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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rob and Kristen- I Only Have Eyes For You

Oh My!
What a shocker!
Robert ended up in London!
Excuse me for bringing up Grandma Rose again...
But she said to me the other day...
"Rosie... when is that boy going to go home?"
Robert going back to London isn't any great surprise.
It was inevitable, wasn't it?
Still not sure how Rob going to London
somehow equates to him not wanting to be with Kristen.

Oh right.
Robert never went to see Kristen in NOLA
Because there wasn't a clear picture...
Rob didn't magically appear in London, either.
He managed to get from New Orleans to London
without a picture being taken, too...
and lo and behold...
There he be.
Sometimes it works out that way.
Sometimes Robert manages not to get his picture taken.
And he still exists...

And hey...
If you want to believe that Robert didn't get to NOLA
Go for it.
But what happens if(when) Kristen turns up in London?
Then what?
Will you pull out the same tired excuses?
Don't answer that.
I already know you will.

I adore Kristen Stewart.
I do.
I make no excuses.
"Speak" was on TV last night.
I watched it.
Kristen is so young in that movie...
but she was awesome.
I love it.
I even loved that Michael Oregano was in it.
Because I know I kinda poke fun at him...
but he was kinda cute in the movie.
I love watching Kristen outside of Twilight.
I love Bella...
But I love seeing her in other roles.

And one more thing...
There was a lot of twitter drama about Kristen...
Someone was making fun of her...
People were defending her...
As usual with online drama
it was blown out of proportion.
You don't have to like Kristen Stewart.
I don't give a shit one way or another if you do or not.
But the things that were said about her...
The names she was called...
just because she wore the Beastie Boys t-shirt?
No one deserves that.
You don't like her? Ignore her.
It has to be easier than the constant snarling and snapping at her
that you do day in and day out...
And for God's sake...
Stop pretending to be her fan
pretending to like her...
and then turn around and call her horrific names.
It's SO transparent. Really.
Good Fucking Grief.
Get over it.

I leave with one of my favorite pictures from Montreal.
The intimate proximity.
The smile on his face.
No one is faking that.
No one is being forced to react that way.
No one isn't doing exactly what they want to do...
with who they want to do it with.

Will Kristen turn up in London?
Of course I hope she does...
Kristen can relax there...
She can breathe there.
And she can be with Robert.
Because no matter what you say...
Robert and Kristen are always better
when they are together.

We shall see.

This post is brought to you by the letter *E*

E for "I only have EYES for You"
The song that comes to mind whenever
I see that picture from Montreal...

Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
'Cause I only have eyes for you, dear
The moon may be high
But I can't see a thing in the sky
'Cause I only have eyes for you.

I don't know if we're in a garden
Or on a crowded avenue
You are here, so am I
Maybe millions of people go by
But they all disappear from view
And I only have eyes for you
I don't know if we're in a garden
Or on a crowded avenue
You are here, so am I
Maybe millions of people go by
But they all disappear from view
And I only have eyes for you. 

Bye for now


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Anonymous said...

Great post, as always!!

Nwflgl said...

I feel like I say the same thing over and over but i truly do love your way of thinking...thank you again for helping me to remember my alphabet!!

Verucs said...

Hope they'll be together soon :D! I just love em so much together!
She wearing that shirt just makes me thing she is tough and confident, besides anyones thoughts! Now I want one of those, haha!
And the haters, well fuck em! I've always say that hating is giving someone too much importance, so they just envy her, 'cause she is gorgeous, talented and has THE boyfriend! She gives no other reason, so again fuck 'em.
Love Kris and Rob <3.
And love u too Rose, thanks 4 your posts :D
xoxo from Costa Rica :)

Kat said...

Yes the Rob fans pretending to be Kristen's fan. But what about the Kristen fans who pretend to like Rob? People on twitter who are actually friends with. Just sayin fans would flip if Kristen was dissed this way but ignore it if its Rob. RT @littlesecret84 STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ROB, FANGIRLS. THIS IS NOT A RESPECT ROB CAMPAIGN. AT THIS POINT IT'S A RESPECT MY EYES CAMPAIGN. @quiet_soliloquy I've said it before, I don't need pics of him alone. Her presence makes him pretty. Whatever, unfollow me rob fangirls. @quiet_soliloquy @littlesecret84 That's what happens when removed from the company of The Fierce One. @jennnday LMAO. like the boy is pretty at premieres & when he's not stoned/wasted. leave him be when he is. jfc. my eyes. @KStewObsessedx: OHMYGOD, ROB THAT BEARD IS FUGLY. MAKES YOU LOOK FAT

Lynne said...

That's me in the top pic! I met and chatted with Rob yesterday at Marcus Foster's gig in London. What a night. Here is a link to the rest of my encounter if you're interested. By the way, I love this blog! I've been a lurker for some time lol
If you read down the comments I go into much more detail. Or join my facebook group Robert Pattinson..."It's always been him" for more info.

Kat said...

I knew tons of Rob fans that unfollowed LTT because they insulted Kristen yet snarky comments about Rob are always ignored. I don't care if the girl said it was a joke. I'm sick of these socalled Kristen fans who brag about how Rob means little to Kristen and is her little pet. Those comments should prove to you how some fans really feel about Rob. I don't care if it was a joke. It wasn't funny and if fans are going to preach respect Kristen then maybe they shouldn't disrespect her boyfriend and use the fact that certain Rob fans do it to defend themselves.

Bell82 said...

This fandom needs to learn that It goes both ways, if people want respect for Kristen they need to respect Robert too.

If people complaining about LTT for Kristen hate but then talking crap about Rob ("I dont want to see new Rob's pics IT'S A RESPECT MY EYES CAMPAIGN. he is nothing without kristen". etc) just shows how hypocritical they are.

I'm not a big kristen fan but if I see hate for her, I defend her because noone deserves the hate but I'm so sick of her fans hypocrisy.

Bashing Rob= Just an opinion
Bashing Kris= KIBTU bitch!

(But is "ugh my eyes hurts, he is ugly, he is nothing without kristen" an opinion?)

I wonder why we were mad at LTT, I mean It's just their opinion No?...

What kind of hypocrisy is this???

I don't expect everyone to like Robert but i think
people who want respect for kristen should also respect Robert.

Why this is so damn hard for people?

Rose said...

Thanks Lynn! You have some awesome pictures of a moment you will never forget!
Thanks for sharing!

Rose said...

Bell82- I'm not mad at LTT ... They can write what they want and be as sarcastic as possible. I was commenting on how everything has to get blown out of proportion.
BOTH sides of this fandom tend to get carried away with the drama.

deb said...

Rose Love the post and I'm glad to see that Rob got to go home I'm sure he miss his family and friends YES KRISTEN well be they soon WE ALL KNOW THAT I was sad to to see all the BULSHIT that has been said but you know know the world go (PEOPLE HAVING FITS) Because they can't have what KRISTEN has and that would be ROBERT And you are right" ROB and Kristen (I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU)"Have a good day DEAR ROSE I lov ya. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I heard there were horrible things said about her. What was said, do you know? It's horrible, the amount of hate she always seems to get. They take the piss over her appearance, or her words, or her actions. And if Rob is away from her, Rob fans, the nutcase ones, you only need to go on rpattzdaily and see the love they have for when Rob is in London, without Kristen. They pray Rob has come to senses and broken up with her. What a horrible thing to say! Disgusting things to say and imagine. Rob wants Kristen in his life, that should be it. Fans don't need to have an input into who his family/friends/partner is.

Bell82 said...


Great post. Thank you!

'@quiet_soliloquy I've said it before, I don't need pics of him alone. Her presence makes him pretty.'

wow!... I thought she was R/K fan. whatever.. Like i said when it comes to Rob 'Not everyone has to agree with other people's opinions.' but when it comes to Kristen 'you hater stfu KIBTU'

Its a fucking beard! get. over. it!
Nobody forces you to look at the fucking pics.

I never understood spending the energy to criticize and bad mouth someone else.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kat, enough with trying to do the versus chats! Rose was talking about Kristen. The fans who pretend to be fans of Kristen. When you go off and say "oh but what about the fans who pretend to like Rob", she was talking about fans who pretend to be Kristen. Because the hate for Kristen was evident this morning or yesterday.

Patricia said...

Well He showed up in London and the haters came out in full force with all their venom. So sad. It's hard to ignore them, but I will because we know better. Robert loves Kristen loves Robert.

I'm sure Kristen is spending time with her family, photo shoots and fittings for BD, we also don't know if she's finished filming OTR.

They always make time to be together when they can. They both seem to have a lot on their plate. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THEIR OBLIGATIONS ARE SO WE DON'T JUDGE THEM WHEN THEY'RE NOT TOGETHER.
Rob and Kristen are true NINJA'S now getting in and out of airports without pics. I guess we'll have to wait and see when they will show up together. I hope it's soon.
Grazie Rose

Anonymous said...

And you know Kat, it's people like you who: see Rose's blog where she's talking about fans pretending to be Kristen, and the evident hate yesterday or this morning. But you don't accept it, you are like "but what about fans who pretend to be fans of Rob". What about them? What did Rose mention? Fans who are pretending to like Kristen. Not the other way round. So you saying "but what about", sorry, that's you being in denial. You don't want to accept some of your fellow Rob fans are nutcases.

