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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Sharing Ownership

Did I say he was mine? Well... he is.

Nothing much going on... as usual.
Robert and Kristen are eating turkey leftovers...
and pumpkin pie.

Wink. Wink.

I don't know...
I can just kinda picture them all satisfied and happy
cuddling on a couch with a big blanket wrapped around them...
Watching movies
and being all content.

She's right... I am hers. Kristen OWNS me.

I was going to talk about the constant competition
that is always surrounding Rob and Kristen's movies.
How some people want Kristen to do badly...
or Robert to do badly...
Like one affects the other.
So if WTTR doesn't do well...
It makes Remember Me better?
I don't get it.
I liked Remember Me
I liked The Runaways.
I will watch any movie Robert is in.
I will watch any movie Kristen is in.
I don't need to trash one to make the other look good.
It's ridiculous.
So when OTR comes out...
or Bel Ami... or WFE...
I will see them all.
You can't compare their work against each other.
They aren't rivals for the same roles...
I'm guessing Rob and Kristen support each other...
I'm guessing we will see more of that support in the future.

Where is Kristen? OH! There she is!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture.
Love it.
It is the background on my phone.
I look at it every damn day
and I still haven't gotten tired of it.
Oh yeah... Kellen looks pretty good too...
but I will admit that I cropped him out on my phone picture.
Robert is walking.
Skinny tie.
And that smile.
Never gonna get tired of it.

Guess what? I own Robert Pattinson. And he likes it...

So I guess the picture of Rob/Kristen at the wedding with
Tom and company isn't a manip?
Does that mean Rob took Kristen as his date?
I think at this point...
It's a given.
I mean...
The invitation probably came addressed to Rob and Kristen...
at their house.
You know...
The house they S.H.A.R.E.
That house.


Who knows how long I've loved you... You know I love you still.

I don't even have a 'Foam of the Day'
because quite honestly...
I'm too lazy to go through my emails/DMs and pick one out.
And although the Foam is always worth a giggle...
It's obsolete.

And while I know it's not nice to make fun of stupidity...
I can't help but poke the foam.
I mean...
It's too easy.
What kind of smartass shit-stirrer would I be
if I just let these priceless delusions slip away?
My paddle is at the ready.

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for Tome.
Where do you people come up with this stuff?

All Roads Lead To Tome.

There's No Place Like Tome.
Tome Is Where The Heart Is.


Bye for now


angelica1 said...

Rose - Absolutely spot on. I "discovered" Rob because of Kristen,I've always loved her films but I watch both of their films - they're both extremely talented. Nobody turns it into a competition between Brad and Angelina, I can only assume they have a saner/more mature fanbase than Rob and Kristen.The good thing is, I honestly think that will change as they both get older and continue to take on varied roles.

I can well imagine them,curled up under a blanket,eating Kristen's pies, watching movies or maybe playing on the Xbox, in the house they S.H.A.R.E together :)

Teeth said...

where the hell is everybody?

p.s.- my word verification word is "waxesses", wtf is that?


Penny Lane said...


People are putting a lot of thought into deciphering your words. There is a gossip site that will remain unnamed that is quite baffled.

Some there think it refers to actual cities called Tome. Some think it means "to me"; and a really creative thought is it refers to a large book which could be the next film role for Rob.

So much thought given to the use of that word, that may or may not even be a word. As they say, words have power.

Melinda said...

Ha,ha Rose-this whole "tome" thing is cracking me up. Why are people so invested in it? If it is meant to be shared with everyone then it will. If not, then too bad.

I'm amused at the illogic of the foaming. I have to admit that I actually enjoy their musings. Makes me laugh as long as it is not hateful towards Rob or Kristen. Then I am not amused.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. Real life will be calling me back tomorrow so I am going to enjoy this little haven while I can.

Hugs to all!

katy said...

Hi, Rose!!! Hi Roseland!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!

I also don't understand all the competition and why people want Rob and Kristen movies to do badly...like you said Rose, they will never compete for the same roles and wanting their movies to do bad it's just mean because this is something they love to do and they put their heart and souls and work hard to do it.

And the foam it's usless. People who are pissed because Rob and Kristen are together, should accepet it, because this is not going to change when the twilight Saga ends.

Hugs to everyone.

Kay said...

Hi everyone! Whew - I am glad to see some Roselanders around, I was getting a little concerned that everyone was still in a turkey coma. :)

I love it, Penny! I had no idea there was such power in the word "Tome". Rose, I hope you keep stirring it up with them....maybe throw in some more "code words" just to make them spin a little bit more. he he he :D

Hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing Saturday!!

Leigh said...

Hi Angelica, Penny, Melinda, Kay and all my friends I may have missed!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was a peaceful day for me. Filled with lots of family and love :) Good times! And woot woot, my Saints won!!

Home is always where the heart is. I know for me home is where my husband and kids are. I feel sorry for people who are so bitter that they can't appreciate what should mean the most to them :)

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and enjoys the rest of their holiday weekend!

angelica1 said...

