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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rob and Kristen- In The Eye of the Hurricane.

Daylight Savings.
An extra hour to admire Robert... walking.
The above picture?
Yeah... one of my favorites.
(Have I said that before? Sorry)

Not only do I love Robert in motion...
I love Robert walking with sunglasses.
I love Robert's eyes...
But there is something about the way he looks...

NOTHING wrong with that.


Onward and upward.
So... what's the buzz surrounding Rob and Kristen?


Not a whole lot is going on...

Not much is going on except crowds of people outside 
Rob and Kristen's hotel...
Throngs of people.
Hoping for a glimpse... a peek of their idols.

And a part of me gets it.
Albeit a very small part.
I get wanting to see Robert in person.
I really do.
I'm just not sure what I would be willing to do...
To actually see him.

Would I submerge myself into a crowd of thousands?
No fucking way.
But hey, that's just me.

Now don't get me wrong.
I am not 'attacking' anyone for wanting to see Rob and Kristen.
I do understand the PASSION.
But it just makes me think of what Robert and Kristen
are going through.

Yeah... I know...
Famous... Rich... 
Blah blah blah

But still human.
Still people.

This is where I find myself feeling protective about 
Robert and Kristen.
I get it.
But I still do.
And believe me I still don't understand it completely.
I don't worry about other famous people.
Wondering if they are OK.
Wondering if they are scared... or overwhelmed.
But I do when it comes to Rob and Kristen.

I care about them.
I want them to be safe.
I want them to be happy.

And I know that they are well protected while in Brazil.
But every move they make seems to make it on Twitter.
Every detail seems to be out there.
What the hell?
How does that make for good security?
Ah well.
I can't do anything but hope they are OK.
I can't do anything but hope that people
will realize that screaming and screeching at Rob
doesn't make him notice you...
Doesn't make him want to spend time with you.
It makes him cringe.
It makes him worried about what would happen
if you actually caught him and got your hands on him.

I never did understand the whole screaming thing.
It's annoying.
When Robert tries to talk...
there are screams drowning him out.
I want to hear what Robert has to say.
I want to know what he is thinking about...
I don't want to have my nervous system brought
to the brink of shut down
because you can't control yourself.
Can you imagine what Rob and Kristen are dealing with 24/7?

Screaming Sucks.


Be SAFE Robert and Kristen.
I hope you find some time to yourselves
that you can enjoy the beautiful city you are in...
I hope you find some ALONE time.

Final thoughts.

1) Man oh man.
The haters are hating even more than usual.
I didn't think hating more was possible.
Although I realize that Rob and Kristen are in Rio
working on a movie...
Surely you realize that they do have downtime...
and that they are spending that time TOGETHER.
In the same hotel room.
You HAVE to know that.
Well... OK
You obviously DO know that
and that is why your vile bitter hatred towards Kristen
has even been more vitriolic than before.
So sad.

2) There has been a bit of talk in the comments about Lee McDougall
and his song "Falling in Love for the Last Time".
Did Lee write it alone?
Did someone help him out with the lyrics?
(no brainer... seriously.)
But it doesn't really matter... does it?
It's a GREAT song.
And Lee deserves all the attention the song gives him.
Buy the song.
It's good to close your eyes and imagine
someone talking about someone else...
And Lee is going on tour.
Go see him!!

3) Robert and Kristen are in one of the most
romantic and beautiful cities in the world.
I hope they get a chance to enjoy some of that.
I have a feeling they will...

This post is brought to you by the letter *S*

Please STOP.

S for SAFE
Please be SAFE dear Robert and Kristen.
And enjoy each other.
As always.

Bye for now.


southforkranch said...

hey rose, i really enjoyed your post today...and you are so right, with what you say....it is more than annoying...i try to imagine how it is, to stay in a hotel room, not able to open the windows, because outside are fans, screaming their ass off, just because, i'm staying with my better half in this hotel, while we are filming a movie....this is awful...that's no life...this is a hunt...

i so hope, that their bodyguards are awake and don't miss someone, who tries to snake inside...and i really hope, that they will get some time together, to enjoy the city, but...i think, it's sunny out there, and they shouldn't get a tan, right...so they might just be able to go out at night...anyway..

hope they come back, safe and secure...not harmed at all!! i'll keep them in my prayers.!!

Penny Lane said...

Yeah, I don't get the screaming either. Do they think if they scream enough Rob will think, wow, I'd like to meet that person because her scream is like music to my ears? Not going to happen.

When I see those balcony videos I always think of Evita. Maybe they should come out and sing? Probably not.

Here's hoping for a happy, quiet Sunday.

katy said...
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katy said...

Hi. Rose...awesome post

I hope Robert and Kristen are having a great time and that they get to explore the city...Rio it's a beautiful city and it would be ashame if they couldn't enjoy it.

and don't feel silly, I worry about Robert and Kristen too, I completely understand you...we love them that's way we worry.

Be safe Rob and Kristen

Lots of Love

Kay said...

Yeah, I've never understood the whole screaming thing. I would much rather be able to hear them talk. I hope that they are able to at least have some downtime away from the crowds in beautiful Rio.

Hope everyone in Roseland is having a wonderful Sunday!!

deb said...

Rose I agree with you I want Rob and Kristen to be safe too I hope they take the time to have fun Im sure that Rob well see that Kristen will be as safe as she can I think he has tried his best to see about that Thank you Rose cant wait for BD this is going to be a good movie why not just think they really dont have to act just be them self with all that LOVE. DEB.

Kami said...

I've never understood the screaming either. Think it's stupid and irritating.


Leslie said...

Once again I completely agree. It is so annoying to be trying to watch an interview and it be drowned out by screams every time they speak. Honestly if you're gonna drown out the interview why even show up? I bet poor Rob has nightmares about the hordes of screaming women.

angelica1 said...

I agree Rose, there is something about these two that brings out my protective instinct, I never normally pay celebrities much attention,much less defend them in the way I will Rob and Kristen. I don't get it either with the screaming. They'd be more likely to go out if they knew they weren't going to get deafened by screaming fans and mobbed.So the fans behaviour is totally counter productive if the only stopped to think for a second.

olivia said...

