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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rob and Kristen Love to TWIRL!

No news is good news.
Isn't it good that Rob or Kristen haven't been seen in days?
I happen to think so.

Yes... YES!
There have been the random tweets about seeing them...
But you know...
Tweets have a habit of needing salt.
I could tweet 
"I just saw Kristen Stewart eating at the same restaurant as me!"

And you know what?
Some people would fucking buy it.
Because they WANT to.
 It's really that simple.

I hate to be the one to say
"Pic or it didn't happen"
But I don't put much stock into random tweets...
Even if it's something I want to hear.

Let's talk about 'inside' info.
Because some of the bullshit I am seeing...
Is beyond ridiculous.


1. I have NEVER EVER claimed to have 'inside' information.
Yes... I hear stuff...
But so does everyone.
When I say
"I hope Rob goes to where Kristen is"
It's just that...
A hope.
A thought.

I have read stuff where people have said...
"Oh Rose's predictions are never right!"
Because I don't make predictions.
They are my opinion...
and yes...
Sometimes I am wrong.
Who isn't?

This blog is all about *MY* thoughts.
It's what my gut tells me...
And OK, sometimes my gut is just hungry and gets it wrong.
I felt strongly that Kristen would go to Budapest.
She did.
I had a feeling that Rob and Kristen would show up
somewhere in the UK over New Years...
They did.
I thought that Robert would show up in Montreal.
He did.
Why did I feel that way?
It wasn't super inside information.
It was common sense.
Robert and Kristen always manage to find their way
back together.
See how simple that is?

2. All about the Twirl.
Lighten the fuck up.
Last night on Twitter...
Me and a couple of friends decided we would twirl
we were in a good mood...
we were having fun.
What happens?
I get bombarded with DMs and replies...
"what's going on?"
"You don't know shit"
and on and on.
I fucking TWIRL and that is some super secret code?
Sometimes I twirl because I am happy about stuff.
Sometimes I twirl because I know it pisses off the haters.
(and they really really hate it.. heh)
Sometimes I twirl for the fucking FUN of it.
Where is it written
(and I can't believe I am actually addressing this ridiculous bullshit)
that me TWIRLING
means I know some INSIDE info and just don't want to share?

Good Fucking Grief.

I don't TWIRL because I know something you don't.
I TWIRL because...
I fucking WANT to.

"Rose is twirling again... what's happening?"

I will tell you EXACTLY what is happening.
Rose is fucking twirling.
The end.

Stop reading something into every tweet.
It's silly.
99% of the time...
I'm just goofing around having fun.
That's all.
Remember fun?
It was what we used to do before everyone
got all fucking serious and weird.

I spent a good part of last night laughing my ass off.
I seriously have no ass left.
Good thing they grow back.

People have to put drama everywhere.
Something as simple as typing
Gets people all fucking riled up.
(And it's WAY too fucking easy)
Take a deep breath.

No matter what I write...
Whether I'm right...
Or whether I'm wrong
I can only make guesses based on past behavior.
Or maybe take in all the chatter I hear...
And decipher for myself what is realistic...
and what is bullshit.
That's all I do.
My opinion.

And where are Robert and Kristen?
As far as anyone knows...
They are still in their respective cities.
Does that make it true?
Of course not.
There is a real possibility that one or the other
flew to be with one or the other
for this holiday weekend.
There is a real possibility that one or the other
is busy with current projects
and that one or the other will get together
at a later date.

One or the other.

I like to THINK that Rob and Kristen will connect
Sooner rather than Later.
But that's just me.
Based on past behavior...
Robert and Kristen don't stay apart for very long.
Based on past behavior
Robert and Kristen will fly to where the other is.
Based on past behavior
Rob and Kristen want to be together.
Common sense.
That's all it is.

This post was brought to you by the letters *T*, *F* and *M*

T for fucking TWIRL
Because I will if I want to.

F is for Francis


M is for Moose.
I just saw this documentary on the nature channel
and they are majestic animals.

This TWIRL is brought to you by
Robert Pattinson
It's obvious the man knows how to Twirl.
And he's damn good at it.

Bye for now


Gigi said...

Top of the morning to you Rose ...I follow you on twitter and I knew you were going to get some b/s for it last night but darn it , I'm so glad you were happy ( and at one point I thought, goofy as well ) so I even did a twirl with you all myself super late at night just because ..and guess what ? it felt great so Rose never mind the idiots you just keep twirling ....have a great long weekend ...

camilah-alves said...

aah, I love this post!!
Greeeaaat!! :)


SueBee said...

As long as we're twirling, let me in on the action.

Sorry if I bump into anyone--like I said before, I'm clumsy!

SueBee said...

By the way, love to all of my friends.

Don't know about writing a Hyena Chronicles book. A little crazy goes a long way, don't ya think? :o)

Melinda said...

Rose- my question for you is...did you ever get your banana???

Have a great day everyone!

PS. I did read a tweet that implied Rob was at a club last night. That would be a sight to see for sure. We know he can twirl but can he dance?

In "twitterville" you always have to carry a salt shaker with you. Sometimes a bottle of tequila is required.

LK said...

Some people are really desperate or very insecure and they scrutinize and analyze every single word and sometimes they twist it,too.Hardcore shippers are the same desperados as nonstens.
Maybe all these people should find a hobby.

LK said...

I've read somewhere that because Delaney's last tweet was "Ummmn ,NO",some people believe that she was hinting that Rob is or is on his way to nola.*rolls eyes*

katy said...


This blog is all about *your* thoughts...and what wonderful thoughts they are...always make me Happy.

So what if Rob doesn't go to Nola, that doesn't mean anything, they will be together soon enough...'they always end up together'

I LOVE your new Banner, this pic is one of my favorites...and believe me...I have a lot of favorites. Rob is a GORGEOUS MAN...deliciously Handsome...heartbreaking gorgeous.

Elaine said...

My intoxication led me to breakfast consisting of two hot dogs and a lemonade. I have no fucking idea how I'm still alive! Just got home and decided to check up on your blog, and have come to the conclusion that I might as well keep drinking.
What the fuck are you doing to me, Rose! that picture! oh my fucking jesus! I am fucking dead!
By the way...we were twirling on the west village w/you last night. I have no mfucking clue why we were twirling, but I really don't give a shit! It was fucking fun!
Have a great day...cheers!

Trish said...

Sue Bee don't worry I'm just as clumsy as you are but I'm still twirling anyway...Rose twirls everyday it doesnt mean she has a secret...geez...

I saw a comment somewhere with someone saying there is too much drama goodfuckinggrief! people need to chill...i for one LOVE this blog and love to twirl even if i fall i will get right back up and keep twirling.

Hi to all the regs *waves*

Carly said...

well, when there is no drama, this fandom creates it :)

hope you will get a lot of reasons to twirl, and not only because of Rob & Kris

common sense indeed :)

manjen said...

I am twirling with you!!

Ouch SueBee...you just stepped on my foot!!

jen said...

you twirl as much as you fucking want. lol

God, everyone takes this crap so seriously sometimes, i do think people need to lighten up on both sides.

Maybe if people weren't glued to their twitters and boards and forums waiting for a sighting like the Second Coming, they wouldn't haven't even seen that you decided to cyber twirl with a friend or two last night.

