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Friday, November 12, 2010

Rob and Kristen- I Love How He Loves Her

At the moment there isn't much happening on the Rob/Kristen front.
Which is probably good.
Things tend to get a bit frantic and crazy whenever they are 
near each other and there is a camera around.
Of course...
Being the snarky bitch that I am...
I'm sure things are interesting when there are no cameras around.
But I don't usually talk about that sort of thing.
I just allude to it.

So since there isn't much to write about...
I thought I would share a couple of interesting emails.
No... really.
A couple really were kinda interesting.

Dear Rose,
I don't mean any insult or anything like that but why are you a shipper?
Just because you want Rob and Kristen together doesn't mean they are.
What happens when the day comes that you know for sure they aren't together?
What will you do then? Will you keep living in your fantasy world?
What will you talk about on your blog then?
-Just wondering

Well JW, I had high hopes for you.
You started off so "I don't mean any insult"
and then proceeded to insult me.
I actually get the shipper question a lot.
And to me personally... it makes no sense.

"People involved in shipping (or shippers) variously 
assert that the relationship does exist,
will exist, or simply that they would like it to exist."
Let's look at this from my perspective.
1. My main goal in life wasn't to see Rob and Kristen in a relationship.
When Kristen was with Stumpy Spice...
I wasn't all "I hope she breaks up with him to be with Rob!".
Although I knew... it was only a matter of time.
Common sense, really.
Short, Green, Flakey Rob-wannabe.
Tall, Handsome, Charming Rob.
No contest.
He was doomed.

But I do 'assert the the relationship does exist'
Not because I want it to...
But because it does.
I believe it exists.
Kinda simple... yes?
So I don't consider myself a 'shipper'.
I don't need a relationship between Rob and Kristen.
I just believe there is one.
I'm a believer.

As for the day when I BELIEVE they aren't together?
Life will go on... it always does.
And so will my blog.

-The non-insulted Rose

Rose- You are so full of shit. You act like you know all these intimate details
about Robert and Shrew and it's obvious you are just making shit up.
Why bother to lie to everyone and act like you know their lives?
There are no insiders, especially someone as stupid as you.
You really need to get a REAL life and stop living through Rob's.
No love- Me

Where do I begin?

1. I have NEVER claimed to have 'insider' knowledge about Rob and Kristen.
I don't make up 'shit' either.
I just write about stuff I see...
Things people tell me...
But most of all... my own logical interpretation of what is out there.
I don't lie to anyone... because I don't have to.
I have always stated that this blog is *MY* opinion.
But that being said...
I'm afraid you are wrong about a couple of things.
There are obviously insiders who are privy to Rob and Kristen's relationship.
There has to be. They are not isolated and separate from the world.
There are people who interact with them...
Who see them.. who talk to them on a daily basis.
Co-workers, Friends... Family.
Whether or not they talk out of turn is a topic for another day.

And last but not least.
"Get a real life"
I breathe. Therefore I live.
If I live... I have a life.
That line is SO OVERPLAYED...
It's been so overdone that it doesn't even mean anything anymore.
It's OVER.
Kinda like PR.
It's been done to death.
Let it rest in peace.

-  Still living Rose

Funny how you just never get tired of looking at these pictures.
And I don't care if they are filming a scene from BD or not.
There isn't anything like how Robert looks at Kristen.
On camera.
Off camera.
It's all the same.

The boy is smitten.
With a capital *S*
I love how he loves her.

Thank you, Robert.

This post is brought to you by the letters *S* and *M*

S for
You can see it in Rob's eyes every time he looks at her.
Every time.

M for MEMORIAL service.
Finally laying to rest
"Get a life"
"I do that with my male friends ALL the time"
"PR! PR! PR!"

May they rest in peace.
And may we finally get some peace.

Bye for now


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May said...

Wise people say that eyes are windows to a soul.Like you said,the LOVE is more than obvious in their eyes.

And like Mr. T would say...I pity the fools who delude themselves in believing that Rob and Kris are not together&in love. ;p

As always, dear Rose...YOU ROCK.:D

Lets keep the twirl alive. <3

Penny Lane said...


It is so sad that you get emails like this. Everyone is entitled to an opinion based on what they know.

Rose knows.

Sierra said...

I'm feeling better every day!

OMG those emails are rude.
but I think people have a right to think what they want and Rose you of all people don't need to explain yourself.

They take and say you have insider information about Rob and Kristen's "relationship," well if you do, you do if not then guess what you don't.

these losers don't deserve your explanation, you do you kuz I actually like this blog.

and any1 who has anything nasty to say toward that kan kiss my ass! shut up with all that damn negativity people. if you don't like what they hell she saying then stay the hell away from her blog.

anyway, i have to go pick up my niece from daycare and take her to the doctor. So I will talk to you all later.

Opytaylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leslie said...

I really hope you get more love e-mails than hate. You seem to catch a lot of shit for simply stating your opinion on YOUR blog. You'd think people who didn't like it would just simply quit reading it. Guess that's too simple, huh?

Hope said...

Damn you are good Rose!!

You would make a great politician the way you handle EVERYTHING and EVERYONE with sheer brilliance.

And Rob...well, what more can be said to describe his dazzling, smitten expressions...He is in a class all by himself.

Kay said...

TGIF Roseland – I hope everyone now has a peaceful Friday and an enjoyable weekend!!

Rose - as always, I am completely blown away by the utter BS that people e-mail you in addition to what finds its way here. Gotta love the delete button.

TTYL silliebillies! :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
Another wonderful post for a wonderful Friday. Why is it wonderful? I don't know,it just is! Anyway,I love your banner - I think you have used it before, but it is one of my all time favorite photos of Rob. And, it inspired me to tell you a fun story about that photo.