Thanks Rose,
Wise words. Agree with it all.
May Rob and Kristen have special moments together to enjoy the beautiful locations they will visit in addition to the time on the clock for BD. Hoping that they can stay away from the noise and craziness. Yes, some peace and tranquility is being wished their way.

LIZ said...

Hi Rose and Everyone,

Life has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to comment for awhile, though I read the blog post each and every day but don't always get to read everyone's comments.

Anyway, I feel EXACTLY the same way about being protective of them. I believe, for me, it's an age thing, I'm old enough to be their grandma.

I don't understand the screaming either, though it's probably a maturity thing, I did the same thing with the Beatles "way back when".

I think R & K are the same celebrity phenom as Princess Diana. Most of the world never met her, knew they would never meet her but yet most of us REALLY WANTED HER TO BE HAPPY!!! Most women could relate to her because she had the same "normal" struggles with life as we did even though she lived a different world than most of us. Sorry, I didn't mean to run on about it but she's the only personality I can think of in the last few decades that generated the same amount of media angst and "closet" fans like us.

Have a great Sunday everyone, let's hope they are HAPPY even if they are stuck in a hotel room... at least Rob has his guitar!!! I really love them, as all of you do also.

Liz, NC

SueBee said...

There are only so many reasons why a person would or should scream and trying to get some celbrities' attention is not one of them.

No one sounds distinctive or special while doing that. You become one of many shredding your vocal chords for nothing.

Who would want to be screamed at?
The only time I respond when someone is screaming is when they say "duck!" or "run, the building is on fire!"

SueBee said...

Hi to my friends.


LIZ said...

Hi all, again,

You know, I've been thinking (can be dangerous, I know) that I believe after 2 years (after BD 2 is released) that R & K might try to work their schedules so that they can be together more, kind of like Brad & Angie do. Of course, they have all those kids but they also have enough money to hire as many nannies as necessary but are choosing to be together for the kids, etc.

What do you all think? Perhaps in 2 years, they might be ready to marry and have kids of their own, though Kristen will only be 22, still so young!!

Liz, NC

katy said...
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C.Ella said...


Sydney said...

Agreed. It's bizarre to me the reaction people have to celebrities, and these two in particular. I wouldn't even approach a celebrity for an autograph, let alone scream or cry hysterically upon meeting them. These are the fans that bewilder and terrify celebs. They think you're crazy and unbalanced, which is what I'd think, were I them.

I only hope they get some peace and quiet and that they have a swat team in the suite next door to protect them. At this point, I'm over seeing set photos or pap pics of them in Brazil. It just looks too chaotic. Hope they stay safe and happy and have plenty of 'dress rehearsals' for their honeymoon scenes.

katy said...

Hi, Penny, Kami, Susan, Olivia, Kay, Deb,Angelica, Leslie Liz, Sydney....Hope you're all having a great day.

Take care and be safe

angelica1 said...

Hi Katy :)

katy said...

Hi C.Ella...thank you for the link to the pic...they look Happy :)

LIZ said...

C. Ella and ALL,

OMG, thanks for posting the photo. I had just discovered it over on Robstenation ..... there is no faking that happiness!!!!! Even though they are good actors, this is just wonderful to see them smile like that. They look well rested and ready to start filming. Can't believe we have to wait a whole year to see what they film.

Of all the BD scenes, I believe the honeymoon and anything to do with the dress will be the most secretive, do you all agree?

This photo has me TWIRLING, let's all get up and dance together.

Liz, NC

chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said...

haev you seen the pictures of them smiling on the balcony???

Maybe best rob and kristen pic yet? not usre, is the best so far???

Trish said...

It's been ages! since I came here...miss you Rose hope you are doing fine!

As always still very much in love with our fav couple...I just saw the new pics of them today on Rstenation...they look so happy...wow..love is wonderful.

I really really hope they stay safe..and i certainly will keep them in my prayers..to be safe from all the hyenas out there..fans need to chill a bit they are giving the other fans a really bad rep honestly...i am proud to say i am a Robsten fan or twilight fan but some of what these fans do is embarrassing! get a grip!!

Kisses to you Rose, kisses to you the regs on here and most of all kisses to Rob and Kristen..be safe!

Trish said...

@chabad_fishbiscuit_770...completely agree! hands down one of the best! they look comfortable with it too! so sweet!

Autumngal said...

Wonderful post Rose, I hope that Rob & Kris are having a blast filming and by judging the latest photos I think they are enjoying it. I wonder why heaheaheaheahea. Though above all, I hope they'll be safe for the rest of filming. Hi all to Roselanders.

SueBee said...

Recipe Request!!!

Does anyone have a copy of the Bailey's Brownie recipe they could post?

I have a bottle of Bailey's in my fridge that keeps whispering my name.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of people who just don't get the screaming.

I understand if people feel the need to scream when they initially come out, say at a fan event. But to scream incessantly throughout???? That's beyond annoying.

I, of course, can't make it any of the fan events, be it Comic Con or whatever. So, I only get to see it on YouTube. And I really want to hear Robert and Kristen's answers and even Taylor's. But I have to wade through all the ear-bleeding screaming.

For once, I wish someone would turn the camera on the screamers and all the world can see what idiots they are. And here I'm talking about the constant screamers, not the occasional screamers. There is a diff.

Ah well, I do hope Robert and Kristen are enjoying their time in Rio. I hope they don't have to stay holed up in their hotel. But if they do, I hope they get to at least relax and spend--ahem-- quality time-- together. Practicing. Rehearsing. The Honeymoon scenes. Pillow biting. Wrecked furniture. Insatiable Bella. Heh heh.

Great post, Rose!

Boogie with Stew said...

Happy Fall back day Rose & all my friends in Roseland, Were do I begin, missed a few days again, I hate when that happens... YES LOVE!Drool-DEEP breathes over the pics of ROB walking..ditto on that my Rose friend.. FOAMERS..you have the strength of Super women Rose to be bombarded with all that negative energy.. Love that they are in RIO..hot, sweaty and gettin well you know...giggles & a twiggle or two..