Geesh, I follow these two kids cause it's funny and entertaining and adorable. I don't follow too closely, basically just come here for a daily update and fix and sometimes snoop on the non board when something's happened and I want to watch the "new math non logic" up close,but that's it. I'm not watching on twitter or boards blah blah blah.

It's all good, people need to step back when they start feeling the urge to DM you for twittering to friends...


Marlena said...

Hi Rose I have a gut feeling too, I feel sure that we are going to see Robert and Kristen together very soon. In fact within 2 months, they will stay together for over 5 months, sighhhhhh that will be awesome. Still I think your right we’ll see them together before then.

Yesterday I was reading your post and get a little pissed how some fans almost seem to think we/they have a right to know exactly what in Robsten’s appointment book for the next few weeks. It’s their damned business what they do and when they do it and not ours. Lets just wait for a surprise sighting and enjoy. Meanwhile Rose keep twirling and I’ll keep reading.

LJ said...

Rose you crack me up, I am seriously going to have to stop reading this blog in public. I laugh out loud and people ask what I'm laughing at....and because my intoxication is not commonly known I give the annoying response of 'oh...nothing'

I'm not on twitter so I don't see what goes on there, but I say when they bitch...just keep twirling bigger and faster!

Oh and I love the banner.....hello knee! :-)

Much love to all my friends on here.


Tracy said...

Uhm.. nice new picture, btw. :) I've always like that one.

I watched the drama last night about the twirling. Made me LOL. I find it hilarious that people are following you on twitter just to talk about you somewhere else. Kinda sad and pathetic really that they twitterstalk.

It's not hard to make predictions with Rob and Kristen. They've set a pretty predictable pattern of behavior. They *always* end up together. I don't know why so many people have a problem with that.

And I swear, you could write "This is my opinion" "My opinion".. every other word could be "opinion" and people would walk away from here going "Rose said this will happen" I think some people just weren't paying attention during their formative years and completely missed reading comprehension.

Oh @Elaine :)I fucking love that you say fuck all the time. It's fucking great.

Stretch your arms out wide to your sides ladies (and the couple of guys that are here), look up at the beautiful sky and TWIRL!!!!!!

(It's fun to keep 'em guessing!)

Suzy Q said...


Just because it pisses people off.



That would make a great T-Shirt.

olivia said...

Morning Rose and all,
Rob has the most expressive face! : )
He also is a great twirler! Love the last pic.
Good thing I don't twitter. Sounds like people sure get bent out of shape over the silliest things.
But I do twirl.
Watch out though, I do get dizzy, but dizzy can be a good thing and fun too!
See y'all later
Olivia (TX.)

Patricia said...

Rose: 'Spot om again'...Since we don't know Robert and Kristen personally, we just have to USE common sense at WHAT we do see when they are together. I see two people IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER, and Kristen as into him as he (wears his feelings on his face) is into her.I miss them. I hope they get together soon. They NEVER go very long without seeing each other.

@SueBee: I have really enjoyed your comments. They have put lots of smiles on my face..Grazie

@Melinda: tequila, salt and a lime, I'm there. That is a safe way to read Twitter. I don't think that sighting last night was true.

Grazie Rose
Keep twirling, keep tweeting, keep posting , enjoy, it's YOUR BLOG.

June said...

Hmmmmm I guess we're so eager to read that Rob is in NO or to see Rob and Kristen together againg in anywhere, that we just seem to read beyond tweets lines, what we'd like to see.

Drought is terrible, it makes you anxious, it's like an adiction. I must relax, twirl and wait... sooner or later they'll show up together, I hope soon.

Leigh said...

I love you Rose!! Just love you!! You ALWAYS make me laugh....have a wonderful holiday ;) ~waves~ hello everyone else ;)

SueBee said...


Sorry about the foot, hon. Dizziness does not help my clumsiness!

Just shove me in the other direction!


deb said...

Rose I love the way you TWIRL I'm just going to twirl right along with you.WHY well because it does FEELS GOOD .Yes a lot of times you are right about Rob/Kristen WHY IS THAT well because it is THERE BEHAVIOR they love to be with each other. they miss each other You know every time Rob/Kristen are apart for what ever reason ALL THIS SHIT STARTS But I see the truth in Rob/Kristen there LOVE for each other And I'm just going to wait for them to be together IF ROB can WAIT SO can I. They well be together SOON And all this shit well start up again.The unhappy people in this world just can't be happy so they well say shit over and over again I think they think if they say it enough it well happen TO BAD SO SAD ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN SO MY SWEET FRIEND I"M GOING TO JOIN YOU IN SOME TWIRLING LETS GO GIRLS ROSE YOU FIRST WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS FUN . DEB>

wig4usc said...

Good morning, I, for one, am SOOO happy I get an extra day off. Happy Labor Day! Twirling is underrated, since reading your blog, its my new found love! Twitter drama....guess that's why I only occasionally troll on that side of cyberspace!

dowlingnana said...

Hello sweet believers,
Kudos to everyone that gets an extra day off work this week!! ;o)

I just want to know why would anyone believe just one twitter? Past experience says to all of us that unless it is a Very Reliable twitter, then don't believe it! As Rose stated, any one of us could tweet that we're sitting in same place as Rob. DUH!! There's your "sign"!!

And Rose, you are not pyschic or have someone whispering in your ear special secrets, BUT, I will say that most of us being mothers on here, I said most-not all, we have that special intuition. It's almost like having those eyes behind our back speciality the kids have all wondered about, lol. And you're right, just the common knowledge of watching these two since the beginning told us what to watch for and you're still watching. You have been right on so many levels because of the observations it's only one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog.

Sorry that I can't twirl with you all very much coz' my allergy filled head won't allow it at this time, but I am in my imagination and I AM LOVING IT!!

Love to read all your insights and am waiting for the "bomb" to drop again here real soon!! Donna

Sofia said...

Rose we dont care if you dont always guess what's Rob next move because yoa have not super powers or something (you don't right?!?). But me, and all my friends who comment here and read your blog everyday just like to know what you think and how you feel about things. We dont feel so alone in this intoxication.

As for reading to much information in one simple word... come on guys, lets give Rose a hand and fucking TWIRL all together.

deb said...

Sorry Elaine Didn't mean to bump you hope your drink is ok and SueBee sorry about the foot I cant see when i'm TWIRLING. Trish was that you who I knock into OPS sorry. Suzy Q I would bye a T-SHIRT like that ho fucking yes I would SEE girls isn't this so much funner that BITCHING HO MY GOD I think I'm getting a little sick I for got I went out last night ho well if you see me turning GREEN just stop me ok HAVE A FUN DAY you all . DEB>

Christina said...

Hey all! I've been buried by RL, but have a break for now! Wow, seems I've missed NOTHING & EVERYTHING at the same time!

We R all here for the same reasons:
1) We love to read Rose's thoughts
2) We respect & care about Rob & Kristen
3) We enjoy & respect each others thoughts & opinions.

So EVERYONE keep Twirling & Intoxicating!!

Oh & AVOID those damned twits on twitter! LOL

Karen said...

That banner and today's pictures- what a lovely way to spice up my day! That banner gets me EVERY time!! Kristen is one very lucky lady to have a love like his.

