there.

Love this picture.
Sometimes when reading all the bullshit that goes along
with being involved in this fandom...
Having a beer or 2 sounds pretty good.
And why is it...
That he looks so damn sexy drinking from a bottle?
Do I even need to go further?
I don't.

They said Dude! I knew it! They hate each other! Told You!!

This post is brought to you by the letters *W* and *L*

W for Weeds.
You know those pesky weeds that kinda look
like flowers that try to invade your yard?
From a distance they look like a real flower...
But when you get up close you can see the difference.
They are all ratty and ragged
Rough and ugly.
And for some reason Weeds always
look like they are trying SO hard to be flowers.
They want to take over the garden...
But it's pretty easy to just pull them out...
and throw them in the compost
where they belong.

L for LOVE
Everytime I look at Robert and Kristen...
I am reminded of how much they love each other.
It's in their smitten smiles...
The subtle touches.

Ain't Love Grand?

Believe me... They know.

Bye for now


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Kay said...

Happy Saturday Rose!

I love how they tease each other - so cute. :)

Have a good day everyone!

Lois P said...

I was laughing with them both the entire time. They are too freakin adorable! And get this, my pet name for my dear husband is Dude! I've been calling him that for years! LOL

Birdie said...


I'm going to wait for the DVD. I want to listen to the whole thing uninterrupted. I still can't seem to wrap my brain around people hating Kristen. It's just so simple. If Rob did give a shit what they thought, do they think it would make him happy that they tear down someone he holds dear? People are just clueless.
I think the picture of them staring at each other in the roses(a really beautiful flower by the way)is one of my all time favorites.
Thanks for doing what you do,Rose.

Sydney said...

I did listen to the commentary. I couldn't help it. I was smiling with them the whole way through. Kristen's giggling at everything Rob said was so cute. I love how they play off each other and loved the glimpses they gave with all their inside jokes.

Happy Saturday all. I've got my weed wacker on standby. Hey, interesting coincidence...what does weed rhyme with?

Anonymous said...

I knew the commentary was out there, but haven't read it or listened to it. I'm waiting for the dvd :)

Why should Robert and Kristen care if other people approve of them being together? It's *their* relationship.. not everybody else's. Other people just need to get over it.

And the dude thing? Please... I call people dude all the time, including the hubster.

And weeds.. yes.. weeds are so common and boring, don't you think? Always trying to take over.. but they're just a nuisance.

Happy Saturday everybody :) Hope it's a good one!

khush said...

i sooo agree rose...
n dat u should listen...
to hw kristen blushed wen ROB said dat...
u do different thng wen ur bitten by a VAMPIRE..(rob OFCOARSE..)
SHHH...N SHHUSHIN HIM TILL END..:)n dat was sooooooo cute...

n i listned all d clips..my goshh dey r like soo soo cute...with natural chemistry...

n i noticed n knw...rob doesnt like jacob s characterr so much...newaz nor do i...

taylor is kool..
bt nt jacob...no offence...

bt thuout d comentry...i jus kept smilin n laughin...

rob doesnt knw so much abt d film..bt dats okay...
he asked all cute question..to kristen like...

DO u watch ppl wen dey kiss..
n kristen was like...do i stare at dem...rob./..yes..
n she said dat yeah m quite a starer...i knw...n much more n in end said yes...:)

dey jus soooo open...n cnt lie to each other a lot...

n also i thot....dat rob was d one who uses SHUT UP....more..
bt it turned KRISTEN...:)♥

overall soo sooo sooo cute jus love demm...:)
u cnt jus nt..u have to der angelic n infectious laughs.....

again 4 der ETERNAL LOVE...

‎"When love is present, every moment is perfect."...♥

yeah no matter dey wer across d continent...
dey jus dd it soo well like next to each other...
i loveeee der love...n i dnt want it to b like dis i want it to gt deeper wid n more strong wid time n i knw it will...:)


‎"Have you ever watched a rose as it fades away; the color becomes deeper as the petals dry. That's how my love for you deepens as the days go by."...♥

n i knw dey will be alwazzz TOGETHERR...♥

coz ♥♥ ROB N KRISTEN ♥♥...wer destined to be together signals....n all dat dey will alwazz be....

Loved to share dis wid u...who i truely beleive soo special in ROBSTEN.....MUAHHH...

LOVE U....

love ma ♥♥ ROBSTEN....♥♥

Melinda said...

Great post today! Made me laugh lots!

The J/B kiss- 29 seconds, 29 seconds!! Still not over that as you can see. LOL!

Great thing about weeds. You can pull them out of the ground and throw them away with all the other trash...

Hugs to all! TTYL!

lil said...

Rose, what I hate is how things are different when it comes to hate Kristen gets.
and It's amazing how people in this fandom ignore the Rob hate without even condemning it. well breaking news,Kristen`s fans aren`t saints,they hate Rob always on their little blogs,twitter,Lj comm.
Do you want me to send you their names?

Bottom line- they both get hate.

and It is important for hate to called out on BOTH sides.

Rose said...

I know... icky weeds.

Penny Lane said...