Anonymous said...

Frankie!!! Man, I love Frank Sinatra.

Manjen! :) Hello my dear. I missed you last night.*hugs*

I certainly hope they'll be together soon. Well, we all know they'll end up together.. I'm just hoping for sooner rather than later.

And these people, with one hand reached out to you a friendly gesture.. the other busy trying to knock you down at the same time.. they're pathetic. I will never understand people's need to be cruel. And I hope, really really hope, that Kristen and Rob are truly starting to understand that these people don't matter. All the negativity that gets said is all about the people saying it, NOT Rob or Kristen. At the end of the day, the only people that Rob and Kristen should be worried about are Rob and Kristen. They're the ones that matter. And if they're happy, then everybody else out there who is trying to bring them down.. well they can go suck it.

Falsehood has an infinity of combinations, but truth has only one mode of being. -Jean Jacques Rousseau

Truth.. Rob and Kristen are in a relationship, and they're happy. Simple as that. No drama needed.. no explanations are necessary.. just two people in love.

OH! just in case though...
I've found the arse kicking shoes I want. The Clou Noeud 150 Studded Slingback from Louboutin. Because if I'm going to have to do some kicking, I'm going to do it in style. :)

jen said...

sigh, why can't everyone have common sense like you?

I love that Rob going to London equals trouble for K/R. lol

Robert and Kristen have BOTH visited one another's sets this year. For Bel Ami, Kristen visited twice(I think). For OTR, Robert visited twice too.

What haters aren't catching onto though is neither of them overstay their welcome on set. It's sad that people don't understand they are like...in the middle of jobs. I love the notion of them visiting, supporting, but not infringing.

Rob in London is always a good thing, I'm glad he's back there. And Kristen is wherever she is suppossed to be right now, and i'm betting she's not done with OTR yet. These are young adults with amazing careers right now, I think they show a great balance of support and space for one another while working. Smart cookies, those two.

Anonymous said...

Bell82, you are kidding. The respect will never be there. Rob fans hate Kristen, it's not some random person who hates her. They are Rob fans and a lot more too.

Kristen fans may hate Rob too. Not denying that. I don't know, haven't met any as of yet. Maybe Honey, if she can be classed as a Kristen fan. But no, Kristen fans won't stop hating Rob, because Rob fans won't stop hating Kristen.

You can try talking to both sets of fans. But don't expect to get anywhere, especially if you only target Kristen fans. They will call you a hypocrite, because you enjoy hating Kristen too. Or you seem to not care that Kristen gets hated, just as long as precious Rob gets none. Respect works both ways. It won't get gained if one side decides to stop hating.

Anonymous said...

Rose-- please tell me you saw my rap song for you. It is rubbish but the best I could do. Have a wonderful day my friend!

Anonymous said...

@ A

I saw your rap to Rose and I think you did an awesome job!

jen said...

ps: LTT/LTR do what they do, it's their niche, and they have a right to do it.

Read the comments though, and you see that a lot of their commenters are just moping cause Rob is with Kristen though and they hate on her something awful over there and encourage one another. And as one poster mentioned, they all hide under the "it's sarcasm, you don't get it" defense. No sarcasm, just pure jealousy. The bloggers at LTT/LTR can't control who comments on their blog, but the reality is who they are attracting are a bunch of bitter betties over the robsten deal.

And Rose is right--BOTH sides are sooo dramatic. Stop tweeting about drama, stop responding to drama, stop acting outraged over forced drama that doesn't even matter. If you are participating in these things, you're part of the problem. We're all too old for twitter wars. lol

Bell82 said...


I know Rose.
I was talking about the fake R/K fans.

have to say, when it comes to the hate Rob gets, you are so ignorant.
Is there nastiness coming from both fan bases? Of course! I don't think anyone argues the point that there is hate on BOTH SIDES!
but if we dare to mention the hate Rob gets we are crazy ignorant fangirls.. ok whatever..

I love Rob and I've always love Rob&Kristen together.
I hate when people hate on either of them. period.

Rose said...

To my darling Syd...
Thank you so much for the wonderful 'rap' song just for me. I doubt words could convey what I am feeling right now...
You made me smile
You made me blush
But most of all you made me realize how lucky I am that you have come into my life and I can call you friend.
Thank you so much.

I adore you sweet Syd...
Now and forever.

Anonymous said...


I agree.. it was great. Not too bad for a.. what was it he said... 'lily white ass'ed boy?

30yearoldtwifan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30yearoldtwifan said...

Jealous KRISTIN fans= delusional,ones who think they know how she feels, no one will ever be good enough for her,bash Rob, make sarcastic comments to get a reaction from Rob fans. Some do there death threats against Robert all over anonymous blogs. Pathetic losers no real life outside there computer, hang on twitter all day.

Jealous ROB fans= delusional,ones who think they know how he feels, no one will ever be good enough for him,bash Kristin, make sarcastic comments to get a reaction from Kristin fans. Some do there death threats against Kristin all over anonymous blogs. Pathetic losers no real life outside there computer, hang on twitter all day.

I defiantly see a trend here, no? I do not get to involved with many pl or fans so ya know what I can be bi partial here. None of these haters are better than the others. They can pretend but there nothing but immature little rodents. KS would NOT be proud to hear the nasty condescending comments towards her best friend and lover.

Rob wouldn't NOT be proud of his obsessed "fan girls" and there rants against his best friend, lover Grow Up!

Us normal sane fans of both are caught in the middle EVERY single time.

Anonymous said...

I always find it funny tbh how this is a Rob site, but Kristen is mentioned first. And Rob is so little mentioned. In denial Rob fans do we have here? They don't want to admit Rob's partner gets hate.

wig4usc said...

All the drama, regardless of which side, is a bunch of crap. Afterall, I think its safe to say most, if not all of us, aren't really friends with or know Rob and Kristen. Let's not have the drama go into comments on Rose's blog too, that's why most of us like to come here. She's a sane, logical voice, and many of us come here because its one of the few ones out there!!

jen said...

psps: and enough with the "rob/kristen have it worse than rob/kristen." That is forced drama. They aren't war refugees in need of special recognition or attention. They are two celebrities with a lot of possessive fans who don't want them dating. THE ONLY WAY SANE FANS CAN HELP TEMPER THE CRAZIES IS TO NOT GIVE THEM ANY ATTENTION AT ALL. Or if you give them attention laugh at them. The more you pretend what they have to say is important, the more encouragement you give them.

Anonymous said...

I love it , Rose!! I had to crawl out from under my rock (for I had a few too many glasses last night) to tell you AWESOME, and rock on!!

Syd...there are no words. That's hard to do to me but there you have it. Rose's Rap. You are a great friend :) I love for people to make Rose smile since she does that for all of us on a daily basis.

Okay Ladies of Roseland...I will be back later I have to go find some Excedrin for this headache. And I'll have to tell you the story about the fiddler crabs running around the shores of the Gulf of Mexico with all of our names one them...what what I thinking??

RKsoumates913 said...

Hello Rose

When those losers wrote K has a d.ck, i was wondering, so they are implying Rob is gay? The whole world knows Rob and Kristen are dating, if she has one so he likes it. Please, pretty please, think twice before wrinting sh!t like that, if they don't respect K at least RESPECT Rob. If they like or not, they are TOGETHER.
And don't pretend the hate towards K isn't thousands times WORSE than to Rob.
But if writing f.posts can make them go through night/day...even so i don't get it.There is a word called RESPECT and it should be used in its full meaning!

God bless RK, Rose and RK's fans!

XO from Brazil! (Khills)

And K's fans don't have blogs to bash Rob.I know he gets his portion too, but is ridiculous small if you compare it.


Anonymous said...

RKsoumates913 exactly. Yay, sane person here! You consider both the hate for each, if you want to get involved with the hate talk. You don't single one out. And you mention the hate for Kristen, and the different forms that Rob gets too, which is evidently less, but still there. But less. I see no hate videos for Rob. I see hate videos for Kristen, on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Rose,
You are very welcome but I am the lucky one as I have you as a friend. Rather pathetic but as I felt it was assigned to me I did not want to let you, of all people, think I was neglecting you. I know are propably not a rap fan but it was good fun for us to try and do it. Take care and hello from gruff also.
With all my heart,

ps--hearing there is an account issue--hackers win again. Smitty may be out of commission for awhile.

Anonymous said...

And obviously that should be on. My head is REALLY hurting :(

Julie said...


I love your comment and what a great post. Just leaning how to do this blog stuff. As many of you have said fans of both of these lovely, in love people, do get a bit out of hand with their hate. As an educator I find that when I people verbalize such crap/hate that there is usually something missing in their life. Always soemthing wrong with the other person, small minded or even closed minded. The glass half empty vs the glass half full. I'm am sure that does speak to their age in some cases. But what I see is a guy, Robert, that meet a girl, Kristen, at work they had a connection became really good friends. Liked to spend time together outside of work and eventually a romance blossomed. They will be together again soon because that is what they want. They are each others grounding force. Love to Rob and Kristen.

