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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello from Boston!

I am limited to what I can do from here... Can't add pictures :(


I see Robert and dear Tom (and sam?)have landed in Texas.

You know even here in my hotel room... I can hear the excuses.
Is rob going to end up in NOLA with Kristen?

If he REALLY wanted to spend time with Kris... Why didn't he fucking fly there???
Umm... 2 words. No make that 3 words.

Road Fucking Trip!


Who the hell would pass up a road trip with some buddies?
Especially when kris is kinda busy WORKING at the moment.

In all due time people... All due time.

Isn't it just fanfuckingtastic that Robert is having all kinds of fun?
Hasn't he earned at least that much?

So. I hope this works... I was told that there are over 300 comments on my last post...
This should help you out!

Hope to be back soon...
Fingers crossed and all that good stuff!

This post was brought to you by the letters *b* and *o*

B for Boston... Of course
O for my very own On the Road trip!

Bye for now
Heart x 3


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Patricia said...

Rose: I'm glad you arrived safe and not sound but very chatty. I'm so glad you posted and are also like us enjoying the thought of these tight knit guys enjoying themselves together on a road trip, The pictures of Rob last night were so cute. he's SUCH A LOYAL BOYFRIEND sitting at the table texting and dancing in his chair. I LOVE him. I can't wait to see some pictures of him and Kristen together with BIG SMILES ON THEIR FACES (LIKE ALWAYS WHEN THEY ARE TOGETHER) I'm soo excited for him to ENJOY New Orleans (it's the perfect place for him. Fine food, drinks ,MUSIC. close friends and Kristen(the love of his life).
Grazie Rose, enjoy your vacation.


Hi to all my friends on this board.

Gigi said...

Rose, Glad to hear from you have a great time in Boston ...

Anonymous said...

Hello Again!

Thanks for the on the road post Rose! Good to know you've made it into Boston. Now go enjoy :)

SueBee said...

Glad you make it safely, Rose.

I guess we're a prolific bunch of posters, huh? Hope we're not wearing out our welcome.

Anonymous said...

YES Rose it is fanfuckingtastic that Robert is having all kinds of fun.....
Have fun Robert...you Tom! and Sam....and maybe Jella of course...we can't forget the pussy cat! now can we!

SueBee said...

I meant "MADE it safely!"

My typing is off tonight!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...I don't have to go through withdrawals...
A Road trip with friends sounds like it would be awesome..I hope they are having a fun and relaxing time together!

Glad to hear you arrived safe in Boston.

Boogie with Stew said...

Good evening all my wonderful intoxicated friends..Whoooo Rose Boston makes me think of baked beans lol..have fun gf...Yeah.. the Rob and Kristen in the "Big Easy" near the french quarter oh la la...and I think the whole male bonding road trip, to avoid the paps and have a blast on the way to meet his sweetie...twirls and happy thoughts..♥

katy said...

Rose...glad you arrived safe and sound.

I find the all Road Trip...Fascinating, I hope they are having fun and Hope they are Safe.

Can't wait to see where Rob next stop is.

Peace and Love

jen said...

omg, WORD girl.

The excuses are laughable. My favorite is that Robert is prowling for Texas college girls.

The reality is so much more sad. All the girls tweets from last night were INSANE. Some mentioned how he was trying to go unnoticed not really looking up, with his hat pulled down low.

And then you got the girls bragging how they jumped over fences for him, banged on windows to get his attention,----EVEN SCRATCHED HIS ARM, and then they laughed it off.

Good god, I totally get why he says he's allergic to vaginas now!


dowlingnana said...

Thanx for posting the new post!!

Hey there Rose, good to hear from ya!! Hopefully you can rest while away as well.

Louisa: IDK what to tell ya about youtube????? Oh well, atleast I got to see it. Are we still gonna talk tension, lol???

Hey patricia: Rob dancing in his chair? Did I miss that one or was that just a "pun" on words? Sorry can't think of the right word i wanted. donna

Anonymous said...

I can't wait..I held my breath the first report outside LA and this morning, I woke up to twirl worthy news!! He's on his way...he is on his way to Kristen!!

I guess I was thinking he drove since they are starting pre-production of BD...so, swing down get his girl, take her away somewhere quiet before that whirl wind starts. At least they will be together!!!

I was so happy even though all my friends roll their eyes at me!!!

Have fun in Boston!

dowlingnana said...

OMg Jen I love it, I totally get why he's allegic to vagina's now. That's a great one!! The poor guy, what more does he have to do to let "fans" know he is trying to stay unnoticed....geesh!! Can't even take a bloomin' roadtrip in peace. Give the guy a break you dingy's....HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!
Pfffft, college girls, yeah right with the girl he's got, I'd like to see them do photo shoots like she's got. And, what do they mean scratched his arm?????? donna

Anonymous said...

@jen I know! The excuses were hilarious. And what those girls did! And then tweeted about it.. said they were following him to his hotel. Yeah.. it's fans like that that contribute to the "crazy" moniker we get.

@Elaine.. in case you show up somewhere along the way tonight.. to answer yesterday's question.. I don't get to go to New York nearly as often as I would fucking like, but there's talk afoot about a possible return trip this summer. I shall keep you informed. I fucking love talking to you because I get to use fuck a lot :)

@dowlingnana - if only the songs going through my head were that innocent.. But Framing Hanley's version of Lollipop is FAR from sweet and cute.

And where's "A"? I'm missing his wit and charm!

dowlingnana said...


Hoping there will be pics soon!!

Anonymous said...

Waving hello to my rambling Rose! I hope you are having a wonderful time in a good Irish pub! Slante!

Ladies I am on my phone and will have to deprive myself of your company this evening but I am mad for you all. Truth be told, I am going to go drink myself (among other things) into a stupor since the thought of Rose being off on some romantic holiday with her, godIhatetosayit, husband just makes me depressed. At least I know she is well-loved.

As for the pink "a's ladies" jackets I am flattered but agree that it is dangerously close to "ass" and, while that might be how Louisa (and maybe others?) describe me, I don't think anything so crude should ever be worn upon your lovely chests (no matter how big or small they might be). I think a simple embroidered rose might invoke a warmer response since it is how you all came to know each other.

I was just told I should tell Rose to "pak her ca at Havad yad" whatever the hell that means. I believe a reference to the Boston accent?

Good night ladies...more debauchery awaits (and I will do my best to avoid the police this evening).

Marie said...

LOL thank you Jen that was so funny...I can actually hear some idiot saying that..."Rob is in Texas prowling for college girls" Cause we all know that Texas is the ONLY state in the whole country that has college girls....now don't get me wrong I was born, bred and raised in Texas and have spent the majority of my life there...but even a loyal Texan like me is saying to those idiots...COME ON ALL FUCKING READY!!! Yes...Lubbock, Texas has Texas Tech there..and we like to believe that Texas women are really beautiful..but..if he wanted to just see college girls...why travel across country to Texas when he could just drive down the road to USC or UCLA and he could see all the college girls he could stand? Or is this supposed to be a cross country college prowling trip that just somehow ends up in maybe...New Orleans...oh...ohhh...of course the people who refuse to believe will say that Rob and Tom are just going to New Orleans after their prowling trip to see the Vikings play the Saints this week cause we all know how much Brits love football (and yeah I know some really do...I mean no disrespect to those who do...I love football too)...or the same people who said they were on a college girl prowling trip will say once the guys get to New Orleans that they are there together because they are "Together" I wish people would just get their heads out of their asses....lol still laughing...thanks Jen for sharing that!! Oh and just to give you a chuckle...My favorite headline as of late is the one that says that "Robert Pattinson is jealous of Kristen Stewart's Vaginia." LOL
There is no low that people will sink to is there?

deb said...

WELL I left a post on the other post but now I see our sweet Rose made it good for her Rose I do hope you enjoy your self but hurry back WE miss ya And Patty you seen it to it did look like he was on the phone or texting to. WHO WELL WE ALL KNOW WHO IT WAS SOON YEP SOON have fun ladies And Louisa Thank you for the VIDEOS your better then my DOC. DEB.

dowlingnana said...

Tracy: guess I don't know that version and I just asked my daughter and don't either. I soo agree with what those girls did last night. They must be kids coz' if it's college or older then shame on them. Shit!! I'm mad and I don't cuss often but I'm a gettin' there. Leave Rob alone!!

katy said...

to Jen

Yeah, the excuses are Hilarious, there also this one...I read it on twitter:

'Tom wanted to bring his friend Sam along with him on a road trip but because he cannot drive, he asked his EX-FRIEND Rob to drive him to New Orleans where he is filming On The Road with Kristen Stewart'


katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boogie with Stew said...

