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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Boy With Kaleidoscope Eyes

It is completely dead around here.
And by here I mean online.

I guess it is a holiday weekend and all
But for once we aren't doing the lake thing...
We are going 'out of town' in a few days.
Don't rejoice too hard
I will have my brand spanking new iPad with me.
I mean...
What kind of obsessive addict would I be
if I didn't have some way to ...
Be obsessively addicted?

Although I'm not sure if I will be able to blog...
But they won't be these long rambling posts
like this one will no doubt turn out to be.

She looks beautiful as always.
Kristen is a pretty name.
I kinda like Kris...
I wonder if she does?
She probably hates some of the names out there for her...
KStew (let's face it, it sounds like a thick soup)
I kinda remember a video of Nikki Reed and Kristen
(You know, when they were still buddies)
And Nikki calling her
Do you think she gets called...
Mrs. Pattinson?
Would she like that?
Probably not.
Although it's all kinds of cute.

So anyway...
Kristen in New Orleans.
Just like she's supposed to be.

Of course there is chatter about where Robert is...
You know how it goes
Someone tweets they saw him in a restaurant in Los Angeles
Someone tweets that he's hanging around the set... in NOLA
The fact remains that no one knows where he is at the moment.
It's all about what you want to believe.

I kinda like to think that he will show up where Kris is...
Because I think he is happier when he is with her.
Notice I said...
My opinion, folks.
Just my opinion.

Because when Robert isn't with Kristen...
This is what I picture him looking like
ALL the time.
Grumpy, Grizzly Goat.

I suppose there is a chance he has stuff going on in L.A.
and just can't get away right now...
Or maybe he's just tired of the media circus following him around.
Or maybe...
He's already there...
and we just don't know it.

As always...
Only time will tell.
A picture will tell.

But I kinda like not seeing grumpy Robert...
I would prefer to see

This Robert.

There's no denying what we see in this picture.
No matter how hard some people try.

Let's be honest here...
I know... for some people that is a foreign concept.
They haven't been apart that long
They spent quite a bit of time together
before she flew to Argentina...
So these little separations because of work
or scheduling conflicts...
or whatever...
don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

So really stop with the dramatics.
Whether they are next to each other
or in different parts of the world...
They are still together.

THIS is one of my most favorite pictures of Robert.
I'm kinda a sucker for profile pics...
And scruffy pics.
And pictures where he looks like he's thinking...

Remember that DETAILS magazine interview?
One of the best descriptions of Robert ever was in that magazine.

"Rob's face is constantly busy- especially his kaleidoscope eyes, 
which are continually rolling and dilating,
because he is always thinking."
I find the THINKING part deliciously sexy.
I like that part.
I like that he's always thinking.
He's not simple...
He's not easy to figure out.
He's complicated.

And now for my Saturday Sarcastic Soapbox.

1. I write a blog about the current rumors/speculation
in the ongoing drama that is Robert and Kristen.
That's all.
I voice my opinion based on what I read...
What I see...
What I hear...
You know... kinda how you form an opinion.
You don't have to agree with me.
That's fine and dandy.
You don't have to like Kristen.
Or Robert.
Or anything Twilight related.
But see...
The thing is...
 I DO.
So I find myself defending them against the hate.
And then I get hated in the process.
And hey...
If you want to hate me because I write a Rob/Kristen blog
I guess that's your prerogative...
But think about it.
Kinda ridiculous
Especially since no one is forcing you to come here
and read my words.

2. I don't hate anyone.
I can't think of a single person that deserves the effort.
Even people I don't like
Which I admit might be a few (dozen)
I can't be bothered to hate them.
You have to care about someone to hate them...
And I don't.

3. Please stop asking me to defend
Robert against the Kristen fans...
Or Kristen against the Robert fans...
Or keep telling me that Kristen fans are worse than Rob fans.
Or Rob's fans are way worse than Kristen's.
I adore BOTH Robert and Kristen
Haven't I made that more than obvious yet?
There are lunatics out there.
I mean serious lunatics.
And they aren't Rob or Kristen fans
They are just fucking lunatics
who are looking for attention
who like to stir up hate 
and will use whatever means possible to do so.
There are absolutely fucked up crazies who profess
to be a fan of either/or Rob and Kristen.
Don't let then fool you.
Something in your gut is telling you that something is off
You know that person...
They fly off the fucking handle over nothing.
They overreact to everything
They scream and shout obscenities and insults
over anything.
They are always playing the victim...
Yet they are always attacking someone.
They kinda scare you because you know something isn't right.
You know it...
Just be careful who you have on your 'side'.

So I keep looking at the picture of Rob
with the 
And even though I am female 
I agree with that sentiment exactly right now.
Get the FUCK off my dick.

You don't like it...

What else can I say?

This post is brought to you by the letters *S* and *G*

S for Soho House
Because it is obviously a place that Robert can go
and not be hounded by the fucktards.

S for So what?
What difference does it make if Robert is still in L.A.?
The guy does have obligations... don't you think?
And when he shows up with someone besides Steph?
Get back to me.
(He will be with Kristen SOON enough)


G is for Gorilla.
I don't know.
It just really makes me laugh.
It's so fucking random.

This *TWIRL* is brought to you by 
Robert Pattinson.

Excellent job.

Bye for now


SueBee said...

Love you, Rose! Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Same goes to the rest of my friends!

