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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Imagine That

Robert Fucking Pattinson.
The girl who took this picture
(with her cell phone, no less)
really captured a piece of Robert.
Of course...
Now it is one of the most overused and abused pictures ever...
Everyone is using it as an avi/icon now
(Wonder how the girl feels about that? Flattered? Annoyed?)
Even my grandma Rose put the pic in the locket around her neck...
OK. That's not true.
Grandma Rose doesn't wear a locket.

Not a lot to talk about lately, is there?
Robert/Thomas/Samuel haven't been seen in days...
and like I stated before...
No pics no proof of existence!!
They have vanished off the face of the planet!

Good for them.

OK... so there have been the random 'tweet'
chirping about Rob being here... or there.
And I'm thinking even if he was hanging out in NOLA
for the past 4/5 days...
Who knows where he is now?
Is it possible for Robert and Kristen to be together 
in New Orleans and no pics?
Of course it is.
There aren't pictures documenting every moment of their life.
And yet...
They still are living it.

Imagine that.

Maybe the next picture we will see will be
something like this one...
You know...
Robert and Kristen (and Tom?) in an airport...

Who knows.
They could still be in NOLA
They could have left a couple of days ago
and no one is the wiser.
"If Rob and Kristen are in NOLA there will be pictures taken!"

Rob has been SOMEWHERE this whole time
and alas... no pictures have been taken.

Imagine that.
I kinda like this picture.
In this moment in time...
Robert kinda looks like he is dancing...
You know...
kinda like...
And let me just say...
I find it fascinating that a simple word like
makes some people foam at the mouth.
And I fucking love it.

I will TWIRL if I want to.
And why is it so bad to wanna dance if you are happy?
Why is happy such a bad thing??
Believe you me...
There will be PLENTY to TWIRL about soon enough!
So get your dancing shoes on...
You will need them!

Imagine that.

Last but not least...
I wanted to share an email I received the other day.
It's lovely.
(The following email is real, the names and spelling have
been changed to protect the stupid)

 I just want to tell you how much I hate you, you fucking bitch. Who do you think you are? Just because you want Rob to be in NOLA doesn't mean he is there, stupid sheep!
You make me sick with your twirling and acting like you know what is going on with Rob and Stewl. Why don't you just admit that bitchface is a lesbian? Everyone knows she is. Rob is just putting up with her and the only reason he is with her is because Summit orders him to be. How can you not see that it is all PR? Oh right, because you are a stupid sheep and only see what you want to see.  You and your blog suck, so just shut the fuck up stupid bitch.
No love

Dear Scary Person,
The very fact that you hate me because I think Rob and Kristen are together is frightening. Seriously. Don't you think such bitter venom directed at a stranger just because I write stuff you don't like is excessive? Well, obviously you don't. 
Do I want Rob to be in NOLA? Sure I do...
Do I think Rob is in NOLA? Well, if he isn't now... he was. (and Ms. Scary... that is just my own adorably cute opinion) This blog is all about *MY* opinion. Why do people insist on making it personal?
And unlike yourself, I actually believe you are allowed to disagree with me without sending you harassing and insulting emails!
So Ms. Scary...
You continue to see things your way...
I will continue to see the truth.

*Twirl Twirl*

- Remember Roses Have Thorns

Yeah... I know... kinda lame...
But good fucking grief.

Back the fuck off Kristen already.
She really isn't the cause of all that is wrong in your life
even if you wish it to be true.

Robert and Kristen are probably together right now.
They always show up together sooner or later
And don't you find being wrong all the time...
Guess not.

OK then.
To each their own.
But as always...
We shall see.

Imagine that.

This post was brought to you by the letters *T* and *A*

T for TWIRL!
Yes... it's fun to TWIRL
and that it bugs some people makes it even more fun!

A for Acceptance.

With Acceptance Comes Peace.

Try it.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I can't wait to see what will happen next!!

And yeah, the email the person sent you...well, that's just completely psychotic!!
I LOVED your reply!

tiagonecrazy said...

u tell rose. screw the haters.. love rob and kristen..love ur blog AWESOME!!!!

jen said...

Wow, now that's an email. lol

You know, the most glaring thing I notice about nonstens is their homophobic attitudes. The way they use the word "lesbian" or "gay" or "dyke" is just freaking offensive and creepy. They use it the way people use racial epithets.

And then you call them on calling Kristen all these horrid names, and basically they are using "gay" to mean "she doesn't dress girly enough, she cusses, and isn't a princess like other starlets we like"....and their excuse?

Classic bigoted defenses: "Hey, some of my best friends are gay! My uncle is gay! I feel really sorry for Kristen actually, she can't come out and be her true, gay, dykeish self! I do this out of true concern."

You're so transparent, haters. You're little bigoted selves, and your hateful fixation on Kristen because she's with Robert, are a joke. I'm sorry, but these nonsten's pictures have been pasted all over the imdb and lj communities and AT boards. And when you see what these frustrated women look like, you get what's going on.

Basically, in as kind as words as possible, they are the opposite of Kristen. And by that I mean...well, Kristen is petite, tiny, lean, beautiful, fashionable, and sexy. And yeah...lol AND she's not a homophobe, so she doesn't worry that if she wears jeans too much, people will think she's gay. She's not lame and backwards like they are.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose that email you received is EXACTLY why R and K will not (at this point) publicity admit they are together, I would be scared if I were Kristen, I really would be. The delusions and denial are down right sick and fucken scary. We all know this, even the hyenas must know they are out of touch with reality on some level. Sorry you get stuck in the cross fire because you support these two.

Why does your opinion matters so much to the fuck nuts is interesting though. I do have my feelings on why you erk them so, and it's because you speak the truth and it drives them fucken crazy. A twirl here, there. You are such a lovely dancer :)

By the way fuck nuts, I am NO sheep, I am not a jealous, crazed Robert and or Kristen fan like you, I don't stalk twitter, harasses pl who ran into R and K and I actually have a life outside of being a fan. Check yourself. Then Seek help STAT. That goes for stalker Robsten fans also.These people need to breath.. take a step back and be careful because one day they ALL might fuck with the wrong person online. karma is a bitch.

Rose and all, the pic with Rob and his guitar. Melts my black little heart :) He is one with his music and his love Kristen, Complete.

Anonymous said...


Of course if there are no pictures they don't exist! Never mind that there are hundreds of places to disappear in New Orleans...if that's even where they are. Who cares? As long as they are happy and together...that's what really matters. I hope we don't get pics. Well, maybe I do just a little bit...it is so much fun to watch the hyenas foam!

Last I checked Rose, you knew EXACTLY who you were. You are someone who loves Rob and Kristen and preaches that with acceptance comes peace. So many people could learn from you with that little bit of wisdom :) So...Crazy Scary Person, this sheep says BaBaaaBaaa!

We love Rose and think she is a wonderful person! You on the other hand...bleh. Not so much. Does all your hate make you happy? You know, they make meds for that!