Happy Weekend Roseland,

You know when you're really close to someone teasing is part of your relationship. Maybe it's a word, maybe a phrase but it means something different than what the casual observer thinks. Sometimes it's like having a secret language.

And as far as weeds go, there are some flowers that become wild after awhile, their seeds being tossed about. They pop up where you don't want them. It's hard sometimes to discern which is the actual flower and which is the wild, straggly weed.

MLH414 said...


Great post! Everything you said is soo true! I haven't listened to the commentary either, just looked at the screen caps with the dialog. I love their banter...they play off each other soo well! And the way they tease each other, it reminds me of my husband and I. We met when we were just twenty, and guess what? We called each other dude! Still do occasionally, especially when we're being playful :)

The pics that you put up with your posts goes together soo well! They are absolutely beautiful!!

LOL...when you were talking about weeds, and said how from far away they look kinda pretty, but up close, yuck!! It reminded me of Clueless, when she was talking about Monet...far away, they're beautiful, but up close...

Have a great Saturday everyone! I'm in a great mood, had great news yesterday, so I'm flying high!! :)


Rose said...

No one ignores the Rob hate.

Everyone knows there is BOTH Rob and Kristen hate.
We get it.

I love and adore BOTH Rob and Kristen... So why do you come here and whine about it?
You don't like what people have to say on OTHER sites? Please go there and complain.

khush said...

i meant i wish sum time u will rply to me....rose..

love yeah..:)

katy said...

Hi, Rose

I listened to the commentary. Through out the commentary Robert and Kristen are always laughing at each other jokes...just too freaking adorable and cute for words.

As for the weeds I just pull them out and throw them into the garbage...

Happy sunday everyone

Rose said...

Hi Khush :)

jen said...

bwahahah, they actually tried to cling to "dude?" That's hilarious. Tehre's nothing they could have signed off with that would convince them. Dude is way sweet to me, I can see them both smirking as they said it, knowing full well millions were listening in on them. lol

And her teasing him about taylor and her is HILARIOUS. And him saying shut up is even cuter.

There's a rapport there that will be ignored by the haters because they don't want to admit it. But the rapport I caught onto is that of closeness and great affection. You know they aren't whoring out their relationship for some dumb dvd commentary. lol And yet their banter does hint to the fact these two are close and really fucking fond of one another. :)

jen said...

ps: and the kristen hating is so weird and amped up. I go to two different sites, and the threads started lately are so venomous about kristen. So odd, how hateful fans can be of girls who stand in the way of their true love. haah

LJ said...

Loved this post Rose :-)

I haven't listened to the commentary, I'll wait for the dvd, but I'm sure they are super cute as always!
lil, we love Kristen and Rob equally here and as Rose says, we are aware of the rubbish that gets spewed in both of their directions on other sites. The fact that this place is not like that is why this is the only blog I visit.

SO to repeat....we love Kristen....love Rob....and hate that either of them has to put up with the bullshit so, seriously, why does it have to be a competition?

Hugs to all my friends!


kharma1 said...

Happy Saturday..
And Hi Rose,
I haven't posted in awhile but I never fail to read your blog. How can you not read about this beautiful couple that found love and are just d amn happy.
I found it myself and I hope everyone does, isn't that what life is about.. finding someone to love and to share your life with.

Reading your blog today, I'm so glad I don't see all the ugliness that comes with this fandom, the jealousy and the hate that is out there. I read this and read most of the supportive fans that are on twitter.
You would think these bitter women would have something better to do then to hate on a 20 yr. old and even back then, when she was a teenager. But someone that has that much hate in them lead a lonely, sad life and that's all they have going for them. They spend most of their time hating on Kristen out of sheer jealousy. I'm sure before Kristen it was someone else, anyone that has more then them. It's really sad and pathetic and sorry to say, they will never change, it was their upbringing which didn't build any character or class.

Another great Post Rose.. Thank You, have a great weekend.

khush said...

ur jus awesummm...:)
i love d way u defend ROB n KRISTEN...

n i love everythng abt ur personality...realyy...bold...

n i love d way u write abt dem...

jus wanted u to knw...u have a fane to..
ur really cute...:)

jennco2 said...

to lil

I think that's because people here mainly focused on non'stencom.
and i think they don't follow communitys like... teamkbitch,lion_lamb etc oh and twitter of course.. (lot of kristen fans feel Rob is not good enough for her. lol)
We all love Kristen, we all defend her. She gets so much hate for no reason. but, yes same goes for Robert too. I'm part of R/K fandom and I have seen the crazy on both sides. Rob can do no right in some kristen fans’ eyes and vice versa.
I dont think this will ever end we just have to ignore it.

Brenda said...

Oh, I knew the yogurt would hit the fan when they said dude to each other. I could hear the wave of "I told you so"s from the hyenas creeping in. But they were so cute with each other on the commentary. And I laughed so much. Rob is hilarious.

martialartslover said...

Good Morning Miss Rose and to all of Roseland.

Miss Rose great post. I am sorry about not understanding the commentary as I have never seen the movies or own the dvds.

As far as the dude comment. It could be their own code word for I love you, I can't wait to be with you, or I am so gonna jump your bones tonight.

