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Monday, December 8, 2008

Rob in Paris...

Yep. Robert is in Paris...for yet another "Twilight" promo thingy.
He does look delicious, though, doesn't he? Um...yeah.
So...interesting news on the Twilight Movies front. Looks like Catherine Hardwicke isn't coming back to direct either New Moon or Eclipse. Fascinating. The story out of Summit is that they couldn't jive with CH's schedule...but you gotta wonder.
Also said that they were going to film NM and Eclipse back to back. Which is a good idea since the actors are all aging and most of their characters aren't. It also says that in about a year from now New Moon will be out. WOW. I hope this isn't a rush job from Summit. Cash in on the Twilight train while the hype is high. New Moon will be a tricky movie to make in my opinion. First you have to deal with the fact that Edward/Robert isn't in that much of the story. A little in the beginning...and a bit at the end...but there's a whole lotta non Edward in the middle. As much as I LOVE Edward/Rob...I'm not sure how they can bring in more Edward and stay true to the heartbreak/depression that the book sets. Bella can dream about him, I suppose. She does dream in the book...but I'm not sure Edward is actually in the dreams or not. They could just show what Edward is doing...tracking Victoria...moping around being depressed...but doesn't that take away from the angst and sadness that Edward isn't there? Doesn't that take away from the joy and ecstasy when he does finally return? Rob has said he hopes they stay true to the book...I have to agree. Then, of course, they have to deal with the whole werewolf thing. Not gonna be easy if they stay away from cheesy. Heh. And most of all...the whole Taylor/Jacob thing. Not feeling the sexy, you might be able to make me forget Edward vibe from Taylor. But then again...who the hell am I? I'm not sure how I feel about CH being dumped as director, either. I did enjoy her enthusiasm and love of Twilight...but I guess we shall just have to wait and see.
I wanted to go see Twilight again today...but because I keep putting off my whole fucking life because of my Robsession...I really couldn't do it in good faith. Besides the fact that its supposed to snow like a bitch tonight and tomorrow...so I guess I won't be going anywhere then.
I'm so unmotivated about Christmas. Christmas...Robert...Christmas...Robert. It's a slippery slope, my friends. And I'm sliding down it like a motherfucker. Pardon my French. Which brings up full circle back to Rob. He's in France, or at least he was. I was there last summer. And while Paris is a beautiful, historically rich, city...I could honestly take it or leave it.
OK. Enough of my inane ramblings for now.

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