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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen- They are Thankful!

Hi... I'm Tom. I'm really cute. Nevermind the guy behind me.
Another day. Another picture.
This is what happens when there is a 'drought'
Although drought is a bit strong...
It's only been days.
Not months.

I woke up this morning to this picture in my email.
More than once.
Less than 20 times.
Is it a big deal?
If you read the comments about it...
You would think so.

Just what are we looking at?

Well it looks like a group of people at a wedding.
Just going by the champagne glasses...
The flowers.
The overall decor.
And it looks like this group of people include
Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Thomas Sturridge.
(And his sister Matilda?)

So what's the hub-bub... bub?

First off...
Do we REALLY need the arrows pointing out
Rob and Kristen?
No. We don't.

But honestly...
Every time a picture is released with Rob and Kristen
People lose what is left of their minds.

1. I'm guessing this pic was taken during the making
of OTR. Kristen's hair color.
Rob's hair length.
Summer time.
Blah blah.

2. Some people are screeching that its a manip.
Of course it is!
Because whenever a pic of Rob and Kristen comes out...
MANIP is heard across the land!
It doesn't look like one to me...
But then I never thought this bullshit drama would last this long, either.

But my oh my the foam.
So much...
So thick...
So bitter.

It's FAKE! Rob and Kristen don't fit in this picture!
So what! It doesn't MEAN anything! I go to weddings with friends ALL the time!
Rob and Kristen look miserable as always!

Even if it's not fake... IT PROVES NOTHING!!!
I'm sure Rob and Kristen went to this wedding for PR! PR! PR!

You get the drift.
Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.
Same shit.
Who gives a fuck.

More drama about another picture of me and Kris? I'm bored...

So if they can't prove it's a manip...
they will then resort to ripping Kristen apart for 
what she is wearing.
Even though you can't really tell from the picture...
All you see is that it's black.
So how dare Kristen wear this to a wedding!
How dare Kristen put her sunglasses on her head!
Who does she think she is talking to Rob?!

At this point...
Right this very second.
I don't care.
It doesn't surprise me to see Rob and Kristen together.
They are ALWAYS together.
So whatthefuckever.
It's just another picture in a long line of pictures...
That show that Rob and Kristen spend time together.

So purty.
Ashley Greene was on Lopez Tonight...
She looked beautiful.
She always does.
I like Ashley.
She's graceful and feminine.
She's a badass Alice.
(Let me just add here that I love
Kellen, Jackson, Peter, and Elizabeth too)

The reason I'm bringing up Ashley today is because
people like comparing her relationship with Joe
(I know... right?)
to Robert and Kristen.

Ashley talked about Joe being her 'boyfriend'
with George Lopez.
She is seen holding hands and kissing him.
And everytime another picture of them together comes out...
I always see
"Take notes Rob and Kristen- THAT is how it's done."
Like there is some generic relationship handbook out there
that tells you how you have to behave and what to say.
Guess what?
There isn't.

You can't compare Ashley (or any other member of that cast)
to what Rob and Kristen deal with.
Ashley and Joe can stroll down the street holding hands...
and some paps will take their pictures...
Can you imagine if Rob and Kristen did the same?
That's the point.
They can't.
(Let's face it, Ashley enjoys having her picture taken)
They don't have the luxury of just strolling down the street.
They are chased, harassed and stalked.
And yeah...
Maybe it was different when Kristen was with Oregano
or Rob was with whoever...
But that was THEN
Nothing is the same.
And there are no rules that say that Rob and Kristen
have to behave the way YOU think they should.
They are doing just fine on their own terms.
Thank you VERY much.

I don't care if he yelled "CUT"... C'mere you.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
And since I probably won't be posting I should get my 'thanks' 
out of the way.

I'm thankful for my family.
I have an incredible husband who loves me...
I have 2 wonderful sons who are the best part of my world.
I have an amazing network of family and friends
who make my life better every day.

Life is Good.
I'm blessed.
And thank you for letting me realize it.

Because you know THEY will...

This post is brought to you by


Bye for now


Autumngal said...

Am I the first to post? Would like to drop by and say a quick 'Hi' to everyone and I guessed everyone are busy with their preparation for thanksgiving...too bad we don't celebrate it here in Aust. All the recipes talking sounded so much fun.

Lastly I was say I'm thankful for this blog and Rose's amazing words. It reaches me everytime.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.. (I'm reading out of my "how to properly wish a Happy Thanksgiving handbook" since there's a guide book out there for *everything*)

Silly people.. thinking they know how people should act, and think, and dress, and love. Kind of why we were all made differently.. we do things differently.

Liza, mon affaire étrangère, have a turkey sandwich or something tomorrow and share in our cheeky Americano holiday :) Je te parlerai vendredi. ❤

*HUGS* to Suse and Cate and all my other friends. :) We'll rendezvous soon.


30 said...

"And there are no rules that say that Rob and Kristen
have to behave the way YOU think they should.
They are doing just fine on their own terms.
Thank you VERY much."

Here Here Miss Rose!

I dont give a shit. These naysayers know it alls can choke on a dam turkey bone for all I care. None of us get a say on how these two people live there lives or anyone's life for that matter.

Maybe (just a thought here) they should get there own boyfriend? Then they can run there relationships the way they see fit? I hate judgmental people, I really do. Don't judge until you are in someones shoes. I give Kristen and Rob major props, for there age to have to deal with what they have, and to do it with such CLASS. They will last to have a long healthy relationship maybe even get Eeeeeeeeee or M :)

Personally, I give Ashley and Joe J another few months. Mark my words, and I like Ashley to she's sweet, but she is no Kristen in any way shape or form maturity wise.