Can someone just tell me where do all the haters come from?

I am probably the only person that has not seen them together on film.

I have seen them on film individually. These are two very talented people. Kristen is a very good actress as well as Robert. They both take their craft very seriously.

They are good actors, however people really really in love, you can't fake that when the cameras are not rolling. Hello

Miss Rose, you just need to keep on rolling. I love your posting.
I support K & R all the way.

I can't wait for the day when they too announce their engagement. Might have to wait four or five years but it is a coming.

Have a great day!

Hope said...

Thanks, Dude, I mean Rose for another comical post!!

I am waiting for the Eclipse DVD too...in fact the main reason I am buying it is for the lovebird's commentary.

Ahhhh... Kristen teasing Rob about kissing Taylor and Rob telling her to shut up is just too cute for words.

SueBee said...

I'm sneaking in here before my relatives invade...I mean come visit... for the weekend.

Dude? It's always something.

Are they supposed to profess their undying love during commentary?


Anyway, my friends, I hope everything is going well for you.

Hugs and more hugs.

SueBee said...

Oh, and pray that my stress level doesn't make me crack like a pinata!


Cate said...

I’m going with Tracy & Liza on this one too.

Good things come to those that wait and I have a feeling when the DVD comes out I will be all sorts of giddy giggles :) I’m just thankful they did a commentary this time.

Rose, I thought the same thing about those pesky icky weeds trying to be flowers. They desperately try to be relevant, but no matter where they grow they never are as beautiful. They creep their way into the garden, some even try to be colorful, but they never can muster the natural beauty bestowed upon the flowers.

In the end, they still get hoed out anyway.

Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday!

Hugs to my dudes cause dudettes must mean subliminally I really hate you.



Bren said...


Good one!

I remember not too long ago a video where Rob says he had proposed so many times to Kristen, that it was hard not to introduce her as his fiancee...maybe the d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e haters would prefer this. LOL

The fact that Kristen always calls him Dude, makes it more endearing that he said it.

Bren said...


I hope you saw the comment I left you Wed. morn around 3 or 4am...I think DK had a question for you also.

angelica1 said...

It comes back to the same thing as always, if any of these fools had ever been in a proper relationship,they'd realise that a big part of the reason they have such a strong relationship is because they are,first and foremost,best friends.The person you can be ridiculous with is,as a rule,the one you are closest to.Since these people have absolutely no sense of humour,they wouldn't get that. Like quite a few of you others,my hubs and I call each other dude and various other far more embarassing things at times. We have a history together,know pretty much everything about each other,including the most mortifying and we like to wind each other up about them.Normally with couples that ae very close,a comment that seems incredible mundane means something very specific and often very intimate to the two of them - but they don't get that either!

Kenzz said...

Ahhh, Rose, another sweet post...

Those pics you have chosen are all sorts of pretty!

Why is it that weeds seem to thrive only in the cracks and crevices?..Once they pop their ugly heads up in the garden, they're simply pulled out and discarded...like yesterday's news.

Have a fantastic and beauty-filled weekend, Roselanders!

amara said...

Hi Roseland,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

About the commentary, I haven't heard it either.

Did some people honestly think that R & K would start calling each other 'honey', 'baby', 'love'... or maybe 'muffin', 'cookie', 'buttercup' for a DVD commentary???...LOL.

I guess people who are desperate have to continue to cling to the most pathetic excuses. That is the tragedy of jealousy, bitterness and hatred.

SueBee - finally found the chronicles...you are very talented, you capture the scence of you know who/what...love the rhymes.

Roselanders - have a great day today. :)

Nikki said...


Since you all insist on being delusional I thought this would give you a thrill. I just wanted to mention that alot of people I know thing that it is stupid to have these two doing the commentary. In my opinion, it should have been at least a director also and also where was Taylor for this or some of the other principals in the cast? Do we really expect Robert and princess Stutter to increase sales by their stupid banter. And did you see how she is embarrassing him by asking if he is drinking? God how whipped is he by that bitch? In my opinion the commentary is horrible and her stupid snorting ruins the movie.

I also cannot believe she decided to cut off her mange for that stupid Runaways and then rips on the wig that she chose to wear. They should have had it cover her face--THAT would have been an improvement.

Hope you all have a GREAT day!

AngeL said...

Oh my Gawd! I cant wait for the DVD! two more freakin weeks!! arrgghhh

Robsten & this blog rules!!

katy said...

Nikki... lot of people you know???...ohhh, you mean the voices in your head! now I get it.

Kenzz said...

Oh Nikki,

I couldn't disagree more...the commentary by Rob and kristen is a brilliant marketing tool!

Haven't you seen how the internet is blowing up with chatter about their comments? Trust me (as someone who actually holds a Marketing degree from a prestigious college), sales of this DVD are shooting through the roof...a whole lot of records will be broken, due in large part to the included commentary by these two STARS!!

angelica1 said...

Hi Katy,ignore it,it won't be around for long ;)

angelica1 said...

Kenzz - Absolutely right, Chris Weitz is lovely but their banter was sorely missed on New Moon :)

katy said...