I missed the pink "a's" jacket and I can't stop laughing to type..
@A always a gent..I think I might get a "Rose" tattoo let me think were I might put it?? drink one for for the "girlz" bottoms up..

Anonymous said...

Rose :)

I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Have fun with the Hubster. Boston is wonderful! I had a chance to visit with my hubby early in our marriage. Lot's of history :)

Hello Ladies...Manjen, Deb, Louisa, Katy, Suebee, Tracy, and of course...INNOCENT DARLING A ;)

It's been crazy for me the last little bit...looks like I missed lots of fun ;) The only disadvantage to living at the beach is that you ALWAYS have company around the Holidays! And while some company is wonderful...the in-laws can be...not so wonderful. My (and this is actually being generous) MORONIC brother-in-law decided to pick up a snake in the grass in front of our house...did anyone know that there were ground rattlers at the beach? Not I and I have lived here most of my life. So...I spent my holiday weekend at the hospital :/ And yes, I know I sound like a Queen B (he's fine by the way) but SERIOUSLY?? WHY would you pick up a snake for shits and giggles? Only in Alabama!

So, a road trip huh? I love that Rob took of with his best friends and is having fun. He's young why not? They should do these things now...you know while they don't have kids ;) Because it happens to the best of us you know...kids that is. And once they get here it's a whole different reality. Awesome but different. Now, if they could just get all the nutjobs to leave them alone....yeah. I know. Best of luck with that!

Anonymous said...

@dowlingnana Not surprised you've not heard of Framing Hanley. Lil Wayne actually sang the song originally. Framing Hanley is a local band, having some slight success in the smaller clubs and venues across the country. But we know one of the kids in the band, so I've listened to their stuff for a while now.

And "A" just did a drive by.. Came, posted and left. Leaves me wanting more.. as always.

@Boogie - ooh.. a tattoo. Hadn't thought of that. I already have 4, one more won't hurt, right? ;)

dowlingnana said...

Robert Pattinson is jealous of Kristen Stewart's Vagina

Wth??? You're right Marie, there is NO low!! Kudo's to all u said.

SueBee said...


The "Ass Ladies" was meant as a joke not as an insult to your person. Hope it wasn't taken as such.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Tracy!!

I think that's his motto...always leave them wanting more :) Hehehehe!!

SueBee said...

Good lord, I almost wrote "Ass Ladies" was meant in a tongue in cheek manner.

Well,looks like I just did. Can't take me anywhere!

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


that was funny!!

katy said...

katy said...
To A

The police? why? what did you do? or did you need their help?

to Tracy...So true:

"A" just did a drive by.. Came, posted and left. Leaves me wanting more.. as always.

Anonymous said...

Leigh! :) HI
Sounds like you've had a busy busy weekend with family!

About snakes.. yeah.. I'm not picking one of those fuckers up regardless of if it rattles or not. I see one of those things, and I immediately go the opposite direction.

@SueBee I think your mind is sinking into the gutter along with mine.. at least it'll have company ;)

dowlingnana said...

@Tracy: okkkk now we get it. Now my daughter says she remembers LW singing that.

@Leigh: eeeeekkkkkk, snakes, yuck!! IDC what kind they are....keep em' away from me, that's all I gotta say.

So, a road trip huh? I love that Rob took off with his best friends and is having fun. He's young why not? They should do these things now...you know while they don't have kids ;) Because it happens to the best of us you know...kids that is. And once they get here it's a whole different reality. Awesome but different. Now, if they could just get all the nutjobs to leave them alone....yeah. I know. Best of luck with that!

SueBee said...

Have I mentioned I'm feeling a wee bit under the weather? Not thinking coherantly!

My brain to mouth filter must be a bit clogged

Off to take some cold medicine and a hot bath.

Anonymous said...

I know right!! That is SO my point Tracy!! I mean any SANE person would go the other way when they see a snake...notice I said sane ;)

LOL @ SueBee!! I guess you can't take me anywhere either...I so want a Ass Ladies jacket! Bahawahaha!!

olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you for your post even while on holiday with your hubby. Stay safe and sound and have a blast in Boston.
Ever the gentleman, with wit and charm ( agree with Tracy ) and great diplomacy ( the "rose" suggestion). May you also stay safe and sound whilst you enjoy your evening of possible inebriety and indulgences with your friends. : )
Believer in Rob and Kristen's happiness,
Olivia (TX.)

jm said...

i can imagine how AMAZING ROBSTEN FANS all over the world really crossing their fingers on this road trip...hahaha...this is really making me crazy...OMG..i hope we all could twirl together...CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR REUNION...thnx rose for the post...HOW I WISH JELLA COULD TALK(CRAZY) OR HAVE HIS HIDDEN CAM RIGHT????THEIR PRIVATE PAP...lol.

Boogie with Stew said...

A Leigh I don't like spiders and snakes but dang boys do..yeah only in dixie right..what did he think he was a snake charmer?

@ Sue Bee no offense taken I can't stop laughing...Ass ladies...giggles

Yes A.. cut and ran..things that make ya go... hmmmmm...

I'll have have to google the Framing Hanley..not hip all the rappers even though I live near the A T L..

@ Tracy yeah one more right I've got one on my back and forget I have it..

and yeah do things before ya got kids God love, but things do change..

Elaine said...

Hello ladies, looks like everyone is on the road.
Rose, hope you enjoy Boston.

@Tracy I'm here. Just got home from work...long ass day after the weekend. I almost fucking died from the hangover...I started drinking on thursday and it was one long drunk fest. The mfucking headache didn't hit me till this morning. Been running on caffeine all fucking day.
Fuck yea! Let me know when you'll be coming around.
Hope you have a lovely night. I'm fucking blasted, the driver had to wake me up to tell me I was already home. I feel like crap right now.

Anonymous said...

Framing Hanley aren't rappers. I think they classify themselves as "alternative". They just had a new album come out. But last year they did the Lollipop remake. I actually like it SO much better than the Lil Wayne version.


You can hear some of their stuff on their web page.

@Elaine - Oh hells yeah.. I think it'd be fucking amazing to see NY from a NY'ers point of view :)

Now go take something for that headache and get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

Ya know accents are a funny thing......I wonder if any of you have wondered how it sounds for me to say things in my accent for instance....and I wonder what this sounds like in my accent also......Just pondering over thoughts.......

"if the shoe fits...then slide that bastard on"!

Boogie with Stew said...

Thanks Tracy I'll check em.. out tx U, I love Alternative muzak.. I did some you tubing to watch some interviews of Rob chatting about the bands he likes.. Black Keys was one of them..

@Elaine party like a rock star..put the lime in the coconut..and go crash

Boogie with Stew said...

Hey Louisa what's shakin .. yeah the whole accent thing.. you should hear mine..lol

I remember the shoe analogy..good one

Anonymous said...

You know...if Rob, Tom, and the rest of the crew are really on their way to New Orleans I hope they go to Central Grocery and have a muffuletta!! Best sandwich EVER!! I had one 2 weeks ago when I was there and can't make a trip there without one. Another must for me is a cheeseburger at Camilla's and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. So much to see and do! We always stay at the Inn on Bourbon and it's beautiful!! Right in the center of everything...of course, I guess that wouldn't be a good thing for them. They do tend to have crazy ass stalkers :/

LOL @ Louisa!! I think this..."if the shoe fits...then slide that bastard on"...is perfect when said with any accent ;) It's just about the perfect phrase :) And do tell us...deep thoughts? Care to share??

olivia said...

Oh, and I forgot to ask:
with all the suggestions ......is it a rose on an old school design letter jacket stencil drawing with the slogan "save the ta tas" on one sleeve and fudpuckers down the other sleeve which is then tatooed onto asses?
If so I have a friend who knows a friend who is married to the best kick-ass tatoo artist and would do the work for free. : )
Unfortunately I pass.....I have a fear of needles and ink!

I hope Rob and friends are have a fantastic time! Road trips are awesome adventures and are great memory treasures later on in life.
(Can't imagine that Jella would be along for the ride. Hope he is home safe with the Stew family.)
Hugs to all,
Olivia (TX.)

dowlingnana said...

Gotta go ladies, transformer just blew out the whole neighborhood and after lighting candles I need to finish up on here. tomorrow, donna

Boogie with Stew said...

@ Leigh hey..that sounds yummy, what is a Muffellta?? I have never been to NO..I really need to go..right

@Olivia I'm lovin it..

Anonymous said...

@ Leigh....not at this stage hun ;}

Boogie with Stew said...