Thanks Rose! Keep Twirling ♥

Patricia said...

Rose: I have really missed your posts so please don't ever stop ?

I saw a comment about over the week end Rob and Kristen being seen together in a bar in NOLA.
I also saw about 6 different comments on facebook that OTR is filming in Kenwood or Kentwood (about an hour and half from NO) and that they saw 'EDWARD' but the site is closed with a lot of security. They were there all day yesterday and till late last


I loved that picture of ROBERT FUCKING PATTINSON (my favorite) of all the ones taken on his road trip. I think Sam's back in Vancouver and Tom's finishing up OTR. AND ROBERT AND KRISTEN ARE SNUGGLING TOGETHER.

Welcome home Rose

Marie said...

Great post Rose, I couldn't agree with you more. People who do not like what you say should not come onto your blog. Simple as that..there are a whole lot of people in this world that I disagree with and dislike, I don't bitch and complain (As a general rule) about those people, I don't go to their sites, rallies, houses, etc...and call them names and insult them. I AVOID them, I don't watch their shows on tv, I don't send nasty e-mails telling them I hope they die, I just simply avoid them. Realizing that even though I find them disgusting, hateful, sometimes vile human beings, those people have a right to their opinions, just like you do, just like I do. I come here to your site because I like your take on things, you're usually spot on, you're always funny, even when you're telling someone off, you come across as funny most of the time, and you give us a site that allows us to say what we feel and know that someone else understands us.
Now as for the hate spewed at Kristen, it just burns me up, I cannot understand for the life of me, why so many people hate this beautiful girl. She has done nothing to warrant such disgust and hate. From all appearances and from all things I've heard about her from co-star's interviews, she is a wonderful, loving, kind person. She in no way deserves this hatred. So what if she is dating the person voted the Most Handsome Man in the world (for the 2nd year in a row)? It's not like Rob is going to magically appear at the hater's door one day and thank them from saving him from a bitch that Summit forced on him...and those people called you a sheep and dumb...what an idiot they are. I think that for those of us who love Rob, knowing Kristen is such a wonderful person makes me happy for him, and her. I hope that these "fans" grow up and realize that Rob has the right to be happy, and from all appearances Kristen makes him the happiest so they should just wish them well and move on. And once again...for those of you thinking that Summit is the all powerful in the world of Kristen and Rob...get over it...this is not 1935 where studios controlled their stars' lives, making a publicity stunt out of their entire lives. This is 2010, the studio system is dead and even though Rob and Kristen have contracts with Summit for the next 2 pictures, they DO NOT WORK ONLY FOR SUMMIT...UNDERSTAND THIS TOO...SUMMIT NEEDS THEM MORE THAN THEY NEED SUMMIT! SO THE IDEA OF SUMMIT FORCING THEM TOGETHER IS LAUGHABLE! So stop singing that same old tired song. Welcome back Rose we've all missed you!

Anonymous said...

@ Marie

Well said!! I agree 100%

ashley said...

WOW that email really cracked me up. that person needs to go to a mental hospital. they forgot to take there meds. how can you hate someone just because they think two celebs are together and happy? that's not even a reason enough to hate someone. in order to HATE someone you have to KNOW them personally. they would have to offend you. ROSE never offended anyone. she just said ROBSTEN is TOGETHER. since when is it any of your bussiness if they are in love? why do people take it so fucking personally? you DON'T know robsten. rose is not claiming to know robsten personally. i heard a lot of things in facebook and twitter that rob is in kentwood. i belive that is true because one thing came from a person who is VERY reliable. kristen is shooting in kentwood now. if you choose to belive or to not belive it really doesn't make any difference because robsten is TOGETHER. kristen isn't a lisbian. sorry to burst your bubble but she isn't a lisbian just because she kissed a girl in a movie she's a lisbian now? she was fucking ACTING! she's diffently into boys. she dresses tomboyish but w/e i know a lot of girls who dress like a tomboy and they aren't lisbians its just the way they like to dress. she's awkward and shy i don't get why that's a big problem. rob has a best friend who he hangs out with a lot doesn't mean his gay. gosh some people just want to make up so much shit. when robsten is still together when twilight ends will it be PR than? or summit made them? if summit made them they are done with the movie why would they still be together? LOL next time you nonstens need to make some sense because you all sound like a bunch of assholes. ROBSTEN is together. is your world going to end? NO! so stfu or you'll sound so fucking crazy. you can't EVER have rob or kristen beause they are in LOVE and they sure as hell don't give a fuck what you losers say anyway. there has been many times when rob or kris went MIA than couple days later we would see them in a airport together. remember when rob was in LA there wasn't any pics but there was sightings. than finally on emmy night he went to a hollywood place where the paps followed him. why is that there wasn't any pics of him before that? he was still in LA and people saw him at dinner. this just proves that you don't need pics all the time. if rob really wasn't in NOLA than why is there a lot of people on facebook and twitter saying they saw him?? its not just one person saying this it's a LOT of people saying it. just proves more that robsten is in kentwood together. they could find a way to stay out of the public eye. kristen was in NOLA for two weeks we only seen like pics of her only 1 day. most of the time there were sightings of kristen but never pics because the people who saw her didn't want to disturb her. also they weren't even a fan of her but they said she was nice and everything. i belive SOME sightings could be true and you would not need pics. if it was just one person saying they saw robsten than i wouldn't belive right away but if its like 10 or 5 people saying they saw robsten than i belive it. anyways rose just ignore these lame people they just have no life.

Christina said...

Good for U Rose!!

I posted this late, so only Donna got it, but here it is again! These R intentionally made-up, but You'll LOVE them!!


Kat said...

to jen. kinda diagree. it isn't just haters that think kristen is gay. some of her fans think that way too. they think she is hiding it because of twilight and should come out of the closet.

Trish said...

Nice to see you back Rose...been too lazy to comment lately...

amen to you Jen...its incredibly ridiculous...their shit is getting old..really, they always feel the need to come up w an excuse...they are all just of it...and by now the whole worl knows Rob is with Kristen...even those who dont want to....when will the “special” people/“fans” ever get it...never...but I do believe they are together if not seen each other already...its been slow lately but i guess after a great summer it will be like this for awhile...haters never prosper especially the bitch who felt the need to write that ridiculous email.

30yearoldtwifan said...


My stomach is turning, complete shit,actually worse than shit, more like a huge pile of horse shit. Rob should sue the crap out of that rag or anyone who reposts it.

I am just curious why you would post that anyway? You do realize the last thing Rob needs is more bullshit rumors right?

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

love your blog Rose. Thank you so mucho:):)

..and that loony mail is just really beyond my understanding. Its just pure hatred..twisted..evil.. A letter coming from a LOOSER:(((( BITTER TO THE END..

Anonymous said...

sorry you have to put up with that shit. You okay? Just fucking ignore shit like that. Sorry it hapened-take care

SupportRP said...

