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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Life is but a Dream

All for one and one for all!

So I saw this picture on ROBsessed... I think.
Well.. doesn't really matter.
I just liked it because it has Rob, Tom and Lee.
And I'm a fan of all three of these guys...
And I really like that all of Rob's friends are benefiting from his fame.
That's kinda cool.
And if Robert has to subject his nervous system to the
lunacy of the Twilight fandom....
At least something good comes from it... right?

And dammit to hell.
My "E" key keeps popping off.
That's going to happen from now on, isn't it?
I will be just merrily typing along...
because I'm always so merrily doing stuff
and POP off comes the damn key and I find myself
pushing on the rubber nudgy thingy.
And then I'm all...
until I get the little bastard back on.

Life is but a dream.

Words of wisdom, my friends.

That's right, bitches... he is MINE.

Not a lot going on in the Twilight world.
And if you think about it...
The fact that there is, in fact, a Twilight world...
is kinda scary.

But Robert and Kristen have been undercover lately.
Like under the covers?
Well... yes... that too
but they have been well hidden from prying eyes.
Which is good.
All the better to get to Los Angeles, my dears.

Of course you can have a drag of my cig... Let me hold it for you, too.

So since there isn't much to say lately...
I thought I would just pop up a few favorite pictures...
I know, OK?
I post a lot of the same pictures.
But I like them.
Kristen, baby... are you going to eat those chicken wings?
I was tweeting earlier...
and I said that being together in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving
was kinda romantic and all
But it doesn't matter where you are...
It's who you are with.
Do you think Kristen makes pumpkin crumbles?
(Thanks J for finding a recipe!)
Rob seems to have a thing for crumbles...
and for Kristen. 

Yes... he is STILL mine. Get used to it.
Did you ever notice that when things are slow...
People start dredging up bullshit from the past?
Like dissecting stuff from the set of Twilight?
No shit.
I will admit to being a bit nostalgic about Twilight lately...
But I think the anticipation of Eclipse is responsible for some of that.
Let's face it boys and girls...
Rob and Kristen fell in love while making that movie.
Maybe they didn't act on it right away...
But it didn't take long for them to realize that they belong together.
And once they figured that out?
They have been together ever since.

Just like me, they long to be... Close to you.

I was thinking about what happens when Breaking Dawn wraps.
What do you think Rob and Kristen will do?
Let's think on this a bit.
(1 Merrily... 2 Merrily... 3 Merrily)
My thoughts?
I envision Robert taking Kristen away from all this.
Away from the maddening crowds.
Away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.
Away from the Twilight bullshit.
(At least until promotions starts)
Where oh where shall that be?
Can't you just imagine Rob and Kristen spending the summer in London?
I can.
Rob always seems to need to get back to London.
And he always seems to need to be with Kristen.

I love it.

The Robsten moment seen round the world! Big smiles all over.

Foam of the Day
Trust. I'm DEEP in the industry. I KNOW that it's ALL PR! I know it! I do!

This post is brought to you by the letters *T* and *M*

T for Thanksgiving.
It's a good day to be with those you love.

T for Tome
All roads lead to Tome.

Life is but a dream.

Bye for now


cutiestar said...

Right on Rose, you nail it evertime. Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!

jen said...

BWAHAHAHHAHA, your foam of the day was the richest of all foam! I love how many insiders there are that are online 24/7 and have theories that resemble fanfiction storylines!

Wonder what Kristen will be contributing to the thanksgiving meal, and I would love to be a fly on the wall of a STewart family thanksgiving. I imagine Rob being teased by her brothers and kristen telling them to shut up at the dinner table. lol

SueBee said...

Love the pics. So cute.

LIZ said...


I'm sure they'll be happy wherever, hopefully they'll get to be together. If they don't get much time off for the Holiday, perhaps they'll have a big cast dinner with everyone, just a thought.

About the "after BD", I'm not so sure that they'll go away, I believe by then they'll be starting new projects. This 6 months is taking a large chunk of their acting time and we all know they both want to do other stuff. Seems like we've already heard of several items for each of them, it'll be fun to see what happens. I wish they could split up their time and not be working at the same time so they could be together but that probably won't happen until they have a family.

Don't eat too much, everyone!!! just kidding ...

Liz, NC

Kay said...