"Based on past behavior...Robert and Kristen don't stay apart for very long.Based on past behavior Robert and Kristen will fly to where the other is.Based on past behavior Rob and Kristen want to be together. See? Common sense. Logic." How true that is, Rose.
We all know that, so why can't OTHERS see it? Oh, that's right, because they think they might have a chance with Rob. Delusional people.

dowlingnana-"BUT, I will say that most of us being mothers on here, I said most-not all, we have that special intuition. It's almost like having those eyes behind our back speciality the kids have all wondered about, lol. And you're right, just the common knowledge of watching these two since the beginning told us what to watch for and you're still watching." I'm not a mother, but I have been a teacher for 35 years. I know what you mean about the eyes in the back of your head! How do we do that??

I love this board and all the sane people on it. And I LOVE to twirl with you!

beacullen said...

Rose, GREAT BANNER! I love that picture. You go girl! apparently it has now been proven that some people really have no life lmao. Keep on twirlling and having a great time doing it. You make me smile every day that I read your post.
Thanks Rose.

Marie said...

WOW!!! A hyena free day as of the time I'm posting this...I'll twirl along with ya..hope you don't mind if I stand next to you Sue...I'm clumsy too...figure we should keep the damage to a minimum.

K now about the whold belief that if Robert and Kristen aren't together for Labor Day then something is wrong...uh..while I love the Labor Day holiday...it ends the summer nicely...it's not like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter where you want to be with the ones you love...and I'd like to point out that Robert decided to spend time in Canada with Kristen afte WFE wrapped..and he chose...let me repeat CHOSE to do that instead of flying home for his mom's birthday...and knowing how much he loves his family..anyone with eyes, ears and a brain knows that...the fact that he decided to spend time with Kristen instead of flying home..speaks volumes about their relationship..more so that if they miss Labor day together..and before someone points out that Tom was there in Canada too..well...Rob wasn't kissing Tom...Rob didn't fly home to England with Tom who was through with filming for a bit.. no he did those things with Kristen..
As for twitter...people can tweet that they see Albert Einstein and someone is going to be fool enough to believe it and pass it along...and some news organization will pick it up and post it on their sites not caring that the man has beein dead forever...they are unreliable...and without a picture..not to be believed.

Twirl on Rose!

keset said...

What a complex relationship they have.
As long as the happy i guess...

I don't think i could be in this type of relationship...hehhe.
Thank god i'm not.

Best love and peace for both of them.
Love them.

A said...

Rose you are the most delicious conspirator I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Twirl away my lovely Rose--emails are flying and I suspect some people are snoozing or we would be hearing from her.

You are seriously making me laugh and smile and twiggle and twirl a bit also. My roommate is finding it all incredibly amusing and is searching for information on what the majestic creatures eat--I don't think it is bananas. There may not be any of those left after our recent order-heh?

If I was there and you were not married I would give you a big old smooch love because you are irresistibly creative and clever.

Hello to all my other friends. I hope you are all twirling away with Rose today.

keset said...

Love the new banner BTW and the pics.

katy said...

Hello, Lovely @ A

We are always twirling away with Rose.

Peace and Love

kstewrocks said...

Rose you say this:

"Because I don't make predictions.
They are my opinion...
and yes...
Sometimes I am wrong.
Who isn't?"

yet, people like team necklace, I've found, because I don't believe Rob is going to go to Kristen this time, for it's only just over a week that she'll be there for...And because he's said once before about dividing time between seeing friends and a girlfriend, I tend to believe his priority right now, is to catch up with friends.
It's the worry about your blog, the commenters here, they follow your opinion. And they follow it every day. There's no room to have second opinions later on. If you say he will always be with Kristen, if someone thinks he is spending time with his friends, which is reasonable, then they get rude comments directed to them. It's the worry of your blog, having to deal with nutcases like team necklace :)

kstewrocks said...

If Kristen stays longer than a week, I think it's possible Rob might stay in LA until she comes back. He has said before how when in a relationship, he still finds time for his friends. Breaking Dawn filming, he'll be with Kristen for a long time. And I doubt he'll see his friends for all of that length of time, so I guess even a week in a year for him and his friends is something good. (:

I think that's why he hasn't rushed to New Orleans. And might not go. I don't have to think he will turn up tomorrow either, for anyone who has a problem with my difference in opinion. I'm not saying too that just because he might be sticking with his friends to see them as much as he can, (which he can't most of the time because he's filming in another country) that I think Rob and Kristen are over. That's bizarre. I think if anyone comments me back, then you're bizarre. You have no reason to comment me back. If you do, then you obviously have paranoia that someone on Rose's blog, might be implying Rob and Kristen are over, because I don't believe he's rushing to see Kristen. He'll see her soon, but I think it'll happen in LA. :]

EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION. I come to this blog, because I enjoy her posts. I don't agree to everything, if she expected me too, and if anyone else does, then this place is not a safe place to be. And crazy.

puC_2_theWood said...

Rose...exactly how much twirling and laughing together must one do to get their ass to come off? Because I laugh all the time, but never see any change in my ass! It has to be a combination of the two actions. Ok...adding more twirling and laughing to my life 'cause I certainly could use less ass :)

Louisa said...

Goooood Morning to ya Rose.....

Firstly Is that how easy it is to "loose ya arse"?? I don't know I have been trying to do it for years.....Twirl ya say.......Ok

Secondly...y'all know I LURVVVVVVVVE
ROB in that black tux as the A/Awards....don't ya?.......well that pic of him on todays post was ABSOLFUCKENLUTLEY JUSSSSSSSSSST PERFECT....... thanks for sharing that one.......
Ya know I'm starting to think [ I do that know and then....think!} well I'm startin ta think Rob won't go to meet up with Kristen...coz of all the frenzy it would cause...I might be wrong [ like you said Rose} But thats what I reckon......Hey I too am No bloody Physic.....My guts tellin me that.....IMO

Louisa said...

Speaking of Arses ....well I know someone who has a quite sexy one indeed.......So no further wait or due....I present.......
Mr Pattinsons........ARSE.....




LJ said...

kstewrocks your making a big generalisation there...

'It's the worry about your blog, the commenters here, they follow your opinion. And they follow it every day. There's no room to have second opinions later on.

I can't speak for anyone else but I have always said I welcome the different opinions we see on here...and I believe I have said before that I agree with some things you have posted.

Saying that I will comment on some of the posts other people have written on here, people who clearly have no interest in Rob or Kristen (proved by posting disgusting things mentioning Rob dying etc etc). Those people do not have a different opinion they are just here to stir shit and in my opinion deserve to be deleted.

I hope you will keep posting here anyway kstewrocks.....as you said everyone deserves an opinion and I for one enjoy reading yours.


LJ said...

Helloooo Louisa my friend.

Thanks for the links :-D


katy said...

to Louisa

I can't open the first video...was that Rob's...Arse Candy

Louisa said...


@ Katy thats my link again

Or here is the name of vid on YT

Robert Pattinson - Sexy Ass tey
typing the name of vid in.....This is not one y'all want to miss...hehehe

Louisa said...

Robert Pattinson - Sexy Ass

Sorry this is the name w/o tey

katy said...

To Louisa

I finaly saw it....Thanks for the Link...UNF...Rob's sexy 'ARSE'. :)

Louisa said...