Hey Rose - that was some email. Your the best and your response was terrific. We love you. I'm going to shift the conversation for a minute - I need some reassurance. I try not to read all the crap on the net but there is more and more stuff out there that Robsten are having problems, he's smothering her. I love them both together so much it makes me very sad to even consider that to be true. I just want them to be together - please help me not falter to this junk that they are struggling. Your posts always make me believe in all the good stuff. Thanks Rose and everyone out there.

Trish said...

@Marie...agree completly...they are not captives to summit's studio...

@kat...most of these so called “fans” think she is because they want her to themselves...we always talk about how Rob looks at Kristen...but she also shows the same affection...

she is shy and does not care about designers and stuff..she wears what she is comfortable in which isnt mini skirts and short shorts...shes comfortable in her skin...now thats a real woman, more power to her!! Rob does not have a problem with it and he's all the matters...the fans have no say in what goes on in their lives...its exactly what it is, THEIRS.

dc said...

Rose...thank you for your blog..It's become a daily habit. LOVE LOVE LOVE your attitude. Why would anyone with eyes in their head not see how much these two people mean to each other... Twirl on Rose....TWIRL TWIRL TWIRL

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@Patricia haha!! I agree!

No picture, therefore they are baricaded somewhere cooking, making loquat cramble together. Kristen with her wooden ladle and Rob doin' the tasting;)).. okay, okay, snuggling, nuzzling, kissing and loving together.. Of course they are doing it! What else do they do? Counting stones?

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday
and Hi Rose... How was your vacation and how'd you like Boston.
I hope you and your family enjoyed New England and you got your fill of seafood.
Boston is such a great town, alot of history and alot of charm.

Another great Post and love the pictures you posted. The girl that took the picture of Rob really captured a special moment. Great Shot.

And the email you posted from the scary person... I'm speechless.
She signed No Love, yeah, I agree.. this person obviously is not getting any love and maybe never has even as a child.
She'so full of hate, it's obvious, she's mad at the world.
I hope she can get some help.

Welcome back Rose and I'm twirling with you. Life is good.

Elaine said...

Rose-Love your post today, it's made my day a whole lot fucking better. And that my dear is why I love your blog.
As for that stupid email, I have no fucking words. Can't fucking believe that people write shit like that. This person is a fucking pathetic little bitch with no fucking life!
This kind of crap makes me so fucking angry! Fucking disrespectful, she does not know you and directs all this hatred towards you! Fucking unbelievable!
It's a great thing you know how to handle yourself. Fucking shut her down, Rose!

katy said...

Rose I absolutely loved your Post...well I always do :)

Maybe there isn't any picture of them in NOLA but they sure didn't stop existing and Living their lifes...and who knows maybe they already left Nola and went somewhere else, and does it really matter where they are?...for me it doesn't...as long they are HAPPY and SAFE.

Rose, that email...jesus...These people are nuts and scary...always the same Bullshit excuses.

And last...I LOVE the new banner...Robert eyes they kill me every time.
And Rob guitar pic, I have it as a backgroud (or do we say wallpapper?) in my computor and My phone.

Lots of love

LK said...

Oh,my God!There are so many fucking nutcases out there.Maybe they use the PC at the mental institution.Or they forgot their meds.Or they're just lonely people with no life,no friends,no love and they hate everybody else that has.

Robin said...

Rooosseee! It's wonderful to have you back. Hope you had a great time in Boston.

That email is beyond description. If you are bombarded by that kind of thing all the time, I truly admire the way you handle it.

I try to avoid all the hate stuff. It just makes me feel sick. But when I see something like this one, I'm so glad that Kristen is so careful and those that love her are so protective of her. That's some scary stuff! The person that wrote that needs some serious psychiatric help.

Love the pics, especially the one of high-stepping Rob. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

The older we grow the greater becomes our wonder at how much ignorance one can contain without bursting one's clothes. - Mark Twain

These people who lace their words with venom and hate are only doing it because of their own self loathing. They don't like Kristen because she is a strong, self assured woman who doesn't need their approval. They don't like Rose because she is steadfast in her opinion and they can't change it.

Those types of emails and similar postings around the web don't bother me anymore. I recognize the ignorance. I see the selfishness and stupidity that stains their words. I laugh, more that fret, over the stupidity and immaturity that people display whenever they type emails like that one.

Rob and Kristen are adults. They are going to live their lives whether some random person in the middle of nowhere approves of it or not. And good for them. It's no more than the rest of us expect to be able to do.

~J~ said...

My precious Rose,
The shit you have sent your way, astounds me. I can not even being to attempt to understand why certain pathetic fleas feel they have the right to pass judgment or make assumptions on your words and opinions. How they have the audacity to make vicious statements about people they don't even know. How they allow your support and appreciation of Robert's choices in life to affect them so profoundly. How they feel they have authority to make moral judgments on the choices these two people make. It is no ones right to bully or insult another human being. The only thing Rose is responsible for is herself. She doesn't deserve to be harassed for having a positive opinion and an appreciation for what she sees. It is the lowest form of intelligence to degrade and attack someone. When you have nothing better to say than curse words and insults, you show your true colors. We all know where you come from. We all know what upsets you. You really should grow up and stop obsessing over a man that isn't in your reality. He never will be. The sooner you accept that, the more centered your life will be. Insulting Kristen is insulting Rob. For you to insinuate that Rob would lower himself to a level of pandering to a production company and altering his ENTIRE life to pretend to be in a relationship, is disrespectful. You're essentially saying he is a liar (for MONEY) and that you support that behavior. Why? Why would that be acceptable? You can not just alter the situation to what best suits the pathetic reality you've built up in your head. Grow up. Act like an adult. Either you support this persons decisions or you move on. Because at the end if the day? Your opinion means jack shit to someone who doesn't know you exist.

Bren said...

Hi Guys,

Another day, another NUT case. And my husband thinks he gets all the psychos. (he's a police officer).

The fact that someone can sit there and compose an e-mail, and really believe they sound logical, with all their mumbo-jumbo is beyond my comprehension.

On to sanity, I have to give much credit to Kristen. She must of really cased the joint (so to speak) in New Orleans in order to find every nook and cranny she could to hide her and Rob. You go girl!

As long as they're safe and happy, that's all that matters--we'll see them when we see them....

Well, I'm out of here. My sister and I both took a vacation day, and we're off to do some casino hopping.

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jen said...

Kat: speculation about any star's sexual orientation is almost a given. Many speculate about Robert. And Tom. And Nikki, and Ashley and kellan for that matter. So speculation is not unique.

What is unique with nonstens and their speculation about Kristen is that they use that speculation as a means to explain the fact she doesn't wear a lot of dresses. Or cusses. Or doesn't put on makeup half the time.

They are taking their own twisted gender role issues with feminity and propriety,and judging her by it to decide her orientation. Furthermore, they are using it as an excuse to say very heinous things about her that I won't repeat here. Things that make me just shake my head, because they are basically being ignorant, homophobes, and thinly veiled green eyed monsters.

Christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I had thought that I couldn't be shocked by just how vile some people could be to those that support Rob and Kristen but that E-mail proved that I'm not but Rose your responses are the exact antidote needed.

To those that constantly pull out the Lesbian, gay, closeted etc card, it's because they have nothing else and are looking for anything, no matter how ridiculous, ludicrous, nonsensical etc to deny that Rob and Kristen are indeed together.
Kristen was with her previous boyfriend for almost four years and Rob has had girlfriends before. Enough of the nonsense.

I read this recently. It's comes in handy when the the bullshit (for that is what it is) makes you doubt what is so obvious:

[Rob is Kristen's boyfriend and Kristen is Rob's girlfriend. Capice? aka DO YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH? My work here is basically done.]

30yearoldtwifan said...


Well, Gossip Cop just had to debunk that article, go check if you don't believe me. I guess all of are sense of humors are different hugh? Because I found it disturbing, but hey that's just me.

Sierra said...

Rose this post is the funniest thing ever!

hahaha she mad at you??!! FOR WHAT?!

that is very unmature of her, but yeah she does have a right to her own opinion.

Anonymous said...

Rose, great post as always, and as always I know you are right. They most likely are together...alone...doing all kinds of twirling in BED! At least I hope they are.

Whoever sent that email to you is a seriously fucked up individual! I guess some people find it amusing to go to a blog they don't like just to stir up shit. I'm glad you addressed it and showed just how stupid and hostile some people are. WTF is up with the whole Kristen is a lesbien thing? What has she ever done that has made people think this? Oh yea she's dating and loving Rob, Jealous bitches!.
Welcome back Rose, we all missed you muwah! and a Twirl for the haters. bwaahahahaha!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Here you go Christina.


This was posted Oh maybe 15 min ago.

Christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30yearoldtwifan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
perfectionseeker said...

Thanks for the post rose - I can't believe someone would send something like that, it's pathetic. I just can't understand why people really believe that he would waste his life following someone because summit told him to, it's irrational! daisy

katy said...


Glad Gossip Cop, debunked that...though
That BS Bullshit...never was up to discussion...it was just ludicrous and so obviously BS.
What makes me ungry is this shity tabloides that stir up this drivel.

30yearoldtwifan said...

Me to Kathy,

Its sad,scary and disgusting that mags.. obsessive fans will go that far.

Christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rb said...

Does anyone in this fandom really believe that either Rob or Kristen needs defending? That they care AT ALL that someone out there ONLINE hates them? Or that someone ONLINE is defending them? You are ALL silly - haters and defenders.

Addressing the stupidity of the haters is equally as stupid as those making the hater comments.

The haters are not the only ones thriving on hate - those who react to it, daily, as in all day long - are just as much of Drama Queens.

There is so much beauty in their relationship. Fuck the rest. Both those who spread shit and those who thrive on it.

Sofia said...

Hi Rose.
I really missed your words.
I'm not having too much time lately to follow all my friends in here who love Rob and Kristen and comment but today I have to...
The email you got is absolutely insane.
I find it kinda funny that Summit couldnt stop Kristen from cutting her hair some time ago (Kristen said it on George Lopez show) and now the SUPER PR HERO Summit is forcing Rob to stay with Kristen. Really?? Do you really believe that??
Rose keep writing your wonderful thoughts for us and above all ignore these fucking crazy, scary, insane hyenas.

*Twirling with you*

Robin said...

One thing I've always loved about Rob is that he is obviously not attracted to mannered, cookie-cutter women. If that's what he had wanted, that's who he'd be with.

Instead, he chose our Kristen, a strong, independent woman, who has an incredible sense of herself for her 20 years.

I get so irritated by the the dim bulbs who insist on calling her a lesbian, using the word as indictment of her character. Kristen is a unique, fiercely individual girl and, having grown up with brothers, is a bit of a tom-boy. I think Rob might have a lot of say about whether or not she's a lesbian.

Obviously, all this hatred for Kristen is nothing more than jealousy. It's a shameful thing to hate someone on the basis of what they have. . , and you don't.

30yearoldtwifan said...

OMG Christina, THAT'S what I was referring to, (Making me sick) The ORIGINAL article, who ever started the rumor, the Rag Mags, obsessive fans. LOW. I assume I wasn't originally clear enough on that fact? I hate feeding into this crap, so I am going to let this go. Have a great day Christina!

Anonymous said...

Gee...no pics of Rob and Kris. Where would you disappear to if Rob was your man?

My first thought: HOLE UP IN A FREAKIN' hotel ROOM!


But that is just my personal opinion.

Hope wherever they are they are happy. =)

Great post as always. Except for the hyena trying to rattle your cage. All I can say if it wasn't true they wouldn't be so angry.


Anonymous said...


I probably should have said rattle its cage instead of your cage.

Oh well.


Penny Lane said...


Thanks for your input on York. So nice to hear that its a great place. I definitely plan to visit while he's there.


Great post. Its too bad you have to deal with the crazies so I hope you just laugh and, of course, TWIRL.

deb said...

Rose I love your Post ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT (WHAT EVER-ME-PERSON IS SO UPSET BECAUSE SHE KNOWS IT THE TRUTH THAT ROB AND KRISTEN LOVE EACH OTHER AND ARE TOGETHER) I think people out there in this BIG ASS WORLD know that Rob/Kristen love each other BUT CAN"T stand it to KNOW it is HER that HE wants and LOVES I"M sorry that these FUKWIT with NO life come to your blog or e-mail you all there SHIT YOU MUST be doing something RIGHT And YES WE know that Robert and Kristen are together and I'm glad that there are NO pic. It just make me feel that they in each other arms loving each other LIKE ROB WOULD SAY IN THERE OWN Little bubble NOW LET GET BACK TO TWIRLING it is SOOO much FUN . DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose you get so much hate. :(

But you know it's not true. And they carry on bringing up stuff which you bring up: that he's doing it for PR. Why do they talk to you like that, and think it's fine when you are only sharing your opinion? And then when they repeat what we all know, the overused excuse "PR", they think that's appropriate...? I'd call them a bitch too for stating their opinion. :D

I think he could be in New Orleans. You don't need images, to take a guess he could be there. Houston was right next to New Orleans. Why travel all the way from that part of LA, then head all the way to New Orleans, then go back without bumping into what they'd rather believe is a friend? If they think she's his friend. Okay. But then it'd be natural for him to visit a friend, if you're in the same part of the world as them.

Christina said...

No I didn't understand U meant the origional story. I liked the fan one because it slammed the tabloid & I could picture them having such a conversation. I didn't mean anything hateful--truly!! Besides if you'll read the fortune teller story (the one I Was Meaning when I posted the site) I think you'll enjoy.

Thanx also for wishing me a nice day, it was very kind. Things have rough & a nice day would be wonderful! :-) I came on Roses blog to try & decompress, so due to RL I took things too personal.