Hi Leigh,Penny,Kay,Melinda,Katy :)

I couldn't agree with you more,Leigh - had to take my niece out in a blizzard earlier,for a new windscreen - she's a new driver and afraid of driving in the snow. We had hot chocolate and cupcakes and just laughed about stupid stuff while we were waiting, it was a really nice afternoon. I feel sorry for those who can't take pleasure in simple, happy family moments like that. On the way back we saw someone's farm,including the house, ablaze and virtually burnt to the ground. It made me feel even more grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life, especially my family and friends!!!

Syd said...

Tome Tome on the range? One heart one love one Tome?

I am laughing at Penny's indication that people are actually spending time trying to pick apart each word you use. I mean, you are brilliant, and as many people have said, Rose knows, but do they really believe...???

Well, I just can't fathom it all really. but my friend you should be careful or everyone will figure out the epic 10.12.10 and then you and I will both be in trouble with our friends.

Hello to the other roselanders--hope you are all well. Tracy I know you are at your parents and I hope things are calm for you.

angelica1 said...

Hi Syd!! You have no idea how much effort some put into trying to decipher stuff about these two sometimes,trust me , this is mild.The stuff on twitter has me ROFL some days :D

Penny Lane said...

Hello Kay, Leigh, Melinda, Angelica, Katy and Syd,

Glad to see everyone enjoyed the holiday, or just the weekend. I had a lovely holiday but I'm glad the day is over. There are good things and bad things that come with family time. I'm home now and in my happy place.

Anyway, onward to the next holiday.

katy said...

Hi, Angelica, Syd, Penny, Kay, Leigh, Melinda, Teeth!!! Hope you are well!

hugs to all

Atticus said...

Hi all Roselanders! Rose, did you see WTTR. I am so envious. Like y'all, I don't get the competition either or their films not doing well. It's so fucking petty!

So that pic wasn't a manip. Miss Kristen & Rob, but that only means they're not bothered and snuggling somewhere together.

Freddie said...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and that the souls that braved Black Friday yesterday came out of it unscathed.

Rose, another good post It’s nice to think that Rob and Kristen are enjoying some down time together. I’m sure their sane fans wish them equal success with their films. The notion of competition is silly, but I’ve seen such sentiments expressed by members of one or other of the fandoms to know that regrettably what you say is true. Sad.

I was cleaning out my in-box the other day and came upon this oldie but goodie. It came from one of our IT guys at work and I thought I would pass it along for a laugh to combat any post-turkey day/Black Friday blahs.


Tech Support
Dear Sirs,

Last year, I upgraded Girlfriend 1 to Wife 1. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing, which took up a lot of space and valuable resources. No mention of this phenomenon was included in the product brochure. In addition, Wife 1 installs itself into all other programs and launches during system initialization, where it monitors all other system activity. Applications such as Pokernight, Golfday, Boysnight and Beerbash no longer run; the system crashes whenever those programs are opened. I cannot seem to purge Wife 1 from my system. I am thinking about going back to Girlfriend 1, but un-install does not work on this program. Can you help me?

Confused Husband

Reply from Tech Support:
Dear Sir,

This is a very common problem that many men complain about, but the confusion is mostly due to a foundational misconception. Many men upgrade from Girlfriend 1 to Wife 1 with the idea that Wife 1 is merely a utilities & entertainment program. Actually, Wife 1 is an OPERATING SYSTEM and designed by its creator to run everything. It is impossible to un-install, delete, or purge the program from the system once installed. You cannot go back to Girlfriend 1 because Wife 1 is not designed to do this. Some men have tried to install Girlfriend 2 or Wife 2, but end up with more problems than original system. Look in your manual under "Warning: Alimony / Child Support." I recommend you keep Wife 1 and just deal with the situation. Having Wife 1 installed myself, I might also suggest you read the entire section regarding General Protection Faults (GPFs). You must assume all responsibility for faults and problems that might occur. The best course of action is to push the apologize button, then the reset button, as soon as lock-up occurs. System will run smoothly as long as you take the blame for all GPFs. Wife 1 is a great program but is very complex and high in maintenance costs.

Hope it gives people a bit of a laugh. Have a great day.



LJ said...

Hiya everyone,

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!

Let them all keep guessing Rose, at least if they are all scratching their heads about this they are not spewing their usual nasty rubbish!

Tracy, I hope your getting through it...love you lots, remember I'm here if you need me :-)

Hello Syd my darling *big hugs*

Love to Smitty and Gruff.

Much love to everyone,

angelica1 said...

Hi Liza - I hope you've got better weather than us - I don't think I'll get to work on Monday if this keeps up !!

LJ said...

Hi Angelica! Yes I've seen on the news the snow is bad where you are.

We had snow where I live this morning, I'm in Manchester city centre at the moment though and there's no snow at all here its weird!

Stay safe!!


Super RN Gas Passer said...

HEY ROSE AND ROSELANDERS...I am sittin here and fussing over the xmas tree...had bought a few new things to try but it still needs tweeking...in the meantime I thought I would check out the lay of the land on Roseland. To my absolute delight I see things are "nice"...what a relief...aah...sigh...Yeah Rose...The Tome thing has got my imagination going into overdrive...especially since I am fairly dense and have no idea what IT means...it is kind of reminding me of a treasure hunt. I did go over to Robsession and saw the pics comparing R+K to Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward...all kinds of cute. HUGS to all and FREDDIE I enjoyed your post...a lot of truth to that.

*I*Believe* said...

