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Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the road with Robert and Thomas (and me!)


I wish I had something to say today... But alas I am still in Boston and thus seem
To be a bit cut off from my intoxicating Robert.
I kept expecting to get some juicy emails detailing the latest foaming drama...
But no... No thrilling emails.
All I can see from here is that Robert, Thomas and Samuel have ably been making their way to Kristen.

Surprised? No fucking way... Didn't EVERYONE expect him to end up in NOLA?
Yes. You know you did.
And the same lame excuses don't fucking cut it.
Robert going to New Orleans is ALL about Kris.

One more thing before I go...
Now I completely understand the need for these fans who happen to come across Robert
In some random bar... To ask for a picture... But I would absolutely want to include Tom and Sam! The three of them are all fucking kinds of cute!
But maybe that is just me....

This post has been brought to you by the letter *W*
for the song "Working My Way Back To You" (Kristen)

Is it time to fucking *TWIRL* again?
I have on my dancing shoes...

Bye for now
Hearts x3


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Leigh said...
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Leigh said...


I hope you are having a blast :) We miss you!! I'm ready for my daily Rose fix again.

Yep, me too!! I would want to have my pic with Tom and Sam too ;) I mean what could be better than one hunk of man but three?? I do see that there was at least one smart lady ;)

I'm off to finish watching the Saints!! Woot woot ;)

manjen said...


I hope you are having an awesome time!
You are truly missed!

olivia said...

Yeah for Rose! Still boogalooing in Boston! Hope you are having a lovely time.

I agree, a group picture would be best with the guys. Somehow, I would not have the heart to ask for one. To allow them their own space is more important.

(I posted a few minutes ago and have reposted my comments here since Rose has given us her new message for today.)

Hi Rose, and hi to everyone.
Just catching up on all the great posts ( 400+) A record, isn't it?.

So happy it appears that Rob and the guys are having an excellent adventure. It is wonderful he can have some laid back, everyday good times with his friends.

Like the various play lists, a really nice mix. I love so many types of music that I'm pretty much good with everything except Rap, and hard core Country.

A, the Rock and Roll Museum would be an excellent destination if you ever have the time.

Thanks Elaine for the info on the King, Mitchell, and Simon book. Love all three singers.

Will investigate the Agustus Carp autobio. Thanks A for the suggestion, I too, always appreciate an excellent read.

SueBee-Resident Author- The haiku, and limericks rock! You rock! Actually, this whole blog of Rose's and the regulars rock!

Congrats to your son, Louisa, on his awesome soccer skills and honors.

Love the word snogging. Am being careful with the rooting word.

Will go see Eclipse again this weekend at the cinema in honor of the gang.

OMG - I used to live right at 7mile and Farmington in Livonia, and I grew up in Garden City. I was just up there this summer staying in Canton with a dear friend and her husband that I have known since high school. Another friend lives in Milford, one in Westland, and also Plymouth, and Farmington Hills. Love Ann Arbor, went to EMU. Petosky is awesome, a good friend has a beautiful Victorian in Bay View. I am thankful that I have a great group that I can stay a few nights with here and there.
Very small world! I used to shop at 12 Oaks all the time!

Finally had some sunshine today!

Hugs to all! Love to Rob and Kristen.
Olivia (TX.)

Melinda said...

Rose- glad to "hear" your voice again! Hope you are enjoying all that Boston has to offer you. One of my favorite cities.

If given the opportunity to take a picture Tom and Sam would definitely be in it. Makes the picture that much better IMO.

Are you seeing the madness that has become you blog in your absence?

Honey is still foaming, "A" is still charming all of us, and "A friend" dropped by a couple of times today to harass "A".

Good times on your wonderful blog.


BTW- I just wanted to say that I heart Tom more and more. I saw a tweet where a girl said he prevented some girls from recording Rob playing his guitar in Dallas last night.

Love that the britpackers are a loyal bunch. Look out for each other and each others girls when needed.

Tracy said...

SO glad you're having a great time in Boston! :) You're going to need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

And now I've got The Spinners going through my head, fyi

Thanks for all the well wishes for the game! I'm happy to report that we were victorious. The final score was 3-1. And I'm also somewhat amused to announce that my child collided with the opposing team's goalkeeper and took her out of the game. Not on purpose, but there was no love lost between them. They've played together before and didn't get along well.

We have the weekend off. Going to a music fest tomorrow, I can only hope that it goes better than last year. We were on the riverfront, outdoor concerts.. and the skies opened up, cold cold rain. But worse than the rain, we had to watch them pull someone out of the river.. he had apparently jumped upriver and yeah.. SO! Just rain I can deal with :)

And where have you gone A? My afternoon was definitely lacking a certain excitement. I do hope you weren't too badly reprimanded for our little tête-à-têtes we've been having. I do enjoy them.

Hope you're having fun, wherever you might be. :)

Hey ladies! How's everybody this evening?

@Melinda - I agree. Tom is swiftly becoming my favorite of the bunch.

A said...


We miss you--get your darling self home my friend!

Sent you an email with some beverage suggestions for your husband.

All is well with everyone but me--I miss my Rose and her creative, wonderful, lovely self.

Take care sweetheart and enjoy your time-

A said...


Sorry i left you hanging--if I told you what was going on in my boring little life you would not believe it. All is well but its been hectic and crazy days.

And now, I am headed out with some friends for dinner and, of course, drinks. Have a beautiful evening my friend-


Marie said...

Hope you're having a blast Rose! We've all missed you!

Love the last lymerick SueBee, well I've loved them all but the last on is the BEST, you're hysterical.

Louisa loved the pizza story, doubt Honey has ever had uh...pizza of any kind..unless she's had a threesome with some of her many personalities.

