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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Having Our Cake and Eating It Too...

What to say... what to say...

Kinda knew Robert was hanging with Kristen in L.A.
He has been since he got back from London...
Just kinda frosting on the cake...
You know that cake... right?
The one you want
The one you want to eat, too...
That cake.

The Robert and Kristen together again Cake.
The Robert and Kristen keep ending up with each other Cake.
The don't you ever get sick of being wrong Cake.

My cake...
My deliciously handsome cake...
Is ever so scrumptious
So exquisite
So delectable...

Your cake?
So Gross.

So let's enjoy the Robert and Kristen Twirly Cake...

The Robert is completely SMITTEN with Kristen cake...

The Robert and Kristen are together and I hope
you don't choke on your dry bitter Cake.

The keep clinging to PR! Even though we all know
that it is ridiculous bullshit Cake.


Oh Yeah...
Not only am I a "Grandma"
But I got word that some people wanted to shut down my blog.
That is supremely hilarious to me.
All I do here is state my opinion on
the ongoing Robert and Kristen debate.
That's all.
I don't shove my opinion down your throat
(Although I'm sure it is full of that bitter, dry cake anyway)
This is the only place I post... 
I don't seek you out.
You don't like what I have to say?
Get the fuck out.
So very simple.

I bet it tastes bitter...

This post is brought to you by the letters *I* and *L*

I for the infinite number of times
that people can be wrong
and still cling to bullshit
(Yes, it's still around your lips)

L for Loving Leo.
Thank you Leo for taking care of my friends.
I was in the car and unable to help...
You took care of it.
Thank You.

Bye for now
P.S. I apologize for not wearing the Rose colored glasses again...
I forgot to pack them when we left for the weekend.
 I promise to look for them soon...


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Karen said...

Wonderful post, Rose. We all knew our favorite couple were together. Rob and Kristen always find their way home to each other. I hope they have some happy peaceful time together before BD begins filming.

imloco2 said...

LOL I'm very happy with the cake we got. I know they've been together since Rob got back from London so it's not like it's a great surprise. I don't need a pic even (although they are usually nice to see) just the knowledge that they had a relaxing time together with their friends and weren't harassed makes me get all giddy. I really like giddy.

And somebody tries to close you up I will probably go berserk. Leave Rose alone bitches! (damn them, they made use the B word. hehe)

keset said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dozac said...

As always, Rose, perfectly stated!! So glad our BBs are together as they always are every chance they get! May it be ever so!!

keset said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
keset said...

some people want to shut down your blog?
Why they care so much about hate?

Robert and Kristen loves eace others.
Thanks Rose for your post
Some loving -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akU6xQb1ahc

30 said...

It amazes me how this blog can get under so many's skin as of late. I mean if you don't agree with someone, or who they support and people who support them, why read? I sure as hell don't waste my precious time or energy online and go places that offend me.


jen said...

bwahahah, shut down your cake, I mean blog? lol Dude, your haters are like the biggest nerds ever. Like Dungeons and Dragons nerdy, omg. THey think they are the gestapo or something, I'm laughing so hard....

Their cake sucks ass. PR cake is full of empty calories and hot air. That's why they are cranky, they eat ass cake all day and aren't ever full.

But ever since I started eating this rob/kristen cake you talk of, damn...my hair and nails are so healthy right now, my skin looks amazing! They're chock full of whole grain goodness, those two!

May said...

All Rob`s roads always lead straight to Kristen. <3 YUM. :D *silly grin*

manjen said...

Awesome post!! As Ususal!

Hello Everyone..I hope you all are having a great day!!


Christina said...

Of course they SHOULD shut down your BLOG!! *Ooozing w/sarcasm*

Suebee's Diary explains it all!! The only BLOGS allowed to continue on MUST be managed by the INSANE!

Yep, Rose, your BLOG has NO right to continue.
1) U always give YOUR opinion (didn't U know U weren't allowed to have an opinion?!)
2) U always THINK your opinion (again personal opinions NOT permitted)
3) U R intelligent, kind, caring & SANE (How dare U be such things)
4) U R always right (course this relates to previous point--so NOT ALLOWED)
5) Your Blog draws so many kind wonderful, intelligent people (safe SANE havens R against rules of maintaining a blog)
6) They've decided U can keep YOUR blog because U R controlled by Summit & run this for PR reasons, just like Rob & Kristen (Yep it all makes sense now!)

