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Saturday, December 20, 2008

5X a charm!

Well, I did it! I met my Twilight quota. I have seen it 5x in the theater! (countless times on my computer)
I'm not sure if I will be able to catch it again in the theater. I guess it depends on how long it stays in theaters. They are cutting back on the number of showings now...so I have to wonder how much longer. And school is out for Christmas break...and I'm not sure I want to hang out with tweenies.
I might be able to talk my gf's into going one more time...we shall see.
I was going to do a post about my favorite parts of the movie...and I will, eventually. But I counted at least 17 different times that I was blown away by Rob...so pretty much everytime he's onscreen, right? Anyway...I will try to narrow it down to my top ten favorite Rob moments...if I can. Otherwise it will be my 17 favorite Rob moments. Heh.
I am just getting over a real nasty head cold...so I haven't had the patience to write in here much. Sorry. But I will be back to my rambling, inane self soon enough.
Bye for now.

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