@ dowlingnana be safe hope all is well gn

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. the Black Keys.. will have to check those out :)

Trying to change my picture for my profile.. daughter came in wanting me to help her with her camera (she's taking a photography class) and the software she needs is on MY laptop (brilliant me, not putting it on hers *sigh*)

Lovely.. should have a new profile picture soon, I hope.

@Olivia LOL! That sounds about right.. and it's really not that bad once you've gotten past the initial owie for a tattoo :)

Boogie with Stew said...

@ Louisa I saw the aftermath from last nite..oh my

olivia said...

Hope everything is OK!
OlIvia (TX.)

Boogie with Stew said...

good luck with the pics Tracy

Anonymous said...

@ Boogie w/ Stew...it's a kind of sandwich. It has this amazing kind of olive paste and it's made with Sicilian sesame bread...it's really yummy! And yes, if you live in the USA...New Orleans is a must. I'm just lucky that it's only a 2 hour drive. We go at least a couple of times a year. My hubby likes to go the the Saints games and my daughters and I get to go shopping ;) Lots to do!

Louisa...I wonder if our deep thoughts are about the same thing....

Boogie with Stew said...

@Leigh I'll difintely put that on my to do list.. I have been planning on going for like 5yrs and then Katrina hit.. eating and shopping..

@Louisa..are you in deep thoughts? or ignoring me???curious I'm easily entertained, as you have noticed..

Boogie with Stew said...

good nite my friends near and far gotta finish up laundry..

olivia said...

I know tons, actually, more than I ever thought I would know. My sweet child is pretty well covered.
I do have an appreciation for the true artists. However, it is not for me. Well maybe once I'm 92 I may break down and finally get one, a really, really tiny one, on the bottom of my foot where no one will see it. Yeah, right!
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

@ Boogiew/s no im not ignoring you or anyone here for that matter...sorry I made you feel this way.....This is the second time i have had to appologize for the same thing today.....
@ Leigh...I have no idea what you are talking about ;)

Monica said...

Enjoy your trip Rose ;)

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

@Olivia - I have 4, to date, but I have plans for more. I won't go all out and get completely covered, and all of mine so far have some significance to them. One is for me, for finally being able to be myself (long story). One is for my daughter. One is for my grandmother (it's an Irish knot) and the latest one is my maiden name. That one's for my dad :)

@Leigh - We're going to New Orleans in October. My daughter has a few days off from school. Unfortunately, it's an 8 hr drive and not the 2 hour you enjoy ;) When we make a quick trip like that, it's usually to Atlanta, which is about 3.5 hours from here. You'll have to give me some suggestions on things to do in New Orleans. I'm *really* looking forward to going.

dowlingnana said...

Yah, that was quick!! Now, where are we? Talking about tension Louisa? lol

SueBee said...

Well the cold medicine is starting to work, which means oxygen may actually be reaching my brain now.

Let's see. I have to say "Hell No" on the Tat. I have an aversion to intentional pain. :oP

As for a fan bragging about scratching Rob...WTF on a few levels. If she did it and was glad about it, she's a psycho. If she lied about it and tweeted the info anyway (which is apparently being done) is that what she wants as her 15 minutes of fame--harming someone famous? It boggles the mind.

And lets not forget about the reasoning for the road trip. Logically, we know they are on their way east. Anything else is conjecture--convoluted, retarded conjecture. How strongly some people force themselves into denial is sort of frightening.

dowlingnana said...

Tatto's??? I think a lot of them are adorable, I just don't like gawdy ones. I don't have one but a lot of my kids do. I seem to like them on the ankle the best. Everyone calls me chicken coz' my ears aren't even pierced. lol

Anonymous said...

No Donna i cant give away to much...for gawd sakes you already know what my bra size is.....;0)

dowlingnana said...

As for a fan bragging about scratching Rob...WTF on a few levels. If she did it and was glad about it, she's a psycho. If she lied about it and tweeted the info anyway (which is apparently being done) is that what she wants as her 15 minutes of fame--harming someone famous? It boggles the mind.

Roma said...

Disfruta Boston Rose!!!

dowlingnana said...

awwwwww come on Louisa, you're a brave ole' soul. Hey and don't forget I know your first kiss and when it was too. lol

Anonymous said...

good try Donna....but a ah.....

dowlingnana said...

America's got talent is on and there's a Prince Poppycock singing. the girls are laughing so hard i think they may pee their pants......and they didn't think "I got it". I told em' I wasn't that old to not know what they meant, I was trying to "lighten" up the situation. they're laughing harder now!!! i need a road trip now.

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: are you tellin' me ur speechless now? naw, not you my dear..........

Anonymous said...

Well Darling Dowlingnana for fuck sake..I will not tell you my bloody sexual tention stories....to you "sweetness' nor to anybody else 'sweetbee' coz there things that you keep close to your chest...precious........

hows that?
and BTW I know what you are up too....as well ;0)

Anonymous said...

No matter how big or cough cough small your chest is.......LMAO

SueBee said...


Well, damn, you had to go there!


Anonymous said...

please dont tell me this the 3rd time i need to apologize.....
Suebee it wasn't personel...AT ALL.....'sorry'.....anyone want to make it a 4th

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think I need a drink!

Anybody got any Vodka handy?!

We're talking about boobs again!

SueBee said...


Okay, I won't be miffed! (not that I really was!) LOL

Anonymous said...

miffed?????what in the hell????

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: oh well now, don't go there thinking you know what I'm up to, hahahaha. And ok ok, I'll concede that those tension things do need to be kept close to our chest. haha, but you did get SueBee good, cough cough!!

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa
Miffed means upset or mad

SueBee said...

Miffed- pretentious word representing angry, irate, mad, pissed off, ticked off--etc. :o)

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa...I know right? *deep thoughts* Bahahaha!! If the shoe fits....

@ Tracy...I totally will. There is SO much to do. I won't write a book here but I will make sure you get the info ;) How old is your daughter? That makes a difference in some of the things you can do as far as timing....if you know what I mean. The Quarter at night really isn't a place for small children. But during the day it's usually fine. You are going to LOVE it. We get to Atlanta a bit also. We only live about 5 hours from there. I guess we like to travel? My girls love to go places and do things. And if there is a sports team for my hubby it's all that much easier to talk him into it ;) Lucky me!! Some kids don't like to be in the car but if mine get to go shopping on the other end of the trip...they are all for it!! We are going to LA at Christmas to visit my Sister. I can't wait!! I've been to Cali before but never to LA! So excited!!

Anonymous said...

well...I missed the boob discussion last night....I'm a small C. BUT...if I could remove a wee bit of my ass and redistribute...I would be rockin ;P

Let's just say I know better than to ask if my ass looks big in a pair of jeans!! Bahahaha

Anonymous said...

@Leigh - She's 15. So I know some places are off limits with her. We like to travel a lot too. And my kid's a master at shopping. I have taught her well! She doesn't mind the traveling either. Just give her some books, her ipod, and her phone so she can txt people, and she's content.p

My email address is on my blogger profile, so if you feel comfortable leaving me an email, you can do that. If not, I'll just try to catch you on and get bits and pieces when I can :)

Anonymous said...

well thank you Miss Suebee and Miss Manjen and hello Leigh & Donna i wasn't ignoring anybody BTW...
this word miffed......
I could use that in a sentance all so, so easily.......But just beacause I'm miffed at A certain person......I won't be that rude and show......

Anonymous said...


I will drop you a email in the next few days :) I'll pull out all of my old pics and make sure I don't forget anything. We have been so many times that it kind of runs together after a while ;) If you haven't already gotten a hotel I will tell you that the IOB is wonderful and right in the center of the Quarter. Can't beat it for atmosphere. It's on the corner of Bourbon and Toulouse Streets. So it's also within walking distance of much of what you will want to do :)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I am so happy you arrived in Boston safely. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and I hope you get a break from all the crazies. I am so glad to see Rob and friends having such a wonderful time together, and you are right, he deserves that. I can tell he looks happier already, just knowing he is getting closer to his love. Enjoy your vacation dear Rose, love you.

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa...A certain person?? Are we shopping for shoes again??

Anonymous said...

Sweet :) Thanks bunches! I'm really really looking forward to going.

Anonymous said...

@leigh a woman can never have enough shoes....
@ Tracy...I havent spoken to you for a while......;)

Anonymous said...

Louisa...don't you love it when you spend all this time debating if it's the right pair....and then you just look at them a certain way and...bam!! You know they are ;)

dowlingnana said...

@Louisa: sure sure, you weren't ignoring me...hummmmmf. I'm miffed now, lol, JK. luv ya lady...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've kind of been on and off the blog board tonight. :)

Getting sleepy though. Going to go take a nap I think..

Be back later!

Melinda said...


So happy that you made it to Boston safely. I really hope you have fun on your own road trip.