Hi, Angelica...yeah, you probably right. I am going back to lurker mode...and IGONRE HER.

Teeth said...

Nikki, now that I know that Rob and Kristen are commentating the movie, I'm gonna buy like 15 copies!
And it's only two weeks away?Thank you for the info

(is there any way to delete rosalie scenes off your movie?)

katy said...

I meant ignore not igonre

Kenzz said...


As much as I am forever grateful to Catherine Hardwicke for her casting of R & K, I found myself wanting her to just stop talking during the commentary of Twilight so that I could hear more of them!

angelica1 said...

Teeth - There's only one,with her being a minor character,just fast forward or grab a drink during that one, I do :)

angelica1 said...

Kenzz - Funnily enough, I was listening to Twilight with commentary last night, I don't disagree but it totally cracks me up that they're putting on their own 2 person comedy throughout and she's completely out of the loop :)

Nikki said...

The internet is blowing up??? You mean like the same thousand people who visit this and all the other stupid websites dedicated to "THEIR LOVE" ??? PUHLEEZE!

I think they would set records by releasing some other interesting tapes that are circulating from what I hear. There's one of her that is supposed to be AMAZBALLS!

Kenzz said...


I'll have to go back and listen to the Twilight commentary again...I just remember thinking, "More banter, please!" Their flirting was so apparent even then...

I can't wait till this DVD comes out...I'm trying to remain an Eclipse commentary "virgin" until I actually purchase it!

LJ said...

Oh yes 'Nikki' it gives me such a thrill when you turn up....talking complete bollocks as usual.

You are a boring, attention seeking dick....girls like you are ten a penny and your everything I hate about how some women are. Nasty, bitter and the jealousy just eats you up inside.

Kristen Stewart is everything you will never be, you know that and it drives you crazy. I'm sorry to break this to you love, but that will never change.

Why not just let it go?

Kenzz said...

I know you get frustrated, Nikki, but use your big girl words...no making up words, sweetie.

Nikki said...

The only thing worth listening to in the Twilight commentary was Catherine. The other two added nothing and it became really apparent how stupid they are in my opinion.

I could really care less how many you buy--if you really want to give money to people who, I heard, are horrible than go ahead. I would think at this time of year it might make more sense to give your money to a charity or something like that.

angelica1 said...

Kenzz - Yes,I've seen the stuff that's online but I can't wait to hear it properly in conjunction with the film. They're hilarious,they're just so in tune with each other, no matter what they say, you know they each kn what the other is really thinking and they allow the audience to pick up on that. Hysterical!!

angelica1 said...

Liza - She knows full well that Kristen Stewart is the definition of class, it has to be painful to go through life knowing you're not worthy of cleaning her toilet

Grrrrlpower said...

oh Nikki-- not scared anymore to use her real name lol. clap clap clap!

no more tulips and daisies in the barrel rolling down the forest hills!!

I can't wait to buy the DVD with K/R commentary! All the dvd's that I bought with the director doing the commentary is boring! This is epic and I'm so excited!!!

Hello everyone! xoxo

*I*Believe* said...


Have you heard, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

I wouldn't throw stones about wigs....

Nikki said...

Grrrrpower--um darling, Nikki is not my real name but you all seem to live in some fantasy land and think I am Nikki Reed so I thought you might enjoy it.

I'm glad it makes you happy.

Nikki said...

I beleive,

Honey, I've never worn a wig in my life. I don't own one and certainly don't need one.

Oh that's right, you all believe I am Nikki Reed. Okay--sure um, I can play along with that. God you guys are stupid about this.

LJ said...

I never said I thought you were Nikki Reed, hence why I put 'Nikki'.

I couldn't give a flying fuck who you are.

*I*Believe* said...

Defensive much?

*I*Believe* said...

Btw...you're the one spewing about wigs...not us....

angelica1 said...

Obsessions are weird, having to focus your life on something/one you apparently hate. It must be like being stuck in a nightmare from which you can't wake,or so I'd have thought.....

Sydney said...

Nikki, I am so tired of you coming in here and ripping on Kristen and Nikki. It's so rude. What have they ever done to you? You're so much meaner to Nikki and I just don't understand why.

You call Kristen fat which is like calling Nikki a pregnant elephant given she outweighs Kristen by a good 40 pounds.

You call Kristen, who has only had two boyfriends, a whore which is like calling Nikki Reed, who wrote about blowing guys for drugs by age 13, the whoriest whore in the whorehouse.

You call Kristen, who is praised by every costar she's ever worked with for her intimidating intelligence, a stuttering fool. Which is like calling Nikki, whose never been praised by anyone for anything, the world's biggest village idiot.

I do wish you would lay off Nikki. Making fun of Kristen's man, one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful men, is hardly fair to Nikki, whose boyfriend once contemplated marriage to Paris Hilton. Talk about low standards.

There are other places you could go to hate on Nikki. It doesn't belong here.

angelica1 said...

Hi Sydney :D

Cate said...

Your name is insignificant.
Your persistent negativity pathetic and accomplishes nothing.

A waste of flesh and air.

SueBee said...


Thank you. I'm so glad you found and enjoyed the Chronicles.