Thanks for your wonderful blog, & thanks to ALL the terrific friends here!! Yep & I even thank "Ms. Sticky" for fueling SueBees Diary! LOL

RL calls--time to argue w/a 5yr old why she has to GO to school (on weekends we argue why she CAN'T go! UGH)!!

Good Day/Evening to all!! =]

30 said...

Or... They eat TO much cake and there asses are SO big they cant get there own guy. So they have to live there love life threw a celeb couple who could give a shit less of there existence LOL

katy said...

Hi, Rose awesome post as usual and I hope you had a great weekend at your lake house.

I love 'The Robert and Kristen together again Cake.', it is indeed far more scrumptious.

Elaine...be strong, the three weeks will pass very quickly.

Penny Lane...If you're lurking...Losts of luck for tomorrow.

Hello to everyone else, hope you're having a great sunday

rolange said...

Thank you, Rose!!!

I knew it was a matter of time before Rob and Kristen were spotted together. What makes it all the better is that it's a reliable source. Not to say that fans haven't been reliable, but it appears that at least there were no pictures taken. Rob and Kristen were allowed the decency of privacy on a night on the town. Good for them!

I cannot believe the utter gall and just...psychotic beliefs of some people, to the point of harassment and trying to shut down sites. Seriously? Grow up and get a job. Or better yet, a psych eval. Sadly, it appears they have been successful with some sites. And it's understandable when they don't want to put up with the hate that gets all too personal sometimes.

But you're hanging in there (along with some other sites) and you all have become my heroes (heroins)

That last cartoon is hilarious and so, so appropriate!

Honey said...

How do we know that it wasn't Tom and Kristen that were kissing?

Melinda said...

Woo-hoo he unleashed the jaw!!! :)

(did like the beard though)

Great post Rose! Love them individually but the fact that they are together is just icing on the cake!

Hope you had a relaxing time at your lake house. Glad you made it back safely.

Shout out to the wonderful people of Roseland, bump, bump, bummmmm!

deb said...

HO my God Rose I just love the WIPE YOUR MOUTH' THERE'S STILL A TINY BIT OF BULLSHIT AROUND YOUR LIPS. You couldn't say it any better if you said it your self. I can't wait to se our2 I bet they have a big smile on there faces. Thank you Rose once again you'v put a smile on my face DEB.

Melinda said...


Kristen and Tom are like brother and sister so that would be all kinds of gross...

but keep trying it gives Susan great material.

keset said...

B/c Kristen was kissing Rob.
She is doing it for a year plus now

Go Honey and get a life.

Leigh said...

Ola Roseland--

Just popping in for a minute to say hello and spread the love :)


I know you aren't having the best of days and I just wanted to let you know that you and Em are very much in my thoughts and prayers today. You are both AMAZING people and I pray that these 3 weeks will go by in the best possible way!

Massive HUGS & SMOCHES!!

Penny Lane said...

Hello Roseland,

Rose, you certainly have a way with words.

I just popped in for a quick look and see I must have missed some drama but all must have been resolved, I see. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm a bundle of nerves right now but I'm sure I'll ease back into the workmode once I begin. You are so sweet to even remember.

Wishing you happy thoughts. Time passes quickly, you know, and then you and Em will be back together. I know it will be hard for you, but just like when your kids leave for camp and you miss them, it all works out in the end. I know this is more serious than that, but that's the closest analogy I can come up with. Good luck.


katy said...


Seriously, WHY don't you give up?! Do you even know how pathetic you are?!

I don't even know why I bother, but Honey...you have to move on with you life and seek some kind of treatment.

Though...because of you...we do have the most hilarious Diarys by our friend S.

LWA said...

Honey--you are right--but it wasn't Tom and Kristen (as that would just be weird) but it was in fact Robert and the valet and the waitress and the hostess, and the driver. He also stopped several random people on the street and tongued them as well. Next he started stopping cars and kissing everyone in them, one by one, and as the police were called, he then went for them too. In fact, by the time the night was over Robert had kissed every man, woman, child, and beast in West Hollywood EXCEPT Kristen.

mujhiko_mujhiko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...


You're welcome and I am sure everything will go great. Be sure to tell us how it went.

Take care

Leigh said...

Boy Syd--Rob sure does get around...

You know she's just crazy enough to run around telling everyone that!!

How are you on this fine Sunday?

LWA said...