The depths of how far fans will go..it seems that RESPECT & boundries has skipped a generation or so..
The Screaming...well let's see I will date myself... I was 6 when the BEATLES came to the US...yes I know back in the "old days" and I begged..Imagine that a 6 yr old ..wanted to see them and I remember my DAD said no way I'm not going to go and listen to all those girls SCREAMING!!! you could never hear them playing or singing.. So is it hormones, lack of control, or just stupidity? your guess is as good as mine... I will jump off sorry to make this so long...
Peace and love ♥ and a lot whatever makes ya happy
Boogie with Stew

katy said...

Susan...I have :)

Baileys Brownies


1 cup all-purpose flour (about 4 1/2 ounces)
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
heaping 1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) butter
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup Baileys Irish Cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Cooking spray


Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat an 8×8-inch or 9×9-inch pan with cooking or baking spray.

Measure flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt into a medium bowl. Whisk to combine. Set aside.

Beat 2 eggs in a small bowl. In a saucepan set over low heat, melt butter and chocolate chips slowly, stirring frequently. When completely melted, remove chocolate mixture from heat. Let cool for 5 minutes.

Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, scoop out some of the chocolate mixture and slowly pour it into the eggs, beating constantly to temper the eggs. Stir the egg mixture into chocolate mixture. Add sugar, vanilla, and Baileys. Stir over low heat for 2-3 minutes or until sugar has dissolved.

Fold the chocolate mixture into the dry ingredients, stirring just until combined.

Pour batter into the prepared pan and bake at 350°F for about 18-20 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out mostly clean.

Chocolate Chip Blondies with Caramel-Bourbon Drizzle
1 ½ cups all purpose flour
½ cup quick cooking oats
1 teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/3 cup butter, softened
½ cup egg substitute
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1/3 cup semisweet mini chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Cooking spray

½ cup packed brown sugar
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon whipping cream
1 teaspoon bourbon

1. Preheat oven to 350

2. To prepare blondies, lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups, and level with a knife. Combine flour and next 3 ingredients, stirring well with a whisk.

3. Place 1 cup sugar and 1/3 cup butter in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended. Add egg substitute and egg to sugar mixture; beat well. Add flour mixture; beat until just combined. Stir in chocolate chips and vanilla.

4. Spoon batter into a 9-inch square baking pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted into center comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack.

5. To prepare drizzle, combine ½ cup sugar, 1 tablespoon butter, whipping cream and bourbon in a medium saucepan over medium heat; bring to a boil. Cook 1 minute, stirring constantly with a whisk. Pour mixture into a bowl, chill 1 hour. Drizzle bourbon mixture over blondies; cut into 24 bars.

It's a "light" recipe, so it uses egg substitute.. but you could probably still use the real egg equiv of the 1/2 cup substitute.

SueBee said...


Thanks, Sweetie. That is such a big help to me!


olivia said...

As always,
seeing Rob and Kristen happy together
makes me so very happy for them.
Life is good!
Thank you for the link C.Ella!

katy said...

Your welcome Susan :)

Boogie with Stew said...

Thanks everyone for sharing great recipes...♥

katy said...

Ups...That was supposed to be you're welcome Susan :)

not Your

Boogie with Stew said...

Happy Baking Sue Bee..gotta get some house cleaning done ..will be back later enjoy..

Sydney said...

Goddamnit, the exact moment I say I won't look at pap pics, these balcony pics start blowing up ontwitter. Fine, I looked. Love how cute and happy they looked. Oh, and wet. Heeh. But I'm sure they were having a water fight or investigating a possible water birth for Renesmee. There must be an alternative explanation.

Where is Kami...I keep checking Honey's twitter page. She must be having an absolute meltdown right about now. So funny.

Sidenote: I just watched 'Get Him to the Greek'. Has anyone seen it? Fucking hilarious, but during the London scenery montage was a giant sign that said Roseland. Anyone notice that?

Birdie said...

Enjoyed today's post,Rose and concur that the screaming is obnoxious.
I just saw the pictures on the balcony. They look so happy. I think this is the most at ease that I have seen Kristen in this kind of situation. I'm sure it has something to do with who she is standing next to.

chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said...

rose this maybe weird to ask, do you have a tumblr? does anyone know?

katy said...

Sydney...don't feel bad you are not the only one who have looked at those pics, I looked too. I am laughing at the people that are pissed just because Rob and Kristen have wet heads. And the excuses are lame as always.

I am loving the big smiles, they both look happy and glowing

Be safe

Kami said...

Hey Katy, Kay, Olivia, Angelica, Sydney, and anyone else I missed.

I understand the feeling bout not wanting to look at Pap pictures Sydney and I agree 100%, BUT this picture is of them on a balcony and surrounded by screaming fans, and they look happy so...maybe this one is ok...so...LOL

angelica1 said...

I agree in tis inhstance, they knew they'd probably be photographed if they went outside and they look happy so I think we're OK to look this time :)

Anonymous said...

The screaming.. yeah.. what purpose does that serve? It's not like they can't see that you're out there.. do they really think they're going to hear that ONE voice out of that many people and go "YES! That's the one.. best fan EVER!!"

That's a LOT of energy coming off THAT many people. It's palpable. And it's overwhelming. I get being excited, sure. But the degree to which some people go is just insane.

Hi to all my friends :) *hugs*

And Kami, tell Heith he's made a good choice. Boxerbriefs are the way to go, as you get the best of both worlds. ;)

angelica1 said...

Hi Kami :)

Tracy - I agree, it has to be boxer briefs!

Melinda said...

Happy Sunday everyone! It's a gorgeous day here in the sunshine state.

Great post Rose! They are no doubt in the eye of the hurricane. Good thing they have each other to hold onto when the wind kicks up.

I wouldn't do the screaming thing if I saw them but I understand why people do.

The ones I don't get are the "criers". They really freak me out so I can only imagine what Rob and Kristen feel when in that situation.

I think we all want them to be safe. I'm confident they know how to handle things in those situations.

That being said, it still sucks that they really can't go do things like normal people due to safety issues right now.