30yearoldtwifan said...

I agree Jen, Its hard sometimes though, I come here and 1 other site ( they have mods and will delete any hate on any end) so I enjoy going there. Then I come here, love for R and K from the pl here. I love how Rose calls out the hate and BS. Im sure she gets a lot of crap over it, In fact I know she does.
Unfortunately a few pl I follow on twitter love to post there BS.

Anonymous said...


There is a fiddler crab running around somewhere with my name on it? I'm all kinds of curious now. I can't wait to hear that story.

Manjen.. where are you? I have sent you a message, but I can't seem to find you today.

LJ - Hurry up! I'm dying to know if I have a niece or nephew! :)

Syd - your lily white ass did a great job on the rap. Not saying it'll win you any grammys... hehehe.. but job well done.

Anonymous said...


I read kat's and Bell82's posts and I dont get it, why are you attacking them. Are they disrespectful to Kristen? They're think Rob fans are f*cking awesome?

They're just pointed the Rob hate and yes there was a drama on twitter today.
Try, @littlesecret84 feed.
many people stick up for Rob.

@ RKsoumates913
They dont have to blogs to bash Rob because they're acting like they are so innocent.

'ridiculous small?' Oh please, stop being ignorant.

Anonymous said...

@ Tracy

I am here. My fb account is going crazy..It starts lagging when I try to chat on there.

dowlingnana said...

"I’ve defended her in public as regularly as I can. I think it’s absurd, that they’re not giving her a break. I think that she’s holding her own, that she’s courageous, that she’s inventive, and that she’s got character oozing out of her, and I say, “Give her a break. Who is she to pander to your idea of what she’s supposed to be?” She has every right in the world to express herself exactly as she chooses to, and she’s got a lot of surprises up her sleeve. Why won’t they give that woman a break?" - William Hurt,co-star - The Yellow Handkerchief


30yearoldtwifan said...

So glad Rob is with his family and friends in his home land. :) I'm sure his mom is happy he is safe. I am also sure his lover will not be far behind,Oh BD is not to far away good times good times.

RKsoumates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoumates913 said...


I'm NOT ignorant, but you are being blind, you KNOW Kris gets the biggest and worst part of the hate. And writing articles and creating blogs to bash her is thousands times worst than comments.No i'm not saying that i support it,but come on writing articles and articles to bash HIS GIRLFRIEND is ridiculous. And i'm not here to argue with no one.

dc said...

Rose, you are right...both sides of this fandom tend to get overly dramatic...I think it's just the nature of being a fan. I don't care what anyone says about Rob and/or Kristen. I can't change their minds...It just shows me they are not getting the same unexplainable feeling of peace or happiness I get when I see them happily together. IT MOVES ME! I don't understand it. I don't know them. I'll never meet them. I'm old enough to be their....well let's not go there. I'm thankful for the way they make me feel. I think you get that. THANKS FOR YOUR VOICE

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dc said...

Rose, I forgot to say NICE SONG CHOICE

puC_2_theWood said...

I don’t comment often. Rose states what needs to be said eloquently (with just the right dose of sarcasm) that I find no need to mess with perfection. On that note, can I make a suggestion? (Ducks behind large item in case of flying objects) Ok…deep breath…instead of constantly readdressing the hate most of us so despise, why not just acknowledge it, if you must, and then focus on something you love about the person being hated on? Change the tide so to speak.

So here goes: I could give two shits about why/what other people (I use this term in the looses since) think about Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson. Those that are insecure will always be threatened. Let them be. They should be. The self-righteous only have their idiocy, the achievers own the rest.

This is one of the many reasons I adore them both. They continue to achieve…they continue to own it.

My favorite Kristenism “own what you want to own.” What’s yours?


DreamerKind said...

Oooh, the light is slowly seeping in...

Go Donna, Tracy and the Roseland ladies! I'm with you on the side of Truth:

"The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”
Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

kralyche I don't know how old you must be, if you are above the age of 20 you should know this, it's pretty simple. And if you don't, then this blog is full of old ignorant idiots. You only have to look at Bell82's comment where it says "This fandom needs to learn that It goes both ways, if people want respect for Kristen they need to respect Robert too." Did you see in that sentence, a mention that Rob fans who hate Kristen, need to respect Kristen in order to regain respect for Rob? No. Neither did I. There's my problem. She only wants Kristen fans to shut up, and stop with the hate for Rob. I'd expect both Rob fans and Kristen fans to stop hating each. Bell82 wants Kristen fans to stop, whereas she would not bat an eyelash if the hate for Kristen which it would, continues.

She is saying, "Kristen fans respect Rob or you don't get respect for Kristen". There is nothing to say "Rob fans respect Kristen and Rob will get respect." She only cares for Rob to get respect, not Kristen. Which I think is ridiculous. I thought, O_O what the fuck. Rude ignorant twat. It works both ways. Okay. If you think it works one way, and agree with Bell82, that Kristen fans should respect Rob and they'll get respect for Kristen, well goodness knows what is wrong with this fandom. Well it could be people like you. You seem to think Rob fans have permission and are fine to hate on Kristen, just as long as Kristen fans don't do the same back to Rob.

keset said...

PLS all relax with Lizzy's songs :)

What a voice she has.

If Robert and Kristen will have a child, i think he will be a multi -talent as Rob's family and as Kristen.

keset said...

I read about Rob here and there and people do attack him. He need to get love from this blog too.

Anonymous said...

kralyche, that is why I "attack" Bell82's comment. Her comment, she must think will be the making of the hate Rob gets. That it will stop, and that will be it. Well sorry but, you are being ignorant, all of you, if you think that will be it. Kristen gets hated too. Not by some randomer, by who? ROB FANS, ROB FANS, ROB FANS, ROB FANS. I don't know how many times you need to be told. If you need it slapped into you, then fair enough. Bring on the slaps. But she seems to think it'll be the end, if Kristen fans stop hating Rob. Uh, no.

ROB FANS TOO NEED TO LEARN TO RESPECT KRISTEN IN ORDER TO GAIN RESPECT FOR ROB. That's where you seem to think differently, since you use the word "attack" in your reply to me. So when you think differently, you approve of the hate for Kristen, but expect nothing for Rob. And if you don't, if I am wrong, then I wasn't attacking Bell82's comment at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many people need to comment me over this, but don't bother:

Rob fans need to respect Kristen in order to receive respect for Rob. Kristen fans need to respect Rob in order to receive respect for Kristen.
CORRECTION on Bell82's comment

Respect, as you learn whilst growing up: you earn both ways! For anyone who thinks it'll end if Kristen fans respect Rob, you're living on Pluto. You basically approve of the hate from Rob fans for Kristen. And no, it won't stop.

dc said...

Cate said it best

katy said...

Oh,I'm happy Rob is in London and I'm sure Kristen will follow Rob as soon as she can...this is a great thing, they will be able to relax and keep low profile there (we all know how good ninjas they are) and we all know here how cool british people are...Hello Syd and GRUFF and LK...So, I say YEY to London which is a wonderfull place to go.

Anonymous said...

@puC_2_theWood (Cate)
Well said!

Sanity does exist within this fandom.

katy said...

I'm tired of the hate that Rob and Kristen get and all the talk of who gets the most hate, they both get it and is wrong, both sides of the fandon is not better than the other, they both say cruel and negative stuff about Rob and Kristen and none of them deserve this hate because they are both wonderful, sweet and talented young people just trying to live their lives as best as they can like the rest of us.

Robert and Kristen in love and happy makes me happy...Robert and Kristen and their upcoming work/movies make me happy and excited...that's what people should focus on.

Anonymous said...


I think you just cant stand it when people mentioned Rob hate.
It's so obvious now.
You always like 'but Rob fans hate on Kristen, they are crazy,disgusting etc etc etc'
It's funny because these people already accept that haters on both sides are fucking pathetic.

The competition is crazy and makes me so mad but I have to share this because I'm so fucking tired of people's ignorance.

as i said before her fans just acting like so innocent.
go follow now bigcombat,awkwardlyfab,littlesecret,dirtyplaid etc and see their lovely comments about Rob..
'omgsounattractiveandgrossiactuallydaredtowriteewwwwwunderaribpostonatwisite' etc.

The Rob hate is real too and I am just so sick of the hate and jealousy everyone has for Rob/Kris and for their relationship.

katy said...


Loved your Rap song to Rose...it was quite beautiful.

SueBee said...

Oh lord, I can hear it now.

If you aren't in the same time zone then you aren't "together" together.

To use a British term "what rubbish!"

Totally agree with your post, Rose.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this bullshit has to show up here even in Roseland?

Can't you just shut the fuck up? You know NOTHING about ANYTHING? Go lead your own fucking lives and just stop this stupid, inane, fucking arguing about who hates who or who respects who. You know what, it ABSOLUTELY HAS NO EFFECT on ANYTHING. You all look like complete fucking pathetic assholes to get so worked up over all the shit on facebook and twitter. Seriously, while you are fighting and posting all these stupid lying bullshit things there are people IN YOUR AREA that could use help. Go volunteer for something. Go work at an animal shelter or a homeless shelter or tutor some kids or vist old people but JFC stop with all this crap. What a colossal waste of time--its YOUR LIFE--go live your own lives and stop with all this fucking shit all the time.