I have so much fun writing them!


Kenzz said...


I agree with Amara; those Chronicles are inspired! You should be working with SNL...

*I*Believe* said...

Ick...I just realized that Nikki addressed me with the word "honey"...yuck!

Freddie said...

Hi folks,
Newbie and long time lurker here. It’s nice to talk to you all.
Do you hear something? It sounds like a faint, insignificant buzzing noise….
Since I’m new, it isn’t my place to tell anyone what to do, so I hope you will accept this in the positive spirit in which it is intended.
I would suggest that you really just ignore the “buzzing”. When you respond, you are just giving her what she seeks: a reaction. And it gives her a chance to respond and spread more of her vitriol. If no one responds, mentions or references her, and her comments get deleted, then it will be as if she was never here. Talk around her. Continue to chat as you used to. It would be frustrating, don’t you think, to feel like you’re talking and no one hears you.
Maybe she will consider leaving if she gets nothing out of it. If not, as a minimum her words, even those reiterated by well-intended people will go no where.
I know it is difficult when the natural instinct is to stand up and defend friends, but I think your friends would understand and support an alternative approach to ridding the pest, when other methods to date, have been ineffective.
Although, I must admit, Sydney, that response was clever and very funny.

angelica1 said...

Hi Freddie - So true! Sydney's post did crack me up though :)

Autumngal said...

Sydney, bravo...that's was so smart.

Rose, wonderful post today. I did read the transcript of the commentary but I'm refraining myself from listening to it until I get my hand on a real copy. Eclipse will be my first twilight movie I'm going to buy...just because of the featured commentary by lovely Rob&Kris. Those idiots are just grasping at last straw if they'll clinging onto a word like 'dude' to disprove a relationship...how hilarious then again I'm not surprised by their stupidity...

Kenzz said...

Freddie, I am appropriately chastised! :)

Thanks for reminding everyone why we're here to begin with...it's such a lovely calm place to "share the love" with friends far & near.

Freddie said...

Hi Angelica. Nice to talk to you.

Hi Kenzz. No chastising intended. Just trying to be helpful.

Even though I haven't posted before, I too care about this community of friends.


katy said...

Hi, Freddie, completely agree with you.

Hi, Sydney!! High five, your response was really funny.

Geo said...

Well I was weak and listened to the commentary and it is so good. These two are adorable together.

Freddie - I agree about ignoring the annoying fly. It is hard to resist, but it is just wanting the reaction.

Kenzz said...

Freddie, certainly no offense was taken by your "right on" words...

Welcome to Roseland...

Sydney said...

Freddie, thanks and of course you're right. Sometimes it's just hard not to throw a bone to the weakest dog.

Teeth said...

I am the fkn charity.

And I'm not talking about the Food bank.

LJ said...

Freddie I completely agree and have said on many occasions we should ignore.

But because I care about the person she is so vile towards I find it extremely difficult.

I will try harder.

Freddie said...

Thanks for the welcome.

Katy, Geo, Sydney and Liza - I'm pretty sure your friends really appreciate your staunch support.


Kami said...

WOW has the troll finally gotten the courage to give us all her real name?

Everyone have wonderful weekend!

*I*Believe* said...

Thanks for the insight but we here at Roseland have tried to circumvent the foamers every which way...we have tried ignoring, killing with kindness and responding to them....after a while, I have come to the conclusion that we all deal with them differently and in whichever way we each feel works for us.

Personally, the way I respond on one day may be different the next day.

Wish we didn't even need to discuss this.


Kami said...

I am going to use one of the "they're not together" people's favorite lines...but in my case it's true...I have lots of friends who are happily married and they call their spouses "Dude" from time to time.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Kami,

How is your dog and cat issue? I was wondering bc my cats are acting up!!!

Annie said...

Freddie: Thank you and welcome to Roseland!
You are absolutely right and I from this point on will ignore the "buzzing" and comment around it.

Sydney: Your response left me in stitches. Brilliant! :)
PS: Loved Harry Potter but if you've read the book you will enjoy it more.

Kami said...

IB now that my hubby is home the cat and the dog have finally stopped their "pissing" contest. I think it was a marking their territory thing, considering when Heith steam cleaned the carpet again today, he noticed that the dog had marked the back of my chair and the cat had marked the back of his.

angelica1 said...

*I*Believe - I agree, I find my response depends on the day.

Geo said...

IB - I am like you, it depends on if I feel like diving into the fray or not. Not so much lately, but it does bother me and I hate seeing that kind of filth.

Hi Kami and welcome to the community Freddie!

Barbara - You are in my prayers!

Kami said...

Annie, I too LOVED Harry Potter, I've read all the books and this was the first of the movies for me that actually stuck close to the book...it was AMAZING and I can't wait for the next movie.

angelica1 said...

Kami - I think we must be approaching a full moon or soemthing, my dogs are insane!! They were throwing each other down the stairs this morning.

Kami said...

The dog has calmed down but the cat...I wish I knew what he was thinking because he keeps looking at the dog with this devious look and I just know he's planning something evil.

