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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Robert Loves Kristen Loves Robert

I apologize in advance...
Because I really don't have much to say today.
Don't get me wrong...
There is still plenty of bullshit drama going on.
We know that will never end
I'm just not feeling it right now.
And no... that has nothing to do with my feelings about
Robert and Kristen being together.
I believe they are solidly together.
I don't know.
I guess I just don't have anything to say today.

Robert is in LA
Kristen is (supposedly) in NOLA
Same shit.
Different day.

I really do get sick of that sentiment.

So now everyone is just waiting for Robert to show up
wherever the fuck Kristen is
And I have no doubts he will...
Sometimes you just get tired of the game.

Because nothing is ever enough.
And I grow weary.

Oh no... not weary of this beautiful man...
who is so much more than tousled hair and chiseled jaw
Lanky limbs and piercing stare.
I realize that Robert Pattinson is special.
It's why I'm here.
Right now.
Writing these words.

But the constant drama is tedious.
And I know that I put myself out there in the middle
of the foam covered arena on a daily basis...
And yes...
Most of the time I sit here and write a few simple words...
and lean back and watch what happens.
For I have always said that the REACTION
is always so much more entertaining than the ACTION.
And that remains to be true.
So where does that leave us?
In the same place, I suppose.

I'm not going anywhere.
I'll still be here...
Trying to figure out why Robert Pattinson has affected me this way.
Trying to figure out exactly why I feel so damn protective about Kristen.

If the answers never come... that's OK.
I don't know if I will ever really understand the
Robert Pattinson Phenomenon
Maybe I'm not supposed to.
Maybe I'm just supposed to enjoy the ride.

When I first started this blog...
It was pretty much just me losing my mind over pics of Robert.
Obviously that much hasn't changed...
But Kristen came into the picture early on.
I noticed the interaction.
I noticed the infatuation.
So I began writing about it.

I think my first clue that I was seen as a "ROBSTEN" blog...
was when people would start #Follow Friday me
as their 'favorite Robsten blog'
The first time I saw that I was like... WTF?
I'm not a fucking Robsten blog.
I am.
Because I believe there IS a Robsten.
So I write about them.
I find myself defending my point of view...
And sometimes I wonder why I bother.
Does it really matter?

I am most decidedly interested.
I'm fascinated by the inner workings of this fandom.
I even love that Rob and Kristen being together
just burns the hyenas hide.
And yeah, it's entertaining as hell to watch them
chase their tails so hard...
Their nose is buried in their own ass.

I'm a bitch that way.

I'm honest. I'm say what I'm thinking.
And that pisses off some people.
Why? I'm not sure.
There used to be some 'friends' who would support this blog...
But then I guess I got a bit too controversial for them.
So they tried to distance themselves from me...
Publicly at least
*wink wink*
You know how it goes.
Some people just want to stay nice and neutral...
And safe.

No drama.

It's pretty hard not to get caught up in the drama sometimes.
IF you have an opinion...
IF you aren't afraid to stand behind it...
Then you will find drama too
or it will find you.
It's hard to be in this fandom and not get splashed
by the bitter foam once in a while...
You know?
And that brings me to my final thoughts.
I did it again.
I said I didn't have much to say...
And here we are.
And now I have a few things to say.
Funny how that works.

1. There was chatter about Rob showing up in NOLA
with Kristen at the end of the week.
It wouldn't surprise me in the least...
What also didn't surprise me is the number
of excuses that are already being spit out 
JUST IN CASE he does show up there.
You know...
"Breaking Dawn is doing pre-production there!
That's the ONLY reason Rob would go to NOLA"
(except BD is filming in Baton Rouge...
and it hasn't started yet considering one of their
MAJOR stars is busy on another film)
Nice try.

2.  "Rob would be CRAZY to go meet Kristen!"

Yeah. Because wanting to be with the one you love
is all kinds of crazy!
Rob is crazy...

3.  "Nick and Steph should get better control of Rob!
He doesn't need to go to NOLA and damage his career!"

I'm just gonna guess that when Rob isn't working...
He can pretty much go wherever the fuck he wants.
He's not on their leash.
THEY work for HIM.
Not the other way around.
And how does visiting his girlfriend damage his career?
Oh that's right.
It fucking doesn't.

4."IF Robert goes to NOLA...
You know it's because Summit is making him.
It's in his contract. It's PR!"

Yeah. It's in Robert's contract to follow his girl around
and get all up close and personal with her...
Summit has complete control over Robert.



Remember what I said about their nose being so far up their own ass?

This is why I still do this.
It's fucking hilarious!

This post is brought to you by the letters *J* and *H*

J for Jella.


H for Hyena Ass.
Not a pretty picture.

And so it goes.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Chin up rose :) love your blog I don't understand my rob and kristen infactuation either I heart them both to pieces and people that give you grief for sharing an oppinion are a-holes pure and simple. You have an oppinion and ur not hurting anyone, infact you are promoting a little bit of gooness and good feeling all round. Happy tawts keep smiling x

Anonymous said...

'pologies for bad spelling- on iPod and fingers to stupid to press correct button lol.

twilightbabez said...

Hi Rose, you are doing a good job with your blog.

I believe that even if Rob or Kristen will declare publicly that YES WE ARE DATING stuff, these hyenas will still believe its PR

I have somewhat followed Zanessa, its not as intense as Robsten phenomenon or whatever this is called but would you believe it, till now there are still lunatics believing Zanessa is PR. You can just imagine how much craziness it would be with RK who are more popular.

There's no cure for haters, they either think its PR or they will opt to pray for Break up.

That is why I seldom read their posts lately. What for? I know that RK IS SOLID AND HAPPY. Whatever these hatestens say are just like angry howling of hurt wolves

Kelly said...

Though he may not be filming right now, that does't mean he isn't working, meetings, reading scripts etc,... yes he can do what ever he wants in his free time.. with whomever he chooses to do it with... but the fact is... just because he isn't actively filming something doesn't mean he isn't working.

Stand by your beliefs, it's admirable... running a daily blog and coming up with a different things to write about isn't always easy.... I don't know if you were really surprised about being known as Robsten blog on #ff's if you were.. I guess I would say to you.. if to walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... well you know how that goes.

I don't know that you ever considered me a friend.. though we used to talk. I do stop by from time to time, but the reason I don't comment, usually, is that I feel a lot of hostility from the posts a lot of the time.. and I just don't want to deal with the drama either.

