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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kristen Stewart Owns You.

There you have it, folks.
Clear as day.
No doubt about it.
Kristen is wearing Robert's shirt...


And I said it before...
and I will say it again.


Because if anyone should wear that shirt?
It is most definitely you.

I was going to go into all the lame excuses
that have come out since these pics were released.

But why bother?
Just know that you wearing that shirt
has COMPLETELY and TOTALLY pissed off the haters.
I mean...
They are fucking FROTHING and FOAMING at the mouth right now.
It's fucking BRILLIANT.
How wearing a t-shirt can have that sort of reaction.
The excuses...
The name calling...
The bitter anger...

You fucking OWN them.


So keep saying that you don't 'hate' Kristen...
Yet continue to call her all sorts of names just because
she wore her boyfriends t-shirt.
Because that's all she really did.
She wore Robert's t-shirt.
And it's fucking KILLING you.
You say she wears it to mess with the 'sheep'?
You tell me who is upset over her wearing it?
Who has the biggest negative reaction?

Sucks to be you.

I'm guessing it's great to be Kristen.
(and probably equally great being Robert)

This post is brought to you by the letters *F* and *G*

It's the go to word when people get pissed off.

G for 

Because Rob let her wear his t-shirt.
HIS t-shirt.


Bye for now.


mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Right on Rose, and thank you soo much!

Now, the HATERS are fuckingly obsolete! Their excuses work NO MORE...

That shirt surely smells of fresh Eu de Pattinson!

ashley said...

LOL fuck yes! i love you kristen stewart. she's robert pattinson's gf so deal with it baby! to the haters kristen is on rob's dick and your not. haha go cry now and hid in your hole. this pic just shows that kristen likes wearing rob's shirt and doesn't give a shit what anyone says. his ALL HER'S she got the man and you don't. also for the rob haters He got the Girl and she's all His! ;P

Thesabstar1 said...

she's a smart girl. she knows we'll see. their actions speak louder than words - time and time again.

jen said...

bwahahahah, rose you are amazing.

You're like really good at throwing down like that, it's hot! lol

I love that they think Kristen or Robert spend ONE MINUTE OF THEIR DAY pondering how to get back at "sheep" or "hyenas" or "twimoms" or whoever. They don't give a flying eff about us, they are too busy filming amazing movies and making out to do that...

jen said...

um ps: when I said "they don't give a flying eff about us", I meant that they are busy folks who have little time for fandom drama...thought I should clarify.

Rb said...

It IS her dick LOL! WTG Kristen!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

.. Oh yes thats Rob shirt and the coke, too. LOL!

LJ said...

Yay Rose, so glad we got a clear pic so they can't deny it!!...and I'd love to see whose that cheeky little bit of hair sticking up behind the car is....looks familiar!

Awwwww missed the party again last night....GUTTED! just been cracking up scanning through the posts, sooo funny!

Just have a couple of comments to make:

1, I love Branston pickle on toast (with a bit of grated cheese and stuck under the grill for a couple of minutes...YUM)

2, Louisa the yellow pickle you mentioned that is eaten with ham is called Piccalilli (also yum)...

3, Of course the ground floor is the one on street level, its on the ground! the first floor up is the first floor...makes perfect sense....!! :-)

4, Your conk is your nose!! it's cold here today and my conk is freezing! ha ha ha

And finally 5, The best fish and chips are definitely in England...not from London though, from anywhere on the coast at the seaside.

After that the conversation got very interesting.......shame about the deleted comments I'm sure they were the best ones!

Oh and by the way 'A', you totally charmed me a long time ago...even more so now you naughty boy ;-)

Love you guys!


ashley said...

oh they both like coke im not at all suprised. these two are so made for each other lol

Anonymous said...


I love this!! NO ONE does snark better than you. I totally agree I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART!! Fuck you, haters!!

GET OF MY DICK has become my new favorite expression. My husband now wonders why I say this to him several times a day...I wonder if I have been exposed to a few bad influences?

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha I love you Kristen!! I love you Rose!!

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penny Lane said...


Too bad you missed the party. I left early but caught a lot of the comments early this morning before the "great delete". Very interesting.

