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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen are Here, There and Everywhere...

Hello again. Hello.

Sorry. Sometimes weird song fragments go through my head.
Not that you would have known that if I didn't just tell you.
But I heard Neil Diamond singing those words...

I got a lot of reaction to my blog yesterday.
Kind, considerate reaction for the most part.
Thank you for caring.
But I'm really OK.

I know I talk about finding the drama tedious...
And day in, day out... it can wear on you.
The fact remains that it's not MY drama I am talking about.
It's Hurricane Robsten
(and yeah, I still hate that fucking word)
There is such a frenzy...
A ferocious fury...
Surrounding Robert and Kristen.

It's a wonder they can go anywhere
It's a wonder they can step out of their door.

Imagine the whirlwind of their life.
Traveling all the time...
City to city
Country to country
Sometimes traveling hours and hours...
Just to spend a few days.

Imagine not being able to just go out to dinner
or to a movie with your boy/girlfriend...
(Kinda like going out on A date)
Imagine not being able to just act like a normal couple 
when you are out in public.
You can't hold hands
You can't sneak a kiss
And if you do?
It shows up everywhere within hours.

Yeah... I know.
They are rich and famous
They have an incredible life
and they are so lucky.
But they are still human.
They still have feelings... yes?
There is a lot of chatter about where Kristen is...
Because some people swear she has been in NOLA since leaving Argentina
Some have said she was in L.A. until recently
and has finally found her way South...
Lots of chatter...
But no concrete proof either way.
You know how it goes.
Twitters about her being in a restaurant.
Facebook comments about seeing her in a club
or going shopping with her Mom.
Kristen has amazingly been showing up in both cities!

Who knows.
Not I said the fly...
(with my little eye?)
I really can't focus today at all.

And dearest sweet Robert.
He was in L.A. on Sunday...
He's pretty good at staying out of the public eye, isn't he?
Oh sure...
He pops up here and there...
He isn't invisible after all...
But where will he show up next?

All I know is that Robert wants to be where Kristen is.
How do I know that?
Robert hasn't whispered it in my ear if thats what you mean...
(although... isn't that a sweet sweet thought)
But it's what Robert and Kristen DO

They keep showing up TOGETHER.
You know?

Kristen flies to Robert.
Robert flies to Kristen.
Robert and Kristen fly together... somewhere.

If you think about it...
(Admit it... you do think about it)
Rob and Kristen aren't ever separated for very long...
Even if it's by continents...
They somehow manage to get TOGETHER.

I figure that Kristen has spent a bit of time traveling
to where Robert is...
So it's only fair for Robert to do the traveling this time.

Will Robert show up in NOLA?

We shall have to wait and see... 
Won't we?

Wherever they end up...
It will be TOGETHER.

Because that's how it always is.


Which reminds me of one of my all time
favorite Beatle songs...

To lead a better life I need my love to be here...

Here, making each day of the year
Changing my life with a wave of her hand
Nobody can deny that there's something there

There, running my hands through her hair
Both of us thinking how good it can be
Someone is speaking but she doesn't know he's there

I want her everywhere and if she's beside me
I know I need never care
But to love her is to need her everywhere
Knowing that love is to share

Each one believing that love never dies
Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there

I want her everywhere and if she's beside me
I know I need never care
But to love her is to need her everywhere
Knowing that love is to share

Each one believing that love never dies
Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there

To be there and everywhere
Here, there and everywhere


This post is brought to you by the letter *F*

F is for Faith.
Love isn't the only thing that is blind.

And a massive 

Because you might as well get used to it.




Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Glad to see you are in better spirits today. You are doing an awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites Beatles' songs too =). Thank you, Rose, for the post and the faith.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm 3rd close to the top for a change....You're in a better mood today my love......Just the way i like it...although I do understand we all have downers now and then......Love that song BTW...still playing it in my head too.....

Kree said...

Sweet post, can't wait to see where they take us next.