I don't know about your motives... I do know, however, I have a lot of blogger friends who like the idea of Rob and Kristen... and we talk and we joke and it's all where it should be... and I never feel hostility from them...

I do hope, sincerely, that you are able to find your way through the waters and come out the other side stronger... no matter what your beliefs... what this should be, beyond all of it, is fun... when it becomes a chore, when people are attacking you... when you feel like you've lost something or someone that could have meant something to you... well that's when it all becomes sad.

It's not what you believe.. beliefs are just that.. it's about presentation.. and as I tell my son.. when you have to make fun of someone, make a joke at someone elses expense... well.. then it's no longer a joke..

Be well Rose.

jen said...

you're so awesome rose, you like a little ray of logical sunshine in this dumb ass fandom we live in! lol

nick and steph need to get a hold of rob? People are so naive and delusional.lol They don't understand nick and steph are involved in this in some way--as if they didn't have an clue that Rob was going to go up to Montreal and totally change up the game - or course they did. lol What haters don't realize is that Rob is not their slave, and Rob knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

He knows how this all looks, he's the one who is intrigued with politics, public perceptions, pop culture! He's doing this because it's a statement, a public one: I'm with Kristen, and we aren't hiding any longer. We may not every comment on it, but we are living our lives as we want to now.

Poor haters, they never get the memo, and even when they do cause Rob hand delivers it(with a "get off my dick" tshirt to boot), they mistranslate it....."Poor rob doesn't know how this look! He's too stupid to understand, nick needs to save poor stupid little Rob!"


OhMyRPattz said...

Really? Are the haters really that DUMB??? Do they really think that Rob will damage his career IF he goes to visit the love of his life? REALLY???

Nat said...

Rose, eventhough I'm kinda new here I can see what type of person you are. You say whats on your mind and thats not against the law. You stay true to yourself and that speaks volumes of who you are....etc..

As for the hyenas, well you said it so elequently...you know where their nose is :)Of course that is what happens when they don't have the intelligence to be objective and all they do it follow each other...perhaps chasing their tale. Who knows or who cares, really. Don't despair, continue doing what you do best.....sit back laughing and have a great day!

Sofia said...

Love arive from weekend vacation and read your blog.
I think I (and many other fans here) understand that feeling of not knowing what atracts you to Rob. It's just him, who he is. Because he can be a rising movie star, stay private and not expose himself for the public eye and even then we can see how nice, kind and honest he really is.
I can agree more with Kristen when she once said "he just cant lie, and sometimes it gets things scarier for him". And for me that's one thing that pushes me into this intoxication. I love how he stays true to what he is.
I didnt mention his beauty because apart from being STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFULL (we love him scruffy, glammed up, with the beannie, with the sunglasses), he's so much more than just that (amazing) face.
As for Kristen I only can admire such a fierce and talented young lady that makes her way through all the hate and foam that's thrown at her.
Love your thouhgts once more Rose.

And for the Hyenas:
#GETOFFHISDICK and just go away

Meg said...

Rose you sound sad! I hope whoever is foaming at you grows up and faces reality. Robert and Kristen are so obviously a couple and no amount of foam will change that.

As for Kristen, I read on the IMDB boards someone saw her in LA again. She better get her butt to NOLA because I'm going soon and want to run into her. That's not likely-lol--but a girl can dream right? The idea of running into her AND Robert would just be AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I need to go take a chill pill now-lol--but I so hope they show up together--somewhere-anywhere-but together so the stupid ones will leave you alone.


Patricia said...

Rose: You are awesome !
Once again you read my mind. I get so tired of all the Bullshit. But I also love BOTH of them. First it was Rob and when I saw how he felt about her, I became a fan also. Maybe it's the Mother in me to worry about them both. I want them to be happy and when they're together THEY are happy. And for some unknown reason THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN SO INTOXICATED ABOUT ANY CELEBRITY LIKE I AM ABOUT THIS DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME YOUNG MAN AND HIS GORGEOUS LOVE. I hope we see them together soon.
Grazie for another great post.

I keep thinking I'm going to change and not be so obsessed, then a picture comes out and HE DRAWS ME RIGHT BACK IN.

Robin said...

I'm glad you just kept rollin' this morning, Rose. Every once in a while I wonder if it's finally become too much for you and you decide to just fold up your tent and leave the blogosphere. I'm so glad you haven't yet, but I'll bet you think about it rather often.

Love your common sense, your grasp of the absurd, your witty perspective on all things R&K, and your uncanny ability to express what all of us feel. Yours is the only R/K site I read any more . . . the only one that makes sense.

Like you, I may never understand my intoxication with Robert Pattinson. But I'm compelled to keep trying.

Breebles said...

Rose I love this blog! It is now how I've come to satisfy my own Rob infactuation. I too have found myself loving Kris. I started watching her movies (Boy, she has been in A LOT of movies!) And on the subject of where in the world is Rob and why does he pop up here and there...You know what, it's none of our business why he goes or does anything. Sure, I like seeing pics and reading about him as much as the next person but honestly the intimate details and invation of his privacy can be left out. That part makes me sick. I love Rob so much I'd be fine only seeing him in reel life if it meant he was able to live a normal real life. Robsten forever!

SupportRP said...

Rose -- you are the best! Love your blogs always - they are such a relief from all the other stuff out there. You say what you feel - which is how alot of us feel too - love Rob, love Kristen, love and support them so much it feels like we just want to protect them. They are beautiful separately and together and you can never say enough in your blogs about them. Keep it up - you do a fantastic job. Whatever the phenomenon is with these two, we are all in it together.

Carly said...

love the title. because its true

love the pics because VF is made of pure win. and a lot of UST LOL

dont love the drama thats why I try to stay away from it :)

I wish Rob would pop up in NOLA but if not? no big deal

the excuses, I just smile because if I didnt I would have to think about it and then I would be depressed. by the fact that such pathetic people exist. by the fact that just because we happen to admire the same people/franchise, others somehow see us as equals. because laughter is healthy and hate takes too much energy for me to even bother

thank you, Rose

*twirl you later*

LIZ said...

Hi Rose,

As much as I'd LOVE to see Rob in NO with Kristen, I believe if he does so, it'll be on the sly if at all possible.

My reasoning is what happened on Sunday night in LA, most of the pics (IMO) show a very unhappy and frustrated Rob with all the paps and fans. It might just be enough to keep him in hiding and not want to create a stir with the OTR set again.

