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Friday, September 3, 2010

Whatever NOLA Wants... NOLA Gets.

*Danger Danger*
I am going to get on my very high soapbox today.
You have been warned.

I was just about to type "I don't have a lot to say today"
That NEVER works, does it?

Well... I don't.

Again... there is always drama to talk about.
Endless bullshit drama.

I'm not sure I even want to address it.
Should I?
Does it matter?
Should it?

The one thing about this 'fandom' that always surprised me
was how fucking serious some people take it.
You know...
This is about Robert Pattinson.
Kristen Stewart...
Whatever you want to like.
(Or don't like... but then why are you here? )

Why in the fucking sam hell
Do people make this shit PERSONAL?
I don't fucking get it.
And I just feel like typing fucking in every sentence.
So I fucking will.

I wasn't really online much yesterday...
You may have noticed (probably not)
But I didn't even get a chance to post.
And I almost ALWAYS post.
So you know that I was busy...

But I signed on this morning... and POW.
My inbox was all about the drama.
And while some of you may think I court drama
(Oh drama... how do I love thee)
I don't.
I'm in a perfectly fine platonic relationship with the beast...
I look at the beast...
I even poke at the beast (with a 10 foot pole, mind you)
But I don't get up close and PERSONAL with the monster.
Get it?
I'm not fucking nuts.

So imagine my surprise that some lunatic(s)
posted someones personal info on some lame board.
I'm NOT surprised. At all.
Because that's what fucking lunatics DO.
It's disgusting.
It's pathetic.

There are a handful of fucking psychos in this fandom.
I don't believe it's more than that.
But these fuckers are loud.
And they are scary.
I mean... seriously fucking frightening.
And they make ALL OF US look bad.

It wasn't right to post someone's personal info.
Everyone KNOWS that.
Some people just don't give a shit.
But that goes beyond just someones address...
That applies to everyone's personal information.
And you can say 'Oh it's all public anyway'
But there is something so cringe worthy 
about posting someone's court documents on your twitter...
or your public forum...
Something so innately WRONG about posting ANYTHING
Something you have no business knowing.
And why the fuck DO you know it?
And why the fuck do you CARE?
It has absolutely NOTHING to do with
Robert and Kristen.
has anything to do with them.

So I end this little rant with something my grandfather always
used to tell me...

"Rosie... Don't Spit Into The Wind."

I love you, Grandpa.
So back to Robert and Kristen.
Because that's what this should be about.

We have seen pictures of Kristen in NOLA.
And can I be perfectly honest when I say
that I'm getting kinda tired of typing NOLA.
It's like one of those words when you look at it enough...
It doesn't look like a word anymore.
Whatever NOLA wants...
NOLA gets...
See where my mind goes?

There is chatter that Kristen is doing 'intimate' scenes right now...
You know...
The ones that are probably kinda hard to do 
especially when there are a bunch of people standing around
I've taken to carrying around my salt shaker
ALL the damn time lately.
You never know when you will need that grain of salt.

Robert, Robert, Robert.
I like to call him Robert.
Not sure why.
He probably hates being called Robert.
And Spunk.
And Edward.
And Mr. Stewart.

Not sure where our guy is right now.
Is he in the infamous...
dare I type it...

Where else is he going to go?

Man, I loved that line in Twilight...
and it was Robert's line.
He added it.
And it's perfect.
Just like him.
OK... OK.
Is our boy eating jambalaya as we speak?

I guess only time will tell.

I say this a lot.
But this is my blog and I can.

Wherever Robert or Kristen are...
They will end up

It's a force of nature.
It's fate.
It's kismet.


This post is brought to you by the letter *K*

You can't hide from that bitch.


K for Kismet.

I kinda like that word today.
Robert and Kristen are all about kismet.


Bye for now


lroy6 said...

Great post, Rose!! <3

twilightbabez said...

As of last night, Robert was still in LA spotted at a restaurant. As of today, well who knows where he is. Too bad paparazzis are in NOLA ahead of Rob. That makes me kinda wary that it would create much frenzy again if he will show up. But lets wait and see.

As to the drama, people should know that it is a CRIME punishable by law to release any personal information of others without consent.

Fans, we are all here for the entertainment. Let us not get too involve with RK let them live their lives the way they want to and let us try to respect each other.

twilightbabez said...
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katy said...

Great post Rose

Wherever Robert or Kristen are...
They will end up

alex said...


Dear twihards: Don't hurt me, but I am currently having dinner across from Robert Pattinson. Really. Just choked on my gnocchi. about 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

As of yesterday Rob was still in LA, doesn't look like he's in a hurry to go to NOLA like he was about Montreal visit...well his buddies are in LA, not in NOLA (unlike in Montreal's case), so I guess he has no reason to go there.
And if he goes watch Tom go with him. Are T/R attached at the hip or what?

Anonymous said...

Posting someone's personal info for all to see is really insane...I don't understand what would make anyone do something like that...CRAZY!!

Your post was great today.
I look forward to your post each day and was having withdrawals yesterday!! Now I can relax ;-)

Honey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
katy said...

Wish...I had the delete button

twilightbabez said...

@alex, Rob is not in LA doing nothing. For all we know, some negotiations for future projects are underway. It was reported before that he will have some series of meetings in LA.

He is not a bum doing nothing and just hang out with Tom while GF is away. And he is also not accountable to tell us what he is doing in LA now.

keset said...

What drama you are all talk about???

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"See those smiling pics of Kristen on the set? Its cause Rob isn't there mucking it up."

My gosh we have a freakin psychic on our hands...or is it a psycho??? Oh well!

Once again I feel like I just stepped in dog crap.

Jacqueline said...

Great post rose!!! Honey, take your depressing sorry butt back to the rock you crawled out from.

Gigi said...

ohh I did missed your post ...I love reading your blogs it just makes my day and I'm sorry about the drama Rose ...with that said ...
@ Alex and still you don't believe ? my goodness I feel sorry for the ppl that just see excuses ...they don't have to be tide to each other they are grown ups , but I tell you what, they do hang out a lot , and if one goes with the reports,they even have few ( more than one ) places together that they can hide , I wonder to do what ?b/c when 2 good looking ,young ppl go and hide together is to sit and see some really good program on tv no ?
Finally posting private information is pathetic no mater about whom ...
Ok guys have a great Friday ....chao

jen said...