Ok my rant is done, Rose's post got me on a soap box. :)


Leslie said...

You always have the best pics. The one in the chair? Hello handsome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Rose. You seem to be able to put into words what so many of us feel.

30 said...

I am LMAO at Joe J shirt.

"Say I won't"

Um, is he referring to having sex?

Oh I have to add real quick. Tom S. he really cleans up nicely doesn't he? I mean he is one HOT tamale in that picture up there!


Melinda said...

Okay I am in between making stuff so I have a chance to drop in...

I could care less if the first picture is real or fake. What I did notice is that once again they are totally in their own little world. And yea Tom is looking all kinds of cute.

Hope wherever they are spending the Thanksgiving holiday they are enjoying it with family, friends, and great food. This is what life is all about!

So I saw this on the internet and felt like sharing for those of you who need a last minute desert-ha,ha...


Okay back to the kitchen, barefoot but thankfully not pregnant!! Not ready for motherhood just yet...

Kay said...

Thank you, Rose....for sharing your intoxication with us and for giving us the wonderful place that is Roseland.

Thank you to all of my silliebillie friends in Roseland....for all of the laughter, support, acceptance and friendship....I appreciate it more than you know. :)

I hope all of you celebrating have safe travels, good times with family and friends, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday everyone! :D


Anonymous said...

Happy to see Ashley getting some love here. She, like R&K, gets so much undeserved crap around the internet!

30 said...

Hi Lacey!

Yeah I like Ashley, a lot actually. I stuck up for her too when crazy Twi fans were all waaaaaa"get rid of her" when Ashley wanted more money for signing onto to BD.(As she should of)

God THAT drama gave me a freak en migraine. LOL

Girls = Drama, that's why I usually have more guy friends in real life LOL

LJ said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

I'm so glad I don't read all the shit that gets written about Rob and Kristen. Why people feel the need to have such strong opinions on their relationship I will never understand. Personally I just want to them be happy, like I would anyone else.

Tracy, I'm out for lunch and dinner tomorrow so I'll try and fit some turkey in there somewhere, in honour of your cheeky Americano holiday :-)
Je te parlerai vendredi, je suis impatient d'y être.

I have finished work now until next Tuesday, yay!

Love and hugs to Smitty, Gruff & Syd. I hope you all have a fun Thanksgiving.

Much love to you all,

Anonymous said...

I just got mooned by a 3 year old in the Fresh Market!! For once it wasn't my crazy child being the one to embarrass me! Hehehe

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Penny Lane said...


I noticed how you gave a shout out to almost all of the Cullen's.

I am thankful for Rose who will always stir it up. ;)

I hope everyone enjoys their day tomorrow no matter how they spend it.

deb said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rose I hope you enjoy it with your family and love ones And yes we all hope Rob and Kristen have a loving one to you know they well We all know that they know how to act with each other they'v been doing it for almost 3 years now and getting better at it see what love can do I'm happy for them HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL . DEB.

Opytaylor said...

Ashley fits the mold of the typical young Hollywood actress.
I don't dislike her. But i dont really respect her. But it's attention seeking behavior. Much bigger chance of that kind of relationship being PR.

I have little respect for anyone who would give details about their engagement on camera with reporter from E

MLH414 said...


Whether or not the pic is real or a manip, it's a cute one. Tom looks adorable in it and Kristen and Rob are in their bubble :) That pic of Rob...he looks soo yummy!!

Have a great day tomorrow...I'm thankful that you post your blog almost everyday and put up with the hater's shit!

Have a great Thursday and Turkey day everyone...be safe on your travels and enjoy your family! :)


katy said...

Hi, Rose!!!

A lot of discussion and foam because of a simple pic, really sad. To me it looks real....but even if it was a manip...would it matter???...NO...because we don't need this pic to prove that they spend time together.

Why people think they have a saying in Rob and Kristen relantionship???...just boogles my mind. For me as long they are happy am happy too.

Lastly, I want to wish a Wonderful Thanksgiving to all of those who celebebrate it however you choose to spend it and whatever you choose to do.

Hugs to everyone and take care

Opytaylor said...

The way R/K conduct their relationship just raises the bar. I have never cared for celebs before. I am here because R/K are so genuine

Kami said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. Sorry you got Mooned Leigh but made me laugh. k back to cooking

Anonymous said...

Rose, I'm thankful that you have enough patience to deal with the serious bullshit you receive daily. lol You are so right about R and K not being like Ashley and the JOnas brother (I can't remember which one) totally different circumstance. And I am still amazed that people are trying to make excuses everytime there is a picture of Rob and Kristen together. You said it perfectly, they're together cause they want to be, and the few people that still are under the impresseion they're not hopefully go away or shut up soon. I't kinda old that the haters are still fighting about it they are soooo in love. Happy thanksgiving Rose.

angelica1 said...

Honestly,even if it is a manip, it's still Rob & Kristen talking to each other somewhere (helpfully labelled,for those who don't know who they are!)Obviously,I realise Summit MADE them talk to each other (insert *eyeroll*,*headdesk* and *double-facepalm*)but still....
Ashley I think is just enjoying being young,famous and playing the field and there's nothing wrong with that, in the case of Rob & Kristen it goes a hell of a lot deeper so they don't flaunt it, they protect it and rightly so!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all you lovely US ladies and gents :)

30 said...