My husband was away in Scotland, doing the golf thing with his buddies. Twilight was released on DVD. So what did I do? Have all my best girl friends over to watch it, 'natch! My house is in the woods, so my son set up the big flat screen out on the deck. What a wonderful night! Anywho, as a hostess gift, my friend Natalie brought me a pillow case, with THAT photo on it! She had made an iron-on transfer, and made me a pillow case so I could "sleep with Edward" while my husband was away! HIGH-larious. It goes down as one of my all-time fave gifts evah.

And, for the record, no I did NOT sleep with my pillow encased in that lovely photo. As cute as the gift was, it felt a bit, well, wrong. Hubby being gone and all. But it is safely tucked away in a drawer, not telling which one, and I look at it from time. Just looked at it today! What a fun reminder of a fun night, with my fave picture of cute Rob.

So, have a wonderful weekend Rose. Thanks for making this a place of positive-ness for sane fans. Even when the negative slips in, you're on it!
We all appreciate it, even if we don't post often! (like me)

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

Rose, I abso-freaking-lutley adore you and your blog. It is one of the best.

To all those crazy bitches who e-mail you, what are they going to do when R&Kdon't break up??? Hmmm? When they spew their ridiculous rhetoric, all I hear is blah blah fucking blah. It's over. Done with. Give it the fuck up.

Robert Loves Kristen. Kristen Loves Robert. All is good in the world.

And IMO, the pictures where you see Dean and HBG standing close to them (blocking them, protecting them), is off-camera. So, yeah, most of the adorable hand-holding and touching pictures are off-camera.

Twirly love! <3

Anonymous said...

I don't know why that posted twice, or how to delete one of them! Sorry guys...

dc said...

First letter was trying not to be disrespectful...I think she just wondered how you would deal with the end of this relationship...A question that I think is worthy. She could have worded it better and not been insulting, HOWEVER, 2nd letter was not worth your time...what an idiot to "go out of her way" to tell you to get a life....doesn't she see she needs to tend to her own stupid life?

SueBee said...

There is just something sooo "Awwwwww" when he looks at her.

Makes my romantic ol' heart go pitter pat.

Oh and for the haters--I'm not really old--it's just an expression.

Sydney said...

Rose, I don't know how many times you have expressly stated "I AM NOT AN INSIDER." You have never claimed to be. You have denied it since I began reading this blog. But they are just so terrified of your conviction that this is all they've got.

I just don't understand the motivation behind emailing you day after day to tell you that you know nothing. If they're so confident in thinking they're not together then why don't they just relax and wait for it to come out?

Or why not write their own blog about why they think they aren't together? Yes, it would be a very sparse blog, because, well, there is NO evidence whatsoever, of any kind, to suggest such a thing, but I digress.

The obsession with you is just very telling.

Anonymous said...

Damn you have a way with words Rose. Your replies to those emails were awesome! Rob & Kris are together & I can't wait for the day they admit it publicly and I wish I could see the look on the nonbelievers' faces. Until then I'm gonna keep believing, because what I believe it's true.

Melinda said...

Being in love with someone is a beautiful thing! They just look at each other right. It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

The way he looks at her is so sweet...it's absolutely adorable!!

She looks at him the same way!!

The fact that some people can't see it is beyond my understanding!

Birdie said...

Love the pictures, love the post.
Who would not kill to have someone look at you the way he looks at Kristen? And then to have someone who looks like he does, looking at you. There are no words, except damn lucky. But then he is on the receiving end of those green eyes. They are both damn lucky. Although I think it goes beyond luck.

Trace said...

Well said Sydney! This is my first time commenting so here goes- Rose I LOVE your blog, THANKYOU for giving me a place to come and channel my intoxication. Since stumbling accross your blog a few months ago not a day goes by where I dont come for my daily Rob fix :)

Angela said...

Higiebean123 Rose, I've not commented for a while, but have been reading your posts everyday.

I'm sorry that you have to put up with that shit everyday just to keep us robsessed people happy, but I'm so glad that you do and I hope you don't take any of it to heart because there are not enough kind and passionate people like you in the world.

Anyways rant over. I love all the new pics of Rob and Kris, even if it is for work, but I'm sure there is plenty of playing going on too *wink wink* and the new banner is mouthwatering.

Keep strong Rose, we love you xx

SueBee said...

Okay--I was skimming through this morning's posts--and I have to say--the use of "shouty caps" as a form of insult just cracks me up.

Moreover, the troll gets credit for such devotion. Even rashes don't last this long, and they're just as irritating.


Of course I'm NOT upset with Syd. It's sweet of you to say he was flustered by me--but I doubt much ruffles him.

Who the heck could get flustered by me??????

As for the flapper pic--that was a lot of make up and some judicious use of hair spray. LOL

You are a sweetheart and your kindness is much much much appreciated.

Think I just needed some chocolate or something last night. I tend to get a tad sensitive sometimes--after I get all worked up--my brain kicks in and I think--what the hell was the big deal?

I take things to heart more often than I should.

Everyone wants to be one of "the cool kids." I really need to get over that.

Anyway--I'm in a quiet house--all by myself for a few hours.

Whatever should I do????????

Anonymous said...


The people who don't see are the ones who don't WANT to see it. If you know what I mean.

I hope you all have a great Friday friends.

Anonymous said...


Might I suggest a nap!! That is ALWAYS my favorite thing to do when at home alone.


I know exactly what you mean. They're just in denial!

brittjee-94 said...

You know what. They write to you that you should 'get a life.' But WHY are they reading your 'shit' if they don't like it. They should get a life. Don't waiste their time with your blogs they don't like.
I love your blogs! So much respect to you!

xoxo Britt. (From Holland ;))

Sydney said...

Suebee: she was back this morning?? That is seven different shades of embarrassing and pathetic. Methinks this is a textbook case of projecting.

Anonymous said...