Beautiful Rose,

First, I am glad that this post means you are home from the lake. I hope you had a wonderful time and I believe your packers won today--so that is a happy thing also.

Second, I forwarded the shout-out to Leo--he will be honored.

Third, if anyone tries to shut you down you need to tell us very quickly and give specifics because I have seen these Roselanders go after someone and it is not pretty. I have no doubt that their defense would be wickedly violent and quite effective.

Fourth, have a wonderful afternoon/evening my friend. I am happy to read your beautiful words and know you are happy and relaxed tonight.

With fondest regards,

Sierra said...

shut your blog down for what??!
because they are losers and upset and taking Rob and Kristen being together so personal.
wow lol bwahahahaha

whoever is taking that personal has no life at all, because first off they are not thinking about you right now, or the ones who defend them(like me), but i can't tell those losers to stop hating because,

the more haters they have (especially Kristen) the better they are at being themselves.

glad their back together and Rob is looking like Edward Cullen again. Though I was kinda starting to adjust to the scruffy Rob who sang at open mic nites in the soho. lol

but yeah Rose, love the post. Hope everyone's weekend was fantastic. ttyl!

LIZ said...

Hi All,

Rose, Love the R/K together cake, it's so good, warm out of the oven, makes me smile all over.

I've been Twirling since early this morning about this, I imagine they are spending a lot of time with family and friends before the long BD filming starts.

About the Blog being shut down ... WTF???? BUT, with 1100+ comments over 2 days, I believe our little "home" has become a castle. If 1100 comments are being left, there are probably twice that many hits. Guess it means the word is out, especially with those of us who LOVE R & K and believe they are in love. BUT, we love them both, no matter what, right???

na_ce said...


LWA said...

Hi Leigh,

I am doing just fine sweetheart. Just trying to get some things done and stay awake so that I can readjust to this time zone.

How are you? Watching football like the rest of these Americans? I swear, if I were a burglar I would know just when to strike as it appears nearly everyone goes to a bar or a game every Sunday afternoon.


PS--Elaine, I wrote on the last post but both Smitty and I are sending you our thoughts and prayers. Smitty was especially worried about you and wanted to be sure I let you know she didn't forget and is thinking of you both. I doubt you will see it but she also mentioned, in front of a few of us, that she may have told you to sew "i love you" into Em's underwear. This seemed rather odd to all of us and she of course realized and couldn't stop laughing either at what you must have thought. We finally decided that at least maybe you had a good laugh over it also. Take care of yourself--she will be with you again very soon.

katy said...


Honey, it's so pathetic...that she might believe you.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I so missed your post these last couple of days..been down w/ the flu.

Anyway, Great post.
as always, you're right..always been.

Great icing on the cake..LOL
I think i'm dizzy from all the twirling.

Have A wonderful day..

LWA said...

Katy and Leigh--Honey should believe me. I heard Robert was chasing the neighborhood dogs and kissing them. There was also an older citizen's home nearby and he ran through the halls kissing all of them-no regard for breathing tubes or whether they were dressed. He ran into a nightclub and had the people line up for their kisses there. It was bedlam. People were trying desperately to get away but he just kept going for it. I would estimate he kissed over 12,000 people last night--EXCEPT FOR KRISTEN! Because god knows he never wants to go anywhere near her since she is BBF's with Honey.

Leigh said...

How did you guess Syd? LOL!!

Of course I was watching football ;)

And may I say...WHO DAT!! My Saints won!! Although, they did just about give me a heart attack!

Give Smitty my love and I wish you luck with getting reacquainted with out timezone :)

shiri said...


Caroline said...

Rose-Your post was delicious as always! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Leigh said...

ooops...obviously that should be *our* timezone!

And LOL!! You are too funny! It's too bad it's wasted on Honey. As my Grandmother likes to say...she's not the sharpest tool in the shed!

Boris said...

ACTUALLY, it was not Rob who was chasing the women but his good friend Tom. I heard he was quite smitten with one of the bartenders and that when she, of course, rejected him, he went on this mad tear through the whole place, racing around desperate for a woman to kiss him. That is what was reported as Rob was only putting his lips on Kristen's to protect her from Tom attacking her.

Leigh said...

Boris--I find that hard to believe ;)

Everyone knows what a smooth operator Tom is. I hear he is quite good at the woo!!

LWA said...

Awwww...I'm going to tattle on you. Aren't you supposed to be packing??

Go do something productive---or I'll get you in BIG trouble.