I keep threatening the cat that if he doesn't behave I'm going to sic the bird on him...he's scared of the bird.

Kami said...

Wow I could have SWORN I heard a cow mooing...

Annie said...

Kami..........I thought HP was amazing. At the end I shouted out "Don't end it there! No!"
The people with me and next to me started laughing. LOL

Kami said...

Wow Sydney you are AMAZING!!!! GOOD JOB.

Kami said...

catching up on all the sane posts, sorry had to stop and give you a high five Sydney

Sydney said...

I'm psyched to see HP. Can't believe it didn't beat New Moon or Eclipse though. Must be all that star power of Rob and Kristen. They just pack 'em in. I already ordered my DVD. Mostly because of the cute ass commentary. I ordered 4 copies, one for me and one each of my sisters.

angelica1 said...

Sydney -Yes,my copies are on order, mine,sister and 2 best friends :) Seeing HP next wekend I think.

lovesit said...

is there a link to the audio version of the commentary? did I miss it?

thanks for the help!

Rose - another great post!

Freddie said...

Hi *I* Believe. Thanks for the reply. I don’t mean to oversimplify things and I know that people will act as they see fit and with best intentions. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do.
Annie, thanks for the welcome.

I hope I have the chance to speak with you all again in future. I’m off for a girls night out with friends.

*I*Believe* said...

My two male neutered cats are in a pissing match...actually I think one wouldn't let the other get to the litter box so now I have three boxes going....of course, no one else can help clean them but me...I am having a hard time getting the smell out of the carpet...any tips?

Geo said...

Does anyone know if all the dvd versions have Rob and Kristen's commentary?

Annie said...

I'm so looking forward to getting the Eclipse DVD -Bluray for me.
Like you I will be buying extra copies. :)

lovesit said...

nevermind - I found it!

Sydney said...

Thanks Kami and any others who mentioned it. Katy, Anjelica, Annie.

I think I'll watch Twilight with the commentary this afternoon. I didn't even buy the New Moon DVD. Who wants that without funny Rob and giggly Kristen taking you thru?

Kami said...

IB the only thing I've found to combat that smell is to rub baking soda into the spot and then steam clean. I did find this stuff called Urine begone and it is AMAZING! It actally cleans the carpet all the way down to the pad. then after steam cleaning put down some pet deodorizer version of carpet fresh and leave it over night.

Annie said...

The Twilight commentary by Rob and Kristen was epic.

No Rob and Kristen New Moon commentary was a major fail.

Eclipse commentary by Rob and Kristen meant that Summit got the message....We always want Rob and Kristen commentary. ALWAYS!

angelica1 said...

Annie - Rob and Kristen commentary is actually better than the film.They are seriously the most hilarious double act ever!!

Annie said...

Angelica1: Aren't they though.....So great together. So EFFORTLESS! :)
On and off set!

Annie said...

I'm laughing so hard right now. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together and Cybergods strike . :)

Sydney said...

Geo: no, not every DVD will have the commentary. Most places, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Blue Ray, Barnes and Noble have at least two DVD options. But they will all be listed. Someone on twitter posted a link to a site that listed everything that would be on each DVD. I, personally ordered the one from Target. That seemed to have it all. That's where I got my three disc DVD for Twilight.

Melinda said...

Just stopping by real quick....

Freddie- thanks for the words of wisdom. Nothing she says is going to make a light bulb go off in our heads and make us think "golly gee bob she is so right and everything everyone else says is a complete lie". Maybe soon she will finally figure that out and leave. She really should find something that actually makes her happy and focus on that. Hope you do continue to chime in. Enjoy your evening.

Sydney- funny response you made earlier. Sadly they will never get it.

To all the rest of you chatting right now I hope your Saturday was great. Hoping to pop on for longer later.

Anonymous said...

Rose... absolutely awesome as usual!

Like you I am resisting checking out the links posted... I too want to hear & see for myself all the goodness I know is on the DVD/blueray.

I just loved the gardening references at the end... "Go you clever, wordy lady"!

(I wonder if all those wannabe flowers picked up on it lol.. yep it means you Daisy, Tulip and forest-whats-it & whatever other paper flower you pretend).

Oh yes... on that note... Your forestry monika... perhaps you should stick to that... cos you certainly can't see the "forest for the trees"!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Hi Rose, People who spend all their time hating on Kris are just pathetic. They make themselves look so foolish, and you are so right, Rob and Kris couldn't care less what people think about their relationship. Why can't people be happy for them? They are so sweet together and you can see the love so clearly between them.I wish the haters would just leave them alone and let them enjoy their happiness. Enjoy your weekend Rose and all Roselanders. I am going to wait for the DVD so I can watch and hear them at the same time.

Melinda said...

Before I take off:

Geo/Sydney: Robstenation on twitter has the complete listing of what stores are selling what Eclipse versions.

Hope this helps...

PS. Thanks to whoever keeps taking the trash out!!!

angelica1 said...

Hi Barbara,hope you're feeling OK :)

*I*Believe* said...

Barbara-so good to hear from you

Kami-thanks for the tip...I don't have a steam clear will have to look into it....does Urine Be Gone come from a pet specialty shop???