RL problems are probably why I found the site funny.(fortune teller & below)

I hope I've not darkened your day/night (it's 2:46am Sept 15 here). Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

@Christina - Glad that all got straightened out :) I was typing that 30yr was talking about the original article. But you guys got it figured out before I posted.

And @Rb - I don't try to defend Rob and Kristen's relationship. Their relationship is theirs to defend if they choose to do so. Most of us here? What we defend against is the abject hate, and the outright idiocy of some people. That does not make us silly.

I just don't get people like you, who take the time to come on boards and blogs, obviously read the comments, and then criticize people for being on a blog and commenting. We make no effort to hide the fact that we support Rob and Kristen here. If you don't like what we talk about, or feel it is beneath your sensibility then you don't have to come here.

Do I think that Rob and Kristen care that people online hate them? I don't think they care as much as it's just a pain in the ass. Do I think they would appreciate people defending their rights to do whatever they want to do, without judgment or criticism? Well, who wouldn't appreciate it?

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

In the village where I came from a lying, greedy animal like Perez Hilton would have been chopped into pieces and fed to the dogs for afternnoon tea. He's a whoremonger with no respect for human feelings whatsoever as long as he gets hits. "Anyam pandam. Innam mu ya likud mu."

Famous and Perez are pretty much the same. Perez is whoring for hits, while famous is whoring out for sales!

Christina said...

@Tracy thanks for the intent to unconfuse me! :-)

30yearoldtwifan said...

No problem Christina, glad I was able to explain. I kind of felt you were attacking me,(hence my throw up comment) I do know sometimes its hard online to get peoples intentions across.

It just floored me that rag mags.. obsessive fans would go that far, ya know. I mean, Just wow. These people actually made twitter accounts went back and forth. I don't get it.

katy said...

My beloved Robert and Kristen Supporters...lets focus on the


and lets ignore the hatters.

katy said...


I hope everything is better with your father and you as well.

katy said...

to Rb

I'm sure if Rob and Kristen knew that we deffend them...they would appreciate it...wouldn't you appreciate if people deffend you?

Christina said...

I don't have a twitter acct. so I don't pay attn. to them unless my BFF emails/texts it to me to read! I've not seen the Actual (don't have many tabloids here in Korea on base--& my Hangul isn't fluent enough for the Korean ones).

I hope you'll still take a look at the other things on the site though & enjoy a laugh--perhaps w/Jella--LOL!

If other things R real then I promise to LISTEN to you about them & know that any adjectives R aimed at the origional--NOT me! kay?!LOL :P

Anonymous said...


Oh, how I agree with you. Why these people waste their time to tell us we are silly is beyond me. Who asked them?

As far as Kristen, I think *my opinion only* that she probably lets it bother her more than she should. She gets a lot of hate. As much as you tell yourself they don't know me so fuck them...it's got to be hurtful. Who could hear so many negative things about themselves and NOT let it hurt? I know I couldn't. Now, do I think that my defending her against the hate makes a difference? No--not really. BUT it comes down to this. She has done nothing to deserve the jealous hate and venomous lies that are spewed at her daily. (Nor has Rob for that matter...but for some reason Kristen just catches more shit than him.) It is wrong. So if my standing up and saying BULLSHIT to someone who has nothing but bitterness and hate to spread can make them think for one second....then why not try? Kristen will never know that I did. That's not the point. The point is that I would want someone to do the same thing for me. She is a person. So what that she's famous and beautiful? (Of course those are probably her number one problems...women are as a rule jealous bitches!) She deserves the same basic rights to decency as you or I.

p.s. I sent the email with the New Orleans info ;) I hope you have a wonderful time!

Honey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marie said...

@Rb thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come onto a website where we all discuss whatever we like and defend people if we so choose, and berate us for defending someone, whether it is Rob, Kristen or Rose...I may be wrong here but I do know that the majority of human beings, whether they would admit it or not, would be pleased if someone cared enough to defend them when people say vile, disgusting things about them...and here, on this blog, we will defend whomever we like whenever we like and if you don't like how we handle ourselves I am guessing you shouldn't come onto this blog again because: IF I READ SOMETHING THAT IS DEMEANING TO KRISTEN, ROBERT, ROSE, OR ANYONE ON THE DAMN FACE OF THE PLANET AND I WANT TO DEFEND THEM YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I WILL DO SO WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION NOR DO I CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION...thanks, have a great day! By the way I do agree that Rob and Kristen's relationship is beautiful.

Marie said...

Honey you're not worth the effort right now, crawl back under your rock

Christina said...

Promise #2: Will NOT listen to "The Gooey Sticky One"!! eewww! LOL

Anonymous said...
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katy said...

Ok, I said..I was ignoring the hatters...but

Honey...Go fuck yourself...Again seek Help...you are INSANE... psychotic.

Trish said...

"So if my standing up and saying BULLSHIT to someone who has nothing but bitterness and hate to spread can make them think for one second....then why not try? Kristen will never know that I did. That's not the point. The point is that I would want someone to do the same thing for me. She is a person".....Loved this @Leigh..hear hear

If there is going to be ppl on here spreading hate for no reason to ppl they dont know of course as FANS we are going to retaliate..we are not just going to sit there and watch it happen..because it should be stopped..it might not work but at least something is being done and said to have that person/animal know that it is wrong. On top of that this is not a blog for those who are anit-Rob and KRisten..if thats what you want go and start your own blog! we wont be visiting there thats for sure..but here, we like Rose's thoughts and she seems to always be thinking exactly what we feel....so all the haters who feel the need to come and spew their venom they will for sure be dealt with.

katy said...

I wish people like Fuckwit Honey and Scary person who wrote that email to Rose would see how fucking IGNORANT hate is.

PS: I'm going to keep on doing the Happy dance and Twirl...and Ingnore the crazys

Opytaylor said...

I avoid politics these days because I invested so much blood, sweat, and tears, and I would get so angry at what I viewed as ignorance plus corruption on the other side. I had to give up politics. I might have hurt someone if I didn't. That hateful email to Rose reminded me of that anger I used to feel.

Opytaylor said...

Honey, STFU --- the local news announced it, that's not Rob's fault. You are such a jealous, deranged, b.

Kristen wants him there. If she didn't, he would not be there.

Anonymous said...

Morning Rose,
I am saddened that you have to receive "delusion" of that kind......
I have started reading the comments....and was just 'blown away'! with ~J~.....If that wasn't the best explanation I have ever heard.....I don't know what is......
Still reading......

SueBee said...


Sorry you have to read such abusive and repulsive drivel. These people are truly insane.


As I don't have the time to write a diary and passively aggressively tell you what a nutcase you are, I'll just get to the point.

You are nuttier than a fruitcake. Go away, go to Hell, fuck off, take your pick.

Anonymous said...

@Katy - thanks for your concern about my dad. I just heard from my mom.. they've postponed his scans until the 28th, so I have two more weeks to worry and wait. So I'll just be a nervous wreck a little while longer.