The thing about the ground floors, it is deceiving to us. I stayed in a B&B in London that was in a 200 year old building. No elevators of course. We were told we were on the 3rd floor. After schlepping 2 weeks of luggage up the stairs we stopped on what was the 3rd floor to us, only to have to go yet another flight of stairs.

I perhaps judged the fish and chips unfairly. I was in a little Irish town directly on the west coast so of course their fish would probably be better being closer to the sea and all.

Is there really some mystery to the Irish fish or was "A" simply being cheeky.

Honey said...

Have you ever considered that this this might be TomStu's shirt? Rob has a habit of stealing Tom's shirts. Remember when he stole his shirt and suit and wore them during the promotion for his film Remember Me? Soon after Kristen reclaimed Tom's shirt and wore it on the way back to LA.
I believe this new sighting could be proof that Kristen has dumped Rob and is now dating Tom. Afterall there has been no sightings of Rob lately. Rob probably isn't even there.

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha Honey!!

Say it ain't so...are you back from the island?? You are supposed to be waiting for Kristen. She's going to be HEARTBROKEN!! How could you do that do her? And you call yourself a fan!!

katy said...

She does look GREAT with that shirt, doesn't she?...She wearing the shirt of her man...that deliciously handsome boyfriend. Haters excuses dont work anymore, they are shoking on their one foam...and I'm smiling.

She Robert Pattinson Girlfriend and she owns his dick...deal with hatters.

PS: Honey...did't you read Kristen message to You?...you should go to the island and wait for her.

luvinrob said...

TeeHee. Gotta Love it. Love Kristen, Love Rob and love you Rose.

That is not just any T-shirt.

That is a VINTAGE T-shirt people!

Most boyfriends would not let their girlfriends anywhere near a prized posession such as this. Just goes to show how much he loves her. So sweet.

Off to twirl ;)

FYI..my twitter name is mercurymoose. Rose, I was so happy that you mentioned Majestic moose in one of your posts last week. Moose love ducks, sheep and have mad polka and twirling skills. :D

Bye for now

SueBee said...

Good good. Honey's stupidity has actually given me a headache. Yes, sure--let's continue the denial. The sky is green, the grass is blue, and Diet Coke really does taste like regular Coke.


I'm sure a diary will be forthcoming after I get rid of this annoyance induced a headache.

deb said...

GET OFF MY DICK well all I can say is YOU GO GIRL Kristen YOU TELL them yep yep and Rose I bet thats not all she wears of Rob.i just Love that girl

ashley said...

@honey. LOL i seriously think your the stewridge chick on twitter. do you not have a life? go back to your island because no one will miss you. btw if robsten did ever break up there is NO WAY she would date rob's best friend. get your facts right. btw you do know that kristen hates people like you right? stop embarassing yourself you crazy psychopath. robsten is together who gives a fuck if you don't belive it or not. even twilight haters think robsten is together. it's common sense. you don't need to be the smartest person on earth to find that these two are IN LOVE and happy together. so DEAL WITH IT BITCH.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

there..there.. Honey, stop crying now:'(((...

@Katy, please be gentle to Honey:)))))))!!

Sydney said...

I am one of those fans who doesn't have a favorite. I love Rob and Kristen equally. I always did, and then they got together and it was wonderful. That is why I love this blog, because Rose (though she is intoxicated by Rob) loves them both as well.

Honey, you crack me up. You just never give up with your nonsense. I love how you go whichever way the wind blows. You changed your twitter name 400 times...wisely stearing clear of Garrettstew (and then, what was it? TomGarrettStew?) when it became apparent that he would, coincidentally enough, be out of the picture the moment they stop making this picture. And you then immediately glommed into Tom because you realize that he will be a constant in Kristen's life. Because he is her man's best friend. I gotta give it you!

But you need to try and remain consistent, at least. I mean, in this blog alone I have seen you contradict the shit out of yourself from your numerous posts. And your Twitter is just as ridiculous. Weren't you just saying that Rob and Tom "broke up" and are no longer friends? Now they're sharing clothing? Here's a tip...pick an excuse and stick with it. You are just embarrassing yourself to a degree I can't even fathom with all of the switching of your excuses and justifications and maybes and what ifs. Just stop. You come on here like you're bringing up some new interesting theory? It's stupidity at it's finest. Go to nonsten, where the land of ridiculous is happily accepted. You have no business here.