Love the post and pictures, Rose :)

Wishing everyone in Roseland a wonderful Tuesday....safe travels for all that are starting the holiday now....happy turkey thawing..... and safe laundry adventures for all that are blessed with that excitement. :D

Take care and BE CAREFUL Susan!

Sydney said...

So, darling pictures, per the usual. Are you trying to hint at something Rose? With your lovely words?

Ah, nonsten industry insiders. There certainly are a quite a few. Strange coincidence, no? I'm just wondering why Summit is the only Production Company that forces PR relationships on it's actors, and why only for Twilight movies, and why only for Rob and Kristen? Provocative.

So, at my parent's insistence, I watched Pirate Radio. Which I had actually meant to see in the theaters but never got a chance. And while I have never been interested in Tom Sturridge before, I have to admit that he is actually seriously hot. Maybe it's hearing him speak, which I'd never heard before. He's got a smoldering quality going on even when he isn't trying. So yeah, kinda sexy. Seeing him next to RPattz...freaking HOT picture. Lee as a bonus? They all look delicious. I'd never seen that pic before so thanks Rose.

Leigh said...

Love your captions on the pics :)

Too funny!

Leslie said...

Great pictures as always Rose. I especially love the first. Three hotties in a row... Just love Lee's music. I can't wait til Lee comes to Nashville in March :)

LJ said...

Hey hey!

First pic is seriously cute Rose, they look so young.

Can't believe I missed Syd last night...gutted! Anyhoo, just in case you lurk any time Syd... sending lots of love from me!

Tracy, Vendredi est parfait pour une date de téléphone...toute heure du jour. Je t'aime et je vous admire beaucoup! :-D

Hugs to everyone,

rs007 said...

It makes no sense that there are so many insiders online. If there were, surely someone could tell us what Rob and Kristen's next projects are, or when Bel Ami and OTR are getting released. "Insiders" never have real info, just the same as everyone else; baseless conjecture to suit their agendas. And that goes for both shipper and non-sense/Krisbians/Gaystew "insiders"

Anyone who believes any of these people are gullible sheep/foaming hyenas. Two sides of the same coin. No one knows anything for sure except that Rob and Kris are together. In what capacity, no one knows for sure, under what circumstances did they get together, no one knows for sure. We all make a choice about what to believe, but belief is not facts.

Rose said...

I guess I forgot to write my blog with the SARCASM font.
Why do people get so defensive about opinion?

Happy Birthday, Linda :)

SueBee said...


I'll be careful. Falling down the stairs twice in a row just means it's something I'm doing!

Staying away from all stairs or anything with an incline.

Too bad I can't use this to get out of making Thanksgiving Dinner....

Come to think of it, I love the cooking part, it's the cleaning up after part that I detest.

Really want to watch Pirate Radio. I've never heard Tom speak and heaven knows I'm a sucker for a British accent. Furthermore, I saw a clip, and lets just say it peaked my interest. :oP

Penny Lane said...


Speaking of crazy fandom, did you know there are some who think your reference to the "e" popping off is really you talking about someone's engagement?

No kidding.


It's time to stop doing the laundry.

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday..
And Hi Rose,

I didn't know if you will be posting tomorrow and I didn't want to take a chance because I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
We are all blessed to have someone with such a big heart and of course with all kinds of smarts and common sense, to write this blog almost every single day... you are amazing and I just want to Thank You because you always bring a smile to my face and my heart.

I love your post today, I always do, every single one of them.. because it's all about LOVE, Love between two beautiful people that were destined to be together.. soulmates.
So thank you for that Rose.

Enjoy your day with your family and friends.

SueBee said...


You talked me into it--or out of it--either way. :o)


katy said...

Hi, Rose!!! love the post and love the pictures as always.

Hugs to everyone and be happy.

Rose said...

My 'e' IS about their engagement! How did they figure that out??

Susan, I hope you are OK after your falls down the stairs. Ouch.

As for Tom's accent? OH MY FUCKING GOD. I'm sorry... but it puts Robert's to shame.
So sexy.

Melinda said...

Your captions are too much Rose! I saw the pumpkin crumble. Looks delish so I might be making that soon. We all know they will be spending turkey day together.

Susan- geez the laundry is really not your friend lately...hope your day gets much better

Liza-educate me...what does gutted mean?