Here's a bit fucking secret--ROB could give a SHIT what any of you write on your stupid twitter accounts or fb or whtever and Kristen could care even less at this point. They are NOT hanging out at twitter or your fucking "letters to robert" sites. Are you seriously adults wasting time with this crap. Go lead your lives, clean your houses, raise your kids--shit just go do something productive and stop this fucking arguing.

This shit has been going on for what, 3 years now?? Do you notice that it does NOT in ANY way effect anything that Robert and Kristen do??/ Do you not see that NOBODY cares about your stupid fucking arguments?? Do you honestly thing Rob is going to read any of your shit (or Kristen if that's the side you are on) and think "Golly the people on twitter think I am gay, or pregnant, or ugly or whatever..so I should stop working and become a fucking waitress in Iowa"--do you think you are in some way influencing anything that goes on in their lives because YOU ARE NOT! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

IF they notice at all, it is only to think how stupid the people who do the arguing are and to laugh at them. They like the real fans who are cool and can be awesome but all of you who are so out of control with this crap are just pathetic losers. Get a fucking life dudes!

The only one who has a damn clue for real is Rose and the only reason most of the regulars come here is because we like her because she is sane. She keeps it in perspective and keeps it real. She owns that she is a fan but its not like she goes fucking apeshit over who hates who the most. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP and unless you are saying something constructive or chatting with the very awesome people here--GO THE FUCK AWAY!

To the regulars, I am really sorry but JFC how can you people stand this shit? This does not belong in Roseland. Hope you are all well and happy today.

Rose--sorry but I really can't listen or stand it. This is the only place I come to see what's up and i can't stand to read this crap.

Syd--cute song--I liked the finished version better than what you sent me.

Take care-
Smitty (which, by the way, iphone wants to auto correct and make me Smutty--lol)

Atticus said...

Hi Rose....fucking drama again. Nonstens/haters are whack jobs but it's the so-called R/K fans that need constant assurances when R/K are apart, they're pathetic. Please grow some brains.

There were 2 scenarios for me when Rob started out for NOLA. He was either going to pick up his beautiful BB and head back to London or wherever, but because I don't think Kristen is finished with OTR, it was a sweet goodbye until she gets her beautiful butt to London. She'll be there soon enough.

Elaine said...

Rose-Lovely post as always. I was coming here for a little bit of happiness today and have found all this craziness.

Smitty-Thanks for letting them know how we all feel.

All my ladies of Roseland, I got news today that someone who has become an integral part of my life since I met her 6 months ago has gone missing.
Please send positive thoughts and light and energy our way. We really need it.


Anonymous said...


You my friend.. rock. Hands down, kick ass.. rock. I think I just fell in love you with a little more. (in a purely platonic, non pervy kind of way!! hehehe) I'd give you smooches if I could.

And don'tcha hate the auto correct feature? It takes me twice as long to type something out with that when I'm using it.

Oh, and apparently, we have fiddler crabs wit our names on them running around in the Gulf of Mexico.. (I'm wondering just how Leigh managed to GET our names on those, aren't you?)

Stay sane sweets.

Kristi said...


Love your blog. Have never commented here before. Nice to see a blog with support for Rob and Kristen. I adore them both and think they are great actors.

I will never understand the hate. If I do not care for someone I don't spend time thinking about them blogging about them, etc. I spend time on things I like or love in my life, it is much more productive. I also don't hate, it is so unproductive.

Glad Rob got home to visit family and friends before filming BD. t takes nothing away from Kristen and Rob's relationship, sane people know that. Sane people can also see they are a committed couple and have been for almost 2 years.

Have a good week everyone.

Penny Lane said...


I think you really need to get one of those STFU shirts that Tracy has. It would save you a lot of time and effort.

I couldn't agree more with you. Get a life people! Everyone takes everything so personally. This is not you, or your family or even anyone you will ever casually meet that is getting the hate.

I come here for the fun times and I guess those aren't to be had today. You know, where I am its a nice day out. I just baked a pie for my DH cause that's how married, adults do the woo (god, I hate that word now).

Thanks for stopping by, Smitty. I think we might need Syd to calm the masses.

Silvia said...

Amazing! Blog & post & Rose.
Rose, I know my suggestion means (more) work... for your blog.
Why not a list of all the songs that have inspired you write these amazing posts?
The list could be just the song and singer/band´s name.
We can try to find it and listen to the song a lot.

Anonymous said...


I say we have a ban on the word! I've typed it so much the last few days that it's REALLY starting to look all wrong, even when I know it's typed correctly.

I'm *trying* to lighten things up.. I'm waiting for Leigh to tell us how she managed to not only catch, but write our names on fiddler crabs...

Can't you just picture how funny that would be to see in RL?

Atticus said...

A..."stop working and become a fucking waitress in Iowa." That's fucking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Wow Smitty, tell us how you really feel love. Its not good to keep your emotions all bottled up inside so just let it out sweetheart.

I am fucking dying kiddo. You are on a roll I see.

Headed to dinner soon. I hope you are having a good day/night/whatever. Get your damn phone account fixed soon...can't stand listening to you know who whine at me about the lack of communication.

Love you hon--now go jesus, I don't know, punch some pillows or something.

Oh--and I totally believe the frustration level is so high because...hahaha...well let's just say I know what you are missing!

Syd-the bad ass rapper

Penny Lane said...


I'm not really getting the fiddler crab reference. Am I missing something? I feel like poor, bewildered Gruff last night not following the comments.


I'm sorry your friend is missing? Perhaps its just a misunderstanding and he/she is OK? I hope.


Anonymous said...

I think we all need to "Just Breathe."



I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way
I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I've
Never been this swept away

All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze
When I'm lying wrapped up in your arms
The whole world just fades away
The only thing I hear
Is the beating of your heart

'Cause I can feel you breathe
It's washing over me
Suddenly I'm melting into you
There's nothing left to prove
Baby all we need is just to be
Caught up in the touch
The slow and steady rush
Baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be
I can feel you breathe
Just breathe

In a way I know my heart is waking up
As all the walls come tumbling down
I'm closer than I've ever felt before
And I know
And you know
There's no need for words right now

'Cause I can feel you breathe
It's washing over me
Suddenly I'm melting into you
There's nothing left to prove
Baby all we need is just to be
Caught up in the touch
The slow and steady rush
Baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be
I can feel you breathe
Just breathe

Caught up in the touch
The slow and steady rush
Baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be
I can feel you breathe
Just breathe

I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way

Anonymous said...


You might have missed Leigh's comment.. I'll recap..

"And I'll have to tell you the story about the fiddler crabs running around the shores of the Gulf of Mexico with all of our names one them...what what I thinking??"


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Very sorry to hear about your friend. I will keep her in my thoughts. That is a very scary situation.

What is the fiddler crab reference? Not following that at all.

Hello to all my friends and thanks for liking my stupid little Rose Rap...if I were graded on song I would fail but if on effort, I would score higher. Pathetic attempt I know but I did try. At least it made Rose smile which is my greatest triumph.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I missed you yesterday. I am a fan of Rob and Kris equally---I love them both, and I don't like the remarks directed at either one, and try to stay away from these sites where the hate is expressed. Neither Rob or Kris deserve such remarks, they have done nothing, and to make remarks about either one belittles the other. Even a fool can see that Rob and Kris are deeply in love, and they will be together as soon as humanly possible. We fans have no idea what their schedules are like, we don't know if Kris has finished filming, and we don't know if Kris has gone to visit her family...there is one thing we know for certain, they will be together as soon as possible, they always end up together. Rob loves Kris, and Kris loves Rob, end of story. If you are a fan of either one or both, you should show respect to the other, which shows respect to the person you like...it is very simple. Thank you Rose for your words, and I look forward to reading them again tomorrow.

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penny Lane said...


Thanks for the update, but crabs? I guess it would be funny though, all these female crabs, or are they hermaphrodites...whatever... a bunch of females crabs chasing after little Syd crab wanting his crab equivalent of (I'm sorry) woo.


Anonymous said...

Leigh apparently has a story about how there are fiddler crabs running around the Gulf of Mexico with our names on them. I have this picture in my head of her running around with a drink in one hand, a sharpie on the other.. stalking these poor things.. and writing our names out and going "Be free! Spread the love!"

She needs to come back and tell it so I can stop embellishing it... hehehehe

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Love the crab story--I hope mine is handsome.

SUE--you rock my friend! Excellent job with the chronicles, as always.


twatty said...

I agree with you Kat and Bell82 about that Kristen fans twitter accounts. Many pretend to like Rob but it shows.

Hatred goes both ways.

Kristen isnt always the underdog her on the bashings as I see plenty people out there bashing Robert and shipping on MA, Garrett, or even Dakota for Kristen.

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Hyena Chronicles-Survivor Edition

Day 3, Day 4 (Who knows?)

Dear Diary,

I can't move my arms so I have to compose this in my head. I'll explain why I can't reach my green crayon or my coconut milk in a minute.

What a crazy few days this has been, Diary.