Thanks for keeping us updated. Wasn't expecting it at all.


As for the Britpak road trip. I highly doubt that poor cat is with them. I can only imagine what Kristen would be thinking while they are making their way east.

I think it is fantastic that Rob is doing a road trip with the boys. Due to his high profile in HW it is really cool to see him still be so laid back and normal. Yet another reason to be a fan of his.

This whole road trip is amusing me to no end since we are in a R/K drought.

And the "excuses" are just to funny at this point. YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID.

*whispers*- maybe with Rose not linking her posts on her twitter while on vacay that little "sticky thing" won't realize she has posted and we can have a few days of just outright fun without reading her insanity.

Let's hope for a miracle.

wig4usc said...

Have fun in "Bean Town", Rose! I've seen the TX pix, and a nothing more fun to be in your 20's and taking a road trip with friends in the car and some money in your pocket! Dipstick girls graveling over Rob give us all a bad name!

dowlingnana said...

*whispers*- maybe with Rose not linking her posts on her twitter while on vacay that little "sticky thing" won't realize she has posted and we can have a few days of just outright fun without reading her insanity.

Let's hope for a miracle

Melinda said...


Thanks for the drive by comment even when you don't have much time to spare. You know we are all quite fond of you. Hope you are able to enjoy your revelry without to much mayhem (i.e. police being involved).


that tweet you commented about- guess who's account that belongs to? Our very own "Honey". Isn't she just the sweetest thing? (inserting eye roll here)

To everyone else have a good one. I am off to bed I think. Wonder what tomorrow (I guess it is actually today since it is 1:00 AM where I am) will bring. Where will Rob, Tom and Sam turn up next?

dowlingnana said...

Damned Melinda, should've known it was the sticky one by the reference ex bf, she's called him that before. See told you your mind works good at night. donna

Melinda said...


Great minds think alike. It is sad that this is such a lighthearted blog and it has to be infested with nasty pesky people.

We need to keep bug spray with us at all times!

Anonymous said...

Rose, great to hear from you, hope all is well in Boston. How could anyone question Rob wanting to drive to New Orleans? like you said "Road fucking trip" I love that lmao..thanks again Rose. Hopefully they're together soon, how long is it to NOLA from Texas? The next few days should be interesting. yeaahhh.

dowlingnana said...

@Melinda: yeah, bug spray......
the good expensive kind, we're not dicking around w/her anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

Road trips are the best.

Hope your having a marvelous time.

The fact that you are blogging on your roadtrip is AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

Welp, some people are just stupid fucks, I guess. So I catch wind of someone tweeting from a bar in Austin that he just saw Rob walk in, and I request, politely, that he not tweet *where* because let's get real.. the night in Lubbock couldn't have been fun with that many people after him.
So anyway.. Rat Bastard tweeted his location anyway, but it was like 2 hours later.
I hope that if they *were* there, they got out before this guy tweeted about it. And if they weren't there, and this guy was yanking people's chains then someone should just walk up to him and punch him in the junk for name dropping like that to get people to come to the bar. Just walk up, punch and go "you know what you did" and walk off.

Anybody awake with me tonight?

Anonymous said...

@Tracy "you know what you did" bwaaahahahaha I effen love that part of the movie. Perfect! I totally think the dude deserves it! HA! too funny.

Anonymous said...

It's my favorite part of the movie. :)

I seriously hope though, that he didn't tweet that locale while they were there (if they were there). I enjoy twitter, but I'd never use it to give out info like that.

katy said...

to Melinda

Realy...it's FUCKWIT HONEY???
It did sound like her...INSANE

ruthys said...

Does anyone else get the image of forrest gump running for the point of just, running and suddenly being joined by hundreds of other people, just running after him... poor rob! What do they think that at the end they'll see him run into Kirsten's arms? Let the poor guy enjoy his road trip in peace.
Love the post as always rose, your words are 100% eloquent and beautiful. We all love Rob and Kris so much, you just manage to sum it up so well! Enjoy your break

katy said...

to melinda

After you told me it was Fuckwit Honey who made that comment that I commented one I read her time line...I found another Fuckwit...@bajmaj...she's another level of Crazy or it could be on of Honey other personalites.
Either way they are both CRAZY

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Had to delete my last comment Sam gigs are in November not Sptember

Melinda said...


Yeah Bajmaj is another nut job on the loose. They are both messes and not in a good way.

What amazes me is that Honey has so many followers. Why anyone would subject themselves to her insanity is beyond me unless they themselves are nuts.

She told me on twitter once that I was FOS and to STFU. So I blocked her. Bajmaj is blocked as well as some of the most vile Kristen haters on twitter.

It is sad that Rob and Kristen have this kind of hatred towards them. Neither deserve it.


It looks like Rob is indeed in Austin (don't know if he is still there). Doesn't surprise me as Austin has a huge live music scene.

Read a story where he was at the Buddy Holley museum and met a respectful fan. The woman had her 1 yr old son with her and Rob apparently told her that he hopes when he has a child they(future child) will be as beautiful as her son.

Melting right now...when said golden child makes an appearance...oh my goodness.

katy said...

to Melinda

Agree, Rob and Kristen don't deserve the hate that they get...Hell...I don't know how can someone hate these two, they are adorable, sweet and all kind of great.

I also read the fan encounter and thought it was adorable...I think Rob want to be a dad and I think we would make a great dad.
Kristen just will have to give him one...can you imagine how beautiful their children would be.


Elaine said...

@ Tracy-Fuck! you got 4 tats!!! I fucking love you even more. I got 1 and have been thinking about another for a few months now. just can't decide where I fucking want it. The one I have is for my man's viewing pleasure. I want this one for all to see.

@ Boogie Yeah I partied like a fucking rock star and it's hard to come back to reality. I'm @ work and have another fucking long day ahead of me. Lots of coffee keep me moving.

kharma1 said...

Happy Wednesday..
Hi Rose...
Hope you are enjoying your time in Boston. It's raining this morning, but hopefully it will clear up this afternoon.
It looks like the rest of the week will be good.

Love that Rob and his buddies are taking their own "On the Road" trip. I'm sure they are having a ball.

Did you go on the Duck Tour yet.. quack, quack..lol.. alot of fun.
Great way to see Boston.

Susan said...

Hi Everyone!

After reading comments like this on several websites, I'm feeling a bit sick. (Please, someone tell me this is really a bunch of crap.) I'm truly hoping that it is.
This kind of stuff really makes me feel ill. I hate this so much!!! I think that Rob is on his way to pick-up Kristen. (I read somewhere that the work in NOLA ends early next week.) It makes sense that they all ride back together, bypassing all the hysteria of flying again.
Well, here's the nasty article:

"Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: ‘Insecure or possessive, or plain jealous??"
Robert Pattinson, the guy who is one of the most desired amongst zillions of girls the world over, mainly due to his drop dead looks, and his extremely well played role as Edward Cullen the cold blooded vampire, in the ‘Twilight Series, has his heart, (in real life), beating for only one gal, that is Kristen Stewart, the sweet gal Bella Swan in the saga.

However, coming to their real life romance, it seems that Rob Patz has –become extremely possessive about Kristen, he has, infact become so jittery regarding who Kristen is meeting up with to whom she signs up her movies with, to whom she romances with on screen etc, etc! That it has almost been seen as getting insecure in his relationship with her!

Recently, many a tabloids have reported about the fact that Robert Pattinson, had gone off to see the filming of ‘On the Road’, which stars Kristen as the female lead, just to make sure that Kristen was only faking the love making scenes with her co- star!

Now, the movie ‘On the Road’ has Kristen working opposite co- star Viggo Mortensen, and Kristen plays the role of a very hep gal, who is into quite a few flings! She plays the role of a gal called Marylon Moriarty, who leads a real fast life!

Reports are that the hot dude Rob Patz is not quite pleased to see his gal Kristen playing such a role, and the explicit hot scene with Viggo.Well, that’s the scene which is irking Rob to the hilt!

Now, that Rob is in a soup, he is probably insecure, possessive or plain jealous, but probably, he would have wished at that moment of the filming of the hot scene, that he would turn into a real vampire, then, he could have flown away with Kristen, where not a single man would’ve ever dared to venture! Quite a thought that!! (ENSNN

Please, let me know your thoughts. I know that between Rose and all of you, your insight is far more credible than any article. Sue

Melinda said...


Please don't believe any of the BS you read online at any gossip website.

The whole point of these websites is to make money on "hits" to their websites.

They will write whatever they can to get people to read their crap.

One gossip site will write something like this and then 5 more will pick it up and either run with it or slant it to their own version thus why you see the same story on many different websites.