We'll just have to wait & see. As always, it's a double-edged sword, I'd love to see them together BUT ....

Marie said...

Rose...you're only controversial to those people who don't like the truth...whether it's the truth about Kris and Rob or just the truth about how you feel...bleh...who needs them...keep on telling the truth your way..the way it is and the way you see it...you may not realize it but you are a huge part of a lot of people's day...I know you are a huge part of mine...I have a happy, wonderful, contented life, my life is not going to be complete if Rob and Kristen are together...it was complete a long time ago,..but for some reason,they touch my heart..and so do you, I get up each morning and look at your blog..to see what wonders you will come up with today..and when you are gone or don't feel like blogging for that day...I miss you...my point is that you and your blog makes me smile...makes me happy, makes me think...and I think lots of us feel that way...ignore the rabid bullshit of the hyenas..they aren't happy unless they can make other people miserable...they aren't worth the sweat off your ass..keep up the good work Rose..and if it means anything to you, there are times when you and your blog are the only things that brings a smile to my face..that is more than the foaming hairy assed hyena masses have done for anyone. And as "Friends" who find you too controversial..they need to get a clue..you're not saying anything anywhere that would ever or should ever make someone who is a true friend abandon you or this blog.

wig4usc said...

Hey, Rose! You have so many people out here like you. I have a busy life, family, career, etc. For some reason, these two intrigue me, and I find myself rooting for them, defending them, etc. Not sure why or how it happened.

Keep it up, I enjoy celebrating with you, commiserating with you, and twiggling with you!

deb said...

Rose I just love coming in here and reading your post I read every word that you say and I believe You are a strong WOMEN Rose you come here day in and day out sharing your thoughts and your intoxication for Robert I enjoy reading what you have to say BUT its days like today that I feel sad for you. To me its just YOU LOVING ROB and KRISTEN and putting down on paper AND YOU GET SO much SHIT FOR IT and WHY?because THEY KNOW THE TRUTH and cant stand it Like one has side Rose CHIN UP ROSE hang in there we love you and believe IN YOU and IN ROB/KRISTEN Have a good day Rose. DEB

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


You seem so sad! Don't be. One of the things I LOVE about you is that you are true to yourself. You say what you feel. To be honest it kind of reminds me of a certain green eyed girl. It's so hard in life to stay true to yourself. Because let's face it...sometimes it's just easier to give in and do what makes everyone else happy rather than to have to deal with the bullshit.

So, stay strong. Be yourself. And know that you have MANY people who appreciate your beautiful words. I honestly read your blog everyday not because of Rob and Kristen...but because your way with words is captivating! Don't get me wrong...I love Rob and Kristen. BUT it goes like this...Kristen led me to Rob who led me to you and your blog.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...THANK YOU, ROSE!!

Much love ♥

katy said...

I'm still intoxicated by Rob. I don't know how to explain my fascination and why I feel the way I do about Rob...he is a Gorgeous man but his much more than looks...his just different...his special and unique.
I just love and adore Rob to pieces.

I am too tired of the bullshit BS about Rob and Kristen...I feel very protective for both of them and I wish these hatters would leave them alone.
I hope Rob will go to Nola to be with Kristen, NO way he will ruin his carrer by going to visit his GIRLFRIEND, that just ludicrous...I love knowing Rob is with Kristen, you see I maybe intoxicated and fascinated (I am Robsessed) by Rob but I think Kristen is one of the best things that happenned to Rob...me beeing Robsessed doesn't blind me with hate for Kristen...it only made me Respect and Love kristen even more...it made me want to know Kristen even more.

jen said...

ps: I do think what makes Rose, or what made Rose at least, a bit of an oddity in the fandom was that she was open to Robert and Kristen dating when most rob-only sites were either "no comment" or "no way." Rose was unique in that sense. And furthermore, I tend to think of Rose's blog as a place where a "rob fan" gets frustrated with how other adult rob fans behave towards a girl who was/is most likely dating said idol. There tends to be a protective edge to Rose's blogs if you ask me in terms of how grown women are behaving over kristen, who is younger than them. That's what I like most about Rose--cause i'm the same way, I am older than Kristen, and I marvel at the fact grown women are so catty and petty and downright mean spirited towards her. It's lame.

Patricia said...

I'm right behind 'A" and everyone else on this board that loves you along with R/K.

katy said...

One more thing, Rose you sound so Sad today...please don't be.

Peace, Love and hapinness to you Rose

SupportRP said...

Katy - DITTO!!! on your comments how you feel about Rob. I'm with you 110% - feel the same way.

katy said...

to SupportRP


Bren said...


Thank you so much for the heartfelt blog today..Certainly sets you thinking....What came to mind was how much Rob and Kristen are missing each other, that is never easy.

My husband and I married when I was twenty and he was twenty three, and R/K remind me so much of us at that age, so in love, so inseparable. Sometimes I think these two are married. Seems like the bond is so tight. I think that's why everyone is so happy they are together.

Opytaylor said...

I am fortunate in that I don't receive the emails that Rose must get from the people determined to prove the Earth is flat. And when I go on Twitter, which is just once a day on average, I don't follow those people. I don't know who they are and I don't want to know.

Marie said...

I think Kristen and Rob are the people that we all find ourselves cheering for,and sometimes we don't know or understand why..we just all know that they touch us in some way...yes Rob is gorgeous...beautiful...spectacular...sigh...uh...what was I saying...oh yeah..Rob is extemely handsome...and Kristen is such a strong young woman..they are interesting..but so are so many other people you could say the same thing about.. it goes so much deeper than that, these two are likeable in their awkward, adorkable ways...and make you just want good things to happen for each of them, and for some of us we feel protective of them, without knowing or understanding why..we just love them..so of course when we find out that they seem to love each other we cheer harder...because two special people have found each other. Let hyenas foam, haters hate...idiots continue to produce rancid honey filled garbage...let people talk about pinging "Gaydar", PR and other bullshit...but the truth is staring all of them in their face if they would just look. But then stupid is well blind to the truth. I will continue to cheer for Rob and Kris separately or together, no matter what...I don't want to intrude on their lives, I don't want to hunt them down for pictures, autographs or anything...I haven't gotten them confused for Edward and Bella. What I want is simple...for them to be happy, healthy and safe. And lastly I will continue to come here to be able to express my thoughts in a friendly place where the majority of the people here are not well...rancid honey filled garbage.. thanks Rose

Anonymous said...