To begin, I don't think we are the only ones on the island. I heard this loud rhythmic thumping last night.

My first thought---jungle drums!!!!! I was sure the tribe was getting ready for battle because the beat got faster, and faster, and faster.

I don't know how Kristen slept through it. Come to think of it, the drums were so close, they sounded like they were almost coming from her tent!

Hmmmmmm--I'll have to keep my eyes open for any natives. Kristen has to stay safe.

Keeping track of her is wearing me out. It would be easier if they would stop talking so much.

At least Rob stopped talking about her family and her daddy.

You would think I would finally get some sleep, but NOOOOOOO.

Nope, they moved on to religion.

"Oh God" and "Oh Jesus" were said more times than I can count. (screamed really)

Everyone knows you shouldn't fight about religion.

He would yell "Oh, God!" and she would holler "Oh, Jesus!" Oh, brother! I wanted to step in and explain that he was basically the same dude.

Get over it!

How do they plan to stay together if they can't even get their beliefs in sync?

Easy! They won't! I know it!

How do I know?

Duh, my Bella Doll told me.

My poor, battered, sandy, one-armed Bella Doll. She is sticking our of Rob's back pocket right now--waving at me with her poor left arm sticking straight up in the air!

I don't know if I can even describe what that vile man did with her right arm and her walnut bra. Pervert! (sniffle)

So, Diary, my fatigue is the reason I'm in this predicament--woke up to it, really--neck deep in a sand pit staring at a "Get Off My Dick" T-shirt flag.

Rob thought it would be cute by (dare I say it?) placing my Bella doll's arm and walnut shells in a ---well, let's just say "pointy" position in front of the "Dick" shirt.


He keeps walking around me, patting the sand with the shovel.

Does he never quit humming?

Bella Doll keeps leaning toward me every time he turns around.

She needs me. She has things to tell me but we can't be together because he is keeping us both prisoner.

What kind of mad house is this?????

Elaine said...

Syd-Thanks. It is a scary situation. I have known her for about 6 months, she is one of the girls I work with. She lives in a halfway house and is only 17 yrs old. She was doing so well Syd. When I met her she was a mess but little by little she was becoming the beautiful girl we all knew she was.
She is so lovely and her state is so fragile, I spoke with her thurs morning and she would always get annoyed with me for checking on her so much. So I just kind of let her be for a few days. And then this shit fucking happens. I can't tell you how I feel. It is breaking my heart not knowing where she is. I don't fucking care if she has relapsed or gotten herself into trouble, I just want her back.
Sorry for unloading on you, it's just been one hell of a day.


Anonymous said...

@ SueBee

Good job!!

@ Elaine

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Penny Lane said...


Is it just my computer or do you keep reposting? Its here 4 times now.

Gosh, Smitty really knows how to clear a room. Good job!

Penny Lane said...


That is heartbreaking. Keep the faith, that's all you can do.


Anonymous said...

I think it's her computer, or rather the site that's causing her problems. Mine froze up earlier and posted twice when I didn't intend for it to. She'll come on and clean up the reposts soon :)

Anonymous said...

Oh E--I am sorry. She sounds like a lovely girl and maybe she just took off for the weekend perhaps? I will try to send some positive thoughts your way for her. And please know this is nothing you caused. I may be reading that incorrectly but you almost sound like you are blaming yourself. it sounds like all you have done is try to be supportive and help her.

I am sorry again...sounds like a very tough position for all who care about the girl.

SueBee said...

Sorry about the multiple posts! I swear I only clicked on the "publish your comment" button once.

Not trying to flood the market!

Silly computer!

Hello, my friends!

puC_2_theWood said...

Ok…just FINALLY got through reading over the comments from the past few nights. Holy hell Rose, WTF?? I use to be able to get through several days in one sitting. I had to take a pee brake and get more smokes! SERIOUSLY!!! I am so on here @ the wrong time because some of you know how to liven this shit up.

To all the “A”s (aka…ugghh? sorry maybe I’ll get it straight one day): You should so take that banter on the road. People would pay good $$ for THAT…’cause I don’t care who you are…that shits funny!

@Sue; your chronicles are like the epilogue to Rose’s post. HILARIOUS!

Two comments in one sitting. Yep, over my quota…

Rose, thanks once again for sharing your thoughts (aka ROSELAND; which I keep saying in my head as Roselyn…apparently I need more caffeine with my nicotine) and keep twirling love. You are F*ing brilliant at it!

katy said...

to twatty

Go read 'A friend' comment...She is absolutely right.

To A friend/Smitty

you are absolutely right...thank you for your comment

Karen said...

Lynne,love the pic of you and Rob.
It must have been quite exciting to have met him.

Rose, I too watched Speak last night. I watch it whenever it is on. Kristen is so powerful in that role.

I'm so tired of all the "who gets the most hate" debate. This isn't a pissing contest, people. Give it a rest for crying out loud! Rob and Kristen don't deserve however much they get. Can't we just leave it at that??

I'd rather just focus on loving that THEY ARE HAPPY TOGETHER. Why do people have to make it so fucking complicated?

Oh, before I forget. Rose thank you for getting rid of the sqiggly word thingamajiggy.

Maria said...

Hi Everyone,

I have been mostly reading but I guess I can't help but come here and see if anyone else has been come around to the same way I think...that A (or I guess he is Syd now) is actually Tom and "A Friend" (who is Smitty now) is really Kristin Stewart.

I KNOW you guys all think I am crazy but after yesterday it just seems really obvious and I KNOW Louisa thinks that it is true too because she asked them what they thought of the fan videos.

So, am I really the only one? If that is all true than Gruff who was posting on A Friend's account is the real Robert Pattinson???? I about died when I was reading all that and everyone was saying they were in a different time zone and all that.

Tell me I'm not the only one so I don't think I am crazy because if nobody else sees this than maybe I am nuts...it is just so blatant now.


June said...

Great post today Rose, thanks!

Like "A friend" said, Kristen couldn't care less about all the hate and nonsense that people without common sense spread on her, so if she doesn't care, I don't care, either.

Rob, finally made it to London, good for him! I'd love to see Kristen over there too. I'm missing to see them together, but I know that soon, they'll be 6 months working on BD, so I'll have plenty of Robsten news and that already makes me happy!

dowlingnana said...

I SPY some brillant posts here by A friend (Smitty) and SueBee!! ;o)

Elaine said...


Syd-Thanks again, I do feel guilty and extremely helpless. I hate sitting here knowing that all I can do is wait. I went to her house this morning and her room is the same, nothing missing all in place. The police are involved now and like I said the fucking waiting game is driving me crazy.
I have spoken to most of the people that I thought she might be with but no one has seen or heard from her.
I will keep you guys updated. Again, thanks for the support.


Anonymous said...


Call me if you need me. Seriously. I'll just sit on the phone with you all day if you want.


Penny Lane said...


You are about to be inundated from all the regs here telling you its all a joke. As they have said repeatedly, they are not anyone famous. They are just very funny, good friends having fun. This is how rumours get started. Don't read more into it just have fun with it. Really, do you think any of us would comment the way we do if they were who you think they are? Seriously.

LJ said...

Good evening my lovely friends!

Gosh it all went a bit doolally here for a while by the looks of it....glad I missed out on that!!!

Erm first of all, wheres this rap the wonderful A (Syd??) performed? I need to go back and find it....god where can I find a man with such talent as his? :-)

Aunty Tracy you have a new little nephew!! if you have a look on my fb page theres a pic. Hes called Thomas...ahh lil baby Tom, think my bro is starting his own Britpack!! ha ha...

Hi A friend (Smitty? I really need to catch up!)....loved your post :-) and I hope you know most of us here feel exactly the same and don't want to get involved in that rubbish.

Hi Manjen! Sue Bee, diary totally epic as per....

Oh and katy 'we all know here how cool british people are'...cheers love! ha ha ha ha



Melinda said...

Rose- well done once again!!! You are always on point!

You know when I was reading through the comments and the crap being debated over and over and I was getting more and more frustrated.

SMITTY- (like the other name Iphone is giving you BTW) THANK YOU! I love you more now than yesterday (in a you're awesome and I just want to hug you kind of way) As someone said already you sure do know how to clear a room so come back and hang now that the drama queens are gone. Hopefully you will get the phone issues figured out soon.

SYD- okay so you will never win awards for that song but still it was quite funny and Rose loved it so that's all that matters. Tell that partner in crime hello.

To all the happy regulars who don't feel the need to debate over and over EVERY little thing- thanks for lightening up the mood and keeping things fun in here! As Edward would say "you are my life now"...not really but I think you know what I am saying.

As always happy they are happy....

Maria said...

Penny--I know you all say that but seriously think about it. Okay, so Sdy and Gruff are both British and are in London right. Read Syd's song he says so and then Gruff fell in love with Smitty right>

And now Gruff and Syd are in London and Smitty is still here somewhere in the United States. That's the same thing as with Tom/Rob/Kristin! That is just way too coincidental.

Louisa thought so too because why else would she ask if theylike the videos about "them"???

I just want to know--I'm not going to start a rumor or anything.

Karen said...

Uh, that should have been squiggly.