Rob and Kristen act for a living. They both know that "sex scenes" in a movie are not real.

Furthermore in the movie OTR Kristen's character NEVER has sex with Viggo's character so that right there should tell you that these sites are spewing BS. They can't even do their "homework".

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Gossip sites are always going to be spewing garbage and there will always be people who are willing to believe it.

I believe that R/K relationship is solid b/c it appears to be built on friendship, respect, trust and love.

Katy- gah Rob and Kristen's children (if they have them) will indeed be beautiful!!

perfectionseeker said...

All you ladies make my day, you really do. Far away in rainy England, the idea of the guys on their roadtrip lifts my spirits and I feel like I'm on a bright highway with amazing places and people around me! I'd like to go to so many of your home states. What's the best thing about your state that I should experience?!

perfectionseeker said...

Susan - I didn't see that article, but I've seen loads today saying that Rob is just following K around like a puppy and she treats him like an assistant. I don't believe a word but you have to go back and watch them in the early days to remember that it's all bull as they are clearly besotted. Been watching the old Rome 2008 footage recently, what happened there? Did she and Oregano just break up time and time again?

Penny Lane said...

I'm relatively new here so don't recognize your moniker. If you are new, welcome.

I'm from Michigan which is a water wonderland. The state is literally surrounded by the five great lakes, Huron, Ontario, Michigan and Erie (H.O.M.E. that's how we remembered it in elementary school). Lots of inland lakes also so water sports are aplenty. Also snow sports since we do get lots of snow. Where I live which is very close to Lake Michigan an average winter receives well over 100 inches of the wet stuff.

Where in England are you? I was recently to the London area and fell in love with it.

Until next time...

Anonymous said...

Good morning my friends!

I hope you are all having a beautiful day...especially LJ who said she was sad yesterday. Feel better darling!

Beautiful Rose,

I hope Boston is treating you well and you are having the time of your life. Enjoy it all sweetheart and please give us an update soon on how much fun you are having. Did you know how many people would be missing you and your wonderful creativity? It is good because you deserve all the love and more. Take care and travel safe!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning A ;)

Wow...you sure are up early ;p

perfectionseeker said...

Hi Penny Lane, realised my moniker is a little long, you can just call me Daisy instead! I am fairly new, but I just love Rose's blog and it feels really nice to be part of a community! I'm in the East of England, just under 2 hours from London. Glad you liked London, to quote KStew 'it's so much like London' and I know just what she means. Michigan sounds beautiful, America has such beautiful landscapes.

katy said...

Good morning @A

Always a sweet heart...Hope everything is well.

SueBee said...

Hey all! Just stopping by to say hello. Hello!

I'm sorry I made it such an early night last night. My cold medicine knocked me out! On the bright side, I can mostly breath now.


Sweetie, don't worry about these articles. They are all speculation and based nothing on facts.

If you read it again, you will see that it is mostly the author's opinion. Did she/he sit down and interview Robert or Kristen? No, not at all.

Unfortunately, when some people see happiness, they become jealous and express their opinions with sour grapes.

Don't believe anything you read and only half of what you hear.

It's all good.

Off now to do some retail therapy (shopping)!

Hugs, kisses, and such to all of my friends.

Be back later to see what kind of trouble we can get into. ;oP

Penny Lane said...

Not that it matters but I guess I don't remember elementary school too well. There is one more great lake, Superior, so that makes it HOMES for the acronym.

It is a nice little community here. Kinda feels insulated from the other blogs. Not so much "Oh he's so hot", blah, blah, blah. Just a lot of fun in the comments and heaven help anyone who tries to slander either Kristen or Rob. The regulars zero in on them with a vengeance.

For a young man you are up awfully early. Places to go, people to see?


katy said...


listen to Melinda and SueBee...don't listen to does crapy Tabloides


are you new where...if so Welcome, and like Penny Lane said we are quite a very protective grupe of Rob and Kristen...but a Sane One

Lots of Love and Peace

Anonymous said...

Darling A - I am happy to see that your night of imbibing didn't prohibit you from checking in on us this morning. I trust last night's adventures were less disorderly? Mind you, I am not totally against the disorderly conduct, as I am still prone to behave in such a fashion sometimes myself.

I hope you're enjoying better weather than I will be today. It looks to be raining off and on throughout the day. Not my favorite kind of weather, but it does permit me to stay indoors and read a book. :)

@Elaine - yes! 4 tattoos.. so far ;)

oh SueBee! You speak my language! I have retail therapy all the time! :)

Anonymous said...


I agree with everyone else...don't listen to all the crap. I don't even visit any other blog or website...Rose tells me all I need to know ;) Love me some Rose!!

*waves* Hi Rose!! I hope you are having a blast!

Welcome Daisy ;) We all love Rob and Kristen here (Tom too!! I can't forget about Tomstu) it's a great place to hang out ;) Nice positive energy!!

Now...I should get back to work. Lol...be back later ;)

Anonymous said...

Tracy, PennyLane, Leigh..and all my other friends-

I managed to stay on the right side of the law last night so no worries. It has finally stopped raining although I hear we are due for more. We are considering building an ark soon if this doesn't stop. Hope the sun will be out for all of us soon.

Tracy what are you reading? I am working my way through some books I was forced to read in school and am only finding a bit more appreciation for them as a (semi) adult. Let me know if you have any good suggestions.

Susan--those articles are complete rubbish. They are fantasy and rarely have anything to do with the truth. At this point Rob and Kristen would have had 12 children if those stories were true.

Love to you all--especially my Rose.


katy said...


And Tom...I could i forget about Tom.

Yeah...Daisy, we also love Tom and the rest of the Brit Pack...lets not forget about them too :)

perfectionseeker said...

Thanks for the welcomes - that's lovely. TomStu makes me laugh, he's always there but I've never heard him speak and people are always tweeting that Rob's with 'some friend' and you know it's the beloved Tom! Envious of both the reading and the retail therapy ladies - thought it's 6pm here so I may fit in some of 'American Rust' if I can tear myself away from all you lovely people!

LJ said...

Hello my friends!

First of all many thanks to those who wished me well yesterday. I was indeed a very sad day for me as I had to go to my godmothers funeral. But today is a new day and the sun has shone all day which is a miracle for England in September!

A, thank you so much for your kind words they are appreciated more than you know...I love hearing from you.....it's just unfortunate that as I am in England I always miss out on the fun convo's...you know like bra size...ahem 'pussys' etc...I'm usually asleep by the time the party starts ;-)

Rose, glad to hear you are having a fun trip...enjoy! and thank you for finding the time to post.

Daisy, big hello *waves* from the North West! I live in Cheshire.

Massive love & hugs to all my friends on here. If any of you are on facebook that I'm not already friends with please add me, my name is Liza Joy Goodier.



deb said...

Good Morning SueBee And all you lovely Friends I agree with you about all this shit there saying( or I should say writing) Does any one know how long our Rose well be gone? And isn't Kristen done the movie the 12th WELL I hope Rose is having some fun you all have a good day. DEB.

perfectionseeker said...

Hi LJ and waves back to Cheshire! I assume the 'pussys' convo was Jella (ahem)..Sorry you had a sad day yesterday, but glad to hear the sun is shining, it's rainy here! Thinking of heading to Seattle next year and maybe up to Vancouver, wouldn't want to miss the familiar rain :)I'm sure Rose will be surprised to see 133 comments in her absence but hope she's loving Boston! Waves from England! Daisy

Anonymous said...

LJ...sorry to hear about your Godmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you ((hugs)) Sunshine is a wonderful thing for our moods right?? It truly makes you look at the world differently.

@ A...a ark huh?? That's funny. I live in the deep South and we get so much rain...it's just a part of life. As a matter of fact...I live just outside one the rainiest cities in the US! So, I know what you mean. Sometimes when it rains for 2 weeks straight...yep, you start to go a little stir crazy ;) And that's not to mention the hurricanes and humidity. I swear you really can drink the air around here sometimes.

Thank goodness Fall is in the air and it's not getting so hot anymore. I actually had to wear a jacket on the beach one evening last weekend when I went for a walk! Woo hoo!!

Well, apparently I'm not going to get any more work done today so I think I'll go have a little retail therapy of my own before I pick the kiddies up from school ;)

Anonymous said...

A - I am currently reading 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time' by Mark Haddon. After that, I think I'm going to be reading "Tinkers" by Paul Harding. And I've just learned that Sarah Gruen has a new book out, so I will most likely be making a trip down to the book store.

I have a stack of books that I want to read, many more that I want to buy :)

I will occasionally revisit classics, and have reread some that I had to read in school. Because let's face it, you don't WANT to read them in school. But I can appreciate them somewhat more now.

