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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hiding Robert Pattinson Behind Vampires...

I always find it interesting when the word 'VAMPIRE' pops up in conversation.
All eyes turn to me.
Why you ask?
Because the people in my life all believe I'm obsessed with them.
I guess I can understand where it comes from...

1. I own 3 copies of TWILIGHT on DVD... and have watched it too many times to count.

2. There was a period of about 10 weeks, where I continuously read the books from the TWILIGHT series. Back to back to back to back to back...

3. Pocket Edward forgets to go into hiding... so people find him staring at me. Again.

4. No matter how quickly I try to hide my desktop (with its glaringly HUGE pictures of Robert Pattinson) someone always seems to notice his face looking at me. Again.

5. I forgot to 'bury' the folders of the hundreds of pictures I have saved of Rob... and the husband noticed them. "No, you're not obsessed with Vampires" was his reaction.

6. The youngest son saw the autographed picture of Rob.

Son: Is that a real autograph?

Me: Yes.

Son: Did he really sign it to you?

Me: Well, youngest son, that is MY name after the TO:

Son: Um... How did you manage to get that?

Me: I sent him a letter and asked for it...

Son: Geez, Mom. You seriously worry me.

Me: Geez, Son... Thanks.

So... family and friends think that my 'obsession' is with Vampires... not the incredibly hot, sexy, sweet, adorable, intelligent, witty, soulful, thoughtful, charming man who plays one. (my youngest son not included... I'm pretty sure he's aware of my adoration of Rob now)

I'm cool with that.

I even play the game.

I pull out Stephen King's "Salem's Lot" and put it where it will be seen...
I show immense interest in the fact that "True Blood" is starting its new season on HBO.
(and I am interested... I like the show.)
I make silly comments about the new "Vampire Diaries" show that is starting in the Fall...
and laughingly say that I will have to watch it...

But then...
I probably WILL watch it.


I guess I am kinda obsessed with Vampires.

Not even close to my addiction to Robert...
But Edward Cullen has pretty much sealed that deal.

Geez, Rose. You seriously worry me.

Bye for now


Tess said...

Don't ever change Rose.. because I 'seriously' love you!

Anonymous said...

"I guess I am kinda obsessed with Vampires." Well yah duh! Who wouldn't be obsessed with vampires after the lethal combination that is Robward?