Anonymous said...

I love it too...that is one of my favs of his goofy pics....I have no idea why I like it so much. thanks again for such a great post! It is like you see straight into my thoughts and type them down! have a great weekend!

Wildhart007 said...

Great Post! Love the always Thinking Rob!

Everyone have a Good Weekend!

LJ said...

Hi Rose,

Great post...

'Whether they are next to each other or in different parts of the world...They are still together.'

Never a truer word spoken.

Much love to all my friends on here....I have no idea what a Labor Day Weekend is, it's just a normal weekend where I am! Hope you all have a great one anyway!!


Aleksandra said...
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Patricia said...

Rose: We ALL LOVE YOU. You have SO many new people that come here and post at your wonderful blog. Grazie for the opportunity to do so. Everyone here really appreciates what you say, how you say it and the beautiful pictures of OUR DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN AND HIS GORGEOUS LOVE.

I hope when your on vacation you can still post. I don't know if I can handle no Kristen and Robert and no Rose. I DO need therapy !

Love to all my friends here!

Aleksandra said...

Rob was at Soho last night, does not seem eager to go to NOLA I see, why would he? His friends are in LA.

And KStew has no problem looking very happy when away from him. (actually looks happier everytime he's not around) Just look at the new set pics. She sure didn't look 'that' happy when in Montreal with Rob on set lol

And last time I checked people were saying the intrusive pap pics don't show how someone feels at that moment
So what if he looks grumpy? Maybe cause he has cameras up in his face and paps yelling crap at him? Very doubt he's like that when in private.

Honey said...

I'm so glad to see someone agrees with me. Why are you all so eager for Rob to go to New Orleans when all he does is bring the paps and misery to Kristen? Kristen looked miserable in the Montreal pics - face it and now you want Rob to New Orleans after you've seen how much happier she looks without him? Quite frankly I couldn't give a shit if Rob looks miserable without Kristen. Kinda pathetic really. He obviously has a drinking problem. But as far as I can see, shes ten times more happier when hes not around.

Anonymous said...

Great post, as usual!
I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Labor Day weekend!!

jen said...
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jen said...

love the post, Rose!

If I've learned one thing from this fandom, they live for drama, even if it's self-made.

Drama allows you something to rant or stress or cry about online. On your facebook, or twiiter, or boards or forums.

So, people create drama, just so they can continue to fixate on robsten/nonsten fever still.

AT this point, it has nothing to do with R or K anymore! I mean, these forced pairings with Garrett or STephanie are hilarious, but necessary for people who need a drama fix .....

Rose said...

Aleksandra and Honey.

To delete or not to delete...
THAT is the question.

To *A*
I loved your comment on yesterdays blog... I didn't get a chance to respond, so decided to do it here.
Thank You.
Your comment brought a HUGE smile to my face. Like GIGANTIC. In fact, I'm STILL smiling from it.
Smiles all around.
And that's a GOOD thing.

jen said...

Alex and Honey--your photo assumption skills suck. lol

Aleksandra said...

Makes me laugh how some R/K fans and KStew fans keep making this 'relationship' out to be some one sided thing, with Rob being an obsessed lap dog to KStew. They like to endlessly talk about his deep feelings for her (as if they read his mind), but are always silent on KStew's 'love' for him.

It's always 'awww Rob looks so sad, bet he misses his KStew big time', 'oh bet Robbie boy would love to be with his baby right now', 'he adores her so much it's so cute', 'he definitely wants babies with her like now', 'haha this guy's looking at her butt, Rob does not approve of men ogling his honey', 'this boy can't stay away from her for long', 'just look how smitten he is, how stupidly happy she makes him' bla bla bla

Where's the balance? Stop portraying Rob as some insecure jealous obsessed pussy who can't function without her around, give him back his balls.

Anonymous said...

@ Rose

I say to delete!!
Then again opinions are like a butt, everyone has one and some stink worse than others!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great post as usual. I'm not sure how you do it, but you seem to get right into my head and know exactly what I am thinking. I don't think it matters if Rob and Kris are together right now; after all she is working and she will finish up soon, and Rob could be attending to his business as well. They will be together soon, and I don't care what the haters say, he looks miserable when Kris is away from him. Kris is working, so you can't judge how she is feeling, plus she never shows her feelings like Rob does---she is working. I would bet she misses him as much as he misses her. I look forward to the time when they are together again. Rose, please have a great weekend, and a lovely vacation as well...I will miss you and look forward to seeing you again soon. (I envy you the iPad, I have been wanting one, just can't afford it yet.) Keep twirling, and remember it is not if, it is when.

deb said...

Rose I just love you YOU are my momma bear and i'm with you all the way when it comes to our 2 ME and MANY others that come here well defend Rob and Kristen all the way and that gos for you to.He MITE not be with her right now but you know they are on the phone all the time (LIKE 24/7) I don't like seeing the sad face to but you know hes smiling when hes on the phone THANK YOU ROSE .Have a safe week end and have FUN. To all my friends who come in here i hope you also have a safe and fun week end . DEB

Anonymous said...
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Elaine said...

Oh my fucking lawrd!!! This fucking honey bitch is delusional! Get the fuck over it!!
Love your post, Rose!

Verucs said...