You are a great Kristen fan and I agree, both Rob and Kris raise the bar and have much class.

Hope you have a great Turkey Day! :)

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Everyone!

I finally have a minute to pop in:)

Rose~I am thankful for you and your neverending insight. I am also thankful for your new little foaming smilie guy...he is too cute!

jentoo~I was so glad to see your post...sorry I missed you...keep the faith...things will work out:)

Manjen~HI!! Glad to see you posted..I was wondering where you were

DK~Puffing a ciggy?????

Everyone~Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless All!

Honey said...

I don't want to cause trouble. I just want to ask why hasn't anyone questioned why Rob and Kristen were in seperate countries when they did the eclipse commentary? It is strange and not normal. They could had done it before Kristen went to Montreal but they chose to do it when they were apart. It is something to think about.

30 said...

You all have to see this, my friend posted this on my FB. Hope it gives you a laugh. :)


*I*Believe* said...

It was logistics...nothing more, nothing less.

Breathe and let it go.

Opytaylor said...

Honey, you are too trying to start trouble. You are just like the Kristen haters. You can't be serious with your observation. You are clinging to anything you can find and it ain't much. They were both working on separate movies.
When they were in LA together, the plans for the DVD were not announced yet. Eclipse was in Theatres and those two were seen out together many times and they were living together and having that good sex. Why ruin that with work? This is desperate even for your standards. Give it up. You have spent a long time trying to poke holes into a solid structure and it only makes you look very stupid. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Hope said...

Happy Thanksgiving to All in Roseland and Happy Day to those who do not celebrate it.

I am thankful for the PEACE
Roseland has enjoyed the past several days.

So EAT, DRINK and GO Cowboys!!

Kami said...

Honey, I could say a lot to you right now, but instead I will just say...If you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving, if you don't "Happy Thursday"

Hope Go Cowboys!!!


(Covering my bases girls)

PS. Honey I can't resist. People do NOT have to be in the same country to be in love. My husband spent the ENTIRE month of June in Canada and we're still married and in love. Anywhoo Have a great one sweetie, I really do like you...your crazy I can deal with

angelica1 said...

Thanks Optaylor! You said what I was trying to say without being extremely rude to her.

Honey - why can't you just let this go,sweetheart?

angelica1 said...

Kami - I was going to say that to her but then couldn't be bothered - my hubs and I communicate by teleconference more than face to face since one or the other of us is usualy away. I still love him, he still loves me, no amount of time apart or distance will change that!

Have a great Thanksgiving :)

Hope said...

Kami--- Yes...Go Cowboys...
Sorry Leigh... love the Saints too but we HOPE to win tomorrow.

Honey...you will not disturb the peace here so run along and find something better to do with your time like bake a pie for a neighbor in need.

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roselanders!

Rose you are killing me with the captions under the pics and the magical pic is truly magical the way they are looking at each other.

I must say Tom looks handsome with a twinkle in his eyes that looks mischievous.

I have loved reading everyones comments today and am thankful for being able to come here. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating and to everyone else have a wonderful day tomorrow.

My head is better (although why do I do the same thing and expect different results ) after my celebrating last night. Age doesn't seem to make me wiser. Lol


angelica1 said...

Linda - I didn't wish you Happy Birthday! I'm glad your head is feeling better and no,I never learn either :)

gwen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! There are many things to give thanks for. Even there are difficulties or problems along the way, it makes our lives worth living for. And I thank you Rose for giving us this happy place, w/ the craziness and all :-)

Again, love the pics, the captions and the post. On the first pic, i dont know what's the big deal if it is manip or not, we know they're together. It is Tom who caught my attention on the first pic, he's really cute and look so adorable, lol.

Enjoy your day with family and friends ladies and gents.

Wildhart007 said...


Thank-you! Too much tequila is bad! Repeating!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and all Roselanders. I am very thankful for you words everyday, they keep me sane. I know Rob and Kris are together, and I know they will always be. I love them very much,and I just love seeing them together and so very happy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Roselanders and Rose too!

I'm very thankful for all of our friends here. Hope those of you who celebrate have a wonderful time and those of you who don't have a wonderful time too!

*I*Believe* said...

Same to you Smitty! Tell Gruff Happy Thanksgiving too!

Geo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rose and Roselanders that celebrate!

Thank you for this blog Rose. You bring much happiness to many with your brilliant words.

Hope everyone travels safely and enjoys being with their families and friends.

Bren said...

To Rose, and all Roseland who celebrate ....

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to share a little something with all of you...this week I helped out at the food bank, and also at a friends church(they feed the homeless everyday, not just holidays). While at the church, I noticed the priest walking around, and conversing with everyone on a individual basis...when he walked up to me, he introduced himself, as I did...he thanked me for helping, and he posed this question to me.."What are you thankful for"? I don't know if everyone feels this way, but I felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me...a million things rushed to my brain...health, family on and on...then he smiled and he said, oh, I don't want you to tell me...just reflect on it....I thought what a powerful message without any effort....and he moved on to the next person...

Penny Lane said...


Thanks for sharing that with us. It is true that most of us are blessed with so many things that we take for granted. It is good to stop and reflect.

I've finished pie baking, my turkey is brining away and the kitchen is clean. Why do we think we have to prepare so much food for this one day?

Kami said...

Bren what a wonderful story and how wonderful you had a chance to meet such a man.