Don't know that it will happen but today would be a great time for Rob, Sam and Tom to sneak into New Orleans..everyone will be so focused on the football game there won't be many people out until after the game.
oops halftime is nearly over... and just for Leigh: WHO DAT!

Louisa said...
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Louisa said...

Top of the lunchtime to ya Rose.....Hope all is well and your enjoying your vaca.....we are Rootin for ya hun......lol

RKsoumates913 said...

Rose my dear have u seen this post?

"This is a really dark picture of me with Robert Pattinson (aka The Creepiest Vampire Ever, or The Cutest Dead Gryffindor, oops Hufflepuff). He happened to be at this bar we went to downtown. He had his back to us and a girl and a guy approached him. I figured he knew them but, then he stood up and i was like, “Oh, that guy totally looks like Robert Pattinson with a beard.” Then they took a picture with him and I was like wtf I think that’s Robert Pattinson. Cedric Diggory!!!! So before we left I asked him if he was Robert Pattinson. He looked pissed and said he was. I asked if I could have a picture and he said yeah and just kind of sat there. I was like geez thanks asshole. After the picture I was like, “thanks, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.” Him and his friends laughed and then we left. And this was nowhere near the highlight of my night."

So i'm pissed off that some assholes INTRUDE his privacy and thinks he MUST take pics with them. I mean come on 'he is ONLY HUMAN' and he needs to have fun too.And then they leave and talk shit about him? LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Rose hers a pic for YOU dear!
ROB/TOM/SAM and a fan.

XO from Brazil(Kristine.hills)

SueBee said...

Glad everything is going well with you, Rose.

No, it's not just you. Tom and Sam are completely adorable too. Tom and all that scruff---*sigh*

If I were to see these three in a bar, I would probably hyperventilate but I don't think I would disturb their good time. Believe that or not.

They aren't on the clock so let them relax. I would be content just to admire them from afar.

SueBee said...

Of course, I'd be thrilled to admire them up close too but there is a matter of respect. ;o)

SueBee said...


Thanks. I can only take credit for the limericks. The haiku was not mine. :o)

Louisa said...

By the way Rose NO that's not just you ....Kinda cute X3 for me too!

2 is company and 3 is fucken gorgous! lol

dowlingnana said...

I've been thinking when Rob shows up in NOLA we won't know much about it. Think about it, we don't see KS except for the last few days when she's wandered off set and a few fans have tweeked. Does that mean no papz around? Obviously her director is really keeping the set off limits as well. What do ya' think if anyone cares to comment.



Louisa said...

@ Suebee and I didnt even realised you posted I swear I was unaware you wrote as I did.....This has happened a few time before also.....freaky!

SueBee said...


Yeah, well we both have good taste in men. :oP Great minds think alike and all that. LOL

olivia said...

Oops, Great Haiku, Tracy. ( Thanks SueBee)
Olivia (TX.)

deb said...

Rose glad to hear your having fun I miss ya girl I would LOVE a pic of our 3 guys we cant forget them because they are a big part of Rob his BEST FRIEND they have his back and always well and for that I LOVE THEM for it.I hope Robs with his girl and shes taking good care of him if you know what I mean hehe lucky girl just think making up for lost time HAVE FUN ROSE BUT HURRY HOME WE MISS YA. DEB>

dowlingnana said...

RKsoumates913 : I totally agree with you on that s.o.b.'s encounter with our Rob. For crying out loud what does he expect? He's not even thinking how many times Rob has been "bothered" already, this fan IS NOT Jimmy Kimmel!!! I hadn't seen that post so glad you shared.

Hi Rose: Come back soon darling!

Wildhart007 said...

Good Evening Everyone

Thank you for posting Rose, I would love a pic with Tom and Sam, and I don't take pics(lol)

Louisa Iknow you are proud of your boy. I love hearing of his soccer prowess.

Sue Bee I agree with Manjen that last rhyme was the best!

Tracy you are doing the Riverfront. I couldn't get off work but have a blast and hope it's better than last year for ya.
Would love to go see Sam in November. I've been watching some you tube videos of him and enjoying the hell out of them.

That reminds me everyone has some pretty great music going on here. Here is one not mentioned, Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Recent music I like is Disturbed, Godsmack, Veer Union, Atom Smash and my favorite to drive home to on the interstate in Red Machine by Sugar Red Drive(that one is gonna get me a ticket)

Christina said...

@ Olivia--OMG!!! I grew up in Highland, MI & went to Milford High School!! I also went to EMU (2ce) & it's there I met my husband! ;o) Spent most of my time at Kensington Park!!

@ LJ so very sorry for your heavy heart. I hope each day here on out helps it to "sparkle" again. ;o)

@ ALL my intoxicated friends (not inebriated), Hello & hope all is well. RL is on overtime w/Murphy's Law so just catching up!

@newbies Welcome & enjoy the family fun! You'll love it, everyone is so caring about everyone! It the "...if U could pick your family..." place.

@Rose Hope U R Having A Blast in Boston!!!

Yessss....ROAD TRIP w/Kristen the "Final Destination".

I loved Rd trips until I married into the Army--now I enjoy the "Trip to NOwhere" more!! LOL

Well gotta get back to RL again. Later All :o)

Bren said...


You must be relaxed today, you only used the F-bomb 3 times LOL....

I totally agree, I would certainly include Tom and Sam in the picture...that's supposing, I would even have the nerve to ask for one...I really believe I would pull a Sue Bee and just stand back and respect their privacy.

@ A & Friend, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your posts today...I've never laughed so hard..
I thought your pranks were 欢闹的 (Hilarious!)

Tracy said...

A -

You might be surprised at what I'd believe. And I completely understand the crazy and hectic parts. During a three month stretch recently, I only had about 4 days where I was not needed somewhere, needed to take someone somewhere, or had something else that needed to be done. Needless to say, a massage was in order when I finally had an opportunity.

I am glad you are taking the opportunity to spend time with friends and make wonderful memories.

Until later mon ami

Louisa said...

Thanks Elaine, Olivia & Linda....
@ Bren I suppose I might need a sedative.....with my F-bomb usage of late.....FFS! lmao

SueBee said...

Okay, I'm not a big woman--5 foot 3and about a buck-oh-five on a good day, but I would cheerfully slap the taste out of that guy's mouth.
He has no right to be vindictive because meeting Rob wasn't the highlight of his evening.

There is only so many times a man can be gracious about getting his picture taken when he is interrupted constantly while out trying to enjoy himself.

We, as fans, might think we "know" Rob because we follow his career and smile over his relationship but we are still strangers to him.

Yes, he is incredibly talented, handsome and famous but he is still a person!!!

Imagine the last time you were out with your friends. Say you are having a drink, enjoying a conversation and someone asks to take a pic with you. Do you know them? No. So you smile and pose and try to get back to your friends.

Five minutes later, a gaggle of girls come up and want their pic taken, so you agree, smile, and try to get back to that drink.

Imagine this happening over and over. How much patience do you imagine one person has?

It's not a promotional tour for crying out loud. It's a ROAD TRIP with friends.

Back to if I saw them in a bar, I would gaze adoringly at them but I do believe I would trip the next person who came up to them.

That's just me. I'll get off my soap box now.

Tracy said...

@Wildhart Yeah, we're doing Buzzfest tomorrow night. I certainly hope it goes better than last year's. I'm not incredibly familiar with the bands, but it should be interesting.

@Elaine - whenever you happen to show up.. How the fuck are ya?! :)
And what tattoo do you have, by the way? I forgot to ask the other night.

I'll be in and out for a while.. computer maintenance is required. Something wonky is going on with my laptop.

Oh, @Olivia - The haiku was mine :) I love doing haiku.

dowlingnana said...

Good post SueBee, you said it very worthy towards our boy!! I kept thinking of a couple videos I've seen where mostly the papz are going, rob, rob, rob, plz rob, rob, rob, a picture rob, plz rob a picture, on and on and on. Sounds like the same bull to me. I know fans are excited and all but that guys post was uncalled for!! donna

deb said...

IM SORRY GUYS YOU can see that ROB is such a gentleman and he does care for his fans If that was me I would of told them to fu*k off cant you see im just trying to have some fun with my guys. BUT thats me. Ho what the hell he'll soon be with Kristen and wont have to worry about those ass wipes and can start to have some down time with her and his friends JUST think to ask for a pic AND GET IT then turn around and BITCH about it and then have the balls to say are fans BULLSHIT. Sorry it just pisses me off how some people are.I think I would of been shitting my pants JUST TO GET TO LOOK AT HIM IN PERSON. DEB

SueBee said...


Pull a SueBee? That just tickled me pink. Don't know why that struck me as funny.

Tracy said...

Technical difficulties! *sigh*

@SueBee - I agree with you. They're people just like we are, and they're entitled to be able to live their lives without being hounded for autographs and pictures everywhere they go. I see celebs from time to time here, and I'm content to admire from afar, say to myself it's awesome that I got to see him/her, and then go about my business. My friend got called a bitch once because she refused to take a photo for a co-worker when they saw a celeb out at lunch. My friend was like "He's working, I'm not bothering him".

Sorry if my posts are seemingly out of order.. I think my laptop has a gremlin or something

Elaine said...

@ Tracy Woman, I've never been better! Fuck! I'm feeling good tonight. I'm waiting for a friend to come over and have a few drinks.
My tattoo was a gift to my man and it reads: private property. I'll let you figure out where it is. ;)
How about yours?? What are they and where??

dowlingnana said...

@DEB: UR sooo right deb, He IS a gentleman and always has been. The photos he is either very tired, bit to drink or both and being dark in the pic, what time is it anyways???? Only two pics have I seen thus far is he even barely smiling!! donna

deb said...

Don't worry DONNA he'll have that beautiful BIG FAT SMILE on his face soon and that my friend well make my hart sing DEB.

dowlingnana said...


How ya' doing? donna

Tracy said...

@Elaine - inside right ankle: hummingbird, that one was for me. Outside right ankle: a purple violet to honor my daughter. Inside my right wrist: An Irish knot to honor my grandmother. And right below the knot is my maiden name: King, to honor my father. My husband's picked out what he wants me to get for him, and it is SO him. He's a computer guy, so instead of having his name in script, it's going to be in binary. Still debating on location ;)
And have a drink for me, because fuckity fuck.. I could use one. I may make myself one here in a minute or two.

Melinda said...

Okay I have stayed up way to late the last few nights and it is starting to catch up with me so I believe I will be heading to the land of nod.

But before I go wanted to pass on some Twilight news.

It's been confirmed that on the Eclipse DVD Rob and Kristen are on one commentary together and Stephanie Myers and Wyck Godfrey (a producer) is on another commentary.

First I wonder who will actually listen to the SM/WG commentary. Can't imagine it is all that exciting personally.

The Rob/Kristen commentary...be still my beating heart. That has all kinds of WIN to it.

I can't wait to hear Rob's comments on the leg hitch scene and then when Kristen kisses Taylor.

The Twilight commentary was all kinds of fun (even with Creepy Cathy chiming in) so I am thinking this one will be so much better. Thinking no cock blocking by Summit.

Anywho,off to bed. Just wanted to share.

dowlingnana said...

Melinda: I heard the same except that R&K will have a "live" commentary where you can actual see them but it will only be available on blue ray!!! ;o( We can't do blue ray where I live. I also hope the dvd's will tell us who is doing the commentary on the outside of it. I so want Rob and Kristen and not SM or WG. So, hopefully they won't be just on blue ray or I'll scream. I can't wait to hear the comments either about the leg hitch or the meadow's first scene. ooooh that kissing, whew!! donna

Monica said...

Rose, glad that you're enjoying yourself~ I want to go on a trip too but I'm just stuck in my little office, doing some boring paper work.

Rose, share with us if you encounter anything interesting in your trip. Be safe and have fun~ :)

Monica from Asia

Bren said...

@ LJ,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how you are feeling, as I lost my father a few months ago too.

I know I don't have to remind anyone on this board to cherish every moment with your loved one's because you won't have them forever, you are all a great bunch, you've always made me feel at home on this board.

wig4usc said...

It does my heart good to hear so many of you who feel the way I do - leave these people alone when they're out having fun? If you're a fan, don't act like a weenie and bother them for pics and autographs. Have a modicum of dignity, for Heaven's sake! And, good God, to complain when he does what you ask, just because he's not twiggling and twirling at the same time? Grrrrrr! How bout a little empathy, folks!

dowlingnana said...

wig4usc: ain't that the truth??? Gosh almighty, you're right, he got his pic and when I saw it Rob didn't looked pissed to me so that s.o.b. can go f--- himself!! donna

Sierra said...

hope ur having fun..unfortunately i can't go on my trip until this semester of college is finished. then im on my way back to LA for my birthday. but i'm trying to make my way to cali for the october screening of "Welcome to the Rileys" hope I get there. and wish you the best hun...

Suzy Q said...

Seriously, if any person at this point does NOT believe that Rob is going to where Kris is should seek psychiatric counseling.

I mean its so obvious that if a person does not concede that it is HIGHLY likely that Rob (boyfriend) is going to see Kris (girlfriend) they either a.) know positively NOTHING about the two and are likely NOT fans b.) Are fans but need mental treatment. c.) Are not fans AND need mental treatment (because if you don't seriously heart BOTH Rob & Kris, you need mental treatment - j/k,j/k)

Okay... dream day.... going to a pub with Kris and the Brit Pack.. and just chillin' That would be beyond awesome.

Random Rambles.

Love your posts as always, Rose.


Louisa said...

@ Suzy Q long time ...no see....glad to see you've popped inn.....lol

beacullen said...

Rose, hope your having fun, as you can see everyone here misses you. Glad you popped in from your vaca. SueBee, you said it perfectly...give the guy a break. He's just trying to have some fun with his friends. I am amazed how many fan pics have been posted. The poor guy probably can't wait to get to NOLA to have some quality alone time with Kristen. woo hoo. Party on Rose.

Tracy said...

@Melinda - Commentary! :) I love it when movies have commentaries. It's like Pop-Up Videos, only cooler.

I haven't heard of any sightings tonight, so that's a good thing. Maybe they're getting to enjoy themselves without all the interruptions.

I've been busy looking at info about the concerts we're going to, later today I suppose, since it's technically Friday.. but anyhoo, I'm checking out a list of what's not being allowed inside the venue, and most are pretty standard type things.. alcohol, drugs, weapons, cameras, recording devices.. anything that would hold food during the 8+ hours you'll be there.. (so you'll keep buying their food).. Oh, and fireworks.. can't have fireworks.. 0_o But the strangest of all has to be wallets with chains. You can't have a wallet with a chain. I'm trying to figure out the danger in a wallet with a chain. It's guilty of being a fashion crime, sure, but srsly?!

Oh! And speaking of Music..
I forgot to mention someone earlier, A! My only excuse is with the sheer volume of music on my ipod, it can be days before I hear a certain band. I tend to leave it on shuffle a lot. But a must must have on your ipod is Modest Mouse :)

It seems to be rather quiet tonight. I'll go back to observing for a while.


dowlingnana said...

It is very quiet tonight isn't it? Don't know what's going on, probably everyone playing catch up til' we get some news on our special couple. donna

dowlingnana said...

rkloveage: R/K picspam.


keset said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
keset said...

I just waiting for that big smile of Robert.
Take your time Robert and lives!
And that what he is doing :)

keset said...

Look what he say about KS
She is intimidates Rob. This is what i feel from her too.
Hope she dosen't intimidates him now...lol

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dowlingnana said...

@keset: Don't take that video too seriously, I think Rob meant it in a good way. Intimidation isn't always a bad thing. He realized back then that she was a very professional actress, more so than him being an actor and that's what he meant by being intimidated. Do you understand now? donna

katy said...

Rose, Waves, Hope your having Lots of FUN...and so happy you posted.
We had a fan pic with the 3 of them, don't know if you saw it.


I'm SO HAPPY for Rob, it seems is having so much fun and his doing this Road Trip with 2 of his best friends AND the best part is that he is now or will be very soon reunited with Kristen.

Lots of love and hapiness to all of you...and I wish Rob and Kristen can enjoy themselfs without nobody harrasing them.

keset said...

Well...i don't know dowlingnana.
He could say she is a very professional actress Instead. But he didn't...

Sometimes i think that she is too tough for him. But maybe this is what Robert like.

keset said...

BTW- this vid is from 4/2009.
I think they started dating then.
What do you think?

dowlingnana said...

Keset: He absolutely loves the strength she has. He even said in one video I think it was during Eclipse that he was a pussy and she had the balls and was glad he had her around. Becoz' she is very strong and not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and that her beliefs was a lot like what he believed in as well.
As for the timing when they got together actual is somewhat a guess. Thinking around April or May of 2009. donna

dowlingnana said...

Keset: the intimidation thing was about her acting ablitity even if he didn't say it on this video I have heard him speak about it on others. It was not a bad thing!! donna

keset said...

I think when he grows up he will find his balls back...lol
and i think he is doing it now.

I also think that She has more than just toughness. Otherwise Robert would not stay with her.


dowlingnana said...

Keset: Definitely he has!! I really believe she has helped him a lot. They really complement each other well if you think about it. That's what couples are suppose to do!! Can't wait to see his BIG grin again!! As of yesterday they were only like 6 hrs. from NOLA. donna

keset said...

I do agree with you last post.
Can't wiat to see him smiling again :)

keset said...

Smily Robert :D

Elaine said...

@ Tracy love all your tattoos. Next one I get will either go on my foot or neck.
Hey, did you make yourself that drink last night?
I'm happy to report that we downed a whole bottle of the goose and surprisingly survived. I have people over once again tonight. My boys are coming home on Sunday and I suspect I won't be doing much for a few days other than mommy duties.

Rose, hope you continue to enjoy yourself!

sue said...

I'm sorry but before I write my story,too long, I'm just checking if I can sign in.

sue said...

Wonderful I finally found the nerve to send a comment. I just can't help myself anymore, the urge is too strong after seeing all those beautiful moments between them this summer. I only discovered R/K last April, needless to say I got totally hooked. I have so much to say how they touched my world but I don't want to come across as a total obsessed lunatic. They seem to be so genuine, smart, nice and down to earth and I hope they can live their lives they want to and survive the madness. They are a breath of fresh air in the shallow world of HW. I absolutely love your blog, your attitude and your comments and wish you a good holiday. Hope I may comment again.

Tracy said...

@sue - Welcome! :) I'm glad you're here. This is truly a great place to be to share the appreciation we all have for Rob, Kristen and their many friends. We strive to remain drama free and be a place to have great conversation with great people about great people.

I hope everyone has a great day today. I am going to be out for most of it. I am plotting mischief and it has the potential to be an all day event.

I will keep you in mind while I am out with friends tonight. And I promise to monitor my imbibing so that I might avoid the whole earlobe phenomenon. (I think, for a while at least, I will be reminded of you when I have a drink.. it will make me smile, and I will tip my glass to you) But I do plan on enjoying great company and some hopefully good music.

Hope your day is going well!

Susan said...

Hi Everyone!

Our handsome boy is keeping a low profile today. I read somewhere that the paps are camping out in New Orleans waiting for Rob to show-up. I wonder how the boys are going to pull this off? I'm sure they have a plan up their sleeves.

I wonder if R&K will be staying in New Orleans, because of BD, or flying back to LA?

Who knows, Tom & Sam may try a little diversion tactic by driving back without Rob, but making everyone think he is still with them, at least for awhile.

This is one of those times I wish I could make myself invisible!

Any thoughts, anyone?

Angela said...

Hi everyone !!!

I've not been reading the posts for last week or so, damn real life getting in the way of my robsession.

Good to see everyone is doing well and still bantering away,even nut job honey lol.

Rob looks great, beard and all, him and the boys look like they're having a rare time, doing what young guys should be doing, having a few beers and jamming on their guitars, so jealous I wish I was his guitar lol. Can't wait til.he reaches NOLA, and we can see his dazzling smile again.

Miss you Rose and all the lovely photos of Rob, hope your enjoying holidays
and your hubbys spoiling you.

Speak to you all soon, love from Scotland. X x x

deb said...

Susan I was thinking the same who knows He mite keep out of site Intel Kristen done. I don't think we'll see them for a few days BUT who knows. They well give us what they want in time. I don't know if they well drive back or fly maybe go to see his family before BD didn't i read that her family was with her so you would think he would want to see his before BD And you know they can be left alone in LONDON Like I said who knows ONLY ROB/KRISTEN.I can just see the BEAUTIFUL BIG ASS SMILE RIGHT NOW ON HIS FACE he is so much happier when hes with Kristen Didn't wants say that its good to be away for the one you love makes you want to be with them more or something like that. DEB.

katy said...


Who knows what will they do or go...I just wish they are Happy, Safe and Having fun :)

Angela said...


Not been on for a wee while, damn real life getting in the way of my. Robsession lol

Glad to see everybodys still chatting away even the nut jobs.ha

So Rob, Tom and Sam are on a boys road trip, good they deserve some r&r its been a busy few months. Just having a few beers, jamming on their guitars, I'm so jealous of those bloody guitars lol

Missing you Rose, your straight to the point posts and gorgeous pictures of rob and kris. Hope your having a great hol and your hubby is spoiling you.

Keep loving rob everyone, speak soon, love from Scotland x x x

katy said...

Rose, can we have a post today...please.

Louisa said...

Top Of the Morning to ya Rose and All the "Reg's!
....On this pretty, but a little chilly Saturday morning.....I have my boys home so that's always good for me!.....I suppose it's all a waiting game......Just watin and seein how these 3 musketeers are going to pull this one off.....That's if they already have done so......until then?????

Louisa said...

Just a couple of "newies"!



katy said...

Hi Angela

I Agree it's great that the boys made this Road trip together...but now I'm prety sure Rob is alraedy in Nola with Kristen. :)

Louisa said...

Also, I just want to address the delicate subject of 9/11...
For me the date of the anniversary has arrived......And because it's obvious you are mostly from the US....I thought I would pay my
To those who lost their innocent lives, that terrible day...Not forgetting the ones they left behind........
May they all RIP.......

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marie said...

Thank you Louisa

dowlingnana said...