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sydney said...

Thanks Melinda!

I had a crrrazy girls' night last bight and am only just recovering. We had to order a pizza tonite. I am not cooking. Off to enjoy cheesy greasy goodness. Will be lurking though on my phone. Boyfriend doesn't know I frequent Rob blogs. Have a lovely night ladies.

Smitty said...

Hi Everyone!!!

angelica1 said...

Hi Smitty!!!!

Rose said...

That's not Smitty...

Annie said...

Have a good evening Sydney.
I had leftover pizza for breakfast! Go figure. :)

angelica1 said...

Have fun Sydney :)

Anonymous said...

Go away Daisymaisy, Hannahbanana, Nikkiikki, or whoever you are.

You're not Smitty.

angelica1 said...

Thanks Rose, I was waiting to see what happened next :)

Annie said...

Hi Rose: I figured it wasn't.

Sydney said...

Wow. Here on both Friday and Saturday nights? Sad flowers have no lives.

Okay, now eating for real. Probably.

katy said...

poor thing...she's not the brightest star in the sky!

Hi Barbara!!! good to see you here. Take care

Anonymous said...

Rose--sit tight please.

katy said...

Waves real Smitty!!....massive hugs

Annie said...


*I*Believe* said...

Hey Annie *waves*

angelica1 said...

Yes Annie, hmmmm indeed

Rose said...

I'm with you on the Hmmmm...

katy said...

Annie and Angelica...do you think I am wrong?? I think now it's really Smitty.

Rose said...

If it is anyone it's Leo...

angelica1 said...

Katy - Rose is right,it *might* be Leo,let's wait and see

Annie said...

Katy: I'd rather err on the side of caution.

katy said...

Ok, Angelica

Rose said...

Although I'm still a bit confused about something...

katy said...

Annie...I am going to wait and see

Annie said...

Hi *I*Believe*: Just saw your greeting.
How are you? :)

It looks like Leo is working his magic. :)

*I*Believe* said...

Very well, thanks, happy to be visiting Roseland!

Annie said...

Roseland is such a great place isn't it. :)
Frustrates the F****** and sustains the believers!
Gotta love it!

Kami said...

IB I bought the Urine Be Gone stuff from Walmart in the pet department. Next time however I will call the Pros in to clean the carpet. Cheaper than moving. Kinda

Kenzz said...

Don't they sell Weed Be Gone? I think I have some out in my potting shed...

*I*Believe* said...

I agree, Annie, gotta love it even with the weeds!

Kami-thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

What I read of the transcripts was funny as hell! I loved that Kristen seemed to poke fun a Rob a little to get a rise out of him, he said he just can't stand Jacob after watching the kiss..that's funny. To say they're just friend cause they call each other dude is just dumb! I call my husband dude alot, especially when he pisses me off like " dude, pick up your own crap" lol something like that. Thanks Rose, great pictures,LOve them!

angelica1 said...

Roseland is great,even Wonderland had a few weeds,the real flowers soon got rid of them though....

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...


Just wait until you see the full commentary...cuteness overload

Kenzz said...

On a COMPLETELY different sidenote...do any of you lovely cooks have a recipe for roasted Brussel sprouts? I've been put in charge by the MIL for Thanksgiving and am looking for something to dress them up a bit...


Annie said...

All you'll need is sea salt or kosher salt, black pepper and olive oil.

Sydney said...

So, wtf is going on here? Was that last the real Smitty or not?

Kenzz...cook them in bacon grease and butter. I got my recipe from Paula Dean and they were delish.

katy said...

Sydney...we still don't know. I thought it was, because of the profile, but now I'm not sure.

Penny Lane said...

Good evening everyone. Just saw Morning Glory and really liked it.


Bobby Flay just did a Thanksgiving throwdown and fixes Brussel Sprouts. It's probably on his website somewhere.

Annie said...

It seems as if it's being worked on.

Sydney that recipe sounds delicious! I'll take that one! :)

Anonymous said...

@ Katy, if it's even close to the Twilight commentary I'll be happy. I cracked up when he said he looked like an anime character...and he kinda does lol. They're funny, and way too cute.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi PL,
I was wondering where you were:)

Penny Lane said...


I've been trying to stay out of the fray lately.

*I*Believe* said...

I hear ya..glad you stopped

Kenzz said...

PennyLane, Sydney, and Annie:

Thanks for the recipe tips...I'll try a couple out this weekend before turkey day!

*I*Believe* said...

I just love brussle sprouts...my kids are always yelling about how much they stink

*I*Believe* said...


Penny Lane said...

I don't think I've ever eaten one because, yeah, they do stink.

*I*Believe* said...

They taste like little cabbages... you can get a bitter one every now and then.

Annie said...

Have to go.

Here's to a great evening, however you choose to spend it.

*I*Believe* said...

Bye Annie!

katy said...

Bye Annie!!

I probably should go to bed too...it's alraedy 1:30 am and I've got to get up early.

Bye everyone, have a great evening

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Penny Lane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
angelica1 said...

Hi Smitty :)

Kami said...

Smitty, Syd probably looked like this----------------->

when that message was sent,

angelica1 said...