Tracy, My sister-in-law, Amanda and I made those bailey's brownies and they are already GONE. Amanda had never had baileys before and now we are discussing exactly how many different ways to use it. We pretty much think anything would taste better with Baileys and Cream. Of course we've been tasting it all day and might feel different tomorrow.

Kami said...

PENNY!! I know what you mean.

I've made 3 pies, 4 dozen cookies, fudge, a cake and brownies....we're cooking a ham, and turkey with everything else tomorrow...I'm exhausted!

going to go hang out with the family.

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Geo, PL and Kami!

Penny Lane said...


Are you all set for the food fest tomorrow?

On another note, can you give me some other name or initials to call you? This is gross, but whenever I see IB, I think of irritable bowel.

*I*Believe* said...

PL~LOL I never thought of myself as a bowl, hee hee

My dad is cooking...no one is allowed in his kitchen...the closest I get is deforting an Andes Chocolate Mint Pie...hope you all don't think I'm too lame.

Sounds like you've been busy...how many guests are you expecting?

Penny Lane said...

I B,

There will be 8 of us, mostly family. I've just decided I need to bake cookies because I'm sure the little guy won't eat pie. Plus Kami just made me feel guilty with all her baked goods.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI PENNY LANE AND I BELIEVE...Ive got everything either cooked or prepped and ready to go in the oven for tomorrow. Ive got to load it up and take to a different location. Its going to be interesting and somewhat stressful...Isnt it sad that getting together with the relatives is emotionally draining alot of the time? It isnt that we wont be glad to see them but there is some seriously bad stuff going on with some of them. One of our nieces is a drug addict...graduated from college, taught Spanish, and started living with an older guy and got addicted. She was in an accident last year and spent months at home with her parents, who have an autistic daughter that is 23, anyway the addict pretty much put the screws to the whole household, is living with the BF again. Its a mess. She is planning to come tomorrow. We havent sen her in over 2 years. Oh well, I did get to hold my new grand nephew from Michigan yesterday. He was born in August and weighs 17 lbs...cute as a button. HUGS!

*I*Believe* said...

Hi Super RN,
Sounds like you need a well deserved rest....hopefully tomorrow will go well for you and your family...remember, we all have family issues that we deal with...hopefully your neice will find the help she needs and her parents will find some peace...Bless you all:)

Penny Lane said...


All families have their sad stories. Just not everyone will own up to it.

That is a big boy they have if he's 17lb at just 3 months.

Got to go check the cookies for a minute.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

I BELIEVE...Well that is nice you dont have major cooking duty. Its a good thing that I like to cook. I am by no means "chef extraordinaire" but I do look forward to Thanksgiving cooking. And I enjoy fixing a big lunch on Sundays. During the regular work week its whatever I can throw in a crock pot or whatever casserole I can prepare and pop in the oven.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

PENNY LANE..What kind of cookies? We have a bakery here called "Bakers Sweets". It is a place I have to really watch myself...They have some unbelievable desserts. Their signature cake is a pecan praline cake..It is to die for, the other day I had a Red Velvet cookie...it was over the top good. They make all the good coffee drinks as well. We were supposed to get a Starbucks before the economy went bad...but the bakery is so much better than that so I guess it doesnt matter.

Penny Lane said...


I'm making peanut butter chocolate chip. I think I'll double up on the HCTZ tomorrow so I don't put on too much weight...lol

olivia said...

Thank you Rose, for faithfully and lovingly sharing your Robert intoxication with us through your blog and beautiful pictures.
Thank you for being happy for, supporting and spreading the love that Rob and Kristen share with each other.

Thank you for allowing us to gather here, on your blog, to post comments and to visit with fellow Roselanders.

Thank you Smitty, Gruff, and Syd for your visits and great company. You all put a smile on our face, and a smile in our heart.

Thank you Roselanders, for your laughter, kind words, quick wit, concern for each other, music, recipes, sage advice and good heartedness.

May you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving tomorrow, if you celebrate; if you do not celebrate, have a beautiful Thursday. Like Bren said, it is good to reflect on all that we are thankful for in our life.
Life is good! Enjoy!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

HI OLIVIA..well said and Happiest of Thanksgivings to you! You are so right, Rose has created a wonderful place and I feel so good after I have visited with you all. It is a blessing to come here and be entertained and inspired.

PENNY LANE..I LOVE chocolate with PB! YUM!

GUYS..I am going to sign out and try to get some sleep. It is almost 1030 here. Take care everyone.

GOODNIGHT I BELIEVE...Catch you later.

Atticus said...

Haters, haters, haters...are you thankful for anything? Peace, maybe?

I'm Canadian but Happy Thanksgiving to all you American Roselanders. A special shout out to Opy, cuz' you took the words right out of my mouth.

Hope our happy couple are enjoying some time off and, of course, they're enjoying it together.

Anonymous said...

I know you ladies and gents..opy, are all about the recipies, so here's a really good one. I actually won Best of show for it at the local fair lmao anyway it really is good. Here's a link...

DreamerKind said...

It's after midnight on the day when many celebrate in my country and some don't, here or elsewhere in the world. May you all have a celebration for today.

I am thankful for Rose, her blog, you Roselanders, Rob & Kristen, and Tom in this special world we've created.

Of course, I am thankful for those I love in my personal world.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?


There's a calm surrender
To the rush of day
When the heat of the rolling world
Can be turned away

An enchanted moment
And it sees me through
It's enough for this restless warrior
Just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight?
How it's laid to rest?
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best.