Caroline said...

Hi Syd- Wow your posts to Honey were very enlightening!
It seems Rob turned into the Brit Ho of West Ho last night. As long as he was kissing everyone and anyone but Kristen, then the Honeys of the world and their dolls can all breath a little easier.

Hi Leigh, Penny and Katy!

Boris said...


Reports of his woo have been greatly exaggerated!

Hello to all the Roseland women--and especially Rose of course. Hope you are well friend!

katy said...


you are Hilarious, thanks for the laughs.

Leigh said...

Hi Caroline

I'm not going to sing as I have a horrible singing voice...how are you??

LWA said...

Go...be gone.

Dialing up your little taskmaster...last warning before I rat you out.

LWA said...

Anything for you Katy--glad it made you smile.

Hope said...

Rose...Enjoying the Rob is Smitten with Kristen Cake and the Rob and Kristen Twirly Cake...another gratifying post !!!

Leigh said...


I guess you can never trust what you hear...I mean I was positive that he was fabulous at the woo!

Thank you for bursting my bubble...I don't know what I will do now...

Seriously, thought...I'm out for a little bit. See all of you later :)


30 said...


So according to Honey sounds Like Robert will need a massive amount of lip balm after kissing Tom (no punt intended)/Dick and Harry and all the other beasts. I mean that poor guy probably has dry lips and all ya know.

Honey you know you are the resident nut job here right? We all laugh at you sweetie. Not a very endearing quality IMO. Then again you keep coming back for more that's on you "honey"

katy said...


Awwww...You are always a Sweetheart. And I hope you having a great Sunday.

Hi, Boris, Caroline, Leigh, Hope

Rose said...

Hello. I promise not to stay... But had to say THANKS for all the kind words...

Syd and Boris... Well... I have no words at the moment.

I think it's admirable that Robert kissed Kristen to save her from Tom's wandering lips! What a guy ;)

Syd. I've missed you. A lot.
And Smitty. And Boris. And let's not forget Leo. He's my hero.
Leo the Hero.

Tracy said...

Shut this place down???


That's a good one.

And while I don't particularly like the sticky one, SueBee needed more materials..

Hey everybody :)

manjen said...



LWA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LWA said...

ROSE--why won't you stay. I'm missed you so.

Tracy said...

Pfftt... Perhaps they should be talking to me about woo. Since I pretty much kick ass at the woo.

Just a suggestion ;)

Hi Manjen :) *hugs*

Boris said...

Hello Rose,

Very sorry about the nastiness coming to your blog recently. Smitty as well--she feels terrible and embarrassed.

Leo seems to have things locked up again--he is a hero to us on a daily basis.

Take care Rose.

manjen said...

Rob is VERY fortunate to have a friend like Tom who will look out for him in that way!!


manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leigh said...


Thank you SO much for explaining that for me :) What a fabulous friend Rob has in Tom!! Why he's practically a....Saint!! LOL

I can go on my merry way now...my faith in Tom restored. All is right with my world now!


Hi Tracy & manjen

*waves* I'm finishing up dinner...see you ladies later!

Boris said...

She left Syd...this seems to be a habit with women you know.

I don't blame you Rose. Most women are repelled by him.

Boris said...

Ha! Tom seems to be very concerned about Robert since he's been on a dry spell with women for the last, hmmm, 15 years according to reports that I read. Heck of a sacrifice though. That Tom, such a loyal good mate.

Rose said...

Dear Boris... No need to apologize. It just made me feel even more protective about sweet Smitty.
And Leo was very kind to me, so I have nothing but good things to say about him!

My adorable Syd... I always feel a bit out of sorts here...
But I've missed you terribly.

Hey Tracy!
Hey Everyone else.
You all were VERY talkative in my absence.
Interesting goings on...

LWA said...

Tom is completely selfless and you must have read an inaccurate report as the dry spell is only 14 years--not 15 according to what I heard!

Caroline said...

Syd- Tom sounds like a SAINT and the master of Woo. When I was reading your lovely post about Tom's sacrifices for Rob, Bette Midler's "The Wind Beneath My Wings" kept running through my head.

Leigh-I'm off to join my family for dinner. Yay for your Saints, my Cowboys had the week off.

SueBee-Honey seems to have a little thing for Tom. If you need inspiration for a Tom doll, I think this one will do. It's nowhere near as cute as Tom, but it looks like you can tussle his hair and have him grow a beard. : )


Tracy said...