Hello Super RN and Roseland,

Super-I saw your message. God bless you and all nurses...I read how you were waiting to go into the OR...there is no way I would be able to do that...my grandfather was actually a dr. and my grandmother badgered me forever to be a nurse, I can't stand the sight of blood so I knew that would never happen...it takes a special person to do what you do:)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

I BELIEVE...Thanks..both of my sisters were school teachers and I knew I could NEVER do that! There is something for everybody. Your job is just as important! I hope you are having a good weekend.

DreamerKind said...

SuperRNGP & *IB*

How are you? Hope you had a good holiday. It is quiet here but that's nice, isn't it?

DreamerKind said...

For Rose & Tome:

I Want To Tell You

Beatles want to tell:

I want to tell you
My head is filled with things to say
When you're here
All those words, they seem to slip away

When I get near you,
The games begin to drag me down
It's all right
I'll make you maybe next time around

But if I seem to act unkind
It's only me, it's not my mind
That is confusing things.

I want to tell you
I feel hung up but I don't know why,
I don't mind
I could wait forever, I've got time

Sometimes I wish I knew you well,
Then I could speak my mind and tell you
Maybe you'd understand

I want to tell you
I feel hung up but I don't know why,
I don't mind
I could wait forever, I've got time, I've got time, I've got time

Thank you/Sarahallheart38

Hope said...

Ahhh Rose... love sitting back and reading your witty captions under each photo...again!!
Highly entertaining.

"Where's Kristen? Oh! There she is!!" Heh...love it!!

Hope everyone in Roseland is enjoying their weekend whether under a blanket, watching movies or whatever...have fun!!

DreamerKind said...

From Drearmer/DK:
A toast to the beginning holiday season (whichever one you celebrate, I toast to you):



From Coney Island to The Sunset Strip
Somebody's gonna make a happy trip
Tonight, while the moon is bright

He's gonna have a bag of crazy toys
To give the groanies of the boys and girls
So dig, Santa comes on big

He'll come a callin' when the snows the most
When all you cats are sleepin' warm as toast
And you gonna flip when Old Saint Nick
Takes a lick on the peppernint stick

He'll come a flyin' from a higher place
And fill the stocking by the fire place
So you'll, have a yule that's cool

-Instrumental Jazz Break-

Yeah, from Coney Island to The Sunset Strip
Somebody's gonna make a happy trip
Tonight, while the moon is bright

He's gonna have a bag of crazy toys
To give the groanies of the boys and girls
So dig, Santa comes on big

He'll come a callin' when the snows the most
When all you cats are sleepin' warm as toast
And you gonna flip when the Old Saint Nick
Takes a lick on the peppernint stick

He'll come a flyin' from a higher place
And fill the stocking by the fire place
So you'll, have a yule that's cool

Have a yule that's cool
Yeah, cool yule

Thank you/verycoolsound

DreamerKind said...

For Rose, Beaujolais Noveau, Brie, Snow in England (and all over the world):

I Will

Live-Paul McCartney 2006

Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to--I will.

For if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same.

Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart.

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me

You know I will
I will.

Thank you/SampleX

*I*Believe* said...

Hi DK!!!!

Boy, it has been quiet here:) Just proves the gooey one and weedy one wrong when they throw the dig that we don't have real lives-hah!!! We have all been very busy with holidays, family and dinners but it is nice to come back to our friends here:)

*I*Believe* said...

Super RN,

Having teachers as sisters, you understand how important breaks are...without them we teachers would lose our sanity....it drives me crazy when people say that teachers have too much time off.

RobstenSparks said...

Rose, you're the best! You're always completely spot-on.

I can't believe that people would even consider comparing Rob and Kristen's work

It's ridiculous. They don't compete against each other.

DreamerKind said...


So true, sweets!

I confess that I am not busy but am enjoying what I am, lol.

Had a lovely Thanksgiving and am about to call some friends who leave for warmer climes tomorrow.

But the music and vino stall me in this moment.

To shop or not? To toast till I drop or not? To go to karaoke or not? To blab, oh, of course I will.

You doing well?


manjen said...

Hello Everyone!!

I hope everyone has a great evening!!

Leigh & Geo
WDE!! That was a close one!!

DreamerKind said...


The same to you and more!


DreamerKind said...

Once Upon A December

Anastasia- Once upon a December (with lyrics)

Aaliyah-so lovely:

Dancing bears,
Painted wings,
Things I almost remember,
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December.

Someone holds me safe and warm.
Horses prance through a silver storm.
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory...

Someone holds me safe and warm.
Horses prance through a silver storm.
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory...

Far away, long ago,
Glowing dim as an ember,
Things my heart
Used to know,
Things it yearns to remember...

And a song
Someone sings
Once upon a December

Thank you/swtarsim

*I*Believe* said...

Hi manjen!!!

DK~ how was the hot tub??

Hey LJ~hope you had a good week and Saturday

DreamerKind said...

