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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are You Talking To Me???

The above picture isn't an outtake from "Where's Oregano Part Deux"...
The above picture is my oldest son's idea of a joke.

You see...
Oldest son has been aware of my ROBsession for quite some time.
I'm not sure what it is about kids, but they seem to pick up on the signs
a lot quicker than say... husbands.
Husbands who to this day... are still pretty clueless.

But anyway.

While working on O2,
Oldest Son would occasionally be around...
snickering at me... as I set up some of the pictures...
Making the random snarky comment...

"Mom... WHAT are you doing? Nevermind, I don't wanna know."

"Um... Mom? A Disney Castle? What could you possibly use that for?"

"Wow Mom. Where the hell did you get all this shit?"

" I can't watch. You scare me."

"Mom? What's with the jar of Oregano?"

And so it goes.
So anyway...
One day after a rather fruitful 'photo shoot' for O2
I was downloading the pictures onto the computer to look them over...
and then...
I came across one that I didn't recognize.
I was like...
It seems that oldest son...
Thinking he was incredibly hilarious
(and let's face it... he was)
Staged his very own O2 pic
when I was gone.
And he even used Baby Oregano!

I have to say...
I laughed and laughed when I saw this picture.
I sent it to Trixie...
and she had a whole new appreciation
for the sense of humor that my sons have.
So there ya go.
A little Saturday Surprise.
My oldest son's contribution to O2.
I hope you laugh as much as I did!

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

i am crying! Freakin hilarious!

Tess said...


I'd say oldest son comes by his sense of humor honestly... :)


Anonymous said...

Ah how sweet! Oregano has a new bromance!