I can sympathize with you. Last week after all the drama that went down between two livejournal communities that I was a part of, after all the hate on twitter and tumblr and on livejournal itself, I was considering leaving fandom. The arguing, the juvenile taunting, it sometimes DOES feel...well...to be honest...beneath me. I'm too old for this kind of bs. But then I read something heinous written by a hater hyena and I want to defend Rob and Kristen. It sucks you back in. And of course you have the added pressure of being a safe place for shippers and a defender of shippers so theres that burden too. I admire you for fighting the good fight, but I, for one, would understand if you decided to take a break or give your blog over to someone else for a bit so you can re-evaluate your motivations. See if the negativity is outweighing the enjoyment. See if its become more about fighting and less about fangirling.

Whatever you decide, thank you for sharing your thoughts with honesty.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, Rose, that you don't stand alone. We're all right there besides you, some days diving straight into the foam and spew ourselves, to be a the voice that defends these people, and those who truly appreciate them. If you're weary, take rest and refuge amongst your friends here til you are rested and ready to continue on.

and "A", you are a kind soul.. that much is obvious by the way you weave your thoughts into words. Sadly, the foam is not exclusive to this blog. It is everywhere and it has been exceptionally bad the past couple of days. I won't repeat what has been said as some of it is purely slanderous and said only in spite.

And I've come to realize, that a large majority of the people who spread these vicious rumors and lies aren't doing it because they have any negative or positive feelings towards Rob and Kristen. I truly believe they have shifted their focus to those of us who support R/K. They lie, they foam, they follow us around to different *known* pro-sites. They attack Rob and Kristen because they know we will defend them. And then they pat themselves on the back for getting us "all worked up".

But I will never back down in my beliefs. I will never stop defending against the abject hate and sheer stupidity of these haters. There is strength in numbers, and I truly believe that we outnumber the hate.

And to end on a lighter note.. did y'all see where that silly RV store owner challenged Taylor to a push up contest to settle the dispute over the trailer?! That's funny stuff ;)

*Big Hugs* all around today.

Vangie said...

let me just write this the haters hate rob because he was not born in the US they always have to used that remark about rob needs to go back to the UK and find a girl i read that several times,i replied know what you speaking about because kristen did not marry a girl from the US kristen mom is australian fools these young people are like h------r you rose called then hyenas i call them nazis hate for no reason at all rose we see love between kristen and rob,they brought us all together why must there be hate in the world,what are these parents teaching these kids,i meant kristen dad forgive me

Anonymous said...

Don't let the fools get to you Rose.
They are delusional, desperate fools who don't have a leg to stand on and are drowning in their hateful foam. Pathetic in my opinion.

Hang in there Rose. You're not alone and as has been said many times today we are all lined up behind you, with you and with Rob and Kristen as well.

Melinda said...

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert- it's that simple.

People make it bigger and way more dramatic than it needs to be. Case in point Ted with his STUPID facebook "war" b/w the people who believe and those who don't and hate for it. He needs to grow up as well.

TRACY- I agree with you about the hate. I believe at this point they are only saying the things they do to "get a rise" out of others. It is childish and pure nonsense. I don't care how old you are.

I love the VF photo shoot. To me is was hot yet very playful. They just sizzled on that shoot. So Rose thanks for all the pretty pictures today.

I believe that R/K really don't care anymore about being seen. I have my reasons as to why they were so guarded before but won't get into it. They realize that NORMAL people will understand they are together without them ever commenting on it.

I love that for them actions speak louder than words. Two examples lately: Kristen wears her " I love mustaches" shirt and a day later we see Rob with a mustache/beard. Pretty cute I say.

The fact that they respect their relationship and each other, they do everything they can to make sure when they are photographed in public w/o each other there is nothing that can be deemed as a scandal. Makes me love and respect them all that much more.

I have talked way to much!! Didn't think I had that much to say!

Have a great rest of the day everyone!!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I am so sorry to hear you sound so sad today, and hearing you sad makes me sad. I have never understood why I feel so strongly about R/K. I was never particularly interested in either one until I saw some interviews with them, and they sucked me in. There was so much love between them, even in the early days,it was plain for anyone to see. Now I just feel so protective over them, and I will never stop defending them to anyone and everyone. I also find that I worry about them, just like they were my children. I just want them to be happy and safe. As for the haters, I just ignore them. I visit only the sites that are positive, because the haters are so stupid and they refuse to see what is right in front of their faces. They do not care about Rob or his career, they just want everybody to feel as miserable as they do. Please don't give up, a lot of us depend on your words to stay sane in this crazy world. I love you, Rose, and I wish I was close enough to give you a hug. Robert and Kristen are deeply in love and will stay that way. Poor Rob looked so unhappy in those pictures from the weekend, even Tom could not make him smile. If the haters truly loved Rob, they would want him to be happy, they just seem to want him miserable. I think Robsten need us. Take care Rose, keep smiling.

30yearoldtwifan said...
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ashers said...

i think a big part in why twilight is a HUGE HIT is because of robsten. anyone with eyes could see how in love they are. when i see robsten i swear i don't see them as edward and bella dude they are totally diffent!!! i don't get why so much hate against two young people who are in love and trying to live there lifes? if robsten wasn't in twilight i don't think there would be any nonsten because i belive most of robs fans are crazy enough thinking rob is edward. they seriously need help his NOT theirs and will NEVER be theirs. his with kristen geez why won't people just move on already? all this bullshit about robsten just makes me so sick. they didn't do anything to get this hate. since when is it a crime to fall in love with someone you work with? rose these people will NEVER get over it. they are mental pathetic people who have no respect for anyone. they are in there own little world which will NEVER exist. ha can't wait to see what they come up with when robsten are seen kissing/holding hands. anyways im done with these losers im looking foward to all rob and kristen's upcoming movies. can't wait for BD damn love these two. <3

30yearoldtwifan said...

Oh dear Rose I do get it.. trust me. I don't get to involved in this fan base because I cant deal with the BS personally. BUT

I told you this before YOU are needed in this fandom. There isn't any one in this fan base like you, you are unique and that's why we all support you. You call out the craziness and ya know what, they need to be called out. IMO R and K would be proud to have you on there side.

Anyone who doesn't want to be associated with you because you defend R and K should be ashamed. What are these pl 12? Really Rose, you may ruffle some feathers but you are NO way in the same category as the hyenas. The disgrace that they are.