LJ said...

Aww perfect timing Rose...I was literally just about to turn my laptop off (it's bedtime here!) and your wonderful new post popped up. You must have read my mind!

Loved the post and loved the Beatles song!...I'm going to the home of the Beatles Liverpool shopping this weekend it's not far from where I live.



Anonymous said...

@LJ we have a LP here too...and I go shoppong there also...although it's not the same one....only the names the same I'm afraid

Vangie said...

i am happy toread rose is in good spirits once more, and that menis honey is not around

Patricia said...

I can't help it. I'm worse than a teen-ager. I want to see them together. I want to at least know that he is with her in NOLA. I guess I do need therapy.

It is true what you said they may be rich and can travel and do things but they mostly have to hide their feelings and they CAN"T act like a couple. But why not? Why don't they just hold hands and try it. So they get their picture in the rag mags. they do any way. At least they would get to act normal for once.

I'm really getting upset for them and what they can't seem to do. Like Rob said "Go on a date". I guess I need my 'Rob and Kristen' fix.
Well Rose, I'm NO teen-ager but I guess I'm acting like one.


Grazie for all your effort to get the Papparazzi bill passed. I also went on line to promote it. It's THAT important.

BTW Rose I'm also addicted to your blog. ROB/Kristen/Rose ....Jesus "I do need help"....

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out where they show up together again! I just hope they are happy and safe together...

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, so good to hear you sounding so much better today. Your blog was fantastic, as usual. I too feel fed up sometimes, but could never turn my back on Rob and Kris, and know you couldn't either. From the pictures of Rob's face on Sunday night, I think he is more than ready to reunite with Kris---he looked absolutely miserable, and not even Tom jumping on his back brought a smile to his face. I have no idea where Kris is, but think she is probably in Nola. I hope they will be reunited very soon, and I hope they will be able to celebrate in peace...they deserve that much. They will be together soon and until then we will wait and have faith in their love. I love you Rose and hope your blog will be around for a very long time. You don't realize how much you mean to so many people, as for me you help keep me sane. Until tomorrow, keep twirling, and I will twirl with you, if that is okay.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out where they show up together again! I just hope they are happy and safe together...

LJ said...

Louisa I live in a place called Macclesfield and theres one of those in Oz too! :-)))


Anonymous said...

I hope they aren't papped or fan stalked or photographed at all for the next month! We know they're a couple. I don't need weekly updates on their whereabouts. They deserve privacy and a break and time to focus on work and each other without all of us snooping bastards looking at them like they're in a fishbowl. Jmo.

ElizabethMC said...

Ninja R&K, I love it. Thank you Rose for all that you do. Thank you to everyone else for keeping the positive vibe.

olivia said...

Good evening sweet Rose,

"Wherever they end up...
It will be TOGETHER.

Because that's how it always is.


Exactly, Rose. And quoting you,
"It's not if......but when."

Lovely pics of Rob and Kristen. They seem to be so real, down to earth, and normal in an environment where so much around them is artificial, forced, and agenda driven. Here is wishing them space and privacy with the opportunity to be together as much as possible even while Kristen is working on OTR, and most probably Rob is taking care of business for upcoming assignments.

By the way, the Beatles were monumental! Hard to believe that John Lennon would have been 70 years old this year. Yoko is planning a special celebration and will perform in memory of her beautiful husband.

Life is good, hugs to all!
Olivia (TX.)

I'm sure a world-wide reunion of Rose's regulars would be quite the party! If you come state side Louisa and others, plan for it! Could you picture that?

deb said...

Rose I prayed last night that today would be a good day And You did it YOU put that SMILE back on my face TODAY IS A GOOD DAY you are so right ROB WELL BE WITH KRISTEN SOON you just can't stay away from something thats apart of you for to long (HE MOVES SHE MOVES) Thank You my sweet dear friend for doing what you do best MAKING ME HAPPY DEB.