SueBee said...

boxer briefs--snugness with dignity and some sexiness to boot!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I couldn't agree with you more. I never understood the whole screaming thing, it's just so strange to me. Weird reaction, I want to shake them and say knock that shit off, no one wants to hear it least of all Rob and Kristen. I'm kinda surprised that people are camped out around their hotel. I was hopeing this would be a somewhat good experience for them and not the usual crazy. There was a video on another site of them looking out their hotel windo. I kept thinking...how long did this guy have to keep that camera on their window just hopeing that they would look out. Just weird, some people just don't have enough to do lol. Anyway great post as always Rose, thanks.

Maria in CT said...

THANK YOU ROSE! For posting about Lee! I will let my fellow admins know! Thanks so much for your support.

Can't wait for your blog tomorrow - I'm still staring at the pics that came out today! Woo hoo!!!

LJ said...

Hi everyone,

Hope your all having an awesome weekend!

I agree the screaming must get tiresome and I don't understand it, but Rob and Kristens fans always seem so passionate...I guess they invoke that in people by being so awesome :-D

As long as they are happy and stay safe, thats the main thing.

Much love to you all,
Liza ღ

DreamerKind said...


All kinds of good in your post!

DreamerKind said...

Roselanders think so alike, sharing the love and balancing the extremes.

Happy Sunday, all of you!

DreamerKind said...

So sweet of you to leave me that Beatles Goodnight song.

Come and join the late night brigade, as Heith said, it's a roarfest on its best nights.

Panties fit well today. Ironed them. See you later I hope.

Rob & Kristen photos-so happy together, love is in the air, you're beautiful, you'll never walk alone, together wherever we go, and then, homeward bound.

DreamerKind said...

Maria in CT
Kind of you to comment on my inquiry. Paul and Joanne were happy lovers for 50 years!

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

I hate typos lol

Hi Rose! Hi all! I am a bit tired and kind of late on this post, but I wanted to write to tell Rose I agree with her 150% on this post. I usually agree with her anyway lol but this one is a real winner. :) See that's why I come here, like minded adults who think like me. Like I said yesterday, I hope R and K have like some kind of mask or costume so they can actually enjoy Brazil without being chased down the street. I am with Rose all the way, these two are human at the end of the day. I think some fans forget that at times.

Love to you all! Hope all is well.

30 said...

For those of you who don't have twitter.

Take a look. :) :) Oh dear Robert.. or is it Edward? I don't care, dude Kristen eat that boy up girl. lol


Super RN Gas Passer said...

DREAMER...hello my friend and the rest of the AWESOME ROSELANDERS!

ROSE...I think the screaming is just teen hormones...of course what do I know about folks in Brazil? I think I would really react if say Rob or Kris just happened to show up at my house. Now I know the element of surprise would probably make me scream and throw my arms around them...then I'D PASS OUT! If I was going somewhere in public with the hopes of seeing them, like a premiere for example, I think I might try to muffle the scream building in my throat just b/c I would be embarrased but I would probably be jumping up and down...in other words I would be so excited, I really dont know...I might just scream right before I fainted! I'm very immature for my age!

Maria in CT said...

Oh, thank you for that pic, 30!!! Why did I always picture Edward wearing khaki's and a white shirt when they arrive on Isle Esme??? How could I be wrong, lol? Time to read BD again for the 10th time!!!

And it's nice to see Dean!

deb said...

Hey Katy I hope you have a good day to I just seen the pic .of Rob and Kristen on the balcony BOY LOOK at that BIG ASS SMILE on Robs face cant say that man isn't happy and Kris seem to have one too. see what LOVE can do for your health and they do love there fans just not all the NUT JOBS out there screaming and you know that Rob loves those who love Kristen she is a part of him in many ways. DEB.

30 said...

You welcome Maria :)

There is also a pic out there with R and K waving from the balcony of there hotel room. :) So cute.

gwen said...

good morning(yawn) everyone!Hello to Rose and Roselander.

Im gone for only two days and many had happened. Guess gonna check all of it.That 'screaming' cetainly woke me up. Im totally w/ you all. I never really understand why fans scream at them. Maybe too much excitement to see them? Dont know, i never scream to any celebs, local or foreign. I just admire them afar, bsides that hurts for my throat.

DK,Bren,Birdie see you later.

Maria in CT said...

@30 - saw the R & K pics this afternoon, immediately clicked & saved, of course! Thanks!

gwen said...

ok i just check the pics of them and im grinning like a fucking idiot here. Im happy to see them happy and well rested.

Im expecting of meltdown and foamstorm soon. Im twirling w/ you here Rose, lol.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

hope you're having a good day..

You're right..I's sure the rumour mill will be in overdrive for Rob & kristen..but knowing these 2, they'll survive it..They have each other..that's all that matters

Rob & Kristen..in one of the most romantic places in the world..I hope they take the time to enjoy it..

Have a wonderful days

30 said...

OH This is to cute! BD boat scene being filmed :) K and R or should I say Bella and Edward look luscious :) I REALLY hope a pap smear didn't take this and it was a fan I will feel like crap if not.


Maria in CT said...

Feathers will be flying soon! Woo hoo!!!

Can't wait for Rose's blog tomorrow! Pictures galore! Take that haters!

Lots of updates on Robstenation & Thinking of Rob also.

30 said...

Oh dear Robert I love you dearly, but please do not kill Kristen on this boat ride. LMFAO look at K hands.. shes like dude... TURN the fucken wheel! LOL :) Hes gonna crash I know it! :)


lovesit said...

30 - lol she really is giving him direction - that video is so funny!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

OOOOOOH!!! just looked at the BD pics on Robstenation!!!! It looks like they have Edwards hair darker, like in Twilight!!!! I love the darker hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*I*Believe* said...

YEAHHH! Filming has started!! It is so great to see them!

Rhonda said...

Couldn't agree more..and I too feel very protective of them.Can't really explain why..I just do

Melinda said...

Here is a cute picture of them on the boat that I thought I would share. Totally them just doing their thing.


Saw on twitter that they are filming in a blocked set from 1 am to 5 am (Rio time)so long night for them.

Not sure why Rob's hair is so dark. But at least there are no horrible wigs to be seen!!

*I*Believe* said...

Gotta go with SueBee, I like Edward's coppery brown hair:)

Teeth said...