Love it Rose! Preach...

I don't care if you are nonsten/robsten/whateversten, people need to take a xanax and not do crazy things, it makes me embarrassed to be a fan.

And yeah, Rob will get there to NOLA, I'm telling you, it's his mecca. He loves good music, good food, good alcohol.....but most of all, this is the city that taught Kristen how to work a pole.

He's making a pilgrimage there, trust!

SueBee said...

Missed you yesterday, Rose!

SueBee said...

Oh, and Honey

I have a few suggestions where you can go too

Opytaylor said...

There where no pictures of Kristen in NOLA until today, right? Only Twitter claims. Also Twitter claims that she was in LA earlier this week. WHO CARES. Absolutely nothing has happened since MTL or all summer for that matter that would suggest this fine couple is not together and happy. If anything, MTL made them more cautious about being seen together because they are both protective about the relationship. They are together, heavily committed, and private. period

katy said...

To Honey, you are a WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE.
Manjen...IF dog crap was living human...it would be offended of beeing associated to HONEY

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Posting personal information (even if said person already has it out there) with such malicious intent is wrong. It makes you no better than the ones you're bitching about. It makes the rest of us fans look bad. The crazies have already proven that they don't care if what they do is right or wrong.. we need to remain above that, and show that we are a better group of people. We lose credibility when we stoop to that level.

And I'm sick, sick sick of Nola. I'm sick of hearing about these raunchy sex scenes. (yes, I know they aren't rauncy, but I'm sick of what's being said about them) I hate that people are making OTR all about sex. I'm so exhausted with people thinking that if Rob *doesn't* go to Nola, then it means that there's something wrong in the relationship. Because at this point, if he *does* show up, those same people are going to bitch about how he clings to her.

And can people stop calling us Twihards?! For fuck's sake, it's not Twilight that I like! The movies were okay, but geez.. they're not my life. I don't care if Rob doesn't go to Nola, I don't care if he's in LA. Kristen is WORKING! It's not the end of the world if he's not there. They're still going to be in a relationship if he's not there. And dude's allowed to hang out with his friends when she's gone. I know I'm on the phone as soon as my hubs is out of town.. calling my besties to come over and hang out, or go out and do something. Doesn't mean I'm sleeping with them or attached at the hip to them.

And I'm ranting.. *sigh* Totally lost my composure there.

My apologies.

I love this blog, I love that I'm able to come here and have honest, mature conversations about these two lovely people who have captivated us. I consider most people on this blog to be my friends :)

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one” -C.S. Lewis

Oh, and Honey, FYI.. your tactics aren't working here. We'll still support Rob and Kristen regardless of what you're able to conjure up out of your imagination for the day. Your presence here only serves to give us something to joke and tease about. Comic relief, if you will.

keset said...

I'm out of the loop `cos i deside that there lot's of bullshit going on between the fans and Robsten.
And i even don't like twilight that much...so.
I will come to this place and also spunk-ransom site to see any new news with Rob maybe i'll go to /letterstorob for time to time and that's it.

All the shit can stay behind me.

Wish Robert and Kristen Happiness and lot's of love.
and hope they will stay as a couple for many years.

Great post Rose

Anonymous said...

@ Katy

Too true!!

Bren said...

Way to go, lady---Great post!

I believe no one should have access to anyone's personal information, much less putting it out there for everyone to read. I'm sorry, but this totally infuriates me on so many levels.

Never before have I seen so many crazies. For example, I read a post months ago where someone said her and her daughter had a bet going on, to see who would get Rob first. I hope she was joking....

I'm sure, Rob is heading to New Orleans, I'll bet he's dying with out her!

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Honey, seriously answer me this...why do you come here? If you truely hate Rob as much as you constantly say why torture yourself hourly by comeing here? Isn't there some I love Garrett who I don't know but want to pretend I know everything about website? Ugh skank

Rose, great as always...I don't know about the legal documents, but the passport thing was way out of line. Rob and Kristen seem like nice enough people, they don't deserve all the craziness being thrown at them.

I can't imagine Rob not going to New Orleans, it seems like the perfect place for him.
Thanks again Rose.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose!!

Just wanted to drop in and say Hi! RL has been crazy and will continue to be so for the next little bit...whew!

I hope everyone has a fab long weekend!! Stay safe!!

Karen said...

I'm confused. I must have missed something. What documents were leaked and about who? Hopefully it
wasn't either of our dear R or K. That would truly piss me off. Fuck, school starts and I'm out of the loop. Sorry. I seem to be in a foul language sort of mood today.

Honey, you really should find another board to go to. You are obviously not happy with those of us who post on this board.

To Rose and all of my friends on this board, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Karen said...

By the way Rose, LOVE the pics!!!

Melinda said...

Rose- is that soapbox big enough for me to stand on it with you???

Pathetic people do pathetic things. Sane people respect lines and would never do something like that out of malicious intent.

I agree with Tracy about the OTR sex scenes. People are making the movie out to be one big orgy and it is not. People need to GROW UP!

I normally don't address HONEY's foaming lunacy but today I am b/c I am getting tired of her BS.


you say that Rob is being selfish if he shows up in NOLA. Have you ever thought that maybe Kristen loves him and wants to spend time with him in a really cool city during her time off set?

Moving on. You said that Kristen looks happy next to Garrett in those pics. Um she has a cigarette dangling from her mouth and isn't smiling. How does that constitute her being happy? But if you want to believe she is happy next to Garrett and ignore her smiles when Rob was on set be my guest.

Furthermore stop tweeting that Garrett and Kristen are sleeping in the same hotel room!!! You have no proof that they are. Also you are making her (your idol) out to be a cheater. Do you really think she would be happy about this if she ever came across your twitter account?

Next, yes Kristen and Garrett are together on his birthday. That is only because he is WORKING. They aren't celebrating it together or anything. If they weren't filming she wouldn't be with him on his birthday. Do you know who she has spent the last three birthdays with (hers and his)? That's right, ROB.

Also, you do realize that SKEP was being sarcastic in response to your tweet you sent her. She loves Rob and thinks he is deliciously handsome.

Finally, I hope one day when you are grown (because we all know you are young)you will find someone who loves you unconditionally and you will finally see what REAL LOVE is.

Whew, sorry everyone for the long post. I guess I am just tired of all the BS that is posted all over the internet by people that don't like what they see so they make up lies. It's petty and stupid.