Kami - Yes, I'd say so

Smitty - We know that WAS you btw

gwen said...

hello Roseland!

Hi Smitty!

Rose- yes i read the commentary, they're so cute and funny. I cant wait to buy the dvd.

Off topic- i just saw HP and dont really understand why some people compared HP and TS. They're completely diff. movie and i love both of them.

Hi DK, Bren and Birdie!

Sydney said...

Hello? This is weird. Where is everyone? Rose? What happened?

Kami said...

Hi Sydney

Kay said...

Hi Sydney and Kami :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed HP Kami!

Kami said...

Hi Kay

Thank you it was a huge surprise to me that I did enjoy it, I usually don't like them but keep going, hoping they someday get it right...and Ta Da they did. =)

Sydney said...

Hi Kami! So, where did Rose go? Smitty? What in the effing eff was going on? Is there no explanation?

The Holiday AND The Family Stone are on and my boyfriend is not having either. I've snuck off to his room to watch them while he watches the Notre Dame game. What's up?

Kami said...

Not really sure Sydney. All I know for certain is that we had a visit from the troll pretending to be someone else and I think Leo took care of it...I THINK.

Sydney said...

Hi Kay. Okay thanks Kami. Wouldn't Rose know for sure? If that was the real Smitty, why'd she delete her post? Weird shit is underfoot.

Kami said...

for the real one deletes are normal

Rose said...

Hi guys. I still am not sure what exactly happened. I do know that it went a lot deeper than just posting under Smitty or Syd.
Still trying to figure it out.

Sydney said...

Really? I guess I've never noticed that. I guess that's a good thing. What did she say? I missed it.

Sydney said...

Thanks Rose. That sounds kind of ominous. I hope everything is okay with them and you. I imagine we were all pretty worried.

DreamerKind said...

Cool Change

Little River Band changes:

If there's one thing in my life that's missing
It's the time that I spend alone
Sailing on the cool and bright clear water

Lots of those friendly people
And they're showing me ways to go
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I know that it's time for a cool change

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Thank you/Earthstudy

DreamerKind said...

Good Evening, Rose and Roselanders!

Looks like it's been an eventful day.

Laughed with delight reading your post Rose, again many thanks.

Fair Roselanders:
I'll be around, posting songs tonight, say hello, if you feel like it.


Rose said...


Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wildhart007 said...

Hi! DK!

Enjoyed The Little River Band. Haven't heard them in forever. How goes it this evening?

Wildhart007 said...

Is everything okay? I noticed no one posted for awhile.


DreamerKind said...


Hi, Linda, all seems to be well, but not sure what happened today.

How are you? I am well, thanks.

DreamerKind said...

Mountains O'Mourne

Don McLean's beautiful singing:


(P. French/H. Collisson)

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But for all that I found there I might as well be where the Mountains O'Mourne sweep down to the sea.

I believe that when writing a wish you expressed as to how the fine ladies in London were dressed,
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they don't wear no top to their dresses at all.

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So, I'll wait for the wild rose that's waitin' for me in the place where the dark Mourne sweeps down to the sea.

Thank you/folkman123

Wildhart007 said...


Just watched Alice in Wonderland.

I'm not sure what has been happening either.

Took a nap after work today so up later than normal.

DreamerKind said...

What did you think about Alice in Wonderland?

I heard that it is a very unique adaptation.

Wildhart007 said...


I loved the colors but not my cup of tea
Although Johnny Depp is pretty much amazing at whatever role he plays.

I think of him as a true artist. A bit weird but a dedicated craftsman.

Still haven't got my laptop so slow typing on my phone. I believe you mentioned you have cats. I just got a kitten this week. He is adorable! I'm smitten.

DreamerKind said...

For My Sister Sharon:

What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)

Junior Walker & The All Stars

by Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua, Vernon Bullock)

What does it take
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Gonna blow again for ya.

Thank you/60taku3

DreamerKind said...


Ohh, that sounds interesting with Johnny for he is exceptional, I agree.

I love kittens, too. Plus, dogs are the best companions. After, a good man, IMO.

Wildhart007 said...


A good man is hard to find.lol

I have two labs who are wonderful companions.

They want to play with the kitten (Diablo ) but are just to large.


DreamerKind said...

Well, they won't hurt the kitten but you do have to watch.

How is your work?

Good men are all around us, I believe.

DreamerKind said...

One Good Man

Janis Joplin is looking:

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And I like to have a good time,
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One good man,
Oh ain't much, honey ain't much,
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Ah yeah

Thank you/FanOfJanis

DreamerKind said...

At this very moment, I am parboiling some beef ribs, isn't that crazy? Why yes, it is.

Will I eat them tonight, don't know. But for sure, I will season them, take a taste, and probably put them away until tomorrow.

I passed up a fun event tonight at that local Moose Club. They were having a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" dinner and movie.

Some of the folks I know, and my son with his gf would be there. What stopped me from going?

Probability. Probably, lost interest and that is a fact. Not in the mood for costumes and playacting, can you believe that?

So dull, that's me.

Anyway, here I am playing music and hoping to say "hey" to you!

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