RKsoumates913 said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me! Every single day you get better and better in your writing skills! You do know how to use the right words on the right days. It's so peaceful to come here and read your wise words, it's like you know what we want to hear!

"Yeah... I know.
They are rich and famous
They have an incredible life
and they are so lucky.
But they are still human."


They are trying(HARD) to live their life, and survive this craziness that surround them...

XO from Brazil! (Kristine.hills)

God bless you Rose! :D

dowlingnana said...

@Patty/Patricia: Don't worry hun, you're not alone, you wrote what I could have written.

@Deb: I was thinking the same thing. Doesn't he look sad/miserable when Kristen isn't around for a long length of time? Hmmmm, he has "got it bad!!!" She sure seems to be his rock. I hope he does go to LA. JUST DO IT ROB, do what ya' gotta do. If that's what's needed then go for it boy!!

Kudos again Rose, was on yesterday's site and someone said you had just posted so I jumped right over. Love to all, Donna

Anonymous said...

Great post, I think we will see Rob out and about tonight. Bobby Long has a bash very near by. Fingers crossed that Kristen goes too, then we can all give a sigh, cos their together.

Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual Rose! In this R/K drought you have this ability to keep up my spirits each and every day!

I too am no teenager... and like yourself I am bemused by my own intoxication with Robert & Kristen.

Perhaps it is the elusive "soul mate love" we are wanting to see and that Rob & Kris appear to have such a paring... who knows... I only know that their relationship speaks to the deepest romantic part of me! I guess I see them as today's Bogie & Bacall or Brad & Angie LOL

I began watching Robs career but now I find myself watching Kristen's too, and their individual work shows a real growth in their acting abilities. I believe they are destined for long careers in the film industry...

I miss seeing them together... hopefully soon we will get news of them both. Until then we who love them will continue to gather with Rose and share our inner thoughts LOL.

Thank you Rose... (there will be rewards in heaven if not here for you). Cheers Chrissie

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose, I totally agree with you. They're celebrities but they deserve to have a life outside of that too. They shouldn't have to worry about who's taking a picture of what, whenever they're together. I still kinda think the next time we see them together they're not gonna be careing as much about not touching and so forth. That would totally suck to have to restrain yourself whenever your with your love in public. Although I'm sure they make up for it behind closed doors lol thanks again Rose.

Patricia said...


Grazie sometimes I feel like I need to back off of them, I'm getting pretty obsessed. But then I get drawn right back in. Scary

dowlingnana said...

@Patty: I know to be older than them makes it seem weird, but, it's like saphire1231 stated, it's the soul mate love that keeps us drawn in. It was the way he would look at her that drew me in and I like that feeling so I'm stickin' around with ya' lady!!
Love ya' and all the other believers here coz' we do stick together. Donna

kharma1 said...

Happy Wednesday Everyone
And Hi Rose...
You did it to me again, your able to put that lump in my throat when I get emotional and teary eyed.. and this Beatles song did it to me.
I was a Beatles fan and of course Paul was my fav and you always seem to be able to pick the right song at the right moment.

Love the picture of Rob arriving in Japan of Feb.'09.
I remember seeing that particular video of him arriving at the airport and the smile on his face..he just looked so happy.
I'm sure it had something to do with Kristen, she is the one that can put that smile on his face.

Another great post Rose.

deb said...

OK Oliva where do I sine up for out World wide reunion I would LOVE to meet MY OTHER FAMILY and ya well ask Rob/Kristen to join us that would be nice @ Donna I see the sad face to and you know when Kristens with him he has that BIG FAT SMILE on his face I WANT TO SEE THAT BIG FAT SMILE .yep it wont be long not if ITS WHEN...N OW..And LOUISA THANK YOU HON I GOT THE VIDEO. DEB

Anonymous said...