Rob and Kristen don't deserve the stuff that people say about them. They are two people who fell in love and are trying to maintain as much privacy as their profession allows.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose,

MR. STEWART! I love it and love you for posting it here! Awesome. I'm sending the link to everyone. :)

I'm sorry someone posted personal stuff--I hope it wasn't about you but I know, even if it was about your friends, it hurt you, because that's how you are. Totally uncool.

Honey--you're the psycho bitch "A" told me about. God, I thought he was like making this shit up but you really are fucking crazy. I'll bottom line it for you..Kristen isn't happy unless she's with Rob.

And hell yea, Tom and Rob are attached at the hip. Its called friendship Alex...maybe if you got off your stupid fucking computer you could have one too.

Rose have a great weekend and thanks for being such a great friend. (((HUGS)))
P,S. No worrying!!!

Ceci said...

Just one question for you people;

'Oh their babies would be beautiful'
'I want threesome with garret and kristen'
'They would make hot couple' etc etc etc....

That is completely disrespectful to Robert. but it's ok they're just joking right? *sarcasm*

but If Rob's fans fangirl over one of his female co-stars they're nonsten/hater.
What I hate is how things are different when it comes to Rob fans. How is this not a double standard?

Penny Lane said...

New here, and I enjoy reading Rose's take on things. The comments seem to run the gamut from adoring to disgusting. I'm wondering what it is about this couple that causes such strong reactions from people. Sadly, I think they are perhaps one of the first celebrity couples whose lives are being run by the internet and twitter.

A while ago "A Friend" asked for opinions as to whether things would change if Rob and Kristen admitted their involvement... Yeah, I admit I've lurked for awhile... It seems to me that a lot of the discourse comes from a certain faction (Non**** yes, I've been to that site and their arguments reminded me so much of high school and then I found out these are actually grown women). They claim they won't believe until they hear Rob say the words. So, I guess that's the answer to at least get rid of that bunch. The ones that hate on them individually, well, there is no answer for that.

I also wonder if either Rob, Kristen, or both, took more control of twitter then some of the mystery would be gone. Since they are victimized by twitter, maybe if they used it to their advantage speculation would decrease. Just give out little snippets of information that doesn't compromise them at all but would end the constant speculation and give them a little privacy.

Just a thought. I don't even know if "A Friend" visits here anymore. Keep on posting Rose, you are very insightful and entertaining.

Until next time...

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, great blog, and I really missed you yesterday. I guess I totally missed everything also, because I only go to a couple sites and miss all the ugly stuff. I hope whatever was leaked, it did not concern R and K. It is so wrong to do that, and whoever did it should be prosecuted. I do miss seeing R/K, but I know K is busy working and I am sure R is busy also. I know they will be together as soon as possible (judging by the look on Rob's face Sunday, he is really missing his K). I hope all my friends here have a wonderful weekend. As for Honey, I wish you would find another place to vent your hate, we do not want you here and I doubt you want to be here, you just want to stir the rest of us up, and you will not win. Bye dear Rose, see you next time. Keep twirling.

sml6446 said...

Hi Rose, I dont ever comment but I visit your site EVERY DAY. I definitely noticed you missing yesterday. I love your pov. You rock, and you truly speak for a lot of us out here in the fandom.

Honey said...

This just in. Kristen is going Mexico to film OTR - even though she has no scenes there.

You still say shes happy with Rob? Then why would she go to Mexico to get away from him? Its as clear as day now. She wants out of the relationship but hes clinging onto her for dear life, refusing to let her go and stopping her from ending it with him.

deb said...

Hey there Rose Whatever NOLA Wants ...NOLA Gets Yep you said that right. I don't know why people out there are so nuts I guess it's just the world FULL OF NUTS the ones who DON"T have a LIFE so they go though life saying and doing SHITTY thing to make others fill as bad as they do. WELL TO BAD so SAD. I to think that OUR Guy well go see HIS GIRL where who knows BUT BELIEVE ME NOT HE WELL BE WITH HER. AS for WHO EVER post the PERSONAL INFO. well I hope they go to JAIL for a long time . HONEY your not worth my input thats all you want anyway so go away LITTLE BUG.Rose I hope you have a good weekend ITS NOT EVEN IF OR WHEN ITS SOON . DEB.

Anonymous said...



Can someone say...
Coo Coo

LJ said...


That one was for you Louisa!

Hellooo and much love to Rose and all my 'love Rob...love Kristen' friends on here!

Oh and by the way....that first picture of Rob with the coffee..and the cig..and the amazing cheeky smile..gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......


Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose! I am so over the drama. I am trying to stay ignorant to it because in the case of this crazy ass fandom -- ignorance IS bliss.

I usually get amused by the crazies with their need to start crap if Rob and Kristen aren't in the same city. Desperate much?
And those who feel Rob and Kristen always have to ruuussshhh to the other. LOL. My goodness. Have these people ever been in a healthy, real relationship before?!
No one can possibly know what business Rob might have in LA. Maybe he has plans to go to New Orleans or maybe he will just chill at home while Kristen takes care of business?! And what is wrong with that?

I don't visit my boyfriend when he's away for work for weeks at a time. It's no different when Rob and Kristen are away working. If it's for a prolong time, they visit each other if they can. When they can't be together, they manage with spending a few weeks apart. In their business they have to deal with that and they do a darn good job at it too. But asshats have to make drama where there is none.

Sorry I am cranky today and this bullshit gets annoying.
Kristen is WORKING. Her boyfriend, Rob, may or may not visit her. He did visit her in Montreal (yes, alex -- Rob went to Montreal to see his girlfriend, Kristen, who he then flew home with) but I have no idea if he will make it over to New Orleans. Unfortunately, him being in Montreal created a frenzy and maybe that will be avoided this time.
Personally, I hope Rob goes to New Orleans. They seem the happiest when they're together.

IF Kristen goes to Mexico, then it's because she's going to be working in Mexico. Crazy concept, I know.

missDI20 said...

sorry for my english(i'm not) but i have a question for evrybody


deb said...