Hi Rose!!

And can you believe.. it wasn't mostly me talking on here yesterday!!! ;)

Lordy knows I'm usually a talkative one.

Hope you had a good time at the lake over the weekend


LWA said...

See Boris--she did come back!!

Rose--the women of Roseland are very talkative and seem to enjoy their GNO (which I have learned is girls night out).

Tell me more about the lake--or email me if you would rather. Did you have fun. Did the pier come out alright. That sounds rather daunting actually. Your husband must be a brute to lift an entire pier?

Rose said...

Thanks Tracy... I had a good time but it was VERY cold so I'm glad to be home... and warm.

I had well over a 1000 emails... Seriously.
That's a lot of comments.

LWA said...

Rose do you get an email whenever we comment?

Rose said...

Syd... The husband had to go into the frigid water... it was a bit like Titanic... "I will never let you go!" as he went under water.

I believe this will be the last time he does this, although he did have some friends to help him out.

Nbell9238 said...

Great post as usual. This has made my Sunday. I love *happy dancing*.


Rose said...

I do, Syd. Every comment is an email.

LWA said...


LWA said...


LWA said...


LWA said...


LWA said...


LWA said...


Tracy said...

Rose, you must sit with us one night during our sessions. That way you won't have to go through SO many emails next time :)

Just be aware.. I have a favorite MFK option.. I'll use it every single time.

My child just texted me.. screamed "don't look at that!" But I have to look at it to delete it.. so then she sends 4 more messages just to mess with me. And she's literally 3 feet in front of me.

Kids are strange.

Rose said...


Rose said...

I would love to get in on the games sometime... it does look like a lot of fun!

LWA said...

And forgive me but why can't the pier just stay in the water?

Titanic--because you are Rose--ha--I caught that.

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LWA said...

Rose, the conversations are fun but these women--especially Tracy, Sue, and Liza-get very raunchy.

LWA said...

Tracy--give Rose a MFK just for fun...I would be fascinated with her answers!!

Rose said...

Syd... because the water freezes and then sometime chunks of ice will crash through anything that gets in its way. we lost a pier already like that... so now we pull it out of the water in the fall...
It's a complete pain in the ass.

LJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LWA said...

Okay, I'll go....you have to say who and why you would want to either Marry, F*ck or Kill...you can only do one action to each (you can't marry them all)

Robert Pattinson
Tom Sturridge
Your husband

manjen said...


How are you?

LWA said...

Liza--what's wrong dear?? Are you okay?

Rose said...

Thanks Liza!

I hope you are OK???

Rose said...

Those are my choices, Syd?

Fuck, marry, kill

Robert, Tom and DH?


LWA said...

That's completely out of character for Liza--she is the happiest one here usually.

I hope she is alright.

LWA said...

Come on Rose..be a sport. You must choose and say why! Everyone plays-


Rose said...


olivia said...

Thank you Rose for a great post today.
Glad you are home safe and sound from the lake house and hope you had an exceptionally peaceful, restful and enjoyable time with your family.
Cold water isn't nice, but perhaps there were some leaves starting to turn color?

Great, fun pictures!
Yes, the smitten, twirly cake is scumptious! Can even taste a bit of Baileys stirred in.
Cartoon is a hoot! Good one! Score!

*Wave* to all in Roseland and hugs for all of you.

LWA said...

Is that a declaration or an accusation Rose?

And thank you for the pier explanation.

Tracy said...

My sweet Liza!!


I've been wondering where you were..

And yes.. anytime you see us start the game, Rose.. feel free to jump in.

And a MFK option.. hmm.. let's see..

Alexander Skarsgard

Josh Duhamel

Ryan Gosling

Tracy said...

I'm multi tasking again today.. I've got to finish mine and Liza's nephew's blankie :)

LWA said...

Tracy--you email with Liza? Could you find out what is wrong? Now I am concerned...I hope she is alright.

LWA said...

Rose...there is a small time limit dear. Waiting for answers.

Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
manjen said...

Alexander Skarsgard-K-He aggrivates me.

Josh Duhamel-M- he just seems like the type you would marry.

Ryan Gosling-F- IS he FINE or what???

manjen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rose said...

These are incredibly hard... because I absolutely LOVE all three of these guys.

Alexander Skarsgard

Josh Duhamel

Ryan Gosling

Tracy said...