Hello Rose.
Another great post by the way.
Well, really I have no idea who you are. Specially since we live sooo far away, but it doesn't matter. I officially love you. Haha. Yeah it may sounds crazy and everything, but the way you speak about them, its just like you are reading my thoughts and posting them here.
I love this man and this women as much as you do, and makes me feel happy seeing that there are some other people out who care about them, no jealousy, no envy (or at least not a bad one)... just love for them, wishing happiness... just like you.
This is the only blog I read about them, reading what you post makes my day :). And of course Rob makes my day. Huh I just love him a lot!
Thanks so much for sharing, take care and have a nice day.
xoxo from Costa Rica. *twirl*
Bye <3.

keset said...

Great post. :)
Although, i remember Rob told Ellen (Ellen show)that he has problem thinking in real time, that his head is empty...lol

SueBee said...

Oh my god--she has escaped the loony bin again and she has brought her extra personalities with her.

Notice she always follows up with "glad someone agrees with me" after one of her personalites posts?

Of course they do.

If you need some love, I recommend one of those nice little jackets that let you hug yourself. You know, the kind that buckle in the back.

Elaine said...

Oh! and I am sorry, I should have introduced myself. Started reading your blog when a friend recommended it. Fell in love with it immediately. Look forward to reading your posts daily. You are genius!

AllThingzKristenStewart said...

haha. i love that pic of him twirling funny!
but ya kristen is beautiful like those pics. I'm happy everything well almost everything has calmed down a bit. it's sad that things get better when they are apart and wild as fuck when they're together. People are wild man...smh

as Rose says: THIS COMMENT IS BOUGHT TO YOU BY THE LETTER "F" (my reason)FOR FUCKERY..kuz thas a shame..

SueBee said...

Welcome, Elaine!

Anonymous said...

Ah Rose! The brilliant, amazing, perfect Rose! How I love the thoughts that pour out of your brain Rose.

Thank you so much for your wonderful ability to make people smile and laugh and appreciate humour. Don't you wish everyone had a good sense of humour and could appreciate a great joke, for instance?

You know I especially loved that last line about the word Gorilla being so random and all. Random thoughts like that are the best thoughts usually. I wonder if Gorillas have senses of humour?

You made a whole lot of people happy again and, take note, I am one of the happy observers!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous self sweetheart!

LJ said...

Hiya Elaine! *waves* :-)


Trish said...

Oh Rose! your posts ALWAYS blow me away....please write a book or something... its your calling.

"Please stop asking me to defend
Robert against the Kristen fans...
Or Kristen against the Robert fans...
Or keep telling me that Kristen fans are worse than Rob fans.
Or Rob's fans are way worse than Kristen's."

Well said! we know there is hate from both sides...please anyone who feels the need to come and REMIND us about it...save your time dont waste your time writting about it..lets keep things positive!

Ms. Honeyena says Rob has a drinking problem...hmmm the last time I noticed YOU are the one with MANY problems..not one but MANY!...I love to go out with my friends, chill, get a couple of drinks..guess I have a drinking problem too...bahahaha...but I guess since she is like 10 or 12 years old she thinks everyone who drinks wine, beer, etc has a drinking problem...

P.S. I am happy she found a friend...grrrreeeat! not only do we have one fuckwit..we have two now..joy!...there are places for all of you it is NOT here. Kristen can NEVER win it seems..when she is NOT smiling they say she is a bitch when SHE is they say its because she is happy without Rob...geeez...

This for our guests hyenas:
“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”
Coretta Scott King.

Karen said...

Great post, Rose. Love the pic of our "Thinking Rob" and beautiful Kristen.

My vote: DELETE!!!

A and A Friend(you are two different people, yeah?) thank you for making me smile with your posts. Thank you for defending our

Friends, enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!

Bren said...


You're quite the philosopher, you'd think some people would take all your words, and let them sink in.....but alas, it's just as if President Obama was explaining something to Fred Flintstone! They hear only what they want to hear, before they start sounding off....

Oh well, such is life.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Honey/Aleksandra-

Did you know that you can trace people's names and emails and find their IP addresses. You two must get along REALLY well because you are either the same person OR you use the same computer to post here.

I just find that incredibly enlightening!

Now leave Rose alone because you are delusional and other than your imaginary other self you have no friends here.

Hi to all my other friends--welcome Elaine!

A friend of a friend

Oh--and a special wave to my dear "A Friend." You seem kind of out of sorts. You should really try to be more like Rose. She has such a good sense of humour and is just a light in our lives. Maybe its your diet? Perhaps more bananas would help?

keset said...

I found it for you haters (I can't wrote you name, regular hater, `cos your nickname dosen't fit to you)

Look how Kristin Passionate over Rob...(0:47)

froggie59 said...

I'm here, lol! I'm a week behind in reading your blog because my computer died. I blame it partially on Rob. :) Anyway, I don't know why anybody who doesn't like Rob and Kristen even bother to come here. Like you said, why spend the energy hating anybody you don't care for? I don't go on sites that are anti Rob or anti Kristen or anti-anything related to them.

Have a great weekend Rose! I'll be here catching up on everything I missed. ~ Maria

Wildhart007 said...

@A I'm rolling! "bananas"!

keset said...

OK, this one is good too..hehehe

deb said...