Except "The Awakening" (by Kate Chopin) which I just don't like at all, but laugh at every time I hear someone talk about it. My first year in college, and I'm in my lit class.. we've had to read that book and now we're watching the movie. All of us in the class are at least 19 or 20, and we're watching this movie and an intimate scene comes on and the professor freaks out and tries to prevent us from seeing it. But she chose to put it on fast forward to get past the scene. So not only did we see the scene, we watched them having sex in fast forward. It was unbelievably comical.

I have had my fill of rain this year. I think I had enough all the way back in May when we got that horrible flood. I was stuck in my house for two days!

I hope you find the sunshine :)

perfectionseeker said...

hi Leigh - where are you in the South? I love the term Fall, we just call it Autumn here which isn't quite as romantic. Tracy - that made me laugh, it's like watching a love scene with your folks. I was thinking of sending Twilight to my parents but don't know if they had handle all the tension!

Anonymous said...

LJ - I am glad you're feeling better. I know how hard that loss is, as I just lost my grandmother a couple of years ago. So *big hugs* for you today :) I still use my grandmother's favorite tea cup when I'm thinking of her. She always drank it out of one of those delicate china tea cups.

@Leigh - The humidity! Oh my gosh.. it's not the heat that'll get you, it's the humidity!! I'm glad it's almost fall as well. Makes it a tad bit easier to breath when you're outside.

And all this talk about retail therapy! I just know I'm going to end up doing some of my own today :)

@Daisy - I know! It was so funny. We tried SO hard not to laugh because the professor just kept getting flustered because she couldn't get the image off the screen.

Bren said...

Hi Guys,

Move to Albuquerque, we have sunshine 362 days a year. We haven't had snow in the city the past two winters. It does snow in the state , but generally north of Santa Fe.

I usually don't come on here and send you to a different website, but if you go to Spunk Ransom..people are buzzing about seeing Rob in Austin, then Louisiana last night....

Rose, I hope you're having a great time!

Bren said...

Sorry, guys I failed to mention that today is one of those three days when we have clouds. Seems that Texas is sending us some of their rain....

Anonymous said...

Bren - I will gladly take a day of clouds over a day of rain anytime.. After getting about 20 inches of rain in two days back in May, I'm done with the waterworks. There are still places that are closed and remodeling around here after the flooding.

And now I'm heading out to do my own retail therapy :) I hear some books calling my name, and I must go liberate them (legally, of course) from the bookstore!

perfectionseeker said...

anyone know what's happened to RobstenDaily? It's started saying account suspended.. hope it's not gone long they're pretty good at getting lots of pics!

Anonymous said...


I hated the Awakening, thought it was dreadful. Love the fast forward love scene--how funny. I have a relative who read Tinkers so I'll put that in my queue-thanks!

Stay dry--still drizzling and a bit of thunder here.

LJ-So sorry to hear abut your godmother's passing.

Off to scavenge for lunch. Tonight I am going out with some friends again so yes, I will try to avoid the local authorities and I will definitely tip my glass to all of my friends here.

Hahaha--the word that I have to spell to verify this posting is "mating" I don't know why but I find it rather HIGHLARIOUS. (missing Rose--wish she would hurry back to keep us all bright and happy--how much is there really to do in Boston afterall. You go see the historical things, snog that damn husband, and get back to us quick as a hiccup)

LJ said...

Thanks A, have a wonderful time....and remember if you can't be good be careful ;-)


olivia said...

Hugs to you L J. So sorry about your grandmother.

Tracy, the Haddon book is very good. There is another very interesting one that deals with autism - I do have to look up the name and author since I read it several years ago. I'll let you know.

Am looking forward to the new S. Gruen novel also.
Right now I am reading The White Queen by P.Gregory.

Rose, keep having an awesome time in Boston.

A, hope your afternoon and evening are wonderful with your friends!

Welcome to all the new friends.

Still raining and stormy in central TX. today.

Olivia (TX.)

Melinda said...

Hey everyone-

Just doing a short drive by comment in case I don't have the time to come back on later.

LJ- so sorry to hear of your godmothers passing.

A- have fun with friends again tonight. Drink one for me!

BTW- book suggestion if you are interested- I am currently reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks". It is very sciency (yes I know that's not a real word)but a very interesting read on how her cells after her death have done wonders in the medical field. It also discusses the toll it has taken on her family, etc.

SueBee- retail therapy is the best! I just spent $700.00 in 5 minutes on gift certificates. Best news is that the money spent isn't mine but the companies. I love spending other people's money! Ha,ha!
So will any of your purchases be lingerie perhaps??? (wiggles eyebrows)

It's raining here in the Sunshine state. We need it so I am not going to complain to much.

Welcome "perfectionseeker" to our little family.

Hope Rose is having fun in Bean Town. She is missed.

Anonymous said...

Good mornan Rose and All the 'Regs on this lighly clouded but pleasant spring mornng.....Rose hope you are enjoying Boston.....Throw a couple of pics our way hun....[although I know this is highly unlikley]...but you can try!
@ Lj sorry to hear of the passing....of a close one.....please except my condolinses....still reading of what I've missed.....any new news ppl?...

katy said...

L J.

I'm So sorry about your grandmother...Hope you are feeling better.


ohh, @A another night of debauchery...have fun with your friends.

Rose...I anxious for your next post

Anonymous said...

A- Glad you're staying somewhat dry. :) And have a drink for me. Preferably something with Vodka in it. I doubt I'll be able to enjoy any myself tonight as I am having to drive my daughter to go watch her boyfriend compete in a cross country running event. His parents are going to be there and we are *finally* going to meet them. She's been going out with this guy for 8 months now, you think we would have met his parents by now.

Oh, and I've thought of another book for you. I saw it while I was out and remembered it. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It's been made into a movie, but I haven't watched it yet. But the book was excellent.

Have fun! Be careful!

Catch everybody on later! I'm having to do a post and run since I have to go get my darling daughter from soccer practice!

Louisa!! *hugs* I will definitely catch you on later!

Gotta run!

LJ said...

xxx Thanks to you all, your kind words do mean a lot xxx

Hey Louisa my friend! wheres my part 2? :-) ha ha...

Hope you are well,

Much love

Anonymous said...

@A I went to the liberty of trying to underestand your ...well let's say....curious tougue!.....
I believe this is Gailic........
"for drink up bitches"!
And it isn't even St Patricks day....
oh well then that only leaves me one thing to say....
And have one for me!!!!!
Without gettin into to much trouble with the athorities....try to stay under the radar....no doubt!

@ Lj with all this talk about ....ya know....Titties...it's left me No time for my Pages on Louisa's experience Part2....You are in the que...although my sons having a little get together for his birthday and that's also playing havoc with my time.....but rest assured it will happen......
Please put ya chin up...and don't be sad.....a sad LJ is not a good LJ......under the circustance I understand......

LJ said...

Ha ha Louisa who could be sad when chatting to you :-) you don't half make me laugh!

It's it's been a shitty old couple of months with one thing or another, but I'm fine honestly nothing keeps me down for long. I'm ready for my new beginning.....


Anonymous said...

@ Lj
Well cycle #1 will be here in no time at all!......
Just wait till #8 and 9 are over and you will be......"As right As rain"......I will discuss my experiences with this notion I have brought to your attention.....just to show you how true it is......until then my Pommie Friend...I hope you have a good one....Louisa

Anonymous said...


Darling I am so flattered that you bothered to research but I never knew slainte meant anything involving bitches. I thought it meant "to your health" or something along those lines. Thank you for the info and I will be more careful how I use it.

Tracy--I adored the Kite Flyer partly because it was a gift from my mum and mostly because it is an excellent read. Thank you for the suggestion and I will look forward to more from you since we seem to have the same taste.

My friends and I just discussed you ladies again as one of them knows Rose also and was inquiring into her latest blog and the accompanying comments. I tried to express that normally the comments here are, not as juicy shall we say, as the last few nights but they are hopeful that you will all be discussing more this evening. Don't worry, if it is anything too sordid I will not share it as I feel rather protective of all of you at this point.

Still no Rose...my heartbreak continues.

Anonymous said...

@ Daisy

I live in Southern Alabama...on the Gulf of Mexico. Hot as hell in the summer but oh how I LOVE the winter months. It hardly ever gets below 45 degrees ;) Wonderful for someone who absolutely abhors the cold weather!

Well, this is a bit of a drive by as I have to get my daughter to dance class. Everyone have a wonderful evening! Hopefully we can ALL stay out of trouble ;)

Hello Louisa :) How's it going??

Anonymous said...