My! My! Time Flies


My! My! Time flies!
One step and we're on the moon, next step into the stars

My! My! Time flies!
Maybe we could be there soon,
a one way ticket to Mars

My! My! Time flies!
A man underneath a tree,
An apple falls on his head

My my time flies!
A man wrote a symphony,
It's 1812

My! My! Time flies!
Four guys across Abbey Road,
One forgot to wear shoes

My! My! Time flies!
A rap on a rhapsody,
A king who's still in the news,
A king to sing you the blues

My! My! Time flies!
A man in a winter sleigh,
White, white, white as the snow

My! My! Time flies!
A new day is on its way,
So let's let yesterday go

Could be we step out again
Could be tomorrow but then,
Could be 2010

Thank you/augusto593

DreamerKind said...


Funny thing about the hot tub, it wasn't!

It wasn't hot and the pool room was freezing and there were pools of cold water surrounding the pool but we stayed there, nevertheless, for over an hour.

It seems that this resort had the first indoor/outdoor, swim under the glass barrier swimming pool that was ever built in the U.S. in 1968!

Can you believe, *I*Believe*, that I was first staying at this resort in 1969?

History was made and I am old enough to attest to it! Oh, joy, joy of living long.

*I*Believe* said...

DK~time does fly....turned around and my baby is 14 years old:(

30 said...

HI DK! Hi PL! Hi all!

I hope you all are well. Me, I am working my ass off and desperately need a foot massage, but HAY we cant have it all can we? :)

Pl I find your comment about some people trying to dissect Roses words, funny in a odd, weird kind of sick way, then fascinating to a degree..

I do have to say ONE thing if there reading. PLEASE get a REAL life outside the internet, PLEASE because what you are doing now, is so NOT healthy. LOL

Stay well all! A special hello to Miss Smitty, and SueBee, I haven't seen either post in a few days,Though I haven't been on much myself. I am out of the loop but I hope all is well. :)

*I*Believe* said...

Hi 30!

DK~You make me laugh:) I hope you at least got to enjoy a cocktail or two!!

DreamerKind said...


Guess what? There are rumors that our favos are skiing at Whistler Mt. in Vancouver or is it Victoria?

Well, anyway, good news for skiers, for snow is to fall, today, tonight and tomorrow at Whistler, so good skiing is at hand.

I'd bet a hundo that their hot tub is hot, and that steam is steaming out unto the blessed cold air, like a hydrotherapy cavern.

Wish I was there! Wonder why I'm not?

DreamerKind said...


I'd give you the foot massage of your life, it we were in the same vicinity!

Are you talking about me and my life on the internet? If so, don't worry, my life is full, and there are actually live people in it, that see me in person and talk with me, or at me.

Miss you, Tootsie and admire your fine parenting and work skills for doing retail management is indeed a skill. You're the top.


*I*Believe* said...

Skiing!! Let's pray nothing gets broke...knock on wood!! If their hot tub is not hot, them just getting in it together would make it boil, hee hee....

PS my word verification is "appro" ....hope my comment is appropriate:)

Kami said...

hello everyone...taking a small break to read Rose...so tired been decorating all day

DreamerKind said...


Cherish that 14 year old! My 22 yr. old daughter has been MIA with her BF for the past three days. I think that they will live together and/or get married within 6 months. (Sigh)

However, she likes to cook and I could get invited over for a meal, we'll see.

Time goes by....

DreamerKind said...

Been thinking of you! So you are decorating. From what you've written, you get things done, like pronto. How did you get to be such an organized person?

Lots of my thoughts are with you at this time and with your family (esp. Taylor). You inspire me to decorate, too.

Should I get a real tree (like a Norfolk Pine in a pot which I will kill before April) or a small cut one, or a big cut one, or an artificial one?

Help me out, sweet Kami, I trust your advice.


*I*Believe* said...

Hi Kami-good for you getting your decorating started/finished

DK-your daw is very lucky to have found someone to share her life with...btw...you def want a real tree!!!!

Kami said...

Dk, I have no idea how I became organized, I used to not be, but we had a tornado hit out house in 1999 and ever since then I like having things in order...i guess it's a control thing

As for trees...I'm allergic to pines, so I have an artificial trees...I put up one large and three small ones all over the house. Plus for me...easy clean up. Some people do not feel like it's Christmas unless they have a live tree, which is understandable. BUT since I don't have that option...artifical Christmas decorating and decorations are my addiction.

Ok back to work..

30 said...

DK I would never talk bad about you! YOU are one special friend to me. :)

As far as the foot massage goes, thanks but I was hoping for a HOT Rob look a like might be available. :))) Know anyone? LOL

Kami said...

LOL that was supposed to be "Our house" not out house...LOL

30 said...

AH HA! The big guns have been brought out. Miss Stewart HAS to win now!!! :)



DreamerKind said...

Question of the Day:

Did DK get a cocktail or two at the resort on Thanksgiving?

Yes, but not enough!

Here is my problem in a nutshell or in my own words whichever phrase makes sense to you:

We got to the resort at 5pm.
Got to the cocktail lounge soon after.
Got a cognac, after that.
Got told that the only bar in the resort would close at 8pm.
Got dinner and had to share the 2 bottles of wine with present company (sigh).

No more spirits were available anywhere (except in our rooms) and all socializing was over except for in the cold, hot tub and pool.

You see how easily I could have been at Whistler with R & K?

Anyway, the bonfire wasn't set for us as promised,
the gingerbread houses were not made
and the children's movies were not shown per our Fall Harvest package guarantee.
What to do?

Should I complain or let it go?
I could get a certificate for something if I do, and peace of mind if I don't.