LJ said...

Hi Penny!!

Ooh even more gutted I missed the deleted comments now!

Ha ha I can see how it the floors thing might be confusing! If I were in America I would have probably have dragged my luggage up 4 flights of stairs and had to go back down one! I bet the stairs were steep aswell, my house was built a couple of hundred years ago and has a very steep staircase!

To be fair if your on the coast the fish and chips are pretty good anywhere you go, especially when they are eaten out of the paper with your fingers yum yum!

Ha ha no, as far I as know there is no secret ingredient to Irish fish and chips....think he was just being a cheeky monkey as usual!

Can I just mention the word 'schlepping'!! thats a new one on me and I bloody love it!

Oh and is it just me or with the sticky ones comment is there a smell of desperation in the air, talk about clutching at straws!!

Much love,

Elaine said...

Rose-your post fucking woke me up from the most fucking boring day of my life. Excuse my language today peeps but this post is motherfucking epic.
I said it yesterday, Kristen is a fucking rockstar!
She is his GF she can wear his shirt if she fucking wants to, hell she can wear him if she fucking wants to.
Fucking excuses will not change that. People get the fuck over it, get off her dick cause we all know whose she's riding.

Penny Lane said...


"schlepping" isn't a word I would use all the time, but its just one of those words that fits sometimes.

The stairway was quite steep with lots of corners. It was a charming place and I would return only I'd ask for the ground floor.

Aren't you impressed with my usage of the word "cheeky"? We watch a lot of Thomas the Train around here so that's where that came from.

I'm lurking around here today waiting for A Friend to come on since I know she's going to want to get back at "A" and I don't want to miss it. Those 2 are highlarious when they start in with each other.


Sierra said...

once again true fucking shit!

the haters are sooooo fuckin pissed off and they're screaming the words of Bella to Jacob in New Moon "it kills me it's killing me"


I effin love kristen for wearing his clothes!

i don't like to see people get upset, but if you hate someone for the stupidest reason in the fucking world then I'ma laugh at your dumb ass!

Rose once again you have demonstrated a great post hun. loved it.

LJ said...


Schlepping is a greeaaaaaaaaat word!...as is cheeky ;-)

Ha ha yeah I hope the lovely A shows his face..❤..I'm off work all next week so I'll be able to stay up later and join in the fun!


katy said...


I wish Honey's stupidity was paintful :))

30yearoldtwifan said...

That's right Kristen CLAIM your man. Be proud. Wear his clothes. Don't let anyone force you and Rob to hide who you are.

Rose the fuck nuts are beyond insane at this point. Kristen wearing Robs shirt. I say good for her unfortunately she cant win no matter what anyway, I say she goes for it. NO type of medication will help the fuck nuts and there mental issues. After I read Ted's board last night ( like a jackass) I am even MORE convinced then ever that R and K safety is an issue. Even the hate towards you there was mind boggling. I am thinking these people have daddy issues for real.Something mental happened to them as a kid to make them so hateful and such bullies. I just want K and R to carry mace with them at all times. Sad isn't it.

Carly said...

when you are right you are right, Rose :)

Anonymous said...

Let me just say, I love saying schlepping. It's an awesome word.

And I'm laughing so much at the excuses about the shirt. I've heard it's Kristen's, it's her brothers, it's Tom's.. it's Joe Bob your uncle's. Does it really matter? It doesn't change the fact that Rob and Kristen are together.

By the way, someone lucky enough to own that shirt is NOT going to lend it out to everybody that asks, just because. That is a extremely rare promo shirt for License to Ill.

And if that doesn't get the message across to people, I am SO willing to lend my STFU hoodie out for a few days.

And why is it that Rob's the only one invisible? Why isn't Tom? We've not seen him, have we? No pictures = invisible, right? She can't be dating Rob because he's not there (remember, he's invisible).. so she's dating Tom, who (using the same logic here..) is invisible too.. Isn't that a paradox?

Hmm.. Allrighty, I'm game. Who wants to be my invisible boyfriend today? Anybody?
I don't have to see you to date you...

