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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I just realized...

You know I love Robert Pattinson. I loved Robert Pattinson in Twilight. He was perfect for Edward. And I love Edward. I can't deny that Edward is where my obsession...my Robsession all started. But I just realized something today. I was reading a fan-fic..."Wide Awake". Fucking Brilliant, by the way. But I digress...I'm reading this story (and might I add, that I am continually reading Edward/Bella fan-fic) and this story, this fucking brilliant story of a human Edward/Bella...made me realize that I don't picture Robert as Edward in my mind...when I read about Edward. I have this vision in my head... This perfect, gorgeous, beautiful, FUCKING GLORIOUS Edward. And while Rob is probably the closest existing human on the face of this fucking planet that looks like Edward...he's not quite who I see when I read about Edward.
How the fuck is THAT for a revelation? And excuse all my fucking language. It's from reading "Wide Awake". Fucking Brilliant!

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Tess said...

Rose. I'm even more fucked that you are (and can I say how much I love being able to freely cuss on your blog?) I avoided the Twilight series because I was told it was too young for me to read: As they say here in Singapore. "Cannot read lah.. for young adults" so I gave it a huge pass for years!! can you imagine??

Then! I see the trailer on the apple website... am mesmerized by Rob... watch trailer over and over and over (Planned our wedding in between viewings) and then read the books. I'm hopelessly in love with Rob as much as I can be in love with someone I don't know .. ha ha..

Let's get a joining padded rooms K?