Alexander Skarsgard -he's my fuck option on this one. I've SEEN the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.. nuff said.

Josh Duhamel - Hafta kill him..

Ryan Gosling - Marry him, cause I'd get to fuck him any time I wanted, AND he'd sing to me.

manjen said...


AWESOME answers!!


LWA said...


I can die a happy man

(oh sorry--just got a great score on a video game here)

Well played Rose--very interesting answer.

olivia said...

Touchdown Brave Rose!

LWA said...

And your thinking for Gosling must be similar to why you chose Tom on the prior question is that correct Miss Rose.

Just answer yes or no for the court please.

ROFL--I imagine you blush well Rose.

LWA said...

Hi Manjen and Olivia--didn't see you there-

Tracy said...


I have spoken to Liza, and she's okay. A little bit of sad news, but nothing serious. She'll brighten back up soon, I'm sure.

Melinda said...


Such a firecracker you are today! Can't stop laughing at some of the conversation.

It's nice to know that Rob was polite enough to shave so all the people he went around kissing didn't have to deal with beard burn... :)

Liza- sending hugs your way. Sorry you have had a bad day.

Hey to all the rest...

Rose said...

Alexander Skarsgard- I love him. But since he's a vampire... I would kill him... knowing he wouldn't really die.

Josh Duhamel- Marry him. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Would love to hang out with him a lot...(why can't you fuck people you marry?)

Ryan Gosling -Fuck him. Then fuck him again. And again. He gives me a funny feeling in my stomach.

Rose said...

Not sure what you mean, Syd... ;)

manjen said...

Hi Syd!!!!!!

Hi Melinda!!!!

LWA said...

What is the dh by the way--damn husband, dreary husband?

Daft husband?
Ditsy huband?
Disgusting husband?

Dorky husband?

Sorry--but the whole scene with you acting out the Titanic with the man has me on edge. LOL!

LWA said...

Melinda--sorry--I am so intrigued by this game I miss my friends--

Rose--if your reason for --oh never mind--I would rather just assume and die happy.

olivia said...

Hi Syd,
Just here on the sidelines cheering for my favorite blog friends! Always glad when there is good karma here.

LWA said...

Why don't you play Olivia? I also am only a spectator but you don't have my obvious reason for not participating.

Melinda said...

Josh-m, he seems very sweet, not to shabby

Ryan-f, as I said before he is the gift that keeps on giving

Alex-k, sorry I don't find him attractive at all

Rose said...

DH seems to mean Dear Husband.
Although sometimes I think Dick Head is more appropriate...

LWA said...

You are throwing me so many bones today Rose. So generous today--you must have had a wonderful weekend.

Rose said...

Syd... my feelings for Thomas are complicated at best...
The more I know... the more I want to know.
I've become endlessly fascinated with him lately...

LWA said...

hubida hubida hubida

*I*Believe* said...

Hope Honey doesn't choke on her dry bitter cake-NOT!

Tracy said...

Oh geez, Rose.. you should have heard mine last night. I'm on here talking to OUR friend from college.. He's watching a movie (that I had already seen) and then he gets all pissy and upset with me because I didn't talk to him... I was like wtf?! I was sitting RIGHT THERE next to him. He didn't say the first thing to me the whole time.

Guys are weird.

No offense, Syd. ;)

Melinda said...

Rose- just saw your MFK for Rob, Tom and your husband...

genius I tell you...

manjen said...


Mine does the same thing!!

olivia said...

Played quite a bit last night. Selected several of the threesomes for others to MFK : )

M & F alot -Ryan
K- Alex ( wouldn't hurt him, vamp state he's in)
K-Josh-Not my type

LWA said...

no offense taken Tracy--you should have punched him in his junk...lol!

Tracy said...

And in case you missed it, because it was such a tiny post..

I did talk to Liza today

I can either type it again, or you can go back and find the first message ;)

I'm just making this one longer so you'll notice..

so it won't get lost

in the shuffle

of hot men, and endless options..

Just sayin..

DreamerKind said...

Oh, I'm just shaking with laughter and excitement for the Masters are playing the Game!

Songs will be heard, in time, in time.

Carry on.

And Rose, your blog today and these MFK answers, are why you are our Leader!


LWA said...

I did miss it--in my heh-excitement over the game here.

Distracted by Rose

Glad to hear nothing serious. I hope she returns soon for a nightcap with us.

DreamerKind said...
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LWA said...