Like you, I say what I feel, I don't care if pl like it or not. Don't like me? Get the Fuck out. That's my motto.

Hang in there Rose See!

keset said...

katy and SupportRP, I fell the same about Rob.
Love him, love his soul and if he loves Kristen, who am i to say anthing.

I'm all for Robsten :))

Barb said...

As always, great job Rose. I think I am one of few who came to this fandom not because of "Twilight" but because of Rob and Kristen. I saw them in a Comic Con interview knowing nothing about them, and the way they were with each other fascinated me. I wanted to know more about both of them, so I saw "Twilight" and then read the books. Now I see all their movies and support both their careers.

It is written all over thier faces when they are together,even when they try to hide it, - Pure Joy- just to be around each other and in the same room. How can anyone not want that for someone they claim to be a fan of and support! Especially two people who just want to do their jobs and live their lives.

I look at it as the more people want them apart the more they will want to be together. It is true of parents who try to keep thier kids from seeing someone they don't like. So I say, "Go to NOLA! Be happy and piss them all off!" Except for those of us who see the truth and are happy right along with Rob and Kristen!

LJ said...

Aww I love this place Rose, like many others have said I have a busy home and work life...but always make sure I find time to visit your lovely self and my friends on here every day. I haven't been commenting that long but have been lurking on a daily basis for months and it never fails to make me smile!

We may be spread all over the world (amazing when you think about it) but we share a common 'love Rob..love Kristen' bond and you are the glue that holds that bond together Rose.

This is like my secret place and I love it :-)

Much love to all of my friends on here!

Sending you hugs from England Rose ...as we say over here 'don't let the buggers grind you down!'


May said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words... really. But I'm good. When I talk about being tired of the drama... it's not MY drama. It's not about me. I'm not under attack (well, no more than usual)
I mean... don't we ALL get tired of the bullshit every now and then?
That is all.
I adore Robert and Kristen...
I find myself defending them from the slobbering hyenas.
Why do I do this?
Not sure.
I just want their happiness...
They shouldn't be crucified for falling in love.
So no worries...
My chin is up, my head is clear...
and I'm still having fun.


olivia said...

A big hug, bouquet of flowers, box of chocolate, and drink of your choice for you Rose.
Thank you for your hard work, dedication, love of Rob and Kristen, and determination to provide the world with such a beautiful, honest, and positive blog spot.

I cannot imagine the crap that you have to put up with as you stay connected in order to provide us with your daily posts. It puzzles me as to the "pleasure" that the pathetic negative ones derive when they comment here and especially at other sites. Personally, I choose to avoid the garbage but I realize that you must stay current on what is going on in order to comment on it. Kind of a "catch 22". I agree that the stupidity and insane malevolence does wear on you. How can people be so lacking in intelligence and doltish?

Stay strong; we love you Rose!
We love Rob and Kristen!
We love your awesome blog!

Keep calm and carry on.......we are here to support you.

By the way, the VF shoot is one of the best! Love it so much.

Hugs to all, especially to Rose.
Olivia (TX.)

keset said...

Just for fun

Rose said...

Dearest A...
I truly am not sure what you are talking about. My 'mood' has nothing to do with you.
What conversation?
What message?
What choices?

Our friend isn't the only one who is confused. Believe me.
Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Dear, Darling...ROSE
My Little ray of sunshine that make me drag my little ass outta bed!...... to turn on the puter…….In one of the first things I do when I rise from my slumber……

Although I have to wait till hubby leaves for the day…....


Anyway ………over many, many miles of land and sea.....every day....TO YOU ROSE…. MY LITTLE RAY ….YOU?????
Helps me, in your little way for me to understand......... me? Myself?....
Someone, such as myself who has NEVER had this experience before.....
My husband thinks....
Well ya'll don't want to know what he thinks of or calls poor Robert......
Even when I decide not to write.....
Your still with me… ...even though I don't know who you are.....Or... What you do…
Although I know why you do it!…
Be rest assured I have you with me just lurking in the back of my mind…. {That to me is a tremendous compliment towards you}

These are my thoughts on the subject and I'm sure they also thoughts shared by my "friends on here who also come on here to find some reasoning.....
This is another reason why I come here…..You guys are really , really “Fair Dinkum”! People ……who I love sharing moments of my day with……DAILY....

Like you said Rose ...and I to the other day.....I may not for see the reasoning or find the cure of my infatuation with this beautiful man… who is much more than tousled hair and chiseled jaw …..
Lanky limbs and piercing stare……
I too realize that Robert Pattinson is special ……..It’s.......
WHY I’m here Right now ….
I should think of you as a “My personnel” Ray of Sunshine”
Beaming on me at little moments of my day…….hehehe

Ok Now for some EYE CANDY!!!


Karen said...

Oh, Rose, these are my favorite pics of Rob and Kristen. I never tire of looking at them.

I would be lost without your blog, Rose. This is the first thing I read when I get home from work. I love that you love R&K as much as I do. I don't understand the infatuation either, but it's a part of my life. I've never felt this way about any other celebrities. There is just something about these two that draws you in and makes you feel all protective and motherly.

Ignore the hyenas. Continue to write what you and the rest of us feel. We are all behind you and will defend you to the end.

LJ said...

Hey Louisa my friend! thanks for the link, I've missed my pre bedtime treats! (that sounds a bit weird but you know what I mean!) ha ha.

Hope your well...happy Wednesday morning to ya!

Much love.....LJ

Anonymous said...

Rose - My words of support were not offered because I felt you personally needed them. You have handled what I'm sure has been thrown directly at you so far, and will continue to do so, I've no doubt. I offer support because I empathize with you. I see the indiscriminate hate and slanderous foaming all over the place, and it is exhausting to one's soul.

It shouldn't be that difficult for two people to be in love, to be in a relationship. It shouldn't be ripped apart and scrutinized down to the smallest of things. And as a whole, we shouldn't be attacked because we choose to believe in it, and admire it. I've seen the stuff that's been going around on message boards lately.. the crazies seem to have upped their efforts to attack.

But we're here to lift each other up out of the shadows when we begin to get weary. :) Don't make me break out Dione Warwick and start singing "That's what friends are for" Keep smilin'! Keep shinin'!

I really am a horrible singer.. seriously.. 0_o

Anonymous said...

LJ that does sound weird ....almost....les........b...

No No I know what ya mean.....Thanks for you kind words....and noticing my absence yesterday.....Good nite, and pleasant dreams my Pommy Friend.....