I love how you call the writer of that letter out for insulting you, then you proceed to insult Michael. Calling him stumpy, green and a Rob wannabe is highly insulting and as fans of Kristen we should not insult people who were obviously meaningful in her life. Thats right, for a time he was her boyfriend, he supported her and she loved him. You could be taken a lot more serious if you didn't do what Nonsten's love to do, which is insult somebody to big up someone else. Its mean and unnecessary and it makes you seem just as childish as Nonstens. It isn't a competition. And the only people who made it a competition between MA and Rob are shippers. Rob wannabee my ass!

SueBee said...


I wasn't there for the actual festivities but yeah--she was back.


I already took a nap! :oP


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose for fixing my double post - I'm a techie fail! Love your blog...sorry you have to deal w/ such craziness, but thank you for doing all you do! This is a fun place, most of the time. You have very devoted folks who follow you here. It's nice to see....

Sydney said...

Jesus fucking Christ, people need to lighten up.

Anonymous said...


You could always daydream about some Jackson Action!!


katy said...

Rose, Love the pics...Beautiful

The way Robert looks at Kristen melts my hearth...beyond adorable...he looks at her like she's the ONLY GIRL.

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert.

Take care everyone

Anonymous said...

This is the best post by far. How incredibly naive and silly ppl are. Just goes to prove how some ppl can't see the nose on their face. It is obvious to millions that Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob. I pity those who have never known what love looks like..Open your eyes and you will see it in the looks that these two give each other. I'm sorry you have to deal with the inane nonsense of those who are delusional Rose.

Honey said...

You are entitled to your opinions but I disagree. Rob is like Taylor to Kristen, a work colleague. Acting. You make a big deal about how she acts around Rob but the thing is she is just being friendly. Even if she hated Rob she would have to be affectionate with him for Summit. Still don't believe it's real.

SueBee said...


Thinking about some Jackson action could indeed keep me busy.


Sweetheart, I've missed you! Your ramblings are so much calmer than the other troll's rants.

Sydney said...

Kinda like how she and Tom are, huh Honey? Work colleagues.

SueBee said...

I need to get some work colleagues like that!

Jackson looking for a personal assistant?

Anonymous said...

It's bad when seeing Honey's comments is like a breath of fresh air!!

Anonymous said...


If you were his assistant, you'd never get any work done..well, on second thought..there are definately some things you'd get done!!

SueBee said...


Ohhhh, I could totally get some work done on him, I mean for him. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Anonymous said...


You frisky devil!!

SueBee said...


Yeah, he brings that out in me. Normally, I'm so demure!


katy said...

Honey...You're still delusional and I Can't say that I find you more estable than the other unstable people who post here, you see I read your twitter account,...but you do seem calmer.

Bye...hope I never see you here again.

Kami said...

Honey my love where have you been?

Is it just me or did she actually put up a non crazy post? Or am I just so used to a completely different kind of Crazy that I actually find myself liking Honey now...hmmm....I might need help.

Anyway, Goldengirl66, since you made your comment in a very coherent non raving way, I think you deserve a nice response to what you said.

I can understand where you might find fault with MA being called stumpy spice. However the ins and outs of his and Kristen's relationship, are not really important..that is between those two..not the world. Yes Rose mentioned it but when it all comes down to it, Rose does this blog for HER, it is HER point of view. Truthfully she can say what she likes. I don't think she is out on the other blogs or twitter screaming for people to come here and take her seriously because she is the only person in the world who is right, she doesn't do that...she writes HER blog and we can take it anyway we like. There is also the choice of not coming to the blog at all. I choose to take it as a place where I come to read someone else's point of view and then chat with the wonderful people I've met...that's it...that's all...it's not my blog, it's not your's, it's Rose's and it's HER opinion.

dowlingnana said...


Anonymous said...


You are quite demure...Some people just bring out the animal in us, make us feel all warm and fuzzy...among other things!!

Hey Kami
How are you???

likeglueme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Here we go again!


Yeah, I can talk a big game because no one can see me blushing.


wig4usc said...

It really bothers me how we're becoming a culture where we can't at least respect divergent opinions. Why people who don't like Rob, or like Kristen with Rob come onto a blog called "Robert Pattinson Intoxication" is beyond me! I don't get it.

Honey - I'm curious how you're so certain Kristen only sees Rob as a collegue? Has Tom visited Kristin in Rio? Had pap pics at a restaurant, driving with her hand on his leg? Traveling together? How about James Gandolfini? Or even Billy Burke? Maybe I've missed photo ops with her other collegues. :/

Anonymous said...


LOL...I know what you mean.

angelica1 said...

I'm sat at the airport, my flight's delayed and the guy sat next to me is trying not to snigger because I'm looking at those pics and going "Awwwwww".lol

SueBee - Pretty sure Jackson's dreaming about some "SueBee" action although I bet your more woman than he can handle! ;) How awesome was Smitty this morning??

Honey, I'm in some kind of alternate universe or something today because I actually smiled and sighed when I saw your post,my love :)

MLH414 said...


Great post! I love the new outtake pics of Kristen and Robert! Kristen looks beautiful, as does Robert!!

I can't believe the e-mails that you get!! (I do like when you post them though, it makes me laugh how some people truly are ridiculous)!

I love how he loves her too...it reminds me of a song, but I don't remember the title of it?

I read some of the posts from last night...Smitty is truly an amazing person...and that "Hannah" girl really needs some help, and hopefully, she'll get it.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!! :)


SueBee said...


He's on my freebie list so he wouldn't have to dream for long!

Smitty is awesome. Love her.

Kami said...

Hey Manje! I'm doing great, hubby is on his way home as we speak!! how about you?

Honey, Honey, Honey, why do you have to ruin the love I feel for you today???? Can't you just bask in the glow of the fact that for this very moment we all kinda like you and have missed your kind of crazy? Must you always follow up doing something good (well good by your standards) by shitting on it? I don't want to tell you off today...please don't make me.

angelica1 said...

Honey - Can I also just mention, that Kristen may look at Rob like a colleague - ahe looks at him exactly the same way as I look at the colleague I'm flying to meet,the one I'm married to if you get my drift.....

Anonymous said...