Maria: Rob, Kristen, Tom, Sam, Marcus, Bobby, et al DO NOT post here. It's just a joke some of our friends have going. I really think the above mentioned are quite busy with other things, and do not have the time to invade our little space.

Anonymous said...

I have a confession to make....
I just can't hold it in any longer...here it goes:

I am Jessica Alba
(ahhh! I feel so much better)

Go ahead...make your confession, Don't make me be the one to make it for you!! You will feel SOOO much better!! I promise!

Hey LJ!! How are you today? :-)

Maria said...

That must be a LONG joke because everything the three I mentioned write fits my theory exactly.

And I don't think Jessica Alba is here-lol--I'm not crazy.

Just answer why Louisa wrote that stuff and maybe I'll understand.

Seriously just-it does not add up to anything else.

Anonymous said...


I have a nephew!!! Excellent :) I'm an Aunty! Sweet!! I will go look at photos immediately!

And Marie, I'd type out a long explanation about how we're all just being friends, and enjoying good, light hearted conversations, with a bit of teasing and joking thrown in.. no famous people involved. But it's all been said before. But hey..look.. I did all that and it didn't take forever.

(and besides.. serio.. like Tom would go look up lyrics to an obscure song and post them here just because I asked... *sigh*.. if only..)

Melinda said...


Please put your thoughts to rest!!! Enough already. People are allowed to have fun and joke around on Rose's blog without it being a conspiracy.

Seriously I think Tom, Rob and Kristen have better things to do then hang out in a blog talking to us.

I will say for myself (and most of the regulars would probably agree) I enjoy talking to Rose's friends as they are highly entertaining and I don't really want you bringing it up over and over so that they stop coming on here and chatting.

Sorry if this offends you but it is really ridiculous to keep bringing it up over and over.

SueBee said...

Okay Manjen. You're right. Confession is good for the soul.

I know I've hinted before about being Megan Fox. The truth is....
I'm Megan Fox's sister's cousin's uncle's ex-wife's hairdresser's brother's step daughter twice removed.

Whew! Do I feel better having said that.

Anonymous said...

LJ--Congratulations on your new nephew! May he always know nothing but love and friendship and happiness.

Ladies I am going to head out--enjoy your evenings!


Anonymous said...

See SueBee

Don't you feel so much better???

Maria said...

Someone explain the Louisa thing then...

And "Syd" aka Tom just ducked out again--funny how whenever I ask for an explanation they all disappear???

Its just got to be true. You guys can get mad but I know what I read here and it is OBVIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Manjen! Er.. Jessica! How's Cash?! And that cute baby of yours?!

Since we're confessing.. I guess I'll have to reveal my secret identity too.. (because really.. glasses are THE end all in disguises.. Superman was a freaking genius).. nope nope.. I can't.. sorry.. I've revealed one too many secrets here lately...

SueBee said...


You have no idea. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.

I was so sick of hiding who I really was.

Penny Lane said...


Sweetie, Manjen is not making fun of you. But you see, this is a perfect example of how people are on here. We just kid around.

I know you want to believe that you are getting a glimpse of Rob and Kristen's real life, but you're not. Sometimes when you want something so much you can manipulate events to point that way. I don't know where Syd is right now. He obviously is in another country but I don't know which one. He could be in Timbuktu for all I know.

Louisa seems like kind of a knee-jerk person. She just says things. I'm not trying to patronize you but, really, just stop wondering. You'll only look foolish in the end.

Stop and think, Kristen Stewart's mantra is"I keep what is mine, mine. I do not discuss my private life." Do you really think she would post on a public site such as this? Just enjoy the playfulness for what it is, just fun.

Anonymous said...


The family is doing great...But come on...CONFESS!!

Melinda said...

E- so sorry about your friend. You are in my thoughts. Please keep us posted.

SueBee- this one was better than the last. Your brilliance is swooning me again!

LJ- congrats on becoming an aunt! Thomas is a great name. Are you sure you aren't Tom's sister (you know b/c we are about conspiracies on here)?

BTW- my name is actually Michelle. I am married to a producer. I just go by the name Melinda so no one will find out who I really am.

Maria said...

You guys can keep making fun of me but nobody is answering the question about Louisa?

What did she mean about asking Gruff or Smitty what they thought of the "ALL THE FAN VIDEOS" on you tube about them? Why does she always say they are Tom/Rob/Kristin??

Just answer me and I'll accept it but I don't think any of you will because I am right.

puC_2_theWood said...


I’m not here everyday and even I got this. So, the only thing I can think to say to you is this. IF (HUGE, BIG, GINORMOUS IF) your theory could be right, what would it matter? Would you not be willing to grant them the same anonymity you have sitting behind your computer. Let it go.

They could be the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker...they are funny, Rose likes them, and they apparently give good woo! LOL


katy said...

to LJ

And I meant LJ not LK...don't even no if Lk is british...you are indeed cool people, I've never been to England but had the chance of meeting some english and they were all polite and cool.

June said...


I agree with you. The britpack have quite a more interesting lot of things to do than posting funny comments here.


I think you're taking things too seriously and this is just a pastime.

Maria said...

Thanks Penny but in that song he SAYS he is from London and so is Gruff...and that Gruff left Smitty at home or whatever.

And why did Smitty get so "scared and pissed" about Gruff saying stuff last night?

I don't know if I want it to be true or not but I do think it is obvious and unless all of you are in on some long drawn out joke on Louisa then they really are who they say.

Penny Lane said...


I have to leave soon, but one more time.

I can't speak for Louisa, but this is a Rob Pattinson site. So, asking what they think about Rob videos isn't out of the norm. Syd is a man which is rare around here. Maybe she just wants an opinion. Louisa is in Australia. She says things differently than we do. I guess you'll have to wait until she comes on to ask her directly.

As far as Syd not being here now, he always does drive-by comments.

I have to go, please, someone else help me out here. ROSE!

Melinda said...


Here's the deal. Late at night some of us have to much to drink and we get a little crazy.

Thank goodness Rose's friends put up with us!

Please don't think we are trying to make fun of you but really don't try to read between the lines because there is NOTHING there to read.

Maria said...

So all of you are on this site because you like Robert Pattinson and Twilight stuff and you just don't care if you are talking to the real people or not? How can that make sense at all?

I would like to know if it is true and that's only normal.

I'll stop now but I still think its really obvious. Thanks for not getting mad. I'm not trying to cause trouble or drama but it really is so obvious and I don't see why none of you care or want to know.

Rose said...

A couple of things...

The good.

Smitty. I love you. Most sincerely.
I love it when you just tell it like it is.

Syd. I adore you as always.
Give my regards to Gruff...

The bad.

I would just go through the comments and fucking delete all the bullshit about who hates who more and blah blah blah.
But I'm fucking lazy.
And it's not worth my time.

The ugly.

Look... I'm not the fucking Robsten police... OK?
I don't keep tabs on what other people are saying. Rob hate? check.
Kristen hate? Check.
I'm not responsible for what other people say. I can give my opinion about it (If I fucking feel like it) but the only opinion I can control is my own.
So if you have issues with what someone says... take it to them.
JFC.Enough already.
I love Robert and Kristen.
I don't bash them. Ever.

If you want me to be the Robsten police chief... I'm gonna need a shiny cool badge and a shitload of money to put up with the lunatics in this fandom. SHITLOAD of money.
Let me know.

Maria said...

Rose do you know these people because I think its obvious they are Tom/Kristin/Robert and nobody else things its true. There are so many weird little things and if youpay attention you can't help but think I am right.

What do you think? I am just dying to know if its true.

Kay said...

I spend a lot of time lurking in Roseland because I enjoy the awesome banter of some truly entertaining people. I love coming here for the laughs and appreciate Rose for the thoughts she shares. I really feel the more you try to enjoy the fun and humor and the less you look for secrets about Rob, Kristen and their friends, the happier you will be.

To Rose and all the regulars....thank you for keeping me smiling! :)

Karen said...

Maria, honestly no one is trying to make you feel bad.People just get a little out of control on this site at night.It's all in good fun, and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

I was not being mean to you, I promise!

The fun thing about being here is not knowing who anyone REALLY is...you never know who you are actually talking to, and you are able to just say whatever goofy things pop into your head.

With that said I agree with PuC to theWood who said "Would you not be willing to grant them the same anonymity you have sitting behind your computer"

We are not getting mad at you, we have just explained it to you over and over but you refuse to let it go.

Melinda said...


Louisa gets carried away. She will tell you that. Did you not read the comment Syd said back to her about the videos. And Gruff's comment about it as well?

Take Cate's(pc2hthewood)advice and move on already.

This really shouldn't be up for debate.

Go back and read Smitty's advice this morning. It was great.

This blog should be light and fun and quite frankly you pushing such a trivial issue is making it not.

Now I am done talking about this. Moving onto better things.

LJ said...

Oh for gods sake Maria just give it a rest....if thats what you want to think then go ahead, but ask yourself this...do you actually seriously think that these amazing people who we all love actually spend their spare time reading and commenting on blogs??? (even one as cool as this

I am English? does this mean I'm TomStu, Rob or Sam in disguise?...NO! (would I like to know Sam a little better...hell yes but thats another story).