SupportRP said...

Karen - exactly - you explained it perfectly!!!!Lisa

LJ said...

Aww thanks my Ozzy mate! ha ha...yep bedtime for me soon, darn these different timezones!


Anonymous said...

Rose, your the best! Thank you for looking out for Rob and Kristen and basically telling all the haters to fuck off. I love that you take no crap, that's why I come back here everyday. I have nothing else to add cause you have handled all the stupid shit that was slung today lmao good job Rose...as always!

Marie said...

@ Louisa Thanks for the link to the black and white Rob pictures...damn that boy is beautiful

deb said...

Rose I'm glad to here that your chins up and that your just going to keep on trucken THATS MY GIRL WE LOVE YA ROSE ALL OF US DO And like Louisa said YOU ARE OUR RAY OF SUNSHINE I hope that we can put some of that SUNSHINE back that you give us THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIEND Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY ROSE . DEB.

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday Everyone
and Hi Rose..
Haven't posted comments lately but I do read your post everyday.. I look forward to it like everyone else does.
The haters/hyenas of the world will always be around, not just in this fandom, they are everywhere. They've been around since the beginning of civilization,
The struggles between "good and evil".
The evil does get many of us down at moments but I try, like most of us on here, to live my life in a positive manner. I noticed people that are full of hate and negativity are always living under a black cloud, nothing but bad luck and bad karma.
I do know Rose by reading this board, you have alot of wonderful fans and they do outweigh the haters/hyenas.
Just reading these comments makes you realize there are alot of great people out there. I think we just read and hear so much hate and negativity on the news, it does get you down once in awhile.

So keep doing what you are doing, we love coming on here, getting together and reading something positive about 2 wonderful kids that love each other.
Keep up the good work.

deb said...

So I'm I right that the ANTIPAP LEGISLATION PAST 43 to 13 IF so HO HELL YA About time DEB.

30yearoldtwifan said...

YES Deb! Great News isn't it :) I know I worked hard writing emails to the senators. So glad they listened. Its always a good day when the leeches get taken DOWN a notch isn't it.:)

SueBee said...

Sending love your way, Rose.

PrettySparklies said...

So, I don't know if someone has said this before, but besides this blog being AWESOME, why would Summit force Rob to visit Kristen for PR yet let him where that Get Off My Dick shirt?!

Hyenas are ridiculous!

Love you Rose!



PrettySparklies said...

Ugh, I'm grammar policing myself where = wear, obviously. I was so excited to post I forgot to proofread.. HA!

I read many Rob/Robsten blogs daily, but this one I save for last, because it's the best!


Anonymous said...

@ pretty sparklies......
The extra "h' you added in error can make up for the 'h' that didn’t show IT”S pretty arse face this fine Wednesday, 1st day of Spring for me DAY....
LMAO ....js

Anonymous said...

...just keepin up wid da theme!!!


dowlingnana said...


The Anti-paparazzi bill AB 2479 was approved overwhelmingly by California Assembly 43-13!!!

I am a very happy Jella!!! Hopefully this will mean my parents Kristen, and Robert will be able to enjoy more time together out and about, and less time worrying about their safety.

Visit www.paparazzi-reform.org/solutions/ for more information on ways you can continue to support Paparazzi Reform.


dowlingnana said...

Dear fellow believers:
Now that I got that posted I will have my say!!
Kudos to all of you, I don't think I could choose one of my favorite posts today, you all have had a say in what I would agree on!!

Rose: a Beatle song sung by George Harrison, who was my fave:

You are the first post I go to each and everyday. I cannot wait to see what news or siteful message you want to give us. You are truly an "out" for esp. us older fans. Most of the other blogs out there are strictly for the young ones and that's where all the damage/garbage comes from.
Young, immature, haven't lived a life yet comes from!! Keep on truckin' dear lady!!

Louisa: good to see you back today.

WTh???? Nick and Steph need to do what???? hahahahaha!! They get atleast oh 10 -30% of what Rob makes so that makes Rob the absolute BOSS MAN. Need to get Rob in line???? hahahaha, excuse me I have to go barf from laughing so hard.

Love, kisses & hugs to all my sweet believers. Donna

Rootsie said...

Hi, Rose. I am glad you're doing well and are still having fun.
Yes, I get tired of the bullshit too. I would think even the foamers get tired of themselves and their ridiculous crap since they have been spewing the same shit for well over a year now! But, unfortunately, they will continue with their crazy bullshit and excuses. And it will never end.

I try my best to ignore the haters. They are people I would never want to know -- whether on the internet or in real life. To be so crazy and hateful, to spread such lies and bullshit -- it just boggles my mind. And those of them that actually think they are fans of Rob's or fans of Kristen's -- no way. Not with the shit they do.

I adore Rob and Kristen. And I just want their happiness too. They do not deserve the garbage that is said about them just because they fell in love. I enjoy supporting Rob and Kristen. I respect them both.
I heart your blog, Rose. It's the only blog I read daily and post on.

dowlingnana said...

It's me again..........
I wonder even tho' it said Rob aims to please if he even knows he pleases or aims that way,
Thanx Louisa.

@Kset: I wondered what was on her shirt at the airport, just couldn't see it that well with her hoodie. thanx, Donna

deb said...

Louisa I cant get your video :( im sorry but can you help :) thank you And to(30 year) Im glade it past NOW let see what they well do to help them for their safety remember not IF but WHEN and that well be SOON have a good day DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Donna thanks Hun....

@ Deb Go to my FB Hun...i thought of you and have already posted it there....we can't have y'all missing out now can we....Just ask Donna....Ms hubba hubba....It doesn't take much to please her......lol

Wildhart007 said...

Rose I too come and read your blog even though I rarely post anything.

This is the bright spot of my day!

Reading your beautiful and spirited words and all the wonderful responses from your followers keeps my hopes alive.

Robert and Kristen's relationship showed me what a real romance and relationship should be like.

You see, I live with an alcoholic and drug addict. (and yes, everything you have heard about such individuals is true, and more, sadly)

Seeing the way Robert and Kristen look at each other kind of woke me up from the fog I have been living in for years. Yes, it is painful waking up and realizing what you have been missing; but coming here and reading your blog keeps my hope alive that there is a much better future awaiting.

Your wonderful spirited prose is like a drink of water for someone who is so thirsty for something more in life.

Thank you!