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, love the blog as usual. I LOVE Kristen, she has a way of getting her point across without saying a word. I could almost,(almost) feel sorry for the haters and nonstens because they are so desperate, and they are not even making sense any more. I don't feel sorry for them because they are so mean and vindictive, and Kris and Rob have done nothing to warrant this kind of attention. I don't like to be mean to anyone, I don't hate anyone, but honestly these people have made me so angry and upset that I find myself wishing all sorts of bad things to happen to them, and I don't like feeling like that. I will always defend Kris and Rob, no matter what. I swear Honey is just plain delusional. Please keep up the good work Rose, I always look forward to your words. Let us all keep twirling and looking forward to the fall when Rob and Kris will be together all the time.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I should mention I'm already in a committed relationship. But you guys don't see him, so he must not be here with me. So I need an invisible boyfriend so people will think I'm not already in the real relationship.

Good grief, this is complicated. Whoever's going to be my invisible boyfriend is going to have to be able to keep up with this stuff. It's making my head hurt. (again)

Anita said...

To Scary person that email Rose days ago... GET OFF HER DICK!!! Seriously! Biatch you been owned. Showed you up! Stop Your Hating Biatch!
~Anita wishing she was in NOLA

Toni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


And all the Regs..especially those "party Animal" friends of mine.......As you can "maybe" see I'm definitely a morning person......Although I must admit I had a great time peeps....Even though "A" certain someone may have the "hangover from HELL" I’m sure it's not to much for him to handle......My Goodness he had "NO TROUBLE' handling his "HEREM"....

Did we Sweetpea?.....lol
So ya waited for my departure to see who'd be ya next "doer" hey!

No offense Tracy.....Although, I am under the impression there maybe someone who thinks that I may be a "spec one".....I take no offence, but feel the need to clarify something....
For that person....if you really knew me ...in which case you don't.....You may not have judged me that way......This is the problem with cyber friendships......Reactions and Expression have No part in conversation......

Penny Lane said...


You are so funny. Maybe we should post an ad looking for "the invisible man". We could dress him in your STFU hoodie just so we know where he is at all times.

I do have to say that in my experience, men really like their gals to wear their clothes. Its like the ultimate, "She's mine" statement. I've been told there is nothing sexier than a woman in a man's shirt. Personally, I like to sleep in them. I wonder if Kristen does too.

I didn't know schlepping was such an interesting word. Glad you all enjoy it.


Melinda said...

Oh goody I see the deranged lunatic stopped by- shocker! Poor Kristen sitting there on that island all alone...

Yes Kristen owns us as she makes us proud to be a fan of hers. We know she has worn his clothes before but this particular shirt makes a huge statement. Love that she owns who she is.

I have seen some stuff on twitter today that is making me pissed off but I am not going to dwell on it as it has been said the haters really have nothing left at this point.

Leigh- LOL at your comment to Honey and how Kristen will be brokenhearted.

Louisa- I called you "special" last night. I hope you realize that I was giving you a compliment since our resident charmer has given you a cute nickname and I guess I am not special enough for one. No harm I hope.

LJ- yes we deleted some of our comments. I did it b/c although while joking I didn't want to make someone uncomfortable reading some things as this was never my intention.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the day or evening wherever you are. I am sure I'll pop in later on and see what's shaking.

SueBee said...


I'll wear your STFU hoodie! Won't that just confuse the hell out of everyone?


SueBee said...

I admit to deleting some posts. I don't know what planet I was on last night. LOL

Love you swoonworthy ladies!

Karen said...

Rose, I just got home from school after having a shitty day, and I read your wonderfully witty post. I love,love,love that Kristen is wearing Rob's shirt!!! Kristen, honey, you GO girl! You have it all, talent, brains, beauty, the most gorgeous man who ever walked the face of the earth,and BALLS. A girl after my own heart.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm out for a while. If you see someone with a STFU hoodie on, don't panic.. it's just SueBee.

(legit, I do have one.. it's made to look like a collegiate sweatshirt.. I like to wear it to see if anyone asks.. like my t-shirt that has the hospital from the tv show House on it 'Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital'.. I can not tell you how many times I've been asked if I worked there and if I liked it)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Another Awesome post, Rose!!!

