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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lots of Robert

*whew* HUGE Rob day today. The Little Ashes trailer came out today (the real one, not just a snippet) and Rob looks awesome in it. I love how he loses himself in this role. I can't wait to see it.

The picture here is from the London premiere of "Twilight". Yes, thousands of screaming teens showed up to show Rob that, they too, can scream and screech at him as good as the Americans! Robert said of his hysterical fans: "It's absolutely mad. I'm in a daze. They're here for the character, not for me. I don't know what to do. I'm terrified of doing the sequel."

I'm wondering how true that quote really is. I'm going to guess that 80% of the tweeners that love Robert right now, call him "Edward". And will probably hate his new movie "Little Ashes" because it isn't Edward at all. I hate to think he's scared of doing the sequels because the screaming banshees have him terrified. Again, I can only imagine how well he is really holding up. It does make me happy that at least he is back home in London, with his family. There has to be a bit of sanity attached to that. I hope he can enjoy his time there to some degree. Kristen was there, too...unfortunately she brought her actor/bodyguard boyfriend with her. His name is Michael Aragano...or something like that. I never heard of him until "Twilight" came out and he was in pictures lurking behind Kristen. He's always lurking behind Kristen. He obviously doesn't have a job. And hasn't for quite some time since he seems to have so much time off to escort his girlfriend around the world. Nice life, I suppose. No offense to Kristen...but it's time to trade up, girl. The boyfriend you get at 16...is not enough for you now. You need someone a bit older...taller...better looking, say....with an English accent. You know who I mean.

On another note. I went and saw "Twilight" for the 3rd time yesterday. 6 other people in the theater. Nice. I also downloaded a version from some movie site...its not the best quality...but I love being able to watch the movie whenever I want to. Never fear, I will probably see the movie at least 2 more times...and there is no doubt in hell I will be buying the DVD when it comes out. I am already on Amazon's Twilight list to let me know when it is coming out.

Other than that...I guess I am done. Time to get some more of Rob. Lots to look at...lots to listen to. Life is good.

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