But I'm glad I have friends here to keep me sane :) And distracted. It helps!

“Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” - Scott Adams

We may not be able to stop ALL the unwarranted hate and lies out there, but we choose to take a stand regardless. Our small acts may be enough to cause other people to stand up against it. And that makes it worth my time.

SueBee said...

To my pals

I'll be back a bit later. Today is my little girl's birthday and we are going out to celebrate! :o)

Vangie said...

few words to honey, darling if they were not looking for rob[media]OTR is a dead set and that's it ladies honey is to be not like and non exsisted entity just do not address her or her name,totally those crowds on OTR is looking for rob someone placed it on their face book rose loved this banner and that fool who wrote that hate to you ignore ignore

Elaine said...

Tracy-How are you today? My day has been too fucking long. Will you be around later? I need to chat.

Melinda said...

I am sorry you get this stuff flung at you left and right because of something you believe.

Kristen is a real person with real emotions and feelings. She has wonderful qualities that Rob obviously loves about her.

Still it has to hurt when you read this kind of stuff either about yourself (i.e scary person) or about your boyfriend (i.e. the sticky one). I hate it for them.

I also find it absurd that people take time to criticize and demean others instead of encouraging and supporting something they love.


I am happy that Rob and Kristen have been able to spend some quiet non-evasive time together without the hoopla. Thank goodness the people in NOLA and the surrounding area have been respectful for once.

Talk to everyone later. I'll come back on when it lightens up on here and people want to talk without the drama.

Happy they are happy.....

katy said...

Tracy ... I am sorry that you still have to wait for news of the health of your father. I hope for the best.

I enjoy reading your comments, they full of truth and wisdom.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I was so happy to see your post today, and so horrified to read that horrible email. Please pay no attention to these stupid people. I really think they are getting desperate because it is so obvious that Rob and Kris are in love. I could almost feel sorry for them, if they weren't so psychotic. I am trying to stay away from these haters. I do get angry when they start calling Kris names and wish her harm. She is a lovely young woman, talented, kind, generous,and beautiful, and you could go on and on. She has done nothing to warrant all the hate she receives. The only thing she has done is fall in love with someone who fell in love with her, and this is a lovely thing, not something to cause all the hate. All these vindictive people are just jealous, and they should know they do not stand a chance in hell of ever winning Rob's love or friendship. Everytime they belittle Kris, they are harming Rob, because he loves her. I hope one of these days, they will see sense and leave Rob and Kris alone. I do believe they are together, and I don't need to see a pic. Take care dear Rose, ignore all the stupid people, we all love you. Keep twirling, and I will twirl with you.

LJ said...

Hey hey my friends!

Rose, there are some strange people in this world and that email has obviously come from one of them....with out even the intelligence to put a credible argument forward. As my friend Louisa would say, a total fukwit!

Love, love, love the new banner....reminds me of some song lyrics 'Its hot outside, let me go swimming in your eyes'........**sigh**

Much love and hugs,


olivia said...

Dear Rose,
So glad you are back!
The banner is beautiful. He looks so good in gray and his eyes are so lovely.

Just damn amazing that people are so ignorant, jealous and hurtful. It is pathetic that people send you such vicious emails.

@Tracy (11:40am) and @ ~J~ (11:40am)
So very well written. Totally agree with both of you.
A while back Tracy gave us a quote that bears repeating today:
"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. - Buddha
Thanks again, Tracy.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, your dad and your family. Waiting is so very difficult. Hugs for you.

Must comment again on the fan pic of Rob with the guitar when he was in Houston. It is as if it is a glimpse inside of his personal communion with music. It is a very special picture.

My house guests stayed an extra day so I have been reading the comments and am a bit confused with all the deletes. This is such a congenial and lively group that sometimes one loses the thread of the comments if not read in real time. Snake, poisonous spiders, and frickin nut jobs, oh my! The pickup lines by the way were a hoot and done round robin! Awesome!

Happy Birthday to you daughter SueBee.

Hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying much privacy and time together. Am so glad that they have stayed under the radar and that the locals have been very respectful. Haven't peeked elsewhere yet and hope it continues being low key.

Those with the bad attitude, life is too short to be such a horse's arse. Mellow out and let Rob and Kristen be.
Hugs to all.
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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perfectionseeker said...

@ Olivia "Those with the bad attitude, life is too short to be such a horse's arse. Mellow out and let Rob and Kristen be." Right on Olivia, you summed it up perfectly :)

Anonymous said...
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katiebirwin said...

haha! just foudn your blog last night! I've read a few post and they are fantastic! this last one is a true gem! Keep up the great posting - you're very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

~A.......well said...... One can't even begin to imagine how Kristen feels about this stuff....
Only to read Devil infused hate regurgitating from one's vile mouth...But to begin with, It was a thought then it went one step further and was proceeded to be conversed....What in the hell are people thinking......I would say they are a person/s with allot of time on their hands.....Bored with their own and make up about others........if not that I have no idea "what in the hell" else it could be.....

LJ said...

A, so beautifully put....and may I say that little old me will be marching right behind you on this parade....wearing my 'I ❤ Rose' t'shirt and waving my big fat 'love Rob...love Kristen' flag!

Much respect my friend....and lots of love,


keset said...

Welcome back Rose :)

Someone said that Rob in China now ???

katy said...

to A


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
team necklace said...

Three cheers for 'A'

Rose said...

To everyone who came to my defense... Thank you.
I didn't post the email to piss people off... I really just wanted people to see the kind of lunatics that are out there. It's not just about hating Robert or hating Kristen. It's just about HATING. Period. It's ridiculous.

And my sweet sweet *A*...
Thank you for such a vigorous defense. It means more to me than I could possibly tell you.

Anonymous said...

May I just put a little personnel thought to you? This is not or never about me.....But the mood here is depressing me enormously.....No one is to blame of course......It always just the way ...I take things....


When I was in my 20's the slightest thing would upset me...Self conscious of what others thought of me. What we have been talking here of course …is No Comparison.....But I think the same logic applies..
WE LIVE ....GROW AND LEARN...I say....
As you get a little older you become wiser...This only comes with experience and age....I think....
To turn this negativity around and make it more of a healthy thought is very hard.....But if you have the strength to overcome this vileness....all I can imagine or say is..... You Will Be A better person at the end of this. Because from my experience anything overcomes that has been extremely difficult at the time, has made me a better person for it.....
....I'm not sure if my point is coming across...If I’m confusing you....I apologize...

Anonymous said...


You are as passionate as you are charming. And anyone who has the fortune of calling you their friend is a lucky person.
And thank you (and others) for continuing to figuratively hold my hand through the stuff with my dad. I am most grateful.

Rose said...


I'm not sure how I missed the comment about your father... but do know that you and your family are in my thoughts.
Please take care.

Nwflgl said...

Wow, someone had the nerve to send that to you?? What a crazy person. And if they do not like your blog, why the Hale read it in the first place. It is not like you held her down and forced her to read it one word at a time!! Sheeze the nerve of some people....