@ SueBee

I must have been on the same planet as you..I went back and deleted as well...It was one of those things where you go back and read and say..What was I thinking!!

I must say though...I had a blast with all my swoon worthy friends!! You are All GREAT!!

SueBee said...

Hyena Chronicles--Survivor Edition

Day 1

Dear Diar

Dear Dia

Dear D

Oh damnit! That's the last time I write in the sand with the tide coming in!

Tried to give my diary a tropical feel but I'm back to using that damned green crayon.

So, you'll never guess what happenend? (Squee!) Kristen wrote to me personally and asked me to meet her on this island.

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy breaking out, I mean discharging myself, from that hospital. Thank god I'm still invisible.

Anyway, I'm just counting the minutes until Kristen gets here. I've already made matching coconut bras for us. Now she can take off that stupid "Dick" T-shirt.

I don't know why everyone thinks it belongs to HIM. So what if he wore it. Everyone knows it belongs to Tom. When I see them both wearing the shirt at the same time THEN I'll believe something is going on.

He hasn't proven himself worthy of her. Seriously, has he made her a coconut bra?

OMG! There she is! Wait, what the hell is Rob doing with her? What's the shovel, honey, and fireants for?

He's digging a hole and humming. This can't be right.....

Anonymous said...

@ Suebee.....


Anonymous said...

Hello my friends-

I don't know what you are all talking about. I haven't been here in days sorry to say. I guess someone must have stolen my identity as I would NEVER behave in such a ridiculous manner.

Rose, you are amazing. Just when I thought you could not get funnier you write this amazing post! I like that you are empowering Kristen because I don't believe she realizes she does have control over these horrible people. She certainly does own the haters although I don't think she cares much most days. I think she cares more about the kind, respectful people here and elsewhere who protect her and Rob and are sane.

As for Honey, I did hear on Twitter that Kristen is waiting on a desserted island for you. Shouldn't you rush there quickly so as to meet up with your BFF.

Rose I hope you got some rest and had a wonderful day--you certainly made many others, including me, very happy.

Your admirer and friend,

katy said...


I love your Hyena Chronicles--Survivor Edition

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee

Let's just hope he buries her deep enough that she can't dig out!!

Anonymous said...

@ SUEBEE That's the maltesse version to a female....meaning BRAVO BTW!

Anonymous said...


shoegal2547 said...

Good gracious...is it me, or is it HAWT up in here! Did I just hear HATERS fall of their dick?! ;-)

Just saw this...if you dare to watch:

Sydney said...


That was your best one yet. Sadly, that doesn't sound too off the mark with what the thoughts in her head actually are.

I don't usually have time to visit or post at night, but it's fun reading just where the posts went the next day. It kind of becomes like a chatroom and everyone just seems like friends. Nothing to really be embarrassed about it. It's entertaining to check out the next morning.

Anonymous said...

@ A Do you still have your BALLZ in tact?........lol lol lol

Anonymous said...

@ A Friend
If I where you....I would have ripped them out and feed them to my chooks!!!!!!!! lol

katy said...


Thanks for the vid...I really miss his gorgeous face :)

katy said...

To A

'I think she cares more about the kind, respectful people here and elsewhere who protect her and Rob and are sane.'

And I hope they never forget that we always will be here for them.

Be safe A

hidemyhead said...

Attn: lurking haters.

I do not participate in this kind of conjecture. But everyone says that, right? Well in this case, it's true. Sure, I follow people and pay attention to what's being said on twitter and various other places, but I never share my two cents on the subject. Why? Because what good is it going to do? What's it going to achieve? Nothing. But with the shitstorm that surfaced after Kristen was photographed with the now infamous 'Get Off My Dick' t-shirt, it's now beyond the point where I can just sit back and mouth off behind my computer screen, without sharing my own thoughts on the matter.

Haters will click the close button no doubt, but I don't care. They're just fighting their own losing battle of ignorance and hatred. I don't even pity their sad existence in that case.

I do think that sometimes the Robsten camp fans the flames of the Nonstens, but the Nonstens and specifically the Kristen haters have taken this shit too far. They say the threats made are empty, vitriolic words that when push comes to shove do not mean anything, because they won't happen. But listen to yourselves. You're using your anonymity to sit behind a computer screen and make THREATS about a person that you do not know.