A newie:


If ya still havin trouble go to my Youtube user channel......i have most all saved here also...

the link for this is:

team necklace said...

Sept 5 2:36 am
"kind of makes me think if it wasn't for Tom, would he have gone to Montreal....?"

How unfortunate you would use name calling and foul language directed towards me because I disagreed with the above statement....as did LK and Keset. Did you call them out on the table??
Yes, indeed, we are entitled to different opinions, but the above statement that you wrote about Tom and Rob was silly. Sorry if that upsets you.
And finally..yes, I wrote that Kristen is FIRST in Rob's heart...he has proven that this year time and again.

@Marie....well said.

sollee said...

maybe fans are just soooo excited to know more about rob and kristen...and even more excited to know more about their relationship:)..yay and i find it cute when fans twirl and have fun so keep on doing twirls!!!that's why maybe we could say we're tweeting and "twirlting"at the same time haha:)

deb said...

HO my sweet dear Louisa YOU JUST KNOW HOW to make my life just a little better THANK YOU so very much for my fix(VIDEOS) How do you know when i need my Rob and Kristen fix Thank You again SWEETIE.You are truly a good person. DEB.

katy said...

To Louisa

Thanks for Those Robsten Vid...they always make my heart melt...Love it

kstewrocks said...

LJ, I probably have generalised a bit too much...Sorry. I know you wouldn't be one to query my difference of opinion. That rude user on the post before this, team necklace, her comment clearly though was the one who I definitely was including in my comment. That horrible, senseless, user cannot stop me from commenting.

kstewrocks said...

team necklace, the other two users, I didn't find rude.

"Yes, indeed, we are entitled to different opinions, but the above statement that you wrote about Tom and Rob was silly." that's complete bullshit.

As you can pretend to keep track of every comment of mine, then you would be able to keep track of everything I have said in my comments. You've picked one thing, and ignore the rest of my comments. I typed that comment about a day ago. These are my very recent comments. You must lack some knowledge and maturity to realise sometimes comments a day earlier aren't explained well than a day later. There's only so much you can type into a comment. You would be able to understand simple English that, as I have seen previous interviews of Rob discussing what he's like when he's in a relationship, I have a different opinion. I find it fair and understandable that he hasn't rushed off to NOLA like you seem to believe, and expect every other person to believe. I find it fair because he has basically implied before that he still mantains seeing his close friends. So as his friends are in LA, he's going to stick around for a bit and hang around with them. He'll see Kristen probably in LA, as the filming is short in NOLA. And his friends are in LA.


I'm not at all upset, you seem to be though. Upset by the fact you don't like being called out on some truths. Because you don't accept opinions. A different opinion can be classed as silly, I think that's your problem. You see anything different as silly. Which is ridiculous of you. You're rude. But no, I'm not at all upset. I just don't like the sound of you. i've seen your comments to people, and they are rude. You are rude to a lot of people who may have a different opinion. Gets you nowhere. :)

Louisa said...

for FUCK SAKE...will you two stop squabaling over SHIT.....Take Roses advise and STOP taking this SHIT so fucken serious...this isn't fucken HS...get a grip.....take notice of what crap you are arguing about...and get over this.....If it's not one form of imaturity it's another.....Grown women don't have the patience or time to squable over meaningless crap...IMO

This Blog is her for information and entertainment , laughs and friendships IMO...and when you decide to take it that way....you will enjoy it much better.....And don't come back to me with your SHIT either.......coz IM NOT INTERESTED......good day!

kstewrocks said...

Marie, I must disagree on the point that you were trying to state. Some bring Tom in, to stir shit up. Some bring him up in to the conversation because they realise he's a friend of Rob's, a close friend. Rob got to see Tom and Kristen. It was a bonus, that Tom was there, at the same time as visiting Kristen. He went for Kristen, but he got the chance to spend time with Tom too. That's what you do when you can't see your loved one, you spend your time with family or your best friends. [:
Which is why I think he's staying in LA, to spend some time with friends, whilst Kristen's busy filming. But I think he'll get to see Kristen when she's back home.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I have always viewed this blog as your thoughts, your opinions and your use of common sense -- not as super secret info. I enjoy reading what you have to say!

And you keep twirling whenever the heck you want. It just goes to show how crazy some people can get in this fandom -- you mention one word and they go nuts. LOL. People who are 'hardcore' on either side need to freaking relax -- have a drink or take a pill -- whatever they do, they should stop taking everything so seriously.

Also, I don't get why Rob and Kristen have to ever rush to the other -- why some people have to hone in on this stuff instead of just enjoying the fact that they are together. Do they have to constantly go where the other is every second to be together and in love? Uh. No.
Why can't it just be Kristen is working and Rob is in LA, possibly has his own business to take care of? They will see each other soon.
Sam Riley's wife isn't running around following Sam every second. People need to just stop analyzing everything to death.

Hope the prep-work is going well for Kristen in New Orleans. And I hope she's getting to see some of the city because it's a GREAT city.
And, of course, would love to see Rob and Kristen together soon because I can be selfish and I miss them.

Melinda said...

Lousia- can't stop laughing at your last comment!!! Sadly I believe some people are in HS or younger. They just haven't lived long enough to understand how real relationships work b/w normal adult couples.

Whether famous or not, relationships take effort from both parties.

Sadly in this fandom common sense is lacking b/c Rob or Kristen are always "damned if they do, damned if they don't".

It's a good thing they don't give a damn.

Tracy said...

@Louisa - I flove you. Honestly I do. :)

Your opinion is your opinion, your perception is your perception--do not confuse them with "facts" or "truth". Wars have been fought and millions have been killed because of the inability of men to understand the idea that EVERYBODY has a different viewpoint. -JOHN MOORE

What you perceive to be someone attacking your opinion may just be that.. your perception. It is hard to interpret intent and tone from typed text. Do not look for argument where there is none. In some instances, and I'm sure Rose sees a LOT of them, it's not hard to figure out that someone is indeed attacking you for your opinion. But please don't think that just because someone doesn't agree with something that is written here that we are telling you that you can't have a different opinion. I follow Rose's BLOG. I don't always agree with her opinion, but it is enjoyable to hear what it is. Don't make it sound as if we are blind minions just following her around, unable to form our own thoughts and feelings. I like her, but I don't need her to tell me what to believe. And it is not uncommon for people of similar thought and opinion to find themselves together as we have on this blog.

We're all allowed to express our opinions. We're all allowed to disagree with something someone has said. And like Louisa said.. we are mature women. We should not bother with trivial arguments. A friend will still be my friend, even if we don't see eye to eye on everything. If we are unable to work past those differences, then I will still respect your right to say what you want, but I won't be discussing it with you.

Big picture here.. Relax. This stuff shouldn't be SO serious. This is fun, the friendships formed are cherished, and we all want to remain as peaceful as possible.
¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><((((º> ¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><((((º>

__̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲▫̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡π̲̲͡͡ ̲̲͡▫̲̲͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡̡.__

fishies.. because I had shrimp for dinner.. and a beach house.. because that's SO where I wanna be right now!

aya said...

