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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now You See It... Now You Don't.

Let's just get this out of the way, OK?
This is about chemistry.
Exhibit A:
We have Robert and Emilie kissing.
The first word that comes to mind?
Now, even giving them the benefit of the doubt...
and saying that maybe the movie
called for this kind of kiss...
It's just not there.
I saw the video, too...
If anything... it was worse.
Look at Rob's hands.
He is barely touching her.
Where is his other arm?
Emilie looks stiff.
And the way their bodies are barely grazing each other.
It's almost painful to look at.
And not because Rob is kissing her.
It's HOW he is kissing her.
It looks mechanical.
Exhibit B:
THIS is a kiss.
Both of his arms are wrapped tightly around her.
His eyes are closed...
His lips are smushed to hers...
She has her hand in his hair..
Their bodies are pressed closely together.
It's ALL there.
I know all the bullshit
that goes around about this kinda thing.
And honestly, I take it all with a grain of salt.
This is just my opinion on sexual chemistry.
You got it...
Or you don't.
It's obvious who does.
And I'm not hating on Emilie.
I'm sure she's very nice
And she's pretty enough...
But I feel kinda blah about her.
And it looks like Rob does, too.
Bye for now


Tenneil said...

Something is deffo missing with Emilie... tru dat... it is awkward and stiff.. Poor Rob all in a days work...

Anonymous said...

Def missing the passion and fire that was there with Bellastin. It could just be this shot that doesn't show it. I hope the connection is there on-screen in some of the other scenes because I really hope this movie shows his talent.

Kate said...

Yeap I agree Rose! But still I'm SO looking forward to this movie (even if I will be bawling at the beginning!LOL)

Laura said...

Rose! I totally agree! Look at how Rob and Kristen's crotches are pressed together!! WHOA! SO HOT!!!

Tess said...

There's no denying the chemistry in Twilight and New Moon. I can't give my honest opinion from just looking at Emilie's back or the brief vid clip. I need to see MORE.. for purely selfish reasons ;)

Oh... and in my own personal fantasies... our kisses blow these both out of the water!! (more crazy talk from Tess)