Sydney- Tom's voice is hot...have to agree with you on that...

Cruising down the road loving the fall colors. Will catch up with everyone later!

angelica1 said...

Rose - There are some who are still waiting for Kristen to give birth to a baby that, by their calculations,was due last March :D

LJ said...

Blimey...someone needs to lighten up. No-one here is claiming insider knowledge!

I forgot to say..happy birthday Linda!

Hi SueBee!! I've sent you a message elsewhere but as your here *gentle hugs* I hope your ok after your fall. Love you!

Oh and I know it wont have the same effect as Toms but you can hear my British accent anytime!



LJ said...

Hi Melinda!....ha ha sorry, gutted means like devastated or something.


Melinda said...

Amen to that Rose- he does put Rob to shame in that department!

Melinda said...

Thanks Liza-figured as much just wanted to know for sure

All these people who try to figure out what everything means need new hobbies. Although it provides laughs for all of us!

SueBee said...


Rumor has it that if I listen to your British accent, I'll fall in love with you immediately.

I'm already half way there so it would only be a matter of time. LOL

Gentle hugs back at you.


My day has to get better, right? Right? Let's hope! Thanks for the well wishes.


I'm okay, Thanks for the concern. If the "e" key means engagement, can my "j" key mean Jackson will come visit me????

If so, I can tear that sucker off right now.

Annie said...

Good afternoon Roseland!

Some people can foam, foam all they want - It doesn't change a thing!
Rob and Kristen = Together!

Happy Birthday to Linda! Cheers!

Rose said...

Susan, I wish that were true... See I ripped off my "R" key long ago... and alas...
Robert is still with Kristen!

Sydney said...

Darn it. The "E" is about their engagement? I thought it was the first inital of their as-of-yet unborn lovechild. I lack imagination.

SueBee said...


Hope springs eternal. *sigh*

Penny Lane said...

Barbara F,

We haven't heard from you in a few days. I hope everything is ok.

SueBee said...

Oh, that's right, a love child is way overdue! This little guy must be gestating like an elephant!

Tracy said...

Oh Rose.. that's because my "K" key keeps sticking.. that means he's sticking with Kristen!

Tricksy keyboards.. better than the psychic network!!!

Hi everybody :)

And I'm a sucker for that schmexy sexy accent. I could probably be talked into doing just about anything if I got to hear it all the time.

*HUGS* Suse.. make someone else do the laundry! And then say your injuries hurt after dinner and make everyone else clean up!

Liza!! C'est une date.. je t'aime... sorts et sorts

LJ said...

Tracy!!! 'flinging' myself at you for a big hug!! heh heh

Tracy said...

Liza!!! My love!


Having a 'fling' is so much fun!!!


deb said...

Thanks for the Pic I love the thought of them being together for Thanksgiving and Yep Kristen well be making her pumpkin pies and others things to make her MAN even happier I believe to that Rob well take kristen off somewhere to be alone and good for them. DEB.

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roselanders!

You had me rofl with the captions under the pics. Simply brilliant! Thank-you for the Happy Bday.

Also thank-you to Annie Katy Leigh Liza and Susan.

Susan I hope you are okay after your multiple falls. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Also you and Tracy had me spitting out my drink over the gestating like an elephant and the psychic keyboard.

Thank-you again to everyone for making me laugh and smile today. I have been dreading today for months and you all have made it better than I could have imagined.

ROSELAND is the best place ever with the best people ever. Thanks again and everyone have a safe (Susan) and wonderful day.


MLH414 said...


I'm lovin' all your posts the last couple of days! Life has been busy lately...in a good way, of course! :)

I love all the beautiful pics, especially the ones of Kristen from Twilight...I haven't seen those before!! And I love the captions under the pics...perfect!! Oh, and I finally got to see How to Be the other day! I really liked it!!

I hope everyone has safe travels and a happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much, though I always do because I go to my hubbies folks AND mine...LOL...I have a lot to be thankful for this year :)


MLH414 said...


Happy Birthday! :)


Wildhart007 said...


Geo said...

1 little, 2 little, 3 little hottie....such an attractive trio.

I saw Tom in Being Julia a couple of weeks ago. The combination of his bedroom eyes and sexy voice is a deadly combination. lol Women have no hope of resisting that. Such a good movie too. Annette Bening is a brilliant actress.