There's a time for everyone
If they only learn
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There's a rhyme and reason
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And can you feel the love tonight?
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And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest?
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best.

It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best.

Thank you/AcousticSensation

DreamerKind said...

That recipe sounds delicious, thanks for posting it.

Happy, happy to you!


DreamerKind said...

I'm thankful for the four new tires I am now a proud owner of, and the smooth ride they give me, like a cougar on wheels, tee, hee.

Louisa said...

Hi Rose and Roselanders.....I havent posted for a while....Just thought I would duck my head in to wish those a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving....We don't celebrate it here, but for those who do.....I hope you have a great holiday whatever you do.....

Bren said...

Hey DK,

Congrats on the new addition to your family.....(your tires) LOL

Hey Louisa,

Are you hanging awhile?

Louisa said...

Hi Bren I will be on and off...in between stuff...
How are you going?
I have an Orthadontist to be thankful today.....As one of my sons removed his bracess from his teeth this avo......He has a perfect smile...lol

DreamerKind said...

Gwen, Bren, Birdie, BoogiewithStew, SuperRNGP, 30, Louisa, Kami, Penny Lane, Kay, Olivia- my thanks for the up close and personal sharing.

Rose, Smitty, Boris, Syd & Leo-my thanks for your pranks.

Christina, Annie, Cate, Liza, SueBee, Tracy, lovesit, *I*Believe*, Leigh, Dowlingnana/Donna, MLH414/Lynn, Elaine, lacey8, Wildhart007/Linda, jentoo, Hope, kstewrocks, Caroline, Angelica1, Freddie, Teeth, manjen, Leslie, katy, Barbara Fenwick, Autumngal, Opytaylor, deb, Melinda, Geo, beacullen, Atticus, LIZ, Sydney, kharma1, bev, Monica from Asia, Kenzz and the many others who join us here in Roseland from A to Z:
my thanks for your company...

Dreamer/DK/FGM :)

Bren said...


You should drop by more often...it's always good to hear from you...

There's nothing better than a beautiful smile....I know wearing braces is not easy, but certainly worth it...

Louisa said...


It sure is worth it......I and 2 of my sons had to have them at various stages....It gives you confidence to smile a whole lot more often.

gwen said...


cougar on wheels? lol

Hey Bren! I was just checking in. I didnt expect you will be here as its Thanksgiving Day today, you should rest for later.


its been awhile.

Louisa said...

Hi Gwen it has been a long while...yes you are right...Now Thanksgiving day for you...Shouldn't you be all busy preparing or something......Do you usually have a larfe lunch or is it a large dinner for T/Giving....sorry I have no idea....

Louisa said...

large not larfe...sorry!

DreamerKind said...

Everyday (Family Reunion)

Chaka Khan, Carl Thomas, Gerald LeVert & Yolanda Adams:


Soundtrack: Madea's Family Reunion
Title: Everyday (Family Reunion)

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You can alwasy rest ashore
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Theres always room
Someone to share everthing that your going through oh oh

Everyday(everday) should be(should be) a family reunion
We should speak (in the morning in the evening)
From the heart

And let love be the solution
Let us forgive (forgive)
Put the past out of the way(put the past out of the way)

No time to wait (no time to wait)
The time has come to give love everyday.

Thank you/queensroyalty718

DreamerKind said...

Louisa, Gwen, Bren
Top o' the morning to ya!

Louisa said...

DK you are very quick with those song choices of yours....lol

Bren said...

Hey Gwen,

Actually, I'm pretty caught up on the cooking....I have all the vegetables chopped for a veggie tray in the fridge...In the morning I will bake a ham, make mashed potatoes, and a sweet potato casserole...the remaining dishes are coming from my sisters...one sister bakes these fabulous pumpkin chiffon pies....

I can't hang too late, though....

Louisa said...

DK and top of the evening to you ....

gwen said...


we dont celebrate Thanksgiving here :-( But im excited for Christmas though, im so expecting someone will give me a gift, lol

Louisa said...

Bren, Gwen & DK. So will it be a lunchtime or dinner affair for you today?

DreamerKind said...

My thanks for your thinking that I am quick with the songs. Some come easy, some not so much.

Hope you enjoy them!

DreamerKind said...

If the restaurant at the hotel/resort where I'll be, actually got my phone message reservation, we'll be dining around 6pm today.

If not, the IHOP (Intl House of Pancakes) down the street will do, in a pinch!

gwen said...


those food you're making sounds deli. It would be a blast come evening then?


what's your agenda come evenin? Dinner w/ family at some hotel/resort?

Louisa said...

DK Yes they are usually cool...when I see them that is......
Gwen so you are like me....Thanksgiving has really no meaning for you.....Although do we really need a thanksgiving day? .....I suppose it sort of reminds us of what is important to us all and you in the US get a holiday to boot.

Bren said...


I thought you had left....


It's a big feast..there will be 16 of us there, and my brother and his family won't be here till Christmas...He lives in San Francisco..

My sisters give me the easier dishes because I work, and they are stay at home moms, who have more time to prepare.

DreamerKind said...


Nah, I haven't left, I'm just not messing around with you folks tonight, if that's what you meant. My personal brand of humor is on loan to Donald Trump.

Louisa said...

Bren that sound easy enough....At our place at Christmas...whoevers house it is does all the cooking....We usually settle for a BBQ. b/c its usually real hot, Baking just is not appropriate....