Elaine welcome to our INTOXICATION of ROB/Kristen its always nice to have new friends add to our family @ SueBee you get me girl every time you are so funny I to think this is H and one of her enter friends ( ONE OF MANY) hahahah Keep up the good work girl friend and has anyone seen our LOUISA ?COME OUT COME OUT WHERE ever you are my dear friend LOUISA I miss ya hope all is well with ya . DEB

Penny Lane said...

Brilliant, as always. This is a fun place today. All you need is love, you know.

To "A",
You seem to be a favorite of all,and I sense you are quite witty also, but don't I get a Hello? This is only my second post, so I'll forgive you.

Until next time...

Anonymous said...

@ Deb
I was wondering about Louisa myself...

Atticus said...

I vote "DELETE!" Why do haters come to a R/K love site? Do R/K supporters go to hate sites and comment? Anyone know?

Rose, I was on a friendly R/K site and I took a wrong turn and ended up on a hate site. It was like a train wreck...psychotic does not even begin to describe what I read. I just had small inkling of the garbage you put up with. Man, you've got gonads. LOL! Hope that never happens to me again.

UGH! Rob & Kristen are just adorkable. Twiggling, twirling and twisting with Rose and all you lovely ladies and gents, except for the "sticky ones."

SueBee said...

Hello, Penny Lane. I'm not "A" but I hope that's okay. :o)

@Deb Thanks, sweetie. I'm wondering where our Aussie friend is too!

Wildhart007 said...

Thinking about Louisa too, I miss her and hope she is okay.

Rose said...

All I can say is my intoxication level was over the limit.

LJ said...

I miss you too Louisa! hoping the fact that your not on here means you are having a lovely time somewhere :-)

A friend of a friend, great to hear from you....I always LOVE your fabulous posts.

Lots of love to you all, bedtime for me. I have work tomorrow unfortunately! (on a Sunday aswell, how rude!).


Anonymous said...

Hello Penny Lane!

I would like to formally welcome you to the Wonderful World of Rose. Allow me to give you a tour. The first stop is Rose herself who is brilliant and funny and warm and witty and deserving of nothing but love and happiness. We are protective and appreciative of her and, when an idiot wanders in to our world, we tend to pounce on the stupid lost soul.

On your left you will see the most wonderful group of commenters in the world. Get to know them. They have taken in my sorry soul so I am sure you will feel the love as I do.

And, over under that rock there, lying in the stench of excrement you will find Honey and all of her thinly veiled other personalities. She tries to attack Rose daily her arguments are so ineffective and nonsensical that we simply wish the lost soul would consider reenrolling in school and try, yet again, to get past year four.

So, welcome Penny Lane. I am always fond of that area of Liverpool as I had a relative who worked at a wine bar in the area and I spent more than a few weekends in the area.

Oh--and to explain...First, "A friend" posted here because she is a long time friend of Rose and found the blog interesting and entertaining. She told me about it and I loved it and the people here so when I posted the first time I tried to be "A friend of A friend" but, the form cut me off so now I am just "A"

Welcome and I hope to see you here again often!

Blondebabe_237 said...

It's oooohh so quiet in the Robsten world at the moment.. or it seems to be :( :/
I want more pictures of them together! That way they're guarenteed to be smiling :) But ones they approve of.. so how the hell im gonna wait till next bloody november for the BD-P1 pictures to come out i dont know.. Withdrawels already! and its over a year :( and i know the pics are 'BElla' and 'EDward' but we all know how the other movie and promo pics turned out soo good!...

The people behind the masks :D

We should always remember there are actually people behind these characters, and i love that on some sites and on your blog you recognise them as individuals as well as two people who enjoy eachother.. and they're accomplishments and being so supportive of they're career..

In the UK newspapers over the last few weeks theres soo much talk about R and K having moved in with each other recently or something.. I think we might just be behind America by a few months :L Always the last to know.. so thankgod for your fab blog Rose, giving me my daily dose of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson :)I really do enjoy reading every single one!

Thankyouuu :)xxxxx

Anonymous said...

How pathetic is it that people don't really truly understand what a mature, committed relationship looks like. It's not just pictures. It's honestly not just one single thing that we look at and go "They've got it bad for each other"

Oh my gosh, I know, right? I totally agree with myself. It's sad that people are so isolated in their lives that they aren't capable of seeing something wonderful.

Ya know, even my teenage daughter has a better grasp on relationships that some of the loonies who insist they need to be together 24/7. Ask her what the bf's plans are for the day, she shrugs and says "dunno.. he'll text eventually". She's not expecting him to be there ALL the time.

I love the pictures :) I wish I could look as good as Kristen does whenever she's just being herself.

Just focus on the good! Ignore the stupid.

Gotta run! Peeps are coming over!

Laters! *hugs*

Elaine said...

Thanks everyone for your warm welcome! I am extremely intoxicated today for various reasons.
@A love your posts, love that you love Rose, she truly is great and it more than shows in her posts.
I'm in fucking love with all of you!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
olivia said...

Thanks Rose for the great post.

Yes, those profile pics of Rob are so handsome. Great jawline, forehead, nose, mouth, chin, and gorgeous brows and eyes.

And as you mentioned Rose, he is a thinker. Not only is he beautiful, but intelligent, witty, kind, thoughtful, loyal, genuine, and talented.