Let me clear something up for you...some ppl are mistaking Rob for one of Kstews pets. Erm no dears..Rob is Kstew partner...as in her EQUAL.

so fucking true....
he's not her lap dog, and she's not his mean owner. She is not a queen and he is not her slave.
The only kind of relationship that works is the kind that is balanced. Both partners equal. But her fans and R/K fans are doing everything to make it seem like it isn't the case here.
Like Rob's an obsessed puppy that can't function when she's away. While she is perfectly fine with him not around, and when he is, she just bosses him around etc, though he doesn't mind, cause she is his precious BB.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

How are you doing today? I missed reading your post yesterday ecause I've been kind of sick..but i couldnt saty away long, can i.

what was it you said? " laughed your ass off..good thing it grows back"..LOL..you never fail to make me laugh. Thanks for that.

Yo're so right on this..Some "people" have no common sense..That's why it's called opinion. I agee w/ you. You never claimed to have inside info, unlike some blog who'd like puff themselves..

@LK..spot on..people will try to scrutinize everything because they're desperate..

With twitter, anybody can say anything..that why i dont follow it anymore..

People who dont want to read Rose opinion, better get out of here!!(Idiots!!)

Anyway, I just hope you had a very good weekend, Lovely Rose.

Let's just keep spreading and basking in the ROBERT & KRISTEN LOVE!!

LOve it!!

Trish said...

@Louisa...THANK YOU!!! you tell 'em..you're my kinda girl...this petty BS needs to stop...majority of us are adults...lets behave like one...this is a fun place lets keep it that way...life is too short to be bickering about little things...

@kstewrocks...we all have our own opinions but..please, for all that is pure and holy take a chill pill...relax. please dont think im here to lecture you OR start anything with you because I HATE DRAMA...i just think you need to take a deep breath..if you live in the U.S...at least you have a long weekend..enjoy it! i know there is no reason to celebrate (yet) but who's the bartender i need a drink..to celebrate..to enjoy life as it is..keep it positive here..please.

deb said...

Trish what ya having ?i'll take one to . heres to ya Louisa like i'v said before YOU GO GIRL and set down and have a drink with me and Trish. DEB.

A said...

Oh my--have some of you ladies ever even met a man? No man is going to travel half way across the country and sit outside of a hot trailer just to see a buddy he's known half his life. Okay, well not a straight man and trust me, Rob is straight. He probably adores Tom, worships him in fact because Tom is by far cooler and smarter and more talented than Rob, but still, he's not going to go anywhere just to see Tom.

Now, look at Kris. Lovely isn't she. Even though she is a horrible grouch at times and has trouble taking a joke from what I hear. But she's still lovely and excuse this because I may be a bit frosted but she's got a killer body. Look at her legs and other, hmm, features. Now THAT'S a reason to fly half way cross country and sit in a hot trailer and wait for her to finish work so that you can get her all to yourself for a few hours.

And, you know, from what I hear here and elsewhere, Rob actually does have a job and a life that requires some tending. He's not sitting around LA pitching horseshoes, he's working. Meetings to be had, scripts to read, more meetings and oh yes, finding a home for them to live in probably fill some time. Much as they might like to be together 24/7 they probably find ways to show each other affection and love even if they aren't near each other. They send texts, have little jokes and messages, and I am sure Rob showers her with deliveries of things that she loves.

Just relax and be calm everyone. No need for fighting or being unpleasant and this place is always such a nice calm sanctuary so let's keep it that way, shall we? They could be together right now for all we know--or soon enough and they are very good at hiding so we'll never know.

So let's just all be friends shall we? Discuss the usual things discussed here such as pure blondes and first kisses, and not argue or be upset.

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness and should anyone know where I could find a small moose to borrow for a few days please let me know.

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deb said...

@ A your so funny so you want a Moose I do think OUR friend Rose mite be able to help you find one hehe and you are so right we come in here to read what our friends have to say and to enjoy our self Rob/Kristen well be together soon if not already Thank you for you input Have fun looking for that MOOSE DEB.

manjen said...

@ A

I found a small moose....


SueBee said...

A small moose you say? Are we saying Bullwinkle sized or smaller? Do you need a flying squirrel to go with it?

I'll look around and see what I can find. :o)

As for the tension, I'm cutting it with a knife. Actually, I'm stabbing it to death so everyone can just relax!


Let's argue about something important--like--

Do these jeans make my butt look fat?

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

What would you take with you on a deserted island, besides a boat?

You know, the serious topics!!!

Or not.

Louisa said...

@A if that wasn't directed at me .....well that means I'm a gorilla’s sister.....
Call it PMT Or being just short of 41 y/o..OR...call it second of fame on the "soap box' But I gotta to tell ya ..I'd not take to much room coz my "arse" is smaller now [ y'all know with all this bloody twirling n shit} lol
So 'A' that poses the question?????
Does my arse look smaller up here....on the 'soapbox'.....I'm sure you will answer that with poise, charm....and finesse.....
Another thing i would gladly talk with you any subject matter you wish...my sweet....be it first kiss....[ although it’s been said already!!!] or Pure Blonds [ to which i had one on Saturday night and thought of an imaginary you} coz i don't know what "A"s name is really nor what you look like.....do I now....
Until then my precious…….cool and calm always…except when I may have the above …….ciao

manjen said...

@ SueBee

Question #1

NO Never, you look great.

Question #2

Hmmm??? What would you do for one??

Question #3


SueBee said...


Your arse looks great up there! Have you been working out? LOL

SueBee said...


I still have a nervous twitch from what I did for that Klondike Bar.

manjen said...

@ Louisa

Your arse looks terrific up there! I can tell you've been twirling!

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louisa said...

@ SueBee I sure have with all this friggin twirrling shit and bypassing the serious......Its friggin hard work......I'm sooooo lookinf foward to Mr Charmings response....and it better be a good one.....This bitch might have a few mood swings directed to PMT...if ya know what I mean......LMAO

Elaine said...

Ladies, i got to say that probably all your asses look mighty fine! All of you are a bunch of fucking cuties...IMO!
Now my ass is a different story, I have no fucking idea what state is in after all the shit I have consumed on this glorious fucking weekend.

manjen said...

@ SueBee

LOL!! Well whenever you feel like you can share, we'll be here to listen!

Louisa said...

@ thanks Manjen dito to you too....Yours isn't lookin to bad either....did y'all check out my RP arse vid link I posted...How friggin appropriate was that!!!

SueBee said...


One cool thing about haaving your secret identity revealed is now that Louisa has seen me, she can imagine me not the imaginary me--although if she were imagining me, I guess I would be imaginary

Louisa said...

@ Suebee.....and you me.....so your opinion on my arse is 110% correct....That not imaginary is it Suebee...i think???????lol

SueBee said...


No, I'm talking about your real arse not the imaginary one! :oP

SueBee said...


Thanks! Can't remember the last time I was called a fucking cutie! :o)

LIZ said...

Hi All,

I haven't posted this week but have read most everything daily. I think we are ALL in withdrawals after all the PDA we experienced in August, just can't help it, right??? Like Rose, I'm happy that we don't have any pics BUT the "devil" in me would LOVE to see some photos.

About a week ago, I posted that IMO Rob won't go to NOLA unless it's a very secret meeting. I believe from the LAX arrival from Montreal when Kris got very upset with the paps (told one guy "get a different job, asshole") and then the night of the Emmys Rob was pestered to death with paps and fans; that Rob will not show up to create a frenzy for OTR and themselves.