Hey there LJ Your right IGNORE THAT FUKWIT I just love these new words that Louisa gives us. You know I look at Kristen in that black dress she is so BEAUTIFUL and to think Rob gets to LOVE AND SLEEP and be a part of her life. As for ROB we all know how LUCKY Kristen is to have all that and then some. SHE IS SO LUCKY TO have someone to LOVE her that much what a lucky,Lucky person THEY ARE BEYOND SOUL MATES ITS SO MUCH MORE and I'm so happy for them.

Gaga said...

I hope no one minds if I post this here. Its an excellent post from a R/K fan about people like *cough* Honey and how they like to ship GarrettStew and how Garrett is getting hate because of it. Now fans are complaining about the hate which is right but is a little annoying since so little complained about the hate Emile got as Rob's costar. http://boyfrombarnes.tumblr.com/post/1060037696/dear-garrett-its-not-you-its-them

June said...

Tomorrow is saturday. I'd love so much to see Rob in NOLA. I love to see them together, it makes me happy to see their interaction, their smiles, it just makes my day.

I don't want Rob and Kristen's reunion to piss off the haters. I don't care about them. I hope there's a reunion because Rob and Kristen will be happy, and I'll be happy too, along with all the fans commenting here.

Rose, I want to TWIRL tomorrow with you!

keset said...

Two titles that making me laugh

-Brad Pitt concerned over Robert Pattinson- Angelina Jolie team-up


Robert Pattinson Is Freaking Out About Kristen Stewart's Sex ...‏

Robert made many love scenes in Bel Ami and Kristen still with him...lol

Kristy said...


Couldn't agree more.

and this tweet... I could not have said it better myself.

''@Dalianna tired of X actor or Y actress is omg so hot just because he/she co-stars with Kris or Rob. Sick and tired of people cashing in popularity points in the R/K loving bunch by adding "Robsten" or RK to their names and then saying stuff like how cute babies K would make with her moderately attractive new co-star...or how hot Rob looks with his co-stars :/
dude, for one thing take the Robsten/RK out of your name, because you're falsely advertising...''

This fandom is ridiculous.
R/K both good people and working hard at being good actors. All this stupid talks seems pointless and tiresome. Leave them be.

LJ said...

Hey Deb!

Yep our friend Louisa teaches us some great words doesn't she! and I think FUKWIT is perfect for this occasion.

I also think 'H' just comes here to try and be the centre of attention and laps it up when she gets comments. She clearly doesn't give a shit about Rob or Kristen...the disrespectful things she says about both of them prove that. So from now on I shall be ignoring!

Deb you are so right, they are both beautiful inside and out.......they are perfect together. Whatever the future holds for them, I think they will be just fine.


sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melinda said...

For those who have been asking about the personal info put on the internet...

it wasn't about Rob or Kristen or Rose.

Actually it was one of the "n" people from what I have gathered. Of course one or more are saying that a particular "Robsten" did it. She has denied it and I believe her b/c even though I don't know her personally she doesn't seem to be the type of person that would do something like that.

MISS D120- um lots of celeb couples "go out" to concerts, dinner, movies, grocery shopping without being photographed. Just because they are famous doesn't mean they stop living a normal life. I don't think Kristen and Rob "hide" anything. They just don't like the paparazzi making money off of their private life so they chose to do things that won't be photographed as much as possible. They have both repeatedly said they don't go to locations where the paps hang out.

A FRIEND- thanks for saying that Kristen isn't happy unless she is with Rob. Too many people harp on her for not being an open book like Rob is with his facial expressions. They are opposites in that regard it seems. At least in public. Doesn't mean she loves him any less.

HONEY- You said that Kristen will be filming in Mexico and then in the next breath say she has no scenes there. So how can she be filming scenes that she isn't in??? You are a walking contradiction.

Relax, take a deep breath, everything is going to be okay. Kristen is going to continue working on this film. Rob is going to continue whatever he has going on at the moment. They will both come home to each other once again and the world will keep turning.

sarah said...

Hi Rose and everybody i don´t comment here many times but i read this blog every single day needless to say that Rob&Kris dazzle me I just love them and i can´t explain why. I don´t think that Rob goes to NOLA but that´s OK if he´s not because like Rose say they always ended up TOGETHER...I have a question i read On the road like 3 months ago and i don´t remember of so many sex scenes on the book as so many people say,only the threesome and probably one on the back of the car or was my book mistranslated (Portugal)thanks!

Rose said...

Dearest "A Friend"

No, the personal info wasn't mine, but it is a sad story nonetheless.

But I'm glad I made you smile!
And I promise not to worry...
I know you are being well taken care of :)

Have a wonderful weekend...
Be safe.

ElizabethMC said...

-Manjen- You totally rock!


Can someone say...
Coo Coo

If R is spotted in NOLA this weekend, it would be the icing on the cake of a terrific summer of R&K together.

ashley said...

what so much hate for 2 people who love each other?! please answer me that nonstens! gosh they make no f*cking sense. you can't expect robsten to be together 24/7 oh BTW SHE IS FILMING! she's at work can you expect your husband or your bf to go to work with you everday? like seriously none of these nonstens make any sense at all. so what if rob is in la his probably taking a break and trying to keep from the puplics eye or his in meeting reading scripts or w/e who knows what his doing? are these nonstens in rob's brain or something? do they know him personally? NO do these nonstens know kristen personally? NO anyways if rob shows up in NOLA or not doesn't matter because his still with her. they are together why can't people just stop with there f*cking drama and deal with it? i belive the people who keep saying all this crap are NOT fans they are mental pathetic losers who have no f*cking life. @honey did you forget to take your meds? ha cause im for sure you DON'T know kristen and she sure as hell doesn't care about people like you who talk crap about her man. rob is talented he has a couple movies coming up. his been working none stop for a while if he takes a break does not mean his a loser okay damn someone needs to wack you in the head with a pan your so judgemental. anyways us robstens should just ignore these crazy people they want attention. if robsten can ignore these people than so why can't us fans ignore them? why the heck did someone post someone's personal info that's so sick. the people who posted that is not a fan or r/k they are MENTAL. i don't think any of this hate has anything to do with robsten. i belive it has something to do with people who have nothing to do who basically live on the internet. who have no friends,family,love,support. they are ugly,fat,old. they don't understand love. they don't understand respect. they won't gain anything they will only lose. robsten are together now and will probably be together for a long time. people just need to face reality. they need to know that they aren't humans they are animals wait animals aren't like them they are..ugh i can't even explain them. wait they are NAZIS thats what they are. i love rob and kristen both together or separately. they are both good human beings. gosh in a way i can't wait for twilight to be done with because than they can both have there privacy and there life back. wish them luck and happiness in the future.

wig4usc said...