Oh wow, Rob looked freakin Hot in that pic. Thanks C.Ella! They really do have two of the best smiles in the world..

So yesterday I "Youtube'd" Lee's song. And in the comments on there everyone was talking about Rob laughing at the end (I think ya'll were here too?) so I kept looking and looking but none of the versions had it on youtube. Sooooo, I bought it on itunes. I'm not sure if the .054 of a second of Rob laughing was worth it, but I'm glad I'm helping his buddy out. And I really love the song so maybe it really was.

Off to do some work now
Peace Roseland..

*I*Believe* said...

The high fives are just too cute for words!! Thanks for sharing

Atticus said...

Hi Rose and everyone. Haven't been here for awhile. I, absolutely, 100%, agree with everything you said in this post.

Be safe Rob & Kristen...and make some wonderful memories of Brazil.

Penny Lane said...

Sure getting a lot of pictures from a blocked set.

The hair does look darker. Maybe it's supposed to be wet or darker hair would mean less pale makeup would be needed. That would be a good thing.

katy said...

HI, DK!!!

You're welcome. Every day you post beautiful songs to all of us...so I wanted to give you one in return. This is one of my favourite Beatles song :)

I am off to bed, it's nearly 2.20 am...

Take care DK

Kay said...

Hi everyone - hope you've had good days!

Good point Penny, I hadn't thought about the makeup/hair contrast. I guess we will see for sure when the trailers start coming out next year. How was the cola roast?

Melinda said...


The pics that everyone is seeing isn't from the blocked set. That was from earlier today/tonight.

The blocked set is the 1-5 time frame that starts in a few hours. Apparently they are doing test shots/prep work right now.

Here's an interesting tidbit since Rose was talking about what fans would do to see them. There are apartments over the blocked set that fans are supposedly renting around $25.00/night so they can watch the comings and goings. I read security is pretty tight in the area. Now this is all on twitter so we have to take all this with a grain of salt. My point to all this is it is amazing what fans will do...

Melinda said...


Just saw your thoughts on the dark hair. That makes sense. Would love the makeup to be less caked on as it has been in the previous movies.

During editing they can always color in some reddish/bronze color to make it more Edwardish...

Penny Lane said...


I can't believe the lengths people will go to see the filming. I guess maybe to them it's like watching history happening or something. I saw someone said on twitter, I don't remember who, but it was about the resourceful fans stalking the filming should be used to find Bin Laden.


The roast was good. I've made it lots of times before. It actually was an Emeril recipe from his Emeril Green show. Did you enjoy your visits?

wig4usc said...

I have two words about the screaming for celebs - teenage girls. Ugghh...teenage girls. Did I tell you the story about the ridiculous pre-teens at the Eclipse opening night?? And their mothers living vicariously through them? Anyway....;)

It would take an extreme to get me to suffer through crowds, even for a premiere, let alone a 5 second glimpse. Sorry, my adorationa and intoxication has its limits!

I hope everyone enjoyed your extra hour! And so glad to have my fellow Roselanders, who often think and feel just as I do!

Kami said...

Don't really have an opinion yet on Rob's hair, although it does look darker. BUT Kristen looks AMAZING in the pictures of them on the boat!

Kay said...


It was a really good weekend. :) The friends that came are the kind that it doesn't matter how long it has been since you've seen each other - you can just pickup like it was yesterday. Lots of fun! It was nice at the in-laws too. Did you have a good day?

Kay said...

Hey Kami - Kristen does look gorgeous, and they look so relaxed and happy in the balcony pictures. :) Sorry about the last call in the game - I hate the controversial plays.

olivia said...

Am loving the pics of Rob and Kristen that have circulated, both on the balcony and in the sleek speedboat during the preliminary setup. Smiling, relaxed, enjoying the moment and each other. Moonlit night, on the water, with the one you love....hey it's all good. Hope they can block out the whirlwind that surrounds them and have fun with these scenes.

Amazing, just the first day of filming and we have seen so much, and of course are cheering for our dear Rob and Kristen. How will we last until April? And then until the next two Novembers? Thank goodness we have the sisterhood of Roseland and sweet Rose to help us with our intoxication!
Hugs to all.

Kami said...

thanks Kay, I've pretty much given up on this game and truthfully the entire season. But that call was horrible..oh well. At least I've still got the Saints...lol
night all

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said...


chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said...


yes, and this it the tip of the iceberg!

DreamerKind said...


So many gorgeous pics of R & K, videos, my system's overloaded, and I'm so happy.

Where's Gwen, Bren or Birdie?

DreamerKind said...

For Robert & Kristen-Viva Brasil!


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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

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gwen said...


You here? How are you?

Im having an overdrive of R&K cuteness. I dont think my heart can take anymore of these pics.

DreamerKind said...


Welcome back, we missed you!

DreamerKind said...

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gwen said...


Missed you too. I cant believe i'd gone here for 2 days. I was so caught up w/ the korean movie i'd watched, lol

DreamerKind said...


Weren't you on some island with your friends?

gwen said...


nah that would be this Feb. I just stay @ home watched movies eat and slept. I cant believe i hadnt touched my pc last weekend.

DreamerKind said...


Bren and I thought you were out zip lining or something.

Last night was wild here with Tracy and SueBee adding to the fun.

gwen said...


did i missed anything impt? i need to check then the last two day posts. Bet it were a saucy topic, lol

DreamerKind said...


Probably was one of the funniest dialogues we've ever had. For sure, read comments back a couple of days.

It all started with Bren asking if my panties were in a knot. Then later she mentioned boxer briefs. All of the rest was full speed ahead.

I copied most of the S/T bits but it comes across so much better in context with other comments.

DreamerKind said...

Hard to believe it, but I am getting tired and thinking about sleep.

After all, our bodies are still running on the old time paradigm and so here it's almost 4am.

I'm plum out of song ideas to celebrate our R/K pleasurefest.

Other sites are mentioning lots more set photo shots to come, however, we'll have to wait and see what comes our way, in fact.

Rio appears to be a stunning city from the photos I've see-just dazzling.

gwen said...