To A -- Do you think they'll look for a place for a month or so in LA? They'll be working on BD for the next 6 months, they might just do a temp. lodging OR maybe they'll take a nice private vacation somewhere when she gets done with OTR.

I don't know a lot about movie-making, does anyone know if they'll be taking a long break over the Christmas holidays? Or will they have to work through the holidays? Just curious.

Thanks to Rose and everyone here, it keeps me thinking that I'm "sane" when I know that we are ALL insane about these two, praying they'll be happy.

Marie said...

@kstewrocks...thank you for your differing opinion...I appreciate your point of view. I am aware of friendships being important..however I was simply saying that to those who would say that Rob ONLY went to CANADA to see Tom...that they were deluding themselves... Yes Rob saw Tom too, but a best friend doesn't equal a love relationship...sorry if you don't agree with me, but that is just my opinion, an opinion based life experiences and on 22 years with the same man..I DO understand relationships...I really do mean it when I say thank you for your point of view..no sarcasm intended.

@ A thank you, thank you, thank you...for saying that...no man I know of would EVER fly so far just to spend the day at his buddy's boring job in the heat...in a trailer, which in and of itself must be the most boring thing in the world..unless you're keeping busy...doing...something...but once again no man I've ever known would fly to see a friend at work..especially in a job that they do themselves and aren't impressed by..my husband wouldn't walk across the street to see his best friend if it involved a boring day at his job...

@Louisa YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Louisa said...

I don't have an imaginary arse....i do i do i do have a real one......and it aint that big either.......well my DH doesn't say its big..But then again he knows whats good for him......lol.

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A said...


Thank you so much but I need a small live moose. Well, actually about 100 of the stuffed sort might be fun also.

SueBee-stab away my friend. I personally feel life is far too short.

The answer to the jeans question, if asked by a female to a male is always and forever "NO"-even if the jeans make the lady's behind look like the Queen Mary you must never, ever answer with anything by "no."

A klondike bar--hmmm, I'll have to ponder that. I suppose I am to say anything but I am not hungry at the moment. I just had the most delicious meal and am thankful for a lovely chef and a full stomach.

On a deserted island I would take Rose (and too hell with the husband)--ha! Just kidding Rose but I would love to sit on an island or beach and talk with you. And I would bring the rest of the commenters with me also.

Now this is more like what we should discuss!

team necklace said...

@ A
Thank you...my point precisely.(I dare say you write so well)

@ Marie
Again....well said...my husband would not walk across the street either to meet a friend unless it was to have a drink.

Oh well....blessings to all...

Louisa said...

@ A ya know there is a princess Mary who married a prince and she's an Aussie BTW...and what about me...Or my arse you don't have a comment for...bloody ignoring me again...Thats twice in a week...I'm sure to get a complex now...hmmmm

manjen said...

@ A

Oh well, I tried. I don't know where you can get a small real one.

I also have to wonder, how you would transport it?? That would be VERY interesting!

A said...

Darling Louisa,

Your sweet arse looks beautiful from any angle my sweet, sexy friend.

I can only imagine that your lucky husband thanks heaven and earth every day for, not only owning your heart, but also that fine view he has of your most stunning asset.

Your admirer--A

Louisa said...

@ A well that's more like it....I know you know what good for you...lol

SueBee said...


Well dayum--nicely phrased


See, I told you that you had a nice rear end.

Too bad you all know what I look like or I could pretend to be a tall, blonde, super model. *sigh* Such is life.

A said...


You must give me some time love. The connection I have is less than ideal. I would NEVER purposely ignore you my sweet.

With my heart-A

Louisa said...

@ Suebee Oh My dear but i am all those things.....Tall.....blonde....superm.....maybe not the latter..... Put on those specs of yours and take another look at my pic.....LOL

SueBee said...


Why, yes you are!

Do I get points for being petite *cough* okay, short? LOL


Should have maintained my super secret identity.... :oP

Louisa said...

Yer.... Yer.... "A"
I have asked of you a question to which I greatly liked answered...
And that is this....Your presumption on my personality....You speak as if I have been catourgorised and "sterio typesd" in a manner.....and I wish and am curious to know what you have placed me under.......remembering what curiosity did to the .....y'all know..pu.....hehe

Louisa said...

@ Suebee i'll have you know that I am 5' 7 1/2 of woman...so that aint that petite hun....althought you are truly a pretty no matter how "petite' woman that you are.....

SueBee said...


Thank you! Big hug and a salve to my fragile ego! LOL

I'm 5'2 & 1/2 but I round up to 5'3"

A said...

Oh my dear Louisa,

I believe that you are smart, cheeky, sexy, flirtatious, confident, curious, friendly, humorous, beautiful, demanding, confident, and, without a doubt, one of the most interesting women in the world.

You fascinate me Louisa and, as completely smitten and entranced as I am by Rose, I come here to see your comments also.

With sincere admiration-A

Tracy said...

All these arse comments! hehehe.. love it.

And while I'm convinced that all of us ladies have a nice arse, I'm thinking we need to see if "A" thinks his arse is nice or not.. if it's robust or not ;)

And let's see.. questions.. in order..

1. Hmm.. covered that one already.. we all have nice arses, regardless of what we wear.

2. There are days I'd slap a bitch for a Klondike bar. And I have been known to eat the last one from the box, and then laugh maniacally when my daughter questions where "her" ice cream went.

3. I'd take a carpenter, and a chef, and an engineer. I like to plan ahead. :)

A said...

Oh-and Louisa,

That curious pussy of yours is equally attractive and fascinating to me.

SueBee said...


Yeah, what he said!

Melinda said...


1. I am quite confident that your butt does not look fat in jeans or anything else for that matter!

2. What would I do for a Klondike bar? Pretty much anything at this point but then too many and I will be asking you if my butt looks fat in these jeans!!

3. What would I take to a deserted island? Well....how about Rob??? I kid, I kid (well maybe not)!

"A"- sorry I don't have a small live moose walking around my backyard. I do have a stuffed gorilla if that helps.

Louisa said...

@ manjen I watched it and loved it.....great randision.....although I'v got to fess up that on my 21st BD my DH bought me an exercise bike......SO what does that tell ya.....LOL

SueBee said...


Ummm...I mean A's first volley of compliments.

I have absolutely no opinion on your..um..cat

manjen said...

Oh my Gosh...The last comment from A @ 8:26pm is tooooo funny...I can't quit laughing!!

I can't wait to see Louisa's comeback!!

Louisa said...

@ A i could take that on so many levels
...and you've wormed your way out of the question on hand......Don't think I haven't noticed either......

A said...

Tracy let's leave my arse out of this...there are far too many of you beautiful women here today and I am concerned that if I described it to you, you would all swoon with desire and I would be very lonely until you all recovered.

manjen said...

@ Louisa, Glad you liked the video. I deleted it off the comments due to the fact that my grammer was WAY off!
My husband bought me a treadmill for my birthday this year, so I totally understand.

@ SueBee, I wondered which one of A's comments you agreed with!! LOL!

SueBee said...


I know! I only saw A's "cat" comment after I posted!

For the record, as fine as it may be, I'm not a cat person. LOL

Louisa said...

@ A well at least any suspicions I had that you where...lets say barracked for the same team....just went Arse over Tit out the window...lol

Elaine said...