I missed you yesterday, kept checking throughout the day... :)

There are total crazies out there, Honey, you appear to be one of them. And yes, they scare me.

I am blissfully unaware of most of the drama, I stick to a handful of sites - sigh - never been more happy about that.

Love you, love your blog, love the gang who visit your blog, Rose!

Anonymous said...

@ Ceci

Here we go... I was going to just lurk but this just pisses me off! You say...'Oh their babies would be beautiful' 'I want threesome with garret and kristen' 'They would make hot couple' etc etc etc....OH REALLY. Who here says??

People like you only come here to stir with their big stick....I have a question for you. WHY?? What good does this do? Did you even read Rose's post? Have you read the comments? We all LOVE Rob AND Kristen. MOST of us like to be positive. They have enough fuckery in their lives. I mean it's obvious that Robert loves Kristen loves Robert. At least to ANYONE with half a brain!! If people will stop with all the bullshit maybe these two could actually have some peace and quiet. That's pretty much what we preach here NO BULLSHIT...so again I ask...what's your point?

Another think that I'm going to rant about while I'm on a roll is the subject of Tom and Rob. I don't understand people. Are these people such judgmental assholes that they can't keep a friend? My best friend has been my best friend for over 25 years. We had our babies at the same time. We STILL spend the night at each others houses with our kids. One big slumber party!! She knows everything about me. She was with me through my good times and bad. She knows what a biotch I can be and LOVES me anyway. So why can't people understand that Rob has a friend that is there for him? Some one who knows all about him? Someone he can trust? I would think Tom is now friends with Rob IN SPITE of all the bullshit and fame. It can't be easy for Tom to read all the mean and nasty things that people say about him. FOR NOTHING!! True fans should be THANKFUL that Rob has Tom!!

Well...sorry this is such a long post. It just makes me so mad sometimes. I don't understand how people can be so ugly.

Marie said...

I understand that people want Rob and Kristen to come out and announce their relationship...but why should they? Don't you hate it when young celebrities "announce" their relationships and then turn around and "announce" the break-up? When you see a couple on the street, in a restaurant,at the movies, etc...do they have to announce to you or me that they are together or do we just know it? People with eyes can see that Kris and Rob are together, without being told. Besides if they did come out and say that they were an item...then crazy fuckwits...and you know who you are rancid bee product....deny that they are together, the paparrazi want to take pictures of them in a romantic situation, talk show hosts want to know personal details about their relationship,including sex..and every tabloid is trying to get the exclusive from someone that they are cheating on each other....no matter what they do it will NEVER be enough to satisfy everyone...I believe that they are a couple...I think that by being together openly in public, always traveling together, the way they flirt, the way they look at each other confirms that. It must be so tiring to be in the spotlight all the time and try to please people's curiosity...I think that they are acting the way they want to about this relationship and do not care what people think...they don't need, have not asked for nor do they seem to want people's thoughts on their relationship..and I think THAT is the point they are trying to make to the world. they are in a relationship..it's pretty obvious to everyone but the fuckwit...and they are going to keep work and personal lives separate. "I'm not trying to Sell it"

Great post Rose

deb said...

Leigh YOU GO GIRL Fiend TELL it like it is I too have a best friend AND I THANK GOD FOR HER Life would be so sad if you didn't have a best friend who you can talk to and have them there through the bad times I am so happy Rob has Tom they have each others back and you don't find that so much any more .Tom is a good guy. DEB,

Anonymous said...

hi rose nice to read your post, and i agree with you..

this fandom 'sigh' overwhelming, so much drama, hating, nasty, threatening and surficing personal information in public board..tsk..tsk SMH, how can this fandom being so lunatic??? i never find other fandom just as crazy as twihard (ugh i hate this sound'twihard') ie: harry potter?? we just find in this fandom...i thought manny fan in this fandom is mature enough even 'mom" and idgi so many immature woman...but i was wrong, exception the poster in rose post it's clearly so many sane in here...and maybe the sane fan one just leave the drama cause they had RL...

and i wanna take a note Rob and Kristen an actor, they are doing their job professionally and don't mixture personal life and job, it would be seperate life, just like rob and kristen said in many interview they like driving two different lives...so peeps just leave rob and kristen alone don't to overanalyzed and made some lame drama, cause you are don't know Rob and Kristen...
and i'm assure Rob and Kristen soon or later would be reunite, but idk when cause they working now..

to peeps just ignore Honey, she just wanna attention, spreading hateful for misarable her life...

oh to kei- el sorry couples day i left you by hanging, cause i had something to catch up RL...i stayed in Bandung (west java)...so nice to have a sister in same country...i actually i like you all reg posters (smiles)

deb said...

eladdiziOK I think were on a ROLL I do hope that maybe 1 or2 of these FUKWIT see that we are not going to stop believing in what we feel or see with OUR HARTS yes WE DO HAVE HARTS and just want the best for two people who want to be left alone and live there love together . AMEN LADIES keep up the good work WE got your backs ROB/kristen DEB.

Gaga said...

Thank you Kristy. I definitely agree with Ceci. The person who made that comment was a huge robsten shipper but who is probably more of a kstew fan. Anyway the person did kind of apoligize but the fact is - if a Rob fan made a comment like "Reese and Rob would make beautiful babies together" that person would be called an nonsten. Its the same double standard over and over again. People bitch and moan over Garrett getting hate but Emile got much worse hate for a long time and no one said shit. Yes I am a R/K fan but I do get annoyed when I see this little double standard emerging.

dowlingnana said...

My dear fellow believers:

First off, COO COO, COO COO. Ha just for you Manjen. Love it!!

Leigh & Marie: You go girls, that's the way it should be said.

I agree also the situation in VC was a lot and so Rob knows w/him being around can cause reactions. Wonder if that's why the papz are already in NOLA???

Also, Rob maybe searching for their new home since they had to move out of the other one that ended up not being so secretive for them. Who knows???? Only they do!!

I think too if Ms. H didn't have any comments directed towards her insanity, she just might fly away, what do you all think?

Love all you ladies and your comments, missed Rose yesterday as well!! Later, Donna

Ceci said...

to Leigh

'Who here says?'

