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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've lost count.

I am officially nuts. Completely fucking crazy. Absolutely.
I went to see "Twilight" for the 4th time at the theater.
Sad to say that it was moved into one of the smaller venues...nothing like the huge ULTRAscreen I first saw it in.
But that's OK with me...as long as I can still go and see it. Now, I have downloaded a version of Twilight off the internet. I had to. Seriously. The picture quality isn't fantastic...but I can watch it whenever I want to (and let's face it...I always want to). You wanna know how insane I truly am? I went to the movies yesterday to watch it...and then came home and watched it again on my computer. I mean...wtf is wrong with me? I'm pretty sure I've seen the movie at least 10 times...and I'm far from being done with it. I definitely have to get theater #5 in before Christmas break. I'm glad I have a way to watch Twilight for when it does go out of the theaters, and I have no other way to watch it...until the DVD comes out in Spring. There is NO FUCKING WAY I could go months without seeing it...hows THAT for crazy? I can only imagine what will happen to me when I do get the DVD...I better buy at least 2, for when I wear the first one OUT. Damn. I'm so totally fucked up crazy. OK. I'm sorry that I am so full of vulgarities this morning...but sometimes I just can't help myself. I guess that's true in more ways than one.
Bye for now.

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