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rosem

You must be pretty exhausted, having to defend Rob and Kristen, day after day..But i know you will never stop(neither will we)because we love these 2.

I just wnat to take the time to commend you..your passion & dedication.. because it only shows how much you care about them.

Dont worry, Lovely Rose
We will always be here to defend them also..and you

I really love the laugh...Bwahaha!!
So funny.
I think your attitude is rubbing off on me...love it.

No matter what, dont forget, there are a lot of people who feel the same way you do about Rob and Kristen..

Peace and Love to them, wherever they are..

love it that there's no pics, it means they're getting a much needed break, away from the psycho people

Have A Wonderful Day.

@ deb: would you mind telling me a bit about the antipap legislation?
would really appreciate it..

Anonymous said...

@ oh Wilhart007
My heart goes out to you oh sweet person that you are to endure such.....I too have had negatvity...to which i will keep personel...perhaps not to the same understanding level to your kind self....But being intoxicated [not a good word to use...but you know what i mean]
..... has helped me fight my own demonds....and for that I am truley, truley grateful....

I send you my prayers to strengthen, your patience and tolerance to highten your quality of life.......

Wildhart007 said...

@Louisa Thank you so much for your prayers and comments. And yes, I understand the intoxication you speak of, but it is a good one.

Your personality seems so vivacious and full of life, I admire your joy in living life to the fullest.

Also, enjoy your video's immensely.

Marie said...

@Wildhart...sending you lots of good wishes and prayers that you find your way through the darkness you're in right now..I wish I had a magic word to give you that would make all your problems disappear. Hang in there..there are many, many, many, wonderful things in this world and I hope you find all of them...Kami

@Rose..see you DO make a difference in people's lives and so do Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

@ wildhart007
I thought this title of this video was realy ironic......Beautiful Mess...
so please keep enjoying..what I'm passing thru


@ Deb it's on FB the one before I mention the earlier one...Ms Hubba hubba's seen it...lol...already..lol

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

Just wnated to add this..

@Dowlingnana-thanks for the link

I think we can really use this to turn the tables againts the paps

to all: if you have time, go to Papparazzi Reform Initiative

Wildhart007 said...

@Marie thank you for your prayers also. I enjoy reading your positive outlook on things, it is inspiring.

I understand nothing in my world will change until I change it.
But I just wanted to let Rose and all of you know that you help me make the baby steps that hopefully will become bigger with each passing day, so that I can walk away from this relationship in one piece.

Don't let the haters get you down, they are definitely not worth your attention. There is so much love, strength and goodness here.

I have to get some sleep, work tomorrow.

See ya'll

dowlingnana said...

Yes ma'am, that sure is a beautiful video and i can only go thru FB to see them and that's ok, Yours truly, Ms. hubba hubba ;o)

Dear Wildheart007,
God bless you !!! donna aka/ms. hubba hubba

deb said...

Aeden I see that Dowlingnana has post the link to Antipap Legislation its a good read Thank you for asking WE ALL CAN HELP ROB/KRISTEN and OTHERS out there Im just sorry it took this long before them to OPEN UP THEIRS EYES maybe this well STOP from some one else gets hurt or worse @Louisa Thank you hun YES I have that one With about a million others hahahaha I love the video (Beautiful Mess )but I love ALL the videos Thank You DEB.

Anonymous said...


A newie...and another for good measure....
@ aka Ms hubba hubba & deb y'all know the drill....hehehe FB

Monica said...

Rose, I'm sorry that you have to deal with negativities repeatly, from hyaenas' emails, twitter or wherever those hateful message from. I haven't commented for two days cuz I sometimes feel tired of the BS drama.

But our dear Rose, you sounds sad today. So I show up to cheer you up. Be our happy Rose, always. (hugs)

Monica from Asia

Kai El said...

@Marie: I 100% agree with you. We all have been touched by these two people somehow that makes us yearn to see them happy. I started my intoxication when I saw the great chemistry between them. I become addicted to these couple. Man, how can people not see it? It's so there. But, there are a lot of haters that keep joking and denying. Haters started a joke but they don't know that the joke is on themselves.

Keep going strong, Rose, for there are a lot of us who love you and your blog. Everday I wait for your beautifully written blog, sometimes when i wake up the middle of the night, i just check on your blog to see if you have written something. It just make my day to read your blog. I know that you might have been fed up with their delusional comments, but we here to support you. You are like my Kai El. I name my son Kai El which means Sun that shines the Ocean.

Love from Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

dear Rose...

sent you kisses in 'forhead' love u rose i and many reg posters beautiful,handsome woman/man always behind and defend you...and we all admire your generosity, honesty, and wonderful word you posting day by day...and i love you all posters...

btw Kel- El hello sister ('waves') we are in the same region

Anonymous said...

oops sory i mean Kai El ('waves')

Atticus said...

Rose...glad you're feeling better. Everyone has an off day.

You offer a forum for positive and loving comments about our beloved couple; you defend them like crazy and for that I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

I know these days very well...typical - the question "Why, oh why I'm so intoxicated by Rob and Kristen?" I don't no if I will ever find an answer. Sometimes I'm tired of the fascination I have for them, but I can't help it, it goes on and on. You have your blog and you can let everything out. That's great. Not only for you for us as well. I love to read what you are thinking about everything what's going on around Rob and Kristen. Keep going, Rose. You are doing a great job. Thank you so much.

mahaska said...

Rose: your posts are always well-written, honest, and just plain addicting. No one else comes close. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...
There's nothing like reading common sense - in your face - expressive writing...and the subject matter is...well, WONDERFUL! I am a Rob & Kristen fan, both together and apart. Love'em!

sollee said...

it's so easy to love robsten..so i guess there are more and more people who love them than hate them..i'm so happy that i'm one of those fans they have..more power to you and your blog rose!!!stay supportive of robsten!!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Rose, I was gonna sing you a song, but fortunately dowlingnana has beaten me to it:):):)

@dowlingnana, Kristen's tshirt has a letter I, a big HEART, and a GIANT MOUSTACHE on it. I HEART MOUSTACHE=I LOVE MOUSTACHE. Well, Robert is sporting a healthy one!:))

keset said...

Robstn <3
When i think about them, i think about this song

keset said...

this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7WPwH8Rd6g&feature=related

LK said...

I know that i might be the only one,but i really,really want a break from all this drama.

Vangie said...