You use her own admission that she is shy and can be seen as aloof against her. Is it not awesome to see a young woman so in control of who she is? Not caring for the opinions of others and allowing that to determine how she is viewed, or what sort of life she leads. She may not want to be a role model, but she has a strength and courage of person that most of us can only wish for. I'm 8 years older than her and still searching for it!

Where do you Nonsten and Kristen haters get off assuming that she is all of the horrible things you claim she is? You are basing your opinion of her purely on the fact that she is reputedly in a relationship with someone you see as basically the second coming. Well guess what? He's not. He's just a guy. A guy who is in love with a girl. That happens everyday, all over the world. And yet the world still turns. Shock fucking horror.

He is not responsible for your emotional well being. Nor will he come knocking on your door one day, drop to his knees and confess his undying love for you. Back the fuck off and get a damn life of your own. Stop making these two people the cause of your boring, uneventful teenage angst.

It's fucking pathetic. And it's ruining the enjoyment of everyone else who just wants to appreciate the work of two people who do a damn fine job at what they do. I couldn't give a rat's ass if they're dating. I think it's sweet that they've found each other and are happy together. But does it affect my life? No. I have more important stuff to concern myself with. That's called being a grown up. Haters, you should try that some time. It's an interesting concept to be sure.

Step out of your sad box for just a moment and look at yourselves. Really look at yourselves. You have nothing better to do than come up with excuse after excuse for why two people are so often in the same place together. If it were any other people would you really claim it was a case of PR or some other bullshit? I think it's safe to call no on that. So why with these two?

Call off the firing squad. Rob is not at your beck and call to do only as you wish of him. Nor is he under that of Summit. Just cut the crap and let us all enjoy the work of two people, who at the end of the day are just people. What right does anyone have to call them nasty names, to make threats (empty or otherwise). The answer as I said above is NONE!

If you don't like Kristen, that's fine. I'm sure the feeling would be mutual if she were to know of the things said about her. I'm sure she has some awareness of it as it is. But just keep it yourselves. The impression you create about young females, leaves something to desired.

That is all.

hidemyhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shoegal2547 said...

Oh, and love the banner...Hi Rob!

Anonymous said...

(sorry.. I felt compelled to come back one more time before I walked out the door..)

SueBee - I'm swooning. ❥

I shall order the most tropical sounding drink off the menu tonight in honor of the Survivor Edition.

A - I don't think it was any of us on last night. Someone hacked into everything and posted all that crazy stuff. That's my story,and I'm sticking to it.

Ladies - I look forward to another entertaining evening when I get back later!

0_o wtf was that last novella that just got posted? Too long! Didn't read!

Elaine said...

SueBee-I'm in the middle of a business transaction and just broke out in hysterics after reading your last post. My husband looks like he wants to fucking kill me.
Loved it!

Sofia said...

Hi Rose, great post as always, so fierce and empowering. Kristen deserves it.
It must be really great be Kristen and every day I fell in love with her more and more.
She fucking owns the right to wear that t shirt and that man cause they love each other.

@Sue Bee love your chronicles

Honey! Back to the island, NOW!!!

Rose said...

Um...Hideyourhead... Wow. That is QUITE a long winded comment... Why do I get the feeling this isn't the first place you have posted it?

*A* ~ I hope you are doing well today... I woke up with a nasty headache... But I'm glad you and our mutual friends are doing well.

Isn't it amazing how angry some people are about Kristen wearing a t-shirt? Gotta love it.

hidemyhead said...


LOL, a novella I guess it is. It's long, probs too long. My bad. I never contribute to any blogs, but I had shit to get off my chest. So, I vented.

In essence, I just wanted to stick it to the haters. And now I've said my peace.

lovesit said...


too funny - I feel like I will have a rant like that sometime too - it's been brewing for sometime now I just haven't let it out yet! does it feel good?!?!?

Thanks again Rose for another great post - I look forward to you post everyday after work when I hop on the treadmill, you make the walking more entertaining!

LIZ said...

That was a great Rob video, I just found this one of Kristen on Twifans.


hidemyhead said...