Can't you just enjoy the fun we have on here without over analyzing every post? and pleeeaaase stop bringing Louisa into it, I chat to her regularly away from here and know for a fact that she doesn't think the same as you. I think you will find it's called a having a sense of humour.

*steps off soap box*

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Manj.. er.. Jessica

All right.. I confess.. I'm actually Scarlett Johansson.

There.. it's out.

*deep breath*


Marie - how could we talk to them iF it were them and not care? I've got to ask why anyone would want to make a big deal out of it. They're just people like you or I.
But we hear it SO much because of how much we joke around So we've all adopted secret identities. We're not making fun of you. Honestly.

SueBee said...


Okay, here's the thing. We are on a Rob Pattinson sight. We like to discuss his royal hotness.

We goof around but we aren't on any kind of fact finding mission. This is all in fun.

IF any of the 3 you mentioned actually came here, hell no, I would not want to know. I write some pretty embarrassing stuff.

That said, whoever Rose's friends are, are just people, like you and me.

Louisa was kidding around because she gets kidded so much about being Rizzo. Try not to read between the lines for something that isn't there.

It is what it is.

Maria said...

Okay but I still think its them. I'll go back to just lurking but I don't get why none of you care.

Thanks for not getting mad at me or angry. I just wanted to know the truth.


Anonymous said...


Squeeeeeeee!! I just looked at the picture of my new nephew!!! Super cute! You have got to give him snuggly kisses from me since I can't be there to do it myself right now!

Does he need an blankie? I can crochet him a blankie! I love being an Aunty :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Scarlett

How is Ryan????

Rose said...

I think Syd and Gruff have already addressed this issue.
Can you honestly picture Robert Pattinson sitting on his computer and commenting on this blog?
Think about it.
Now think about it a little more.
A bit more.

Let me tell you that no one has ever claimed to be anything than what they are...
And we just have fun here in Roseland.

Believe me... Rose Knows.

Anonymous said...

Jessica.. he is as hot as ever. Has a new movie coming out Friday.. Buried

Go see it! I'm not sure if I can watch it. I'm rather claustrophobic, and I'd probably have an anxiety attack.

Melinda said...

(okay I feel like being a little naughty in a non-pervy way)

Rob, since we know you are in London b/c of fan pictures, if you find Rose's blog on the internet in the next 24 hours I hope you read this.

Someone named Mariana is headed to London tomorrow. If you see a woman who is an unattractive Tori Spelling approaching you run the other way. She is one of your obsessed fans. No doubt she wants to get a real picture with you to replace the obvious fake one she likes to promote.

Okay I got that off my chest-gotta protect the innocent. Not that I think Rob will actually read this.

Rose- I will gladly contribute to make you chief!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey Rose,

Yea so I kind of got a bit out of control there but JFC its insanity. Just saw you posted again about being the police. You okay? Don't let it get to you..aren't you the one who said not to let the crazy get to you? Good advice--follow it yourself okay?

Syd-you crack me up. Yea, I'll try not to stifle my feelings so much.

To the rest of you cool people--E-sorry to hear about your friend. That sucks and is totally scary. Hope the rest of you are well.

Take care-

SueBee said...


I'll tell you why I don't care. I come here to talk to my friends. I like these people and by some quirk of fate, they like me too.

Some people on here know who I really am, but would it matter if I were a celebrity? Would you like me more? Talk to me more? Brag to all of your friends that you chatted anonymously with a person who may have some status?

If I were Megan Fox would it be a feather in your cap that you found me out?

I honestly want to know why the hell it matters who any of us is?


Where's my Tylenol?

Anonymous said...

Well Said SueBee!!


DreamerKind said...


"It is strange to reflect how much energy is thrown away in attempting to know the unknowable."
Joseph Barber Lightfoot

Although your mind demands answers to things that cannot be known, your heart can bear the suspense, for it knows what is real.

You are very important, as important as anyone else, in this world of ours.

You matter. You make a difference. You are heard and peace is offered to you, please accept the peace.

Now, Ladies, it is going to be a lovely, delightful, laughing, witty, inspiring day here in our very own special place, our Roseland.

Follow our Leader, the Sweet Rose!

Maria said...

Rose and everyone,

Thanks for addressing my thoughts. I do think celebrities would look at the internet. I think there was an interview or something and they said they google their names. So the idea of Robert Pattinson looking here isn't that stupid.

And no other explanation makes sense.

So, Smitty or A Friend or whatever I am just going to ask you outright...Are you really Kristin Stewart? I guess that is stupid but I have to ask you because it sure seems that way. If you are I totally love your movies and won't tell anybody. You are like my favorite actor in the world. Do you think you could say hi or send me an autograph if its really you?

Maria said...


Yes to all of that. It would be totally sick to know I "talked" to the real people. I would tell all of my friends and they would want to see it too.


Jude said...

I was going to go on this whole rant about how we as (mostly) women should respect the sisterhood and stop bashing both Kristen and one other, for gosh sakes. (The anti-Rob people -- the ones who actually wish him harm, not the ones who simply want him to shave his beard or whatever? Well, I never take them seriously anyway because, quite frankly, they're nuts.)

Then Smitty posted. And though I don't know you, Smitty, you've made my entire post both redundant and sort of silly, which somehow doesn't in any way prevent me from now wanting to marry you, if I were so inclined toward marriage, which I'm not. Lucky for you. :)

In other words, thanks so much for making sense, Smitty. (You too, Rose.) GOD, I DO SO LOVE WHEN PEOPLE MAKE SENSE!

Anonymous said...

Maria said...

Yes to all of that. It would be totally sick to know I "talked" to the real people. I would tell all of my friends and they would want to see it too.


Which is EXACTLY why a famous person would NEVER admit who they were on a blog of all places!


Rose said...

Oh dear Smitty... never fear... it's not getting to me.
I just don't understand why people bring their 'who hates who more' bullshit to a blog that most definitely loves and adore BOTH Robert and Kristen.
The Robsten Police is my ongoing joke about some people expecting me to arrest all the haters out there.
As fucking if.

E- Sorry about your friend... I hope everything turns out well.

Maria- Stop. Please. The question has been asked and answered.
They aren't who you think they are.

And I know I'm missing something... but I kinda suck at responding today. Sorry.

SueBee said...

*face palm*

Good lord.

In that case. Sure, why not? You found the one site chock full of celebrity posters.

Send a self addressed stamped envelope and we'll be sure to get those autographs sent your way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria,

I believe we have talked before. I can assure you that I am a most normal, boring person and I am only lucky that the sweet women here still find it in their hearts to talk to me and let me woo them (that word is getting odder every day). I have no secrets nor does A Friend/Smitty to reveal.

This has been asked and answered and, while I appreciate your tenacity and curiosity (for those are two traits I admire) I cannot do anything but assure you that I am only a very boring Syd.

If that disappoints you I apologize but there is no mystery here.


Maria said...

Okay but do you know Tom Sturridge's middle name is Sydney....out of all the manes in the world his nickname here becomes Sydney???

No, that's no suspicious at all.

I'm just sayin'

Melinda said...

SMITTY- land sakes alive please find a picture of Kristen on the internet and sign it and send it to Maria so she will back off. If you do you will be my BFF (you have to admit I would be a better BFF than the sea serpent named Honey).

SueBee and Manjen: My thoughts exactly!

Maria seems like she might be just a little obsessed and if I were someone famous (oh that's right I am)I wouldn't want to deal with the "freak outs" that would occur.

Melinda said...

Do people not know how to take a joke anymore????

In other news: I saw this quote and thought of Rob and Kristen.

"Any one can be passionate but real lovers act silly together."

I think it is fitting.

Okay time to run. I'll be back later to hang with all my celebs friends (Jessica, Megan, and Scarlett) probably.

DreamerKind said...


Fact: The Syds of the World Are Too Numerous to Count

Didn't you know that our blog posters are exceptionally brilliant, clever, witty and able to be "tongue in cheek" for no reason at all?

Check your premises, dear.

T said...

@ Maria,
Just let it go. I love Roseland. I don't comment often but I love reading what Rose has to say about Rob and Kristen. I love reading all the comments by the regulars. This place is all about the fun and I like that. It does not matter who anyone is. It is about having fun and you are bringing this place down with your constant harrasemnt of 3 people who have answered your question. Let it go.

@ Syd, Smitty and Gruff you guys are so much fun and I enjoy your comments

SueBee said...

Okay, Okay, you've got me.

I am the founder of the SueBee Honey Company.

Why else would I pick this name?

Let's celebrate. Honey Bear bottles for all of my friends!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, you said it all! I don't understand the need to hate in some people. Anyway, we will definately be watching for the two of them. For all we know Kristen could be there now. I hope she is, and I know they're both overjoyed to finally be together and away from the fakefans who love to throw out hate. Thanks Rose.

Anonymous said...

Yea Rose, you should get right on that. Start monitoring all the comments here and after that if you can get the nonsteners arrested and then go after all the other gossip and hate. You don't have anything else to do with your life right like take care of your family, friends and your job? Jesus, I don't understand people at all sometimes.