@Wildhard, this is so sad to read do you believe in GOD if you do start talking to him always anytime dry your eyes tears do not held because when you stop the problem is still there,you deserve happiness in your life right now,this sadness has been to long rose is a life saver to us, thank you rose and rob and kristen there is something special about these two together ask yourself what it is about R AND KRISEN that bring you back to that thing that you lost or forget LOVE

Anonymous said...

The drama comes from those in deep delusional denial. As Rose says: With acceptance comes peace and..... ultimately no drama.
The needless drama by those in denial amuses me and I find it outright laughable some of the idiotic excuses that are given.

Rock on Rob and Kris!

vanquish13 said...

Hey rose! I have just stumbled across your blog and am loving it. I've always vouched for Rob and Kristen but no one I know seems to agree with me! Great to know that there are rational and sane people out there who don't make judgments based simply on what they think is right and wrong. Or who is hot and who is not.

Now I'm going to go through your older posts!

Much love from Australia!

Marie said...

Just came across this little "Gem" on a website and just had to share...hopefully I can quit laughing long enough to post it...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

"Now, it is reported by hollywooldlife.com that Twilight actor Robert Pattinson and Kate Gosselin were seen together in a cozy conversation at Jimmy Fallon’s secret post-Emmys party last night in Los Angeles."


Anonymous said...

I'm not a person of many words,but i can say this for sure.I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG! You are literally my other half i can't explain it better!
You always say what i'm thinking and you ALWAYS make me smile! :)
Keep it up! you're the most amazing ROBSTEN bloggger there is! ;)
love from Greece! <3

Anonymous said...

I'm not a person of many words,but i can say this for sure.I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG! You are literally my other half i can't explain it better!
You always say what i'm thinking and you ALWAYS make me smile! :)
Keep it up! you're the most amazing ROBSTEN bloggger there is! ;)
love from Greece! <3

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

@marie ...and posted the picture of Rob and Steph Ritz.. A big insult to Rob and Steph. As always, Bonnie and her HL are in whoring form for hits, again:)))))!!__and the most funny thing is that the singed- ass hyenas are gobling it all up... At least for those who doesn't know who Steph Ritz is..

Kai El said...

@ciropeto: hi, glad to have someone here from the same country. in which city do you live? i live in jkt. not really from jkt actually, but since my husband is here, i had to move too. :)

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...


Realy heynas are 'gobling it all up' because Rob went to the party with Seph, that just pathetic and Sad...the things heynas hold on to...don't they know steph is Rob Agent and he was there with Tom and Sam.

And I'm sorry i like Setph...but she almost old enough to be Rob's mother.

deb said...

Dont know if its true but just read that Rob well be with Kristen my the end of the week BUT know knows he mite be there now Remember its NOT IF its WHEN or NOW we shall see YEP they where just together what maybe 2 weeks ago. DEB

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olivia said...

Hugs for you. My positive thoughts and prayers will be with you.
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

I dedicate this to you @Wildhart007......y'all know I'm still thinkin about ya.....

Epsode 1


Episode 2


Anonymous said...

This is one of my 'favs


LJ said...

Aww love that 'Hello Seattle' vid Louisa...gorgeous!

Helloooo everyone!!

One of my friends is a big Kristen fan and has lent me Speak, Adventureland, Into The Wild and In the Land of Women today, so it's Kristen Stewart week in my house! I've just watched Speak and shes brilliant in it, it totally made me cry!

The Runaways opens in the cinemas here next week so can't wait for that!

Much love to you all :-)


olivia said...

Get a hold of "The Cake Eaters" also. Kristen is amazing in this little film.
I was blown away by her performance in Speak.

deb said...

HEY my dear Friend Louisa I cant get Episode 2 Got the rest but that one I love the story Help me if you can Thanks sweetie DEB.

LJ said...

Ooh thanks Oliva, The Cake Eaters right I'll remember that!

I thought she was amazing in Speak, shes so young in it but you can see what a talented actress she is. I was ok until near the end when she showed her art teacher her paintings and he started crying and I was like **blub**!! ha ha.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

@deb did you take a look at the link I posted on FB ? Coz I already posted it there for you and Donna.....

shoegal2547 said...

Gosh, have I missed your blog! I've been so enthralled with Wide Awake (could not put it down) that I've neglected my Robsession blogs everywhere.

I am so over the moon with Rob, and now Rob and Kristen, and I don't bother to try and understand it, just happily go with the flow!

Thank you for always being here and sharing your rants, thoughts or good wishes about Rob and/or Rob and Kristen with us. You have some of my favorite pics here, and did I mention, love the BANNER! :-)

deb said...

Oliva I love the cake eater I to have all of her movies and Robs to Cant wait for all the new ones to add My kids think I'm nuts HO WELL cant have enough of ROB/Kristen now can we I MISS THEM DEB.

LJ said...

Aww just had a look and I don't think The Cake Eaters has been released here on DVD......rubbish!


deb said...

Sorry Louisa I havent look at it yet But Thank you DEB.

Anonymous said...

@ LJ how do you think I feel I have heard Bel Ami isn't coming here.....WTF is that all about.....I'm going to have to invent a trip OS to see that one.....lol

LJ said...

Oh no! I'm sure they will release Bel Ami there. They weren't going to release The Runaways here originally but thats in cinemas here next week now.

Aww just noticed new post from Rose :-)


dowlingnana said...

Hey lovely fellow believers:

Hollywood life apparently doesn't really know about life there now does it??? I heard the same thing that Rob stayed very low key. Probalby only there coz' of Jimmy coz' JF is totally cool.
If KG did go up to Rob then it was to only help herself and nothing else that's for sure. Everyone wants to go up to Rob coz' he's so popular right now!! Then they can say, ooooh I met RP.

Am I the only one or does Rob always look so sad/down when Kristen is away, esp. for so long?
I hope it's true too that he goes to LA to be with her, if that's what he needs then that's what he needs to do........JUST DO IT ROB!!

Hey Rose, hope all is okay, missin' ya' today hun!!

Louisa: thanx again for the videos.

Later all, Donna

lancia96 said...

Hi!First of all amazing job,your blog is beautiful!I love it!
In a post you said that Summit says to Robert and Kristen that if they are dating or something they past trouble,I think,it's just for The Twilight Saga right?Then in March when they finished filming "Breaking Dawn" they will become a normal couple?Isn't it?I hope so!Kisses from Italy.

Anonymous said...

No no no
everyone knows the lion is natures "A-Hole"
Silly vampires c: