"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You're kidding...right?

Someone mentioned to me earlier....that people might actually read this blog. It kinda makes me cringe. Not that I have anything to hide or anything. No. But I truly just write this for my own enjoyment...to get my Robsession under some kind of control (how's that working for you?). I don't go to any great lengths to write properly...or try to impress anyone. Hell...I'm a long way from proper writing style.
I swear too much. I use improper English. I use my coveted "..." way...WAY too much. And I just ramble and rant endlessly about Robert Pattinson. And although I find him most mesmerizing and totally sexy hot...I'm not sure anyone else who reads this would feel the same. But, since I know I, myself, have stumbled upon other peoples blogs...I guess it's only fair to think a few people have stumbled upon this...and probably raced the hell away as fast as they could! Heh. It's OK. Really. I truly understand. My feelings about Robert Pattinson are a bit overwhelming...even for me. And I'm fucking living them. Anyway. Just had to get that off my chest. Or whatever part of my body it was residing.
Cest la vie'. Life goes on.


Jenny said...

I read yr blog! I like it!

Tess said...

I like it too! xoxo

Rose said...

So very sweet! It's nice to know my insanity is contagious!