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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Total Eclipse of The Heart...

"Staring into his eyes always
made me feel extraordinary —
sort of like my bones were turning spongy.
I was also a little lightheaded,
but that could have been
because I’d forgotten to keep breathing.
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.17

Is he done yet?
I'm getting kinda tired of this.
Every damn day...
Picture after picture of Rob.
Looking so beautiful...

It makes me want to cry.
And sometimes I do.

As much as I love looking at Rob...
I can't keep this up much longer.
I feel like I've seen the movie
with all the pictures and videos
that are out there.


I long for the closed sets of New Moon...
I wish for small glimpses into the movie
instead of seeing every outdoor scene played out.
And the look in Rob's eyes.
He loves to work... there is no doubt...
But you can tell he is not comfortable
being watched while doing it.
The hair raking.
The need to have something
in his mouth...
(Seriously? Kill Me Now.)
Hiding behind his sunglasses...
All his nervous ticks.

Yeah... look in Rob's eyes...
That's a major part of my problem here.
Looking at Rob... Period.
He's kinda like an eclipse
You shouldn't stare directly at him...
It's overwhelming...
and you could go blind.
Or in my case...


Too late...

I am doomed.

Bye for now

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I loved this: "He's kinda like an eclipse. You shouldn't stare directly at him... it's overwhelming... and you could go blind."

True enough, Rose. It's been Rob-overload for the last few weeks. It does get a bit much. What are we going to do when he disappears between films and after Eclipse? We'll all go into withdrawal.