You would be correct in that assumption. It was tweeted out, but not by me. Although I did write it. No plagiarism here.

Anonymous said...


Best one yet!! BRAVO!!

I'll be back later...I'm about to go to my first class...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This will be the third try......LOL

@ Hidemyhead......I hope ya feel a whole lot better.....
'No good bottling shit inside'...I say....
As it's never good for One's "Inner well being"...
`Continue and vent....my friend all ya need, anytime.....
It's most welcome here in my opionion...BTW

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose.

I adore Kristen! She definitely OWNS those crazy, foolish haters. Just her wearing that shirt made them so unhinged. Of course, they do the usual in attacking Rob and Kristen's relationship so they can continue with their delusions. And they always demand pics but then when we get some, they have a TON of excuses handy. Like when Rob and Kristen were caught kissing.

So no matter what happens and what Rob and Kristen do -- they will still continue with their bullshit. So, what does that tell you?! They will remain delusional. And those of us that use logic will remain logical. We just see two people who are together. People we have seen NUMEROUS times together. People who look and act like a couple who are dating. There's plenty out there to show this.

Excuses, excuses, excuses --and bullshit info/stories -- that's what the haters have to live off of.
Me? I just want to enjoy being a fan of two great people. I support them and I would never post crap about either of them -- i.e. so-called Rob fans claming he would be in a PR relationship -- great fans, right?
They would rather believe that because then in their delusional world -- he would still be waiting to fall in love with them. No way would 'their Rob' fall in love without them! Or fall in love with a girl not of their choosing! And they have a tracking device on him so they know what he's doing at any given time. LOL. Crazy is crazy. I think Rob would rather pour molten hot lava on his penis than ever have anything to do with these psychos.

Just wanted say it again -- Kristen is awesome! I adore her.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

You really nailed it..LOL
Twirl, twirl, twirl..love to twirl..hah.. i can feel so much love in the air..Robsten love..

Rob & Kristen are together..deal with it people..LOL..

(i hope i dont waer out my dancing shoes twirling, ...)


Anonymous said...

LOVEIT! That girl should wear that shirt everyday. lmao If only the haters could look at it and take it for what it means...fuck off HA! I can't believe they're still trying to make excuses for Rob and Kristen being together. Geez people it's kinda obvious...love! Thanks Rose, you never disappoint.

*I*Believe* said...

I LOVE sweet Kristen!

I DISLIKE bitter Honey!

Anonymous said...

I meant no disrespect with the novella comment.. I was being rushed out the door by friends and just didn't have a chance to read it.

(Don't let them know, but I have escaped to the ladies room for a moment before the next round of drinks.. Mai Tais!)

Okay.. Laters! (again)

Anonymous said...

Just checking to make sure A is behaving....good boy! No ridiculous FICTIONAL stories, no behaving like a buffoon. Keep it up--I know acting like a NORMAL person is tough for you dude but keep trying and it'll get easier.

Rose--you crack me up with this one today. No words--so funny!

Take care-

Wildhart007 said...

Hi Everyone!

Guess I missed the party last night.

Rose thanks for the great post. I loved "lock, stock and t-shirt"

SueBee your Chronicles get funnier every day.

RKsoumates913 said...
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RKsoumates913 said...

Rose i Loved your post! Perfection!

HideMyHead- it was very wise what you wrote, i liked it a lot!

And i just LOVE the idea of Kristen getting up in the morning and kissing his gorgeous ROBoyfriend and wearing his GOMD tee (he threw on the floor the night before) and going to work! It's so lovely!

Kisses from Brazil!

And boy she knows how to wear it, she does know how to move her hips! You rock Kristen!

RKsoumates913 said...

Rose i Loved your post! Perfection!

HideMyHead- it was very wise what you wrote, i liked it a lot!

And i just LOVE the idea of Kristen getting up in the morning and kissing his gorgeous ROBoyfriend and wearing his GOMD tee (he threw on the floor the night before) and going to work! It's so lovely!

Kisses from Brazil!

And boy she knows how to wear it, she does know how to move her hips! You rock Kristen!

olivia said...