I guess by now you saw the pic of Sam in NOLA...but doesn't mean others are there, or does it?? Isn't it funny how they can get from place to place and not been seen until they are ready??

I think they are all there laughing at all the stupid people in the world!!!

Thanks again for such a wonderful post!!

Penny Lane said...

First time I've had to really comment. So many people assume that Robert or Kristen are oblivious to commentary about them. If I were one of them I would be checking gossip constantly so why would they be any different? They are human, with all the feelings and insecurities that go along with being human. Most of us are insecure about our appearance so again, why would they not be?

As Louisa stated, I too was very shy and insecure when I was Kristen's age. I don't care what her profession is, she can't be expected to ignore all the hate that swirls around her. It is obvious she brings out the protectiveness of those close to her and that is a good thing.

We all like to comment and joke around here. Maybe before we say something, even innocently, we should consider if we would say it if we knew they were going to read it. I think both of them can take a good-natured joke as well as the next person maybe even better.

Not trying to be on my soapbox, just offering a thought or two.

Honey said...

I was wrong. Rob was not in NOLA. Sam got caught and he didn't? Face it. Hes not there. Kristen sent him away. Sam stayed with Tom while he was filming.

Penny Lane said...


You are a dear, sweet man with a wicked sense of humor. I hope you find your special someone soon (if you haven't already).

Anonymous said...

Elaine - I should be on later, yes :) Will try to catch you on.

Leigh - I got the email. Thanks for the info. I am *really* looking forward to going.

As for all the hate and stuff that we try to fight against daily.. I take comfort in knowing that Karma is an absolute bitch. These people can't keep putting so much negativity into the world without having some of it revisit them.

If there's one thing I'd like Rob, Kristen, AND their friends to know for sure, it is that they have people who support them, and defend them. Even if they don't know us personally, or ever will meet us. Hold on to the good, try to let go of the bad.

Rose - comments are easily missed when they start reaching the hundreds. Thank you for your concern. I enjoy coming here and talking with friends, it is a much needed respite from the things that are going on.

Trish said...

@A 4:07PM...thank you for those wise words bravo!

katy said...


I agree with you 100%

'As for all the hate and stuff that we try to fight against daily.. I take comfort in knowing that Karma is an absolute bitch. These people can't keep putting so much negativity into the world without having some of it revisit them.'

'If there's one thing I'd like Rob, Kristen, AND their friends to know for sure, it is that they have people who support them, and defend them. Even if they don't know us personally, or ever will meet us. Hold on to the good, try to let go of the bad'

Lots of love

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

LOL, i cant stop laughing @ that email..You were right to change the name, " protect the stupid" LOL
Some people are so dense..

I love it when you say something, you really hit it on the head.

Geart post Rose!! I missed reading your post htese past couple of days.Thanks for making my day..

I love it that there's no pics
It means life is quiet for them.

Twirl, twirl, Twirl..
I guess i have to bring out my twirling shoes>>

Have a Lovely Day to all..

Anonymous said...

Karma is indeed a bitch.....

What Goes around ...comes around....

Let me tell ya....It's perhaps been, the only thing in the past that has kept me sane!

Marie said...

Honey...I truly wish I had the energy to tell you more than this..but since I'm so tired I just have to say this..cause If I don't it will drive me crazy...


There someone has responded to you, now you can crawl back into your hole under that rock, back into restraints and wait until SueBee has a chance to update your diary.

@ A 4:07 well said

Dee said...

Hi Rose,

I have posted two or three times on your blog and felt compelled to post today. I really enjoy the community that you have built here. I think people do not realize that it is not just about Rob and Kristen anymore, but about the many friends who are like family who you have drawn together in your blog. It seems to me that you care a lot about your regular visitors and they care about you. This is WONDERFUL.

As for the individual who wrote you the crazy email, I believe that its not just about Rob or Kristen with this person, but about your blog period. You inspire a lot of folks. Anyone with common sense knows that everything you have stated on your blog is your opinion. But you have created a common place for people all over who share your opinion to come and become friends all due to a shared opinion. We all "believe" that Rob and Kristen are together. None of us can say we "know" for sure, but we are not blind and we evidently see a lot of things that some folks do not.

I am sadden for Kristen also. Sadden that she cannot shout to the world about her love for her young Brit. Sadden because there are idiots like your emailer who would go absolutely berserk on other blogs if she were to shout to the world her love for her your Brit. Sadden because some people are so crazy that they just wont let Kristen and her young Brit be.

Sadden because there are so so many people out here who are like your emailer and they frighten me with their deep deep hate. These people dont realize that they are not really Rob fans or Kristen fans, because if they were, they would be happy that either or were happy.

Anonymous said...

Ya know...yer yer it's me again....

I really, really hope and pray...or may I say I WISH my 'mental telepathy skills are working to capacity today......

That Kristen may be aware I wish of this:

That Kristen can read this all mentioned today and take inn, even just one comment even if it’s not from me and be a little more at peace within herself to ignore all she has to face...all because she fell in love and Rob fell in love……They fell in LOVE with each other….

Ok I’m right off my soap box……Coz y’all know my…….a…. always looks all so big from up here….. ;)

Marie said...

LOL Louisa you're priceless

Honey said...

LOL I've been to the robstenatipn blog and seen the kiddies squeeling over a pic of an invisible Rob. He's not even in the pic idiots lol. Well whatever makes you sleep at night kids.

Anonymous said...

hey Honey My mental Telepathy is tellin you to.......


No probably not......

katy said...

to Louisa

I'm ignoring fuckwith Honey

But I'm loving your mental Telepathy.

take care :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LIZ said...


I really missed you, glad you had a nice vacation. YOU are the voice of reason in my insane mind .... I am "starving" for Robsten photos, but as always, a double-edged sword, I really only want to see fan pics. I am certain they are together somewhere and NOLA is an easy place to get lost in ... I grew up there and went to high school in the area. There is always so much going on there that it would be fairly easy to stay anonymous, I believe, let's hope they have had a chance to enjoy the music and all the good food and fun that NOLA has to offer.

Haven't posted in awhile, SO GLAD all of you are here.

Melinda said...


I believe Honey is all of 13 maybe so let's hope she doesn't get laid b/c she probably wouldn't know how to use birth control thus we would have to deal with a baby honey in 9 mths!

That might just send me over the edge.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sorry for the deleted comments..
I have decided that, at least for today, I am not going to give Honey the attention she so desperately needs.

SueBee said...

Oh, all right

Dear Diary,

Here I am with the stump of a green crayon. I hope it lasts long enough for me to express myself.

Even though my Bella doll was so mean to me last time, she has started talking to me again.

She has given me a wonderful piece of news. Okay, okay, Kristen hasn't sent Rob away like I thought. He's still there---sort of. The secret is---he's invisible!!!!!!

That's right, my dear diary. Since he hasn't gotten his picture taken, it has rendered him invisible.