What do you all think?

I await your thoughts and Rose's.

Although hers will not make sense to outsiders but I do get them, along with regs. who don't ask her questions, cause we KNOW.


LJ said...

Hi I Believe! and Manjen, DK, 30, Kami.....and anyone else I've missed!

Hope you have all had a lovely couple of days.


30 said...

Hi Liza! How are you sweetie? Hope all is well, I saw above in the comments snow is maybe coming your way? :) Stay Warm out there!

DreamerKind said...


I have no objection to fake trees, although no allergy either. Maybe I should get one real and one fake?

That might be the ticket.

It would have been all right if the out house was destroyed, too, and we all would have understood the tragedy in that, also.

I wish I was there with you, so we could laugh, but I will talk ridicockulous on here and hopefully you will laugh with me.

That is next time you come back to check Roseland, since you must needs be decorating the casa.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi LJ *waves* My Thanksgiving Break has been great! I was even out shopping at 5:30AM Friday morning! The worst thing about have time off is going back to school Monday. Hopefully, the kids will all be comatose.

DreamerKind said...

Cute Bug!

I must say that I am envious of you and Tracy and all of the French talk, and phone voice listening talk and all of that.

It has been really hard not having Google translate the French you two shared, and just making up what I thought you two said (naughty, naughty) but I do support friends calling friends when they need friends.

Isn't it great that you are over the croup? that you had and now going all about with those friends you have?

Angelica1 has vast amounts of snow, and you are expecting some?

Got a song request, Leeza?


Bises !

*I*Believe* said...

DK~you have quite a resort dilemma...I would probaby call and tell management about my concerns, not expecting any compensation... but calling would at least make me feel better...

How did the rest of your party feel about it?

saphire1231 said...

Rose... great post as usual. You have such a great way of stating Robert and Kristen's relationship in such a matter of fact way... i.e. "it is what it is", and I for one... really appreciate it.

On the subject of dissection of your words...

I would just like to say that I believe that not everyone who dissects your words is a nutter.

In my own search of R/K news and reading some of the various blogs and chat sites out there in cyber-land, I have become aware of quite a few folk out there who believe that you Rose, have some friend, or friend of a friend, who is "in the know", who drops you hints re R/K, and that you in turn couch said hints in your blog for those "Sane members of the fandom", who really love R/K to decipher.

This may or may not be true... Just thought it was worth posting this to share with all of Rosedom.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you all gobbled till you wobbled. LOL.

LJ said...

Yes it was snowing here this morning when I left. Just got home and there is none here now it's all melted. I believe further North than here they have had it pretty bad.

Ha ha yeah DK I think I started the French thing by talking to Tracy 'en francais'!...for no reason other than I am an idiot sometimes lol :-)

I'm glad you had a nice thanksgiving, in a fancy resort I see, lucky you!

I would love a song DK to finish my night off, I don't have a specific request though so please pick one for me.

Lots of love.

DreamerKind said...

*I* B*

The rest of the party (at least those paying for stuff) was not happy, come on, no gingerbread house making, WTF?

They looked at us like we were crazy cause we wanted to do the kid stuff that we chose and paid for. The lack of imagination from the workers, that doing kids stuff by oldsters, cannot be tolerated, right?

All right, I'll give you a concession, if they did think that older, more mature persons, might not want to do those things.

But we did, and our company consisted of 30 year olds, too.

What gives with that?

I did get a comment card to send in, or I can wait until Monday to make a formal call.

Right now, I want to play music and laugh with all.


DreamerKind said...

For LJ/Liza/CB


Charles Aznavour

May be the face I can't forget
A trace of pleasure or regret
May be my treasure or the price I have to pay
She may be the song that summer sings
May be the chill that autumn brings
May be a hundred tearful things
Within the measure of the day.

May be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into heaven or a hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
A smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem
Inside a shell

She who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so private and so proud
No one's allowed to see them when they cry
She may be the love that can and hope to last
May come to me from shadows of the past
That I remember till the day I die

May be the reason I survive
The why and where for I'm alive
The one I'll care for through the rough and rainy years
Me I'll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I got to be
The meaning of my life is

She, she, she

Thank you/Mikrosphore

LJ said...

Thanks DK!, beautiful lyrics.

I haven't heard that version before but I know the Elvis Costello one.


*I*Believe* said...

Let me know how you make out with your call...I will be interested in how the management reacts.

Was the food enjoyable?

DreamerKind said...


Charles Aznavour is a sensation in my life! He is just right for you, and me.

There is a French nuance that is unsurpassable, don't you think?

Goodnight, and sweetness to you.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...Im sorry I missed you...I went out to dinner with Courtney..her husband is a policeman and is working tonight and Hap is at the Observatory til in the morning, Collin is with friends watching the Clemson- Carolina game.. Clemson is our big in state rival. I am now home alone with my cat. Sorry to hear about your "resort" soiree...sounds like a refund is in order if you ask me.

Pattee said...

Saw WTTR today here in San Francisco. It was really very good and Kristen really shined. Love that little beauty. A nice turn out for the matinee, too. Go KS!

DreamerKind said...


Darlin' you haven't missed me, I've been listening to Aznavour on youtube and just blowing in the wind. Incredible!

Glad that you went out to dinner.