@ olivia
For the Dummies ....what does 'state side' mean?????
And yes I'll be in ...."party" I mean....althoght no Pure blonds nor White Wine....I'm a gonna ta stick ta 'Lemon, Lime N Bitters.....if y'all don't mind.....hehehe

P>S y'all perception of me and parties......Is so wrong.....if you only knew my Real personality...it seems y'all thnk y'all know me....bwahhhhhh

Atticus said...

Rose, another winning post!

Patricia...I know what you mean and I'll be in therapy right beside you.

All I have is blind faith, but I believe Kristen has been in NOLA since leaving Argentina and that Rob will join her shortly.

So where's the party? Twirling with everyone!

ScarlettVoice said...

I actually read that song for an open mic nite at a bar along with my own reading, but I enjoy this post. I am glad that things aren't as bad as they were. This summer has been terribly horrific for them. And I'm sure it will be for the next two summers, until this twilight saga is over. but on the upper side of things I'm glad they are well and hope they are safe no matter what they're doing. Can't wait to see Kristen again. She's like so cool to be around. and I was thinking i really wish Rob would've done that Kurt C. movie with scarlett Johansson as Courtney Love. But all is well summer time is over, and so is the stupidity...for now.

Anonymous said...

Uhm.. yeah.. I got as far as the first line and I was finishing off the song. Don't worry Rose.. you're not the only one. There are days, I swear, my life is nothing but snippets of songs, and movie quotes.

The past few days has been insane with all the rumored 'sightings'. I'm always amazed that people so readily and easily believe anything that's tweeted or posted on someone's facebook.

And I find myself wishing sometimes that they would just finally say fuck it all. Go out, hold hands, even steal a kiss in public if that's what they want to do. But then I stop and wonder "why should they have to?" It's pretty obvious to most of us that they are in a relationship. I don't need to see the hand holding, or the kissing to know that. And I get that not everybody is really big on PDA's. I think I just want something to shut certain people up because it's so infuriating to listen to the stuff they can come up with.

I couldn't imagine living my life with so many eyes focused on me. It's no wonder they try to keep it as private as possible. And yeah, nobody can say for sure if Rob will go to Nola, or if she'll just finish up and go back to LA, but past behavior indicates that they'll be together soon, regardless of how. And that makes me happy. :)

♩♫♪♬♪♫♩♪♬ Maybe it's been crazy.....And maybe I'm to blame
But I put my heart above my head. We've been through it all.... And you loved me just the same ♩♫♪♬♪♫♩♪♬

Anonymous said...

Another thing......
My Magnolias, nectrine & plums tree are in bloom...Y'all know what that means......ITS SPRING....such a beautiful time of the year.......

@ Atticus I'm not from y'all parts...They all know this...hense the explaination...of "state side''''JS

@ A if your lurking in the distance....I'm gonna give you lesson # 17.......When I said you gave me Sweet F.A.....thats just a term used here Not to offend....Just means y'all gave me NOTHING.....Ok .....so come on and pay us a visit here...missen ya...ya too sweety of a man.....

dowlingnana said...

@Scarlettvoice: I had heard C. Love said Rob wouldn't be good for the part????? donna

Sofia said...

Today wasn't a good day for me... at all. To much work, few time to do it, to much hienas and few patient from me to discuss matters rationally...
But I come here, just before I go to bed and you put a smile on my face. Thanks Rose.
Love the ability of R/K to stay out of the public eye.
I really hope their are together somewhere in a nice place, Kristen lying in the bed studying for her part and peeking at Rob who's sitting by the window playing some music on his guitar watching how beautiful his woman is.
I'm on my happy place now...

Wonderfull thoughts as ever Rose

Anonymous said...

Looove the post! <3
And looove you!
Kisses! =*

olivia said...

State side ( also, stateside ) means in the USA.

I agree that the next 2 summers ( really years ), will still be very difficult for Rob and Kristen due to BD and all the razzi that swarm around them wherever they will go.
They, as Rose mentioned today and with frequency in past posts, should be allowed to have their private time and time off the clock completely razzi free. It is basic decency and respect of others that should dictate photo opportunities, allowing pictures only to be taken in situations where the subjects have given their consent.