There is so much that I like about him, and one thing that does not get mentioned often is his voice. He has such a gentle and beautiful voice, and also an infectious, happy laugh. And his smile!
I have to stop myself or else I will go on, and on, and on. : )

Kristen is an exquisite, talented and intelligent beauty of a woman!
So happy they have found each other! In my opinion, they are definitely soul mates!

Welcome to everyone new and to all the regulars a big hug.
Olivia (TX.)

Rose said...

Shit. I know I shouldn't be giggling here... but I can't help it.
My dear friend...
When I say I was over the legal limit of intoxication...
Does that not answer your question?
I'm not responsible for my actions.
Intoxication makes me weak.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose!

"So really stop with the dramatics.
Whether they are next to each other
or in different parts of the world...
They are still together."

THANK YOU, Rose. Why you even have to say this is crazy to begin with. Kristen can be working in New Orleans. Rob can be in LA. And they are still together. People can knock themselves out trying to convince themselves otherwise but it does no good. And I'm always amused by the person with the constant need to post their crap here. The same crap over and over.

When and where Rob and Kristen see each other when one or both are working on location is obviously something they work out. They seem pretty darn good at planning out when is the best time for them to spend together. When they got back to LA from Montreal -- they disappeared for a week -- so they not only had a nice time in Montreal but they also got some quiet time together before Kristen went back to work.

No couple on the planet is attached at the hip constantly. If they are, well IMHO, they are not in a healthy relationship and should seek some help.

Rob and Kristen don't get all crazy about this because they know they will see each other soon (and they know exactly when). They know the other one isn't going to turn into dust if they aren't together. It isn't fun to be away from someone you love but sometimes, especially in Rob and Kristen's profession, that will happen. But there is such thing as a phone and a computer to keep connected.

And the director and producers are running a tight ship on OTR. I do keep in mind that maybe Rob is respecting that and isn't going to be around for all of the filming. It's unfortunate but people and paps go a bit insane when they are together. I wish this wasn't the case. I'm still hoping that Rob can sneak over for a visit. And also hoping, if he does, he and Kristen aren't bothered too much.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Patricia said...

Welcome Elaine:
Bring your love for Robert and Kristen and enjoy!

ashley said...

i agree who cares if rob stays at la or not. THEY ARE STLL TOGETHER. plus she's working does your husband or bf always go to work with you? @honey wow you forgot to take your meds yet again. your making a fool out of yourself. you don't even make sense at all. kristen is HAPPY with rob if she wasn't she wouldn't be going out with him. yes i said GOING OUT. like they KISSED offscreen if that isn't going out please explain to me why she was kissing him? its diffently not PR since they have millions of dollers and they are FAMOUS. the twilight movies make billions of money. they don't need PR. you can't be a fan of either rob or kristen if you say it's PR that just makes you dumb since your a "fan" do you really think kristen or rob would like that you talk about there other half that way? well i think that's BS. i don't get why people make such a big deal out this. they are going out they are happy. nothing you say or don't say won't really matter. you won't gain or lose anything. rob defended kristen once and im pretty sure when he defended her that he doesn't like people talking shit about his gf and im pretty sure that's how she feels about her man too. what are you going to do when they are still together and happy after twilight. what are you going to do when you see them holding hands and kissing. what are you going to do when they are looking at each other like they are in love? is your world gonna end? NO so why can't these nonstens just f*cking stay out of it? @aleksandra okay lets get this stright your saying that "Just look at the new set pics. She sure didn't look 'that' happy when in Montreal with Rob on set" yet you also say "last time I checked people were saying the intrusive pap pics don't show how someone feels at that moment" THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. your saying she's unhappy in the montral pics than your saying you can't see anyone's feelings in pics WTF like seriously? you need help. next when you try to talk or comment atleast MAKE SOME SENSE. also HONEy you sound like a immature 12 year old who keeps using different names to comment uh GET A LIFE. btw ROB doesn't have a drinking problem whenever someone goes out with friends and drinks a couple of beers they have a problem? f*ck someone needs to talk some sense into you. one last thing i have to say IF YOU HATE ROB DON'T bother coming on sites where rob is LOVED. this goes out for some of rob or kristen's so called "fans" LEAVE THEM THE F*CK ALONE. they dont need your lame opinions.

Trish said...

@A at 5:24 PM...you ALWAYS make my day with your posts right along with Rose but this one just did it for me I am still rolling on the floor laughing!.....

"And, over under that rock there, lying in the stench of excrement you will find Honey and all of her thinly veiled other personalities."

LOVE THIS! Thanks for making my evening I needed a good laugh!

Welcome to all the newcommers!

SueBee said...


It occurs to me that I haven't said hello and befriended you with the rest of the harem. Sooooo--Hello!

Marie said...

I agree with Trish...the way you describe our rancid bee by product was priceless A.. Welcome Elaine.
Thank you Rose for addressing the Rob v Kristen fans debate that I'm so sick of. Now...for the fun part... Aleksandra/Honey/the many many personalities of crazy...Why are you here? Do you get off on coming here and pushing everyone's buttons...you do realize don't you, that to most of us now you are just a joke? Someone we look forward to telling to go fuck themselves..people rarely get that oppourtunity in real life and it is so much fun to get to do so on here. Once again...I have to remind you to grow up, you are so ignorant of relationships that you think that people can only be happy if they are together 24/7...if you do ever get into a relationship with someone who is not imaginary then I feel sorry for them having to be with you all the time..you and the many personalities in your head. I don't think you like Kristen...or if you do then it is an uhealthy fixation you have, and she needs to be protected from people like you...you might want to contact your doctor and tell him to up the dosage on your Haldol...the dosage you're on isn't working. I said I would not address you again and I guess I lied...it's too much fun telling you where to get off.

katy said...


