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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loving Robert Pattinson~ The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

You might as well get comfortable...
I might be here a while.
I'm in a mood.
Oh... and you might want to grab a bottle of water or something...
I don't want you getting all dehydrated on me.

By now everyone has seen the pictures of the lunatics who call themselves fans...
attacking Rob.
But I fucking refuse to show their pathetic asses on my blog.
They molested Robert.
They chased him. They grabbed him.
They pushed and pulled at him...
They shoved cameras in his face and demanded pictures.
They screamed at him.
1. When did behaving like that with ANY human being become OK?
What kind of thought process does one have to
believe that you are fucking ENTITLED to virtually attack
someone just because he is 'famous'?

Do these types of 'fans' even care about Rob?
Haven't they read the endless interviews where he stated how creepy
that is and how he is scared of that kind of reaction?


Not only did watching the video of these Harpies make me cringe for fear of Rob's safety...It fucking pissed me off.

2. The Harpies give the 'real' fans a bad name... a horrible image.
Their damn pictures were all over the place yesterday
(and I'm sure that was their real agenda...
the whole 15 minutes of fame, no matter the cost)
and 90% of Rob's fans DON'T behave like that.
My good and adored friend, Trixie was there.
She was excited and in awe of seeing Rob up close...
in the glorious, beautiful flesh...
But it was a subdued... respectful excited.
I was on the phone with her...
We quietly squeeeeee'd as she described
"Rob walking down the street... Now Rob is smoking...
He's walking again...
" Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
But did Trixie cross the line?
She stayed behind the barricades.
She treated Rob like a human being.
She didn't scream at him or chase him...
she respected his space.
She was a true Robert Fan...
(a RobKat, if you will... heh)
But you still have the gossip sites
falling all over the negativity
and painting all of Rob's fans with the same lunatic brush.
And that is a sad day.
3. Rob's bodyguards. What.The.Fuck?
He had like 3 big burly guys around him...
and still the Harpies got their arms around Rob...
and pushed into him and grabbed him...

Do you remember the bodyguard from Cannes?
The RKs call him "Sir Kevin" (long story)
This guy was really HANDS ON with Rob in Cannes...
A bit touchy-feely...
But he did a helluva job, didn't he?
You didn't see anyone get to Robert in France...
No one got past Sir Kevin.
Rob was safe in his oh so capable hands...
(and yeah, his hands were always on Rob... heh)

Get on the fucking ball here.
Protect Robert Pattinson.
Get Sir Kevin over here to look after Rob...
and maybe he can teach those guys from yesterday
what guarding a body is supposed to look like.

4. I worry about Rob.
I really do.
The Harpies are really only the tip of this horrible iceberg.
Summit really does need to step up here.
Why was this movie set so accessible anyway?
When Trixie was deciding to go over there...
There was no way we thought
she would even get close to seeing Rob.
And yet, there he was... right there.
And while I am supremely happy for her...
I am scared for Rob.
He really shouldn't have to work under these kinds of conditions...
The details for the shoot were all over the place...
It was bewildering.

Rob is such a gentle, shy soul.
He even managed to smile while being publicly assaulted.
But he shouldn't be subjected to that kind of abuse.
And he should feel safe in his working environment.

I know its probably difficult filming in NYC...
but you need to protect Rob.


Before something bad does happen.
Don't go breaking my heart.
Rob? Please take care of yourself.
You need to be OK.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Def Sir Kevin needs to step up to the plate and work his majic with Rob.

The crazies make the rest of us RP fans look bad. Thanks to Trixie and Suz for being respectful as a true fan should.

Trixie said...


This was a great post. Truly. I agree with everything you said (of course).

I worry about Rob so much, as you know.

This is just getting insane.

Admitting to being a fan of Rob is becoming embarrassing due to these crazy women who cannot control themselves.

It can't go on much longer.

Thank you for this post. I hope and pray that Rob knows that he does have fans out there who respect him for his work and the person that he is.

<3 you BFT!!!

lostinphilly said...

HiRose: Just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say, "I just LOVE it"!! Loved the Sir Kevin reference! You've got some of my favorite photos on your blog, it's just beautiful! C ya!!

Tess said...

I've been trying to process a whole week of Rob muggings in a few short hours. I agree with everything you've said Rose... There's absolutely no excuse for anyone to have gotten close to him while he was supposedly being "protected' by 3 bodyguards. I would've let them all go, and begged S.Kevin to come work for me..

I worry about him.. a lot.