Olivia (TX.)

ScarlettVoice said...


I heard that too, but then I heard that wasn't the truth. Rob refused to play the part because He had already signed to working with Bel Ami and the tapings were the same time as the Kurt C movie. She did comment on it though. She said that he was who she picked for the part.

ScarlettVoice said...


yes. I just think it was so sad, how they were chased down like dogs the whole entire summer. and I said the next two summers because that's when the twilight movies been coming out..they tape in like november october and movie show up in like july. but ya. there should be picture taking to an extent. they don't mind taking pics, they shouldn't their celebs but every person knows what the word ENOUGH is.

dowlingnana said...

@ScarlettVoice: Interesting!! I hadn't heard that!! oh well, I hope Bel Ami does better for him than that wouldv'e. donna

Bren said...

@ Marlena,

I agree, they would not miss Bobby's concert, especially if they are nearby. Where are you located?

katy said...

"Wherever they end up...
It will be TOGETHER''

Wonderful post Rose, glad your feeling better.

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. Really, really great post! Perfectly said. Perfect.

dowlingnana said...

Robert Pattinson makes the whole world smile!


katy said...

to dowlingnana

I'm Happy knowing Rob exists...and seeing the pics puts a BIG smile on my face.

Rob and Kristen

"Wherever they end up...
It will be TOGETHER''

Livstar said...

My ALL TIME favourite Beatle song - and not such a well known one too. So kudos to you for using such a wonderfully apt and touching song. It seems it could be written about the two of them... or at least the words seem like something Rob could write about Kristen. I wonder what Rob thinks about the Beatles? Has he ever made any comment about them? I'd love to see what he thinks of this song.

Keep your chin up Rose! I read here everyday when I first wake up - which means I am usually one of the last to get here as I'm on the West coast of Australia and we are behind EVERYONE!!!! Your thoughts and words are inspirational and we all hope that they will be together soon.

I must say though, even though I probably am in the minority - I wish he would lose the beard. I miss the beautifully chiseled jawline. In my dreams maybe...

Have a good day (or night over there as it may be!) Rose xx

Anonymous said...

I'm on the East coast ...How ya goin mate???? Sydney.....I'v been to Perth/ Fremantle and even drove up to see the Pinicales........
Love it ..such a lovely place across there...BTW
And I agree I want to see that chiselle jaw line without the carpet........loose it Rob!...it doesn't give your beautiful face any justice.....JS

katy said...

A friend of a friend....where are you today?

Hope you don't stop visiting and commeting on Rose's blog

SueBee said...

It's a matter of when!

June said...

Lovely post Rose, thanks!!

I bet Rob and Kristen will be together by this week end. They can be here, there or out in the space, but they always end up together!

How strong must be their love. Despite they cannot go on a normal date like any couple or have any PDA in public without being papped, they still go on and their bond seems stronger with the time.

Looking forward the week end !!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, Katy, and Louisa and all the rest of you wonderful commenters:

I am alive and well but busy with work and slightly hung over from a night of staying out far too late. I believe I may actually be getting old because I can no longer go without sleep for days at a time.

As always Rose and her beautiful words fill me with happiness and admiration. She can truly capture all the sweetness of love. I am so glad that I found her and all of my friends here also.

I need to return to work so that I can finally catch some sleep but I am sending you all a very wonderful and warm wish for a lovely evening full of twirling and love.

A friend of a friend

Melinda said...

Oh the places they go (ode to Dr. Seuss) and they always end up together.

I am sure they miss each other when apart. That's pretty normal for couples in a healthy stable relationship.

You are always "better" when with the one you love b/c it is home.

The naysayers will always try to spin things the way they want it to go. It's kind of like spin the tail on the donkey (or hyena in this case). You spin and spin and spin and you never get the "tail" where it is supposed to go.