DK in any case being on holidays or being at a resort.....You should find somewhere to eat ....although pancakes sound tempting.

Bren said...


We usually eat around 3 pm...Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in the morning, then football and lots of food the rest of the day. It's a fun day...


What time do you check in?

gwen said...

its a good reminder to give thanks for what you have and what is given.

Oh Im not from US, Im your neighbooring country, that's why we dont celebrate it :)

Louisa said...

I am afraid to ask but neighbouring country?
Its not Swenden or Czech is it LMAO

Bren said...


How hot is it for Christmas?....My sister surprises us with the turkey every year ...sometimes she fries it, or she smokes it...It's always delicious so it doesn't matter what method she uses.

How about you Gwen? Is it hot for Christmas?

DreamerKind said...


Drying some clothes to pack right now and reading your lovely TG dishes and plans.

I'm mellow from smelling rubber tires and thinking about swimming/hot tubbing soon.

And, of course, will be even more mellow, at a later time when drinking fine spirits, to create high spirits, while doing the above, before and after, in the giving of thanks.

I only took a very tiny puff off of that cig yesterday, in thanks for nature's fine herb, called tobacco, and the power of fire which changed the world forever.


gwen said...

that sounds like fun for you tonight. Me,im spending my day here at work and later at home :(

what's keeping you busy today?

DreamerKind said...

Check-in is at 4pm but we can get there at 2 and if the rooms aren't ready, we can leave our luggage with the valet and hit the bar.

My sis and the others are showing up at 430, so where will Dreamer be, if she gets there earlier?

No guesses needed, it's a sure thing.

Bren said...


Hot tubbing---ooh la la...I'm sure you guys will have a great time...you don't leave till Friday, or are you staying till Sunday?...

Louisa said...

Bren Christmas day is usually a stinker.....and bushfires seem to know when this day comes upon us....I dont feel like eating when it so, so hot.....Usually over 35 deg C. Even hotter....Last few years 40deg C and above...Lucky we have the pool to cool off in.....

DK glad you clarified "tobacco" you had me a little worried for a moment....lol

gwen said...

youre frm Australia right? im frm Philippines.

usually our Christmas here is rainy sometimes there's a storm signal :(

Bren said...

Have a Singapore Sling for me---you do like gin right---of course you do...I'm just being a sillybilly...

Louisa said...

The usual ...trying to get all HW up to date for Xmas......
Xmas shopping....which I hate....but someones gotta do it....
My work......family...blah blah the usual.....lol

Louisa said...

Gwen yes Im from Australia....
So you are from the Philippines....
Oh right! I never met someone from the Ph..... here before....How are you anyway?

Bren said...


Sorry, I don't know what 35 deg C is...

DreamerKind said...

I'll sling one for you!

Will be back home Friday night, don't know why, just will.

I am a non-smoker in that I've tasted maybe 5 cigs in my whole life, but once in a while I take a drag to be with the in crowd, outside of the bar, where the really juicy talk is going on, and other really juicy things, too.

This time it was a puff off of the in real life, looked like the Marlboro Man, man. Would you have resisted when asked if?

Louisa said...

35 C is about 95 F
42 C is about 107.6F
Does this sound more like it to you....Sorry we are on metric her Not Imperial.....;)

gwen said...

so Christmas is a month away, there's so much midnight bazaars and sale going on here. I dont know if i'll be happy or not coz it means shopping for me, lol. DK, should i put my talent back on during bazaars, what ya think?

Bren said...


Did I tell you, I'm going to hit Black Friday this year.....I always have to work Fri after Thanksgiving...first time it is my scheduled day off....I hate crowds so I just might live to regret this...Nicole already has a list of what she wants to look for...some of the stores are opening at 3 a.m....people are crazy, they don't care if they push you out of the way.

DreamerKind said...

Your talent surrounds you like a beautiful gossamer gown, so yes, bring it to bazaars.

Louisa said...

DK well I smoke Winfield Blue here a very popu;ar brand around these parts....I gave up for many years...Especially before and when my children where small.
Took it up agian recently, Im afraid....Once a smoker always.......they say you never really do ever quit.....

gwen said...

When will your son go cruising?

our temp here ranges frm 34-40 C everyday and it will be scorching during summer.

Bren said...


I can't even imagine 95 degrees on Xmas.


Is bazaar different from sale?


I saw a special once where they showed old commercials, and they showed the Marlboro Man, he was a hunk..

DreamerKind said...

No, I didn't know that you'll be out in the crowd on Friday. It has been fun when I've gone on BT, when I took my time shopping and smiled at nothing at all, so peeps smiled back and the day was brighter.

Usually B. and his gf J. wait in line at Best Buy from 1am on, to buy a bunch of things, that later have turned out to be not such a good deal after all. They do it for the fun.

This year, they'll be in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on the beach, which will turn out to be a good deal, after all.

Then they cruise away on Saturday to parts unknown for zip lining, kayaking, white water rafting and other doings of which I want no further info.

Louisa said...

Gwen do you get the Monsoons there? Or not?.......
For me I hate the humidity....The heat is ok but its the hunidity that leaves you restless...

Louisa said...

Gwen is a bizarre like a market or something?
Bren that must have been ages ago.....No advertising for ciggerettes here has been in place for ages......The only adds we have are on the packets themselves...To which they gracefully remind you what your arteries, lungs and so on look like when you are a smoker...Pictures of ppl with oxygen masks on their mouths ect....Do you have those things on your packets too?

DreamerKind said...