Not here. twitter/blogs etc.

Oh I am a pot stirrer now?
Excuse me but Kristen hate is pointed out over and over again on this blog, which is fine.
Why not the same for Robert?

SueBee said...

Dear Diary,

Sorry my writing is so sloppy but I'm hiding under the bed.

They're here to get me. Can you believe it? The doctor said I'm delusional and emotionally unstable.

Okay, Okay, He said I was a fucking whack job but don't you think that's a bit unprofessional of him??? *Huff*

So, they're coming to take me away but let them try to find me. I sprayed myself (and my Bella doll) with invisibility spray. They'll never find me!!! HA!

They can't even hear the voices in my head so nothing will give me away!

I just hope Kristen won't worry if I disappear. She tells me all of her secrets. No she doesn't! Yes, she does! Shut up, voices!

God I hope I can make one more post before they--wait,what was that????

Nooooo!!! They're here. Damned invisibility spray must have been old. Does Aqua Net have an expiration date?

Tell Kristen I love herrrrrrrrrrrr

dowlingnana said...

SueBee: U R Wonderful!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

to Ceci...

My point is that WE are not on twitter HERE. I understand what you are saying. What I'm saying is that if we wanted all of the bullshit of twitter we would be ON twitter. All of us here support Rob AND Kristen. We like the fact that they are BOTH given love here. We like to be POSITIVE to BOTH of them and to give NEITHER one HATE. So yep, I think to bring that here...to Rose's blog...is just looking to stir with your big stick. That is my point.

olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Honest words from the heart!

"Wherever Robert or Kristen are...
They will end up
It's a force of nature.
It's fate.
It's kismet.

Love the sponsoring letters for today, K - karma, and K - kismet!

The first pic of Rob is a most handsome RM/ Tyler photo in NYC. Love it!
Kristen is stunning in the black dress, and so cute doing the little wave in her jeans and flannel.
Rose, you always give us great pics along with the wonderful music in the background, even though you often have to deal with unfortunate garbage that appears in the fandom. Thank you for being an important voice for what is right, ethical, and honest in this often slime filled world of instant communication.

May Rob and Kristen continue to find great joy and happiness in each other and also the support and strength to weather this crazy, shameful, and obnoxious intrusion into their private life.

I always appreciate and enjoy reading the heartfelt and wise posts of the vast majority of you who post here on Rose's blog.
I so agree with you Tracy (12:38). You were spot on and said it all so well.
Leigh (6:02)- Perfect! I too have several life long friends that have become members of my extended family even though they live cross country. These people know me best and are always there for me.
Marie ( 6:24) Great post! Wise words about adult relationships.
Gaga - Thanks for the link - Worthwhile read, good article.

I also vote yes on the excellent word "fukwit". It has such an excellent ring to it and a definite "je ne sais quoi" feel and attitude. Used it the other day when I was out for coffee with friends and they were on the floor laughing...they loved it! Thanks Louisa.

Again, to close with Rose's words....
It's not if .....but when.
And....it really is their business.
Give them space and privacy!
Love Rob and Kristen, individually and together!

Hugs to all,
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

I think most of the people who post here regularly are just sick and tired of all the drama and crap that gets written about BOTH Rob and Kristen. And @Cici, if you were a regular to this blog, you would know that we acknowledge and won't argue with anyone that there is Rob hate out there. It is equally as disgusting. Most of the time, we choose not to focus on ANY of the hate that is out there. It's much nicer to come somewhere where there is a positive atmosphere. Nobody's wishing anyone to die. Nobody's trying to convince the world that Rob or Kristen are trying to bang every co-star they ever have. We support BOTH Rob and Kristen, and their choices both professional and personal.

And it's pretty obvious that you're not really reading the comments too closely.. because if ya had, you would have known we put up with the sticky one's comments about Rob all the time. She hates equally, so don't worry about us here.

And it really boils down to this.. plain and simple:

If you go somewhere and you don't like what's being said, how it's being said, who it's being said about, and who's saying it.. then leave. This is a blog. It's someone's personal opinion. Those who comment post their personal opinions. We don't always agree. But the majority of the time, we remain positive. We don't dwell on the drama, we don't regurgitate the lies and venom, and we never speak badly of Rob and Kristen.

Marie said...

@SUEBEE you're wonderful!!!!!!! lol I can't quit laughing!!
@LEIGH & TRACY PREACH PREACH PREACH!!!! you are 100% correct..if we cared about twitter we would be on there and not here! And you all know how I feel about the Rob vs Kristen hate fest fight..won't climb up on the soapbox tonight. And Thanks Oliva and I vote yes on "fuckwit" I have no idea what I've just voted for but I approve of the word.

katy said...

to A Friend

'Kristen isn't happy unless she's with Rob'...WAVES...I missed your posts.

And A friend of A friend...Hope your not working to hard again...I see you didn't comment on Rose's post today.

Peace and Love

To SueBee

Love your Diary...it's just LOL

katy said...


The Hate towards Both Rob and Kristen is just pointless and Insane...can't stand hearing about the double standers...this isn't a fight of who gets the most hate...they both get it and we in Rose's blog Always defend Both Rob and Kristen Equaly.


In another note

Rob and Kristen are the King and Queen of the sumer


Anonymous said...

Rose, great blog post today. I cannot believe someone posted personal information on the Internet. That's not just illegal, that's morally corrupt. Karma. It's coming for whoever did that. It won't be pretty either.

I can't believe how ugly some people who call themselves fans are. But I'll say it again, they're not Robert's fans, nor Kristen's, or even Twilight fans. But they are giving us real fans of Robert, Kristen, and Twilight a bad rep. But like I said earlier, Karma. What goes around comes around.

Stay cool, Rose. I always look forward to your posts. And I can smell the whiff of desperation coming from that nonsten camp. Robert and Kristen deserve to be happy and they deserve to have their relationship as private as they choose for it to be. We don't need pictures or tweets to know they are happiest when they're together. We don't need proof.

Take care, Rose. You're the best.

Anonymous said...

To the beautiful and talented and amazing Rose,

Another wonderful blog that has produced tremendous and wonderfully HIGHLARIOUS ripples though our lives.
You bring so much love and happiness to my little world.