Okay, Maria, I'm going to give this a shot because you are freaking out my friends and especially Syd.

I am actually Kristen Stewart (stop spelling it with an "i"--that really annoys me.) You seem really sweet and very young but you figured it out. And Gruff is Robert Pattinson and Syd is Thomas. Honestly, I swear that is true.

Seriously sweetie, I like that you are so persistent just like Syd does but would that make sense? If you were those people would you want to see hate filled websites? Wouldn't it be the last place you want to be? I wish I could tell you some reason for them to be here but there is not. I mean Rose is brilliant and the other people here are hysterical so just go with it and enjoy them.

Sorry Maria but it wouldn't make sense. Let it go.

Anonymous said...

Oh SueBee

I have been waiting on you to finally let that cat out of the bag!!!

Hey I'll get the biscuits and be over in about 10 minutes!!

Anonymous said...


Stop looking for something that just isn't there, please. We've answered. Over and over and over again. No matter how many times you ask it, the answer won't change because you want it to.
Those of us who are here regularly have answered that we don't believe it's actually them.

We're just a group of people who love reading what Rose writes for us, love that it's a positive place to be, and occasionally.. love to be absolutely silly together.

SueBee.. I knew it! You always know so much about honey.. it should have been obvious!!

Kay said...


My sister's grandfather, cousin and second cousin are all named Sydney. So is my son's best friend's sister.......see how that works? Let it go already.

Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rose said...

SueBee... be careful... if you say "Honey" 3 times...
You KNOW what will happen...

Anonymous said...

Uggg...she may show up!!

Maria said...

But see...she never came out and denied it! She basically said it was her but didn't deny it.

I'm just sayin'

Really is it her? Maybe you guys all know it and are trying to keep it all hush-hush????

Bren said...

@ Smitty,

Bravo, way to lay down the law!

I think we should all start showing respect not only to one and another, but also to the twilighters we love so much. Besides if you carry too much hate within you, you will just end up, shriveling up like a raisin.LOL

Seriously guys, I cannot understand all this hate---it's as everyone has gone crazy. It's mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

Yes Maria....

It's the great conspiracy...linked right up there with the Kennedy assasination and we are all part of it...SHHHHHH!!


Rose said...

Maria. Don't make me go all Blog Administrator on you.
I will.
I love and adore Syd, Gruff and Smitty. They are my friends... and you are harassing them.
Please stop.
It's done.

puC_2_theWood said...

@ Sue…

“In that case. Sure, why not? You found the one site chock full of celebrity posters.

Send a self addressed stamped envelope and we'll be sure to get those autographs sent your way.”

ROFLMAO…holy marry mother…you girl are one quick wit chica!!! Have to go clean up. My keyboard is sticky from spewed tea.

Thanks for the laughs ladies…oh and the resident male wooer.


DreamerKind said...

Didn't we play that "I Am This Celebrity" (fill in a name)and "You are That Celebrity" game last week?

It was so amusing and we all laughed a lot but MARIA, for it to go on, and on, and on, and on, it's like a broken record.

How about a song search? We will find more love songs ("I've got a million of them"-Al Jolson) for Rose to use in her commentary if she wants.

We could help her, in some small ways, if she'd like it. Anything she needs, our Rose.

SueBee-I'm loving your style.

Anonymous said...

O-kay then...anyone else want to give it a shot? I'm getting too tired to try any other approach.

Bueller? (Just watched that movie this morning--fing epic-loved it so much)

I surrender...give me your address and I'll send you an autograph, the Beastie boys shirt and a lock of Rob's hair.

Melinda said...

Okay I thought I was going but I want to say to Syd, Gruff, and Smitty.

We normal cool people like talking to you even if you aren't famous. Ya'll crack us up. Please don't stop coming around because some people won't let sleeping dogs lie. Smitty still waiting on a Syd story from you!

Maria- I thought I was done talking about this to you but I for one am not trying to keep it "hush hush" because there is nothing to keep quiet about.

You seem nice but as we have all said please find something better to do with your time then come on a blog trying to figure out "secret" identities. It is pointless and becoming tedious.

DreamerKind said...

Rose, has spoken and she may go into her Blog Admin mode and that certainly will end the Maria saga, me thinks!

Rose said...

Dammit Smitty... you promised ME the Beastie Boys t-shirt!


Penny Lane said...

WTF! I've been gone an hour, walked the dog, started dinner and this shit is still going on???

If you want to think you have the biggest secret out there, go for it. Its like having your own personal fanfiction. Cherish it, dream about it, write about it to your diary. Just keep it to yourself now because its yours. None of the rest of us live in pretend land.

Moving on. What happened to the crabs?

Anonymous said...

Where's Leigh?!

Shouldn't her headache be better by now? I want to hear her story!

And I want to know if anyone's managed to catch that fiddler with my name on it.

I can see it now..

WTF?! Why does this one have a name?!?

katy said...


If i remember correctly this is the 3 time you came in here with this question and the questions has been answered...they are not who you think they are...just let it go, dear

Hope said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Its cool...she just is caught up in figuring it out and got carried away. Be nice..she sounds really young.

Melinda, Sue, and everyone else--thanks for trying to "protect" us. I'm fine. Syd never knows what to say to her when this happens. He doesn't want to offend anyone or disappoint anyone. Its cool though--Maria has to get it now.

Take care everyone.

Melinda said...


Ah Bueller- one of the best movies out there. John Hughes was fantastic and I was sad to hear of his death. He was brilliant at what he did.

Sorry I can't help you with Maria- she is irritating the life out of me.

Rose- go all blog admin on her!!!

Anonymous said...


Ha--I thought you wanted the necklace?

Rose said...

Well, Smitty... The necklace is way too personal for me... and what would Gruff say?
I would so love to wear that t-shirt... it fucking rocks.

I need to stop giggling over here...
My son just made a face at me.

Anonymous said...

A lock of Rob hair?! Oh no!! Don't let that get out to the general population. Someone might try to clone him for reals!

Melinda said...

Hey now- if we are claiming ownership of Kristen's things I want her legs!

At not even 5 feet I always wanted long legs!

Now I am really going.

Anonymous said...

Gruff adores you more than me at this point. You should have heard the shit he texted me this morning. I woke up to a fricking love letter about YOU and this place and how nice you all are and on and on.

And cloning Gruff would be nice...I could keep the original and the others could go to work or wherever he needs to be.

Don't hurt Maria Rose--she seems really sweet and young. I'd feel bad--I don't think she means any harm.

katy said...

to tracy

With the crazy out there...thats what probably would happen. if they can the real one...I'll have is clone

DreamerKind said...

I am inspired to Twirl...and maybe Twiggle!

"Shall We Dance?

Drop that long face!
C'mon have your fling
Why keep nursing the blues?

If you want this whole world on a swing,
Put on your dancing shoes,

Stop wasting time
Put on your dancing shoes
Watch your spirits climb

Shall we dance
Or keep on moping?
Shall we dance
Or walk on air?

Shall we give in
To despair
Or shall we dance with never a care

Life is short
We're getting older
Don't you be
An also-ran

You better dance little lady
Dance little man
Dance whenever you can."

(lyrics from the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie)

Rose said...

You are so sweet, Smitty...
But I can't really hurt Maria... unless you consider blocking someone hurting. But no... It will take a lot for me to go that far.

And I doubt very much Gruff adores anyone as much as he adores you. He said it all last night. You are the ONLY girl in his heart.
So sweet. So romantic.
But I'm glad he enjoyed himself here... there are some cool people who 'hang' out in RoseLand

SueBee said...


Wait, did you say "dead horse?"
Didn't they have horses in London long ago that could now in fact be dead? That's a Rob and Tom reference isn't it?

You are so tricksy but I'm figuring it out!

Now...where's those biscuits? :oP

Anonymous said...

Dreamerkind--I LOVE that movie. Did you know it took about 150 takes to do the roller-skating scene. Can you imagine.

And it has the BEST lines!!

What does your watch say?
It says 'tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick"

Love it so much!!

Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

@ Smitty

He did say so many romantic things about you last night!

I am so jealous, I wish my husband could be more romantic!

and Rose, thank you so much for allowing us to comment on your blog, I know we are usually silly, but we have an awesome time!!

Again Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD SueBEE,,

I didn't even think about that!! I will change it...

Stop beating a dead...Fly...how's that??

And I just put them in the oven...patience my friend...

Anonymous said...


Yes.. that Manjen is tricksy.. clever clever girl. I'd be careful around her. 0_o


Did you know that SueBee is tricksy? serio.. she is.. be VERY VERY careful around her... o_0

SueBee said...


Fly? Rob just FLEW to London. You can't get anything by me, my friend.


Hurry up, biscuits. The honey bear bottle is ready!!!

Anonymous said...


You know I am from the South..and it takes time to make GOOD southern biscuits...with that said..I will change my saying once again...let's see

Stop beating a dead..Rattle Snake...how's that??

Anonymous said...


I am sure you do just fine. He was just far away and pretty drunk. But yea, he's a good guy and I am lucky to have him. Sometimes I don't see why he is with me but I'm always happy he is.

I should get going now. Take care and have a good night.

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