Love the captions Rose! I kind of hope they go to London after BD wraps too. Maybe for a few weeks before starting something new. I am very curious to see what role Kristen will do next.

I never understand why when there is a dry spell, people want to rehash the past regarding herbs and weeds. Don't they know there is no point in looking up a dead cow's rear-end? ;-)

bev said...

Never commented before but I just love this blog. And I mean LOVE. I can never get enough of Robert and Kristen, they just put a smile on my face. Dont understand why anyone wouldnt enjoy seeing two people so in love. Go figure.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in Roseland. Rose you are number one, thank you for all the smiles.

bev said...

Never commented before but I just love this blog. Ane I mean LOVE. I can never get enough of Robert and Kristen, they just put a smile on my face. Dont understand why anyone wouldnt enjoy seeing two people in love. Go figure.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in Roseland.

Rose, you are number one, thank you for all the smiles. Bev.

bev said...

Sorry Im lame at this

kstewrocks said...

I thought London was the place he needed to be. But I think now it's become Kristen is the place he needs to be.

I hope they have a nice thanksgiving. It's Thursday right. I hope they have a nice one. Rob and Kristen are good at hiding. I also think it's that Baton Rouge is strict, the filming is now strict. And there's less paparazzi in Baton Rouge. We'd be all full up if they were in Vancouver.

kstewrocks said...

Do you like Eddie, Rose?

I saw him, in a program on Saturday. :D

This medieval program. Omg, he's gorgeous. Tom was cute before, but now he's growing on me.

And of course Rob, I've been a fan of. I haven't had to think to be a fan of him.

kstewrocks said...

wildhart, happy birthday :)

Kami said...

Susan, I'm sorry you fell down the stairs...I've done that too trying to carry laundry.

Now let's talk about Thanksgiving. I too like to cook, and I NEVER have to deal with clean up...Heith does it for me. Hmmm maybe I should be extra nice to him from now on, I'm finding out more and more how special he is.
Anyway Susan make your hubby do the dishes.

Sydney said...

Kstewrocks: Totally agree. Rob's home is where Kristen is. And Kristen's where Rob is. Cute.

Bev: Welcome!

Kami: that's seriously so sweet. I hope you tell him that!

Hope said...

Rose...love the way you think and the captions are hilarious especially "That's right bitches...he is mine!!"

Happy birthday indeed Wildhart !!

KStewRocks and Liza...are you excited about your upcoming national holiday in April??!! England hit the jackpot with this beautiful and classy Royal Couple. Talk about smitten...wow

Barbara Fenwick said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rose and all Roselanders. Great post Rose, as usual. You always nail it everytime. Thank you. I hope Rob and Kris are having a very happy holidays. Happy Holiday everyone.

angelica1 said...

Hi Barbara.Nice to hear from you :)

LJ said...

Hi Barbara Fenwick, great to hear from you! Lots of love.

Hiya Hope, yes the extra bank holiday is always welcome, especially as it's the week after Easter so it means two consecutive 4 day weekends...yay!


angelica1 said...

Liza - I was pretty happy when I realised it gave us a 3 day week :)

LJ said...

I know Angelica with 4 day weeks either side...love it!

Birdie said...

I agree with you,Hope. I loved the "He's mine" captions. Kristen has certainly put up with enough BS and I would love to see her give that message to a few people I can think of. But then she doesn't really need to because she obviously has something with Rob that no one else has.
With all the crazy that is Twilight, I would bet that their relationship is what they most cherish as a result of it. As much as I enjoy seeing them, I like to think they are just enjoying "real" time together.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rose.

June said...

Sorry for my ignorance but, can anyone enlighten me about the meaning of "Tome"???

I mean, when Rose says "all the ways lead to Tome" or "Tome is where the heart is", what does she mean?


Tracy said...

Tome is twirly type for home, right?!

It's twirling while you're at home?

Twirling because you're at home?

Twirling because you just feel at home?

Twirling because your keyboard at home has a wonky "e" key?

Always that 'E'.. and the psychic keyboards..

Tomorrow's post needs to be brought to us by the letter "E" for enigma.. because it truly is a puzzle, that one.

June said...