I'll prove my thoery. I haven't had my picture taken since my arrest 3 days ago, and I have been invisible ever since!!! Go with me here! No one looks at me or talks to me. When I speak, no one listens to me! They can't see me because no one has taken my picture. It makes sense don't ya think????

If your picture isn't taken, then you don't exist! You slowly evaporate!

So, my point is, even if Rob is with her he isn't really with her--at least not until she takes his picture. This makes perfect sense. (No it doesn't! Yes it does! Shut up voices!)

I can rest easy tonight. He can't ruin her life if she can't see him, and I can't see him so I know Kristen can't!!!

I need to go now, Diary. I have to come up with a plan to steal all of the cameras in the world! I don't want to take any chances!

(You are a crazy fuckwit! No, I'm not! Yes, you are!)

Shut up voices!!!!!!!!!!!

Trish said...

Honey it looks like you cant spell either...and it IS true you practically go to every R/K site just to spread your venom..wow! you must have nothing to do with you life...is it that boring? no friends?? no siblings?? you must be miserable..on a usual basis i wont feel sorry for you but i just think you are a sad sad thing...no happiness, nothing..what a life! please seek professional counseling.

Love the chronicles as always Sue Bee.

shoegal2547 said...

Hey Rose, next time, how about a warning before opening this site! That banner took my breath away...love it, love it, and love it some more!

Thanks again for the post, I too think R/K are together as well...so cute!

But Crazy Scary Person...truly psychotic, she needs help...it's not that serious.

Atticus said...

Ditto, Rose..."back the fuck off Kristen already." Scary Person hates you, calls you colorful metaphors, sick of your twirling, etc...why does she keep coming to your blog? I guess Scary Person is a FUBAR masochist.

Scary person claims Rob is under orders from Summit to be with his beautiful BB, Kristen for PR purposes. Not much of a fan if you think Rob would stoop to this level for fame & fortune. If this is PR, where the fuck are all the nuzzling, kissing pics? Someone deserves a fucking refund. I have a feeling these pics will surface but definitely not for PR.

I won't even address what Scary Person called our beautiful, gorgeous, talented Kristen who wears the accessory that all fucking haters want...deliciously handsome Robert. LOL!

I believe for every one hater, there are 10 of us R/K fun lovin' supporters. Yeah, the ratio is 10:1 in favor of us...the good guys!

There is no doubt in my mind that Rob is in NOLA or Kentwood with Kristen. There's a saying going around right now. "Get wood in Nude Orleans." I fucking love it!

Twirling with you Rose and all the regs and today I also feel like fucking pushing. Shove it up your asses haters!

Tracy...positive thoughts for your dad. Hang in there.

Sue Bee...love your hyena chronicles. Keem 'em coming!

Atticus said...

oops, typo...s/b keep 'em coming

SueBee said...

& @ Trish

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Great post. I have no words for that email -- crazy person is crazy. And I am sorry you receive things like that. People making it personal and getting really vile. Makes me want to stay far away from this fandom. But the great people in it, like you Rose and fellow posters here (minus the horrid attention seeker -- you all should know who I mean) keep me in the fandom.

I believe Rob, Tom and Sam did make their way to New Orleans. I mean, their destination was fairly obvious. Only those that are seriously deluded come up with the crazy excuses and the crazy rantings. They just don't want to face reality.

Rob and Kristen seem to be able to enjoy New Orleans and the surrounding areas without being bothered. Since Kristen got there, she has been able to stay under the radar. So, great city for them, it seems. I do miss them though!

sue said...

A lot of scary bigots in this world, fucking hell we don't live in the Middle Ages anymore. SO WHAT IF THEY ARE GAY??? I know everybody has a right to his/hers opinion but what the hell. This email and honey person must have really hateful and miserable lives. The haters don't like R&K for who they are: down to earth unlike these shallow look-at-me Hollywood flakes. Listen to some of their interviews and you see that fake attitude would go against their view on life. Anybody with a bit of intelligence or common sence can see these are genuine but maybe they are too smart for some people to understand. I find them intriguing and interesting and no I don't do twitter/facebook/gossipsites or mags so I'm not some crazy, blind fan. I just love and respect them for who they are. Rob and Kristen just live the lives you want to and fuck everybody what they think.
By the way: I bet they are having the best sex at the moment (jeez they are so hot together) cause I've seen pics of them in NOLA on another blog

LIZ said...

Kristen on the way to OTR set ...... http://bit.ly/a6cKqK
Can anyone tell if she's wearing Rob's "Get Off My Dick" shirt? I tried to zoom in but wasn't able to tell for sure.

LIZ said...

Apparently someone has confirmed that she's wearing his t-shirt. We've all wondered many times if they exchange clothes (her stuff would be a bit small on him, right?)

Guess it means they are TOGETHER, like we all hoped.

ROSE, I'm Twirling, feel SO MUCH better, a happy smile on my face.

Life is good ......

katy said...

Ok, I'm not sure if it's Rob's
'Get Off my Dick' shirt...but it sure looks like it and Kristen is wearing it.


I love that she's wearing Rob's shirt and plus maybe it's her way to say to hatters to GTFO & STFU


perfectionseeker said...

Have you guys seen the new pics of Kristen on Robstenation wearing Rob's 'Get off my dick' T-shirt?! Too cute! x

perfectionseeker said...

Ok, sorry you obviously have :)

katy said...

There is rumor about a possible new Rob project, it's a is a remake of the 2004 film “Dark Arc”...Potential co-stars are Emma Watson and Casey Affleck.

Take care

Marie said...

hmmm I can hear the crying and foaming begin...Kristen in what appears to be the shirt that Rob wore to the set in Canada, the one he was wearing when the "nuzzling" pictures came out...so if it is the "Get off my Dick" shirt then we complete confirmation that they ARE sharing shirts...
I'm sure there are times when you might wear a male friend's clothes but come on..nuzzling, kissing, wearing his shirt..I don't think they will confirm or deny their relationship, but I think they are pretty much out in the open now

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Aahh.. and the pie making is over;)) finally one has emerged wearing the "get off my dick hyenas" tshirt.

Kristen, you really rock that tshirt!!

Where is Honey baby??:)))))

Wildhart007 said...

Rose I'm devastated by the stupidity you endure.

One thing you can count on is that certain individuals seem to enjoy inflicting pain, cruelty and hate on others.

Kristen is a very beautiful and very talented actress.

Thank goodness she has such good a nd loyal friends as tom and sam to protect and defend her.

Rose you are her staunch ally on thefront lines.

Anonymous said...

I think some people in this fandom have seriously lost their minds.
How can you be a fan of Rob, Kristen or both and wish for them some of the vile things these people do?

Jane said...

Love the new banner. The pictures when he was filming RM are some of my favorite pictures of him. Rose, when you get hate mail on Rob and Kristen, please tear it up. This blog needs to be just sweet things of Rob and Kristen. That's what we all want.