There is something in the air...maybe it's a plane with a certain Brit on it...but I am sitting back and enjoying the show.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ A.... welcome to my world......
I'm the meanest bitch on 2 legs....when I'm sleep deprived....Y'all need to get outta my way....when I'm in this circumstance....HEHEHE
Glad ya came on here to put your 5 cents inn.....we missed your input throught our day........Go catch up on some rest my dear....until then.....

@ Suebee Yer i'm waiting alright!!!!

jen said...

lol, I love when you twirl! I love your blog installments, it's a nice constant in my inconstant world. ! :)

They do seem to have a nice little arrangement going on here, and yeah, come on...she's in NOLA, where there's great liquor and even greater music? And the city that taught kstew how to work a pole?

Please, like Robert's gonna stay away from that mothereffing mecca of his!

katy said...

welcome, A

Glad your still here...and now stop working and go Rest

Livstar said...

@Louisa - HI!!!!!!!!!
I often sit here when I'm reading this blog and have a giggle when you talk to the 'A Friend" and the others about ordering a 'Pure Blond'!! Is that a fav of yours is it?? Did you ever go to the "Little Creatures" Brewery when you were in Freo? They have a great Pale Ale that you might like but not lite by any means!!!!

Never been to Sydney. Melbourne and Townsville are the only other Aussie places I've been. Shameful that at 32 I still haven't got of my arse and seen more. Instead I stay at home and look at ROb all day - surely that counts as having a mini-holiday everyday!!!

sollee said...

awesome song for robsten...love it!!!yes hope kris and rob will reunite soon:)

Vangie said...

good morning ladies and the lovely rose ladies please can anyone of you tell me who LAURA MARLING is i know she is a singer and she has a song called THINGS ARE JUST MEANT TO BE or something like that look at hints and we never paid any attention sometime ago rob and kristen had and interview with bbc and they we ask some question like what music they wanted to hear and that is what not rob but kristen ask them to play it was played and that song sair i love you ladies you have to hear that song if you do not know it i cried

Vangie said...

i went and look up the song on you tube the correct name is THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE and it's a BBC radio interview look it up for yourselves LAURA MARLING the singer

keset said...

Your post make me smile even more.

khushboo said...

sooo cute post....
where ever they end up alwaz together...n i knw dey will be...
alwazzz together n alwa zin deep love....
thnkxx 4 post...
ur alwazz so amazin..:)
love d way ROB n KRIS love each other....
want them alwaz to be together...:)

love u...
love ROBSTEN..:)

Susan said...

Hi Everyone,

I don't know if anyone posted this or not, but I thought I would let you all know the latest. (It looks like Kristen is back in LA with Rob also.)

E! News has learned exclusively that, after renting a secluded guest house in Bel-Air earlier this summer, lovebirds Rob and Kristen have moved out of the property.

A source confirms that Robsten occasionally crashed at the private pad during breaks from their busy shooting schedules. Pattinson filmed Water for Elephants alongside Reese Witherspoon in Los Angeles in early summer, before spending time with Stewart up in Montreal while she filmed On the Road. Kristen also shot in Argentina and is back to hiding out again.

"They are no longer renting the home," the real estate agent representing the property confirms to E! News, calling the retreat "a lovely place."

I imagine once they found out that their home was posted all over the internet, they couldn't safely stay there anymore. Can't say I blame them, with all the crazies that walk the streets everyday, let alone some of the really warped fans.

Best wishes, Rose, keep up your amazing work.


Anonymous said...

Good Thursday Morning Rose and All who attend this place of meet......

@ Suebee {A lady with good taste}.....lol
I dedicate this to you......and do you know why I would do such a thing?
Well as soon as I saw the part of Rob sucken on that ciggy.....Well my dear I thought of your little outburst...and had a chuckle to myself.....so this is my reason...



And this is for All the Other Fine Ladies who commentate...

vwk 9rE&feature=fvwk

Anonymous said...