@ Tracy: You just killed me. Trust me, you're not the only one who would slap a bitch for ice cream.

@ A i'm sure your ass is also fine...don't be shy to describe it.

manjen said...

@ SueBee,
Yeah, I am with you on that one!!

katy said...


I said it yesterday and gonna say it again...you are fabulous...wonderful...Love hearing your thoughts.

just one thing I prefer this:

-'Tom adores Rob, worships him in fact because Rob is by far cooler and smarter and more talented than Tom'...don't take me wrong I like Tom a lot...but this sounds better to me

'Rob showers her with deliveries of things that she loves.'....don't know why but the word Bananas, came into my mind

Peace and Love

SueBee said...


I've been twirling all day so I'd have to say that I would easily swoon.

That said, give it a go and we'll be the judges.

A said...

Louisa you thought I was gay?

Oh my dear, despite my lack of dates at this moment, let me assure you that I am 1000% hetero. To the point where this current drought is almost painful.

I am going to slink away now...in shame...and be depressed...I thought you knew me better than that my dear.

Karen said...

@A, I love your posts. They make me giggle!

Louisa said...

for the record I'm certainly not a pussy person either....I much prefer my puppy dogs;;;TUVM

Melinda said...


I have to say that you as a person are very swoon worthy! You can charm the dickens out of us ladies anytime!

Okay ladies and a gent I am out for the night! Time for my guilty pleasure!

Thanks for the laughs! Until tomorrow.

Louisa said...

@ A
You wit, charm, conversation is to blame.......I take that back...stay here ...where in the hell are you going...I'm just gettin started

SueBee said...


If it helps, I didn't think you were gay.

Charming, yes---Gay, no.

You could sell ice to Eskimos

Louisa said...

@ A sorry for the pain you may be experiencing...can't say that i feel what ya mean.....lifes to short to be without...my sweet...Get out there a find a gorgous woman who can possibly look after one as charming as your fine self...You deserve it...my love....

Tracy said...

Oh A.. I believe you could probably charm any one of us out of those jeans we're talking about.

@Elaine.. You and I are gonna get along beautifully :) With our proclivity to use the work fuck all the time, and our willingness to slap a bitch for ice cream.. we're golden.

manjen said...

@ A
I didn't think you were gay either...flirtatious, yes..gay, no!

Melinda said...


Never thought you were batting for the same team. Don't slink away in shame.

Now I am truly leaving for the night.

A said...

So a man cannot be capable of good conversation with a bit of wit thrown in without being gay? I have done nothing but lust after Rose and many of you other ladies here and this is the thanks I get??

Well, I should get going. My heels are killing me and I need to get my make-up off before I get spots all over my face.

Louisa said...

Look at you lot ...talk about leaving me out in the cold......I said I suspected and I told you why,, above.....for fuck sake...look at you all console 'A"
he knows I was joking.....im sure he is thick skinned more than this...Arn't you my sweet???

SueBee said...


You should warn a person before you write something like that. I almost spit my drink out on the screen. Too funny.

Go ahead, be charming, I won't think less of you. :o)

A said...

Thank you to the other ladies (besides the horrible Louisa-haha) who KNEW the truth! And I do appreciate you saying I should go find someone. Truth be told I had a very special someone until time and distance parted us. I still believe she is the one--just need to change the circumstances of my life to make things happen. Until then, I enjoy flirting with all of you.

Now I really must head out or my friends will leave without me. Louisa I love you madly and your arse and pussy madder still.


manjen said...

@ A
Don't forget to exfoliate!!

Louisa said...

@A that will teach you....you should be wearing wedges instead....got to watch those pretty lil toes now...lol as for the makeup......hey Edward Cullen can so can "A" IMO

SueBee said...


Sorry, I didn't mean to hop the fence--only trying to comfort. You're still my girl.

katy said...

Who Said @A was gay?...NEVER...No Way...is not gay...prety sure of that.

Louisa said...

Well arn't I the BIATCH that came to the party....I just say it the way I see it....NO BS from me I'm afriad....if y'all don't like it ..just read on.....and ignore what "Louisa said" .

manjen said...


You are not the Biatch!! You are AWESOME!!

Louisa said...

@ Suebee does that mean I'm still your bitch.....LMAO

SueBee said...


Honey, you'll always be my bitch!

katy said...


you last comment made me sad...Hope you can find a way to be with that 'very special someone'

Louisa said...

@ Suebee.....Now your calling m,e F..ken 'H'

A said...

Oh lord Louisa,

You know I adore you and was joking. No hurt feelings love...chin up and all that.

Please don't tell me your sad or else I will have to make more jokes about your curious pussy and well, I am afraid someone might think I am actually talking about your cat.

Love I have to go or else I will be abandoned so please--I love that you are a no bullshit type woman and would not want to change one single thing about you except that you are so very far away from me.


SueBee said...


All in love :o)

Louisa said...

@ A I told you to come to AUS and visit me.....but you started your BS..... Come share this Pure Blond experience.....you wont be sorry...and I'm not talking about my pussy either......I don't have one......lol

manjen said...

Thats right...Louisa likes dogs!!

SueBee said...

Didn't we have the pet conversation already? LOL

Louisa said...

yes we did....
chooks [ chicken]

Tracy said...


Pussy talk, arse talk.. it's all too much for my delicate ears!!

Buwahahahahahaha... who am I fucking kidding. I'm just waiting for someone to bring up cocks.

Ya know.. male chickens! You pervs. ;)

Trish said...

@A..loved yor comment @7:06 pm..By the way I guess I havent formally introduced myself yet...my apologies since i tend to be a bit of the quiet one but hello anyhow...your charm is hypnotizing and you seem to have a way with the ladies...its so funny how ppl like to assume everyone is gay, even our dear Rob is constantly being called that...why, a guy cant be sweet, witty, charming and a ladies' man?

@deb...pure blond!

Louisa said...

@ tracy WHAT COCKS.......THATS WHAT I CALLED MY neighbor the other day....I said and I quote" my neighbor is an arrogant cock...who is also a Fuckwit" so ther you go lol

SueBee said...

Why do I keep thinking about cats and chickens?????

Tracy said...

OMG!!! A 'cock' is another word for a rooster.

Though, the only time I really hear people call them cocks is when someone is talking about cockfighting. Which is where people get two roosters together to fight to the death. It's illegal almost everywhere, but people still do it.

As for my neighbor, when he's not a fukwit, I just call him a dickhead. :) And I call his children his spawns.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, love the blog, and I love that you are still twirling. I have been busy all day and night with family, but the first chance I had I turned on my computer. I agree with all you lovely ladies and gentlemen, R/K will be together sooner rather than later, why, because that is the way they like it. They love each other, they want to be with each other, and you know they will be as soon as possible. I hope all my friends here will have a lovely Labor Day, and let us all keep twirling because it is fun and we love doing it. Rose just ignore all the haters, we know they are ignorant people who refuse to accept what is right in front of their face. I almost feel sorry for them, if they weren't so annoying.

manjen said...

@ SueBee

hmmm??? I have no idea...

Louisa said...