I am doing great! I know you are excited about your husband's arrival!!

Hey Angelica!!

angelica1 said...

Hi Manjen, Hi Kami :)

Kami said...

Hi Angelica!

SueBee said...

I'm still stuck on being Jackson's personal assistant....let me shift gears....


June said...

The only thing left for haters or non-believers right now, is insulting people like you, Rose or Delaney or any RK fan who reports or blog about them, so I'm sorry for all of you who have to endure the rage of these poor non-believers.

However, Robsten fans are getting so many good news, lovely pics and videos from BD and Rob and Kristen, that the ire of a few non-believers, can do nothing before all the goodness we'll be getting.

Thanks Rose and keep up the good work!

Kami said...

Angelica, been meaning to tell you I love your Boxer Avi...so cute

angelica1 said...

Kami - Thank you! You can probably guess I'm a dog lover,used to have Boxers,now have Labs :)

Annie said...

Five hours to 8PM for me.......I'm almost there! :)

Here are the lyrics to the song -

"I love how you love me"

I Love How You Love Me
~ Bobby Vinton

I love how your eyes close whenever you kiss me
And when I'm away from you, I love how you miss me
I love the way you always treat me tenderly
But, darling, most of all,
I love how you love me
(love how you love me)

I love how your heart beats, whenever I hold you
I love how you think of me, without being told to
I love the way your touch is always heavenly
But, darling, most of all,
I love how you love me
(love how you love me)

I love the way your touch is always heavenly
But, darling, most of all,
I love how you hug me (love how you love me)
Love -- how you love me
I love how you love me
(love how you love me)
I love how you love me
(love how you love me)
I love how you love me

Back to work.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Anonymous said...

Uhm.. hello!! Two very beautiful pictures of two very beautiful people to start the post!

As for the haters, the delusional, the irrational, the clinically insane, and anybody else out there that feels the need to exude such negativity and hate.. Go suck it.

"The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart."
- Saint Jerome

I love the way they love each other.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy!

Anonymous said...

Hey RN & Annie!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Sorry for the TYPO...I'm using my cell phone.

Kami said...

Angelica, I too am a dog lover and I have a very spoiled, very large boxer who looks kinda like your avi without the gray in his muzzle....he's my fourth and they are amazing dogs!

angelica1 said...

Super - If Honey saw them humping with Kristen in a wedding dress, she'd still think it was a company team-building exercise

SueBee said...


Oh my god, warn a woman!!!!

That was hysterical!

angelica1 said...

Kami - Yes they are! I was so upset after my last one died,I couldn't face having another, hence the Labs, who are just as lovely and equally nutty :)

Kami said...

K gonna run...bye all that "Dorky imaginary husband" of mine is home so I guess I get a reprieve from cleaning toilets and telling the grandkids about the good ole days, while they look for my teeth.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kami said...

and yes...I'm still a tiny bit peeved....but I'll soon forget it.

SueBee said...


When you come up for air, tell the imaginary hubby, Hello!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

MANJEN...Hi...I am chillin out for a bit. How r u? TRACY...I love what u just said!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kami,

I realise that it is Rose's opinion, but there is a comment section here for a reason, right? I am sure she is intelligent enough to deal with somebody disagreeing with an aspect of her blog, in a non hater fashion. I love that she is a fan of R/K, but it just seems rather hypocritical to point out Nonsten behavior and then proceed to insult her ex. MA has been nothing but upstanding in this situation. He could have made a fortune in selling Kristen out to the tabloids, instead he has remained utterly discreet, as he has always been. That says a lot to me about what kind of person he is.

If he had been disloyal to Kristen in any way then I would be the first to criticise him. I just don't see why he deserved that.

Anonymous said...


LOL at your comment at 2:11!

I am great!

robsessed1901 said...

LOL Rose you are my new favorite person!!!
Your great!
dont let those haters get to ya ;))

<333333333333 Keep biting!

robsessed1901 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
angelica1 said...

Yay Boarding! See you all in a couple of hours :)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Enjoyed your blog, as usual, but I feel like I need to apologize. You do not deserve the hateful emails you get...all you do is state your opinion, and I'm not sure why people have such a problem with your opinion--your blog, your opinion, very simple. I agree with you, I love the way Rob looks at Kris, you can see the love all over his face for the world to see. Kris is one lucky woman, and I know she feels the same way, he just shows it more than she does. I am still twirling, so happy over everything we have seen this week. Have a lovely weekend, Rose, you are one of my favorite people. GO ROBSTEN!!!

LJ said...

Hi everyone,

Gorgeous pics Rose, I'm sorry you have to read that rubbish in your email.

Just caught up on last nights posts, the smell of desperation really was in the air. Bloody idiots.

Smitty ---> ❤

Oh and I also missed some Syd and Gruff MFK! he he, funny stuff. Thanks for the shout out Tracy ;-)
love you!

Hope your all having a great Friday!

Much love,
Liza ღ

Nadine said...

Dear Rose;

There are many hardcore 'aranganostew' fans out there.
Be careful.




Ps; Great post as usual, I love how you articulate my thoughts into your blog! Thank you, Rose.

MLH414 said...

@Annie~ Thank you soo much for the lyrics to the song! It was driving me crazy!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Liza!

How are you??

Rose said...

Hey Goldengirl... I appreciate your admiration of the shorty spice. But I don't share it. And I only called him:
1. Short
2. Green

How harsh is that really?
NOTHING in comparison to what NONSENSE.com heaps on Kristen day after day after day after day.
So your comparing me to them...
doesn't work.
IF I started up a forum for the sole reason on hating on Mr. Oregano... THEN you might have something to work with.

Feel free to defend him... You are entitled. I knew as soon as I typed out the word 'stumpy' I would get responses like yours.
But just how sure are you that Shorty Spice has been 'utterly decent' and loyal to Kristen?
Just wondering.