Are there a lot of nudists in Australia?

I ask because I would need to live in a nudist colony there, because of the heat and humidity, and the need to cool off, if the wind chanced to blow directly over my naked self.

No clothing is light enough in that kind of heat, is it?

gwen said...


oh ho that's fun... kayaking,water rafting and reef walking, that's on my to-do list, lol.

i dont know, usually bazaars here are much cheaper than the sale in the malls and you can ask for a much lower price that is if they want to give you additional discount.

same for me, spending my boring life in home and work, lol

Bren said...

We have a cold front that attacked us from Canada, and tomorrow will only be 36 degrees, which is extremely unusual for us, we normally don't get cold till Dec...

My friend married a guy from San Juan, Puerto Rico. They visit his family every summer...she loves it, and all the pics she brings back are beautiful...B & J will love it.

Louisa said...

DK I wouldnt have the foggiest about nudist colonies.....sorry1!lol
A swimming pool or Air/con usually surfice those scourching days....
Who would of thought YOU and a Nudist colony.....although we have nudist beaches......But you usually find only dirty old men with thier wrinkled bits showing All for the world to see.....Not my cuppa tea....sorry.....LOL

Gwen I think what you are talking about is what we call markets....yer we have a few of them around here.

DreamerKind said...

Certainly, I would be restricted to a Seniors Only Nudist Colony, so that my wrinkled bits would match the others.

We could marvel at each other's wrinkled bits, without offending those that still have unwrinkled and certainly more attractive bits to show off. A very sound alternative for bits displaying.

gwen said...

yeah we have monsoons. During Jan and Feb are the coldest months. But during last summer, i hate the heat and the humidity here. Even our airconditioning unit gave up, lol.

Yes bazaars here is like a market, diff products frm diff places here.

had your son try the Zorb? I want to try that also.

Louisa said...

Im going to have to leave you here.....Have real life to attend to.....Those who are going to celebrate TG today, have a good one! Those who aren't have a good one anyway.......see ya!

Bren said...


Yeah, they do everything to discourage smoking here...they have already raised the taxes on cigs up the wazoo, but still people smoke...the commercial I was talking about was popular I guess like in the 60's, it was just a special on all the old commercials that were actually shown on TV, they were pretty corny...


Do you mean you can actually bargain a price, in the mall? If you tried that here, they would probably ask you to leave the store...

DreamerKind said...

Earlier I thanked lovesit for her company, but I didn't know then that you, my dear pal, had been attacked by a cold front from Canada. Lovesit lives in Canada, Ontario I think.

Lovesit, take back that cold front please, so she can celebrate in a little warmer weather.

You can send it to Chicago, for we are used to getting your cold fronts and our backs cold.

Louisa said...

DK LOL a seniors nudist colony.....ok But I dont think I fit that description just yet...I still have a few wrinkles to catch up on you....apparantly lol
Of Im off...see ya Bren, Gwen and you too Dirty DK! { wrinkled bits} Id like to see that! LOL NOT!lol

gwen said...

until then...post again soon

They should put up a portion of the beach for wrinkled area. I think a lot of nudist on the beach is in Spain.

Louisa said...

Last question Bren ...Whats a packet of ciggys worth there....A packet here with high taxes included, costs $AU15.00 for a pkt of 25 smokes.

DreamerKind said...

Too much info! See remarks I made earlier. No further info. on goings on that may create stress for the momster (me).

No Zorb, no, no. For you either.


Bren said...


Sounds like taking it all off, is just an excuse to "strut your stuff"...LOL


Bye, it was fun--come back when you get a chance.

gwen said...

no not on the mall, on a night market or some bazaars.

gwen said...

i say, whip it DK! lol. Wouldnt it be uncomfortable nude on the beach? Well, if all of you have nothing on, maybe. I think some will take a peek of thy bounty, lol

DreamerKind said...


No worries! None of my bits, wrinkled, crinkled, sinkholed, or twinkled, or sprinkled will be on view, or pay-for-view either.

That market is on the downlow right now, but if it does pick up along with the economy in the future, I'll forewarn you of any of my nudist oolony visits in Australia or Spain, to spare you any pain.

Bren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gwen said...

just no ciggys for me and occasional alcohol if my friends succeeds in me taking it.

BTW, hope you like this


DreamerKind said...

elvin bishop - Struttin' My Stuff - Southern Outlaws The Ult


Thank you/LOuvFree

DreamerKind said...

Had a hard time getting back here for the past few minutes-security clean up going on-sorry

Bren said...


I love One Republic--Apologize...
When Kristen was on Jay Leno recently, they were the guest band, and they were sure liking what they saw---Kristen is so shy, she just kept looking down---but you could tell, these guys really thought she was HOT, and she is..

gwen said...

i think Bren pass out or she already leave us here on our own.

Bren said...


You give me a video, then you worry I bailed cuz I had to watch and then post---you sillybilly...

gwen said...

oh sorry Bren, i thought you already leave us. Yes i saw that, the one who plays the violin is a cutie. I love their songs

Bren said...


Are you loving it, now that the cat is away?


I read on another board that Tom is with Carey in NY, did you hear this?

DreamerKind said...

For Brennie:


One Republic

I'm holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground
I'm hearin what you say but I just can't make a sound

You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down, but wait
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around, and say...

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat

But it's nothin new
I loved you with a fire red-
Now it's turning blue, and you say...

"Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid...

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
It's too late to apologize, yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah-
I'm holdin on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground...