@ tracy
lesson #18 we call ppl you would call a dickhead ..A cock too...thats what i meant....
You Yanks....need to be educated....in Aussie edicate...lol thats why im here...see I do serve a purpose....Now I must leave...my laundry resembles a brothell....
{ not that I know what one looks like} lol...bye for now....

deb said...

HO MY GOD I LEAVE AND WHEN I COME BACK ALL THIS TALK ABOUT PUSSY ASSES AND COCK why the hell did I leave for looks like you all were having a ball . DEB

dowlingnana said...

OMG, I just get home from camping and turn back on and look what I find? Ya'll having fun w/o me, lol. I am about to pee my pants from laughing so hard. You guys crack me up. Now, since you're all leaving I will only post on my faves here.

Karen: those eyes will be there even for ANYONE that's had to deal w/kids like you have, w/o being a mother, you're right about that!!

Marie: I so agree on Rob not going for his mum's bday, I have been thinking the same thing all along and how much it does speak volumes!! My God, to me anyway, that speaks a huge volume and I was kind of shocked by it as well. I loved your intake on tweeting about Albert Einstein. Unfortunately, your'e right there as well!!

Kstewrocks: I was just wondering if you could post those videos on Rob saying how in any relationship he finds time for friends as well? I would so much like to listen to them too.

Louisa: god woman, that one video of He's lucky was just awesome, wowzer to say the least. And I agree that he has grown dearly from knowing her. ALSO, YOU ROCK, THANX FOR SETTING THAT DRAMA CRAPPE STRAIGHT!!

Trish: my daughter is a bartender, what shall I tell her to mix up for ya'?

@A: A+++++ all the way for your post today, nothing much more to say than from a man's perspective of things I say!!

SueBee: If you're talking about me in jeans...I don't wear them.
2. You wouldn't want to know what I'd do for that Klondike bar. and,
3. Melinda took my answer, (Rob) lol, but no I'd take my laptop if there's wifi there.

Oh, and one more thing before I stop. I JUST KNEW IT, I knew when found that Tom had a role in OTR the talk would say that's the only reason Rob went, but, no worries, A straightened out that theory. Thanx again A. later chick-a-dees, donna

deb said...

Donna glad to see you made it home ok ope you had a good time. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: thanx hun, I didn't want to come home. I have much more quiet, private time when up north. You take care, donna

Monica said...

Rose, I remember you've mentioned several times in your past entries that you do not have any insider information. Maybe some of your twitter followers are newbies? IDK~

Oh, people, just stay clam and be polite. It's no big deal and here's just for opinioon exchange. Please don't act like we're having a civil war. The only thing matters is that all of us love and support R&K.

Monica from Asia

kstewrocks said...

Trish you always start drama because you do try and lecture me. It's you aim. So I find whenever you comment, you are being a total hypocrite. :) Look at the other users who started it, especially on the post before this. team necklace, do I see you commenting her? No. Trish you are a complete hypocrite.

Marie to be honest, I was one of them. But after all my comments, which the ridiculous people who had a problem with me day old comment, I left comments which pretty much improved my first one...I basically meant that Rob would see Tom as well as Kristen. He hasn't seen Tom in ages, I doubt. And you know how close he is with the Brit Pack. He's said before when in a relationship he mantains seeing his friends as well as his girlfriend. Montreal was the bonus factor. He got to see his girlfriend, and Tom. And now, I think he's hanging around LA, spending time with his friends, as well it'll be his chance to spend time with his friends. Because I'm sure Kristen will be back soon. Could be totally wrong. Well of course relationships with partners are different to friendships as well as families. But just because they are different, does not mean you only follow and hook onto your partner, and exclude seeing families and close friends. Rob has pretty much implied by the comment I've tried to recall to you, that he would mix up things, see his friends, and see his girlfriend.

dowlingana, I've never actually kept tabs on that video or article. I just listened or read the interview, and thought they were normal answers. So I didn't tend to think people would want them.

keset said...

"Rob is straight. He probably adores Tom, worships him in fact because Tom is by far cooler and smarter and more talented than Rob, but still, he's not going to go anywhere just to see Tom. "

What?? NO WAY!
How do you know that.
I disagree.

beautifulvala said...

Kristin probablly got text from Michael when she was on set with Rob on Twilight.

So now Rob is the one who text her, i wonder who will be her next after Rob....

Tracy said...

So I can't sleep..

Perhaps people are being really sensitive to some of the stuff that gets posted here?

Instead of thinking that people are trying to start an argument with you, or trying to keep you from commenting (cause really, only Rose can do that), or trying to stop someone from having a different opinion.. can we just take a moment before we retaliate and defend. There are often times when it is in our best interest to just quietly agree to disagree. It does not make us less of a person. It does not take away from our strength or personality. But having the ability to say stop.enough.I won't engage is a welcomed attribute in any individual.

And I think.. maybe.. the comment about balancing the girlfriend with the friends meant more along the lines of "I won't lose myself so deeply in someone that I cut myself off from the people who were my friends before" It's not necessarily about dividing time equally. And I'm not saying Rob's here or there.. or that he's with this person or that. But as a generalization.. it is MUCH healthier to be in a relationship where you don't saturate yourself with someone so much that you forget about everyone else. Doesn't mean you don't take an opportunity to spend time with your girlfriend if it presents itself. You have to maintain a healthy balance, but truly, in a committed relationship, if given a choice.. your partner/lover/however you choose to label them comes first. That's just how it works..

I want to concentrate on love. And relationships :) And I couldn't let the last comment on this page be a negative one. I doubt many will read this comment anyway, as it is freakishly late (or early) depends.. I'm rambling. Will stop now!

ChelCP said...

There have been sightings of Rob in Santa Fe, NM. Waitress at a restaurant thinks he's on a road trip with buddies. Wonder where they are heading? Hmmmmm...

katy said...


If you had read all the comments of @A since he start commeting in Rose's blog...you would notice that he likes to joke...he has Humour...his NOT bashing Rob...if he was bashing Rob we would be upset...we understand his humour....so relax...@A is a great guy.


What the hell makes you think, there will be a next after Rob?...don't put your hopes to high...Rob is a keeper (One that is worth keeping)

@Tracy, I Read your comment...for me it's alraedy lunch time :)

katy said...

Rob was spotted in Santa Fé with buddies...I'm thinking...Tom and Sam and maybe Bobby (not sure about Bobby, he has to be in Germany sptember 26).
Wondering...is it...New Mexico, then Texas, then Louisiana (where New Orleans is)???

You, go Rob and pick up your girl...I hope you brought Jella...and Sam must drive...just for the safe side...hehe

Don't know if the spotting is true...but I think it's cool if they doing a Road trip.

Marie said...

kstewrocks you are absolutely correct and I have to admit that I didn't think of it in that context. Thanks! =)

Marie said...

LOL I was looking online and came across this site called "Hecklespray" it's a horrible site but their headline is what caused me to look...it was funny and I hope you all get a chuckle from it..I know I did.

"Kristen Stewart's Vagina makes Robert Pattinson jealous"

Marie said...

oops... "Hecklerspray" sorry >.<

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

thanks again twirling Rose!

The war is over! Yipeeee!!!:):) just kidding!

@katy my thoughts exactly. A paparazzi free trip to his missus!:):) Forgive me, but I always want to think that they are already married:):):)

Mommy said...

Love your Blog, please help my technology challenged self and define "twirling"