BUT it is tainted because I see the crazy people have come here and have also hurt your friends. What is wrong with these people? Don't they know anything about karma? Let's see, amazing captivating Rose spreads love and happiness and all good things, and good things return to her tenfold. The haters make up lies and crazy stories about real people who, in fact, do have feelings and don't appreciate nor deserve the hate. What do you think will happen to the haters and crazies? Who feels better at the end of the day? Who sleeps better at night?

Rose and all of the wonderful, sane, lovely commenters here who have become my sweet friends...remember that the very best revenge is living (and loving) well. Ignore the crazy and hateful and enjoy the wonderful world of Rose.

Rose I hope you are visiting a beautiful lake this weekend surrounded by friends and family and love.

Thank you for contributing to the best moods I've seen on our friends in a long time. I think you finally hit on something that was not so horribly serious and heavy but just fun and lovely. The power of your words amazes me. It brings people together here, friendships are formed, lonely desperate people (okay, so I am the only lonely, desperate one) find solace with the sweet commenters, and stressed out, tired, people who really needed a break, find one little thing to distract and charm them and remind them that life does not have to be filled with fear and worry. I heard a laugh I haven't heard in too long and it is entirely your doing. Sweet laughter...and I am forever grateful to you for that.

With my sincere devotion and admiration-

Anonymous said...

I read that Rob is still in LA.
I read rumours of Kristen's OTR schedule, but it's confusing. To me anyway.
Love your bloggie, Rose.
I think NOLA is dumb too. New Orleans is such pretty name, I think.
I do not worry about R or K. They can get together when they can.
I just hope they are safe and happy.
I love them both.

Trish said...

bahahaa..manjen LOVED that! I didnt know the psych patients were allowed to have internet access in their instutions....either that or she has run away...the girl seriously got a shitload of problems!

"love brings happiness"...simple, R and K bring happiness.

@Tracy...applaudes! you go girl! speak it...so tired of them labeling it all about twilight...yes some of us do like twilight on here, but that is not the reason for our love for Rob and Kristen...that lady who tweeted that was an idiot.

You know, I really dont understand people's problems...If you are somethere you dont like why dont you JUST LEAVE???...there are many hollywood celebs out there..do I CARE ABOUT THEM?? NO!! Do i waste my time reading news about them??..NO!! I could careless...if you are not a supporter of Robert or KRisten together or apart...go and find something to do with life...get a fucking hobby for goodness sake!

@ Sue Bee..you are a legend...love your hyena chronicles...girl, you should consider publishing..it will be an instant bestseller!! just for laughs! hehehe.

@Marie...preach it girlfriend! this is what I ALWAYS SAY!! they dont need to BE TOGETHER EVERY DAMN MOMENT...ONLY INSECURE GIRLS/WOMEN...FEEL THE NEED THAT THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE WITH THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS...Life doesnt work that way! things happen..shit happens, work happens things that drive us apart from the ones we love...in addition, even being with someone constantly i dont care how much you love them can cause you to go crazy...every one needs their space now and then...it really feels like some of these ppl have NEVER been in relationships before..because they just dont get it. This fandom is filled with even 10 year olds..so there we go!

@MissD120....Rob and Kristen want to keep it private...I am sure Kristen will LOVE to share it with the world how much she loves him but look right now...just by observing...lets take a look 1) PSYCHOS out there...we have one visiting us here everyday..its a big world out there...multiply it by a thousand or more times..it equals DANGER! 2) they want it PRIVATE...it does not mean they are hiding..HW is just so used to having ppl in the spotlight discussing their business..and we as Americans are SO used to that...in the past, this wasnt the case for actors...now it seems that we want them more for their pvrivate details rather than their work, their talent...what they have to offer! its sad...TO sum it up...Rob and KRIsten are VERY SMART for keeping it to themselves..if you didnt get anything form my post, remember this! geez, i feel like as fans of these two we constantly have to be in defense position...its worth it for their LOVE..which we see is REAL and UNDENIABLE!

sorry for the rant...hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend

cel said...

Hi there. I read your post everyday, Rose but I rarely comment anymore. But not today, I don't know why. It must have been caused by someone going ballistic yesterday about some personal info in the AT board and the ensuing back and forth battle of the twitterers. I don't read AT anymore so I don't really know the deets. The force was disturbed enough for me to want to comment today. So here I am.

I believe in kismet. I believe that things happen for a reason. I believe that SM wrote the Twilight series so that Rob and Kristen can meet and fall in love. I believe that Twilight became such a huge success so that Summit would decide to film all the books plus 1...so that Rob and Kristen can have more time to develop and strengthen their love for each other.
Even the hate that is spewed by some towards Rob and Kristen is all part of kismet's plan. It is so that we can appreciate love (yes, we're all part of kismet's plan, too) and what love can do. Their hate makes us more aware of how precious love is, how powerful and life changing and wonderful it is.
Our lives are entertwined with each other and with Rob and Kristen.
Rob and Kristen may not fully be aware of the viciousness and extent of this hatred but they are cognizant of this. Kristen gave an interview last year during NM filming where she said that female fans covet Robert and that she could understand why they might hate/dislike/be jealous of her.
Therefor this hatred makes Rob and Kristen realize how precious and how wonderful their love for each other is. This hatred even brings them closer to one another. All part of kismet's plan.
So the love and admiration we have for them and the hatred of some towards them are instruments of fate/destiny/kismet to make Kristen and Rob even closer. Fate always find a way.

And to Honey...hi, girl. This is Rose's house. We are all visitors here. And just as we behave and give respect to a friend's family and home when we visit, that should also be how we behave in Rose's house. Rose loves Robert and Kristen. So being visitors we respect her and her loves. We don't speak disparagingly about Rob and Kristen because we would be disrespecting Rose in her own house.

Thanks Rose. (sorry for the long comment)

Boogie with Stew said...

good evening ..playing catch up for a few days..let it rip Rose.. I love the regulars on here..it's sorta like a good pub..but no smoking..I drink a good beer and blog about my favorite people Rob and Kristen..I love the wit,humor,and musical connotations, new words near and far..,and meeting so many amazing people...shame someone always has to throw the turd in the punch bowel..that's life.. ditto Tracy & Olivia..Rob is a Renaissance man, Kristen the Quintessential woman..love always finds a way..I hope they are snuggled up somewhere very "french quarter like" Twirls & giggles & love

Anonymous said...