Rose I am quite sure that Tom would be equally fascinated with someone as lovely and sweet as you.

Smitty just texted btw--she sends her hellos to all of you.

LWA said...

Hi DK--bring on the music love!

DreamerKind said...

Hi, Sweets,

Will do, in time, in time, I've got to email Liza right now.

Tracy said...

Do be careful about that uhm.. excitement..

Wouldn't want it getting uhm.. out of hand?? That could make it hard to uhm.. control??



LJ said...
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Rose said...

Well... Pizza is here!!!

I will be back later hopefully you all will be here to play some more!

(Bye sweet Syd)

Bye for now <3

LWA said...

Rose? Ha--I think she is gone. She sure knows how to wow them and disappear heh?

Tracy you are a perv!!

LIZA--LOVE IT BABE! You are so cute-but I am sorry for whatever made you sad. Consider yourself hugged.

Okay, what else-

Let's play the polygamy version of MFK--you have to pick them all as a group.


Rolling Stones

Pink FLoyd

DreamerKind said...


You're so right! And I am disintegrating right before my very eyes.

Plus I can't keep my grammar in line, either. WTF?

Atticus said...

Rose, I like you when you have on your rose-coloured glasses...but like someone else said, I fucking love you when you bring out the snark!

Yeah, Rob & Kristen have been together since he arrived back from London. I honestly thought Kristen would head to London once she was done with OTR but I guess there wasn't enough time. I also think Rob made plans to come back to LA as soon as Kristen did.

Fucking haters trying to shut down pro R/K sites. Someone should write a screenplay based on this twisted fandom.

Please don't go anywhere Rose. We're all twirling behind you.

Tracy said...

I love you too, Liza :)


Feel better my sweets.

We'll talk tomorrow!

Melinda said...


Tell Smitty hey back from all of us.

Liza- still sorry that you have gotten bad news...love the MFK answer...you are a minx.

DreamerKind said...

Beatles-Marry-love me, do!

Rolling Stones-fuck-so much variety here, how to choose?

Pink FLoyd-kill-their music won't ever die though.

DreamerKind said...


You are still our "Cute Bug" and please feel better soon. **Hugs**


Tracy said...

Tough choices!!

Beatles _ Marry the lot of 'em.

Rolling Stones - Fuck, because well yeah.. crazy guys.

Pink Floyd -kill.. but only because I had to listen to The Wall on repeat for HOURS one time.

manjen said...


Rolling Stones

Pink FLoyd

:( But I like them all...how can I choose?????

Julie said...


After working all weekend your post today...made my day. I have been twirling ever since. I love Roseland....it makes my day.....To all enjoy your evening. Here is to more twirling..Got to love it

olivia said...

Would have to M & F all of them.

M-Beatles-Together and individually, 4 of the most amazing musicians, song writers, talented people in the world. Their songs have become part of the fabric of our existence. Pure love and admiration.
F-The Rolling Stones-Also sheer genius, pulsing, mesmerizing, stay with you forever lyrics and music.Pure aural adrenaline!
K-Pink Floyd -More 60's pure heaven, The Wall, Far Side of the Moon-Kill 'cause it's so fricking other worldly!

Melinda said...

Beatles-m, they are the best of the lot

Rolling Stones-f, bet they have some tricks up their sleeves even to this day

Pink Floyd-k, never did much for me

LJ said...
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LWA said...
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olivia said...

Night Liza,
May tomorrow be a beautiful day for you. Sweet dreams.

LWA said...

thank you Liza--I will respond more later. I trust ou understand

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...
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olivia said...

Much positive energy, love, and strength being sent your way and to Em. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Kami said...

E. hang in there! I'll keep Em in my thoughts and I'm sure everyone else will too...can't offer you much more than (((HUGS))))!!!!

MLH414 said...


Love it!

"You don't like what I say get the fuck out"

Brilliant!! And soo true!!

Glad you had a good weekend!!


Melinda said...


Lots and lots of hugs are being sent to you right now!!!!

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. I wish the system was better run.

Take the time you need and we will all be right here when you come back.

Wishing for brighter days ahead.

katy said...


Much positive energy being sent your way and Em.

take care

SueBee said...

Did Honey post again??

I thought I would never get my computer back!

manjen said...



Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, loved the post, as usual. I couldn't be happier knowing Rob and Kris were out on the town and even kissed. The best part to me was they were not bothered by anyone. As for closing you down, you let us know, and it will never happen....I'm not sure what I would do without your words everyday. Robert and Kristen are happy, and this drives Honey, and all like her crazy, they cannot stand it, which makes me happy. So Honey, get a life, and leave Rob and Kris alone---they love each other. Rose, I am twirling and twirling.....the long wait was worth it.

DreamerKind said...

""Waves"" to Elaine, SueBee, Manjen, Katy, Kami, Olivia and all Lovelies!

Such a strange Sunday, so early.

The game just fizzled out.

Don't know what to say right now (shock, shock) so I'll linger, and holler to me if you want.


SueBee said...

Heyyyyyy, Wait a minute, did Syd call ME raunchy?


SueBee said...

Where the heck did everyone go? I missed MFK too.

Geez, this sucks.

Now I'm really mad my computer was held hostage!!!!

SueBee said...

I guess I'll just sit here by myself--for a while

la la la la la la la la la la la

manjen said...


Im here..I gave you a hug...dang I guess I am going to have to start tackling you like you do me...And Tracy said she would be back shortly!!

SueBee said...


Whew!!! Felt like the geek who was given the wrong time for the party!


manjen said...

You..The Geek...Never!!

DreamerKind said...


Yes, Syd did call you raunchy and he loves that stuff!

SueBee said...

Syd thinks I'm raunchy. LOL I wasn't even trying--I can do so much better.....

DreamerKind said...

Let's see how raunchy you can get, Miss SueBee.

manjen said...


Save that raunch for a future game of I NEVER!!

SueBee said...


You are like a mom to me so any thoughts of raunchiness fly right out of my head! LOL


Yes we should play a game of "I Never" again sometime

Elaine said...

Sorry guys, had to delete my last post. it was brought to my attention that it had too much personal info.

Just know that I really do appreciate all your kind words. All of you ladies are wonderful friends!


If you didn't see the last post, please let Smitty know that her idea was brilliant and the whole family wrote I love you all over Em's PJs.
And please let her know that I am really touched by her concern over Em and I.
And to you, Syd, thank you for caring as well. You are very sweet.


Tracy said...


SueBee.. I have a feeling if Syd knew JUST how raunchy we could get in our conversations, it might just be more than he could handle. ;)


What's up peeps?

Tracy said...

Hey Dreamer :)

How are you tonight?

Liking the new music?

manjen said...


You are so right...we can indeed get raunchy..as a matter of fact I am blushing at some of the things we have talked about....


SueBee said...

Hi, Tracy!


What's up?

Tracy said...

Catching up with some peeps offline. Had to go to a birthday dinner tonight. It was interesting. The waiter kept calling me his friend, and kept calling my husband his brother.. and I'd never seen him before a day in my life!

And Cate should be 'round shortly I think.. I seem to remember talking to her earlier today....

Tracy said...

Gonna give you all my love, boy
My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
'Cause only love can last

You're so fine and you're mine
Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love thawed out
Yeah, your love thawed out
What was scared and cold


manjen said...

Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
Next to mine

gwen said...

Good morning/eve!

Finally, I did catch with your post today Rose, been away for a couple of days. Ohh I love cakes, a rob and kristen cake, how sweet. So happy for them.

And for those who wants to shut down this blog, this is for you:

'Your eyes are red,
Your turning into blue,
I have five fingers,
The middle is F U...

Ok, im done.

beacullen said...

Mmmmmm this is some reallly good cake Rose, can I have the recipe? Bwaahaahaha, PR? Seriously? I guess they will always try to sell that one since nothing else explains R and K being together...except that they WANT to be together. I love it Rose, you always call out the Bullshit. Thanks again

Tracy said...

Hubster needs to relinquish control of the iHome remote. He keeps switching songs I want to listen to, and stopping on ones I don't.


Had to yank it out of his hands with Little Lion Man came on.

I now control the music!!! w00t!

LWA said...


Tracy said...


manjen said...


SueBee said...

Everyone is in bed now so I OWN the remote!

Is there a tiara for that?

And speaking of cake--now I'm thinking about cupcakes!

SueBee said...


manjen said...

There has to be a tiara for being the keeper of the remote..especially since it doesn't happen often..

Now I want a cupcake!!

Tracy said...

Just not a "ruler of all" tiara..

A "ruler of the remote" tiara is perfectly acceptable.

LWA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...


I'm taking this world domination thing in baby steps

I have some zingers (snack cakes)

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