You are Amazing...I would love to Rob and Kristen know and Read your Blog...you are truely a marvelous Supporter

'A friend'

Are Rob and Tom in trouble?...LOL


You are fabulous...Wonderful Wonderful comments. I especialy love the one of you making the tour of the blog to @Penny Lane...and the Bananas...you are Hilarious.

Welcome Penny lane, to Rose's Wonderful blog.

And Hope the Rest of you wonderful Sane people in here all the Best.

Peace and Love to all

SueBee said...

Hyena Chronicles continue....

Dear Diary,

Sorry again about my writing but I have to hold the pen with my teeth. (Not even my favorite color ink)

They have me "restrained." It's good that I love myself because I've been giving myself hugs all day.

Nurse Ratchett even took away my Bella doll. Couldn't pet her anyway...

They have me in solitary. I am not a danger to others! So what if I keep screaming that Kristen loves me better than Rob? She does! He doesn't understand her the way I do.

Have to go for now, Diary--I have to play nice or I'll never get out of here.

Besides, my voices are having a meeting. They're voting on whether I should take my meds or chew through the restraints again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the vote will come out a tie... Then she can take her meds AND chew through the restraints...while she sings...
They're coming to take me away..ha, ha..they're coming to take me away...

katy said...


I love, Love your Hyena Chronicles...Hilarious

olivia said...

The Hyena Chronicles rock! Love the wit and creativity.
@A and A friend,
So glad you are both here.
Olivia (TX.)

deb said...

@ A You have a way with words you and SueBee just make me laugh you 2 are so sweet I want to thank you for making my day WELL off i go with my youngest girl its a night out for mom yippy be back later I HOPE hehehehe LATER DEB. ps Louisa if you come in HI miss ya

Penny Lane said...

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Rose, I have to say that I think today perhaps the comments are as entertaining as the blog. I may be new, but some comments just make me go "hmmm..."

To "A",
Thank you for being my tour guide. I will be sure to step carefully around the mess that is Honey. I'm afraid you may have ruffled someone's feathers with your tour. I hope you do not suffer too much from their wrath.

As far as my name, I've never been to Liverpool but recently visited London and can't wait to return again.

Until next time...

30yearoldtwifan said...

Another epic post by Rose See! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello SueBee,

I feel like we have said hello but I must be mistaken. I simply love your Dear Diary comments and look forward to reading them. You are a very sharp woman!

So, I bow deeply and am very pleased to meet someone so creative and lovely!


Anonymous said...

Ladies I must bid you all a wonderful evening. I am sad to say I am not sure when I will return since I may be entering the witness protection program. If I suffer the wrath that seeks me I may be, once again, out of commission for I fear, if caught, a certain essential part of my anatomy may be handed to me on a silver platter.

I raise a lovely, ripe banana to you dear Rose. You can be part of our wondering gang of pranksters any time.

Anonymous said...

@ A

I wish you the best of luck...I hope you do not get beat up too bad...

katy said...


I think not even the witness protection program...will save you...you better start running...good luck

Marie said...

@Suebee YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! love love love the Hyena diary...love them..

dowlingnana said...

Hello my fellow believers,
Happy Labor Day Weekend to all the hard workers!!

Okay, I won't say the names coz' I kind of made a "pact" a while back, but, I have been watching a lot of youtubes lately to end my misery of missing our favorite couple, and, to the two that don't belong on this blog, Rob himself called hisself a pussy and that Kristen had the balls coz' she is NOT afraid to stand up for what she believes!! He also stated he was very lucky to have her around because of that. So, don't be saying he needs to get his balls back. He knows she has more strength than he does for certain things. It most certainly is one of the things that he was attracted to. And, you quite obviously have not followed NOTHING since it began coz' Rob's look at Kristen and she herself at him has been the main reason we're all here. Rob himself didn't even become involved with another girl while he supposedly was waiting and hoping for Kristen. So shut up in all your so called theories!! You know NOTHING!!! Rob DOES think all the time and he himself says he is complicated and not many could "put up" with him!!

Rose: I also vote for the delete button. I think it will make all our lives on here more simple, except for the love of maybe "picking on" a few of those sticky ones. hahahahahahahahahaha

Hello to all our new friends and my old ones as well, I love coming here every single day and can't wait to read what you all have to say. Much love, hugs, etc. until our lovely couple graces us with the pleasure of their company again. donna

Anonymous said...

Rose, I vote Delete! lmao great post as always. I don't care where Rob is right now, they seem to always end up together in the end. And by the looks on their faces they are really happy about that. Thanks Rose, have a great weekend.

DreamerKind said...

Ah, Rose, and my fellow Intoxicated Ones,

It's Saturday, and here in Chicago, for me, it is being celebrated with a very fine Merlot, and your Rob and Kristen blog.

You're the top, thanks for the fun here...

Since I adore quoting song lyrics(seems like you do too) and if I may, here is a recognition of the world you create in every blog and that we all are welcomed to share, as lovers of lovers.