Perfect post Rose.
Kristen is awesome. Just have to repeat:
Love Rob and Kristen. Hugs to Rose and the Regs.
Y'all be good tonight!
Well, maybe just a little good and the rest a little naughty! : )
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was pondering over the Pic of Kristen wearing this "T"

Yes... In My Opinion......
This is a huge statement in my view....That You have nothing to hide nor be ashamed of.....
You GO GIRL! Carry though....
She wears it well too...BTW

Atticus said...

Rose, another spot on post!

Kristen wears the vintage tee well. Yeah, BB, swing those hips. We all know this isn't the first time Kristen has worn Rob's tees but this is the most definitive. I just fucking love this girl and her BF.

hidemyhead...enjoyed your rant.

Patricia said...

Rose: Don't you just LOVE her. Mz. Stewart made a HUGE statement wearing that. I love it.
Rose I think YOU should get one. Suits your snark perfect. Grazie for another great post.
Hi to all the Robert/Kristen lovers here.

Monica said...

Though I said once yesterday, I have to say it again: GREAT JOB, GREAT JOB, Kristen!!~ Hell yes, our girl!~ You own your man! You own his dick!~ So haters fuck off!~

Monica from Asia

dowlingnana said...

Another great job Rose, as always!!
Love Rob and Kristen and love them as a couple!! This is kismet in it's true form people!! Kudos to all of you but the "H". donna

cutiestar said...

Rose, you couldn't have said it better. Short, sweet, and to the point. We can all just hope that the message was received by the trolls of this fandom.

wig4usc said...

If I were Kristen, I would ABSOLUTELY wear that shirt and I'd twirl and twiggle while wearing it! :)

I heard a funny one about the shirts, on Twifans, there's a blog showing the two shirt pics side by side. Someone was trying to claim one shirt was black and the other dark blue.....really? Buying "Get Off My Dick" shirts in bulk are we??

keset said...
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keset said...

So what's the big deal.
She wear Rob's Tshirt...

So what?

I think it's cute.
Really waiting to see Rob wearing Kristen's Clothes...lol

keset said...

Ammm...to the haters http://twitpic.com/2p2f3q

30yearoldtwifan said...

Hi all, sorry this is off topic. I was hoping some regs and maybe even lurkers if they have a minute, email Governor S.

As of today, Friday 9/17 he has NOT signed the NEW paparazzi laws the house and senate passed a month ago. He only has until Sept 31 to sign. A lot of groups are giving him a hard time, obviously that's why he he hasn't signed yet. PLEASE if you have a moment, either email (takes 5 min) or give him a call. Info is right here on how to do so. People out of State and Country please also help, needs to know this issue is being watched all over the US and outside the US.

Lets do something positive for R and K. This fandom has a bad name, with that, lets help if we can for something positive.

Thanks all.


Vangie said...


katy said...

People are saying Rob is in London...I find a bit hard to believe that he is in London.

Vangie said...


Vangie said...

samething i say

Vangie said...

samething i say

sue said...

Yeah girl you rock! I love Rob but I really do love this girl as well. Love it the way she doesn't take any shit. No wonder Rob can't stay away from her too long. Sexy minx!

sue said...


I'm just gonna spend one precious minute of my time on you. Honey, honey, you are really missing out on all the pleasure of witnissing two beautiful people being in love with eachother. Is your life so empty and meaningless that the only way you can get your kicks is rattling us with your comments cause actually I would almost feel sorry for you if you weren't such a bitch/basterd.

sue said...


I'm just gonna spend one precious minute of my time on you. Honey, honey, you are really missing out on all the pleasure of witnissing two beautiful people being in love with eachother. Is your life so empty and meaningless that the only way you can get your kicks is rattling us with your comments cause actually I would almost feel sorry for you if you weren't such a bitch/basterd.

Vangie said...

why,why???????? you ladies spending your precious time to address honey,she is an none entity object, and sighting rob in the uk????????????/

katy said...


Prety sure those sightings of Rob in London are fake.

katy said...


Prety sure those sightings of Rob in London are fake.

May said...

Clueless ppl will obviously remain to be clueless.Yes,sucks to be them. *twirls*


I'm in heaven
And my heart beats
So that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find
The happiness I seek
When we're out together
Dancing cheek to cheek

JS ;p