To everyone who has made kind comments about the emails.
Honestly, they don't bother me.
If anything they put a smile on my face... for their blatant idiocy and that they continue to let me PUSH their buttons.
Love to all the SillieBillies!

Sydney said...


I get what you're saying, but how does Rose poking fun of MA in any way equal Nonnie behavior? There's just no comparison.

You have, so far, shown yourself to be reasonable. But don't be surprised if people jump on you. Everyone's a little gun shy because we have visitors like this all the time who start out nice and friendly and are only "disagreeing with one small aspect" of Rose's blog and then they go apeshit and are just nonnies in disguise.

I don't think Rose means any harm to MA. She's just joking around. You're right...he has not done anything wrong. I didn't really believe Rob and Kristen were together until the IOW pictures came out. Now it looks like they started dating very shortly after she and MA broke up early last year. He may know some shit, he may not, but he has kept his mouth shut and that is commendable.

But I don't take it personally when people poke fun at him. I'd have to visit an awful lot of websites and blogs to correct this injustice if I let it offend me.

likeglueme said...

TeamMA. Rob went after Kristen when she was already in a happy relationship with someone else. MA didn't say a thing about Rob even when he knew he was flirting with Kristen. And Rob dissed him in interviews.

Sydney said...


If Kristen were in such a happy relationship with MA, she wouldn't have left him for Rob. It takes two, you realize.

LJ said...

Hi Manjen! I'm good thanks, off work until Wednesday now which is always a bonus.

Ooh look 'beensniffingglueme' is back with more pearls of wisdom!

Melinda said...

Liza- would it be bad if she chokes on those pearls?

Rose- good point about the spice boy. Not sure why people think they know all about the in's and out's of two peoples relationship that they don't know or ever will know.

My take...not that it really matters. Who even stays with their first boyfriend anyway? That isn't typical. They weren't married. She was a teenager when they were together for pete's sake.

I will never understand why people are so crazy about not wanting them together. It's just boggles my mind.

DreamerKind said...

You And Me

Lifehouse is smitten, too!
Play it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac3HkriqdGQ&feature=related

Thank you/LifehouseVEVO - youtube

What day is it?
and in what month
this clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up
and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time

cause it's you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

all of the things that I want to say
just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping inwards
you got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

cause it's you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to prove

and it's you and me and all of the people
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there's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
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everything she does is right

you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

what day is it
and in what month
this clock never seemed so alive

DreamerKind said...

So glad that you are You!

DreamerKind said...


Happy to be off of work for a few days, I'll bet. Maybe we'll get to see you here a lot!

Hello, CB!

DreamerKind said...


Fairygodmother call!


SueBee said...

I shudder to think about if I had to stay with any of my first boyfriends.

There's a reason they are ex boyfriends whether it's amicable or not.

Why dredge up the past?

Everything happens for a reason and our past relationships make us who we are today.

30 said...

Hi all!! :)

Its not are business to speculate about MA or anything like that to be honest. Right? People arent involved personally with what happened.. so does it matter? Rob and Kristen are together now and that's that. What I find funny is WHY someone come to this blog when it IS a RP FAN BLOG and talk about how wonderful MA is? Odd

NOW on to some hilarious shit. Did you all see the new Hillywood video yet? LMAO

The Bella shaking her ass waking away is hilarious!! I like the Hillywood, the can have fun with the Saga and not come off like haters.


*I*Believe* said...

Hi Roseland....TGIF!!! I am so glad the work day is over...I am always so excited to get home to see what Rose has to say.

Love the new banner!

I, too, believe in Kristen and Rob's relationship....I have always believed....hence my name...

Melinda said...

I just read this quote and thought it was beautiful and very fitting for some things...

From mud and murk, the red flower blooms; overcoming all to stretch toward the moon."

Anonymous said...


What evidence is there that MA was NOT decent to her? I see it as it played out. Kristen described him as her best friend and her bf, many of the twi co-stars said he was a great guy and he has not sold her out or even tried to get publicity from his status as her ex. So yes, that tells me he is a decent guy.

I do not expect you to like him. Each to their own but I think making fun of somebody's height is insulting. So he is not a very tall guy, why make fun of his personal appearance? Nonstens do that all the time.

I thought MA and Kristen were very cute and I liked how he supported her during the Twi promo. I saw a lot of people say he was stalking her and I found that ridiculous. he wanted him there. Obviously fans wanted R/K together and to them he was standing in the way. I saw really, really mean things said about him. A lot of people love your blog and I dare say that you influence many people's opinion. Making fun of his appearance helps to form a breeding ground for hate JUST like Nonsten. I do not know about you but I hate when anyone makes fun of Robert or Kristen's appearance. As fans of them I think it would be nice to have the same attitude to everyone.

Also, I am not an angaranostew shipper. I am supportive of whomever they are with. Its really NOMB. It just so happens that 2 actors that i really like got together and its beautiful to see them so happy.

Ultimately, when fans of R/K make fun of MA or other celebs it just sends a message to haters like Nonstens that we have no right to take issue with what they do, and that is just sad. Rob and Kristen fans are better than that, i think.

DreamerKind said...

Isn't It A Pity

Play Nina Simone Here:

Written by George Harrison

Thank you/jax4java - youtube

Isn't it a pity
You don't know what I'm talking about yet
But I'm gonna tell you soon
It's a pity

Isn't it a pity
Isn't it a shame
Yes, how we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain

How we take each other's love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back, forgetting to remember
Just forgetting a note of thank you
Isn't it a pity

Some things take so long
But how do I explain
Why not too many people can see that we are all just the same
We're all guilty

Because all the tears
Our eyes just can't hope to see
But I don't think it's applicable to me
The beauty that surrounds them
Child, isn't it a pity

How we take each other's love
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But how do I explain
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Their eyes can't hope to see
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God, isn't it a pity

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It's a pity
The beauty that surrounds them
It's a pity

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And we don't see it
We think things are just the same
We've been programmed that way
Isn't it a pity

If you want to feel sorry
Isn't it a pity, isn't it a pity
The beauty sets the beauty that surrounds us
Because of all our tears
Our eyes can't hope to see

Maybe one day at least I'll see me
And just concentrate on givin', givin', givin', givin'
And till that day mankind don't stand a chance
Don't know nothin' about romance, everything is plastic
Isn't it a pity

My God

Super RN Gas Passer said...