Hi fellow believers,
It's fair time for us around here, we get a two Sat. one. It begins on a Friday and ends next week Sat. so it'll be busy.
Praying the guys made it to NOLA. I heard yesterday from Houston it was only like six hrs. to NOLA so the presumption would be they're there.
Yeah, who knows what the plan is except for all of them. Doesn't surprise me that the papz are waiting.....isn't that something? There kids can't get a break. Didn't know her family was with her tho'!!
Louisa: thanx for the videos again and for the 911 remembrance even tho' it makes me think of Remember Me as well.

later ladies, donna

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, it was so good to hear from you again--it seems like it has been forever. I do hope you are having a wonderful time in Boston seeing all the sights. I would love to run into Rob, Tom, and Sam in a bar, or anywhere else, but I doubt I would bother them, I would just worship from afar. IF I did ask for a picture, I would definitely want all three. I will be glad when Rob gets to Kris, and I am so happy he is on his way to her, just like you predicted. Hurry home, Rose, I really miss you and your words of wisdom. Love,

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: How Much I Love You video is out of this world, I love, love, love it!!! thanx so much!!

@Deb: He did say that and I sometimes wonder if he regrets saying that out loud, lol, she's been gone for a while and he's not had anything to do, so, I'm thinking he would miss her more then. What do you think? donna

Louisa said...

SEX AND FEATHERS! now there's a mix!


dowlingnana said...

Louisa: LOL, yeah that's what we're talking about right? Sex, blood and feathers!! Keep em' coming lady!! I have to keep saying to myself: I'm not intoxicated, I'm not intoxicated.. the hell I'm not!! bwahhhhhh


dowlingnana said...

*NEW* Robert Pattinson Fan Pic From Houston


beacullen said...

Louisa, that second video is frikkin awesomeness! thanks for sharing. Rose, hope your having lots of fun, and I know Rob and Kristen should be by now. They probably haven't been spotted cause they're staying in their hotel room catching up lmao. Have a great weekend everyone.

A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deb said...

Donna I think I heard something like what he said from last year when he was doing RM and they didn't get to see each other that much if you remember how sad he was then :( but this year he got to be with her more You can see on his face that he doesn't like to be away for her to long Im sure he is with her now . DEB

dowlingnana said...

DEB: I wondered when he made that statement. You're right, he was not that happy in NY or any other time he seems to have to be away from her..........which speaks volumes natch!! Guess he made that statement to maybe kind of "talk his own self into it".

Take care, donna

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Hello, A

Hope all is well with you, your earlobes, and the rest of you. :o)

katy said...

Uhmm...I'm thinking someone is somewhere in Louisiana


thanks for the vids and Link for post.

Hello 'A'...

how are you? hope you are well, don't worry Rose will be back tomorrow.

Lots of love to all

Leigh said...

Hello A ;)

Hope you have a wonderful evening and can stay on the right side of the authorities :)

@ Marie...WHO DAT!! I love to see Farve on his ass!! Geaux Saints!!

Rose, I hope you have a safe trip home!!

dowlingnana said...

Katy: uhmmmm, I'm thinking you're right.........;o)

LJ said...

Helloooo all!

Just wanted to post this new fan pic because I love it, not sure if you have already seen it but its from the bar he was in the other night, he borrowed someones guitar and was playing it....




deb said...

LOUISA hey ya girl friend YOU KNOW ME I CANT GET THAT DAMN VIDEO :( Pleas try and help :) DEB.

dowlingnana said...

LJ: ooohhh thanx for that post, I hadn't seen that one and oh my how cool does he look. ouch!!! donna

katy said...


Great mind think alike... :)

dowlingnana said...

"A Robsten Story Unique Love". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsImR1Q4OgM

At the 1:10 mark watch as Rob is waiting as KS walks toward him, had never seen this one before.

P.S. Not trying to take your job away Louisa!!! donna

SueBee said...

Drive by limerick

There once was a handsome young man
who has besotted many a fan

We all dream of his kiss
but he saves them for Kris

so we wish them the best that we can

dowlingnana said...

Yeah SueBee's on a roll again. You go girl!!!

dowlingnana said...

New/Old Pictures of Rob in Japan - New Moon Promo (Nov-2009)


katy said...

well, I'm going to 'geaux' eat something...I'm hungry

Hope, you don't mind me using that word 'A'.

LJ said...

And I'm 'geaux'ing to bed!.....night all!

Also 'geaux'ing to see The Runaways at the cinema tomorrow, can't wait......

Much love,


dowlingnana said...

The bid as of 1:45 p.m. Thursday is at $9,600 US, with eight days remaining. Here's the update for the on set bids happening for BD.

olivia said...

Thank you LJ - the photo of Rob with the guitar is both beautiful and like a glimpse into his inner being. One can see happiness shining out gently as he is absorbed in his beloved music. : )
How very sweet.

Go SueBee, love the limricks.

Cristina, Milford has a lovely little downtown. Ate the best white fish dinner there. Used to cross country ski and bike at Mayberry State Park.

Wishing Rob and Kristen beaucoup private time at some charming hideaway.

Remembering that Peter Facinelli just spoke recently about some fittings for BD.... Has anyone heard or seen any info on the costumes for the wedding scene? I am so interested in what the designers will create for the whole wedding party. Everyone is a dream to design for and I am sure the dresses and suits will be gorgeous.

Louisa, the vids were excellent.

Olivia (TX.)

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...


thank you for that pic of Rob with the guitar...I would to anything to see Rob singing and playing the guitar or piano...it would be glorious and Epic.

A said...

Hello Ladies,

I edited my comment and cleaned up my spelling--I was emailing all day with a friend of mine from work who is a Saints fan and it bled over into my post here--

Tracy I hope you enjoy your evening and that your ear lobes remain healthy :)

Rose darling--how long are you going to be away because I do not like not having you to brighten my days! I do hope your time there has been exciting and romantic and that you have a pocketful of happy memories to take home with you.

As for our mutual friend (and I am interrupting this message because, I am once again taking dictation and that, of course, reminds me of the night we met)
she wants you to know her phone is diggory dead (I added the diggory) and that she she has lost her charger. (ok, actually she has AGAIN lost her charger because, I swear, I even know of about 5 previous chargers which had to be replaced--but I digress)
BUT, as soon as she finds/yet again replaces the charger, she will be saying hello and "wants to hear all the gory stories from Boston" also "tell her I am happy and good and she shouldn't worry at all" (which, from my vantage point appears to be true).