Thanks so much! Now "Tome" makes sense. My brain was really twirling on the meaning of Tome...

gwen said...

Hello Roseland(ers)!

Rose, love your caption on the pics, esp. the 'he's mine, bitches' and the 'he's still mine', lol.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and have a great Tuesday! Oh, happy birthday Linda!

DreamerKind said...

I'm dreaming along with you, sharing the love, and good times.
Best holiday wishes to you and yours.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!

Take care and happy holiday.

Keep the faith and lights will guide you home.

Hope you recoup pronto. Bag and throw the laundry down the stairs, first. :)

(BBL, going out for early TG dinner with the kiddos.)

DreamerKind said...

Fix You

Coldplay will guide you:

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

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When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
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Thank you/GalakFyarr

30 said...

Happy Birthday Linda!!




Sydney said...

Where is Smitty? Paula Dean is making Turducken with Oyster Dressing on her show tonight (old 2005 episode).

SueBee said...

Since everyone seems to be getting ready for the holiday, I just thought I would say Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Turkey Tackle Hugs

Monica said...

Rose, I like the subtitles you added to the pics!~

Monica from Asia

Tracy said...

Squeeeeee!!! It's the Swedish chef!! I'm gorna cook da berd..

He was always my dad's favorite muppet :)

Turkey Tackle Hugs... with extra gravy!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LINDA...Happy Birthday! My sons bday as well today. HE IS 20..His name is Collin

SUE BEE...Sorry to hear about the fall...I worry about myself as well . I am always carrying laundry up and down...

ROSE...I enjoyed reading the first month of your blog (wow 2 years)..I want to read some more of the older ones when time permits. You were spot on right from the start about R&K..It just HAD to occur... I guess it seems old fashioned but I do hope they stay together and that it leads to marriage one day. I am interested to know and you probably mentioned it in later entries if you changed your mind about Taylor playing Jacob in New Moon. I can see how you would think he couldnt possibly pull it off and be true to SM,s description.


Melinda said...

2 white tailed deer and 5 wild turkeys greeted us when we got to our cabin which was really cool...

Susan- turkey tackle hugs to you...how ya doing? Totes bought a Reese's Christmas tree tonight when grocery shopping and thought of you.

Hey Tracy! Forgot to tell you a couple of days ago but that blanket you did...love the color combo...great job.

gwen said...


This is for you. Hope you had a wonderful dinner w/ family.



Kami said...

I probably won't be able to be on much tomorrow or the next day so I just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a Happy Thanksgiving and for those on the other side of the pond "Happy Thursday".

I am very glad I came to this site and was able to meet such wonderful people, I'm thankful for the wonderful friends I have made.
I am also very thankful to Rose for giving us a wonderful place to enjoy.

DreamerKind said...

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DreamerKind said...

You darling girl, how I love "Dirty Dancing" Patrick and Jennifer. Why they were the R & K of their day, onscreen, not off.

Such dancing and eye sexing, even in fantasy, smokes, baby.

Made my day, sweet one.


DreamerKind said...

Here is the summation of my night:

Sometimes, there is a love between two people that lifts your heart and spirit out of the present moment.

That is the love I see between my son B. and his girl J. Blew me away, and I've seen it before but he said tonight that he will propose to her in 2011, when he can buy the ring she loves. Smart man, if he can recognize her loves.

After 10 years together, I agree she deserves a special ring.

In addition to their love, I love Chili Dark Chocolate from Lindt-Sprungli, and that's what I have in my mouth, as I write this.

But the real kicker tonight, was when my son B. told me that I was wide of the mark as a parent (sure, I know that) but that I did teach him how to love (and that is all that matters to me).

Apparently, he sees that it gives him an advantage and insight into himself and life, too.

Penny Lane, I agree with your earlier comments, and although it is hard to be a parent, this is one of the rewards that you hinted at when you wrote.

Consider the alternative and dismiss it, for it is not a good choice.

Good manners, good behavior, and overall goodness do not compare to the ability to love.

Bravo, Dreamer, you rock, you sucker. Thanks be to me!

DreamerKind said...

Happy Thanksgiving to All:

Let There Be Peace on Earth

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DreamerKind said...