From my generation to yours:

My Little Corner of the World-Lee Pockriss & Bob Hilliard (1960)

"Come along with me to my little corner of the world,
Dream a little dream in my little corner of the world,
You'll soon forget that there's any other place,
Tonight, my love, we'll share a sweet embrace.

And if you care to stay in my little corner of the world,
We could hide away in my little corner of the world,
I always knew that I'd find someone like you,
So welcome to my little corner of the world

And if you care to stay in our little corner of the world,
We could hide away in our little corner of the world.

We always knew that we'd find someone like you.
So welcome to our little corner of the world."

DreamerKind said...

Oops, there are more lyrics but enough is enough, go to youtube, Anita Bryant, and listen, lol.

Love out to you all.

DreamerKind said...

Forgive me all, just a few more thoughts for tonight and then hush, hush...

I watched "Into the Wild" last night-blown away.

Have seen "Little Ashes", "How To Be", "Haunted Airman" and tonight, "Adventureland". Naturally, those Twilight films, too (in case you doubt my intent).

Can anyone out there appreciate how important it is for someone of my generation (read age) to experience new things?

My gosh, (ha, ha), there is so much that I have seen and heard but now there is more.

Thank you new generations, for these new experiences. I live...


Kelly said...

I'm kind of late reading your post today, it's 7:02 p.m. but as usual, here I am. I love your posts Rose, and I miss you whenever you are gone. I realize that you have a life, a family, friends, and other obligations besides your awesome blog. I also realize that just because you don't post 365 days a year, that doesn't mean you love Robert and Kristen any less, they are probably always in your heart and in your mind. Just my opinion, because I don't know you and I obviously can't read your mind. I do however know how much you care, just by the words you post, and those words speak volumes to me. I love Robert and Kristen too, and always wish them happiness and I know they are a couple, even when they aren't together 365 days a year. I believe, and that is my opinion. Thanks for being you Rose, I'm very thankful for you, your opinions, point of view, wit, commen sense, and...I could go on but this post is probably too long now anyway. I don't leave comments very often, I just like to enjoy your blog posts. I hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday weekend and are staying safe. *hugs*

SueBee said...

@ A ---a curtsy in your direction (trying to do so without falling over) I'm a bit clumsy.

Thank you for the kind words, dear sir.

Best of luck in the witness protection program. I pray a banana split is NOT in your near future.

Shall we refer to you as Mr. Doe or Mr. Smith?


Boogie with Stew said...

love to all it's Labor day weekend..have fun... & to our Rose.maybe.. Picture yourself in a boat on a river,with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.... Love the "thinking man pic..thanks for the amazing pics you share...wow- won't say the "H" word but dual personalities yikes! where is the delete button... calm is good, me myself I don't go near twitter..
Love this blog spot it's a happy place.. so for those who try to make it not so, please exit........@dowlingnana I made that same pact..@ Tracy you so know "mature" people can have a relationship w/o being stuck up each others ass..hello..@A said you
complete me......@Suebee Henya chronicles high 5.. and where is our Aussie gal?? so grab a Gorilla and banana and have a good weekend..twirl twirl twirl..

Melinda said...

Wow it's 11:00 PM in my world and I am finally getting a chance to sit and read Rose's wonderful words.

SueBee- thanks for all the laughs!!!! I'm telling you, you need to publish a book on the crazies. I would be the first in line to buy it.

"A"- wherever you are headed enjoy your time. We will still be here when you drop back by. However we will miss your wit.

Rose- enjoy the time with the family. Can't wait to see what you have to say when you get back. It is always a pleasure.

Welcome newbies and hello to all the regulars. You all make me smile with the love and respect you have for both Rob and Kristen.

Love is a beautiful thing. Too bad some don't have it in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Helllooooooooooo You lot......I'm still alive and kicking....
Happy Fathers day all you Aussie dads.....
We haven't been to out "Holiday Home" since January 2010...such a disgrace.....TIME.....That's all ya need.........When I'm there I have No reception either.....
So consider this my absente note.......
Y'all know where I have been hiding now......
Thanks for thinking of me....you like an extended group of friends to me...and I'm honoured you thought of me......actually I got teary reading that you noticed my absence....I feel quite honoured to be apart of you....all so silently...but somewhere in the back of your minds......muahhhhhh to you all

So I see the 'resident fukwit' brought a friend along......ok then......more dickheads to persuade otherwise......

Happy Labour Day Weekend for y'all......

Anonymous said...

Hello Louisa...

Glad to hear everything is Okay...we were all worried about you...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Manjen......I was quite taken by all the responses to my where abouts......I feel very special to be apart of each and everyone of you.......

Can you please explain why you have this Labour Holiday weekend?

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: hey lady, so there you are. Labor for labor, get it? haha, for all the hard workers and esp. for the last longer type weekend before school starts for most. So, it's Fathers Day down under huh? That's a bit strange for us. Ours is in June. take care and remember this....I AM ALWAYS UP, lol, even if I don't see your notes on FB. luv, donna

Wildhart007 said...

@Louisa glad you are back. Just got in from being at a bonfire. Keset had a video fix for me earlier

@SueBee the Hyena Chronicles are fantastic. They get funnier with every diary entry.

@A hope you can sneak away soon, your anecdotes are hillarious!

Monica said...

Great, apart from Honey, we have another hyena today.