Well time for us to go--please enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe journey home.

Your devoted friend-A

dowlingnana said...

Friday, September 10, 2010
New/Old Picture of Rob from his visit to 'The View From The Bay' (Nov/2008)

From his interview on "The View From The Bay" in Nov/2008. You can watch the interview here

Leigh said...

@ A

Wow you keep great company ;) Love the Saints!! Did you watch the game last night? It was awesome!! Wish the opening game hadn't been on a Thursday night, the Hubby and I would have loved to have gone. Oh well, we have tickets for the Halloween game against the Steelers! That should be fun ;) Hehehe

SueBee said...


No need to clean up your spelling, or at least worry too much about it.

If I had to revise every post I may have misstyped, I would be here for quite a while. :o)

Have a lovely Friday evening. Drink plenty of water so your ear lobes won't suffer. :o)

katy said...

Off to bed.

Lots of Love for Rob and Kristen and for all have you here

Marie said...

LOL Leigh...I thought it was a nice thing to see Brett Farve on his rear a couple of times...although I must admit that it didn't thrill me last night as much as it did when he played for the Packers ohhhhh bout 15 years ago...when my team beat them to play to go on to the Super Bowl..but anyway..I look forward to seeing the Saints put all of the Steelers on their rears on Halloween...once again I have to say WHO DAT.

Wildhart007 said...

Good Evening Everyone!

Glad to read everyone is doing great!

Sue Bee great limerick! You are going to have to put all your diaries and limericks into one compilation. I know I would buy it!

Louisa thank you for the video fix, I was having withdrawals. Your respects are much appreciated by your US friends. It is a day I will never forget and always remember where I was when I heard the news.

Here's to Rose for posting even while vacationing! Thankyou so much!

manjen said...

Hey Wildhart

How are you tonight?

Wildhart007 said...

Manjen I'm doing great, having a relaxed evening for a change, how about you?

manjen said...

Same here..the kids are gone for the night..husbands at work...It's a GREAT night!! LOL

Wildhart007 said...

It's good to have some peace and quiet every now and then. I'm trying to create a playlist for the sort at my work. It has to be music to get you moving. It's like having an hour and half workout every morning. Someone brought in country music this week and I felt like having a six pack of beer before 7:30 in the morning.

manjen said...

Yeah I am not a big country music fan... I do like some songs, but for the most part...just not a fan..

SueBee said...


Thanks, sweetie--sometimes I get to ramblin'. :o)

Wildhart007 said...

This morning someone loved me and brought ACDC. Shook me all night long and Shoot from the Hip were great!

What's kickin SueBee?

manjen said...

Were the walls shaking and the Earth quakeing?

Wildhart007 said...

Yeah we were definitely rocking and BOUNCING LOL

SueBee said...


Winding down from paying bills and balancing my checkbook of all things.

This whole responsible adult thing! Bleh!

How are you?

Wildhart007 said...

SueBee definitely not fun and especially on a Friday night. But I understand being responsible, thats me till I get that Wild Crazy Devil in my blood every so often. Sometimes it's like my heart, body and soul scream to run from the responsible me. LOL

SueBee said...

Oh and I like AC/DC too. I also like Country and many many things in between.

manjen said...

Yeah...I like alot of different kinds of music as well..

Wildhart007 said...

Did ya'll read about where they may make the novella into a movie before BD comes out and recast the lead?

SueBee said...


Let's just run away together! LOL

Yeah, my iPod is close to overflowing with music. What I listen to depends on the mood I'm in.

SueBee said...


Huh? What do you mean?

Wildhart007 said...

Yeah, I drive about 200 miles a day so I listen to a variety of music, but usually something that keeps you moving, doesn't work to get sleepy on the road.

manjen said...

@ SueBee
Yeah me too...it must be the Gemini in us.

Wildhart007 said...

I read on Spunk Ransom about the novella about Bree being made into a movie.

I'm ready to run, even finally got my passport this year. You know you are fed up with those around you when you get a passport and they don't have one lol

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louisa said...

I just popped my head inn.....

Ya know?....

I'm cooking at the moment.....no time for lingering I'm afraid....
A typical Maltesse Feast is the best way to describe......My Occupied self!, at this stage!

manjen said...

I love music from the 80's and it drives my kids crazy..which makes it even better!

SueBee said...


Where do you want to go?

Wildhart007 said...

Louisa Are you cooking a feast? I love that Angus Young!

manjen said...

@ Wildhart
Where ya getting ready to run to?

SueBee said...


my daughter loves 80's music

She shows me songs like I've never heard of them before. When I say yes, sweetie, I know, she is like "Oh, cool!"

Her current favorite is "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and The Waves

Wildhart007 said...

Not sure exactly where, just looking to run!

Do you need to run also?

We could go find some sexy, great looking guys! lol

Manjen The only radio station we pick up at work is an 80's station, That's why I'm making a playlist. lol

manjen said...

My favorite song from the 80's is...well I have 2

1 is Tainted Love by Soft Cell and the other is I just died in your arms tonight by The Cutting Crew

manjen said...

I don't believe I will run...I have been here with him for 20 years...I don't know if I could train another...Just Kidding..

SueBee said...


Love those too!

I'll have to think about mine now.

Wildhart007 said...

Manjen The Walking on Sunshine is a staple on the station I was telling you about. It does get you moving!!! On the Road Again, Up on the Stage plays alot and Wanted Dead or Alive.

manjen said...

Celebrate Good Times by Kool and the Gang will get you moving as well

Wildhart007 said...