LOL twisted panties?! I love boxer shorts. They look comfy. My bro once bought a pink kinda boyleg brief and i wanted it but he said no :-(

DreamerKind said...

(Gerry Goffin / Carole King)

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gwen said...


I agree Rio would be an epic place for these pics are just too good to be true. We thought we had another R/K drought, now we have flashflood.

DreamerKind said...


Have you looked at Twitter today, I haven't?

gwen said...


Yeah ive check twitter, i thought the fail whale would appear, seems like it doesnt with all the R/K cuteness.

Birdie said...

Good Morning Gwen and DK!

I made what I thought would be a brief pitstop to Robstenation(I do go there daily for pictures, news...)and wow! Wonderful pictures of Rob and Kristen, I mean wonderful.
What's new with you two?

DreamerKind said...


Yes, I've been all over the place, checking photos/videos like a crazy person, crazy in love, crazy.

gwen said...

Hello Birdie!

Its a wonderful gift to start the week right.

DreamerKind said...

I can announce mini-miracles from today in my life.

Went to Walmart and only spent $37!
Never had that happen before. But it was quiet in the store and I found all of the food and stuff very uninteresting.

Found myself sitting on a bench in the front of the store with a lovely lady around my age. We chit-chatted and thought that we had met before but couldn't figure out where.

Really, there were two mini-miracles. Not parting with big bucks, for no good reason, and meeting a kindly soul.

Add those happening to the R/K extravaganza, for it to equal a heavenly day.

Birdie said...

It appears their guard is down or maybe just gone. They just look so relaxed and happy. It still amazes me how them being happy makes me feel. I just love these two!

gwen said...


I think im having a meltdown w/ these pics today. Ive been also to other sites and grinning like a crazy person.

Oh cant wait what would Rose post later.

Birdie said...


You have the best outlook on life. You need to keep spreading it around.

DreamerKind said...

Yes, I remember a couple of years ago, thinking "Knock, knock, you two, you're so in love, go for it! Snap out of it! Move it!"

Apparently, they have.....

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for suggesting the spreading of good news, as it is very needed these days.

DreamerKind said...

Here's another thing, in my state of mind (happy, happy) right now I don't care that I have several typos in my past few posts.

Ah, who am I kidding? I never really care all that much about them, cause I figure, I talk that way, too. Lol.

DreamerKind said...

Lurkers, here we go again, the same old, same old, here on Roseland, for poor Dreamer.

The "they've gone and left me again or my comments are now invisible, just like me."

I can't get no respect or satisfaction. da, da, da, da, da, da,da,da,da, da.

Birdie said...

I couldn't agree more. Are you referring to the state of the real world or this parallel
world? It is difficult for so many to keep that cup half full these days.
I am thinking Bill C. has a better make-up artist and I really like the shorter hair on Rob.

DreamerKind said...


It's all the same world as far as I can tell.

We are all actually alive and ticking here in cyberspace!

Otherwise, nothing would be buzzing through the cables and satellites everywhere except power surging in circles.

DreamerKind said...

I agree that R/K are looking better than ever. Something in the way he/she moves....stars in the eyes....that Rio de Janiero....

Birdie said...

You are far more savvy in cyberspace that I am. I think I have just stuck my toes in the water as far as technology is concerned but have decided to jump in. Can you believe I just got a cell phone, I have no Ipod and a dinasaur of a computer? I have ordered a laptop from work, bought the kids their first flatsreen TV for Christmas, and no I am not Homish.

DreamerKind said...

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Thank you/MrHappyDeath - youtube

Birdie said...

I will be taking a brief intermission. I have hungry animals.
Where did you go, Gwen?

Birdie said...

HaHa1 Are you saying I'm strange? There is no denying it.

DreamerKind said...


What's homish? See how dumb I can be?

gwen said...

sorry...checking other sites for new pics, lol

Birdie said...

Did I spell it wrong? Do you remeber "Witness" with Harrison Ford? A fabulously romantic movie by the way.

Birdie said...

I have been alternating between pictures also.

DreamerKind said...

If you are strange, then I am delighted to know it.

When I was watching the Herman's Hermit video to post it; I too noticed that the band members had imperfect or crooked teeth.

Oddly, that fact was mentioned in the comments section of that subscriber. I find those comments, strange.

Most of us didn't have perfect smiles, back then in those there days, and some of us still don't, in these here days.

As someone also commented, that their smiles were more interesting and had more character, for the imperfections made all of the difference.

I find that not strange, in fact, very true.

DreamerKind said...

Birdie & Gwen

I do remember and also loved that movie and Harrison, still do...

You mean "Amish" probs.

Gwen, are you a work?

DreamerKind said...


I meant of course, are you a work, of art?

Birdie said...

The imperfections do add character. Now I have a hard time finding imperfections in Rob and Kristen, but part of their charm is they do not try to be "perfect".
Maybe that is why people take shots at so many celebrities, they seem to strive to appear perfect.
It is progress not perfection that matters.

gwen said...


Im off now. I'll just walk my way home. Its right about the corner of the office.

Be back later

Birdie said...

Ah, Amish. You're right. Where did I get homish? Oh well it is early.

DreamerKind said...

That long-winded comment about teeth, smiles and being strange, was my explanation for playing the song "People Are Strange".

It was not because I thought that anyone in Roseland tonight, nor those that were asking me if I did, think that they were. You see what I mean?

DreamerKind said...


Two such imperfectly perfect beings, as are Kristen & Robert, only enchant others more, by being their own kind of perfectly imperfect.

Birdie said...

I remeber one of their earlier interviews where Kristen described, I believe Rob, as being "perfect because of his imperfectness." She is a very insightful young woman.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, damn, I bet I stole that from Kristen and just managed to twist it into some other form or such nonsense.

Well, they say flattery is the highest form of imitation, don't they?

Birdie said...

Maybe it is that great minds think alike.

DreamerKind said...


I'm thinking the same thing, along those lines, since you wrote them, because I like to believe that I am a very deep thinker, so thanks, you've confirmed it for both of us, right?

DreamerKind said...


Now about your recent toe dipping into cyber things...it makes sense to do what makes you happy.

That doesn't mean that you will be comfortable that way, because stepping out of your comfort zone, isn't.