@Ashley 6:05, well said!~ Hyena can't make any logical thinking, can they? Ha~ Ha~

Monica from Asia

Rain said...

SO "Honey Hyena" is back and she's joined by a new little friend, "Arrogant Aleksandra".

Obviously you girls are top notch grads from The Three Stooges School of Psychics. Only experts like you two have such astute observation abilities to know exactly what Rob and Kristen are feeling or thinking just by looking at their pictures. WOW! Why are you hanging out on a blog when you could be saving the world?!

Thanks for the laugh girls...your denial is truly fun to read. I'm betting the Rob fantasy you both nuture is a bit too real for ya...really should see someone about it ASAP...perhaps Larry, Curly or Moe?!

deb said...

Louisa there you are. sure did miss ya. I just got back with my daughter went out for a few. had a good time mite had a little to much but what the hey IM HAPPY .@ A be safe and hurry back. SueBee WRITE THAT BOOK you know we well bye it. Donna your a night owl too so am I but dont think i'll be up real late tonight maybe go to bed around 2 THIS HAS BEEN A GOOD DAY but I still miss ROB/KRISTEN. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: I MISS THEM TOO....;o(

Anonymous said...

I don't think now that he will go to New Orleans. She comes back in about 10 or 11 days. And Rob's hanging with his friends and his agent in LA. Kind of makes me think, if it wasn't for Tom, would he have gone to Montreal. I mean sure he'd go for Kristen, and he was looking happy with Kristen even still. But Tom's not there, just Kristen, so I don't think Rob's going to go this time round to see Kristen. He'll hang out with his friends and agent. That's my guess. Or he would have gone to New Orleans straight away.
I think he's putting his friends first now. He wants to spend time with them the most now.
I think that at the moment.

And everyone I am a believer, I just don't think he's heading to New Orleans this time round like he did with Montreal.

keset said...

It will be really strange to me if he puts his friends first.
It will be strange if he won't go to New Orleans.

Something strange going on...

LK said...

Last time when Rob went to Montreal,there was a circus all around.Paps were out full force,stalker fans the same,many intimate moments were all over internet.I;m sure Walter Salles and the production would be very,very pleased if Rob decided to go to NOLA and bring with him all the circus.I think that both Rob and Kristen dwouldn't want that.They know that they would be followed around all the time.

As for Rob going to Montreal because of Tom.Has he gone many times at Tom's shootings?I don't think so.Are you implying that Tom means more to Rob than Kristen?So,you agree with stupid Ted and the ridiculous Nevis vices.

Why Rob must go to NOLA?Because some insecure fans want him to?Maybe he has some business in LA,have you thought about that?And what do you care if he goes out with his friends and his agent?You want him to be a monk and stay in the house,mopping about Kristen's absence?Geeez,people!Grow up!We're adults here!

team necklace said...

@LK Thank you for your sanity......I mean really...NOW Rob wants to be with his friends MORE....laughable!!!

@kstewrocks ...you change your mind like the wind...oh yes, you were one of the many who kept saying how he would go to London..NOT...Rob will go where he wants to go...and KRISTEN is always FIRST in his heart. PERIOD.

@A I am so happy Kristen is keeping her strength up by eating those potassium enriched 'bananas' on set....she is my hero.
We will miss you wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

team necklace you're obviously not here very often. For the past month my mind has been set on all good things, which everyone else has agreed on. :) So no it does not change like the wind.
By the way you should learn, and you'd be less of a rude jerk, if you learned to accept not everyone will follow your opinion. Sometimes opinions change too.

"Rob will go where he wants to go...and KRISTEN is always FIRST in his heart. PERIOD." I'm glad your his PA. *rolls eyes* Yes I'm rolling my eyes at you, because you first make up shit up, and then expect people to believe your Rob's PA. You aren't dead certain. He will be where he wants to be. It's not in New Orleans right now. He was with his friends and agent last night. And there were tweets. Any tweets saying he's with Kristen have not been uploaded on Rob sites. Only the tweets saying this famous woman had seen Rob with his friends and his agent, in LA. So believe all you like he's in New Orleans, but when tweets say he's in LA, and some famous person has seen him. Others who realise he has a life outside of Kristen too, will believe he is staying in LA.

Until tweets and images come out about Rob in New Orleans knocking all the tweets recently of him in LA with his friends, then I'll keep believing he is in LA with his friends right at the moment. I think he'll wait till Kristen's finished. He did say about relationships how he'd try and see friends and see his girlfriend too. So this is his chance now to see his friends too. It's his priority to catch up with his friends. If you don't understand that English, then yeah, I don't know how you'll cope.

Suelovesrobgasms said...

Hi Rose!! First time posting!! I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts every day. You have such a way with words that make sense and are oh so true. The ending ...."brought to you by the letter G...gorilla because you thought it was funny".... I was snickering to myself!! We all want Rob and Kristen to be happy...notice I dont use "Robsten"...I dont like that name/term at all!! They truly do care for each other...ragardless if Rob is there in NO or not...Kristen is working and maybe with all the circus shit that goes on when those two are together I'm sure Rob is thinking only of his love. Anyways....great post and I hope you have a wonderful vacation as well....hope you can still post some while you are away. Can't wait to read you next update...

Anonymous said...

"Grumpy, Grizzly Goat"

I nearly fell out of my chair with that one. Thanks for the laugh!