ANGELICA...I just saw your earlier post...lol...sorry I had to finish up some things and had to check out for awhile. Fixing to go to dinner with the hubby...be back to check the landscape in a few hrs.

30 said...

Hi DK! Hi Super! How are you all? :)

DreamerKind said...

Hi, 30 & SuperRNGP

I'm rockin' and a rollin', in and out of Roseland.
Soon to finally eat at that favorite Mexican restaurant I had to pass up on yesterday.

Otherwise, I'm making it through the night. Thanks for asking 30.


SueBee said...

Just speaking for myself here--BUT

I am a grown woman and intelligent enough to make up my own mind. I'm not some sheep that can be swayed with the masses.

Personally, I'm ambivalent about MA. I don't know the guy. My feeings are--he used to date her and now he doesn't. So what?

Everyone has an opinion but someone's personal life and relationships (past and present) are none of my business.

I enjoy the cuteness of R and K but at the end of the day--it's still they're business. If I were meant to be consulted on any of it, I'm sure I would have gotten an e-mail.

That having been said, people can make up their own minds. Who is with whom sure doesn't keep me awake at night.

30 said...

DK I feel like I haven't talked to you in days!!! With all the drama here as of late. I so am sorry if I didn't say hi sooner :)

DreamerKind said...

We're all cool and all that!

Leaving home soon...SYL

DreamerKind said...

Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter

Nina Simone snarks off here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwk7DWq_E3s

Thank you/gzicrew - youtube

You're nothing but a dirty, dirty old man
You do your thinking with a one track mind
Keep talkin' about heaven glory
But on your face is a different story

Clean up your rap your story's getting dusty
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Can't believe nothing you say
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You put yourself upon a big stool
Nothin' worse than an educated fool
Talkin' sex is your favorite conversation
But peace and love is a famous generation

What's in your head has really started showing
Your conversation gettin' kinda boring
Can't believe nothin' you say
'Cause I'm around and I see what you do

You know you are funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
You got a mouth like a herd of bollweevils
Same old game, same old game
Same old thing you never change
Same old game, same old thing
Always rappin' 'bout the same old thing

LJ said...

I agree Susan, and I don't understand the need to write down and nitpick everything Rose puts in her blog. Everyone has different opinions about everything, thats life! and it would be boring if we all thought the same thing.

It has been said a million times and I'll say it again....It's Rose's blog, where Rose writes down HER thoughts.

If you don't like what you read move along. If I didn't like a newspaper I would read a different one, if I don't like whats on TV I turn it over and watch something else. I don't start writing in and emailing them telling them why they should change just for me!

Love to all my friends :-D


Rose said...

Goldengirl... Making fun of someones height isn't insulting. Good grief... Lighten the hell up. Do you think MA really cares if someone calls him short? Really?
I'm guessing he already knows.
Again with the comparison to Nonsense.... Is that all you got? Why don't you go thru the last two years of this blog and add up how many times I called poor Oregano ( those with sensitive eyes should probably not read the next word)
SHORT! Oh no!
That being said... He IS short. So what?
I willing to bet he has a better sense of humor than you do... He would probably laugh at it instead of getting all bent out of shape over Nothing.

Sydney said...

Well I imagine, goldengirl66, that you will be busy tonight taking every blogger and website administer to task if any of them have ever criticized MA. Right? It's not just about Rose, right?

LJ said...

If I got offended every time someone called me short, I'd have a permanent nervous twitch! :-)

Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rose said...

Oops I worded that wrong... But suffice to say that poking a little bit of fun at someones height is pretty tame... And definitely not worth the bullshit drama. Truly.

30 said...

Its all nitpicking Rose, some act all noble and shit, meanwhile its all BS just to again add drama here.

Didn't you know? You have a fan base that looks up to you though Rose? Just like they say Kristen should act a certain way ,you should to.

You are suppose to please everyone....... Plus

How dare you call someone...



30 said...

The last part of my paragraph was meant sarcastic if anyone missed that LOL

Anonymous said...

Rose, I hope your laughing your ass off everyday at the stupid email's that you must get. It has to have some good entertainment value, cause it doesnt' have a whole lot of intelligence behind it just alot of foamy hate. I love the "insider" comment, mostly cause that's a lie. You have never said that, the one that ALWAYS seems to say that is she who must not be named (honey) lol anyway Rose, thanks for keeping it real and giving us your opinion...which always is for Rob and Kristens happiness.

*I*Believe* said...

Just happened upon Twilight on Showtime.....wow....Rob looks so young!!! He just did the spidermonkey thing:)

Anonymous said...


Some things are said with a sense of humor, some are not. I guess Nonstens would say that they are joking when they call Kristen a butch dyke or a twitchy mess, or perhaps when they make fun of her weight or the fact that she isn't a 34D. See what I mean? People can hide behind 'oh i was just kidding' 'where's your sense of humor', but the fact is that personal insults hurt people. A lot of guys have hang ups about their height.

Anyway, I was just making a point. Im glad we could discuss without getting heated or you banning me in a rage just because I dared to disagree with an aspect of your blog. I did not come here to cause 'drama' like some said. Like i said, i think Rob and Kristen fans are better than Nonstens. No need to give them leverage when we argue against what they stand for.

Thanks for reading.

SueBee said...

Hey, you all can call me short if you want. You would even be right.

Yeah, sooooo?

I don't have any hang ups about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, Liza, and anyone else that I am missing. How is everyone?

LJ said...

Hey Smitty!!!! I'm good thanks how are you my love?