In the long run, I've found, happiness lies in the doing of things uncomfortable, at least, a few times in our lives, when we can't help doing it.

Birdie said...


DreamerKind said...


I just have to ask you, "Where's Gwen"?

Birdie said...

She said she was walking home around the corner.
You know, I am looking at all these pictures and it almost appears that they are allowing these to be taken. They would notice paps taking all tese wouldn't they?

DreamerKind said...


Those uncomfortable things that we may have decided to do, to make us happy, could be like, having our first intimate experience, later having a child, and much later even, getting a cell phone, and going into cyberspace without any idea of what we are getting ourselves into.

Also, it's like the cyberdating that I do at OKCupid, being uncomfortable but doing it, while it makes me happy, as I can completely create the whole experience from beginning to end.

Before, you talked of progress being more important than perfection.

Well, there you have it, in a nutshell, doing dating online!

Birdie said...

So how does that work, the cyber dating? You mean you never actually meet physically?

DreamerKind said...

It's Summit again and a conspiracy, too. PR, PR, PR and more PR!

Everyone looks very awake and comfortable in the pics I saw, and I looked my fill, and I have a great capacity when this hungry for pics (as do most of the fandom I'd suspect).

Paps or pros, I don't know who is taking them, but they are surely not surprising anyone IMO.

So, a couple of extras tried to grab Kristen (true or false or grain of salt?) and one proved to be drunk (allegedly)and was asked to leave the set.

Sounds like it must be a lot of fun working on that set, and I'd like to be part of it. Drinking, clapping, dancing and interrupting kisses, is nice work if you can get it, you know?

Birdie said...

Yikes! I forgot I have to work earlier today. But I want to continue this conversation! I will catch you later. Duty calls.
Good night DK and Gwen!

DreamerKind said...


Cyberdating! Yes, you do get to meet in person, as real live bodies, with minds inside faces.

However, it takes a long time to get to that point because of the most fun factor, that being the creation of the fantasy about that person.

The longer the making of fantasy, the longer the time until you meet.

Guys have figured that out and since they insist that they are visual in all things, they don't want to fantasize until they have met you in person, and decide if you are worth it. Unless it is late at night, then they seem to like fantasy making with your photo online, so they say.

Want more details?

DreamerKind said...

Birdie & Gwen
Goodnight to you, two.

P.S. Don't think that I'm not wise to the ploys you use on me, to get me to dish the dirt from my garden and spread it here on Roseland!

Both you, Gwen and Bren disappear on me, during deep discussions.

Somebody suddenly discovers that they have to work earlier in the day (isn't it early enough for you right now?).

Or one of you has a big party the next day, making you just remember how exhausted you are now.

Someone else, watches Korean movies for days and doesn't miss her PC at all (meaning us or maybe just me) and walks home around the corner, never to return to the blog and finish the convo. Hrumph.

It will take some real convincing explanations of your previous behaviors and promises to mend them, to get me to finish my cyberdating discussion.

You'll likely be sorry to miss all of the fun, if you don't hear it all, cause you'll be so not LYAO, while I am so LMAO.

30 said...

I was sleeping and thought I heard hyenas burst/scream and growl. Now I know why. :)


Though I am SURE you all saw these, for me what beautiful pics to wake up to. :) :)

Cate said...

If you aren’t smiling this morning fans I don’t know that you ever will.

BIG ole GRIN on my face!

Dear Screamers, please just ride your emotional overload and faint preferably taking down your counterparts the criers in the process. The emotional stress the cast goes through is taxing enough. Let’s not add hearing loss as well. Thanks…Summit Medical Team

AND God bless the inventor of the boxer brief!

Happy Monday!



gwen said...


awww your making me guilty. Ok i'm watching korean movie now, I dont have my brain today, im so intoxicated, so i dont know what to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Internet dating? Do I have to date the entire internet? Can't I just browse a few sites first? See what I like... I can bookmark the ones I like.. visit them again later. Just a thought

Just a quick hello to everyone. It's Monday.. that's really all I've got to say about the day so far. We'll see how the rest of it goes.


DreamerKind said...

Dear Lurkers and Lingerers:

I do not hold any of you guilty of leaving during a discussion, how could I?

So you're free to come and go as you please, and watch the plots around Roseland thicken.

Keep in mind, for your next visit, the ploys they hatched to make me into a liar by keeping me up way past when I said I was tired and thinking of sleep @ 2:53am (it's now 5:53am).

And, since at that time, I also said I was plum out of music in mind to play (I went ahead and played some more, cause I was waiting for my absent BB's to return for our talk) which makes me two times a liar!

Do you care? How will I know if you don't tell me, so unlurk!

Until the next time you see "DreamerKind" (tipping my head to you)!

DK is taking off to dreamerland, full blast, and that's the truth. So there.

angelica1 said...

30 - I think we should name this day "Foamageddon" :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday Roseland--hope everyone is good. Kami-I was thinking--Tracy caught me up but I never said how happy I was to hear about your niece being in remission! Congrats to your whole family--she is an amazing little girl.

That's it--back to bed.

katy said...

Hi 30 and Angelica!!!

Squee....to all the on and off EPIC pics from the set.

I'm thinking we are going to have a MAJOR Foamstorm today...better open your umbrellas and put on your rain coats and galoshes...just for the safe side :)

Take care

angelica1 said...

Morning Smitty! - Sweet dreams :)

katy said...

Smitty...Big HUGS and sweet dreams

Be safe

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!
I have a lot of catching up to do with the posts and comments but hot damn those pics of Rob and Kristen filming in Rio............My Oh My!

Have a great Monday! :)

LJ said...

Morning everyone,

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Tracy...love you!

Smitty...love you too!

Lots of love to everyone else....


Melinda said...

Happy Monday morning all! Today just got better (saw the set pics).

The set pics from the "street" are great. Rob and Kristen look so natural. No faking chemistry all at for these two. Not that I ever thought they did actually.

It looks like they are having fun on set. Just letting things happen so to speak.

Nov 2011 is a long way away.....

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

LIZ said...