Okay Manjen I understand 20 years is alot of training to run off and lose all that hard work. lol

Louisa said...

The Church
Hunters and Collectors
Spandau Ballet
James Reyne
The Eagles
have been known to like The Violent Femms...
The Cure
Rolling Stones
Aussie Crawl
You probably have no idea who I'm talking about....just what popped up ....whilst pondering....lol

SueBee said...

80's songs

Come on Eileen
99 Luft Baloons
Mr. Roboto

I can go on and on :oP

Wildhart007 said...

I love U2 and the Eagles, have seen both in concert.

Big Country

SueBee said...


The Eagles
Van Morrison
Brandi Carlile
Paolo Nutini
Ray LaMontagne

to be continued

manjen said...

I like Spandau Ballet
I like their songs
True & Don't you want me

Leigh said...

Hello Ladies :)

I'm glad you guys are having a peaceful evening. I have the kiddies in bed and the Hubby is not home from work yet so...I have a little peace and quite myself.

I love older music. My play list is lots of Beatles, the Knack, dexys midnight runners, Steve Miller and Van Morrison. Love Aerosmith, The Stones, and Procol Harum....I could go on and on.

I have a hard time with the music from today for a couple of reason. First and foremost, I don't understand half of it ;)

@ Suebee I love the limericks and chronicles. You have quite the talent yourself :)

Wildhart007 said...

Annie Lennox
Everybody Wants to Rule The World

A said...

I am a complete fucking idiot and none of you should ever talk to me again. In fact i am actually a large hairy man with stinko feet and bad BAD breath.

Rose especially--just ignore me from now please.

A friend of a friend

Louisa said...

I saw U2 in 1985...they're coming here at the end of the year....I'm contemplating going.....
George Micheals came out earlier this year....I saw him ..he was great in concert.....He actually prolonged his stay in Sydney....coz he loved it so much.......
I also saw Spandau. recently...they're gettin to old...but the leads voice has remained the same...
The rest I mentioned are pommies and or Aussies so you're "probs....non the wiser!

manjen said...

Yes..I like Van Morrison and The Eagles and Journey as well...

I also like Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffett and lots more.

I never could get into U2..I don't know why...

A said...

I have moobs

Leigh said...

Darling A...

I think someone may have gotten a hold of your phone! Bawahahah!!!

You should really be more careful ;) Heheheheh!!

Julie said...

Rose, I found your web site a few weeks ago and this is the first time I am posting something. I love your poetic prose and all the positve support for these two lovily people. Hope Rob and his buds did make it to NOLA with a big smoke screen to keep the paps away for awhile. Until next time

Louisa said...

@ A you said that again....in how many words....lets see....Fucking Idiot....that makes 2 ...yer 2 words......LMAO
Hi how's it going?..... my Studmuffin?
Like Violent Femmes do we?

Wildhart007 said...

Leigh the new rock is also great, try Octane on Sirius XM. There really alot of good songs out now.

A said...

I really love to pick my nose.

A said...

and eat the boogies! yum yum

dowlingnana said...

Robstenation and all things Twilight: John Isner Asked Kristen Out on a Date

Pretty interesting reading.........

manjen said...

@ A

Is someone having a mental breakdown???
Do you need some breath mints and odor eaters for your feet?

Oh and also shaving cream and a razor (or 2) for you hairiness

Louisa said...

boogers! yummo! NOT!

Leigh said...

Okay seriously...I'm DYING!!

Wildhart007, I will have to give it a try.

Manjen....I went to the Concert on the Coast back in July. It was hot as hell but probably the only chance I will ever get to see him live :)

manjen said...

They must be playing pranks on one another or something...but the booger thing...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little!!

Wildhart007 said...

Louisa I saw U2 in 1985 also.

A Moobs , who has your phone, definitly not the usual seduction

A said...

My favorite song is Mambo 54--57--whatever-I LOVE IT!

and I fucking love to get really drunk and dance by myself.

A said...

I only have to shave once a year.

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wildhart007 said...

the lobe problem must have really put him over the edge

Wildhart007 said...

No manscaping you are out of here

Leigh said...

Dear A Friend,

I am sure that Darling A will have a whole new appreciation of your wrath come morning ;)

Is he ok?? He DID say on the right side of the authorities right? LOL

Wildhart007 said...

Louisa I went to Def Leppard last year the vocals were different but still enjoyed.

dowlingnana said...

Louisa: you got real close to Yummy like Rob said in the mtv video where KS picked something from his mouth....bwahhhhhh.

Wildhart007 said...

Leigh This prank thing is getting better, wonder how he will top this?

SueBee said...


It seems your phone has been hijacked---

Better look for it!!!

A said...

My favorite sport is baseball or basketball--only a pussy would like rugby

Leigh said...

Wildhart007...I don't know...I think he may be a little scared of her.

NEVER piss off a woman ;) We don't get mad...we get even. Heheheh!!

A said...

I once peed on my grandmother's foot.

Wildhart007 said...

Leigh Got that Right
I think he may be a bit scared of her also.
I think she has him right where she wants him

SueBee said...

Yes, ladies---we are witnessing a reckoning.


A said...

Nothing turns me on more than a woman with a hairy chest---

Wildhart007 said...

SueBee I lost my entire train of thought on the 80's music, but gosh darn this is sure fun!

A said...

I have 3 testicles and only one nipple

manjen said...

I wonder if he will retaliate??

Louisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A said...

My best friend and I are complete fucking morons who take pranks WAY too far.

SueBee said...

Yeah, my train of thought jumped out the window.

It's like a train wreck. I just can't look away.

Leigh said...

LOL!! I guess that explains Monika from Dublin!! Bahahaha!!

This is too damn funny!!

Louisa said...

@ A i gotta to agree with ya there!

manjen said...

Awesome job with the payback!! That is how it should be done!

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