Oh, it is early (136am) and if I was smart, I'd try to sleep so I can get those new tires on tomorrow, if the places are open for business on a pre-holiday. No recession or depression seems to make us (Americans) forego time off for celebrating, and I am in agreement about it.

Yes, you ask, did I wear costume jewelry tonight? I did, with my crystal pewter shoes and satin blouse (so successful last week, so not freshly cleaned this).

Four ropes of crystal beads encased in some plastic stuff were a hit with me, and I felt so mod. You would, too.

My confession of being on this RP blog was the comical hit at dinner, for didn't you know that I lust for RP and TL per those kiddos?

Well, sorry to say, I don't. Lust is beyond me these days, until I meet someone REAL and in person, that prompts me to it.

Not all of my raving about the Twilight books could sway those dogged kids from making fun of me. I store it all up and will make fun of them, when the moment is right.

They will see how lame it is when I make fun of what matters to them, and find the weak spot in their liking. Ah, I live for those salty times.

In an effort to share the sexiness of R & K smoking on set in Brazil, I took a hit from a cig tonight myself. Isn't that fun?

It was fun and I can still taste it although I wish I had a pipe with some bay rum tobacco to smoke instead. Not gonna leave this world without doing stuff that I don't do in the course of living, right?

DreamerKind said...

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Everything's alright, yes, everything's alright, yes.


Surely you're not saying we have the resources
To save the poor from their lot?
There will be poor always, pathetically struggling.
Look at the good things you've got.
Think while you still have me!
Move while you still see me!
You'll be lost, and you'll be sorry when I'm gone.


Sleep and I shall soothe you, calm you and anoint you.
Myrrh for your hot forehead/
Then you'll feel
Everything's alright, yes, everything's fine.
And it's cool and the ointment's sweet
For the fire in your head and feet.
Close your eyes, close your eyes, and relax
Think of nothing tonight.


Everything's alright, yes, everything's alright, yes.


Close your eyes, close your eyes, and relax

Thank you/ernestsable

Annie said...

Good morning Roseland!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who celebebrate and to those who don't, I wish a wondrful day however you choose to spend it and whatever you choose to do.

I hope you you all have something/someone in your life to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, a thankful Thursday and a fabulous weekend!
Take care all. :)

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart

What we're really talking about is a wonderful day set aside on the fourth Thursday of November when no one diets. I mean, why else would they call it Thanksgiving? ~Erma Bombeck, "No One Diets on Thanksgiving," 26 November 1981.

Birdie said...

Thank you,Rose, for creating a haven for the intoxicated. You can always be my designated driver through this crazy fandom.
I hope everyone here in Roseland has a Thanksgiving filled with great food, love and laughter!

DK, Enjoy your time away and just think no "kitchen duty". I loved your comments on your son. It does not surprise me that you have taught your children to love and that is a success as a parent in my book.

Bren, I have read so many comments that I can't remember who all is entertaining tomorrow. Have a wonderful day with your family and see you on the other side.

Gwen, Since you do not have Thanksgiving, I imagine you will be at work. Your boss is away for 2 weeks? There,now you have something to be thankful for tomorrow. I think you would really love Black Friday, a bargain-hunter's dream. I am happy to say I will be working Friday and making money, not spending it.

Linda, I did not wish you a happy birthday yesterday. I hope you had a great day and have no after effects today.

Jentoo, I read your comments and feel such empathy for you. I have a 20 year old son that has been one of my life's greater challenges. There were times I was pretty angry with him and the absolutely stupid choices he made but he always knew I loved him. That is what most kids do, make stupid choices. It is better that they do it now while you are there to love and guide them. If they learn something from it then I like to believe that they are a bit more prepared for what life has to throw at them. I am starting to see some growth and maturity in my son. Progress, not perfection. Best wishes to you and your family.

Cate said...

Happy Turkey Eve!

Just wanted to wish all the travelers Godspeed and safe travels.

To all the chefs for tomorrow’s event : break a leg, or a spoon, or whatever is good luck in the kitchen :)

To those across the pond and beyond: hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

Here’s to each of you getting the bigger side of the wishbone…

Thankful to and for friends near and far.


Ohhh… and Happy Birthday Linda! I’m an idiot and forgot to say it the other night before I left. Truly hope it was a good one for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wildhart007 said...

Ow Hi! Roselanders!

Ooh my head hurts.