@ A
That was so sweet and so very true.

Anonymous said...

Dear wonderful "A" - You remind me of someone from my past whom I miss dearly. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. :)

And if we EVER manage to have a get together reunion type thing, you are SO going to have to be there!

Hope everyone who celebrates it has a safe holiday weekend. I will be enjoying a Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens here.


Jane said...

Wow, Kristen certainly has a pair of legs. I have never noticed how long they are, just like Rob's and they both have a long stride. Just goes to show you that they were made for each other.

Atticus said...

Hi Rose & all you lovely ladies and gents. What NOLA wants, NOLA gets...well NOLA wants the deliciously handsome Robert Pattinson and the beautiful Kristen Stewart reunited...and it feels so good. I know, it's a sappy tune.

So "fuckwit" is the word of the day. Love it! It really is an apt adjective for all those haters and I agree, this fandom is fucking embarrassing at times. I'm just looking forward to Rob & Kristen's solo careers and hoping they'll do another movie together...a romcom/drama/action pic, say, about 10-15 years down the road. Hope I'm still alive then. LOL!

Saw those lovely pics of Kristen on the OTR set in New Orleans. Geesh! She's fucking beautiful without even trying.

Twirling with everyone.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I cant imagine how you can get through the day with all the emails you're getting. But i applaud you, you have a way of turning bad things into something positive.
I hope you continue that.
I missed reading your post yesterday. I kept checking and hoping.. and here it is..

You know why i come here? It's because i feel so good coming to a place where people love, respect and protect Rob and Kristen as much as i do. ( i even include them in my prayers every night.)

I also read read about the " personal info" post from some of the comments..It's so sad that people would do such a thing, whoever that person is, dsnt deserve to be treated like that, and no one is.

Dont mind the " fuckwit"-if i may borrow the word, just ignore her.
she's get what's coming to her-with a big "K"

To all:
Let's just continue to spead the Rob and Kristen Love-and the positive attitude!!


deb said...

SueBee you are one funny lady and I thank you for it.---@A.. you really touched my hart what a LOVELY MAN YOU ARE. And to CEL I love what you wrote IT is all TRUE every word WE are family here in Roses HOUSE.SHE IS THE MOMMA BEAR and Rob and Kristen are her CUBS.So don't FUCK with them. Hope you all have a safe week end. DEB.

deb said...

CEL im sorry I read my post and that dont fuck with them is for all the haters out there Noy you sweet friend DEB.

Lisa said...

Great post Rose.. you tell 'em!

I've been MIA as well.. I burned up the charger for my laptop and have been using my iPad.. It's not my favorite thing to type on and I hate sitting at my desk anymore. Anywho, got my new one and am back in business.. I didn't see any drama about someone releasing personal info, but not surprised. This fandom is crazy! It's not right and I hope there are no ill affects from it.

I haven't seen any of the NOLA drama either.. Thankful for that. I guess I've been too wrapped up in reading as usual! LOL

Opy, always the voice of reason.. Nothing to point they split, so it doesn't matter which one is where and with who! ;)

As someone else said.. Twihards doesn't really apply.. I love Twilight.. I do, really. But mostly because it brought me to Rob! Rob then brought me to Kristen. And if they never made another Twilight movie, I would still adore them.. For me, it's not about Twi, it's about R & K, NOT E & B! Happy weekend all!

Monica said...

C'mon people~~ R & K are a couple which doesn't mean they have to stick together 24/7. Apart from love, there are numerous things in a person's life: work, friens, families and other obligations. Wouldn't those hateful nonstens stop making drama and leave us some peace for a while?

@Marie, well said. R & K don't owe us anything.

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

NOLA doesn't sound right at all when you type it a lot. You could always type New Orleans though Rose! I can imagine you have a lot of drama sent you. But why would people want to send you emails which you probably won't want to read, because you won't believe what's in the emails. Probably to annoy you.

I'm not sure where Rob is. Nothing has surfaced since that after party. But I'm wondering if he does take the chance to go to NOLA, unless Kristen isn't filming there for long. I think him going to Montreal was the best though.

Thank you too for deleting that comment yesterday of Honey's. :D
You know Rose, I think it'll make her feel extremely sick, because she can't have her comment public. She can't have the attention. Her opinion isn't relevant. She'll feel sick over it. xD

Tracy I agree! They immediately call us twihards, if we vote for Kristen or Rob in a poll...I prefer them out of Twilight. I'm not obsessed with Twilight. I barely go on a Twilight website until the movies start back.

olivia said...

Great post Cel, and the part about Rose's house was perfect and fortunately a regrettably necessary reminder for only a very few number of posters here.
Olivia (TX.)

Elaine said...

I am in fucking love with this blog! Excuse my vocabulary please...it's just very colorful.
I fucking love the way you write, Rose. I've read most of your posts, just a few left. And all of them are awesome. There are no words to describe how i fucking love everything you write.
I'm a huge fan of Rob & Kristen and you'd have to be fucking blind not to see how special their relationship is. All the mfucking idiots that don't get it, never will.
Most of the people that follow your blog are super cool and I believe *A friend* got it right when she? said Kristen is not happy if she's not with Rob! I believe the same applies to Mr. Stewart (God I fucking love that)
Peace and lots of Love.

Patricia said...

Rose and to all my friends on this blog:
I had a terrible time trying to get on the internet yesterday, twitter was really fucked up and never worked properly. I don't know 'what the hell was going on' it's a little better today so we'll see if it's updated. It stayed the same all day.

Rob was spotted at Soho last night with friends and agent (Stephanie). Three different people tweeted about him. All saying (of course how gorgeous he really is in person) HOW COULD HE BE MORE GORGEOUS ???? That man kills me.

I'm understanding him not going to NOLA after all the Bullshit in Montreal. I think she'll be done at the end of the week and then home with Robert. maybe a short vaca to London after a little rest at LA. before shooting BD. Now SHE needs some down time.

Hi Kathy,Louisa,L.J,Melinda,SueBee,
dowlingnana,olivia,deb, 'A' and all overs of R/K

Patricia said...

I meant Lovers of R/K.. I can't blame Twitter for My fuck up

LJ said...

Hey Patty! *waves*

I agree Kristen will definitely need some down time before she starts BD. I'm sure Rob will look after her and wherever they are..they will be together :-)

Much love,