Thank you/Kornstaix

DreamerKind said...

I'll play your song later today, thanks.

I did hear that, and hope both are cheery and starry-eyed, in general of course.

Bren said...


Love it, thanks

gwen said...

half loving it coz it means freedom frm her and hale hating it coz i have to do 2 work

DreamerKind said...


Gotta get the laundreeeeee.

Bren said...


I better call it a wrap--remember I still have to get up and cook....I don't want to be a drag tomorrow...

So good night ladies--and have a great day whether you eat turkey or not...probably won't talk to you again till Friday. Be safe.


gwen said...

Im quoting frm twilight here or something...dont drown on it, lol

DreamerKind said...


Me, too, off to beddie-bye after some cookies and milk, lol.

Same to you and see you soon.

gwen said...

Nite DK, Bren! Have a happy TG!

DreamerKind said...

Who said that?

Birdie said...

Goodnight Bren! Looks like I just missed you. Have a fabulous day with your family.
Goodnight Louisa, long time no see. Hope to talk to you soon.
DK and Gwen, that leaves you two. Are you going to bed too? I've missed you the last few days.

gwen said...

hello Birdie! Im on my way home.

i cant remember but in the book, its when B decide not to go to Seattle but spend the day w/ E.

DreamerKind said...

Awww, milk, cookies and the holidays, bring back memories of leaving treats out for Santa, to snack on, when he came with our presents.

One year, our dearest mother, fell asleep, that early Christmas morning, while we slept.

The "half eaten evidence" was still on the table, next to where she slept on the sofa, when we got up.

That Christmas Day, I began to understand just how hard she worked, to make our holidays bright, and why she deserved the milk and cookies, instead of Santa.

It took a few more years, to really "get" who was the true Santa in spirit and deed.

Thanks Mom, you are not forgotten.

DreamerKind said...

I missed you, too but you were burning the candles out for a few days, weren't you?

I've left you a couple of comments today, hope you get to see them.

Birdie said...

Well, I managed to miss you all this morning. I hope you all have a wonderful day and hope I catch you on Friday or the weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving Roseland!

30 said...

Kami made homemade fudge?

Can I come over for dessert Kami? :p Homemade fudge!! The holidays mean we gain 5-6 pounds and it's all OK. :)

I am up very early, I think my body is use to getting up like this now as it is black Friday week, and working in retail,getting up at 4am and leaving for work is a given.

I Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and dont shop to much tomorrow :) OH, please pray for ME while having to deal with the crazy shoppers. It's very possible I wont make it out alive lol

Have a good day all!


Birdie said...

I hope you have a very chill day today. I have a new found admiration for you. Having to deal with the crazies that come out on Friday must take all sorts of self-control. I want to thank you because my day at the hospital is quiet-they are all out shopping. Have a great day!

30 said...

Thanks Birdie! :) Have a great day!

angelica1 said...

30 -You have my unending sympathy and I promise to be especially nice to all retail staff while Christmas shopping this weekend, in your honour :)

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I would just like to greet you and your family Happy Thanksgiving
Hope you have a wonderful day..

I also want to say thaks..for always defending Robert Kristen..
for giving us a place where we can express our thoughts about Robert and Kristen.. for making this a place for Robert and Kristen lovers

Happy Thanksgiving to All..

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rose. Thank you for writing wonderful things about Rob and Kristen. I love them both.

Penny Lane said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all who observe,

I'm thankful today for all the friends I've found in Roseland. I'm thankful for the words of wisdom and the sometimes questionable topics.

I hope everyone enjoys thier day with family and friends. And to anyone in retail, enjoy the quiet today because tomorrow will be a killer.


Kay said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rose and all of my friends in Roseland. Hope you all have a wonderful day. :)

Looking ahead to leftovers - this goes well with turkey soup:


3 cups self-rising flour*
½ cup sugar
12 oz. beer of choice**

In separate bowl, combine dry ingredients. Pour beer into mixing bowl, add dry ingredients and mix until moistened. Form into a loaf and place dough in greased 9x5 loaf pan. Bake at 350for 1 hour. Remove from oven and brush top of loaf with melted butter or margarine. Remove from pan and cool on rack until ready to slice and serve.

*Must use self-rising flour for the leavening agents that are added.

**Experiment with the type of beer – anything from a light, sweet ale to something as dark as Guinness will work.

This dough is flexible – add spices, nuts, cheese, etc. to suit your taste or compliment what you will be serving the bread with.

30 said...

"My Retail survivor guide"

Warning: Only watch this video if you have a SICK sense of humor,don't mind cursing and watermelons being killed. Oh and bunch of crazy zombie's walking around. :)


But really.. Wish me luck ladies! LOL

*I*Believe* said...

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!

PL~Hi it's me Irritable Bowl:)

DK~Glad your tires are safe, have a drink in the hot tub for me.

Kay~thanks for the Beer Bread Recipe--sounds too good to be true...I always spend all that money at the home cooking parties buying and stocking up on Beer Bread..can't wait to try your recipe

30~Hi...you still here??

Did anyone see the picture of Bella with the feathers that Bill C. tweeted?? OMG-what a tease???

*I*Believe* said...

I meant, what a tease!!!!

hit the wrong key:)

Hope said...

I Believe....I nearly fainted after seeing that photo. I am now in love with Bill C.
Rose may need to add a pic of Bill so we can worship him too. lol

Hope you are having a good day...back to preparing Olivia's stuffing recipe.