@ A Darling,cuteness, sweetypie.....
Ya know being "careful" is the key to not being "caught"!
Is it not?
and BTW has there's been an upgrade from ....well ...can I spew it from my Lips......let me try....R....I...
hang on one more time.....R......II.....????
Sorry I can't seem to do it......Although I am loving the upgrade to ....."Darling"...now that's much better....
Or "Love".....But not "rubbish" ...who'd use such a word????? lololololo

Anonymous said...

Oh no worries Louisa, in my heart, mind, and soul you will always and forever by my RIZZO!

perfectionseeker said...

Leigh I've always loved books set in the southern states and sit here dreaming of a porch swing on a hot humid night. Am sure life is not a Fannie Flagg novel but I love the idea of it :) I think I was born in the wrong country, I was raised in Devon, Southern England, more Jane Austen country!A@ am sure Rose is thinking of you too! Anyway, night lovely people, enjoy the rest of your day!x

Anonymous said...

And another thing ...ya know with the "bitches part......
I seem to be saying this allot latley.....But spunkmuffin [ and I mean that in the Aussie usage for the word....as we have established another meaning elsewhere....hmmm}....
well studmuffin.....if the shoe.......

I'm only pullun ya leg......I wouldn't want to call you or your buddies.......bitches......I mean i hardly know them....I'd probably love them as I do you......so until next ........bye my love.....

How's it hangin Leigh??Lol

perfectionseeker said...

Yay! Just read that there are details emerging that the Twilight 2 disk DVD will feature an audio commentary with Kristen and Rob!!

Marie said...

Susan, listen to what SueBee and the others have said...don't take those articles seriously...good advice Ladies

LJ I'm so sorry for your loss..I'm glad you're feeling better today

Daisy, I live now in Kansas..a wonderful state but being from Texas I feel like I should tell you about that state..Picking one place is impossible..but I guess first on the list to visit would have to be San Antonio to see the Alamo...yes..but also the River Walk, the beautiful Spanish missions, great places for retail therapy and they have great food there, . Austin is also worth a visit..a unique city in the heart of Texas with a fun college town feeling to it, Austin is a beautiful friendly city that ranks #1 on several lists as being the best place in the states to live with good reason. Now if you every go towards Kansas, you have to see Wichita, it is so beautiful, lots of trees, lakes, and the friendliest people I've ever met. Ok, it's offical I sound like a Texas tourist guide..sorry >.<

perfectionseeker said...

Ha ha Marie that sounds gorgeous, thank you! I hear rumour that Robert himself might be in Austin right now so am sure he'll agree with you! Kansas must also be lovely, do you get a lot of storms? x

LJ said...

Thanks Marie,

Wow....now I want to visit Texas too, sounds like a great place!

Louisa...still chuckling...'with all this talk about ....ya know....Titties' he he he he


Susan said...

Hello again . . .

I wanted to thank everyone, including the elusive Mr. 'A", for setting me straight, concerning those disgusting "rags", that print lies everyday.

I so love R&K, and I didn't want to think there could be any trouble brewing between them. I want them to always be together. Hopefully, their love will be strong enough to be able to withstand all of the outside intrusions that they will always face.

I feel so silly to feel this way. I haven't told anyone about my "addiction", fearing they would think I've gone and totally lost my mind. They are so young, but so mature and independent in so many wonderful ways. What exciting lives they live! They are perfectly matched in every way.

I'm so glad that I found Rose's website, and all of you to share our thoughts, our agony in times of drought, and our common link that holds us all together.

Thanks again, I sure do love it here!!

Anonymous said...

@ Susan....hey welcome to Our world....The addiction in only half the problem for myself.....but like a prescibed to other "newies'.....
Take Roses blog ....
1. Before meals &
2. at least 3 times a day....
and when you do #2 make sure you are visiting with a smile, sense of humour.....and most of all Love......Well y'all I think that covers it......
and BTW we all have our Intoxication about Robert and Kristen....how could you not.......and it doesn't matter from where you are on this fine Globe....it seems the most who come here are all in "the same boat"! and for me I realy can't see it fading away any time soon...as I fell stronger about my "Addiction, now than I did almost a year ago ....when it first started.....How in the Hell could you not.......

Marie said...

Daisy, not too many storms here yet, lots of rain. Texas actually gets more tornados than Kansas, and this year Minnesota has led the states on having the most, which is ODD.

Susan, welcome, I'm glad that I was able to find a place too where people understand the way I feel about Robert and Kristen without thinking I needed to be committed. My husband does understand and he has been really sweet, he actually took me to see "Eclipse" twice...he slept through it the second time but he did take me.
Everyone here as a rule is wonderful, and they are a lot of fun to be around, but if you see a post by a vile person named Honey...well ignore her, there always has to be a snake in paradise I guess and Honey is ours.

olivia said...

The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon is an excellent tale about a high functioning autistic young man who is offered the chance to take part in an "experiment" by the company he works for. It will however change him forever. This is an excellent, but very different read. The author has an autistic child and writes from a very authentic viewpoint.

Welcome Susan.
Yes Rose has a most wonderful blog spot that she tends with love,honesty, and a wicked sense of humor. How great to be able to enjoy your guilty addiction/intoxication with lovely people from all over the world! Also, most of the regulars here are very protective and caring of Rob and Kristen, individually and together as a couple. We have been taken by their genuineness, honesty, commitment to quality work, love of family and friends and their special uniqueness, independence, and originality. Some of us even root them on with maternal feelings, wishing them the best in love, life, and career. In fact, we have now begun to adopt the rest of the Brit Pack too! Only fair and loving, since they have adopted Kristen into their fold. Jella even has her fans here!
Glad you and other new Rose fans are here with us.

Y'all are invited to Texas. It is a pretty darn nice place to live like Marie mentioned. I also vote Austin as #1. It is full of amazing food, tons of funky music venues, beautiful Town Lake, beaucoups of art galleries, lots and lots of parks, shop til you drop places.... and like they say,
"Keep Austin Weird". They even have "Hippie Hollow"! And just to the west of town, the beautiful Hill Country begins.

( But, must admit Michigan is a much prettier state with all the lakes and greenery. Have to get my fix yearly.) Alternate vote goes to Santa Fe!

Sorry, felt like a road trip, like some friends we know! : D
Hope Rob and the guys are staying safe and having a blast! Sweet reunion coming up!
Hugs to all,
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

@ marie
You call it 'a snake in paradise'...

I like to see it as balance ....as ALWAYS in life there is "a BAD" to counteract ….the good.....Lucky for us here, the scales tip heaps, heaps more to one side than the other....If that is the compromise...for my happiness..then I will take it....And this is how I see every single thing in my world........and this also includes the touchy subject of "My mother In law".....enuff said......coz I can see what a "new can of worms" opening......and I don't want to be the blame again for this one!...

Marie said...

Louisa lol you're right I totally agree, it's balance and I guess since I am very very very lucky to have one of the rare wonderful mother-in-laws, she never interfers and is absolutely wonderful..Honey is just a pain in the ass that we must endure in order to keep balance in the world!
And Olivia, well said about Austin and about the maternial feelings some of us have about Rob and Kristen. I too root for them to be happy.

By the way Louisa, doesn't the word "Root" mean something entirely different in Australia?

Wildhart007 said...

Hi Everbody!

First I want to give my sincere condolences to LJ. The loss of a love one is difficult to bare. I was happy to hear the sun came out for you today. Don't know if you have heard the song "I can see clearly now the rain has gone"? It just seems appropriate to me.

@Tracy we must live very close to each other. My house was surrounded by water in May due to all the rain. Thank goodness it never got in the house but I sure thought it was going to at one point. I'm in Nolensville, the creek that runs by my house goes into Mill Creek.

A good series of books I really like is the Sword of Truth series starting with Wizards's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. It has alot of good sayings in it that are great.
eg.."Information is the coin of power and that is not a coin to be spent frivolously" and "Nothing is ever easy". Love that last one!

Louisa your fan is back, I like the balance in life. I always say that alot of things go into making situations, its rarely ever one specific thing but several different things that make a situation.

What are we doing for fun tonight? I had a situation at work today that made me rethink the breast situation. I work on a belt in the mornings where we unload a tractor trailor truck. We always have music turned up loud. Well someone had turned it down and forgot to turn it back up. So I made a hand motion to turn the music up since I'm halfway down the belt from the radio and you can't hear me. The guy by the radio didn't understand me, so I bounced up and down like I do when I'm dancing to the music, and guess what? He immediately got a big grin and turned the music up. Wonder what he has been looking at when I bounce? lol

Anonymous said...

@ Marie you are not enticing me to give you lesson #19 are you not? lol

Root indeed means the thing that hangs deep in the ground under a tree, srub or grass....