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI 30 and DK...back from dinner. Everything seems quiet and peaceful in Roseland right now. Got to go to a Brunch tomorrow at my sisters house (my daughter Courtney is getting married on Dec. 18th and baby boy coming in April)..Then Courtney and I are going to NC to a Spa conference..But I will be checking on you all. Have a great weekend everybody.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI SMITTY...how r u tonight?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Liza--thank you so much. I need to get on there but that was perfect and perfect time and I just loved it so thanks! You are so sweet.

I'm good, tired but good tired. Trying to stay cool--its obnoxious hot here as someone said.

How's Little Tommy? or is he formal Thomas??

Anonymous said...

Hey Super--I'm good. Sounds like fun plans and a December wedding is very romantic! Have a great weekend!

Kami said...

I do not know MA, I have seen him on Will and Grace that is all I know of him. I am sure he is a wonderful human being, just know nothing about him. His realtionship with Kristen is between them, the reason it ended..between them.
However (and not talking about Kristen and MA here just people in general)to expect someone to stay with the boyfriend or girlfriend that they got together with when they were 14 forever is unrealistic. People grow up, people grow apart, and no matter how wonderful each party is, it just happens...so to be upset with anyone who broke up with their boyfriend/girlfriend after 4-5 years together who's relationship started when they wre 14 is
S T U P I D. A relationship at that age lasting that long is something that should be applauded...it's a time when you change boyfriend/girlfriends almost as much as you change clothes at that age.
I am not with my first boyfriend, and thank god for that...not because he is a bad guy, he isn't, he's great, but because he wasn't the guy meant for me...so just move on...let it go...please...

Once again, I would just like say in support of Rose and not as a slap against anyone....this is Rose's blog...don't like what she says don't read it....that simple..

And Honey..please stay out of grown up conversations ok sweetie?

LJ said...

Good tired is good :-) hope you can get some rest tonight.

Obnoxious hot! I love that....well I can confirm its beyond obnoxious cold here but whats new!

Aww no I call him all sorts, Tom, Tommy, Tomster, lol! he is ultra cute I'll show you a new pic I have of him smiling one day....super cuteness!

I see I missed the boys playing MFK last night, funny!

SueBee said...


Hello (hugs)

I was trying to figure out Twitter and it's making me feel like a big idiot!

angelica1 said...

Kami - My first boyfriend left his eventual wife for a man so I'm very glad I didn't stay wit him!!

*I*Believe* said...

Do you mean twatter?

Anonymous said...

Tomster...lol. I would love to see updated pics. I bet that he is a cutie!

SueBee said...

I can't even get the damn profile color to change!!!

Anonymous said...

SueBee--I know lots of people love Twitter but it is not my thing for sure. Rose is on it (I tease her and say ALL the time-lol) but maybe she can help.

Hi Angelica!!

angelica1 said...

Hi Smitty :)

SueBee said...

Yeah Smitty, not loving Twitter right now.

About to give up on it! LOL

How are you doing?

30 said...

SueBee did you get the "new" twitter layout or the "old" one? There's two now ya know LOL

I dont tweet like at all, just sometimes ck the Twi sites on there.

SueBee said...

I wouldn't know the difference between the new and old layout.

Can't get my stupid background to change from green. No idea how it even got that way!

Time for a margarita!

Anonymous said...

Liza--I think Syd started MFK just to lighten things up...he's like that. Always tries to keep the party going and make sure everyone is happy. I wasn't paying much attention but got GRILLED about my own MFK games and who I would pick and god, are all men naturally crazy sometimes. I mean, I was like dude seriously, the choices are insane, half the time they are DEAD. RELAX!!

LOL--but it was cute--they tried to do it. I think Syd said you and Sue and Tracy are going to Utah with him and he 'll marry all of you.

LJ said...

I'm on twitter but I don't tweet, just message people I know. I don't follow anything twilight related!

It's pretty boring really.


30 said...


Edit profile


go down to backround image

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

The thing about twitter I don't get is people who are like, "I'm going in the kitchen" and "Now I am doing the dishes"
like jesus, who cares??????

SueBee said...

Oh, that's right--Syd says we're all getting married and moving to Utah

He mentioned banging like a screen door in a hurricane.....

Hope he brings some water!

*blush* :oP

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
angelica1 said...

Smitty - I did try to convince him,you don't "lust" after anyone and are merely the host but you know what they're like. Yes,they are crazy- apparently I was flirting with the 14 yr old who checked us in. You should see him, he looked like a gremlin!

LJ said...

Ha ha yeah Smitty I saw that!

I was kinda upset I wasn't Syds F on any of his choices though, never even gave me a second thought....oh well....heh heh


SueBee said...

I didn't plan on tweeting much. Honestly, who cares what I'm doing?

I'm drinking a Mike's margarita so the curiosity can be put to rest! LOL

I just wanted to get nosdy ans see what else was going on. (Ninja and all)

SueBee said...


SYD said M which implies a whole lot of F for you.

*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

angelica1 said...

Hairball - You're actually living proof that they can't cure stupid.

Melinda said...

Hey peeps! Using phone so excuse any mistakes. Bored at Lowes.

Have twitter put don't tweet. Agree w/ Smitty. Don't get people who say "doing dishes" etc. Um why is that news?

SueBee said...

MFK is a game--not to be taken seriously by anyone!!!!

angelica1 said...

Hairball - Well she's good at something that you totally fail at then isn't she.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
30 said...

Ok I am out.

Have a nice night ladies.

Ya and that's NOT YOU hannawhore.

angelica1 said...

Later 30!

LJ said...

Oh lord....do you seriously sit on here all night waiting for Smitty to show up? JFC woman seriously you need to seek help.

What a fucking idiot.

Oh and before you say it, I am not old, I have a great social life and even more importantly friends and family who love me and would seriously kick me back in touch with reality if I ever stooped to your level.

You are vile, you disgust me with the bullshit that you spew and I think you need to take a serious look at your life and ask yourself if this person is really who you want to be.

I'm thinking the answer will be no.

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

bye 30--sorry if you are leaving because of her.

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...


You sure are young and good looking!

Woo Hoo!

(Love and Hugs)

30 said...

It's ok Smitty, I just get myself all aggravated reading her shit and wanna kick ass, and I cant soooo. LOL I am better going when the delusional spew.


Have fun girls!

LJ said...

Well shes clearly no good at fucking anyone because from what I hear men only want to fuck her once and then run away screaming.

Perhaps you should stick around for MFK one night, you might pick up a few tips love. You know, keep them interested for longer than an afternoon!

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
angelica1 said...

Hairball - She won't stay away because we don't want her to stay. I just knew you'd resort to your normal fallback - expletives in shouty capitals.You realise of course, that even a rational argument loses any weight it originally carried if you don't have the vocabulary to express yourself like an intelligent adult?

SueBee said...

Yes, that's the difference we like her. She can stay here and chat with us indefinitely.

You, on the other hand, bring nothing worth reading.

You aren't wanted and for the most part thankfully deleted.

Consider yourself a non-entity.

angelica1 said...

Liza - Did you notice this morning that she was turned down by a bouncer?? I mean wtf??!! When does a bouncer EVER turn down a frebie?

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SueBee said...

She enjoys banging her head against a brick wall.

I'd say some much needed medical attention is in order. This kind of behavior just isn't healthy.

LJ said...

Ha ha exactly Angelica....but I suppose even bouncers can smell desperation (and probably infection) a mile off, and theres nothing more off putting!

Eeew, it makes me shudder!

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LJ said...

Lauren.....*yawn* change the fucking record.


Elaine said...

I was just coming to wish everyone a good night and look what I find. Bitch is back for round two! Didn't get enough this morning bitch?
How fucking pathetic are you-just sitting around and waiting for someone to come to the blog to attack. Not much of a life huh?
What happened-it's Friday skank-I though Friday was payday-lots of clients out there tonight-took the night off bitch? Just go out on the streets already-maybe some drunken fool will let you turn tricks on him.
Night Hannabelle!

Kami said...

Does it sound to anyone else like SOMEONE has made a pass at Smitty's man and got turned down flat?

angelica1 said...

Hairball - You miss the point. The reason you're alone and spouting this insane,delusional crap is because no one wants damaged goods. By all means keep going, I'll gladly fight her corner all night long because she is actually worth the time and trouble!!!

*I*Believe* said...

Hanna-whoever-the-hell-you-are...you are once again illustrating the fact that you cannot act like a human being and therefore are not human

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

And I'm sorry but when did we start allowing people who are clearly delusional to say who can and who can't post here? And am I mistaken or did Lauren make a threat to Smitty involving the U.S. Mail?

30 said...

Girls, she is trying to get Smitty all upset, make her leave here. I am sure her intentions are even worse than that though and I am sure they have been for a while now. This behavior is not new, and she is not going to stop until she is somehow blocked.There has got to be a way to permanently block this fuck nut or get her in a mental hospital asap.

*I*Believe* said...

And furthermore, Hairball...shame on you for behaving like this when people, like Kami, have treated you kindy...you are surely on Santa's naughty list!!!

angelica1 said...

Kami - Oh hell yes!!! It's as plain as day, in fact I'm guessing both of them.

Kay said...

Kami - that was what I was thinking, treats, blackmail, US Mail, Federal crime.....pretty stupid

Geo said...

Hamhock!!!! Did you get tired of wallowing in the mud today? You know you really need to quit talking to yourself like that in the mirror as it might give you some kind of complex or something. You then might screw anything in sight or offer your services to a bouncer...erm..wait..

Hi everyone else...just started catching up on the posts. This is pathetic.

Kami said...

Not only that but if I'm not mistaken wasn't she using blackmail in saying This mail can be stopped if Smitty disappears from this blog? You can go to prison for that right?

Kay said...

***threats***** she is no treat

SueBee said...

I read the threat.

Nothing like having proof of
jailable behavior.

angelica1 said...

Kami - She's made several threats of that nature. I'm not sure she realises the implications of that. She seems to be under the misapprehension that because she's threatening to send it her,it doesn't matter but the same laws apply.

amara said...

What is going on here? This is complete insanity!!. Please "H" if you do not like the people who visit this blog, the answer is so simple...leave, don't come back. You gain nothing by being so bitter and nasty. Why not pick up a hobby or create your own blog. do something a bit more constructive with your time.

Sydney said...

Wait, Nikki's from the valley?

Kami said...

and we're not talking head to jail overnight...using the United States Mail as a blacmail tool is a FEDERAL crime...right? I mean we're talking Federal prison?

SueBee said...

Someone is going to get to share a cell with Large Marge.

Kami said...

Such a shame because this just get out of hand and then NO ONE can stop the ball from rolling downhill into shit...she should stop and go away.

30 said...

Amars it is passed that.

There is NO talking to the delusional. She has it out for Smitty, even threatened her cat last night. This is stalker shit, for real. That is exactly what it is. I hope Boris and Smitty are taking actions because I am worried what this sick bitch might do in real life if given a chance.

Kay said...

That was always my impression. The Feds are pretty serious about those things. "Just kidding" doesn't really work with them....no sense of humor.

Kami said...

Lauren...delusional is what you are sweetie...get help..this is getting out of hand and into dangerous territory for you, you're making a mistake...and I'm just saying that to let you know

angelica1 said...

Kami - I don't know about the US but I believe the maximum penalty for blackmail here is 14 years

Autumngal said...

Don't know why my earlier post disappeared? Well at least I got some of the venting off my chest.

If that bitch wanted to be nasty, I'm sure the ladies at Roseland knows how to handle her. Good day everyone here beside that idiot.

SueBee said...

Delusions--god, this is sad.

So sad.

Kami said...

That's right Angelica...I mean if she crosses international borders with this then it's no longer a U.S. Issue is it?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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