This one gotta be for you Rose.......Oh My walkin!!!


LJ said...

Hey Louisa *waves*



Honey said...

Kristen is filming SEX SCENES with Garrett RIGHT NOW. I bet the sex was amazing, better than Rob. I can't wait to hear her talk about how amazing it was during promo.

Anonymous said...

How come every time a certain person posts here, I get the same sensation that I get when I step in dog crap????


Anonymous said...

The above was in reference to the poster who by name is supposed to be sweet but comes off VERY BITTER!!

Anonymous said...


Trish said...

"If you think about it...
(Admit it... you do think about it)"
LOVED this!! yep, the hyenas/haters def. think about it!...but they just dont want to come to the realization of it being true.

"Rob and Kristen aren't ever separated for very long...
Even if it's by continents...
They somehow manage to get TOGETHER"

YOu know this reminds me of a song..."Ain't no mountain high enough..Ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you baby"...it reminds me so much of R/K because no matter where they are, they always seem to meet up again..it doesnt matter if it is somewhere as far as Budapest, or Montreal or LA...ALWAYS...love is beautiful thing!

Cant wait to see where they will end up next...and I know Kristen is working..love that they are so mature..and that Kristen is a very confident strong young woman...only kids feel the need to always be with their boyfriends/girlfriends..life happens, we've gotta all make a living for ourselves somehow...

@Susan I heard about it too...till today that posting of their home on the internet still makes me upset...its not fair to them.

Glad to see you fine Rose..smooches to all.

P.S. I think we are def. going to see A LOT of these two coming BD filiming..its taking some time to get to the top of this ride but we are getting there :-0)

and Honey bahahahaa!! but we all know where she gets the REAL action and WHO she gets it with...acting is something you get payed to do..but she doesnt have to PRETEND or ACT with that someone...who is it you ask? say it with me..I will give you a hint...he is deliciously handsome!

dowlingnana said...

@Manjen: ROFL, I loved the stepping in dog crap reference, thanx for that laugh!!

@Louisa: It's saying that pic is no longer available.

@Susan: Well we can't blame them now can we??? And, what's with all the different stories as to where KS is anyway??? Well, if she is with Rob I know then that big ole' grin of his will be back on that gorgeous face of his anyway! Now that I DO want to see again!!

@Vangie: Going to look that up right now, thanx!! donna

dowlingnana said...

@Trish: I was just watching Peter Facinelli's live interview and he said about the only way a Hollywood marriage might survive is to make sure you make time together. He said that there's times he even just flies home to have dinner with his family and then flies out again. That's commitment!! So, hopefully with good advice, R & K will be okay!! Donna

Anonymous said...

It's been a relatively quiet day. Anybody else notice that it always gets this way right before something big comes out?

http://twitpic.com/2knm96 <---this is one of my cats. She sits with me every time I sit down at my laptop. We read this blog together.. :) She's been known to try to help me type. Just warning ya in case it's really late and I'm too tired to proof read.

Hi everybody! :)

dowlingnana said...

MTV's Fall Preview week of exclusives continues today with a look at the hottest upcoming movies of the next four months. We know what you should see and why you should see it, and we've got it all right here.
What's It Called: "Welcome to the Rileys"
What It's About: A husband and wife struggle to maintain their marriage after the death of their daughter. He heads down to Baton Rouge on a business trip and ends up staying there, to live for a time with an underage hooker while he gets his act together.
Who's In It: James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo and Kristen Stewart. Directed by Jake Scott.
Why You Should Care: If you're a "Twilight" fan, the words "Kristen Stewart" ought to be enough to sell a movie ticket. And for anyone else, this Sundance darling is actually quite good.
When You Can See It: October 29 (in select cities) & November 5 (regular release date)
Via : Thank-You!


Trish said...

@dowlingnana...i loved that interview! love Peter! he's such a great guy..and prob one of the long time Robsten supporters right along with Rachelle L.