But O suppose "root' for me and my fellow "fair dinkums" it means .......well...how can I put this ...without sounding like .......and will my lips allow it......let me try.....R....R...RI.....nop sorry I can't do it>>....heheheh

To have a Root...yes it means to have sex......And apparently might I add....."A" Someone here is apparently lacking in this dept.....wish I could say the same for my fine self……[ to much info…but apparently I’m notorious for it!]

SO may I be so bold and say Have ‘A ‘good root and Slante!....for me my Precious …Secret Friend….. LMAO

Marie said...

LOL Yes Louisa I was hoping for a lesson 19, I remembered that from the 2000 Olympics when people from the states were told not to say they were rooting for someone because it meant something completely different. lol thanks for the lesson.

Wildhart007 said...

I like the root meaning. Don't know if I want to go there Louisa

Anonymous said...

ya know Marie sometimes I go back and read the "shit I type' and think to myself.....Did I actually say that...Oh shit did I say that......then think oh "what the heck" 'stuff it!'.....just leave it there...and that I do....Hopefully I have placed a smile on yours and Wildharts face.......and that is only and ever my intentions....so If i have acheived this.....that makes me one happy "sheila'! LOL!

Wildhart007 said...

Definitely smiling!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Linda...you deserve to smile as does everyone here!
AND i saw you pic.....what a beautiful woman you are indeed!

Wildhart007 said...

I lost my other comment in internet limbo somewhere. Thanks Louisa, I don't usually take pics, I hear too many negative comments at my house to feel good about them. Don't enlarge it cause I have one eye shut. Swear I only had 1 beer at that point.lol

Anonymous said...

Linda that what ya tell me....lol

Wildhart007 said...

Did you read one of the accounts of so called fans in Texas pulling the hair out of Rob's arm? People just amaze me with their stupidity sometimes, if that is true.

Anonymous said...

@ Wildhart
I didn't read about pulling hair out of his arm, but I did read something about scratching his arm...don't know if it's true or not...if it is...people are weird and crazy!!

Wildhart007 said...

Manjen I think I read it on Spunk Ransom from a twitter or facebook reposting. I was hoping that they were lying cause that is just plain wrong!

Anonymous said...

no Wildhart I haven't been on twitter of late....to find this crap and actually read it also....I prfer to stay away from that stupidity.....co I enjoy Rob and Kris in my own way w/o this fanatic idioticisy being apart of it....Now why in the hell would ya do that to Rob.....Just like I heard once s/one stole the hair that came of his Beautiful head of his and perhaps try to pawn it off on ebay....if thats true.....WTF are ppl thinkin!

Anonymous said...

Louisa...what can I say? I come here to read your comments as much as Rose's blog ;) You are hilarious!! Love it!! LOL!!

So...tonight when I went to pick my daughter up from dance I went in to sign up for Zumba class. I know most of you remember the wonderful entertainer I told you about a couple of weeks ago that I had a chance to see in New Orleans. She was simply amazing!! Well...they are now offering a pole dancing class. (for exercise of course) So I'm seriously thinking about taking it... I don't know though. I mean I'm 35 years old and have NO aspiration to become a stripper :) I just think it would be fun. I also think the Hubster wouldn't mind too much either. Thing is...I don't think I would want my kids to know about it. Any thoughts?? Am I crazy?

And as for Mother-in-laws....yep, lets just say I'm not blessed in that department either Louisa!

Wildhart007 said...

At 1:50 a.m., Pattinson emerged.

Caldwell recalled, “Girls were running from opposite ends of the alley. After he got in the white truck, girls started jumping on the hood. Some girls tried to hang on to the back.”

Caldwell said that she was able to reach out and touch Pattinson’s arm as he walked from the bar to his getaway vehicle. Just before that, she videotaped his dark exit with her cell phone.

She said her friend was even more excited.

“Caroline got so close that she said she was able to pull out one of his arm hairs,” said Caldwell. “But she lost it in all the excitement.”

I found it again. It was on Spunk Ransom

Anonymous said...

@ wildhart007

The hair off his arm?? Really?? I mean why? What would you do with it? Never mind, I probably don't want to know!! Some people are just crazy. I hope it was a tweener and not a adult that did this. But you know...Poor Rob has that certain something that makes grown women act insane!! But seriously...that's a bit much!!

Anonymous said...

@ leigh oh F..k please dont put me up there with Sweet Darling Irrasistable Rose.....that woman has talent and a half.....and I have no intention of knocking or pushing her off her perch....Im rootin for ya Rose....although she is now on a Romantic Hol. wid da HUB...and I know what that means.....Don't ya remember where I was a month ago......lol
AS for the pole dancing....You go girl.....I just thought of that scene J Curtis and non other than ...and let me try to spell it! Swaznegger...no I think its prob wrong....but ya know what I mean.....

Anonymous said...

@ Wildhart

I don't know where I read it.

Wildhart007 said...

Go for it. I ordered belly dancing cds off the internet and have been practicing for Halloween. Plus it is great exercise.lol Pole dancing sounds great!

Anonymous said...

@ Wildhart

They were hanging on the truck??? That is totally creepy!! Why in the world would you do that? I just don't understand.

Anonymous said...

hey I've done belly dancing classes....Mate I had muscles there i didn't even know that existed even after having my sons....
You are right Linda its a great exercise for ya belly....that and cycle ryding....that does wonders for ya.................here I go again.......i will stop here.....you lot keep tricken me to spill all my shit.....and i think y'all know enough about me thus far......so zippppppppppppp!

Anonymous said...

LOL Louisa!! NO ONE could replace Rose...Sorry, no offense ;) But, you definitely have a way with words yourself ;)

LOL...that's funny the scene from that movie. Whenever I think about it I think about a video I watched on youtube where the woman fell and crashed into the table! That would be me! Bahahah!! I just think it would be fun and maybe give me confidence...maybe. I guess that could go either way...

@ Wildhart007 ohhh, belly dancing. I wonder if there is a class somewhere around here I can take? I love to do fun things like this while my kids are at dance and such. It's pretty much my only free time in the afternoons ;) Do you like it?

Wildhart007 said...

Come on Louisa, You got me to reveal a whole lot more how shall I put it, personal info. Did you get the costume too?

Manjen I hope they are lying.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wildhart007 said...

Leigh I love it. I love to dance crazy anyway, like I said earlier I bounce everyday at work.lol
but belly dancing is just sexy fun.....

Penny Lane said...

Pole dancing, I don't know, I'd probably hurt myself. Kind of like forgetting you're riding on a boy's bike and land on the bar- ouch.

Have you ever tried hula hooping? I have one of these big, thick, ribbed ones that really give you a workout. Somehow as I put that into words it sounds like a lot of innuendo, but really its a legitimate thing.

My code word here is pantin-kind of funny

My son calls it a ball buster. For some reason men just don't seem to be able to keep it up. And I'm talking about the hula hoop now , not something else cause I know how you all think here.

Eclipsed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

OMG Penny Lane!!!

'I have one of these big, thick, ribbed ones that really give you a workout.' I about DIED laughing. I am now cleaning up diet coke from my laptop!! So yeah. I may need to look into that ;) And I know you didn't mean it that way...I guess my mind is still in the gutter with a few other ladies from the other night ;P Bawahahaha!!

dowlingnana said...

Hello my dear fellow believers,
I'm a bit later today coz' afraid my hard drive in laptop may be going to the dogs..........ugh!!

Louisa: You are starting again aren't you dearie...;o) And, since titties seem to keep "popping up", lol, we could talk mamograms...any and all experiences. But, I didn't suggest it...........shhhh.

LJ: condolences for your loss. Pray your heart will be sunny soon.

PennyLane: I'm from MI. as well, what part are you from? I'm in a little town called Gobles. Kind of stuck in between, Paw Paw and Allegan. If you go West it goes into Kalamazoo and East goes into South Haven and there is Lake MI. So, we're not far from either way.

Marie: where in Kansas do you live? I have cousins in Bartlett.

Daisy: the Twilight dvd does have two and yes for the commentary is Rob, Kristen and CH.

Wild@hart: hahahaha, so did you keep bouncing for your co-worker? That is hilarious!! I think of Rob bouncing as one of his friends did karaoke last night. lol

Susan: so agree totally on R&K being a perfect match, I've always thought that as well.


enuff for now, later, donna

Anonymous said...

well Penny Lane [ Hi BTW} I'm the resident Rizzo apparantly....
I call it Breaking my balllz! hehe
And my DH does that several times a day.....[ and im not talkin about rootin either .....} lol

Anonymous said...

as you can see Penny Lane ...Donna never has anything to say..bwahhhhhhhhhhhh!

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