You know that I just love to bitch about what doesn't go my way. In truth, it is sad that no one cares about the joy in everything. The poor desk clerk had to stay over and listen to the complaints of the guests, when he is not to blame.

I will try to make a middle ground which will meet in the middle somewhere. Although I do wish that I went somewhere where service is more the thing.

I, too, am home with the cats. but am inclined to go and listen to karaoke, only 1500 feet from my house, don't you think I should?

(Smooches to you and Hap, the sky is fabulous right now)


Kay said...


Every time I mix a woo woo, I think of you - thank you so much for sharing the recipe!! So yummy!!


Freddie said...

Super RN,
Thanks for your feedback earlier. Appreciate it.

Thanks for including me, along with the other Roselanders, in your call-out the other evening. You haven’t been on much, if at all since then, for me to thank.
I also wanted to compliment you on all of the music you post. I’m amazed at the range of genres you know. As others have commented, you always seem to find a song that’s perfect for the occasion. Music was a big part of my life growing up, so it means a lot. Enjoyin’ your posts.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...Smooches back...Have Fun!

DreamerKind said...


I wrote a long reply about the food which doesn't seem to be on here.

OK, I'll say it again...

The turkey was delicious. the ham, too. I shared with my sister and somehow didn't get any leftovers and that is good because I don't eat them and they usually go to waist (and I mean waist).

If I can get a little drunk, I will sing a song at karaoke. Which one song would that be?

I'll come back here around 3am to talk with my Bren, Gwen and Birdie and you who are still awake.

Ok, Roselanders?


Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI FREDDIE...so glad to have you on the blog with us
HI KAY..Sounds like I missed a recipe for a good drink

DreamerKind said...


You are so nice to say I'm nice, let's both be nice, together.

I appreciate the company on Roseland for we are so unique and special. How could we be else, when we are here, during this time, when Rose knows and we do, too? (Not a joke)

I am mostly here, so leave me a message, and if I don't post songs, I am sparing you all, but then I won't, cause we do love music.

Ranting, and ranted, Freddie, but I read and read, here and there.

I am so excited for the holidays, for the first time in years, and will be spilling over here to you all.

Let's make a holiday party, every day, here on Roseland, if Rose likes, and move on in love and romance, with our gang and those we adore.

I feel some Italian tenors coming on....

((Hugs to you Freddie))


DreamerKind said...

Drink, drink, drink!

Mario Lanza kills you here:

Ein zwei drei vier
Lift your stein and drink your beer
Ein zwei drei vier
Lift your stein and drink your beer

Drink! Drink! Drink!
To eyes that are bright as stars when they're shining on me!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To lips that are red and sweet as the fruit on the tree!

Here's a hope that those bright eyes will shine
Lovingly, longingly soon into mine!
May those lips that are red and sweet,
Tonight with joy my own lips meet!

Drink! Drink!
Let the toast start!
May young hearts never part!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let every true lover salute his sweetheart!

Drink! Drink! Drink!
To arms that are white and warm as a rose in the sun!

Drink! Drink! Drink!
To hearts that will love one, only when I am the one!
Here's a hope that those soft arms will twine
Tenderly, trustingly soon around mine!

All I ask is the right to see those smiling eyes beguiling me
Drink! Drink!
Let the toast start!
May young hearts never part!

Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let every true lover salute his sweetheart!
Let's drink!

Drink! Drink! Drink!
To eyes that are bright as stars when they're shining on me!
Drink! Drink! Drink!

To lips that are red and sweet as the fruit on the tree!
Here's a hope that those soft arms will twine
Tenderly, trustingly soon around mine!

All I ask is a right to see those smiling eyes beguiling me
Drink! Drink!
Let the toast start!
May young hearts never part!

Drink! Drink! Drink!
Let every true lover salute his sweetheart!
Let's drink!

Thank you/stefanboro

Freddie said...

Super RN - glad for the chance to participate.

DK - Hugs back.


DreamerKind said...


You are ever in my thoughts, at this season, and in any moment when we in our exclusive club, need our friends.


DreamerKind said...

I'm going into the shower, don't you love it and don't I need it?

Here is more Italian tenor, in particular Mario Lanza, until I return.

If Rob could sing like this, he would have had Kristen sooner, don't you think?

Oh, well, he won her in the end, with his own ways of wooing.

Mario Lanza-1956

By Otto A. Harbach and Gus Kahn (lyrics) and Rudolf Friml (music)

In my gondola, love, let us glide
O’er the drowsy, blue lagoon,

And float on the yellow tide,
Where sleeps the dreaming moon
I’ll fashion a crown you’ll adore

From the gold that lies shimmering there
And the silvery pearls from the dripping oar
I will set in your hair

For I adore, I adore you, Giannina mia!
More, more and more, I adore you, Giannina mia!

Queens there have been who in ages of old
Shone more resplendent with jewels and gold,

Precious jewels not half so rare dear,
As the splendor of your wondrous hair, dear

For I adore, I adore you, Giannina mia

More, more and more I adore you, Giannina mia!

My heart’s your throne dear,
My heart’s your throne, dear,
There you shall rule alone,

Thank you/Soltapaura

DreamerKind said...

Oops, Mario Lanza song is called:

Giannina Mia

And didn't someone say that love was given, at first sight, and also when someone sang, and then they had you at hello, that type of thing?

DK is musing again.....

DreamerKind said...

The Donkey Serenade

Allan Jones is in love:

Allan Jones The Donkey Serenade Lyrics:
[Whistling & vocal styling.]

There's a song in the air,
But the fair señorita
Doesn't seem to care,
For the song in the air.

Oh, I'll sing to the mule,
If you're sure she won't think that,
I am just a fool,
Serenading a mule.

[Jones:] Amigo mio, does she not have a dainty bray?
[Boy:] Que, esta?
[Jones:] She listens carefully to each little tune you play.
[Boy:] Si, la bella señorita!
[Jones:] Si, si, mi muchachito,

She'd love to sing it too,
If only she knew the way.
But try as she may,
In her voice there's a flaw,
And all that the lady can say
Is hee-hawwwwwwwwww.

Señorita Donkey's feet
Are not so fleet,
[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/wSkz ]
As a mosquit-o.
But so sweet,
Like my chiquit-a.
You're the one for me!

A light in her eye,
Though she may try to hide it,
She cannot deny
There's a light in her eye.

Oh, the charm of her smile
So beguiled Don Diego,
That he rode a mile
For the charm of her smile.

[Jones:] Amigo mio, is she listening to my song?
[Boy:] Que, esta?
[Jones:] No, no, mi muchachito, how can you be so wrong?
[Boy:] Oh, la bella señorita!
[Jones:] Si, si, la señorita,

She'd love to sing it too,
If only she knew the way.
Her face is a dream,
Like an angel I saw,
And all that my darling can scream,
Is hee-hawwwwwwwwww.

Señorita Donkey's feet
Are not so fleet,
As a mosquit-o.
But so sweet,
Like my chiquit-a.
You're the one for me!

Thank you/gramophoneshane

DreamerKind said...

Last song until I return from the bar and karaoke gig:


Jeanette MacDonald & Allan Jones:

La Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da-Da Da Da
What your in need of is

You need sympathy, sympathy
just sympathy
I'm just trying to be friendly
and gentle
not sentimental
So if I touch your hand
don't misunderstand
its meaning
You must know, I'm but showing

I need sympathy , sympathy
just sympathy
I'm just trying to be
proper and good
behave as I should
But if my poor heart skips a
beat each time we meet
Don't blame me

both sing together
Allan; Jeanette;
For I know, You must know
You're but showing, I'm but showing

Thank you/gingerrogersfan

Kay said...

DK - Thanks for thinking of me, and you take care, too. I am glad to hear that you are excited for the holidays this year. :)

Super RN - Liza's fabulous woo woo recipe:

1 1/2 oz. vodka
1 1/2 oz. peach schnapps
3 oz. cranberry juice
splash of lime juice

Be prepared, I bet you will say "woo woo!"

Sweet dreams Roseland :)

Birdie said...

These early pictures are among my favorites. God, he is handsome in these and the one with Rob gazing at Kristen, kind of hard to fake that longing.
It has been pretty quiet and I would think quiet is a good thing.
Next year is going to be such a ride with all their films coming out and I can't wait to see every one of them.
My Little Ladies of the Night,
Missed you the last few days. Maybe I will catch up with you today.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Sue said...

Hi Rose - I've been a lurker here since last summer when I first stumbled upon your blog. I can even remember which one it was - the one where you defended Kristen from all those haters. I thought omg, she's saying everything I think! I started checking your blog every day and even tho I know you deserve a day off now and then, I still feel disappointed when there is no new one there.

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me -- after all, I'm a 62 year old grandmother and I'm so fascinated(?)/obsessed(?) with these two "kids." I can't help it - I am. I've read the Twilight series 3 times, I watch them on YouTube, and I'm a huge fan of fanfics - both E/B and R/K. Sometimes I feel a little guilty reading the R/K ones, but I can't help it - I'm addicted to those as well!

Anyway, wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. Hope this message goes through because I've written before but can never get it to work. Please keep your writing and if this comment actually gets send this time, I'll be writing you more - Sue

saphire1231 said...

@ Sue

Hello Sue... you don't know me nor do I know you... but I have to say that when I read your post and in particular this bit:

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me -- after all, I'm a 62 year old grandmother and I'm so fascinated(?)/obsessed(?) with these two "kids." I can't help it - I am. I've read the Twilight series 3 times, I watch them on YouTube, and I'm a huge fan of fanfics - both E/B and R/K. Sometimes I feel a little guilty reading the R/K ones, but I can't help it - I'm addicted to those as well!

I could not help rejoicing that at last there is another just like me out there LOL. I am a 63yr old grandmother of 6. My teenage granddaughters introduced me to twilight and got me hooked on the books, then the movies... and I, like you, became totally fascinated by the young couple who portrayed Edward & Bella... then I began watching their other movies and following their careers and I have to say I simply love them both.

I also adore the beautiful relationship they have and drink up every little tidbit I hear about them both (of course I sort the chaff from the wheat and ditch the rubbish). I just love them both and wish them only good things always... I also believe they are a couple who will marry and stay together... Neither of them are the usual players that haunt Hollywood.

Oh and for what it is worth... they do mirror Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.. who were also a beautiful (love story) couple.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

SUE...Good morning to you! I am 54 and just read the books and saw Twilight exactly one year ago. I was NOT emotionally prepared for my reaction to either the books, Edward, or Rob. I have been upset with myself and my family still thinks I have lost my mind...I wonder too. I am still a functioning adult, but most of my spare time is devoted to all things Twi and R&K. This blog has helped me to come to terms with these feelings. I guess its like Alchoholics Anonymous (R&K anonymous). Anyway, Welcome...

Hope said...

Super RN...Ha..You need to join the club I started on another blog...
"Feathers Anonymous" lol

Sue said...

Hey Rose- great words!!! You never fail us. i have the SAME pix of Rob as my screen saver as well (minus Kellan of course). I dunno just something about it. People need to realize that they R/K are not in a competition with each other...obviously Im sure Rob has a more..whats the word I want to use????..."vocal"?? fan-base- yes women/girls make it known!!.. where I see Kristen's fan-base...Im not even sure girls-guys? Anyways- I guess my point is that R/K are very well grounded individual and will continue to make movies (which they love to do). I assume R/K stayed behind in NOLA??? I never saw any pixs of them coming back to LA...saw like everyone else... I can imagine them spending a quiet, relaxing time together re-grouping and playing with Kristens cats...lol Anyways- love coming to your blog you amaze me with your wittiness. and TOME??? that baffles me. Oh btw....you saw WTTR...and????

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HOPE...ha ha...I'll check it out!

Wildhart007 said...

Good Morning Roseland!

Rose I love the captions under the pics! The pics are so beautiful but your captions add another great dimension that makes me laugh and smile. It's great!

Hope everyone survived the shopping! My day was spent taking my mom's cat to the vet where we found out it has diabetes. Insulin shots twice a day are now in order.

Everybody ready for some football! GO TITANS!

Have a good day!


Freddie said...

Hi Wildhart,

I don't think we've had a chance to chat before….
I saw your comment about your mom's cat. Sorry to hear about the Diabetes. How old is he/she? I’m sure once they get the dosing levels regulated, the Diabetes can be managed quite well.
I had the same problem with my cat for a while. He was diabetic, but it was caused by one of the medications he taking for another health issue. Once we stopped the Prednisone he’d been on, his diabetes went into remission. I still need to take him for quarterly blood glucose checks, but so far so good.
I was not a fan of giving needles, but it’s amazing what you will do when it is someone/something you love.
Hope all goes well for your mother, and her cat.


olivia said...

Good morning Rose and dear Roselanders,
Busy, busy holiday almost at an end. Some work, some play, and some rest, all of which I have been very thankful for. Most thankful for visiting with my loving and beautiful family. Am looking forward to the next few weeks with a calm, happy smile, hoping that it will be a magical time for all! : )

The pictures of Rob and Kristen are stunning. Love your captions too!

A big hug to all the sweet Roselanders who share the intoxication for Rob and Kristen.
A big hug to Smitty, Gruff and of course to Syd.

Wildhart007 said...


Glad to hear your cat is in remission. Our cat is 11 years old. Yes you do whatever is necessary to keep them healthy. I have a new kitten also. It is nice to meet you!

Hi Olivia!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

WILDHART007...One of my cats became diabetic many yrs ago...i gave her insulin twice a day for a month...switched her to Cat Naturals dry cat food..also gave her wet food as well. I was afraid to tell the vet that i quit giving her the insulin but when i took her for check ups he just said keep doing what youre doing...she lived another 7 years.
She went to CAT HEAVEN in June at the age of 17.

I BELIEVE..Carolina BEAT Clemson 29-7 last night.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HEY OLIVIA...I have to do one more family get together today then back to normal somewhat. Have a great day!

Wildhart007 said...


That's encouraging! I was told to change her food to high in protein and low in carbs. Hopefully all will help and told my mom no more people food.


Wildhart007 said...

Super RNGP

I'm sorry for your loss. 17 years is a good long life.
I lost my cat this year in February. It is difficult.

Linda hy

shoegal2547 said...

Rose, I know I'm a day late on this one, but had to tell you that this shoot is one of my favs...thank you for posting!

Before the madness, you could see the sparks between them and, the one with the bird cage remains so adorable to me...Rob laughing his ass off...so cute!

Thanks again, and continued blessing to you for keeping up with all the BS surrounding this fandom! J'adore your site...

scubabelvoir said...

Hi Rose, another wonderful post as always. Just wanted to add that I too am 60 years old, a grandmother of 4 and am completely in love with both Robert and Kristen. Like so many others, I watch the YT videos, read Roses's blogs, twitter, facebook - anything Rob and Kris as long as it is positive and supportive of their relationship and careers. I love Twilight, have read all the books I can't remember how many times. I just love the stories. My family / co-workers think I'm a little bit nuts too, but whatever... they make me happy. I started making a mental comparison of R/K relationship to Paul and Joanne a couple of years ago! They are wonderful and they also kept their personal life away from the media. Anyway, it's so nice to read comments from others who are similar to my age. Sometimes it gets a little lonely out here... :)

scubabelvoir said...

Oh! I forgot to add, my name is Sue too! How do you do! :)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Loved the post darling Rose. Thank you for giving me a good laugh today...I really needed it. Happy Holidays all Roselanders.