R & K have such good role models...BOTH of their parents including.. and you are right, with good advice i see them in for the long haul...plus they are very anti-hollywood so that is another good indication :-0)

so excited for WTTR...what date is it again?...supporting Kristen all the way!

dowlingnana said...

@Trish: it says regular release date will be Nov. 5th, not that long to wait, yah!!

You're right about the parents and all the other people that will help them thru this horrific time. I always thought Rachelle L. was a supporter....good for her. And, I'm beginning to like Peter a whole lot more, didn't really know much about him before. Being anit-Hwood I think you're right again, that will help them a whole lot!! donna

katy said...
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katy said...

Ohh, Honey...You don't deserve the recognition of your existence because YOU ARE a WASTE of TIME and SPACE....but...the REAL SEX, it happens with only ONE person...Robert Pattinson.
And with Rob...Kristen never have to PRETEND or ACT.

Anonymous said...

No new blog from Rose! I wonder...wait...

what is that stench?

Ohmygod--did something die in here?

What is that?

Oh lord help me but I can't stand the smell....

OH! Its honey back to offer her delusional comment. How the hell are you honey? Insane still I see?

Waving hi to the ladies. Hope you are all well. I did get some sleep. Wishing you all the best-

katy said...

Hello A

LOL at your comment.

Glad you could finaly rest.Wishing you all the best.

deb said...

Hey All been gone so I see that honey Is back to play hahahahaha Donna I really loved what Peter said he is a good man And by the way dont you think Rob/Kristen is already doing what 2 people who LOVE and WANT to be with each other SHE takes her own time to FLY to BE with ROB and he takes his OWN time to FLY and see Kristen. SO YES I DO THINK THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP they have SHOWN us that already. And just think she got to PRACTICE her moves on ROB FIRST before she did that love seen How nice to have a loving man to help you with it .And Louisa YOU GO GIRL @A I see our loving Rose took a day off god for her I bet tomorrow she'll be back with her loving words and maybe SOME GOOD NEWS Well i hope you all have a good night ....LOVE IS IN THE AIR I LOVE THAT SONG DEB.

dowlingnana said...

@Deb: Yes I agree, and Kristen I think has taught Rob some things like hiding out better and airport get -a- ways. I pray they can stick it out and not "give in" to all the pressure. My goodness, it wouldn't really matter who he dated would it? Nothing would change!! So, I guess my feeing is that it's basically Kristen who has to "put up" with it, don't you think so too? Anyway, I really hope they survive coz' I think they are soooo made for each other! Nightie night, donna

Anonymous said...

@A, I just had to tell you that was the best laugh I had all day. OMG stupid Honey, Thanks for the laugh. Can't wait to see where the lovebirds show up next.

SueBee said...

Missed Honey's posts. Not that I MISSED her posts, I just mean I didn't get to read them before they went bye bye.

Morbid fascination, or probably boredom, compels me to ask---what now?

What retarded, inane, insane, warped, twisted, bent, delusional, psychotic, pathetic, idiotic, hateful, spiteful, uninsightful,
foamy hallucinations has she spewed forth today?

Let me guess---


Is Kristen's pet cat simply a beard for her secret love of dogs?

Has Rob taken to licking wallpaper in search of the elusive snazzberry flavor?

Has Tom figured out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Hey, I figured since she has ALL the answers....

deb said...

SUEBEE GIRL your to funny TOM how many Licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop good one girl friend Thanks for the good laugh I really needed one tonight DEB.

sarah said...

Hi Rose and everybody i don´t comment here many times but i read this blog every single day needless to say that Rob&Kris dazzle me I just love them and i can´t explain why. I don´t think that Rob goes to NOLA but that´s OK if he´s not because like Rose say they always ended up TOGETHER...I have a question i read On the road like 3 months ago and i don´t remember of so many sex scenes on the book as so many people say,only the threesome and probably one on the back of the car or was my book mistranslated (Portugal)thanks!