30 Birdie Cate DK Gwen Hope KStewrocks and SuperRNGP

(Ow) okay I'm gonna go get something for the head

Everyone have a good day!

Leigh said...

Good Morning Roseland!!

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's going to be a busy few days. Everyone stay safe and have a awesome time with family and friends :)

To all that will on a plane, train, or in a automobile--safe travels :)

Leigh ♥


Manjen and Geo..

WDE!!! I can't wait!!!

Kami~ I'll be thinking about you tomorrow when I hear about that housewife in Kansas...LOL!!

Leigh said...

Oh yea--I forgot!

Linda, I hope your head feels better!


Annie said...

Apologizes for the spelling mistakes in my earlier comment.
I need coffee! :)

Freddie said...

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to pop in quickly before work to wish everyone celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow all the best for a safe and happy holiday with family and friends.



manjen said...

I haven't been on in a few days, I hope everyones been doing well!

Linda, I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!

Leigh and Geo....WDE!!!!

I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Penny Lane said...

Good Morning everyone,

Happy early Thanksgiving or Happy Wednesday,

To all that are traveling I wish you a safe journey.

My travel day is Friday so I'll be around.


Melinda said...

Happy Wednesday to all Roselanders!

Not sure how busy the next two days will be so I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving" for those of us who celebrate. For those who don't hope you have a wonderful day whatever you do.

Happy that I found a little community of Rob and Kristen fans that have become friends. As Rose said before you find friends in the strangest places.

Rose- I'm glad that Rob intoxicated you so that you created this blog! I love reading what you say and how you say it. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday.


May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!
~Author Unknown

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Good morning Roseland...2 jokes for you...Hope you have not already heard them... What do you call a cow that is shaking??? Beef Jerky. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef

DreamerKind said...

Happy, happy day to you all!

This is a great start to my day, for as you see, I am awake which is a mini-miracle, accomplished with coffee just before bed.

Off I go on errands and maybe getting tires.

Loved the comments today, jokes, quotes and everything.

Roselanders rock the best blog on the internet!

Elaine said...

Hi guys!!!

I've had a crazy couple of days, but wanted to take the time to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
I have lots to be thankful for this year including you all wonderful Roselanders.
Be safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!

30 said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Rose and Roseland!


Adam Sandler's "The Turkey Song" is fitting.

Be Safe! Be Happy!

Don't eat to much Turkey! :)

jentoo said...

Good Morning Everyone!

In the spirit of the holiday, I just wanted to take a minute a say thanks so much for all of your kind words on the last post and this one. Everyone has been so very sweet and I really appreciate all of them!:)

Susan...Be careful! I remember falling down the stairs a couple of times while carrying laundry when I was big and pregnant with my oldest. Maybe he got jostled around a bit and maybe that explains his decision making process lately...lol! Seriously, though, hope you weren't too badly hurt.

I hope everyone has a great day today and tomorrow! I'm off to spend the rest of the day in the kitchen....

jentoo said...


Rose....thank you for Roseland! It's a really nice place to hang!:)

lacey8 said...

Happy almost Thanksgiving!
Love reading Rose's blog! Nice pic with Lee MacDougal in it! Kinda early but I hope to see him when he comes to Nashville. Love his voice!

Leslie said...

Hi! I just wanted to stop and say Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.


I can't wait for Lee to come to Nashville either. Third and Lindsley right?

lacey8 said...


Yeah, Have you been there before? That part of Nashville is LOT of fun!

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Love your thoughts about after the BD filming. I join you in hoping that during this holiday break, Rob and Kristen stay ...
"well hidden from prying eyes.
Which is good."

Dear Jentoo, being a parent has given me many of the most challenging and also most rewarding moments of my life. I forget who mentioned earlier to you....."This too shall pass"....but, it is soo true. May you all be stronger, closer, and more loving as you leave yesterday behind and move forward through today and tomorrow together.
I found the following words when my sweet son was a teen.

"The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness."
-Honore de Balzac

Hugs to you and all the lovely Roselanders!

Will peek in after work. I have a different schedule the next couple of days.

Leslie said...

I haven't been there but my in laws go there a lot. They always have good bands there. Bobby Long played there at least once. Really wish I could have gone to that one but family issues came up. Lee seems nice though.