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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ain't Too Proud To Beg...




I'm on Rob overload.
And quite frankly...
I'm sick of it.
Rob? Fucking stop it, OK?
Give me a break...


Do you have any idea what all these pictures are doing to me?

Huh? Do you?

I'm just a girl...
standing in front of a boy...
Asking him to LOVE ME!
No wait...
I'm asking for a reprieve...
A day... maybe two...
without seeing your beautiful face.

Maybe they need to make the umbrella (ella) bigger?
Maybe they need to fucking not post where
the movie is shooting?
Maybe I just need to step away...
Just fucking step away from the computer.
Because let's face it...
All this pain...
All this angst...
is self-inflicted.
I am my own worst enemy.
Enough about me and my achey-breaky heart...

A couple of things.
1. Rob got grazed by a taxi yesterday...
(and I purposely didn't post yesterday... the emotions were running high!)
First he was being chased by the hyenas...
And raced into traffic to escape...
Then it was just his bodyguards
(who quite honestly need to be fired... come on)
pushing him into oncoming taxis
to let them clip my beloved hero.
So maybe it wasn't the hyenas fault this time...
But he still could have gotten hurt.
You had better start taking care of our boy, Summit...
I don't give a rats ass who is responsible for his safety...
I just want him SAFE.

2. *sigh*

The pictures I have posted today.


Robert is kissing Emilie.

Yes... I know its a movie.

Yes... I know he is 'acting'.

Yes... it bothers the living hell outta me.

Yes... I need serious help for my problems.

Why does it bother me to watch Rob kiss this chick?
Why doesn't it bother me to watch Rob kiss Kristen?

Geez Louise.

I could point out that the body language in these pictures
shows that Rob really isn't all that into the kiss...
One arm around her...
his hand barely touching her...
The other arm... well...
its not holding her.
But then again...

I'm a complete total fucking lunatic
and if you listen to one word that I say...
You are too.

So there.

OK. Sorry.
It's just that my head and my heart are heavy.


Rob needs a vacation.

Rose needs one, too.

Bye for now


Suz said...

I am a lunatic.


Anonymous said...

Hi I get your lunacy. Today I'm enjoying his three quarter profile in the new hoodie. He looks like a saint... I generally go funny when he is in the hoodies lol - cloaks of fascination-! I'm in the totally mesmerized stage though this has gone on for about nine months. Oh well I know that there are thousands of ladies who seem as Robsessed as me and I give thanks!


Tess said...

Vacations are useless.. you just end up scouring foreign newspapers for mentions of RP (how does Rob's name look in Thai anyway??) and peeking over 'friends' laptops while their cruising the news because you left yours at home !!

sigh.. yeah, vacations are useless.

Anonymous said...

This is the big "make out session"? One chaste little peck? PULEEZ! Her blood must not sing to him.