Good Morning All,

NOT ONLY do they look good ON SET but they are freely hand-holding OFF SET. I don't imagine we'll EVER be hearing from HONEY'S BUNCH again, do you think?

AND, now we also know that they were sitting together on the plane, even if those pics are creepy.


Happiness to everyone, doesn't it just make you smile all over?

Liz, NC

30 said...

Hey Super! You are SO correct! The foam will be extra sticky and wet today I do think. lol I am so glad I have a full day of work I wont be here for Roses next post until later cause ya all know it will make its way here to Roseses blog at some point. Get your umbrella and extra cushioned foam hat ready ladies and gents!

Hi Smitty! Glad you stopped by. Hope all is well love. :)

angelica1 said...

I'll just preempt by saying, Yes, I too hold hands with a colleague ALL THE TIME - I'm married to him!!

LIZ said...

Hi 30 and All,

What CAN the "stickys" say??? I believe they'll be quiet today, we'll see.

HEY, WHERE IS EDWARD'S RING??? You can clearly see Bella's ring and Edward's left hand but no ring? I know they exchange rings at the wedding, anyone know?

They are so naturally "lovey-dovey", not much acting involved here, right???

Anonymous said...

Morning Roseland :)

Wow!! That's about all I can say...the things I missed this weekend :)

I love the shorter hair on Edward! Not sure about the darker color but I love it short :) And Bella's hair is much improved over the horrible wig in Eclipse :) All kinds of win today! I have my hazmat suit ready!! And I'm twirling :)

KAMI!! WHO DAT!!! Sorry about your Cowboys but at least you have the Saints :)

Been busy lately but hopefully things are going to be calming down a bit. I hope everyone has a great day!!

Hugs to all!!

30 said...

Hi Liz! and yup that seems to be THE question of the day. Where the hell is Edwards wedding ring? LOL I mean I would hope there is a good reason he isn't wearing it and Mr.Condon didn't forget that small but "Utmost" important detail ya know. :)

Geo said...

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Kami - that is wonderful news about your niece and I am so happy for her. I really enjoyed seeing the pics coming out of Rio last night. Rob and Kristen looked happy and it was great seeing them as Bella and Edward again. I wish Summit could release BD 1 next June instead of November. :( Going to find coffee now so my brain will function. lol

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh! Those pictures are so great! They both look so happy!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

30...,GEO,LEIGH,LIZA,ANGELICA,LIZ,MELINDA, IT IS THE BEST MORNING EVER! I know i am in the minority but i like edwards hair dark..i know, i know...thats not the way SM describes him in the book...i think it makes him look younger..just my perspective...after all he is supposed to be 17..

Is there some way we can petition SUMMIT to release the first part in June? Why in the hell are they doing this to us??

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LESLIE...Good Morning!

LIZ said...

You know, all this PDA shouldn't be a surprise to us AND the lovingly happy photo of them outside their hotel shouldn't be a surprise.

When Kris was doing interviews for WTTR, an interviewer asked her "point blank" "How is Robert?" and she didn't blink an eye, just answered "He's good, he's really good." That pretty much said it all, don't you think?

So happy I could just ..... It's sinful to be THIS happy, especially at my age, lol

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DREAMER...Just wanted to thank you for the HH lyrics!!! When I was 10, they were my favorite band (besides the Beatles, of course)! I even had a HH sweat shirt that I had my mom order for me for my 10th bday> I wish I could play with you but I have to sleep then. And you are sleeping now> Love you!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LIZ..i agree but we can't help it! We are intoxicated.
On a more serious note I think since we are "older" we understand the seriousness of their relationship and the unique experiences they are going through will seal the deal, so to speak. They click on so many levels and we are just so excited for them>

LIZ said...

Hi, Super RN Gas Passer,

I'm "intoxicated" also, can't help it!!! I was only saying to the "Nonstens", they need to move on to a new agenda somewhere. I don't think they have any "legs" to stand on any longer. Heck, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if we see them married in the next 2 years.

But I'm dying to know where Edward's ring is???

angelica1 said...

Hi Super RN! I never pay attention to his hair colour to be honest. As long as they don't put him in NM tweed, since he's supposed to be 17!!

LIZ - I agree about the PDA and I think they have the balance just right now - they're happy and should be able to enjoy it and if there are pics all over the net of them holding hands and so on, it takes away the big payday for the paps!!

Kami said...

Susan, got your back on this one..I've looked at other pictures of Rob and you're right his hair IS too dark.

Kami said...

Thanks Smitty, it was a wonderful unexpected surprise. A Miracle

Leslie said...

Hi Super RN! How r you? Sorry I didn't see your comment to respond earlier.

SueBee said...

Cate, Tracy, Liza,

Kami, and Smitty

Hello and big hugs my friends!!!!

SueBee said...

Just a few stupid, nitpicking questions after I woke up from fainting over the wondrful pics....

One, why is Edward's hair THAT dark?

Two, doesn't Bella get a wedding band to go with the engagement ring?

And to throw my lot in with Liz, where is Edward's wedding ring?

angelica1 said...

SueBee - I need to reread BD to check about Edward's ring but Bella definitely does because Jacob comments about how loose it is on her finger when she's pregnant and really sick

angelica1 said...
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Penny Lane said...

Hi Roseland,

I'm going to throw in my 2 cents about the ring and hair.

I dug out my copy of BD and reread the wedding chapter. There was no exchange of rings mentioned. I'd have to read the whole book to be sure but maybe Edward never got a ring.

I think the hair is darker, but you don't know how they will light the scene. There was one picture from the night filming where the light was in his hair and it did have a lighter/reddish tint to it.

Kami said...

Maybe someone should mention to a couple of sites that they are FILMING. A site just said that Kristen was wearing an engagement ring from Rob, and went on to describe Bella's ring. tsk tsk

SueBee said...


I guess there is more than one resident in La La Land then. LOL

Think they'll figure it out?

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure that's a safe bet :) La La Land should be it's own Country in this fandom!

SueBee said...


Yes, it should. I know a few who are permanent residents! :oP

BTW, Leigh if you have a chance e-mail me.

Anonymous said...


Just a few?? LOL I know who their leader should be :) Hehehe!

And BTW, email sent :)